By David P Beiter

*WORMSCAN Updated: 981106 (c) Copyright 1980, 1998, by David P Beiter, proliferate freely. WORMSCAN is a collection of news items concerning the involvement of police, lawyers, judges, politicians, bankers, prison guards, spooks, and other social predators in the enormously profitable illegal drug business. What had at first appeared to be merely a can of worms has, upon further examination, proven to be a barrel of vipers. No attempt has been made to note every news item. These are simply those cases which have come to my attention in the everyday news. Note that many sources are radio news reports, and thus the spelling of many names is undoubtedly bogus. Disclaimer: This material is presented for educational purposes only. I am not trying to sell you any political agenda here. I am not even suggesting a conspiracy theory. I don't care if you don't believe that anything like this could happen here. I won't ask you to construct a testable hypothesis (whatever THAT is). All I need is for you to see it as an interesting conjecture. That is sufficient. Additions, comments, criticisms, clarifications, or corrections (even mispellings and typograhpical errors) should be directed to: David P Beiter, Rte 572 Box 8460, Monticello KY 42633-8809 606/376-3137 byter@mcimail.com jascii@highland.net "In Germany they first came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me--and by that time no one was left to speak up." --Pastor Martin Niemoller. All items are Monticello, Wayne County, Kentucky, United States of America, unless otherwise specified. Sources include: The Wayne County Outlook, Monticello, KY. The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY. WFLW, WKYM & WMKZ, radio, Monticello, KY. WSEK & WSFC, radio, Somerset, KY. WBBM, radio, Chicago, IL. WBKY, WUKY, radio, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. WEKU, radio, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY. WKYU, radio, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY WHAS, radio, Louisville, KY. WLAP, radio, Lexington, KY. KET = Kentucky Educational Television rebroadcast of WKYT, WLEX, Lexington or WHAS, WLKY, WAVE, Louisville or WTVQ, Hazard. local news. CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CNN = Cable News Network radio news. KNN = Kentucky News Network & KYnet = The Kentucky Net. All times are Central Time, even if the broadcast originates in a different time zone. Dates (YYMMDD) in the header are generally the date of the news item, not the date of the action. 810000, Marion County, KY, Al Cross, reporter for The Courier-Journal, personal communication. Officials in the Kentucky state government became suspicious of cash excesses in banks in Marion County, KY. An investigation led to the purchase of the Bank [of Lebanon? (Marion County Seat)] by a cabinet official [The Kentucky State Secretary of Commerce?] Needless to say, no evidence of marijuana cultivation or other illicit activities was uncovered. 820000?, Hart County, Kentucky, Bowling Green, KY, Newspaper clipping, Hart Co? Jane Paquin, neighbor to a growing location, personal communication. "Thirteen arraigned in marijuana case" in Bowling Green, KY, after raids on Hart County, KY, marijuana fields on 26 July. Donnie Nunn, former Hart County, KY, Sheriff, Joe Dunagan, and Tm Chaney, all of Horse Cave; Hulen Russell, Charles Richardson, Jr, and Gary Coffee, all of Hardyville; James Stanon [Stanton?], of Munfordville; James Benningfield of Magnolia; Freeman Swartz of Summerville; and Randall Skaggs, Neal Lnu, James K. Mattingly, and James N. Mattingly, of Lebanon. Also Nunn, Stanton, and Russell were indicted on charges of attempting to bribe two state police, Ron West and Robert Sheldon, and Hart County Sheriff Daymond Humphrey. 22,500 marijuana plants in five locations in Hart Co confiscated on 26 July and 8,000 on 29 July at another Hart Co site. This was the biggest marijuana raid in Kentucky history, valued at over $12 million. Incidentally, Sheriff Nunn is the nephew of former Governor Louis B Nunn. 820211, Washington, DC. Attorney General William French Smith exempts the CIA from reporting drug smuggling by Agency assets. Reportable offenses included assault, homicide, kidnapping, Neutrality Act violations, communication of classified data, illegal immigration, bribery, obstruction of justice, possession of explosives, election contributions, possession of firearms, illegal wiretapping, visa violations and perjury. Rep Maxine Waters, 980507. 841100, Florida, The Nation, May 7 1988, p634. In November 1984 FBI agents in Florida intercepted a shipment of 760 pounds of cocaine from Honduras and arrested a top-ranking Honduran officer, Jose Bueso Rosa, for his role in a plot to overthrow and murder the President of Honduras, to be financed by $10 million from the drug deal. And from 1982 to 1986 a drugs-and-arms network which supplied the contras operated out of Honduran airstrips, according to Jose Blandon, former aide to Manuel Noriega, and ABC News. After Bueso was convicted, Oliver North and six other Administration officials pleaded for leniency in sentencing him. They were willing to overlook Bueso's association with drug smugglers because of his valuable, unspecified services to U. S. policy makers. The DEA denies that it showed similar leniency toward the contras' patrons when it closed its office in Tegucigalpa, Honduras between 1983 and 1988. 850912, Knoxville, TN, multiple news reports. Andrew Thorton III, retired Lexington, Kentucky, Police Department Narcotics Officer, crash landed via parachute in suburban Knoxville TN with 79 pounds of cocaine. Several other duffle bags of cocaine were found in the Chattahoochee National Forest, totalling approximately 400 pounds. See 870112, 871123, 890225, 900820, 930409, Sally Denton, The Bluegrass Conspiracy, Doubleday, 1990. 860220, Wayne Co, KY, multiple rumors. Rumors abound that the FBI had caught Joe Conn, former Wayne County, KY, Sheriff; Ralph Miniard, Monticello, KY, Chief of Police; and Don Richardson, local gas station operator. They are rumored to have been caught loading marijuana into an airplane owned by Nick Cooley, a local coal tycoon. This rumor sounded fresh, but there is also a rumor of letting Joe Conn serve out his term as Sheriff, which would put it as last year. Present Sheriff Jim Hill would neither confirm nor deny, but eventually admitted that he had heard the rumor. He was not happy about my questioning. My impression was that he was covering for his compatriots, and didn't like it. 860319, Monticello, KY, personal communication with Wayne county Outlook. Brenda Sexton at The Wayne County Outlook says that they tried three times to check out the Joe Conn rumor at Federal Court in London, KY, but all were negative. She did not know the source of the rumors. [It may have been the local radio station.] Jim Hill, present Wayne County Sheriff, seemed very agitated when I questioned him, did not want to talk and ran out of his office. On 860809 Donald Jones says that Conn, Miniard, and Richardson were caught off-loading in northern Kentucky. Carl Jones says that were caught on-loading at Somerset airport. Other sources have said that Joe Conn was caught transporting marijuana three times, locally (McCreary County), northern Kentucky, and in Georgia. 860324, Morgan Co, KY, multiple reports. Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, is arrested for extorting a one million dollar bribe from a cocaine smuggler (also an FBI agent). This was for airport landing rights in Morgan Co, KY. Several other officials were arrested for assorted corruption: former Morgan County, Kentucky, Judge-Executive Gene Allen; Allen's son Steve; Morgan County, Kentucky, Sheriff Roger Benton; Coal Baron Titus Frederick; former Kentucky District Judge James H Noble; former State Senator and former State Trooper Lester Burns, Jr; and physician, Dr Bill Davis. ref: "Operation Leviticus" of the FBI. They weren't even looking for drug trafficking! The FBI thought they were looking at coal money!! 860330, Whitley Co, KY, multiple reports. The Whitley County Kentucky Sheriff, one other KY & 3 TN Sheriffs are arrested for drug trafficking. 860619, Marion Co, KY, WLEX, CNN. Kentucky State Police Detective, 19 year veteran of The Force, Joseph Greenwall (Greenwald), age 41, of Loretto, Marion Co KY is arrested for extorting $5000 to protect marijuana growers, after a two month investigation. Arraignment is set for 27 June. 860700, Playboy, p47. NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) has a list of approximately 300 public officials who have been involved in drug crimes in the past three years. (This might be July 87.) 860700, Miami, FL, personal communication. John Ruehle, a Dade County, FL, resident states that per capita drug trafficking arrests are greater among police than among the general population in Miami and/or Dade Co, FL. 860800, Flint, MI, Sinsemilla Tips v6#2p16. 14 Michigan police officers indicted were on drug charges from 84 to 86. 860800, TN, Sinsemilla Tips, v6#2. East Tennessee Sheriffs' report. Scott County, Tennessee, Sheriff Marion Carson & deputy Wayne Caldwell are charged by a Federal Grand jury with conspiracy & selling methaqualone, marijuana, cocaine & diazapam. Claiborne County, Tennessee, Sheriff Billy Wayne Smith & Juvenile Court Referee R. Jackson Rose pleaded guilty to conspiring to take payoffs to protect gambling operations. Since 82, The Sheriff of Cocke Co, TN, Bobby Stinson; The Sheriff of Roane Co, TN, Gillis Narramore; The Sheriff of Union Co, TN, Paul Hill; and The Sheriff of Anderson Co, TN, Dennis O Trotter also have been arrested for drug trafficking. 860811, 76- 86? Boston, MA, Newsweek: August 11, 1986 p 24. Federal Grand Jury indictments have been handed down for 10 police officers, including 2 current police chiefs & 1 former chief, including Gerald Clemente, 52, retired Captain of Metropolitan District Commission & Thomas Doherty, 45, former Medford Police Lieutenant, for police exam theft & rigging of scores. This was used to maneuver conspirators into key positions to cover for crimes. These include a $1.5 megabux bank robbery at Medford, MA & cocaine trafficking from Tennessee in 84. Thomas Doherty shot Joseph Bangs, retired MDC police sergeant, 4 times but did not kill him. Bangs then squealed. Various police are accused of assorted robberies, drug trafficking, IRA gun trafficking. These events occurred from 76 to 86. 860812, Minneapolis, MN, CNN, 11:35 PM..Small amounts of speed, marijuana, and LSD were found in various police cruisers. Marijuana was also found in the central garage locker. Speed was found hidden in a steering wheel. Apparently the illegal drugs were for personal use, not resale. Chief Bozo says that he is still opposed to drug testing for cops, but not for ordinary citizens. 860813, Mexico, Newsweek Aug 25, 86, p42; The Courier-Journal, 21 Aug 86, p2. Victor Cortez, DEA agent in Guadalajara was tortured by 11 Mexican state police officers in an attempt to gain information on collaborators. 860909, Monitor Radio. 26 Sheriffs in GA & TN have been arrested & convicted for drug trafficking. Ryan Freemantle, author, The Fix 860924, New York, NY, CNN News, WBKY, 11:30PM CDT. In the 77th Precinct of Brooklyn, NY, thirteen cops have been arrested for shaking down drug dealers, and reselling drugs, mostly crack. Paul Harvey, 9 Oct 86, quotes Newsday, as saying that thirteen cops sledgehammered their way into drug dealers' houses, stole drugs & money, and resold drugs. 860929, Plainfield, NJ, Newsweek, Sep 29, 1986, p18. Surprise urine tests of all police & firemen in May yielded 20 positive for marijuana and/or cocaine, including 2 cops. On 16 July, the suspended firemen filed in federal court. US District Judge H Lee Sarokin ruled that "mass roundup urinalysis" violated constitutional prohibitions against unreasonable search & seizure. But of course it's not unconstitutional nor unreasonable for mass urinalysis of schoolchildren. 861002, San Antonio, TX, CNN, WBKY, 2 Oct 86, 3:30pm; 31 Oct 86, 11:25PM. There is a loss of credibility of the police department. There have been assorted scandals, such as Cop Smith (murderer, arsonist) being shot by cop Ferrell Tucker for knowing too much. A 34 year veteran, unnamed, was arrested on drug charges. 861007, Pikeville, KY, The Courier-Journal, p1. Not a drug story, probably. Pike County, Kentucky, Sheriff Charles "Fuzzy" Keesee "misplaced" $300,000 in tax collections during his previous administration. 861007, Louisville, KY, The Courier-Journal, pB4. The Jefferson County, Commissioner, Carl Brown, is charged with distribution of marijuana and cocaine. 861010, London, KY, WBKY. Morgan Co Judge-Executive Gene Allen has a motion to dismiss charges of conspiracy for murder of VA man in Morgan Co drug ring. 861011?, Whitley County, KY, The Wayne County Outlook p22, from The Whitley Republican. Larry R Patrick of Williamsburg is convicted on conspiracy to import cocaine. He was found guilty of scheming with former Scott Co, TN, Sheriff Marion Carson & Deputy Wayne Caldwell. 861018, KY, The Courier-Journal, pB1. Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell & Kentucky State Trooper Gerald Griggs were arrested for cocaine trafficking. 861022, London, KY, multiple newscasts. Gene Allen (Morgan County Kentucky Judge-Executive) & Gerald Griggs (State Police Trooper) are convicted of "murder for hire". Marion Campbell (Kentucky State Police Commissioner) testified that they were part of a counter-investigation so secret that no written records were ever kept of their findings, but this was not convincing to the jury. 861024, Miami FL, CNN News, 3:45PM. Seven cops are on trial for selling $5 million (15M$, DH, 2 Nov 86) of cocaine stolen from smugglers. 861110, USA, "Inside the DEA", Reason, Dec 86, p23-29. A compendium of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) corruption reported by Dale Gieringer, Decision & Ethics Center, Dept of Engineering-Economic Systems, Stanford Univ. 861111, New York City, NY, CNN News, WBKY, 11:40PM. There is a New York City Police "slowdown" (strikes are illegal) to protest investigation of police corruption. See 860924 861113, London, KY, Lexington Herald-Leader, Nov 13, 86, pA1, A16. "Corruption probe: Half of cases resolved" by Assistant US Attorney James E Arehart. Gene Allen, 3 time Judge-Executive of Morgan County, Kentucky, was convicted of conspiracy to murder. Gerald Griggs, Kentucky State Police Trooper, was convicted in the same murder for hire scheme. Both were represented by Kevin Charters of Lexington, KY. William Titus Frederick, coal operator and businessman, of West Liberty, KY, pleaded guilty to manufacturing marijuana. Benny Neely, London, KY, pleaded guilty to transporting stolen heavy equipment across state lines. Norman B Williams III, of Detroit, MI, pleaded guilty to transporting a stolen car across state lines. Dr Billy Davis, Urgent Care Center of Burnside, KY, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud two insurance companies of $1.1 million for a phony traffic accident. Lester H Burns, Jr, former Kentucky State Senator[, former Kentucky State Trooper] & attorney, Somerset, KY, pleaded guilty to insurance fraud and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen money ($1.9 million stolen from the Dr R J Acker robbery & murder) across state lines. James H Noble, former Kentucky District Judge, convicted of obstruction of justice and yet to be tried in the insurance fraud conspiracy. Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, to be tried on Jan 5, 87, for extortion for allegedly taking money for protecting drug-trafficking activities. Roger Benton, Morgan County, Kentucky, Sheriff, accused of conspiracy of drug-trafficking. 861113, Knoxville, TN, Knoxville TV. 9 cops arrested in the Charles Walker cocaine trafficking ring. 861118, Miami, FL, CNN News, WBKY (Lexington, KY) 11:45PM. 1300 pounds marijuana was stolen from police headquarters evidence storage. This theft is thought to be an inside job. The marijuana was valued at $4 million. That's $3000 per pound. This is the 4th major theft of drug evidence in last few months. Also a Columbian cocaine ring was indicted, but the indictees are safely in Columbia. 861120, London, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 20 Nov 86, p18. From The Sentinel-Echo. Lester Burns, Jr, 55, (attorney, former Kentucky State Police Trooper, former Kentucky State Senator) pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy with Dr Bill Davis to defraud two insurance companies by faking a vehicle accident. He also pleaded guilty to receiving stolen money from the Dr Roscoe Acker robbery & murder. Charges of conspiracy with former Breathitt District Judge James Noble (recently convicted of perjury in Federal Court in Lexington) to defraud an insurance company were dropped. The Assistant US Attorney was James Arehart. The Judge was Eugene Siler, Jr. 861126, Somerset, KY, personal communication, Dallas Hammond. The younger brother of David Dick, Kentucky State Police Trooper, was arrested last month for cultivating 78 marijuana plants. The police missed a quarter acre plot. James Dick, older brother, was recently arrested on drug charges. Trooper Dick was finally apprehended 901104, see 901108. 861200, Somerset, KY. Lester Burns, Jr., former Kentucky State Senator, former Kentucky State Police, disbarred. Now former attorney. 861212, London, KY, KET, WLEX. Gene Allen, Judge-Executive of Morgan County, Kentucky is sentenced to 5 years for conspiracy to murder. Gerald Griggs, Kentucky State Police, had his sentencing delayed. Titus Frederick, coal baron, was let off in return for testifying against Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, in his trial for conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs. 861216, London, KY. Gerald Griggs, Kentucky State Police, is sentenced to 5 years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder in "Operation Leviticus" drug deal. 861222, Louisville, KY, KET, Louisville. Carl Brown, Jefferson County Commissioner, is arraigned for something, and sent to Missouri [?], for psychiatric evaluation. Brown is to be arraigned later on drug distribution charges. His left hand was severely swollen and ace bandaged, but no explanation was given. He also looked very woozy and inattentive. 861200, London, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 861224, p19. From The Sentinel-Echo. Sherry Lorraine Hodge pleaded guilt to conspiracy to transport stolen money across state lines in $1,900,000 (that's 1.9 megabux) Acker robbery & murder. Hodge says that she gave $300,000 to C Gene Foust, 49, Detective Sergeant and Head Narcotics Officer and 21-year veteran of the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Police Department. The Head Narcotics Officer was to invest it "to make more money for me." Mrs Hodge's attorney is Robert Wilmott of Lexington, KY. Formerly her attorney was Lester Burns, Jr, former Kentucky State Senator, former Kentucky State Police, of Somerset, KY, who pleaded guilty to receiving stolen money and is now disbarred. The Judge is Eugene Siler, Jr. Co-transporters of stolen money are Anna Louise Farley (mother of Donald Terry Bartley), Sharon Joyce Wilson, & Barry Wilson, with whom she transported $1,200,000 from Florida to Knoxville, TN, after the arrest of her husband, Benny Lee Hodge. Donald Terry Bartley, Roger Dale Epperson, and Benny Lee Hodge are to be tried May 1987 for robbery & murder of a Jackson County, KY, couple, and also face unspecified charges in other unspecified states. The FBI searched the home of Head Narcotics Officer and Investment Advisor to the stars, C Gene Foust on 861202. 861231, Somerset, KY. Lester Burns, Jr is ordered to return $175,000 to Dr Roscoe Acker. This was his attorney's fee for the defense of the murderers/robbers. 870112, Boston, MA, Margo Monaco, Boston, National Public Radio. See also Newsweek, 11 Aug 86. David McCuen joined Wilmington police in 73, and was promoted to sergeant in 78, after paying $4000 for a copy of the sergeant's exam. Several hundred individuals eventually were involved. Many individuals were placed into positions to promote the organized crimes of the Police Department. Chief of the scam was Gerald W Clemente, who did a $1.5 million bank robbery and other burglaries to finance drug deals. 870112, Lexington, KY, KET\WLEX. Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, and Roger Benton, Morgan County, Kentucky, Sheriff, are on trial. Houston McNeal, two years a undercover FBI agent, testified that he had made payments of $5000 a month to Campbell, Benton, and Titus Frederick for landing rights at the West Liberty, KY, airport. (It is unclear if this was each or total.) 870113, Lexington, KY, WBKY (Lexington, KY). In the Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner trial, Campbell is represented by William Johnson. The Trial apparently started 9 Jan 87. Houston McNeal, two years an undercover FBI agent from Virginia, testified that he had made installment payments to Roger Benton, Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff; Gene Allen, Morgan County Kentucky Judge-Executive; and Marion Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, for assistance in drug trafficking. McNeal said that he met Campbell on a dark backroad, where Campbell thanked him for the money. A tape recording of Campbell taking payoffs from McNeal was played. 870114, Lexington, KY, WBKY, KET, WLKY(?). In the Kentucky State Police Commissioner Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Titus Frederick, coal baron and marijuana manufacturer testified that in a meeting at Frederick's house in 1984, three-time Morgan County Kentucky Judge-Executive Gene Allen and Marion Campbell had asked him for contacts in the marijuana and cocaine business. Lester Burns, Jr, former Kentucky State Senator, former Kentucky State Police Trooper, former attorney (now disbarred) bankrolled the operation, and Marion Campbell was in charge of security at the Morgan County airport. Their business grossed about 3/4 of a million dollars a week in cocaine. Houston McNeal, undercover Virginia FBI investigator, testified that Campbell said that he was receiving payments from undercover agents. It is unclear whether Campbell thought that they were FBI agents or drug dealers. Or both. 870115, Lexington, KY, WEKU, KET\WLEX In the Kentucky State Police Commissioner Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Steve Allen, son of the Morgan County Judge-Executive, testified that he saw a $90,000 cocaine sale in November 85 at the house of his father, Morgan County, Kentucky, Judge-Executive Gene Allen. In this transaction, Gene Allen was paid his share plus a share to pass along to Marion Campbell. Gene Allen, Morgan County, Kentucky, Judge-Executive and convicted murder conspirator, testified that he has known Marion Campbell for 25 years and Morgan County Sheriff Roger Benton all of his life. He met several times in late 1983 with Marion Campbell, Titus Frederick, and Lester Burns, Jr to import cocaine from Okalachee, FL. Campbell was said to want the money for his retirement fund. Titus Frederick testified that Gene Allen and Marion Campbell had pushed him to find a cocaine connection. 870116, Lexington, KY, KET\WLKY, 10:07PM. In the Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Gene Allen, former Morgan County, Kentucky Judge-Executive who has been convicted of conspiracy to murder, was cross examined. He has changed his story because he got religion in jail. In his trial in September 86 he claimed that he and Campbell were running their own investigation of drug corruption, without telling anyone else and keeping no records of what they had discovered. He passed money to Campbell once by laying an envelope full of money on the dash of Campbell's truck, and once on the truck seat, but never actually in Campbell's hand. 870121, Miami, FL. Seven Miami cops are given a mistrial in a case of racketeering and drug corruption. The reasons are undisclosed. See 861024 & 870116. 870123, Lexington, KY, WBKY. In the Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Jack Evans, Kentucky State Police, testified that he had talked with Campbell thrice about the trial, and got the idea (but was never told openly) that Campbell wanted him to perjure. 870126, "Is There a Contra Drug Connection?", Newsweek, p26. Gary Betzner, 45, a crop duster pilot from Arkansas, says that he imported Columbian cocaine thru contra airstrips in Costa Rica with George Morales, a Columbian emigre with an aircraft chartering business. Both claim that they had the full knowledge and assistance of CIA and DEA. A third witness, unnamed, claims to have seen Southern Air Transport planes being loaded with cocaine in Barranquilla, Columbia in 1985. So cocaine trafficking is OK if it supports revolution in Nicaragua. 870126, Lexington, KY, KET\WTVQ. In the Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell & Sheriff Roger Benton trial, Louie di Falais, US Attorney & apparently part of the "Operation Leviticus" investigation, testified that in two years of investigation of Marion Campbell, Campbell gave no indications of ever conducting his own investigation. The Chief of Police of West Liberty, the Morgan County Seat, said that he knew nothing of the two years of drug traffic thru the West Liberty airport. Roger Benton, Sheriff of Morgan County, Kentucky, has a previous conviction for bootlegging. 870127, Lexington, KY, WBKY. In the Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch Campbell & Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff Roger Benton trial, Roger Benton testified that he went along with the drug trafficking in hopes to make some arrests and stop the drug operations. 870202, Miami, FL, USN&WR, Feb 2, 1987, p28. Seven cops are given a mistrial in their drug racketeering trial. Thus they did not rob a boat and drown the owners and sell the cocaine. Roman Rodriguez, Ricardo Aleman, Rodolfo Arias, Osvaldo Coello, Arturo de la Vega, Armando Estrada, & Armando Garcia, are the fortunate cops. They managed a fine lifestyle on a $30,000 per year salary. The Judge was Kenneth Ryskamp. The holdout juror was William Rountree. See 880105 & 880106 for a recant. 870204, Lexington, KY, KET\WKYT. Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff Roger Benton says that he will appeal his conviction on drug trafficking charges on grounds that his trial should have had nothing to do with the trial of Marion "Butch" Campbell. He obviously thinks that Campbell will be found guilty. This came after one verdict was reached but not announced. 870205, Lexington, KY, WLAP (Lexington, KY), 2PM. Roger Benton, Sheriff of Morgan County, KY, is found guilty on all counts, three counts of extortion and two of drug trafficking conspiracy. He faces a maximum sentence of 80 years. 870206, Lexington, KY, WLAP. Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, is acquitted on four counts of extortion and given a mistrial on one count of conspiracy to traffic in marijuana and cocaine. 870206, KY, Comment on Kentucky, KET. Three reasons are given for Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell's acquittal on charges of extortion and drug trafficking. 1) Gene Allen, Morgan County Judge-Executive changed his story from his trial where he was convicted of conspiracy to murder. Formerly, he had said under oath that Campbell was conducting his own investigation. The new story is that they were indeed trafficking in cocaine. 2) Allen said that on four occasions that he gave payoff money to Campbell, but never directly. Allen was the only solid witness against Campbell on this, but he is a self-confessed perjurer. 3) In a taped meeting with an FBI informant, Campbell thanked him for "information". The prosecution said that this was code word for protection money; the defense said that this was just normal information. The FBI never actually got Campbell on tape accepting payoff money. The jury was leaning towards acquittal on the drug trafficking conspiracy charges, with at least two holdouts. Prosecutor Arehart wants a retrial. I'm sure that none of the jurors would have been in the least bit concerned about their personal safety after finding the State Police Commissioner guilty of drug trafficking! 870200, KY. There are various news reports of a retrial for Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell on charges of trafficking in cocaine and marijuana, but no date was given. 870223, Washington, DC, "Contra Drug Inquiry Stirs Growing Interest", by Keith Schneider, The New York Times, Tuesday, February 24, 1987, pA22. US Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, a committee member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has witnesses and evidence that a private network had been organized by the National Security Council [NSC] and the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] to provide military equipment to Contras in Nicaragua. The investigators said that they also believed that the same network was shipping cocaine and marijuana back to the United States. Federal officials, of course, deny this vicious rumor spread by Communist sympathizers. 870313, Lexington, KY, Various radio reports. Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell is scheduled for retrial on 11 May 87 for conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and marijuana. But 11 May 87 will come and go with absolutely no mention on any newscast that a Butch Campbell had ever existed. Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff Roger Benton is denied a retrial on his conviction for extortion and conspiracy to distribute cocaine. 870322, Richmond?, KY, WBKY, 11PM. Kentucky State Police crime lab director Glen Morgan Baxter is accused of falsifying hundreds of tests, including his own qualifications. 870326, Lexington, KY, KET. Morgan County, Kentucky, Sheriff Roger Benton is sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,000 on three counts of extortion and two counts of conspiracy to traffic in illegal drugs. 870331, Louisville, KY, KET. Jeffrey Miles of 2401 Coolridge Ave, Okalona, age 24 or 25, is shot and killed by Louisville cop, John Rucker (Rutger) in a raid on Miles' home. Miles' crime was to be living in an apartment inhabited two years ago by a suspected drug dealer. (The correct address was available in the phone directory.) The murderer was sentenced to paid leave and consultation with the chaplain. 870402, Breathitt Co, KY. James H Noble, Kentucky District Judge, Breathitt County, Kentucky, previously convicted of obstruction of justice for offering to lie in the witness stand for Lester Burns, Jr in a mail fraud trial, is temporarily disbarred. Judge Noble was sentenced to two years on the obstruction of justice conviction. 870400, Wayne Co, KY, rumors only. More unconfirmable rumors that Joe Conn, former Sheriff of Wayne County, Kentucky, is in prison for drug trafficking. Dallas Hammond says that Joe Conn was jailed about five months ago. Reportedly the FBI caught him near Wayne/McCreary line with 18 wheeler full of marijuana headed for the airport in Pine Knot, KY. Harold Tucker says that he was told by Roosevelt Jones that Joe Conn was in prison on drug charges, but could not confirm the details of the reputed arrest. These are unconfirmed rumors only. Nobody has any hard news. See 860220. 870429, Jeffersontown (Louisville), KY, WHAS. Policeman John Rutger is indicted for second degree manslaughter and suspended from the police department. This is for "accidentally" shooting Jeffrey Miles for the crime of living in an apartment inhabited two years ago by a suspected drug dealer. See 870331. 870511, KY. This is the supposed retrial date of Kentucky State Police Commissioner (now retired) Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell on charges of conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and marijuana. There was absolutely no mention of this unevent on several Kentucky radio newscasts. See 870313. 870515, Somerset, KY, WBKY. Lester Burns, Jr., former Kentucky State Senator, former Kentucky State Police, former attorney, is sentenced to eight years in prison, four each for receiving stolen money from Epperson's Acker robbery/murder, and for conspiracy to defraud an insurer. Burns will be eligible for parole in two years. See 860324, 860716, 861113, 8612??, 861231, 870114. 870518, Ocean County, NJ, phone conversation, Margaret Stiles. Fifteen people are arrested by DEA at the home of a local policeman. No information was given of what they were doing to merit this attention. 870520, Nicaragua, MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour. The plane used by the Brother-in-law of Alphonso Collero (of Nicaragua Contras) to transport drugs was then used to transport supplies to the contras. This was the testimony of Robert Owen, "The Courier". 25K$ in travelers checks were given to DEA by Alphonso Collero. 870524, Nicaragua, Steve Waddams, Sunday Morning, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), quoting Daniel Sheehan of The Christic Institute of Washington DC. "The Secret Team", started as a CIA Cuban anti-Castro operation, which funded itself by drug trafficking. In about 1966, Richard Secord under CIA auspices, bombed the opposition of Vang Pao, their pet Opium Emperor of Laos. "The Secret Team" was importing 600 pound loads of cocaine from Costa Rica while supplying Nicaraguan contras. 870630, Nicaragua, WSFC(ABC). In secret testimony in the Iran-Contra hearings, Ramon Milian-Rodriguez testified that he sold to Felix Rodriguis $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) of cocaine for CIA contra funding. 870709, Miami, FL, CNN, AP. US Attorney General Edwin Meese tries to prevent a House of Representatives Committee from questioning three federal prosecutors in Miami, FL concerning CIA drug and gun smuggling. A House subpoena is issued. 870725, Cumberland and Clinton Cos, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, Aug 6, 87 from the Clinton County News. Lloyd Stockton, Clinton County Clerk, and James Stonecipher hang the jury on marijuana cultivation charges. Found on Sep 14, 1986 were 3 patches with 300 estimated plants already harvested, and 634 plants in a tobacco field. See 860914. 870900, Burma, American Information Network Freedom League Newsletter, p6, quoting Daily News Digest, POB 39027, Phoenix, AZ 85069. Lt Col Bo Gritz testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, International Narcotics Control Task Force, Larry Smith (D-FL) Chairman. Gritz has 40 hours of video tape with General Khun Sa of Burma, the recognized opium kingpin (700 tons in 86, 900 tons in 87) in the Golden Triangle. Khun Sa "charged American officials, both past and present, with being the chief buyers of drugs produced in that part of the world." Also he claims that he wants to stop drug trafficking, but that the US government won't let him. Khun Sa said that individuals in CIA are some of his best customers. He offered support to DEA to alert them of drug movements, but this was rejected at the headquarters level. Theodore Shackley CIA agent in Laos from 1965-1975, was involved with Mao Se Hung (leading drug smuggler) and Santo Trafficante (Florida Mafia boss). Khun Sa says that Richard Armitage (then in the US Embassy, now Assistant Secretary of Defense) financed drug smuggling in VietNam, then in Bangkok from 1975 to 1979. CIA agents Daniel Arnold and Jerry Daniel trafficked weapons and drugs with Khun Sa. Gritz claims that there is a parallel US government which started with the "Phoenix Program" in VietNam twenty years ago. 870905, Spain, The Nation, p189-192. "How the Drug Czar Got Away", by Martin A. Lee. The gist of the story is that the USA is more interested in implicating Nicaraguan Sandinistas in drug running than in prosecuting smugglers. Also the US Government funded contras with drug money. Jorge Luis Ochoa of Columbia was captured in Spain. The DEA (at least one agent was also member of Lieut Col Oliver North's team) offered to have extradition bungled if Ochoa would implicate the Nicaraguan Sandinista government in cocaine trafficking. Ochoa refused. After 20 months, Spain decided that USA was seeking to use Ochoa as a political instrument and denied extradition to USA. Ochoa had fled to Spain in June 1984 after being implicated in the assassination of Lara Bonilla, the Columbian Minister of Justice who had crusaded against his country's $5 billion per year cocaine trade. Adler Berriman Seal (Barry Seal) said he flew 1500 kilograms of cocaine from Columbia to Managua for Ochoa. The story quotes The Wall Street Journal as reporting that four imprisoned drug pilots who knew Seal said that Seal was part of contra supply network, delivering weapons and drugs. Seal also took secret photos of Sandinista soldiers loading cocaine on his C-123 transport (the same plane as shot down with Eugene Hasenfus). Ochoa contributed money to contras. Ramon Milian-Rodriguez told Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations that he had funneled $10 million to the contras thru former CIA operative Felix Rodriguez in 1983. James Kible, Madrid Spain based DEA agent assigned to Ochoa case and another DEA agent, Victor Oliveira were caught while boarding a plane for Switzerland at Madrid Barajos Airport with $5 million in cash, supposedly for North's contra-aid team. The records of these arrests have been disappeared. 870912, Owensboro, KY, 11:01 PM, WBKY. A drug bust in Owensboro, KY, in June 1986 lead to conviction of a staff officer and 6 other officers of the Philadelphia, PA, Police Department for drug manufacturing. See 880601. 870913, Clay Co, KY, 3:20PM, WBKY. Cooms? of Clay Co, KY, busted for marijuana production two weeks ago, says that the police should be spending their time chasing criminals, not pot patches. Kentucky State Police Commissioner Elkins replies that there is nothing under the law to make them do so. This may be the same as J. C. Lawson, see Sinsemilla Tips, Fall 87, p24. 870921", Mexico, Time, p33. Jamie Herrera Nevarez, 60, the "Drug Lord of Durango" Mexico and former policeman, was arrested by Mexican police for US DEA. He ran $200 million heroin pipeline into midwest USA. 870900, Nicaragua, CIA Drug Connection, The Christic Institute, 1324 North Capitol Street, NW, Wash DC 20002. (202)797-8106. Lawyers from The Christic Institute were retained by Tony Avirgan and Martha Honey, reporters wounded in the May 30, 1984 terrorist bombing in La Penca, Nicaragua. John Hull, CIA contract operative in Costa Rica, has a ranch which is used as airstrip for arms and drug running for Nicaraguan contras. The cocaine was supplied by Columbians Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa, partners of Carlos Lehder. Francisco Paco Chanes was the connection on US end. "The Secret Team", including retired Air Force Maj Gen Richard Secord; Albert Hakim, international arms dealer; Theodore Shackley, head of covert operations during Vice President George Bush's term as Director of the CIA; Thomas Clines, Shackley's deputy; and retired Army Maj Gen John K Singlaub, backed Vang Pao, a major opium trafficker, in Southeast Asia, 1965-75, using the resulting money to train Hmong tribesmen. The heroin connection in USA was Mafia "Don" Santo Trafficante. The opium business banked with Nugen Hand Bank of Australia. 870917, Washington, DC, CNN 4:43AM. 6000[?] drug trafficking cases dismissed as a result of a FBI investigation of police stealing from drug dealers during arrests. 870919, The Nation, p254-274. There is a spat between Daniel P Sheehan of The Christic Institute and Jonathan Kwitny, author of _The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA_, published by WW Norton, over the extent of USA complicity in Nicaraguan contra drug smuggling. 871000, American Information Network Newsletter, p2. There is more on the Bo Gritz/CIA/heroin connection. The operation is said to have been at its peak in 1975 & 76 under George Bush. CIA agents Theodore Shackley and Richard Armitage (now Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense) as The Far East Trading Company were involved in heroin smuggling with Mao Se Hung. H Ross Perot found the same drug connections and was told by Frank Carlucci (National Security Advisor) to stop pursuing the connection to Richard Armitage. Last year 700 tons of opium were exported from Burma and this year's crop is 900 tons. There is also a statement by Lance Trimmer about two trips to the lair of Khun Sa, opium smuggler and chief of his own 40,000 man private army in Burma. By Don Bell, POB 2223, Palm Beach, FL 33480. 871019, Louisville, KY, KET, 32. Tringle, a Louisville Kentucky narcotics officer wrecks his undercover cruiser at high speed while off duty. A cooler full of liquor was found in the vehicle and officer Tringle was found to have a blood alcohol level of 2.5 (said to be too drunk to stand up). [That's gotta be 0.25 blood alcohol!] 871111, Bowling Green, KY. KET, WAVE. John Rucker is found not guilty in the murder of Jeffrey Miles. 871112 12:09AM, Chicago, IL, WBBM radio. Eugene Harnalski, Chicago cop, left his badge and service revolver as collateral for a drug buy. Now he is on trial for racketeering, so apparently he was not supposed to do it. This came out in the testimony of the drug dealer [named, but not remembered]. 871123, KY. Congressman Carroll Hubbard asks FBI to investigate the involvement of Henry Vance (Lexington bigwig recently convicted of supplying the gun used to kill the prosecutor in a drug case in Florida) in wholesale cocaine and marijuana trade in western Kentucky. Hubbard states that major drug smugglers are using local airports, including Bowling Green, KY. On 930416, Comment on Kentucky, Bonnie Kelly (the shooter) is the wife of Mike Kelly, Lexington cop. 871130, Charleston, WV, Time, p29. Mike "Mad Dog" Roark (so named for his fierce pursuit of drug dealers while outfitted in combat fatigues and packing a pistol) prosecutor and mayor of Charleston, WV pleaded guilty to six counts of cocaine possession. Does this sound like any local officials you know? See 880114. 871100, "The Contra-Drug Connection", The Christic Institute, 1324 North Capitol Street, NW, Wash DC 20002. (202)797-8106. $2. 12p. Extensive documentation associates several of Oliver North's team with large-scale drug trafficking to finance covert wars in Cuba, Southeast Asia, and Central America, for over two decades. Plane loads of cocaine from Columbia, supplied by Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa, were flown to John Hull's ranch in northern Costa Rica. Three pilots say that they delivered weapons to John Hull's ranch and returned to USA with cocaine and marijuana. Cocaine was also smuggled from John Hull to Miami in frozen shrimp, shipped to Ocean Hunter, Inc and Mr Shrimp, Inc. 880105, Los Angeles, CA, CNN News. A Los Angeles Federal Grand Jury indicts nine, including three Mexican police officers for the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camerara Solarez [sp?] in Guadalajara, Mexico three years ago. 880105, Miami, FL, CNN, 3:13P. I only caught the last part of the story. A Miami cop acquitted in the case of the murder and rip-off of three drug dealers recants. On tape he says that he is sorry and that he disgraced his badge, but that there are thousands of honest police. [Maybe even several thousand honest police, if you were to look over the entire country.] Miami officials want an end to investigations of this case, as it is showing their wonderful city in a bad light, among other reasons. 880106, Miami, FL, "As It Happens", CBC. In "Miami Vice", a phone interview with Paul Miller, Special Agent, FBI, he states that there were three or four rip-offs of boatloads of cocaine by Miami Police from about May 85 to Summer 85. In the case where three drug smugglers were drowned, eight officers rushed the boat and the victims threw themselves into the sea and drowned themselves. The investigation is probing a conspiracy to kill witnesses. So far, nine have pleaded guilty, four more are cooperating, two more are on trial, two more are fugitives, and twenty more have been suspended from The Force. See 861024, 870121, 870202. 