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			    CONSPIRE Digest 129

Topics covered in this issue include:

  1) Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 75
	by Brian Redman 
  2) Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 76
	by Brian Redman 


Topic No. 1

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 00:10:43 -0500 (CDT)
From: Brian Redman 
Subject: Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 75

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5  Num. 75
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


[CN Editor -- I cannot vouch for the accuracy of *all* of the
following. It may or may not be true, I just don't know.]

[The following is a transcript of a recorded phone message put
out by a group in Chicago called "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up
the Courts [CCCC]." (312) 731-1100 and (312) 731-1505.]

Hi! Sherman Skolnick, Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts,
9800 South Oglesby.

He is believed to be the central figure in trying to keep the lid
on the Clinton White House scandals and related dope- and gun-
running {1}. Yet various committees of Congress are now afraid to
call him as a witness. *Why*?

As an IRS official he was fingered as part of the massive
corruption mentioned in a little-known report by a committee
headed by congressman Doug Barnard, 1989. The IRS official was
*not* *punished*, but promoted! He was the acting inspector
general of the Treasury Department: that includes the IRS, BATF,
U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Customs. As inspector general he
covered up the billions of dollars of dope brought in, and
around, the airport at Mena, Arkansas and elsewhere in the
southern states.

(An IRS agent in Arkansas, William Duncan, was put in the doghouse
for checking on Mena.)

The Democrats want Clinton to publicly accuse George Bush and
Ollie North as the key figures in the dope smuggling into the
southern states. Friends of Clinton want *him* to say the CIA
told him, as governor, to look the other way and not interfere.

The inspector general and his mob played a role in cleaning out
the office of White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr.,
after his strange death. Foster's office, and the office near
his, reportedly held documents showing Foster's role in a super-
secret bank spying project, tracking illicit funds worldwide and
covering up for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their gang of
bankers, such as Jackson Stephens. Also, the offices had nuclear
missile tracking codes -- the top secrets of the U.S. government!
-- which were sold to foreign countries.

Part of the corruption have been two major IRS offices, Chicago
and Los Angeles: in federal court records in Chicago, case number
92 C 7048, is the undisputed confession of an IRS official,
confessing that her IRS bosses steal multi-million dollar
properties for their own personal use by corruptly plundering,
bankruptcy, and other cases. The Treasury Department officials
are criminally implicated in making illicit loot to disappear by
turning it into pieces of cardboard called baseball cards! Or
into millions of dollars of stolen food stamps, gold, and

(By the way, federal judges in major cities are bribed with
valuable baseball cards and other memorabilia.)

A Chicago-area member of the London gold pool plays a role in
these crimes. He's also an FBI and CIA informant and suspected
assassination arranger. A Chicago bankruptcy court official,
Wallace Lieberman, set to testify before a Chicago federal grand
jury, was murdered in December '91 a few blocks away from the
home of the gold bug. (Also a few blocks away from the Mafia's
First National Bank of Cicero, long-dominated by Bishop Paul
Marcinkus, recent head of the gangster/CIA-linked Vatican Bank.)

The Treasury Department's inspector general is believed to be the
highest Mafia representative in the United States.

Related crimes:

#1) The 50 million dollar illegal transfer of RTC funds from
Chicago to cover up the embezzlement of an Arkansas S&L,
implicating Bill and Hillary Clinton.

#2) A senior litigation attorney of the Small Business
Administration, John E. Gierum of Park Ridge, a close crony of
Hillary and her family, confessed to us the Clinton White House
is trying to frame him for the transfer of funds.

So, will Congress call the former Treasury inspector general,

In Chicago, see us on channel 21, 9 p.m. most Monday evenings.

Play it again: "The Crooked Phone Company". (312) 731-1505.

New message Friday; we change it several times a week.

Donations appreciated. Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the
Courts, 9800 South Oglesby, Chicago, [Illinois] 60617. For the
latest on courts, banks, espionage agencies, political
assassinations, and the news media. On 24 hours a day.

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} The former inspector general is believed to be Robert Cesca.

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 Brian Francis Redman    "The Big C"
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Topic No. 2

Date: Wed, 9 Aug 1995 09:39:59 -0500 (CDT)
From: Brian Redman 
Subject: Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 76

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5  Num. 76
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



Senator Pryor (D-Arkansas), speaking on C-Span's Washington
Journal on August 9, 1995, asks, in response to a caller
inquiring about the late Vince Foster's stop-on-a-dime trips to
Switzerland, that people not believe the "hate mongerers" out
there. So, to ask questions, to have doubts about the official
story on Foster's death, is perilously close to becoming "hate
speech". And as anyone who has attended a major university lately
knows, "hate speech" is *verboten*.

Senator Pryor says that Foster's clandestine and mysterious trips
to Switzerland "didn't happen". In this, he is contradicted by
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph, James Norman, a
senior editor at *Forbes* magazine, and others. So who are we to
believe, a politician or some reporters? Tough call.

Senator Pryor asks that people not believe the "conspiracy
theories" about the strange death of Foster. "Oh, please," he
says, "For the sake of Foster's poor family, let the man rest in

I have two problems with those noble defenders of the still bereaved
Foster family who demand that anyone having questions should stop
asking them. Number one, Vincent W. Foster, Jr. was a public
figure. As such, he is not just the private property of the
easily upset next-of-kin, but "belongs" to us all; we all have
"standing" in the matter of his death and have a perfect right to
keep asking questions -- even tough questions. Number two, I find
it suspicious that the Foster family does *not* want these
persistent questions looked into. Questions surrounding Foster's
death have not arisen in a vacuum nor are they without merit. So
why wouldn't the Foster family want them answered?

Why wouldn't the Foster family want them answered? It might be,
as Norman and others are claiming, that Vincent W. Foster, Jr.
was a spy who sold out his country for a few million dollars.
*That* would be a good explanation as to why the Foster family is
"satisfied" with the official investigation and begs that we stop
looking into the matter.

But some of us still dare to speak.

Jean Lewis has also dared to speak, although regarding different
circumstances. Appearing before the House Banking Committee,
Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] investigator Lewis charged
that government officials had thwarted her investigation into the
failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. "This committee should
know that I believe there was a concerted effort to obstruct,
hamper and manipulate the results of our investigation," she
alleged. {1}.

What is so daring about saying that? Lewis was close to the late
Jon Parnell Walker, a Senior Investigation Specialist with RTC
who had been trying to get the Madison case moved from Arkansas
to Washington, DC. Soon thereafter, "Jon was looking over a
possible new apartment in Lincoln Towers in Arlington, Virginia,
when reportedly he suddenly decided to climb over the balcony
railing and jump." {2}. So Lewis is daring in that, besides
possibly harming her career, her testimony could lead her to

Oh but hey, the "American people" are tired of hearing about
Whitewater. No, what they are tired of is the stupid O.J. Simpson
trial. The American people are intensely interested in
Whitewater, or they would be if they were honestly told the whole
convoluted story. Instead, they are given the impression, by the
newsfakers, that Whitewater "is just a minor dispute over a 69
thousand dollar real estate development." {3}. *L'affaire
Whitewater* is bigger than that. It is, according to *New York
Post* reporter John Crudelle, a "massive financial scandal, the
likes of which has never been seen before." {4}.

The American people are sick to death of the putrid O.J. Simpson
trial. "They're also tired of the media not asking proper
questions about the Clintons," adds Sherman H. Skolnick, the
Chicago-based investigator. "The way I describe it is, those that
believe in 'fairy tales' have a hard time, in the beginning, when
they hear what people like me say. If they've been believing only
in the mass media, then they grew up believing in 'fairy tales'
and in myths. My job, if I'm able to do it at all, is to disabuse
them of the 'fairy tales' they believe in."

"If I only read the [Chicago] *Tribune* and the [Chicago] *Sun-
Times*, if I only listened to the local TV, what could I possibly
know? Not very much."

Skolnick, a long-time prober into Whitewater and related matters,
makes the following prediction: "I now believe that, by Labor
Day, the whole thing will be really heated up."

"Today [August 8, 1995], until today [the investigation] was
nothing. But starting, I think today, there's gonna be real

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} Associated Press, August 8, 1995.
{2} "Murder, Bank Fraud, Drugs, and Sex" by Nicholas A. Guarino.
{3} "Whitewater, the Federal Reserve, and the C.I.A." by Sherman
H. Skolnick.
{4} John Crudelle, segmented into ABC's *Nightline* on August 8,

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 Brian Francis Redman    "The Big C"
    Coming to you from Illinois -- "The Land of Skolnick"


End of CONSPIRE Digest 129

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TO:     * David Beiter / MCI ID: 635-1762
Subject:  CONSPIRE digest 131

			    CONSPIRE Digest 131

Topics covered in this issue include:

  1) Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 78
	by Brian Redman 


Topic No. 1

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 09:42:48 -0500 (CDT)
From: Brian Redman 
Subject: Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 78

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5  Num. 78
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



When I interviewed Sherman Skolnick on March 15, 1995 and he
confirmed to me the following, I just sort of filed it away in
the back of my mind for future reference:

  But what was the story about: of the four largest news
  agencies in the world -- O.K.? -- all four had a record that
  was an open record with the Bank of England for 30 days only:
  the bribery list of BCCI. They had bribed various public
  officials in various countries, *including*... They had
  *bought* 25 percent of both Houses of Congress. They wanted
  congressmen to allow them to proliferate their bank in
  various branches throughout the United States. And they
  needed various committees of Congress to "O.K." them. O.K.?
  So what they did is, through a group of six LaSalle street
  brokers, they bought 28 U.S. Senators and 108 U.S.

  *This* bribery list was in the hands of four news agencies;
  *one* had corroborated that the bribery list is correct. And
  when the editor of that news agency, with international
  scope, killed the story, a very brave reporter contacted me
  -- like in the Spiro Agnew thing years ago -- and says, "Hey,
  Skolnick. I heard you're a loudmouth there, and you don't
  mind going with the truth even if it bothers somebody."

  And so they gave me the list, together with all the
  corroboration, and I substantiated it further, from my own
  sources, and I wrote a story about it.

  And one of those that was involved is the wife of Senator
  Phil Gramm of Texas. His wife, at the time, was Wendy -- uh,
  she *is*, Wendy Gramm -- was the head of the commodity
  futures trading corporation that was involved in these
  corrupt commodity deals where 25 percent of both Houses of
  Congress got hundreds of thousands of dollars by way of
  bribery! She went along with it. There were six commodity
  brokers on LaSalle street that were a part of it.

As I say, when Mr. Skolnick confirmed this to me on March 15th of
this year, I just sort of put it in the back of my mind and
forgot about it.

