The Oregonian, December 21, 1995, "Metro/Northwest" section

Oregon will build juvenile boot camp on Tillamook site

The Oregon Youth Authority has chosen a 34-acre site in Tillamook County to build the state's first boot camp for juvenile delinquents.

The 52-bed boot camp would be next to Camp Tillamook, a work-study camp operated by the youth authority. It is on state-owned land in the Port of Tillamook's industrial park south of Tillamook. The state is applying to the county for a conditional use permit.

The fenced, minimum-security boot camp would be designed for nonviolent property offenders who face little or no jail time, according to Ric Hill, Oregon Youth Authority director.

The boot camp would include schooling, community service work and counseling in a strict, military-style environment.

The cost of building dormitories, a school, a day room, an isolation room and offices would be about $2 million. The camp is expected to open before the end of 1996. About 75 percent of construction funds would be paid with federal funds.

The boot camp would have a two-year budget of $3.2 million. It would employ 40 people and have a $100,000 monthly payroll.



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