880109, The Nation, p6. Chapter 23, page 371, footnote 84 of the Iran/Contra report. In 1986 Fawn Hall asked DEA agents to meet with Michael Leeden. Leeden had a $30,000 contract with Continental Airlines to find out how to stop the DEA from seizing their airplanes when cocaine was found aboard. 880114, Charleston, WV, WHAS. 12:04P "Mad Dog" Roark, mayor of Charleston WV, plea bargains guilty on six cocaine charges, twenty-four others were dropped. Mad Dog was sentenced to 179 days in jail, three years probation, and a $5000 fine. See 871130. 880202, Lumberton, NC. An American Indian takes hostages to publicize the actions of the local sheriff. A radio tape by this hostage taker starts with the accusation that the sheriff's department was involved with drug trafficking, and then went on to complain about the killing of a Black and two Indians by the sheriff. 880204, Panama. General Noriega of Panama is indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Miami FL on thirty counts of assorted drug trafficking charges, taking millions of dollars in payoffs from The Medellin Cartel, racketeering, conspiracy with Oliver North to fake a shipment of arms from Nicaragua to El Salvador [on the Pia Vesta, which Noriega seized and kept the arms], obtaining chemicals for and protecting cocaine labs, providing airstrips for drug smuggling, providing refuge for drug traffickers, etc. Leon Keller is the Federal Attorney. Also more indictments of Noriega are opened in Tampa for conspiracy to import one million pounds of marijuana. Testimony was given by pilot Floyd Carlton and Panamanian Consul General Jose' Blandon. This was reported by Alan Tomlinson, NPR. On top of that, Noriega has been on the CIA payroll since 1966 at $200,000 per year. Senator John Kerry chaired a hearing on Noriega, with Jose' Blandon as star witness. Blandon says Noriega made $80 million per year in drug trafficking and another $20 million for emigration papers at $4000 per head, allowing Cubans to claim to be Panamanians for migration to USA. 880205, Cincinnati, OH, KET. Kentucky State Police Commissioner Marion "Butch" Campbell is appealing in Federal Court the government plans for a retrial on drug trafficking conspiracy charges. Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff Benton, convicted on conspiracy to murder witnesses to drug trafficking, is still not in prison. 880208, Columbia, USN&WR, p28. The Medellin Cartel controls 80% of cocaine imported into the United States. Fifty Columbian judges have been murdered by the cartel in the past five years. Columbia is unable [or unwilling?] to control the drug business. 880213, Nicaragua. An article in The Boston Globe by Stephen Kurkjian and Mark Hosenball reports on the Senator John F Kerry hearings. "About a dozen Nicaraguans who back the contras have been prosecuted in the United states for drug-related felonies." Michael B Palmer, 41, of Florida indicted in June 1986, walked away from an airtight drug smuggling case because a Detroit federal prosecutor dropped it in the "interest of justice". Palmer was alleged to have flown marijuana into US from Columbia from 1977 to 1986. In 1985 & 86 Palmer flew humanitarian aid to Central America for the State Department. Leigh Rich testified that the marijuana smuggling group headed by Palmer grossed billions of dollars. Customs, at the request of the CIA, did not search the planes. The plane was registered to Vortex, Inc, a State Department and CIA contractor. 880306, Nicaragua, Minneapolis Star Tribune, p17A. An article by Daniel Siegel and Jenny Yancey reports on the Senator John Kerry, Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearings. Ramon Milian-Rodriguez, Medellin Cartel money launderer, said that he gave money, including $10 million in cocaine profits, to Felix Rodriguez between 1982 & 1985. The cocaine was flown from Columbia to the John Hull ranch in Costa Rica. Weapons for contras were flown to the Hull ranch and cocaine was flown back on return trips. Pilot Gary Betzner returned with 1000 kilo of cocaine. Pilot Michael Tolliver said that he flew 25000 pounds of marijuana into Homestead Air Force Base, Florida. 880330, Caribbean, In These Times, p 11. An article by Anne-christine d'Adesky gives a partial list of Caribbean officials alleged to have smuggled [illegal] drugs thru their respective countries. From the Bahamas, Prime Minister Pindling, top customs official John Rolle, and conservative political party leader Sammy L. Miller. From Haiti; Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Williams Regala, Army Chief Gen Henri Namphy, Chief of Narcotics Carel Occel, Police Capt Gregoire Figaro, civilians Joe Namphy (brother of Gen Namphy) and Alexander Paul (brother of Col Paul) were part of group of Haitians who smuggled cocaine from Columbia to South Florida via Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Cuba; Fidel Castro and Raul Castro and several navy officials are alleged to have smuggled cocaine from Columbia to Florida via Cuba. On Mar 16, 1988 US Attorney Leon Keller (who indicted both Noriega and Paul) told two congressional subcommittees a that a recent drug seizure produced evidence of official Cuban and Haitian involvement. Also Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. 880405, Honduras. The Nation, May 7, 1988, p634. Ramon Matta, suspected drug kingpin and friend of several top Honduran military officers, is captured by US Marshals. The Honduran DEA office, closed between 1983 & 1988, is reopened. 880413, In These Times, April 13-19, 1988, p5. Maj Gen Richard Secord is suing Leslie Cockburn for $38 million for the loss of "business opportunities", such as the gun and drug smuggling by the CIA in Central America. 880507, Burma, The Nation, p634. Here is a summary of the Bo Gritz story. In 1986, Gritz went to Burma with White House blessings to meet with the drug warlord Khun Sa, who supposedly had information of MIAs. Khun Sa said that he wanted to end the opium and heroin traffic in his territory and to expose U. S. officials involved in the drug smuggling. Gritz claims that he took this message to the US government and was told by Tom Harvey of the National Security Council (NSC) that "there is no interest here" in the Khun Sa overture. In May 87, Gritz, with Lance Trimmer, a private detective, again visited Khun Sa in Burma. In a recent letter to George Bush, who heads the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System, Gritz maintained that Khun Sa claimed that he had once engaged in narcotics transactions with Richard Armitage, now Assistant Secretary of Defense, and Theodore Shackley, the former director for operations at the CIA, and other US officials. George Bush was head of the CIA in 1976 when Khun Sa said that he was selling drugs to top CIA officials. Gritz says that, strangely, nobody in the US government is interested in investigating this. 880601, Philadelphia, PA, Mutual News, WSFC. Seven Philadelphia, PA, cops have been arrested with $150,000 for drug trafficking over the past two years. This may be the same seven involved in drug trafficking in Owensboro, KY. See 870912, 950623. 880608, Nicaragua, In These Times, Jun 8-21, 1988, p7. Arms broker Richard Brenneke publicly charges that George Bush's office directly supervised the contra arms network which was funded by Columbian drug money in association with the Israeli Mossad. The Washington contact was Donald Gregg, Bush's national security advisor. /Is this the same Donald Gregg who in now the US Ambassador to South Korea? 9101. Yes. 880905, Detroit, MI, Newsweek, Sep 5, 1988, p37. Detroit, MI has at least 100 police officers under investigation for ties to the drug underworld. However, Chief of Police William Hart insists that His Force is free of systemic corruption. /Chief Hart was finally arrested and charged with embezzlement of 2.5M$ from the Police Department undercover narcotics fund on 910213. 881003, Columbia, U. S. News & World Report, Oct 3, 1988, p13. Elaine Shannon in _Desperados_ says that in June 1984, Oliver North, in an effort to expose alleged links between the Sandinistas and drug dealers, leaked information which exposed Barry Seal who was infiltrating The Medellin [cocaine] Cartel. 881122, Los Angeles, CA, CNN 11:05PM. Two Los Angeles DEA agents are arrested for hiding money in Switzerland. Another DEA agent, Darrell [Daniel?] Garcia who bought a $500,000 home, is still at large. These three agents had amassed $600,000 in drugs and laundered money in the past 4 years. Two drug dealers under investigation were tipped off by these Agents of Justice. CNN 3:13PM 25 Nov 881128, CNN radio, 3:43PM, quoting The Houston Chronicle. Sinsemilla Tips, V8#3p21. Drug agents nationwide have been staging phony drug busts on their own agents for years in an effort to gain the confidence of the "real" drug smugglers. 881129, Lexington, KY, KET. Marvin Washington, Lexington Fayette County Kentucky police officer for the past eleven years, is arrested for armed robbery and possession of illegal drugs. Officer Washington accosted at gunpoint two restaurant employees attempting to make a night bank deposit. He was also found to be in possession of cocaine. 881200, US Senate, (GOV DOC # Y 4.F 76/2:S.prt.100-165). In December 1988 the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate released its report. It is for sale by the U.S. G.P.O., Supt. of Docs., Washington, April 13, 1989. The Nicaraguan Contras were funded by drug trafficking, facilitated by Oliver North, John Hull, and Robert Owens. Companies used by the State Department included: SETCO Air, a company established by Honduran drug trafficker Ramon Matta Ballesteros; DIACSA, a Miami-based air company operated as the headquarters of a drug trafficker enterprise for convicted drug traffickers Floyd Carlton and Alfredo Caballero; FRIGORIFICOS DE PUNTERENNAS, a firm owned and operated by Cuban-American drug traffickers; VORTEX, and air service and supply company partly owned by admitted drug trafficker Michael Palmer. More in WORMSCAN.& 881201, New York City, NY, Monitor Radio. A retired New York City policeman was arrested in The Great Mafia Drug Bust. 881205, Nicaragua, US News & World Report, p16. Special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh is investigating allegations that the "Justice" Department deliberately stymied a Senate inquiry into contra gun and drug smuggling in the spring of 1986. 890114, Costa Rica, WBKY, 4:15 PM. John Hull is arrested by Costa Rican authorities on Thursday, 12 Jan 89 on charges of arms trafficking, drug smuggling, and espionage. Warrants were obtained in part from information from George Morales, drug smuggling pilot for the CIA. Hull steadfastly claims that he is a simple farmer and is not a CIA operative. His salary from the United States National Security Council (NSC)is $10,000 per month. /Farmer Hull has skipped bail an as of late 1990 is reported to be hiding with his 20 year old female companion in Nicaragua. 890100, Clay County, KY, KET. J.C. Lawson is arrested. A vendetta is specifically denied by the cops. This is the fellow who had the nerve to suggest that the police spend their time chasing murderers and thieves, rather than pot patches. Ain't no money in murders and thieves. 890130, Adelaide, Australia, Insight, p35. Detective Inspector Barry Moyse was head of the police drug squad and was known for his high profile attack on narcotics use. In late 1987 he was convicted of trafficking in heroin he had taken from the police property room. 890123. Newsweek, p 60. The Surgeon General's Report states that the annual death toll in the United States from cigarettes is 390,000. By 1992 the figure has risen to 450,000 deaths per year from tobacco consumption in the US. 890220, Costa Rica, Newsweek, p8. The Bush administration and a bipartisan group of congressmen are quietly pressuring Costa Rica to release an American farmer [sic] jailed there on drug charges. John Hull, whose ranch near Nicaragua's border figured in Oliver North's contra-supply network, was charged last month with cocaine smuggling. The US Embassy has protested his arrest, and 19 legislators - including Democratic Rep Lee Hamilton, a critic of contra aid - are urging the case 'be concluded promptly ... in a manner that will not complicate U.S.-Costa Rican relations.' 890220, KY, KET. On a Crime in Kentucky program, it was mentioned that 90% of prison inmates in Kentucky are imprisoned for either drug or alcohol charges. 890225, Lexington, KY, WSEK. Fayette County, Kentucky, Sheriff Lonas Taulbee and five others are indicted on cocaine trafficking charges. 890231, Lexington, KY, WBKY, KNN. Fayette County Sheriff Lonas Taulbee resigns effective 14 April. He was convicted and sentenced to 5 years for theft and malfeasance. He is yet to be tried for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. 890411, Lexington, KY, KNN. Fayette County Sheriff Lonas Taulbee, convicted for stealing $15,000 from the Sheriffs Department, will resign and rerun for election. 890417, The Nation, p 512. Guillermo Tabraue received $1400 per week from CIA and did $75 million in marijuana and cocaine business between 1976 and 1987, supposedly with the blessings of the CIA. 890419, FL, WFLW, 9:58AM, also ABC. The Everglades fire of about two weeks ago was started by the burning of the records of a Miami cop arrested for cocaine smuggling. 890508, The Nation, p619. "Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy", a report of the Senate Subcommittee on Narcotics, Terrorism and International Operations released April 13. It concludes that US knowingly used several drug traffickers in its contra supply operations. Four companies owned and operated by narcotics traffickers, SETCO Air, DIASCA, Frigorificos de Punterenas, and Vortex were selected by State Department. John Hull accused of preparing false affidavits for US Attorney Leon Kellner. 890508, Cleveland, OH, Newsweek, p26. Arthur Feckner, drug wholesaler, helped capture his supplier and 100 pounds of cocaine in 1985. Feckner was then allowed by Cleveland police to sell 13 pounds of cocaine for $452,000 [$35/gm]. An internal police inquiry had enough evidence to indict five officers. A judge ruled that state law permitted police drug sales if they were claimed to be in pursuit of a dealer. Present Police Chief Howard Rudolf was head of narcotics department at start of Feckner affair. 890803, St Louis, MO, Matt Elrod. Marijuana claims another life. At 5 a.m. on August 3, 1989, police came to the home of Bruce Lavoie, (34), a machinist with a wife and three children. Without announcing themselves and with no evidence that Lavoie was armed, police smashed the door in with a battering ram. They had a search warrant based on an informant's tip that was 20 months old. As he arose from his bed, Lavoie was shot to death as his son watched. A single marijuana cigarette was found. More in WORMSCAN.