Then, on July 14, 1995, Mr. James Norman, a senior editor at
*Forbes* magazine appeared on Tom Valentine's *Radio Free
America* (5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri) and said the following:

  This other matter is very troubling to me. It's another
  bombshell. Foster's was not the only Swiss bank of a high-
  level U.S. political figure that's been raided and deleted
  this way in the past year and a half. The Fifth Column has
  gone into and cleaned out probably a couple of hundred coded
  Swiss bank accounts belonging to high-level U.S. political
  figures -- the biggest names going -- in both parties. The
  take, we've been told -- is over $2 billion, going on $3

I can't fully express how disturbing this information is to me.
When Mr. Skolnick had first told me this, somehow it did not
totally register. Having this charge confirmed by Mr. Norman hit
me "right between the eyes". I felt as if, "What's the use of
Conspiracy Nation, when these powerful figures are no longer
'owned' by the American people?" But I then saw that, no matter
what, public opinion counts -- even if the opinion polls, the
mass media, and high-level officials are all "bought and paid
for". If the people are still thinking for themselves then all
the loudspeakers in the world can't drown them out.

The reference to "Say it ain't so," in the above title, relates
to the Black Sox scandal of 1919, when baseball players on the
Chicago Black Sox had been found to have accepted bribes in
return for throwing some baseball games. The story is told that a
young fan, upon hearing about this awful news, came up to one of
the baseball players involved and asked, with tears in his eyes,
"Say it ain't so." The man said nothing to the boy, but just
turned away.

What are we hearing from Congress regarding these horrible
charges? *The* *silence* *is* *deafening*. Congress people
periodically get their hackles all raised, and get all puffed up
about, any time that what they call "their honor" has been
impugned. You can see them on C-Span, for example during the
recent House Banking Committee hearings, getting all huffy about
that "their honor" has been impugned.

So where are they now? "Their honor" has been impugned. So where
are they? Why aren't they getting all puffed up about credible
charges that they are traitors? *The* *silence* *is* *deafening*.

Now, recently, a Mr. Orlin Grabbe, formerly of the Wharton School
of the University of Pennsylvania and author of a textbook
entitled *International Financial Markets* as well as several
learned papers, has again corroborated, in an ongoing essay
("Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking
Transactions Spying") that high-level government figures have
indeed been taking bribes:

  But life did not stay this simple.  For example, the BCCI-
  Bush-Noriega-Mena connection to drug smuggling was matched by
  a similar Israeli connection to arms and drug dealing and
  money laundering. Anything went in the holy crusade to build
  the bomb and the associated missile delivery systems.  Just
  as the pension funds controlled by Robert Maxwell were looted
  to pay for Mossad operations in Europe (Victor Ostrovsky,
  *The Other Side of Deception*, HarperCollins, 1994, p. 203),
  so were American S&Ls in effect looted (or burdened with
  debt) by the financial machinations of the "Committee of
  Thirty" to help generate the vast funds needed to maintain
  and expand Israel's defense industry.  Some of these funds
  found their way into offshore accounts held by U.S.
  politicians and defense personnel as bribes, kickbacks,
  "campaign" contributions, and payment for stolen secrets.

Where the hell has this country gone? Dr. Helen Caldicott asked
that in her talk (available from Pacifica archives) on "The New
World Order":

  But where the *hell* has this country gone? Of the people who
  were killed who were civilians in Iraq, 60 percent were
  children. With their legs blown off. And the men who flew the
  planes came back and said, "It was a wonderful mission!" And
  they didn't see the blood. And the whole country cheered and
  flew flags and tied yellow ribbons on everything they could

Where the hell has this country gone? We are worse than our
parents; they would never have stood for this massive bribery of
government officials. Sure, we used to knock them and their
"keeping up with the Joneses", but we're worse. We were the 1960s
idealists who looked down on our parents' materialism, but we're
ten times worse than they ever were. Why is this story being
ignored? What is the price of examining it? Will our corporate
masters discipline us, give us reprimands, or even fire us from
our jobs if we dare to demand that these charges *must* be
answered? Oh and then how could we keep up on our payments and
then the others, the "Joneses", would disassociate from us as not
being quite "up to snuff" and then -- major horror and terror --
we would be ALONE.

What is the price of being open with this story? Will the
smiling, unruffled corporate overseers quietly and sincerely and
sympathetically sit us down and regret to tell us that we have
been "downsized"? So is it best then to say nothing?

We are worse than our parents. We used to look down on them for
their materialism, but we are ten times worse.

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 Brian Francis Redman    "The Big C"
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Subject:  part 35: allegations re vince foster, the nsa, and bank spying


	    Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and
		Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXXV
			  by J. Orlin Grabbe

	If we wanted to construct a chronology (or time-scale) of
Vince Foster's movements the afternoon he died, there are four known
events around which to fill in the time gaps.

	#1: *The exit of Vince Foster's car from the White House
parking lot*.  Prior to Foster's exit, a Secret Service agent placed a
concealed transponder on his car.  This transponder was reportedly
working when the car left the parking lot and jurisdictional
responsibility passed from the Secret Service to the FBI.

	But the FBI subsequently lost track of Foster's car.  This is in
itself hard to comprehend.  Was the transponder deactivated in some
unknown manner? Or was there FBI complicity in "loss" of the
signal?  When the car was later recovered, the transponder was

	Complicating the picture is the apparent destruction of
evidence by someone in the White House. Firstly, the videotapes
showing the attachment of the transponder (Secret Service dogs were
used to sniff the car for bombs as a diversionary cover while this was
done) are missing.  The tapes could have been removed by anyone
with access to the room where the videotapes are stored.  Secondly,
however, movement in and out of the storage room is itself
videotaped.  But the tape which recorded access to the storage room is

	#2: *The entry into Vince Foster's apartment at [address
temporarily withheld] by Foster and a woman with brownish-blonde
hair*.  That this apartment is Foster's is confirmed both by the landlord
and by banking records of Foster's rental payments. The front entrance
to Foster's apartment was being videotaped as part of an on-going
national security investigation into espionage by members of the
White House.  The woman in the tape has been identified as an Israeli

	#3: *The exit from Vince Foster's apartment by the woman with
brownish-blonde hair, along with a three-man Mossad search team*.
Entry into the apartment by the team is not recorded (suggesting a
back entrance into the apartment), nor is Foster's subsequent exit.
This suggests several possibilities.

	Foster may have been killed in the apartment, and the body
subsequently removed, or Foster may have left the apartment by the
back exit and been killed elsewhere.

	It is natural to speculate that the Mossad team killed Foster in
the apartment.  But it is not clear they did so.  The individuals in the
team have been identified, and their skills are believed to lie more in
the rifling of apartments, rather than in assassination.

	It is also natural to speculate that the woman entering the
apartment with Foster was the woman whose hair samples were later
found in Foster's shorts.  However, this does not appear to be the case.
The blondish hairs in Foster's shorts instead match those of a member
of  the White House press office who was subsequently arrested and
charged with driving while intoxicated (and whose quality blowjobs
were known to some members of the White House).

	If we add to this evidence the conclusion of a New York
forensic pathologist (who does work for the CIA) that Foster died at
approximately the moment of ejaculation, it would thus appear there
may be as many as three women who show up in the evidence
pertaining to Foster's final day: 1) a woman working in the White
House who engaged in oral sex with Foster, possibly earlier in the
day; 2) an Israeli agent who was taped entering Foster's apartment
with him; 3) a woman who was with Foster at the moment he died.

	The "three" women become two if we assume that the Israeli
agent who entered Foster's apartment with him was also present at the
time of his death, implying she set him up for the kill.  But if so, then
who took the body to Ft. Marcy Park?  The "three" women also
become two if the White House staffer was with Foster when he died.
(She is not currently a suspect in his death.)

	#4: *The receipt of a 911 report of a body in Ft. Marcy Park by
Dispatcher Marion White of the Fairfax County Public Safety
Communications Center at 5:59.59 p.m.*  It is probable that the people
who dumped Foster's body at Ft. Marcy Park were also responsible
for his death, and it is possible that they were somehow involved with
the FBI's losing of Foster's movements despite the placement of a
transponder on Foster's car. Nullifying the transponder signal might
require special electronic skills, such as those possessed by the
National Security Agency.  Otherwise, complicity to "lose" the target
by someone in the FBI is a possibility.

	A thorough search of Ft. Marcy Park by an FBI team using x-
ray scanners to detect lead either in tree branches or in the ground
surface failed to turn up a bullet.  The obvious explanation is that
Foster's body was  transported there from another location.

	Why did Hillary Rodham Clinton call 202-628-7087 at 10:41
p.m., Little Rock Time, on July 20, 1993, the evening following
Vince Foster's death?  The number is a CIA number, one that by-
passes control, and that is intended to be used only in an emergency.
Who was Hillary talking to at CIA and why?  Unlike Bill Clinton,
who was recruited for the CIA by Cord Meyer while Bill was in
London, Hillary was never a CIA employee.  Why would she have the
number in her possession, and--more importantly--who was she
talking to?

	Why has CIA director John Deutsch personally intervened to
promote a cover-up of the circumstances of Vince Foster's murder?
Did he make a Faustian pact with Bill Clinton to provide protection
from investigatory bodies in return for a free hand in enhancing the
value of his defense industry investments?  What is the meaning of
"national security" when the national security apparatus is directed by
a White House that has engaged in nuclear espionage on behalf of a
foreign power?

			[to be continued]

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Subject:  VWF travelled to Batman, Turkish Kurdistan, 1n 1988,

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In article <43uc0i$> "John Q. Public"  writes:
> (Wayne Mann) wrote:
>(directed to Steve Sibelius)

JQP Said:

>Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you please try to confirm
>that VWF travelled to Batman, Turkish Kurdistan, 1n 1988,
>as alleged by Evans-Pritchard?  Plus, I'd really like to
>understand why VWF's WH Credit Union account was overdrawn
>for a month, before he died, and what the alleged $286,000
>payment to his wife, four days before his death, was about.
>Come to think of it, copies of telephone logs from 7/18-7/20/93,
>particularly involving HRC, would ease my mind.
VWF's trip to Batman, Turkish Kurdistan, may relate to a refinery being
operated there by Caribbean Continental, S.A. out of Zurich, apparently
with some involvement from the C.I.A. CC's fortunes were greatly improved
by the destruction of the Kuwait oil infrastructure by Saddam Hussein.

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Subject:  FBI coverup in V. Foster case

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  Subj: Update on Foster's murder
From: "Al Thompson" 
Originally to:
Organization: American Justice Federation
Original Date: Wed, 22 Nov 95 10:14:29 -0600

(From the Congressional Record)

    (House of Representatives - November 20, 1995)

		    [Page: H13636]

The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a previous order of the
House, the gentleman from Indiana [Mr. Burton] is
recognized for 5 minutes.

Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Mr. Speaker, over the past couple
of years I and some of my colleagues and some staff people
have been doing an investigation into the death of Vince
Foster who was found at Fort Marcy Park a year ago July.
It was in 1993, 2 years ago in July. And over the past
couple of years we have researched, we have looked
into the Fiske report.

We have gone out to Fort Marcy Park. We have talked to
numerous people who were witnesses or not witnesses to
his death but were at Fort Marcy Park and we found some
startling things. One of things that has really bothered
a number of us in the past couple of months is that we
found out, when we looked at the report that was filed by
the FBI, that there is some severe inconsistencies.

The man who found Vince Foster's body, who was called the
confidential witness, was alleged to have said in the FBI
report that when he found Vince Foster's body he looked
directly into the face, specifically observing that the
eyes of his body were partially open and slightly glazed
and that traces of dry black blood were running from the
side of the mouth and nose down the right side of his face.

When I talked to the confidential witness, he swore under
oath before a court reporter that there was no blood on
the side of the man's face. You might say that might be
just a mistake. But the report went on, he further advised
that there were traces of blood stains on the shirt to
include the upper right shoulder area, along with traces
of what he considered to be vomit or spilled wine, possibly
purplish in color. He says there was no blood on his shirt,
that there was no blood on the side of his face and no blood
on his shirt, and he told the FBI that. Yet the FBI put in
a report that there was blood on the side of his face and on
his shirt.

Another part of the report says, he further maintained, this
is the FBI saying this, he further maintained that he was
fixated on the face of the body and did not pay specific
attention to body extremities, including the hand. In this
regard, he advised he could not remember the exact position
of the thumb, stating that while he did not observe a gun,
there could have been a gun in his hands.

When this was read to the confidential witness, he went into
orbit. He said there is absolutely no question whatsoever
that I say the hands clearly, the thumbs were out, the palms
were up and there was no gun in the hands. He said, I was
right there. I looked right down in his face, no further
than 18 inches from the body. So the FBI, according to him,
misstated that.

Now you would say if that was the only problem with the
investigation by the FBI, that they may have just made some
mistakes, even though there is some glaring ones here.

Then we ran into another witness who was out at the park
that same day and an hour earlier. That fellow, when he
was there, his name was Patrick Knowlton. He said that
when he went into the park he saw a car, a brown car with
Arkansas plates, and it was a Honda and that it was an
older model.

Yet in the FBI report they say it is a light blue car with
Virginia plates. He said, I never said that. I said it was
a dark brown car with Arkansas plates and they put it down
as a Virginia car with Virginia plates and it is light blue.

He also saw some suspicious people in another car
who were doing some things there and they may have been
involved in the Foster case. And he said, in the report
according to the FBI, he could not further identify this
particular individual nor his attire and stated that he
would be unable to recognize him in the future. He said
that is an absolute lie, because I told the FBI agent
specifically I not only could identify him, I could draw
a picture of the guy because I would never forget his face.
Yet the FBI says he could not identify the gentleman.

Then we go back to the confidential witness. There is
another part of the report that says, and the possibility
does exist that there was a gun in or near his hands that
he might have seen. The confidential witness said that is
an absolute lie.

Now, another lady drove up near the park and her car broke
down, and it was a Mercedes. When she went into the park to
try to find help, she sighted two cars and in her report to
the FBI she states the cars were of different color than
what she said. She has been contacted.

The interesting thing about all of this is the two FBI agents
that did the investigation, gentlemen named Larry Monroe and
Bill Colombell. All three of these people say that the report
that they gave to the Fiske Commission was wrong, that it was

If one of them was a lie or a mistake, you could understand it
or if two of them. But three, these people interviewed three
people and there are glaring misrepresentations in these

I have said to the chairman of the Committee on Government
Reform and Oversight here in the House, the gentleman from
Pennsylvania [Mr. Clinger], and to the gentleman from New
Mexico [Mr. Schiff], who is also looking into this for the
Speaker, that we ought to have those FBI agents come in and
explain these inequities and inconsistencies, these
inconsistencies in this report, because according to the
witnesses who found the body, according to the witnesses who
were there, according to the witnesses who saw the cars and
the people involved, they say these are out and out lies in
these reports.

If the FBI lied to Mr. Fiske or if they were asked to lie to
Mr. Fiske, that is a breach of faith. It is something that
has misled the American people as to whether or not this may
have been a suicide someplace else or maybe even a murder.
These things need to be brought to the attention of the
American people.

We have, I believe, Mr. Starr, the special counsel or prosecutor,
who has been looking into this. it has been brought to his
attention. I hope he pursues this and finds out why these FBI
agents did not write the report the way the people who found
the body and the way the people who were at the park saw it.
I think he should ask those FBI agents directly, why did you
misrepresent these things in this report?

In addition to that, I believe it is incumbent upon the Congress
of the United States and our committee to call these FBI agents
in and go ask them directly face to face why these things are

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Date:     Sun Dec 31, 1995  4:47 am  CST
From:     snet l
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TO:     * David Beiter / MCI ID: 635-1762
Subject:  part 36: allegations re vince foster, the nsa, and bank spying


	    Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and
		Banking Transactions Spying, Part XXXVI
			  by J. Orlin Grabbe

	It is sometimes said that journalists are whores.  Of course
the statement is false:  just as *some* whores write best-selling books,
so are *some* journalists paid propagandists.  Which brings to mind the
relationship between the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Mike
Wallace with respect to the Vince Foster story.

	As first reported in Part 17 of this series, four days before Vince
Foster died, his sister-in-law Sheila Foster Anthony effected a $286,000
(and change) transfer from an account at Mellon Bank to Vince Foster's
wife Lisa Foster.  Sheila Anthony was at the time a top Justice Department
official, an Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legislative Affairs,
where her duties included liaison with Congress, clearance of bills before
they were forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget, and help in
selecting nominees for the positions of U.S. Attorney, U.S. Marshall, and
Federal Judge. What was not reported in Part 17 was the identity of the
account holder from which the transfer was made (information I wasn't
able to obtain).  Well, here it is:  *the funds came from an account
controlled by the DNC*.  (The evidence of the $286,000+  transfer was
given to Kenneth Starr shortly after being reported in Part 17.)  This
transfer occurred the same day, July 16, 1993, that Sheila Anthony called
a psychiatrist, who later told the FBI that Anthony said Vince Foster was
working on "Top Secret" issues at the White House and "that his depression
was directly related to highly sensitive and confidential matters".

	Not coincidentally, Sheila Anthony's husband is Beryl Anthony--
former congressman from Arkansas, former President of the Democratic
Congressional Campaign Committee, a lawyer for Winston and Strawn,
one whose recent clients have included the Hong Kong Trade
Development Council, as well as Systematics, renamed Alltel Information
Services (whose involvement in an NSA bank spying project was the
starting point of this series).

	Does the DNC maintain a slush fund account for political bribery?
One suspects the answer is "Yes," but hesitates to draw this conclusion
based solely on the $286,000+  transfer to Lisa Foster, before knowing
what Lisa Foster did with the money.

	The evidence with respect to Mike Wallace is less ambiguous.  In
a CBS 60-Minutes episode telecast on October 8, 1995, Mike Wallace
claimed to lay to rest most of the doubting questions concerning Vince
Foster's alleged "suicide".  Much of the program was devoted to attacking
Chris Ruddy, a reporter first for the New York Post, then for the
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,  who specialized in pointing out the
discrepancies in the official story that Vince Foster killed himself in Ft.
Marcy Park on a slope near one of the civil war cannons.  In claiming to
clear up most of the questions, Wallace forgot to mention that Ft. Marcy
Park was then closed while an FBI team (using X-ray scanners) looked for
the bullet that allegedly killed Foster.  Wallace interviewed James
Hamilton, whom he called the "Foster family lawyer", forgetting to mention
that James Hamilton was also the Clinton-Gore Transition Counsel for
Nomination and Confirmation 1992-3, and a long-time Democratic
political fixer.  It has since become known that Hamilton was the author of
a memo urging that the Whitewater Investigation be stonewalled: ``If
politically possible Janet Reno should stick to her guns in not appointing
an independent counsel for Whitewater,'' Hamilton wrote President Clinton in
a January 5, 1994, letter. Hamilton was recently appointed to the Foreign
Intelligence Advisory Board.

	Now sources who over time have proven totally reliable have
confirmed the following item that Mike Wallace also forgot to report:
*Mike Wallace was paid $150,000 by the DNC to do the CBS 60-Minutes hatchet
job on those questioning the official story of Foster's death*.

	Hey, Mike.  Now that we know what you are, would you accept
$15 to do a complete retraction?

	Have a nice New Year, Mike.  That $150,000 should purchase a
lot of champagne.

	Try not to get a headache.

			[to be continued]

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Date: 14 JAN 1996 22:51:14 GMT
From: Randy Benes 
Newgroups: alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater
Subject: Weyrich on FOSTER

Lets put Vince Foster to Rest-- An interesting piece by
NET's Paul Weyrich    Late 1995

There is hardly a subject which evokes more emotion on the
part of our viewers than the death of Vince Foster. Here we
are more than two years after that tragic event and many of
the issues surrounding his death have yet to be settled.

Many in our audience believe that Foster was murdered. Still
others believe that Bill Clinton was somehow involved in the
murder. I want to say at the outset that I have drawn no
such conclusion. I don't know if Vince Foster killed himself
or was killed by someone else. I don't know if he died at
Ft. Marcy Park or died somewhere else. It is frankly
irresponsible of anyone to draw absolute conclusions about
what happened to Vince Foster.

With all the unanswered questions about his death, what I
don't understand is the willingness on the part of the media
and politicians in both parties to simply accept the
original ruling that his death was a suicide. Why the rush
to judgment on both sides? Some who hate Bill Clinton want
to believe the worst about him and so they are prepared to
believe that Foster was done in because he knew something
Clinton didn't want disclosed and they will believe that no
matter what an unbiased look at the case concludes. Others
want to defend Bill Clinton to the point that they will
dismiss whatever evidence may be presented that there are
strange happenings connected with his demise. All I want is
someone in authority to look at all the unanswered questions
in the case with a view toward getting it settled.

Just last week, a group of forensic handwriting experts,
including one of the world's leading experts at Oxford
University, concluded that the suicide note which appeared
in the Foster briefcase after witnesses had claimed that
the briefcase had no such note when it was first viewed, was
a forgery. This has enormous implications. If this is true,
who forged the note? Why did they forge it? Why did the note
appear a couple of days after the briefcase was originally
examined and determined not to have such a note in it? Who
put it there?

There are so many issues in this case which don't add up.
Yet almost no one in either the journalistic or political
community wants to pursue the matter. I frankly find that
hard to understand. One Republican Congressman, when I
pressed him on the subject, told me "Look. The implications
of the whole Foster mess are too much for us to deal with.
Our whole system of government could be effected if the
outcome were as bad as some of you suggest it might be. It
is better to just leave well enough alone."

A journalist I pressed on the subject told me "You don't
understand. It is a no win proposition for us to
investigate Foster. Our editors don't want it and the
White House is playing hardball on this like nothing we've
ever seen before."

You don't have to tell that to Richard Mellon Scaife. Scaife
is the publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and one of
the few media people in this country who has doggedly
articles in national publications including the Wall Street
Journal which have distorted Scaife and his charitable
organizations beyond recognition. I have known the man for
more than 20 years. Seldom have I seen such vicious
reporting. Moreover, Christopher Ruddy, the reporter Scaife
hired from the New York Post, who has kept on the Foster
case and has done about the only real investigative work in
this country on the subject, was ridiculed in perhaps the
worst hatchet job ever in the history of the CBS program 60
minutes. The question is why? If Vince Foster really did
commit suicide at Ft. Marcy Park and no one else at the
White House or involved with the Clintons had anything to
do with it, then why go after Scaife and Ruddy? After all,
most people in the country have never heard of either one of
these gentlemen.

In all famous cases, you always have some people who don't
believe the official version of what happened. To this day
there are people who insist that Bruno Hauptman was innocent
of kidnapping the Lindburgh child. There are others who
claim that the Rosenbergs were innocent of giving the
Soviets our atomic secrets. So what? No one does hatchet
jobs on these people. They are simply ignored.

Yet media friendly to the Clintons insist on making Dick
Scaife and Christopher Ruddy an issue. I will tell you, as
someone who was an investigative reporter myself, that is
what convinces me that there is something wrong here. The
fact that establishment media would find it necessary to
distort both Sciafe and Ruddy to such an extent suggests
that there is a fear somewhere they might be on to something
and perhaps this treatment will cause them to back off. I
can find no other rational explanation for what has happened

There have been reports for months now that Special
prosecutor Ken Starr has written off the Foster case because
he feels that were he connected with it in whatever way, it
would ruin his chances of eventually getting to the Supreme
Court. I don't know if those reports are true or not. But
Starr may not have an easy out in this regard. Speaker of
the House Newt Gingrich has asked New Mexico Congressman
Steve Schiff, a former prosecutor, to take a look at the
case. Schiff reportedly has insisted that Starr look into
and provide explanations for some of the unanswered

Let's hope so. Frankly I have been uneasy for a long time
about some in the media on the right in the talk show
business claiming that they knew that Foster was murdered.
I've told them that. By the same token, the indifference of
journalists and Members of Congress has also troubled me as
new unanswered questions have risen. I had hoped that the
whole matter could be put to rest so we could get on with
other important questions.

But now that I have examined the totally irresponsible
treatment of Scaife and Ruddy, I am absolutely convinced
that there is something here that is being covered up. In
my personal experience, those who have something to hide
always go after the people who are pursuing the truth. I've
been there.

No matter how uncomfortable this is for Congress, and no
matter what the implications for our system, the leadership
has the responsibility to pursue this with all due vigor.
Even if the association with the case will hurt Ken Starr,
he also has such an obligation. As to the journalists, they
ought to recognize the signs about what is being done to
Ruddy. Surely there is one of them somewhere who will say
"That could happen to me as well and I'm not going to let
this happen to a colleague."

Not until now have I been totally convinced that there is a
cover up going on here of extraordinary proportions. I
simply refuse to believe, especially in view of the new
evidence on the suicide note, that there isn't at least
someone of courage left in this city who is in a position
to do something about the Foster case. I pray to God we will
hear from that person.

Date:     Wed Jan 31, 1996  9:12 pm  CST
From:     bigred
	  EMS: INTERNET / MCI ID: 376-5414

TO:     * David Beiter / MCI ID: 635-1762
Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7 Num. 10

The following is brought to you thanks, in part, to the kind
assistance of CyberNews and the fine folks at Cornell University.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7  Num. 10
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



I received the following from Debra von Trapp and I am passing it
along. Note particularly that I do not necessarily agree nor
disagree with either all or portions of the following. If you are
mentioned and you are hopping mad, give me a call at (217) 356-
4418 and I will endeavor to present your side of this.
					  -- Brian Francis Redman

 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

January 31, 1996

Kenneth Starr, Esq.
Independent Counsel
By facsimile (202) 514-8802

RE: EOP/Obstruction of Justice

Dear Mr. Starr:

I am contacting your office in regard to work that I performed
with certain federal intelligence employees, supervised by
federal intelligence employee Robert Goetzman, beginning in 1991.

Robert Goetzman approached me in a private press function in
Atlanta in May of 1991. He introduced himself by saying, "I'm
Robert Goetzman. I'm from the Executive Office of the President.

I am one of the leading technical analysts and consultants in the
computer industry. Prior to 1981, I was a judge's clerk for
Orange County Superior Court.

Robert Goetzman has been identified to me, in writing, by the
State Department, as an FBI employee. However, other federal
contacts have identified him as holding DOJ clearances for both
the CIA and FBI. During some of our activity, he carried business
cards reading MCA/Universal (Japanese-owned MCA, Inc.) with his
name on them, as an employee.

MCA, Inc. began calls and threats to me in July of 1994. It
presently has one of its Directors in a rental house across the
street from my home of eighteen years.

I specifically wish to inform you of our activity, on behalf of
the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C., which began at the
Lincoln Memorial during the pre-Inaugural activities. We
delivered $25,000.00 worth of large screen televisions to the
site, at Goetzman's direction, from Mitsubishi Electric and
Toshiba. At that time Toshiba was prohibited by federal court
order from trade with the U.S. Government.

I have been advised by other Washington sources that Robert
Goetzman reported to Ollie North at the NSA during the Toshiba
prosecution and is listed as FBI personnel in that prosecution.

The delivery was met by Robert Goetzman and his subordinate Peter
Stanley. Goetzman placed transmitting surveillance devices behind
screens of three of the sets and escorted them into the VIP tent
for Mr. Clinton. The sets moved with Mr. Clinton to the Capitol
Center and returned to the original site. At the conclusion of
this activity, the sets were abandoned on the sidewalk of the
Lincoln Memorial.

The Inaugural Committee then trucked the sets to the Washington
Naval Shipyard, where they were placed under military guard until
the Committee, at its own expense, trucked them on United Van
Lines to California and delivered them to my house. I have the
documents and phone records from these activities.

We then proceeded to fulfill all of the first Executive Office
purchase orders through front companies operated by FBI and CIA
personnel. Peter Stanley sold Hillary her first purchase order, a
MacIntosh computer. Robert Goetzman and I shopped, publicly in
meetings with computer industry executives, with Hiroshi Suzuki
from the Embassy of Japan, for twenty motherboards for the
Executive Office computers. I fulfilled, along with Goetzman, the
first software purchase order from the Executive Office. Robert
Goetzman and another subordinate, Jim Cofield, represented that
all of the equipment was delivered with surveillance capability.
We purchased and caused to be installed WordPerfect 5.2 to ensure
that all document files that were surveilled could be easily run
through database analysis by the Embassy personnel. At one point
the Embassy had problems in converting English to Japanese on its
printer, prior to transmitting to Tokyo. At Goetzman's request, I
arranged for Ambassador Kuriyama's driver to pick up a box with
my name on it, which contained an unreleased Kanji version of
MicroSoft Windows. This program solved the printer problem.

Paul Steele, a federal employee who had been with us at the White
House during the Bush Administration, became Director of
Purchasing for the District of Columbia when Mr. Clinton took
office. Robert Goetzman, Paul Steele, Jim Cofield and I
purchased, delivered and placed surveillance equipment in DOC
[District of Columbia(?)] offices, including the Municipal Police
Department. I was paid, by arrangement through Paul Steele, for
this activity by their appropriation of the Xerox Copier repair
budget. The budget totalled $10,000.00, an amount that would have
triggered further scrutiny. They therefore paid me a District of
Columbia check for $9,975.00.

Robert Goetzman then removed 100 copies of WordPerfect 5.1 from
the Executive Office Building and delivered them, along with a
compromised master copy of WordPerfect 5.2., to the Democratic
National Committee to complete the surveillance effort. I
personally obtained and delivered, with Robert Goetzman and Jim
Cofield, close to $500,000.00 worth of computer software to the
Committee, in pricing arrangements that otherwise violated GSA
rules for the vendors. In fact, the GSA stepped in to complain
and then suddenly, inexplicably, backed off.

When I went public in March of 1994, George Stephanopoulos and
the DNC counsel then proceeded to engage in a coverup. Janet Reno
first opened an investigation in July of 1994, then her office
informed me by telephone that Paul Coffey, Chief of the Organized
Crime and Racketeering Section, had ordered some 62 pages of my
documents to be sent to his office and destroyed. I then had two
conversations with Paul Coffey. He advised me that he had
destroyed the records, that they were not copied or forwarded
from the Secretariat's office to the FBI, and that he had
instructed his staff to hang up on me if I called. He told me
that this information "would never see the light of day" and that
I should go back to Robert Goetzman and try to get in his good

The DNC then sent me two checks, in an apparent effort to silence
me. In total, the DNC paid me over $50,000.00.

Without his knowledge, I recorded a telephone conversation with
Jim Cofield, represented to me as being a DIA employee reporting
to Goetzman, in which he stated that I would be killed if I
talked about the Embassy of Japan.

When I advised both Cofield and Goetzman that I had audiotaped
them, Mr. Panetta's office (and presumably Mr. and Mrs. Clinton,
since I had been given a fax number into Mr. Clinton's office to
communicate with him) arranged for the SBA [Small Business
Administration(?)] to give me $151,000.00 after I had been turned
down twice on my application for a $16,000.00 loan.

Then another Goetzman associate, John McCracken (a former Navy
Seal), brought me in on his team to open another front company.
He paid me close to $50,000.00 and demanded the audiotapes. I
didn't deliver them in Las Vegas on November 11, 1995 and then
left under his direct threat that they are going to kill both
myself and my son.

I never knew the official description of this team. However, an
article authored by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Daily
Telegraph and appearing Saturday, January 27, 1996 [CN --
accompanying article by AEP is dated Jan. *29*, 1996], closely
describes our team. A copy follows this letter.

It is my belief that a member of this team, or someone
cooperating with them, would not only have had access, but
motive, to remove and then replace documents on the third floor
of the White House.