& 890810, Russell Co, KY, WKYM. Commonwealth Attorney Eddie Lovelace files suit against a Russell County KY radio station for reporting on 24 July 89 that he was suspended for 6 months for interference with the Clinton County marijuana cultivation case against Clinton County Court Clerk Lloyd Stockton. Believe it or not, it is illegal to mention that a lawyer has been reprimanded! 890815, Boston, MA, WBKY, 12:35PM. Edward O'Brien, DEA agent, was arrested at Logan airport in Boston, Massachusetts, with 62 pounds of cocaine in his suitcase. DEA Agent O'Brien is described as being "high ranking and decorated", as well as a cocaine smuggler. /Newsweek Aug 28, 1989. Edward, Paul, and John O'Brien, brothers, were all arrested. This is the fourth DEA agent arrested on drug charges this year. 890830, KY, KNN. Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell wins! On a final appeal, Judge Carl Forrester rules that evidence is inadmissible for a retrial. Kentucky State Police Commissioner makes a good front for cocaine smuggling. 890907, Owsley Co, KY, WTVQ. Jackie, son of [Bill Robert ?], Owsley Co, KY, Judge-Executive arrested on CBS TV by FBI for marijuana cultivation. 890925, OH, Insight, p 44. Democrat Rep. James A. Traficant, Jr. received $108,000 in bribes from organized crime in the 1980 race for Mahoning County, Ohio Sheriff. The 6th US Court of Appeals sez that the bribes are taxable. 890928, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW. Commonwealth Attorney Eddie Lovelace has his suspension for protecting the local marijuana industry reduced from 6 months to 45 days. 891122, Lexington, KY. Gatewood Galbraith runs for Governor of Kentucky on a marijuana platform. A tax of $1000 per pound is proposed. Kentucky consumption is estimated at 700,000 pounds per year. 891218, Detroit, MI, Newsweek, p 30. Detroit, MI, top police officials are accused by FBI of stealing more than $1 million intended for "buy and bust" operations against competing drug dealers. /Similar charges were also made in Sep 88 and Feb 91. 900118, Hopkinsville, KY, WHAS, KNN. Christian County, KY, Sheriff William Dillard & chief deputy & others arrested 17 Jan 90 on Federal indictment for cocaine distribution & accepting bribes to protect cocaine distribution after a one year FBI investigation. 900226, Mexico, Insight, p 37. Murder indictments are handed down for Manuel Ibarra Herrera, former chief of the Mexican Federal Police, and Miguel Aldana Ibarra, his deputy and former Interpol director for murder and narcotics trafficking in the death of DEA agent Enrique Camerena in 1985. The kidnapping and torture of Camerena was to find out how US officials had learned of the ties of members of then-President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado's Cabinet to drug payoffs. 900305, East Wendover, UT, Paul Harvey. The East Wendover, UT, police chief and his wife are arrested for drug trafficking. 900400, Iran. Acres, USA p 21. Iran paid our conspirators for part of the contra arms deal with heroin & morphine. 900403, Warren Co, KY, WDCL. Bowling Green, Warren Co, KY, Jailor Bunch & 7 deputies indicted on many charges including drug dealing at the jail. 900414, Bowling Green, KY WHAS. John Roger McDonald, age 22, dispatcher at Bowling Green, KY, State Police is accused of stealing an undisclosed amount of cocaine from evidence. 900425, KY News Net. John Roger McDonald is accused of stealing 200 to 300 grams of cocaine in several thefts over 5 months from State Police Evidence. 900428, Costa Rica, The Orange County Register. Costa Rica is not happy with Contra drug smuggling through their country. Costa Rica bans former U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica Lewis Tambs, former National Security Adviser John Poindexter, Lt. Col. Oliver North, ex-CIA station chief Joe Fernandez, and arms dealer Richard Secord. John Hull is stripped of citizenship. More in WORMSCAN.& 900613, The Bronx, NY, Paul Harvey. The Bronx, NY cops hold a "job action" to protest probes of corruption in the police department. They write no parking tickets. 900615, Lexington, KY, WEKU. Lexington, KY Fayette Co, KY Sheriff Taulbee loses appeal on theft & malfeasance and is sentenced to 5 years. 900616, Nicholasville, KY, KNN. Danny Allen Murphy is charged with suffocating his wife in 85. Also on trial next month on Federal drug charges. His occupation is given as Lexington-Fayette County Police Officer. 900623, Hopkinsville, KY, WKYU. William Dillard, Christian Co, KY, Sheriff is convicted of cocaine trafficking and taking a $5000 bribe from the Feds. Found not guilty on some other charges. 900717, Vine Grove, Hardin Co, KY, KNN. Police Chief Abshire pleads guilty to cocaine possession. 900718, Whitley Co, KY. Former Whitley County Judge-Executive Archie Powers is charged with cultivating 849 marijuana plants in 2 plots in the National Forest in Whitley County. 900727, Whitley Co, KY, WSEK. Former Whitley County, KY, Judge-Executive Archie Powers and Clifford Silers plead not guilty to cultivating 849 marijuana plants in 2 plots in the National Forest in Whitley County. 900808, Lexington, KY. Murphy wants change of venue. 900816, Eastern Kentucky, WSEK, WKYU. In "Operation Walking Short", the FBI produces a 42 count indictment of Kentucky law officers for conspiracy to extort and protect illegal drug traffickers. Arrested were: John Mann, Sheriff of Lee County, allegedly the master-mind, who took $38,500 in bribes from FBI agents; Lester Dickerson, Sheriff of Wolfe County; Billy MacIntosh, Sheriff of Owsley County; Dean Spencer, Sheriff of Breathitt County; Wilson Stone, Deputy Sheriff of Wolfe County; and Omer Noe, Police Chief of Beattyville. Two FBI agents masqueraded as big Chicago "businessmen", in the business of importing marijuana and cocaine. They got a business license to air-drop and outship their products from backwoods airstrips. This is supposedly the biggest [bigger than catching the Kentucky State Police Commissioner doing 3/4 million dollars per week in cocaine trafficking??] bust in Kentucky. Several newscasts emphasized that this is no reason for good citizens to question the integrity of their police; other radio stations issued an appeal for their good citizens to report such activities to the FBI hotline. 800/752-6000 900820, Lexington, KY, KET. Lexington Police Officer Dan Murphy is on trial for distribution of marijuana, and weapons charges. Judge Forrester will decide if the jury should see Murphy's Jessamine County fortress/plantation/home. The charges are worth 30 years. 900822, Lexington, KY, KET. Danny Allan Murphy, former Lexington Kentucky Police Officer is convicted on marijuana distribution and machine gun charges. He is yet to stand trial for murder in Jessamine County. 901008, Columbia, SC, USN&WR, p24. In FBI Operation Lost Trust, 10 legislators are indicted on bribery & drugs charges. 30 of 170 state legislators are implicated. 901011, Christian Co, KY, KNN. Christian County Kentucky Sheriff Dillard is sentenced to 9 years in prison for selling cocaine & stealing $12,000 from the government. 901018, Perry Co, KY, KET\WYMT. In Perry County, Kentucky, 40 state and 14 federal indictments were handed down for assorted drug dealing in a joint FBI & KSP case. 40+ have been arrested, including former county attorney Kenneth Baker who is charged with taking gratuities for influencing drug cases in court. This is thought to be independent dealers rather than a conspiracy. 901018, Boston, MA, PBS Frontline, "When Cops Go Bad", WGBH. Discussed the Miami, FL, case (see 7 previous entries from 861024 to 890419) of organized gangs of Miami police stealing and selling boatloads of cocaine. In the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, $1.4 million was skimmed by the departmental drug squad. Approximately 30 indictments were rendered, including Jim Bouden and Dan Garner. This source of revenue spread from the the Los Angeles Police Department to the Feds. DEA agents Daniel [Darrell?] Garcia, Wayne Countryman, and John Jackson liberated 150 kilograms of heroin and sent it to New York by FedEx for sale. Two have plead guilty, and the third is on trial. 50% of police corruption cases in the US are drug related, according to the FBI. 32 DEA agents have been the target of internal investigations this year, 54 Federal agents [does that include the DEA agents?], 40 State Police, and 327 local policemen. There are approximately 17000 local police departments in the US. In Sea Girt, NJ, pop 2500, 20 local people were arrested in a drug dealing ring. These included 3 of the 12 police, Sgt Joseph Beaumont, Lt Robert Hindman, and Capt G Calusleri. School officials don't know how to explain to the children how these cops could preach their drug speech while dealing at the same time. There is a Justice Dept study of police corruption. 901022, London, KY. Lee County KY Sheriff Jonathan Mann is being held without bond in the Laurel County jail. He is charged with 19 counts of drug trafficking and extortion, and taking $85,000 in payoffs from drug traffickers posing as FBI agents. He is running the Sheriff's Office from jail, having appointed his wife as administrator. 901024, Monticello, KY, WFLW. Ed Reynolds was arrested by the Wayne County Sheriff last Friday with 24 pounds of processed marijuana. Rumors are that Reynolds was a Wayne County Special Sheriff's Deputy for Drug Operations. 901029, Los Angeles, CA(?), WTHL. The drug trafficking trial of DEA agents Daniel [Darrell?] Garcia, Wayne Countryman, and John Jackson is scheduled for next month. Witness Stewart testified on videotape that that for three years he sold drugs supplied by these DEA agents, shared two million dollars in profits with them, and took lavish vacations with their families. Witness Stewart testified on videotape because he was not expected to live long enough to testify in person. 901108, Somerset, KY, WFLW & WSEK. Ten year veteran Kentucky State Police Trooper David Dick was issued a criminal summons (not arrested) as the result of his superiors finding marijuana less than two ounces in the trunk of his cruiser Sunday. He claimed that this was leftover from an arrest and that he had forgotten about it. On Monday he resigned, according to Pulaski County attorney Fred Neikirk. On Thursday he pleaded guilty, was fined $25, and immediately had his conviction voided. His attorney was Larry Whittaker. Trooper Dick has been rumored to be involved in marijuana production and marketing for several years. See 861126. 901110, Wayne Co, KY, personal communication, MG. Ed Reynolds, a member of the auxiliary police ( or Monticello Police?), who lives at Gap of the Ridge near Fred West, had a pre-trial hearing (Thursday, 8 Nov ?) for possession of 25 pounds of processed marijuana. A trial is set for May. 901207, Lexington, KY. Former Fayette County Kentucky Sheriff Lonas Taulbee loses an appeal on conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. His grounds were that since he got caught before he was actually able to have the cocaine planted in the car of his Chief Deputy, he obviously was not distributing cocaine. Appeals on the charges of theft, misfeasance, and malfeasance for stealing from his office also failed. 901217, Lockerbie, Scotland, Primary source here is from Barron's, 12/17/90, "Unwitting Accomplices?" by Maggie Mahar. Lockerbie Pan Am bombing is linked to CIA heroin smuggling. Monzer Al-Kassar, a Syrian drugs and arms smuggler, had started a heroin-smuggling operation at the Frankfurt, Germany airport. Al- Kassar "reportedly received $1.2 million from a Swiss company controlled by Albert A. Hakim and retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Richard V. Secord." These folks, in turn, were part of the Iran- Contra network. More in WORMSCAN.& 910108~, St Regis, suburb of Louisville, KY, KET? St Regis policeman Bersot (Bursoe?) is accused of planting drugs & guns on David Trigley(sp?). Trigley's crime was to date the cop's ex-wife. Captain Eppeley deplored the accusation. See 920826 & 930320. [David Trigley may have been one of the cops. A David Tingley was involved with another drug planting case on Ricky Lee Pardu.] 910213, Detroit, MI, NPR. William Hart, the Police Chief of Detroit, MI, is accused of embezzlement and tax fraud for diverting 2.5M$ from the Police Department undercover narcotics fund to his own private businesses. Chief Hart is sentenced to suspension with pay. The Mayor deplores this racist attack on the Black community. /Similar charges have previously been made in Sep 88 and Dec 89. On 920827 they made it stick, 10 years' worth. 910306, IN, KET. Barbara Grier (or is it in Grier, IN?) is listed in serious condition after the cops invaded her house to arrest her boyfriend. The shot was meant for the dog, but missed, hitting her in the stomach. 910522, Detroit, MI, Paul Harvey. 10 cops and the niece of the mayor are arrested in an Detroit, MI, FBI sting. They thought that they were taking payoffs from the real drug dealers. 910530, Cleveland, OH, KNN. 30 police officials are caught in a FBI sting on drugs and gambling. This was reported by a Cleveland TV station, but no officials will make any official statements. MacNeil/Lehrer said that 47 cops including 30 current police officers, 4 former officers, and 13 others provided security services for illegal gambling and incidentally drug distribution, over two years. 910619, Frankfort, KY, KET. 5 marijuana plants were found growing in an apartment owned by Gary Faulkner, KY Drug Czar and Commander of The Governor's Marijuana Strike Farce. This time they believed the landlord when he said that he did not know of this activity and furthermore, he had no way of knowing. 60 more plants were found in another Frankfort indoor harvest. 910712, London, KY, KNN. In the trial of Jonathan Mann etc, evidence showed that informant David Richardson was paid $77,000 by the FBI for salary & expenses. His previous career was a marijuana dealer. 910716, London, KY, WSFC. John Quinn (or maybe Flynn?) of Lebanon, OH is Jonathan Mann's attorney. Mann has had a jailhouse conversion, and now has found God, who should forgive all his sins. Mann gave an interview to a Lexington newspaper, but this was declared insufficient to grant a mistrial. 910718, London, KY, WKYM. In the Mann et al trial, David Richardson is alleged to have killed fellow agents Doug & Brenda (Davidson?). But he passed a FBI lie detector test, and that's that. These allegations are adjudged to be irrelevant and not admissible as evidence. 910719, Nicholasville, KY, KNN. Former Lexington cop Murphy pleaded guilty to suffocating his wife and was given 20 years. 910731, London, KY, WSEK. Jonathan Mann etc trial prosecution finished. James [not David] Richardson of Owsley Co given as the marijuana dealer who cooperated with the FBI. The judge is Siler. 910816, London, KY, KNN. Late today a verdict was delivered in the drug conspiracy trial of Lee County Sheriff Jonathan Mann and Associates. I think that 5 of 6 were convicted on one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, but reports are very unclear. Sheriff Dean Spencer of Breathitt Co was the odd man. Five were convicted of conspiracy of extortion, and three were convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. 910821, Gridley, IL, Paul Harvey News. Judge Mark Dalton was found by Federal Drug Agents to have a commercial marijuana garden in his back yard. 910821, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW. Paul Eugene "Gene" Upchurch, age 44, is found shot dead by his pickup truck on the Millsap Mountain Road. 910826, Marshall Co, KY, KNN. Bruce E Buchanan, deputy jailor of Marshall Co, KY, is charged with marijuana trafficking in the county jail, and trafficking within 1000 feet of a school, since the school is only a block from the jailhouse. 910826, Laurel Co, KY, WSEK. The Robert Foley, age 56[?], of Harlan, alleged to have recently killed two brothers (& Harry Lynn Vaughn) and dumped their bodies into Sinking Creek is a FBI informant, according to an Ohio lawyer. A Federal judge issues a gag order on the subject. Foley's father and wife are arrested and alleged to have intimidated witnesses. 910924, Lexington, KY, KNN. Gregory Drake Wahl, a Fayette County Sheriff's Deputy, was arrested Monday for selling 1/4 pound of marijuana within 1000 feet of a school. 911101, Laurel Co, KY, WSEK. Ron Pool, FBI handler for "Operation Walking Short", the Jonathan Mann case, attempted to influence Judge Watson to release Robert Foley on murder charges. 911002, Clinton Co, KY, WMKZ, WKYM. Following a two year undercover investigation, the FBI arrested David M Stonecipher, 47; John Henry Cravens, 45; Anthony "Tony" Seratto, 39; and was attempting to find Paul A Brown; on charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana. The break came with a $14K sale by Stonecipher the previous Tuesday & Wednesday to a KSP agent. This Duvall Valley operation was a marijuana clearinghouse, exporting to GA, OH, IL. The FBI does not usually investigate mid-level drug dealers, but this was an exception. Capt Gary Lusher of the Bowling Green SP and Terry O'Connor of the FBI publicized the bust. Seratto is an 14 year veteran of the Albany police, and was charged with use of a firearm in a drug offense, an well as conspiracy. 911029, Laurel Co, KY, KNN. Robert Foley, 39, is arrested & pleads not guilty for the murder of four people found entombed in an abandoned septic tank since 1989. This was on a farm at Bald Rock, Laurel Co, owned by his father, and formerly owned by ___________, also alleged to have been murdered by Foley. Victims include Kimberly Bowersods (?) 20, of Ohio; and Calvin Reynolds, 22, of Laurel Co, KY. See also 910826 for rumor that Foley is a FBI protected informant. Note that Foley had aged -17 years during this unfortunate incident. See 940404. 911030, Breathitt Co, KY, KNN. After a two month investigation, Mike Goff of the Kentucky National Guard working in The Governor's Marijuana Task Force, is among 31 arrested for marijuana trafficking. According to Mike Powell, the Governor's mouthpiece, participants are carefully screened for drug use, criminal tendencies, and correct thinking before being allowed to participate in The Governor's Marijuana Task Force. 911101, Laurel Co, KY, WSEK. Ron Pool, FBI handler for Operation Walking Short, the Jonathan Mann case, attempted to influence Judge Watson to release Robert Foley on murder charges. 911105, Clinton Co, KY. Eddie Lovelace wins election for Circuit Judge. During the campaign, no mention is made of his suspension. However, new connections to the marijuana industry are alleged when Lovelace accepts a $500 contribution from an arrestee (Cravens?) in the 911002 FBI marijuana raids. 911121, Charleston, TN, KNN. Four of four police officers of Charleston, TN, are arrested for conspiring to have a town councilman arrested last year. Said harassee was investigating corruption in the police department. 920130, Laurel Co, KY, WSEK. Robert Foley was being handled by FBI agent "Ron Poole" at the marijuana arrest of Larry Vaughn. 920324, Knox Co, KY, WSEK. Sheriff Bingham & Judge-Executive Hampton wrote letters of recommendation of lenient sentences for growers of 300 pounds of marijuana in the Stinking Creek area. Also "Ron Poole" of the FBI is accused by Kathy Putnam, wife of his ex-partner, of buying drugs for cash and buying drugs without accompaniment. Pardner Putnam is presently serving 16 years for the murder of an informant rather than take responsibility for her pregnancy. Talk about screwing a confidential informant! 920504, The Nation, Alexander Cockburn, p582. A drug & gun trafficking operation thru Mena in western Arkansas was protected by Federal officials. A 1983 IRS drug smuggling & money laundering investigation by the Arkansas State Police, prime investigator Russell Welch, uncovered CIA connections, and was warned off by the FBI. Arkansas state agencies brokered loans to associated companies and interfered with investigations. Terry Reed was a pilot & contra trainer. 920509, Presidio Co, CA, Paul Harvey. The former Presidio County CA Sheriff is busted for cocaine trafficking. But there is no Presidio County in California. But Sheriff Rick Thompson of Presidio County, Texas, and his business partner Robert Chambers (a Senator?) have been sentenced to life in prison for cocaine smuggling according to Frontline, "What Happened to the Drug War?", 930206. I was really impressed by Sheriff Thompson's television adv for his tollfree drug smuggler hotline, 800 BE-ALERT. Apparently they were caught when another business partner reported them to the real cops. 920513, Harlan Co, KY, WMKZ. LeRoy Helton and Don Helton file a $12 million lawsuit against Sheriff Bill Redwine & 2 deputies for unlawful arrest in a 1988 drug raid. 920617, Florida, KNN. Florida Sheriffs have been shaking down people for multi millions of dollars under the guise of drug forfeiture. The people were never charged, but they never complained either. The rat got out of the bag when a woman was relieved of her Federal hurricane relief check. Rumors have it that this is a common practice everywhere. 920806, Kentucky, WMKZ. "Operation Walking Short" continues. Former Lee County Sheriff Jonathan Mann is accused of taking $40,000 in payoffs from phony drug dealers. The Feds are confiscating $132,000 in property as drug profits. Meanwhile, Sheriff Mann is serving 24 years 4 months in prison. Wolfe County Deputy Sheriff Wilson Stone was sentenced to 10 years 1 month. 920807, Nashville, TN, WKYU. Circuit Court Judge Thomas Brothers is indicted at Nashville, TN, for his part in laundering $1.3million in cocaine profits into several corporations. Also indicted are Russell Brothers, nephew of The Judge, and G Thomas Newell, their attorney. 920809, Clay Co, KNN. Marijuana claims another young victim. Melissa K Cotton (20) of Patterson, New Jersey, a Ft Campbell soldier, was killed in Clay Co, KY, as part of The Governor's Marijuana Task Force (GMTF). She was a passenger in a fuel tanker truck which ran off the road. The shoulder collapsed, and the truck rolled down a hill and into a tree. The truck was in the area supporting helicopters searching for marijuana. The claim was made on several newscasts that "The Army is not heavily involved in marijuana eradication". The GMTF score so far this year is about a half million plants. 920825, Floyd Co, KY, KNN. Floyd County Kentucky Deputy Sheriff Larry Newsome (45) plea bargains guilty to one of five counts of drug trafficking. He was charged with selling pills to an undercover agent. This must have happened a while ago, since a trial was scheduled for tomorrow. 920826, Louisville, KY, many including KNN, KET, WLKY, WAVE, WHAS. Four law officers are arrested on charges of violating the civil rights of Ricky Lee Pardu by planting cocaine and a silenced pistol in his car. Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Ron Pike was the mastermind of the operation. Saint Regis Police Captain Gary Epperly was the operations chief, and Saint Regis Policeman James Goodman his assistant. They were hired by Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff George Tingley, who supplied the cocaine. Pardu was arrested by Epperly and Goodman on 1 Nov 90. David Tingley, Charles Bookout, and John Bursoe were also involved. Epperly and Goodman were also questioned in the murder of State Policeman Johnny Eddrington with his own gun in Laurel County, but have not been charged. Pardu was believed because he was an informant passing information on activities of Special Security Services, an operation of the officers located on the Rest Haven Cemetery property. See 930225, 930723 920827, Detroit, MI, Paul Harvey. Detroit Police Chief William Hart is sentenced to 10 years for embezzlement and tax evasion for stealing millions of dollars which was supposed to have been used for undercover drug buys. 920829, Clinton Co, KY, KNN. Anthony Seratto is sentenced to 70 months for marijuana trafficking. Not mentioned was his occupation (Albany city cop) or the disposition of charges of use of a firearm in the commission of conspiracy to traffic in illegal drugs. 920911, Clay County, KY. Vicki ____ wins $70K lawsuit against Clay County jail for a BCS. While six months pregnant, her anus and vagina were searched with the same unlubricated glove. No contraband, but a nice infection anyway. 921030, Jessamine Co, KY, WSEK. Former Jessamine County Sheriff Steven Roy Walker, is given a one year diversion in lieu of a retrial on 35 counts in 1989 of illegally obtaining pain killers. This means that if Sheriff Walker stays clean for a whole year that his record will be wiped clean. Carl Forster, judge. 921113, Erlanger, KY, KNN & WSEK. Inspector David Woods (42) of the Erlanger, KY (suburb of Cincinnati, OH) police was arrested for selling confiscated drugs. The East Kentucky Task Force of DEA, FBI, KSP, ETC, charged Inspector Woods with drug trafficking and theft of government property after a five to six month investigation. 921123, Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY, WKYU, KNN. Circuit Court Judge Larry Collins was arrested on five bribery charges for taking $7,000 and some marijuana in return for protection of a marijuana dealer. This came after a one year Grand Jury investigation. When Judge Collins took over his office in January 92, he immediately dismissed a Grand Jury which was investigating corruption. 921212, Louisville, KY, KNN. A drug sweep in Louisville, KY, catches 24 drug dealers, including a Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff. Deputy Gerald LaMotte Gray was charged with two counts of marijuana trafficking. Also paraquat has just been declared safe and efficacious for use on homegrown marijuana. 921218, Comment on Kentucky, KET. ? Estep of Lexington Herald-Leader says that the value of the marijuana crop has been forced below the value of the tobacco crop in Kentucky this year, which is 900M$. [But on 921112, the harvest was claimed to be worth $1,300,000,000.] During the 80's, marijuana was usually of more value than tobacco, 1B$ in some years. Most is produced in southeastern Kentucky, Clay, Leslie, Laurel, Harlan, Whitley, McCreary, Wayne, Clinton counties. Prices this year are $1200 to $2600 per pound. Judge Collins has been suspended with pay after continuing to hold court after his arrest on bribery charges. Al Smith speculates as how the drug trade has caused a lot of corruption. 921226, Russell Co, KY, WSEK. Matthew Gene Roy, Russell Co, KY, Magistrate is arrested in Lake Charles, LA, for marijuana trafficking in a "routine traffic stop". 921230, Eastern KY, KNN. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the "Operation Walking Short" convictions of five Eastern Kentucky cops on assorted drug trafficking conspiracy charges. It does admit that maybe the punishment of Omer Noe was too harsh. 930127, Miami, FL, WSFC (ABC?). Three customs agents and an FBI agent are charged with drug trafficking, bribery, and money laundering in Miami, FL. 930128, Lexington, KY, KET. Former Lexington Police Officer Danny Murphy has his charges of use of a machine gun while drug trafficking overturned in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, OH. He still is in prison for murdering his wife. In a personal conversation with DPB at Rainbow 93, an individual volunteered that his brother-in-law was one of the fronts for Murphy, holding title to Murphy's estate in alternate years. Murphy beat the machine gun rap because the gun was in the attic and the pot was in a freezer in the basement, this being a sufficient distance that he could not be using his machine gun in perpetration of a drug crime. 930201. Ex-Miami cop Armando Garcia is on the FBI most-wanted list. This may be one of the Miami's Finest who was given a mistrial for robbing and killing cocaine smugglers. See 870202. 930209, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, WMKZ. Beattyville Chief of Police Omer Noe of Lee County, KY, is resentenced to 12 years 7 months in prison for his part in in the "Operation Walking Short" drug smuggling. The Appeals judge was Eugene Siler, who had originally tried Noe. Not that Noe doesn't deserve another 12 consecutive life sentences for hypocrisy, but has a judge ever overturned himself on appeal? 930225, Louisville, KY, KNN. Jefferson County policeman Ron Pike is convicted of possession of two automatic weapons. No mention of any connection with his planting drugs and weapons on Ricky Lee Pardu who was informing on their security service. See 920826, 930723. WSEK says that the trial for drug planting is scheduled for April 6. 930318, Lexington, KY, KET. Former Lexington, KY, police officer Danny Murphy is convicted of possession of a pistol while marijuana trafficking and sentenced to five years in prison. He was formerly acquitted of possession of a machine gun while engaged in his moonlight business. See 930128 & 910719 & 900822 & 900820 & 900816 & 900608. 930120, St Regis, KY, WKYU. St Regis Police Captain Epperly pleads guilty to planting drugs to facilitate the arrest of an inconvenient criminal. It is unclear whether this concerns the case of David Trigley or that of Ricky Pardu. See 920826 & 910108. 