Robert Goetzman called me on the night Vince Foster was killed.
He said: "We did him." "We did him somewhere else but we dumped
him in a queer park to send a message to Clinton and his queer
wife." "He (Foster) went entreprenurial on us." "He was selling
NSA codes to the Israelis."

I am specifically requesting that you review not only the names
of the people that I worked with from the EOP, but others that
they have had contact with at the White House since 1991, to
determine whether or not their name appears on the admittance log
to the third floor.

I am specifically requesting that you cause to be investigated
the Clinton Administration coverup of their knowledge of the
surveillance and the theft and transfer of federal property (100
copies of WordPerfect 5.1) from the Executive Office building to
K.C. Schoor-Hollings, MIS Director of the Democratic National
Committee. Ms. Hollings left the DNC as soon as I went public.

I am specifically requesting federal government protection and
that I not be subject to contact by any member of the FBI from
California. Special Agent Janelle Salveson has directly
threatened me, on behalf of Robert Goetzman, if I continue to

I have interviewed on approximately 15 radio shows and two
television broadcasts. I have distributed the audiotapes and
copies of all of my documents publicly.

I have reported these facts not only to the Justice Department,
but separately, both orally and in writing, to the Washington FBI
office and the Secret Service. Remarkably, all of that activity
has only resulted in further threats to my life and more payoffs.

Robert Goetzman has conducted a continued effort to frame me as
an unstable person because I have discussed this activity. I
invite you to review the videotape of Mr. Nixon's funeral. I was
placed, by the U.S. Government (and presumably in a stable state
of mind), *unsearched*, on the tarmack at the landing of Mr.
Nixon's body and again, stationed at the front door of the Nixon
Library, *with* *each* *of* *the* *Presidents*, *past* *and*
*present*, *unsearched*, standing next to a Secret Service agent.

Mr. Starr, I am contacting you in the hope that one person
(yourself) in the federal government is not personally
compromised in his capacity and is unwilling to obstruct justice.

I was called by Victor Huston, FBI, of your office today. He
seemed quite nonchalant about my accusations and evidence and
especially distant after I implicated the FBI. He, in fact, only
suggested that I "write" you by mail, then attempted to leave the
conversation without giving me an address. When I told him that I
had your fax number, he discouraged me from faxing you. He stated
that he didn't want me "to tie up the fax machine."

Please put me, my documents and audiotapes in front of the
Washington Grand Jury. I believe the activity of Mrs. Clinton,
Vince Foster, the "Goetzman Team", the Secret Service and the
coverup of the discovered surveillance of the administration and
the DNC has direct bearing on your investigation of the
disappearance, reappearance and non-delivery of subpoenaed


Debra von Trapp

cc: A. Evans-Pritchard, AP, Washington Times, Washington Post, LA
Times, NY Times, Michigan Militia, Montana Militia, Patriot Fax

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Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 17:58:14 -0800
From: Wayne Mann 
Subject: Letter to LA Times


Letter to the Editors
LA Times


	I have been hearing a lot about how the public doesn't care
anything about Whitewater and how the Senate committee should
just forget it.

	The problem is that the News Media has not done there job
properly or this would not be the case.  First the part of
Whitewater that needs the most investigation is the one part that
has gotten the least.

	That is Vince Foster's death.  The official position is that he
committed suicide at Ft. Marcy park.  He MAY have committed
suicide but I cannot believe he committed suicide AT Ft. Marcy
Park.  There are many reasons for this, but I challenge anyone
who believes the official story to answer a few questions and
discrepancies about his death that I believe you will agree has to
be answered before excepting the official story.
	I will give you a list of eight questions that the information all
comes from the official; record as printed in The Senate Report
in Volumes one and two.  There are many more questions than
these but this will give you a sampling that just as a starter will
make anyone realize that he did not die as officially reported.
And since these facts ALL come from the one source it is fairly
easy if someone wants to verify any of them.  Keep in mind that
everything here are FACTS out of the official Senate report and
are NOT opinions.

1.	The FBI fingerprint expert that testified before the Senate
Whitewater Committee said that he received 28 pieces of the
"suicide note" and he returned 28 pieces.  The White House and
the media always claim that there are only 27 pieces, with one
missing.  Who is telling the truth?  Not a single Senator followed
up on this statement, and I am not aware of a single report in the
media about it.

2.	Dr. Beyer testified to the committee that HE did not take any X-
rays, because his X-ray machine was broken,  although he had
written on the autopsy form that he had, and the two policemen
who were in attendance at the autopsy said that he told them that
he had.  However, in Dr. Beyer's Deposition to the Committee, he
stated that he sent the body out to another facility for the X-rays.
He further said that the X-rays were not processed and back to
him by the time he did the autopsy.  And furthermore, the X-ray
machine service company was never called, and never did any
repairs on the new X-ray machine for many months before or
after the date of the autopsy.  Which testimony is the truth and
which is a lie?

3.	Deborah Gorham, Foster's secretary, testified that she placed two
large manila envelopes in the safe--both addressed "For Eyes
Only"--one to White House Associate Counsel William Kennedy,
the other to Attorney General Janet Reno.  She also testified that
Nussbaum asked for the combination to this safe immediately
after Foster's death.  Deborah Gorham told investigators for
Kenneth Starr that on the day before he died, Foster received a
document related to Systematics.  And this was a document that
disappeared from his office after his death.  What happened to
the three envelopes?  What was in them?  Why did Foster leave
them?  Kennedy testified he did NOT receive his envelope and
does NOT know what happened to it.

4.	On pages 1782, 1783, and 1784 of the Senate report, there is a
report of a father-son towing company towing a car to the FBI
garage from Ft. Marcy Park the same evening that Foster died. It
had the driver's side-window broken out and blood all over the
dash.  What is the bottom line on this?  The FBI did NOT go talk
to these people as was reported to the committee. An agent called
the father on the phone, which was several months later, and he
denied it. Why didn't the FBI at least go talk to both of these
people in person, rather than just talking to the father on the

5.	On page 4022 and 4023 of Volume XIV, there is a report by a
Secret Service agent to his boss about being questioned about
Foster's death.  His boss told him to call B.C. about it.  He did
call B.C. and was instructed to tell the FBI that he wouldn't talk
to them unless they went through Public Affairs at FBI
Headquarters.  (Who is B.C. Dies it mean Bureau Chief?)  This
Secret Service Agent is in the Division that does the Locks,
Alarms, and VIDEO at the White House.  Does this have to do
with the "missing tapes" of Foster leaving the White House and
the Missing tape of the storage for the first tape?  Does it have
anything to do with Nussbaum gaining access to Foster's safe (the
night he died) to retrieve the envelopes that were in there to be
hand-delivered in case of his death?

6.	How did he shoot himself, throw his glasses 19 feet through some
heavy brush, and end up lying supine and perfectly straight, legs
together, with arms straight down at his side, the gun still in his
hand, and trickles of blood running from his mouth in several
directions, including uphill?  How did a particle of exploded
gunpowder get on his glasses that did NOT come from the bullet
that he supposedly killed himself with? That indicates that
another bullet had been fired besides the one that supposedly
killed him.  But wait, he only fired one bullet! Where did the
exploded gun powder from a second bullet come from then?

7.	Marsha Scott met with her friend of 20 years, Foster, in an
unusual one to two hour closed door meeting the day before he
died.  Yet she says that she cannot remember what they talked
about.  After Foster died, the only thing Ms. Scott could
remember discussing from her long meeting was that Foster had a
good weekend.

	The rest of these questions have a few of the facts or sources
from other sources than the Senate report but I believe them to all
be reliable and I can supply sources on request.

8.	Three of the top experts in "questionable" documents claim that
the "suicide note" is a forgery.  The credentials of these people
make it hard to not believe them; therefore the "suicide note" is
most likely a forgery.  Who forged it?  Who knew it was a

9.	The photograph of Foster's hand was obtained by Reuters News
Agency and broadcast by ABC Television shortly after Vincent
Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park. This photograph
purports to show the right hand of Vincent Foster holding the
handgun with which he supposedly shot himself in the mouth.
Aside from the obvious lack of blood in the scene, please note
the color of the handgun, which is dark. This color matches the
description of the gun as reported in the previous Senate
Whitewater hearings.  When interviewing Lisa Foster, the FBI
showed her a silver-colored gun, which she said she recognized.
The silver gun was NOT the gun found with Foster, which was a
dark gun. The fact that the FBI showed the wrong colored gun to
Lisa Foster, while telling her it was the gun found with Foster's
body, is the strangest single piece of evidence of a cover-up. One
doesn't need to cover-up a suicide. One covers-up a murder. Or
one covers up a suicide that was committed in the wrong place at
the wrong time, not giving, say, Whitehouse staff time to purge
or conceal files.

10.	I submitted a copy of the picture leaked to the press by the White
House, that supposedly shows the gun in Vince Foster's hand, to
an expert to have it computer enhanced, enlarged and/or turned
into a composite 3-D picture.  After studying the pictures very
carefully, it is my opinion beyond a shadow of doubt that this
picture is a FORGERY.  The thumb going through the gun is too
long and at a weird angle.  We now have forged pictures and a
forged "suicide note."

11.	Foster made one day trips to Switzerland that his wife was never
aware of.  He had purchased another ticket to go to Switzerland
and had canceled it, and had then bought another ticket to
somewhere.  Where was this ticket scheduled to take him and for
what purpose? No one has reported an investigation into Vince
Foster's 1988 trip to Bataan, Turkish Kurdistan, to which there
are no scheduled airline flights.

	Now after reading this I would find it impossible to imagine
anyone still believing the official positions.  I would be glad to
supply much more proof and facts to anyone that wishes to
receive it and has access to the Internet e-mail.  Just e-mail me at and tell me what kind and how much
information you want.  By that I mean I can give you a small
amount and then as you need more I can supply that or I can give
it to you all at once however you prefer.  It would be in a ZIP file
	We must get this investigated, we cannot allow it to be
forgotten. The problem is just so much information and no one
seeming to care.  Thank you.
\\/ayne //\ann

"The President has kept all of the promises he
intended to keep."
 - George Stephanopolous on "Larry King Live"
 - 2/16/96


Subject:   (fwd) Re: About Debra Von Trapp
Date:      Fri, 22 Mar 1996 11:25:10 -0500
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA

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From: (David Feustel)
Subject: Re: About Debra Von Trapp
Organization: DAFCO
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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 13:38:32 GMT
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Debra Von Trapp is the source of the allegation that Robert Goetzman
has confessed to taking part in the murder of Vince Foster. I believe
that Debra has Goetzman's confession on (multiple, secreted copies)
tape. Goetzman's protestations to the contrary, Von Trapp has solid
information tying Goetzman to the FBI, The CIA and NSA. Goetzman has
been a very busy operative for a number of years. Now the consequences
of some of the operations he has been involved with are coming back
to haunt him Big Time. I personally would not be surprised if
Goetzman winds up dead in Fort Marcy Park after writing a suicide
note and tearing it into 27 pieces.

Sherman Skolnick and I believe that Debra Von Trapp's information is solid.
I believe that information (including information supplied by Sherman
Skolnick, Orlin Grabbe & Hugh Sprunt) to be more threatening to the
Bush/Clinton Administrations than anything else ever to come down the pike.

A year ago last February Bill Leavel said on the Stan Major show that
the details of the Foster Case, if exposed, would create the biggest
crisis in confidence in the Federal Government since the Civil War.
I believe Bill knew what he was talking about.

Just how threatening Debra Von Trapp's information is can be judged by the
escalating attempts to discredit her by portraying her as a 'wacko'
as opposed to attempting to disprove her allegations (can you say 'Ad Hominem
attack?). I have seen so much of this lately that I now take such attacks
to be a sure indicator of the poster's connection to the parties that killed
(or arranged to have had killed) Vince Foster.

I guarantee you, the more accurate and truthful info about DVT
made public, the more credible her allegations will become.

Watch for her book.
Dave Feustel N9MYI    For PGP Public Key, finger
Fort Wayne, IN        Or else access

Subject:   (fwd) Re: "BLOOD SPORT"
Date:      Fri, 22 Mar 1996 14:07:24 -0500
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From: "Timothy E. Hartch" 
Newsgroups: alt.rush-limbaugh,alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater,,alt.impeach.clinton,
Subject: Re: "BLOOD SPORT"
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 18:27:16 -0500
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I recently finsihed Blood Sport: The President and His Adversaries by
James B. Stewart.  The book is disappointing.  Despite all the hype,
Stewart fails to really look into the mysterious death of Vincent Foster.
Stewart apparently relied largely on interviews with Susan Thomases
(Hillary's NY lawyer friend), Bernie Nussbaum (former WH Counsel), Maggie
Williams (HRC's Chief of Staff), and the discredited Fiske report.
Stewart accepts the suicide in the park theory and tries to show that
Foster was upset by the Travelgate affair, Whitewater, and his
deteriorating marriage.  It is amazing that Stewart chose not to address
all the discrepancies in the official story that Hugh Sprunt pointed out
in his CIR.  The CIR remains by far the most definitive guide to the
Foster death.

Despite its shortcomings, Bloodsport does contain a few interesting
parts.  The Prologue, for example, describes how Park Policeman John
Rolla was called to Fort Marcy Park and was shown Foster's corpse.
Stewart states the following: (1) it was Rolla's first time ever
investigating a homicide, (2) Rolla saw a white/grey Honda Accord, a blue
Mercedes, and a white Nissan in the parking lot as well as emergency
medical technicians who were leaving when he arrived, (3) Rolla was
guided to the body by officer Franz Ferstle, (4) Rolla lifted Foster's
left hand and found it still warm, (5) Rolla rolled over Foster's body
and saw blood dripping down Foster's back from a wound in the head and
Rolla, using gloves, probed inside the wound.  This is the first time I
have heard anyone assert that they actually looked inside the wound.

The next interesting part is the description of Rolla going to Foster's
house to tell the family.  While en route, Rolla was called by WH
operative William Kennedy who wanted to go look at the body.  Rolla told
him to go to Fairfax County Hospital morgue.  This suggests that Kennedy
would have had a chance to plant the keys on Foster's body.
Unfortunately, Stewart does not even mention the keys controversy.

Right after getting the call from Kennedy, Rolla got a call from an other
WH insider, David Watkins, who wanted to accompany Rolla to the Fosters'
house.  Rolla picked up Watkins and then proceeded onto Fosters' house
where he was met by Foster's sisters and Web Hubbell standing outside.
Stewart does not explain how this trio managed to get their so fast.  He
does mention, however, that Hubbell was constantly talking on his
cellular phone the entire time.  It certainly would be interesting to get
Hubbell's phone records from that night.

Once in Foster's house, Hubbell essentially prevented Rolla from asking
anyone questions about the crime.  Eventually after standing around and
being ignored for an hour or two as Hubbell searched the house for papers
and conferred with Bill Clinton (who arrived around 10:50), Rolla left
having spoken to no one.

Stewart's description makes clear that the Foster investigation was
compromised from the beginning.  Not only was Rolla extremely
inexperienced, but he was also prevented from investigating by the White

There's a lot more in Blood Sport that needs to be analyzed.  For
example, Stewart characterizes Nussbaum as being essentially uninfomred
about Arkansas matters (Foster, McClarty, Williams being the ones in the
know).  He also suggests that within the White House there were
essentially three different ideas about how to respond to
Whitewater/Foster issues: David Gergen urged the Clintons to tell
everything truthfully; Nussbaum wanted the Clintons to say nothing and
hide as much as possible; Hillary and the other Arkansas people wanted to
lie.  Since Gergen and Nussbaum are both out of the White House, Hillary
appears to have won out.

I look forward to seeing comments by others regarding Blood Sport.

Subject:   Conservative Consensus Reviews: The Murder of Vince Foster
Date:      Wed, 27 Mar 1996 07:35:39 -0800 (PST)

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			The Murder of Vince Foster
			    by Michael Kellett
	 (C) 1995. CLS Publishers, 7188 Cradlerock Way, Suite 162,
	      Columbia MD 21045. $12.95 Paperback, 259 pages.

		    The mainline press have resisted any look beyond
     the official verdict of suicide in Mr. Foster's untimely death.
     Indeed, they have ridiculed both grand conspiracy theories and
     critical questions about the Fiske Report with equal vigor. It is
     too bad that this politically-correct mentality has infected the
     news business; ultimately reporters will pay a high price for
     their slavish devotion to official stories.

		    While ridiculed as conspiracy theories, probably
     in an attempt to discredit them, both this book and video are in
     fact critical looks at the evidence and conclusions of the Fiske
     Report, the official explanation of Mr. Foster's death.

		    The Murder of Vince Foster, by Michael Kellett, is
     somewhat more wide-ranging than the video that we also review in
     this issue. Mr. Kellett begins a bit stridently, but soon settles
     down to a factual discussion of the evidence and conclusions
     presented in the Fiske Report. Mr. Fiske's work does not fare
     well in the face of Mr. Kellett's discussion.

		    By the time Mr. Kellett presents his murder
     hypothesis, roughly a third of a way through the book, the reader
     is ready for it: the author has already destroyed the official
     suicide conclusions of the Fiske Report.

		    Mr. Kellett is unwavering in his suspicions of who
     ultimately ordered the murder of Mr. Foster -- and why. While
     none of the information that Mr. Kellett presents in his book is
     completely new, some of it is startling. All but the dedicated
     Foster investigator will find many things here they did not know
     about Mr. Foster's death, the subsequent investigation, and the
     coverup. Mr Kellett has ranged far and wide through the published
     accounts and ploughed through Congressional testimony for his
     information. Here is just one example -- a Secret Service memo
     circulated on the night of the murder:

	  On 7/20/93, at 2130 hrs., Lt. Woltz, USSS/UD - WHB,
	  contacted the ID/DD and advised that at 2030 Hrs., this
	  date, he was contacted by Lt. Gavin, US Park Police, who
	  provided the following information:
	  'On the evening of 7/20/93, unknown time, US Park Police
	  discovered the body of Vincent Foster in his car. The car
	  was parked in the Ft. Marcy area of VA near the GW Parkway.
	  Mr. Foster apparently died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound
	  to the head. A .38 cal. revolver was found in the car.

		    Mr. Kellett's efforts allow him to present to his
     readers many of the finer points -- and relationships between
     people -- that have escaped other writers. Mr. Kellett's
     commentary as he presents the information keeps the discussion
     interesting and always puts the facts in context. The Murder of
     Vince Foster is a useful and important book.


	     The Death of Vince Foster: What Really Happened?
       (C) 1995 Jeremiah Films, Inc. P.O. Box 1710, Hemet CA 92546.
		       $19.95 Videotape, 60 Minutes.

		    If your taste runs more to videotapes, The Death
     of Vince Foster, a 60 minute video by Jeremiah Films, will give
     you a critical look at the Fiske Report and its suicide

		    The video opens with a quick look at the events
     surrounding Mr. Foster's death and a thumbnail background sketch.
     The connection is made between Mr. Clinton and Mr. Foster in
     childhood. Mr. Foster's intelligence and achievements are

		    From there the video is divided into two parts.
     The first explores the inconsistencies in the Fiske Report's
     suicide conclusion -- beginning with the administration's
     insistence that the Park Police, not the FBI -- as required by
     law -- investigate Mr. Foster's death. The video features film
     clips from interviews with investigators, paramedics, and other
     participants. Each contradiction is addressed specifically,
     factually, and without sensationalism.

		    Part two addresses the coverup in government and
     the media surrounding the facts about Mr. Foster's death.
     Journalist Christopher Ruddy, and Reed Irvine of Accuracy in
     Media, discuss hand-drawn paramedic maps of the crime, photos
     that were lost or faked, belated and futile metal detector
     searches for the bullet, and the famous suicide note.

		    Testimony reveals that the White House demanded
     possession of crime scene evidence -- even if it meant breaking
     into investigator's desks to obtain it. The suicide note has
     since been pronounced a fake by three of the world's leading
     handwriting experts, bearing out the video's assertion. A number
     of film clips from Congressional testimony are used in this
     section. In addition to an extensive look at contradictory
     statements by witnesses, the video provides a good look at the

		    This video is relentless. Fact after fact is piled
     carefully around the monument of official truth, until the
     structure completely obscures the official conclusions regarding
     Mr. Foster's death. If you are looking for an explaination of who
     did kill Mr. Foster, then you will be disappointed. Indeed, one
     of the video's strengths is that it avoids such speculation. On
     the other hand, if you're curious about why Mr. Foster's death is
     still an issue with so many Americans, this video can provide the
     answer in about one hour.
     GET THE FULL STORY: Over 100 news events that have been spiked,
     suppressed, or ignored by the government-sourced mainline media!
     Email with "GET CATALOG" as the
     first and only line of text in the message.  Problems? Send email
     to with "Send Catalog" as the Subject.

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			      Upcoming Topics:
		Jeremiah Films "The Death of Vincent Foster"
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Subject:   (Fwd) Spy Agency holds large file on Foster
Date:      Tue, 21 May 1996 11:13:00 -0700

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Date:          Tue, 21 May 1996 16:50:40 GMT
Subject:       Spy Agency holds large file on Foster

	Don't know if this was ever posted but here it tis

Washington Times 5/15
By Bill Gertz

The National Security Agency has uncovered a large number of documents
related to former Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr. and
is reviewing the material for possible release,according to a
spokeswoman for the agency.