930226, Lebanon, KY, KNN. Three State Troopers bound and robbed Garry Mattingly and family near Lebanon, Marion County, KY. The authorities say that the armed robbers were actually phoney state police. There may be no connection, but the name Mattingly is famous in marijuana production. See 820000 & 920120. 930409, Lexington, KY, KET. Former (fired in 1979 for insubordination after 8 years of service) Lexington Police Officer Bill Canan is arrested by Federal Marshals on charges of drug trafficking and intimidation of a witness. Officer Canan allegedly bought 24 oz of cocaine and then threatened to kill Robert Scott, his supplier turned Federal Witness, if he squealed. This is part of an investigation ongoing for 1.5 years. Police Chief Walsh vows that he is "finally gonna clean up the Good Ole Boy Network" [his words]. See 850912, 930716. 930416, Lexington, KY, WSEK. Ella Flynn, mother of Melanie Flynn who was disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1977, claims police ineptitude & indifference. Mrs Flynn claims that she gave police many details of names, places, times, etc, which were ignored. She also claims that part of the case file was disappeared. Chief Walsh denies all these false allegations. This re-surfaced upon the arrest of Bill Canan former Lexington Police Officer on cocaine trafficking charges. Rumors at the time of Melanie Flynn's disappearance were that she knew too much about the Lexington Police drug trafficking. See 850912, 870112, 871123, 890225, 900820, 930409, Sally Denton, The Bluegrass Conspiracy, Doubleday, 1990. 930416, Covington, KY, WSEK. Undercover Narcotics Officer Randy Sebastian is charged with perjury for lying to obtain a search warrant on Dr Patricia Canfield. Officer Sebastian resigned when confronted. 930421, Lexington, KY, KET. Former Lexington Kentucky Police Officer Bill Canan is indicted on 14 counts. Charges include drug possession and distribution in '88, possession of a fake DEA ID, and possession of a pen gun and machine gun. His lawyer is Fred Peters. One of the character witnesses at the bail hearing was the same as for Danny Murphy. (See 900608, 900816, 900820, 900822, 910719, 930128, 930318). The Judge had enuf sense not to pay any attention to him this time. Officer Canan is ajudged to be a danger to the community and an escape risk. 930528, Christian County, KY, WKYU. Sheriff William Dillard has his conviction overturned on appeal. Thus he really did not partake in cocaine trafficking or take bribes for protection of the drug industry in his dominion. See 900118, 900823, 901011. 930624, Paducah, KY, WKYU. Captain William Gorden of the Narco Squad is fired for recording and reporting corruption in the drug unit by city manager Pennington. A whistle blower lawsuit is filed. 930626, Catletsburg, KY, WMKZ. Timothy Woods (39), a Kentucky Department of Forestry Ranger, is arrested for cultivation of marijuana, tending a patch on a hillside, while on duty in uniform. 930716, Lexington, KY, KET. Former Lexington Police Officer and accused cocaine trafficker Bill Canan has his 13 counts (didn't it used to be 14 counts?) dropped to 6 counts. Apparently he is still charged with threatening to kill a confidential informant. See 850912, 930409 930722, Paducah, KY, WSEK. The Western Kentucky Narcotics Unit "needs to restore credibility", and be moved out of Paducah city hall. The corruption ridden operation was funded by $220K in state money and $73K in local taxpayer extortions. 930723, Louisville, KY, WHAS-KET. Louisville, KY, police officers Ron Pike and James Goodman are convicted of planting cocaine on a Federal informant, George [wasn't it Ricky Lee?] Pardu. George Tingley was found not guilty. See 920826, 930225 930803, Kentucky, KNN? Just a piece of a story about someone agreeing to resign from the State Police in face of corruption charges. 930806, Harlan Co, KY, WMKZ. Howard Taylor, Harlan County Kentucky Jailor, is accused of stealing two pounds of marijuana from the Sheriff's evidence room. 930819, Laurel Co, KY, WMKZ. FBI Confidential Informant Robert Foley is to go on trial for the murder of Rodney (Robert) Vaughn and Harry Lynn Vaughn after being released from other murder charges upon request by FBI Handler "Ron Poole". 930819, Louisville, KY, WKYU. The sentence of David Tingley was ruled too lenient, even tho he testified for The State. David Tingley had turned State Witness against his brother Deputy Sheriff George Tingley in his trial for planting drugs on another narc. 930802, Laurel Co, KY, KNN. Robert Foley, confidential informant for the FBI, was convicted of the murder of Rodney and Harry Lynn Vaughn. The jury did not believe his claim of self defense. 930820, Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY, WSEK. Circuit Court Judge Larry Collins decides to plead guilty to bribery for taking marijuana to protect drug dealers, among other indiscretions. 930824, Whitesburg, KY, KNN. Letcher County Circuit Court Judge Larry Collins pleads guilty to bribery for extorting drugs and money from James Braddock. Several other charges are dropped. 930825, New York City, Paul Harvey. Calling themselves The Morgue Boys (their meeting place was in an old morgue), 35 of New York City's Finest preyed on drug dealers, robbing them of cocaine, guns and money. 930905, Paducah, KY, WKYU. The Western Kentucky Drug Task Force has been found to have been the subject of "loose management by the Paducah Police". Some Kentucky Cabinet Committee has investigated. 930916, Letcher Co, KY, WFLW. Howard Ratliff, Jr (49 or 59) of Kings Creek, Letcher Co, KY, was arrested while cutting more than 400 marijuana plants in a field behind his house. Officer Ratliff is a fifteen year veteran Forest Ranger. His uniform is being subjected to forensic analysis to determine if he wore it in his marijuana patch (apparently a greater crime). 930917, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY, many. Jim Greene, former High Sheriff of Jefferson County, Kentucky, goes for a six month vacation at Maxwell AFB (AL?) for tax evasion. Also $128,000 fine. He seemed bitter about it, complaining that he had made a deal for no prison time. He declared that, "My debt to society will be completely paid after this six months." This contradicts the three year probation. All they could make stick to Al Capone was tax evasion, too. 931019, London, KY, WSEK. Former Lexington, KY, Police Officer Bill Canan's trial started on 12 Oct. Today he took the witness stand and swore that he had never engaged in the trafficking of cocaine!! More to come, I expect. See 850912, 930409, 930716. He was eventually convicted on the cocaine trafficking and witness intimidation charges & not guilty on the weapons charge. 931104, Kentucky, KET-WAVE. Joseph Shawn Kelley and three other National Guard members of GMTF plead guilty to padding their expense accounts in last summer's War on Drugs. 931108, Evansville, IN, WKYU. A trial starts today at Vanderburgh Circuit Court for Richard Witlow (38), an Evansville, IN, narcotics agent. Witlow is charged with attempted bribery, attempted theft, and theft. Witlow solicited $100,000 to disappear evidence from Harris Roach, father of Tocio Roach, who was convicted of cocaine trafficking along with his wife. The FBI was present at the cash pickup. Witlow is also accused of stealing $6500, a semiautomatic pistol, and a gold bracelet while searching the home of Edward Cooper. 931113, Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY, WKYU. Circuit Court Judge Larry Collins is sentenced to five years for taking a bribe to protect drug dealers. Also some other official has been implicated. See 921123, 921218, 930820, 930824. 931129, Caracas, Venezuela, USN&WR, p37. "At play in the fields of the spies". A somewhat confusing story about a CIA operation in Caracas. CIA case officer Mark McFarlin cooperated with Gen Ramo'n Guille'n Da'vila, the head of the National Guard antinarcotics unit. Guille'n told DEA & CIA officials in Nov 1991 that he had cooperated with two "unauthorized" shipments of cocaine to the United States. The 940704 USN&WR p 41 reports this as "knowingly allowing several shipments of cocaine from Venezuela to the United States." 931215, ???, Paul Harvey. Some cops somewhere got caught stealing money from drug dealers. Chief Kelley declares that he will root out corruption. 931216, Lexington, KY, WSEK. Lexington Police Officer Bill Canan has his convictions on cocaine trafficking, intimidation of witnesses, and carrying a false DEA badge upheld. 931228, NYC, NY, NPR. Judge Milton Mullins (sp) Commission releases a preliminary report on New York City Police corruption, drug trafficking, police brutality, etc. Judge Clean Hand decries the "Blue wall of silence". 940104, Lexington, KY, KET. Horrace Inman, 15 year veteran of the Lexington Police Force, is charged with felony possession of cocaine. The Police Department has no further comment. 940202, San Juan, Puerto Rico, "FBI This Week" (radio spot). Victor Zapata was arrested in Puerto Rico. The FBI claims to have been surveilling Victor Zapata for three years. Armando Garcia was arrested about two weeks ago in Columbia. These are ex Miami Police Officers wanted for racketeering, corruption, and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. Garcia was on the prestigious FBI 10 Most Wanted List. No mention of assisting the suicide of drug smugglers. See 861024, 870207, 880105. 940218, Lee County, KY, KNN. Lee County, KY, Sheriff Brandenburg passes a lie detector test, proving that he was not responsible for the disappearance of 1650 marijuana plants worth $100,000 [must be real little plants] from evidence. This merited attention because his predecessor was Sheriff Mann, presently serving time for extortion and cocaine trafficking. 940222, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, WKYU, WSEK. Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury last Friday on charges of conspiracy to distribute hundreds of pounds of Mexican and domestic marijuana. Their market was southeastern and eastern United States. 25 others were also arrested, tho no names were given. As of 22 Feb, Sheriff Brandenburg was being held without bond. The Federal investigation has been ongoing since Sheriff Mann was caught. See 940404. 940222, CIA Headquarters, MacNeil-Lehrer, KET. 940310, WSJ. Aldrich Ames and his wife Maria are arrested on charges of being Soviet spies in the CIA. Ames was head of the CIA narcotics intelligence for the Black Sea countries. Some think that the cash ($2.5 million at last count) did not all come from the Soviet KGB. 940223, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, WSEK. Sheriff Brandenburg is released on $25,000 bail on drug conspiracy charges. Strangely, the charges are now cocaine trafficking. 940312, Hazard, KY, WSEK. Kentucky State Police Narcotic Officer Mark Lopez is indicted on five charges of forgery. What he forged was another officer's signature on reports on how he used money which was supposed to be used for undercover drug buys. He was also reprimanded for taking home ("I didn't steal it! Honest!!") vehicles seized in drug raids. 940317, Philadelphia, PA, AP. Two FBI agents are wounded, but they killed two criminals and wounded two others in a drug raid in Philadelphia, PA. 940317, WV?, WSEK. Over 70 criminals are having their cases reinvestigated after eight years because a State Police Forensics "Expert" falsified the evidence. Is this the Fred Zain who was acquitted on an assortment of perjury charges 951209? More in WORMSCAN.& 940318, Middlesboro, KY, KNN, WKYU, WSEK. Two Middlesboro, KY, city police and another former policeman are among eight charged with drug trafficking. This is the result of a FBI sting called "Operation Broken Shield". The investigation started October 92. Steeley Arlis Barnett and Garrett Russell are the greedy cops. Their business included OH, PA, and TN as well as Kentucky. 940401, WSEK. The FBI had wiretapped the home phone of Officer Barnett. 940326, Dorchester, Boston, MA, CNN. Hazaline (Acelynne?) Williams, a 75 year old retired minister died under the attentions of 13 narcotics agents who raided his home. No drugs were found. It is unknown what merited this attention. 940326, Miami, FL, CNN. Renee De Lacoma, a DEA agent who busted Manuel Noriega has been convicted of keeping $250,000 for himself. 940328, Boston, MA, NPR. Rev Williams was handcuffed and thrown to the floor. This was considered necessary, even tho he was a frail 75 year old. After ransacking his apartment and finding no drugs, it was noticed that the perpetrator had died choking on his own vomit. William's crime was to have his address confused with that of a drug dealer fingered by a confidential informant. The police have apologized to his widow, but maintain that because their informant was right twice before, they were within their rights. They even said that this shows just how dangerous drugs are to the community! 940404, Madison Co, KY, KET. Twice convicted murderer and sometimes FBI Confidential Informant Robert Foley (37) [still 37?] is on trial (moved to Madison Co) for the murder of four more persons in 89. [So that's before the Vaughn murders, & while he was working for the FBI?] Three bodies from Van Wert, Ohio, Kimberley Bowersocks (20), Lillian Cantini (26), and Jerry McMillan (36) and one from Laurel Co, KY, Calvin Reynolds (22) were found in the septic tank on a burnt-out farm near Baldrock in western Laurel County, KY. On September of 93, Foley was convicted of murder for disposing of two other persons who had become inconvenient to his operations. He was also earlier convicted in a single murder. See 911029 940404, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, KET. Irvine Shouse (32), a prospective witness to the theft of pot from the Lee Co jail has unexpectedly become dead. No other reason for his demise was apparent. Sheriff Brandenburg is out on bond on charges of conspiracy to traffic in drugs. See 940222. 940411, Mt Vernon, KY, KNN. It has been determined by a county jury that Gary Shepherd forced the confrontation with GMTF, justifying his execution. But see a letter from his family's attorney in WORMSCAN.& Date: Thu Dec 01, 1994 9:07 am CST 940415, Harlem, NYC, NY, Paul Harvey. Twelve cops were caught in a sting operation. Mostly night shift officers were buying and selling drugs and guns. One Officer was caught on video tape buying a kilogram of cocaine for $10,000. 940420, Mena, AR, WSJ. "On the Mena Trail" by Edward Jay Epstein. CBS News recently focused two segments of "Eye on America" on Mena, AR. 1) In Reagan years, local airstrips were used to supply Contras. Supposedly Lt-Col Oliver North supervised the operations. 