"There are a large number of documents,but well less than 700," NSA
spokes- woman Renee Frank said in commenting on a report in the April
24th edition of the financial newsletter Strategic Investment.

The newsletter said NSA has identified more than 700 documents related
to Mr. Foster and had turned down a Freedom of Information Act(FOIA)
request to release the material for unspecified reasons.

The newsletter suggested the secret documents held by the electronic
spying agency indicate Mr. Foster's death was a matter of "highly
sensitive national security."

Miss Frank,however,said the request has not been rejected and the
documents uncovered under a FOIA search are awaiting review for
possible release.

Many of the documents,described as a "small stack" are news clippings
gathered by the NSA on Mr. Foster and ,while not intelligence
documents,"technically are agency documents," and therefore must be
reviewed,she said.

Some of the documents were created by other agencies,so referrals to
those agencies are required before their release,Miss Frank said.

The FOIA request was made by the Washington Weekly,a newsletter
pubklished on the Internet.

Weekly Editor Marvin Lee said he filed the document request seven
months ago based on testimony of a White House secretary who told
investigators that Mr. Foster was working on two binders of NSA
documents at the time of his death. "I'd like to know what they are
holding,"Mr.Lee said in an interview.

Mr. Lee said an NSA official told him several months ago the amount of
material being reviewed was about 700 pages of documents.

Mark Fabiani,a White House spokesman on the Foster case,said Mr.
Foster was not working on any NSA documents,"There were no National
Security Agency documents that he was working on that were in his
possession," he said.

But "there were two National Security Council folders" containing
documents a White House counsel would be expected to be working
on,Mr.Fabiani said.The National Security Council is a White House
agency.An Administration source said the material concerned legal
questions related to national emergencies ,such as the outbreak of

Mr. Foster was found shot dead on July 20,1993,at Fort Marcy Park
along the George Washington Parkway.His death was ruled a suicide.A
note found later in his briefcase indicated he was suffering from
mental stress.

His death and subsequent investigations prompted numerous conspiracy
theories, including claims that Mr.Foster was murdered.

The fact that NSA,the super secret electronic spying service has
material on him likely will fuel further speculation about his demise.

A former US Intelligence officer speculated that NSA could have spied
on foreign communications about Mr.Foster.Foreign spy agencies would
likely collect data on the case since it might affect a sitting US
president,said the former official, speaking of condition of

NSA documents also might explain Mr. Foster's reported trips
abroad.The London Daily Telegraph,citing travel records obtained by
the newspaper,reported last year that Mr.Foster traveled to Geneva in
November 1991 and December 1992,and had purchased an airline ticket
for Geneva that was canceled on July 8,1993-12 days before he was
found dead in Ft. Marcy Park.

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Date:  Sun, 11 May 1997 00:16:23 -0500
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Organization:  Global Dialog Internet
Newsgroups:  alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater,alt.politics.clinton

Thanks to Brenda Jinkins for retrieving this from the archives:


  By Christopher Ruddy
  in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  January 18, 1995

  Leading forensic and firearms experts have cast serious doubts on
  the official suicide ruling in the case of Deputy White House
  Counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr. in July 1993 - strongly suggesting
  that Foster might not have fired the gun that is said to have
  killed him.

  Based on the FBI's analysis of the death weapon's residue-emitting
  characteristics and on such residue found on Foster's hands, the
  experts concluded that if Foster fired the fatal shot, he would
  have had to have held the gun in a highly unusual position, with
  both hands on the forward part of the gun - neither hand being on
  the grip when it was fired.

  Earlier this month, Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr convened a
  grand jury to review the Foster case. The Associated Press reported
  that Starr has been reviewing the "thoroughness and competence" of
  the investigation into Foster's death in a top-to-bottom review of
  the case. Such a review, according to law enforcement experts,
  should touch upon discrepancies involving the apparent suicide


  Foster's body was found in Fort Marcy Park, Arlington, Va., with an
  antique 1913 Colt Army service revolver in his right hand. He had
  supposedly placed the gun's 4-inch barrel deep into his mouth and
  fired it using his right thumb and hand. This was suspicious in
  itself, according to some experts, since Foster was left-handed.

  Massad Ayoob, who heads the Lethal Force Institute, noted that
  holding a gun with neither hand on the hand-grip constitutes "an
  extremely unnatural and awkward grasp totally inconsistent with
  what both experience and logic show us to expect of a suicidal

  Ayoob, who has served as a forensics expert for the states of
  California and Michigan, said that gunpowder residue found on
  Foster's hands indicate he wasn't a "deliberate suicide."

  "It looks like someone faked it," he said, suggesting that a gun
  may have been placed in Foster's hands and then fired, in order to
  leave "gunpowder residue on his hands." This, he said, might lead
  relatively inexperienced investigators to conclude Foster had fired
  the gun himself.

  Ayoob conducted a detailed analysis of the shooting using a replica
  of the death weapon wielded by someone with hands comparable in
   size to those of the 6-foot-4-inch tall Foster.

  Ayoob concluded that not only would the gun have been difficult to
  fire according to the scenario suggested, but that Foster's hands
  would have interfered with the guns operation. With his hands
  pressed across the cylinder he would have inhibited its necessary
  rotation, and the fourth and fifth finger of his right hand would
  have likely prevented the hammer from striking the bullet.

  Dr. Richard Mason, who specializes in firearms forensics, and is
  the pathologist for Santa Cruz, Calif., is similarly bothered by
  the unusual residue deposits on the deceased's fingers. It "doesn't
  make any sense," he said. "I wonder if they came to erroneous


  Challenges to the findings on the part of experts have been
  prompted largely by their readings of the report of Special Counsel
  Robert Fiske and FBI findings in the case.

  When the apparent death weapon was fired in the FBI laboratory,
  soot and smoke-blast were emitted from the gap between the front of
  the cylinder (referred to as the front cylinder gap) and the gun's
  frame, as well as the muzzle.

      |                                                        |
      |                                                        |
      |                                                        |
      |                                |<------ 4" ------>|    |
      |                     _    ______|__               _|    |
      |                     \\/\/______   \_____________/_|    |
      |                      \ /|      || |               |    |
      |                      // |      || |_______________|    |
      |                    _/ / / __                     |
      |                           /_/ __/ /|                    |
      |                          / / / /_/ |  __                |
      |                         /_/_/_/ /|_| / |<--Index Finger |
      |                        / / / /_/\  \/_/|_________/_|    |
      |                    /\ / / /_/_  |\ |               |    |
      |                   /_\/ / |  /|  | \|_______________|    |
      |                     \\/  | | |\ |  \______%%%           |
      |                    /     |_| |_\|  /\                   |
      |                   /        / |  \ /  \__ Second Fiinger |
      |                  /    ____/  |___\                      |
      |                 /    /|||/   /|   \                     |
      |                /    |  \\\__///    \___ Thumb           |
      |               /     |   \____/                          |
      |              |      |    /                              |
      |              |      |   /                               |
      |              |      |  / \                              |
      |             /|      | /   \__ Wrist                     |
      |              |______|/                                  |
 |                                                            |
 | Based on residue deposits, Foster's hands were likely      |
 | configured in a manner similar to this. Neither hand is    |
 | on the hand grip making the gun unstable. The palms of     |
 | the hands, pressed against the cylinder of the gun, would  |
 | interfere with the cylinder's rotation. Foster's large     |
 | hands would likely have put his two smallest fingers in    |
 | jeopardy of the gun's hammer when it was fired. The thumb  |
 | would have to depress the trigger in an unnatural movement.|

 This indicates that Foster pulled the trigger with his right thumb,
 his four right fingers, which are usually placed on the back of the
 hand grip to stabilize the revolver, were instead inexplicably
 wrapped around the cylinder and the top of the gun frame.

 A visible line of gunpowder residue was also found on Foster's left
 index finger, indicating that the left hand was also near, or on
 the gun's cylinder. Strangely, the FBI laboratory analysis omitted
 any mention of the heavy soot found on Foster's left index finger.


 Dr. Vincent Di Maio, medical examiner for San Antonio, Tex., is
 regarded as one of the nation's leading firearms forensics experts.
 He pointed out how difficult it would be to fire a weapon with both
 hands forward of the grip and trigger. "It would be such an awkward
 way, you'd have to contort yourself to do this. It is not
 consistent with suicide."

 Another expert who questioned the suicide scenario was Dr. Martin
 Fachler, who headed the U.S. Army's Wound Ballistics Laboratory in
 San Francisco for 10 years before retiring. "It's almost impossible
 to pull the trigger without some counter pressure," he said,
  referring to the need to brace the weapon against the force of the
 trigger pull.

      |                                                         |
      |               A TYPICAL SUICIDE GRIP                    |
      |                                                         |
      |                           _________               _     |
      |                          /______   \_____________/_|    |
      |                    /\   /|      |  |               |    |
      |                   /_\  / |      |  |_______________|    |
      |                 _   \\/  |      |  |_______%%%          |
      |                | \ /  |\ |______|  /                    |
      |   Fingers     _\  \   | \         /                     |
      |   of right   | \\  |  \  \_______/                      |
      |   hand ---> _\  \\_| /|\  \  ||                         |
      |            | \\  \  | /\\__|_//<-- Trigger guard        |
      |            \  \\  \ |   \_\__/                          |
      |            _\  \\_| |    / \                            |
      |           | \\  \   |  _/\  \___ Thumb                  |
      |           \  \\_|   |     \                             |
      |            \  \     |      \                            |
      |             \_|_____|       \                           |
      |                    \                                    |
      |                     \                                   |
 |                                                         |
 | A typical suicide will fire a gun in this manner. The   |
 | fingers  grasp the gun's handgrip to stabilize the gun, |
 | and allow for a natural pull on the trigger.            |

 Fachler said he could "not see how any person left to their own
 devices" would use the weapon in this manner. "If you ask is this
 an indication of foul play, I have to say yeah, maybe it is."

 Still another expert with similar misgivings was Robert Taubert,
 33-year veteran of the FBI who conducted extensive research on
 weapons as a firearms expert with the FBI Swat Team. "I never heard
 of anyone gripping the gun like that," he said.

 Taubert reviewed both the FBI analysis and the review of that
 analysis conducted by Ayoob. In re-enacting the shooting as it
 supposedly occurred, he noted that he "had a lot of problems
 actuating the trigger" because of "the awkwardness of the grip."

 Taubert concluded that the both-hands-up-front scenario was
 "completely unnatural." Only someone who'd never seen a gun fired,
 even in a movie, might try to do it that way, he said.

 Vincent Scalise was yet another expert who found the gun residues,
 and the grip they implied, "not consistent with suicide."

 Scalise spent 35 years with the New York City Police Department,
 where he worked major homicide cases as a crime-scene expert. He
 was a consultant to the House Committee on Assassinations, which
 debunked a number of theories relating to the death of John F.

 All four forensic pathologists who served on Fiske's team were
  contacted about the gunpowder  residue discrepancies. Calls were
 referred to the Independent Counsel's office or went unreturned.


 Scalise faulted the U.S. Park Police, who handled the Foster
 investigation, for not following standard police procedure. which
 is to treat such a death as a homicide until established otherwise.

 The Park Police, an agency that investigates only around 35 deaths
 a year, has asserted that it followed such procedure.

 But Scalise said the testing of the gun and powder residue on the
 hands would be "critical" aspects of a homicide investigation. He
 added that, had he worked on a case involving the type of residues
 in the Foster death, he would have assumed that there was a "strong
 possibility that it was an actual homicide."

 The Park Police did not send the gun for testing until two days
 after they officially declared Foster's death a suicide, on Aug.
 10, 1993.

 Homicide experts say that killers are becoming increasingly
 sophisticated in staging suicides, including the deliberate firing
 of a gun to leave powder marks on the victim's hand to fool

 "In some parts of the country, it's become a license to kill," said
 Vernon Geberth.

 Geberth, author of the authoritative police text Practical Homicide
 Investigation, said experienced investigators look for
 "inconsistencies" with what one would expect from a typical

 In the Foster case, not only does the powder residue not fit, but
 there are a number of other inconsistencies involving the gun
 alone: no fingerprints were found on it; the fired bullet was never
 found; the gun could not be positively identified by Foster's
 family; no matching ammunition was found for the gun in either of
 the victim's two homes; and no visible blood or blowback material
 was found on the gun.


  The then-Republican minority report to the Senate Banking Committee
 report on its Whitewater hearings noted "variances" in Park Police
 procedures, assigning blame for them on "interference by staff from
 the White House."

 Among the lapses in police procedure noted in that minority report
 and by law enforcement experts:

 (*)  Failure to retain as evidence Foster's beeper, turning it over
  to the White House within hours of his death. (A Park Police
      officer in an interview in January 1994 said Foster's beeper
      was found in his car, but the Fiske report stated it was found
      on his body.

 (*)  Similar failure to retain other critical evidence such as
      personal belongings and papers found at Fort Marcy Park the
      day after his death, returning this evidence to the White

 (*)  Failure to conduct a standard canvass of residences
      surrounding Fort Marcy Park and failure to interview
      individuals who frequent the park.

 (*)  Failure to immediately secure Foster's office as a crime

 (*)  Delay in testing of the gun, and failure to conduct a vacuum
      sweep of Foster's clothing and shoes.


Prediction of the decade:  "The public will never believe the
innocence of the Clintons & their loyal staff."  -- author unknown

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In article (Martin McPhillips) writes:

>And why the Foster death is, as
>Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has
>suggested, the "Rosetta stone" of
>the Clinton scandals.

I know what you mena.

Electronic Telegraph
July 14, 1996
Foster 'hired detective to spy on Clinton'
			 Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Little Rock
			 reports on the latest twist in the saga of
			 the former White House aide

  External Links
			 VINCENT Foster, the Arkansas lawyer whose
			 mysterious death is still the subject of
			 official investigations, orchestrated secret
		surveillance of Bill Clinton in 1990, two
			 years before he became Deputy Counsel in the
			 Clinton White House.

			 The claim is made by the widow of Jerry
  ---------------        Parks, a Little Rock investigator allegedly
			 contracted to do the work. What is more, Mrs
			 Parks's husband told her the operation was
			 instigated by Foster's law partner: Hillary
			 Rodham Clinton. The allegations have to be
			 treated with great caution. They are based on
			 the word of one person and are almost
			 impossible to corroborate. Even so, Jane
			 Parks's story deserves to be reported.

			 Her husband went on to become chief of
			 security at the Clinton-Gore headquarters
			 during the presidential campaign. A few
			 months later, in September 1993, he was
			 murdered, gangland-style, in a case that has
			 never been solved by the Little Rock police.

			 Vince Foster had died two months earlier in
			 circumstances that have led to formal
			 accusations by the US Senate of a White House
			 cover-up. His body was found in a Virginia
			 park, next to a civil war cannon, with an
			 unidentified revolver lodged in the right
			 hand. His death was recorded as suicide at
			 first, but the case has been re-opened by
			 independent counsel Kenneth Starr. After two
			 years, Starr has still not concluded whether
			 it was suicide or murder. Jane Parks, 43, has
			 never sought out the press. She reluctantly
			 told me about her former husband's ties with
			 Foster during a dinner at her house two
			 months ago. She has now finally consented to
			 go on the record, saying she is weary of
			 living with secrets.

			 She said that her late husband, Jerry,
			 respected Vince Foster. Around 1985, he
			 started taking on sensitive assignments for
			 him. These appeared to have involved a
			 variety of strange activities - including two
			 mysterious trips the two men took to the town
			 of Mena, west Arkansas, during the 1992
			 presidential campaign.

			 "Jerry had a reputation for doing
			 high-profile cases for prominent people. He
			 knew how to keep his mouth shut," she said.
			 Nevertheless, he confided in his wife, and
			 told her about the covert surveillance of the
			 state governor in 1990.

			 She said: "Jerry asked Vince why he needed
			 this stuff on Clinton. He said he needed it
			 for Hillary."

			 She believes that Hillary Clinton was trying
			 to gain leverage over her husband, possibly
			 in relation to future divorce proceedings. It
			 is possible Mrs Clinton wanted to get to the
			 bottom of persistent rumours about her
			 husband's philandering before subjecting
			 herself and her daughter to the media glare
			 of a presidential campaign. At the time, Mrs
			 Clinton and Vince Foster were partners at the
			 Rose Law firm. The two were so close, in
			 fact, that they even shared a brokerage
			 account called Midlife Partners. Several new
			 books claim that the two were lovers for many

			 Mrs Parks said that Foster had telephoned her
			 husband over a hundred times at their home
			 outside Little Rock, and when she met him at
			 a political function Foster complimented her
			 by saying: "You must be Jerry's wife, I'd
			 heard he'd robbed the cradle." She said her
			 husband started having dealings with Foster
			 around 1981, when the Rose Law firm
			 represented Guardsmark, the security firm
			 that Parks was working for at the time.
			 Later, Parks set up his own business and took
			 on personal assignments for Foster.

			 It appears that Parks collected extensive
			 surveillance files on Bill Clinton over the

			 On one occasion, Parks was asked to provide
			 home security for Foster's brother-in-law,
			 Lee Bowman, whose house was damaged in a
			 fire. Mr Bowman, confirmed the story, saying
			 that he was struck by the way Foster insisted
			 that Parks was a man who could be trusted.

			 It appears that Parks collected extensive
			 surveillance files on Bill Clinton over the
			 years - though not always for Foster. Some of
			 it was clearly undertaken for other clients.
			 Parks's son Gary, now 25, accompanied him on
			 several night missions in 1987 which involved
			 watching the apartments of Gennifer Flowers
			 and other women, using long-range cameras.

			 Parks also did some spying on Clinton in 1984
			 when the Governor attended a number of
			 cocaine-and-sex parties given by his younger
			 brother, Roger, at the Vantage Point
			 apartment complex where Jane Parks was

			 Roger Clinton went to prison shortly
			 afterwards for dealing in cocaine. In a
			 police surveillance video taken at the time,
			 Roger can be heard saying that he must get
			 some cocaine for his brother: "He has a nose
			 like a vacuum cleaner."

			 Parks kept a set of photos and hand-written
			 notes at his home. The files were stolen in a
			 burglary in July 1993, about the time of
			 Foster's death. "That's when Jerry got
			 paranoid," said Mrs Parks. "He believed that
			 Foster had been murdered and he was afraid
			 that he'd be next."

			 His paranoia was vindicated. Two months
			 later, on September 26, Parks was shot
			 several times at short range outside Little
			 Rock. An eye-witness told Mrs Parks that he
			 saw an Arkansas State Trooper leaving the
			 scene of the crime. No charges have been

			 During the early part of 1993, Parks
			 constantly battled with the White House. He
			 told his wife that the Clinton campaign owed
			 him more than $60,000 for work done by the
			 firm. Asked if it was possible that her
			 husband could have played "hardball" with the
			 White House to recover his money, Mrs Parks
			 replied: "He would never have been so stupid
			 as to try to blackmail the President of the
			 United States."

			 During the summer of 1993, the debt was
			 suddenly paid in full. Mrs Parks has had
			 trouble finding out what happened in those
			 months - and which White House telephone
			 numbers her husband may have called - because
			 police have removed records from Mr Parks's

			 She says her home was also ransacked, with as
			 many as eight federal agents in her house at
			 one time - flashing FBI, Secret Service, IRS,
			 and, curiously, CIA credentials - not to
			 mention visits by Little Rock police
			 officers. A computer was purged by an expert,
			 files went missing and 130 tapes of telephone
			 conversations were confiscated. "I've asked
			 them to give it all back, but the police
			 refuse to relinquish anything," she said.
			 "They told me there's nothing they can do
			 about the case as long as Bill Clinton is in

			 When she told the FBI agent in charge that
			 the murder could have a political dimension
			 because her husband had had dealings with
			 Vince Foster and Bill Clinton, the man cut
			 her short. "He threw up his hands and said 'I
			 don't want to hear anything about that',"
			 said Mrs Parks. The FBI office in Little Rock
			 seemed surprised at the suggestion that its
			 agents were involved. "It's a homicide. We
			 don't have jurisdiction," said an official.

			 Mrs Parks's allegations clash with the usual
			 description of Foster as a well-meaning
			 lawyer, out of his depth in the cut-throat
			 world of Washington. But revelations that the
			 White House Counsel's Office, where Foster
			 worked, was behind the illicit request of
			 over 900 FBI files has changed the picture
			 dramatically. The White House is now leaking
			 information that Foster was responsible for
			 hiring Craig Livingstone - exposed as a dirty
			 tricks operative - to head security. If
			 Foster did indeed hire Livingstone, it is not
			 far-fetched to suggest he previously hired
			 Jerry Parks.

			 As for Mrs Parks, it is hard to see why she
			 might fabricate this story. She has shunned
			 the media spotlight for the past three years,
			 refusing substantial offers of money from
			 tabloid publications. She is a Pentecostal
			 Christian, has remarried and retreated to the
			 Arkansas hills, where she is seeking a
			 quieter life, having developed multiple
			 sclerosis. The White House has refused to

			 This report appeared in the last edition of
			 the Sunday Telegraph

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