2) Reputedly cocaine was brought back on return trips, over 20 tons. Barry Seal was a pilot and government informant. 3) Money laundering of $9 million per week. 4) The strange lack of interest in the foregoing by the "Justice" Department. _Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA_ by Terry Reed and John Cummings reports on the alleged conspiracy. 940429, Barbourville, Knox Co, KY, KNN. Senator Tom O'Dell Smith's conviction is upheld for solicitation of a $10,000 bribe for his efforts to reduce the sentence of a drug dealer. Senator Smith offered his services to the wife of the unfortunate citizen. 940504, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, KNN. Beattyville, KY, Chief of Police Townsend is suspended following the strange death of drug dealer in Lexington who had implied involvement with the disappearance of marijuana from evidence. 940504, Louisville, KY, KNN. There is an investigation of police drug tactics as a result of the attack on a black police officer mistaken for a drug dealer a couple weeks ago. 940505, Leslie Co, KY, KET. Deputy Sheriff Lyn Doyle Parr and Roger Wells were sentenced for protecting marijuana dealers. 940506, Middlesboro, KY, KET. Middlesboro Policeman Garrett Lee Russell was given a postponement of his trial for running a multi-state marijuana trafficking ring. 940515, West Harlem, New York City, National Public Radio, All Things Considered, Jim Zorowley (sp?). The latest New York City cop scandal is 14 cops in the 30th precinct arrested and more to go for robbing drug dealers, shooting a man in custody, etc. The Knapp (sp?) Commission investigated systemic corruption, especially in the narcotics business. Also a Mallen (sp?) Commission last October. A "Blue Wall of Silence" was found where officers lied to protect each other. Also referenced was the 77th precinct in Brooklyn where in 86, 12 cops were stealing and selling drugs. 940518, Thailand, Paul Harvey. Ten politicians, including six present members of Parliament, are accused of drug dealing. 940601, Middlesboro, KY, KNN. Middlesboro Police Officer James Patterson pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking. Sentencing is scheduled for August. Note that as of 941104 he was still running loose and still doing coke. 940604, Louisville, KY, KNN. FBI Agent Withers is accused of heroin trafficking. He reputedly stole 100 pounds of heroin from the evidence room and sold it to dealers who were under FBI surveillance. Solicitations were by telephone and mail, and payment was to various Post Office boxes. Much of the evidence was found in a relative's home in Louisville, KY. 940610, Beattyville, Lee County, KY, KET? Sheriff Brandenburg is real careful when he busts 123 marijuana plants. He is under indictment for trafficking in marijuana confiscated last year. 940614, Hazard, KY, WKYU, KNN. A internal investigation hearing in Frankfort was indefinitely postponed for another of Kentucky's Finest yesterday. Hazard Post Kentucky State Police Officer Mark Lopez (28) is accused of stealing $2000 [not clear if of or in addition to] marijuana from evidence and threatening to kill an informant. WSEK says that an informant got $450, but Officer Lopez claimed $2475 in his report. No mention of how much marijuana he scored. 940621, Louisville, KY, KET\WHAS. Louisville Police Officer George Bell is busted for cocaine possession. 940628, Beattyville, KY, Kentucky Tonight, KET. Beattyville Police Chief Townsend is finally fired after being on suspension with pay since May. The fate of the 16,000 marijuana plants which were disappeared under his care is still unknown. 940707, New York City, NY, NPR. The (Judge Jim) Mollen (sp) Commission Report has been released documenting years of highly organized police corruption. Gangs of Our Finest rushed to crime scenes to collect the booty. They also used police equipment to break and enter and burglarize. They protected narcotics dealers, stole and resold narcotics and handguns (New York has a "Sullivan Law" prohibiting private ownership of handguns). When investigated, they lied and perjured. Honest(?) police and supervisors chose to ignore this. Three former Police Commissioners, including present National Drug Czar Lee Brown, "showed a willful blindness to corruption". The extent of this corruption is unknown, but "everywhere we looked for it, we found it". Suggestions on cleaning up NYC Police are hotly contested by the department. 940707, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY, WKYU. A NCIC All Points Bulletin is out for Special Deputy Badges issued by Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Green. Sheriff Green is presently serving time for tax evasion (he didn't report the money he extorted from his deputies). 940712, Eastern Kentucky, WKYU, WMKZ. An unnamed Eastern Kentucky man (25) pleaded guilty to selling marijuana within 1000 yards of a school in the Mexican dilution connection. He was sentenced to 8 months in jail. The real target is Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg. 940727, Lexington & Beattyville, KY, WSEK. Deceased drug dealer Irvine Shouse (32) died 03 Apr 94 of acute cocaine and diamulid (sp?) (a strong cancer painkiller) poisoning. No fowl [sick] play is suspected! Shouse claimed that Beattyville Police Chief Townsend tried to sell him part of the 1600 marijuana plants which were disappeared from evidence and mysteriously reappeared in his car trunk, but didn't live long enough to tell that to a jury. 940804, Middlesboro, KY, KNN. Former Middlesboro Police Chief Steeley Barnett and sidekick Gerald Pratt, superintendent of the streets department now want to plead guilty to federal drug trafficking charges. 940805, Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY, KNN. The Grand Jury is ready to indict 50 jailors and employees of the Jefferson KY County jail on charges of drug smuggling within the jail. 940906, Pikeville, KY, WKYU. The trial of Lee County, KY, Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg is scheduled to start today in Pikeville. Sheriff Brandenburg is accused of importing cheap Mexican marijuana to adulterate his higher quality domestic product. 940906, Pikeville, KY, KET. George Nobel, Jr, of Breathitt County pleas guilty in the Mexican adulteration operation. He is the fourth of seven to plea guilty. He got seven years. Sheriff Brandenburg still maintains his innocence. 940907, Pikeville, KY, KNN. Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg is said to have taken payments of "thousand of dollars per month" to protect the drug operations in his county, starting shortly after he was elected and ending in June 94 as his operation was taken down by federal action. 940909, Pikeville, KY, WKYU. Three more codefendants plead guilty in the Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg marijuana adulteration trial. 940909, Pikeville, KY, KNN. Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg is given a mistrial. The reason given is that his co-conspirators have all plead guilty, and it looks bad for him. 940912, London, KY, KNN, WSEK. The drug trial of Middlesboro Officer Garrett Lee Russell starts today. He is accused of three counts of dealing in cocaine, marijuana, and pain killers, 1 count of possession, 2 of use of a firearm in the commission of drug dealing. He was arrested in March in "Operation Broken Shield", after a 20 month investigation. He is accused of also being a USER, using, dealing and letting his customers use in his cruiser. All of his co-conspirators have pleaded guilty , but this apparently is not sufficient for a mere city cop to be given a mistrial. 940916, London, KY, WSEK. Middlesboro City Police Officer Garrett Lee Russell claims that FBI Informant Benny Meyers gave him free cocaine, and then demanded that Orificer Russell supply him with other drugs. He carried a firearm during these drug transactions because it was part of his uniform. 940916, London, KY, WKYM. Middlesboro Kentucky City Police Officer Garrett Lee Russell is convicted of drug dealing charges, but not of the use of a firearm in the commission of a drug crime charges. 941022, New Orleans, LA, Washington Post. Oliver North claims to have told the DEA of a Nicaraguan Contra supply plane returning with cocaine in 1985. Unfortunately, the DEA claims that there is no evidence that they were ever contacted. More in WORMSCAN.& 941103, This file distributed to Dan Drumm 941104, Middlesboro, KY, KNN. Middlesboro, KY, policeman James Patterson was sentenced to 16 months for drug trafficking. Since he is still using cocaine while free on bond, Judge ______ ordered him to prison immediately. 941117, Somerset, KY, WMKZ. Former Wayne County resident Tim Gregory (29) of 232 March St, Somerset, KY, was arrested for the 1991 murder of Gene Upchurch. Upchurch had been found shot in his truck near Mt Pisgah, Wayne Co. Rumors had it that he was a special confidential informant for the Wayne County Sheriff. 941211, New Orleans, LA, Reuter. Nine New Orleans police officers, including one arrested earlier for ordering a murder, were indicted for drug trafficking by a federal grand jury Wednesday. The officers were charged with protecting the storage and movement of more than 130 kilograms of cocaine. Indicted are: Len Davis, Davis' patrol partner, Sammy L. Williams Jr., Christopher Evans, Adam E. Dees, Sgt. Carlos Rodriguez, Keith Johnson, Brian K. Brown, Sheldon Polk and Larry Smith Jr., a juvenile division officer. More in WORMSCAN.& 941213, Mexico City, Wall Street Journal. _Garcia Is Enemy in Mexican War on Drugs: Cartel Lord Protects Empire With Bribery and Violence_, by Paul B Carroll and Dianne Solis. Juan Garcia Abrego is doing from $10 billion to $20 billion per year in cocaine trafficking. Bribes to officials are millions of dollars per month, including to Deputy Attorney General Javier Coello Trejo in 1989 and 1990. Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni, former top narcotics chief in the federal judicial police amassed $6 million. Interestingly, witnesses have now recanted their stories. As an example of the "gateway theory", Garcia started by smuggling whiskey, graduated to marijuana, and then cocaine. 950124, Honduras, Reuters. A groups of airline workers and passengers filed suit charging they were imprisoned and tortured in Honduras in 1991 because US officials botched a drug sting and then waited over a week before seeking their release. The DEA hid 100 pounds of cocaine on a Belize Air International flight from Miami to Central America without informing the airline, the crew or local governments. The cocaine was discovered when the plane touched down in Honduras and all on board were arrested in what was touted as a Honduran government Drug War victory. The group was subjected to 12 days of prison and torture, including electric shocks and beatings with rubber hoses, before the USA finally acknowledged that the DEA had placed the coke on the plane. 950206, Beattyville, Lee County, KY, KNN. The day before their trial in Pikeville, Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenberg and two co-conspirators plead guilty on one charge of obstruction of justice in interference with a Federal Drug Investigation. But they are now NOT guilty on charges of taking bribes to protect the illegal drug business. 950216, NPR. The US military cost last year for its share of The Drug War was $13billion, mostly spent in Latin America. Gen. Barry R McCaffrey, head of the U.S. Southern Command encompassing all of Latin America, said that despite a well organized and costly counter-drug operation, ``these current efforts are not achieving their purpose.'' 950218, Floyd Co, KY, WSEK. Deputy Judge-Executive James Stumbo, son of Floyd County Judge-Executive John Stumbo, pleads guilty to drug dealing. 950304, Lexington, KY, WSEK. (Former) Lexington Policeman and cocaine dealer Bill Canan loses his appeal. He claimed that the search warrant was based on old information, and the evidence should be suppressed. Also his diary of cocaine transactions deciphered on videotape by a confidential informant held, even tho the informant was subsequently deceased. His 17 year 8 month sentence is said to stand. Also, Lexington's biggest (for a while) cocaine haul resulted from the arrest of one of the criminals from this weeks crack dealer collection. 950313, Honduras, Chicago Sun Times. * In March a federal judge awarded $871,000 in damages to six Belize nationals on the payroll of U. S. drug agents. The six had been hired to fly cocaine to Miami in order to sting the drug runners who would meet the plane, but at a scheduled stopover in Honduras, the cocaine was detected by Honduran officials, who arrested the six and subjected them to 12 days of torture before U. S. officials were able to intercede. [Chicago Sun Times, 3-13- 95] 950407, New York City, NY, NY Times. Three more cops arrested in the 30th Precinct of New York City on charges of robbing drug dealers. This brings the total to 33, out of a possible 192 officers, or 17% crooked. See 951207, 960105, 960110, 960112. More in WORMSCAN.& 950414, Puerto Rico. Big stink about drug trafficking corrupting Puerto Rican politicians. More in WORMSCAN.& 950422, London, KY, WSEK. Six time murderer and sometimes FBI Special Informant Robert Foley has another murder to his credit. Robert Tucker, beaten to a pulp by Foley has finally died from his injuries. Also there is a victim of another assault in 89. Foley demands a speedy trial, but the judge says that six death sentences are sufficient. 950502, Beattyville, KY, WKYU. Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenberg goes to federal prison for nine months for interfering with a drug investigation. But he got off on the drug trafficking charges. 950510, Beaver Dam, Dodge Co, WI, Wisconsin State Journal. Scott Bryant (29) was killed by Dodge County Sheriff Detective Robert Neuman. Neighbors claim that the door was kicked down without warning and Bryant immediately shot. The cops claim that they knocked and announced that they had a warrant for marijuana, but Detective Neuman also claims that he does not remember shooting Bryant! More in WORMSCAN.& 950531, Breathitt County, KY, KNN. Breathitt County, KY, Deputy Sheriff Larry Smith sentenced to 80 months and a $25,000? fine for marijuana distribution. 950606, Cali, Columbia, MacNeil-Lehrer. Bunch of indictments in the Cali cocaine cartel, which is credited with 80% of the cocaine in the United States. The total is 60 (?), mostly Columbians, who will not be extradited. The biggest catch is Michael Abbell, former US Justice Official Head of International Affairs prosecuting cocaine suppliers in Columbia, who retired and became a lawyer for the cartel. Donald Ferguson, another US Justice Official (?). A total of seven lawyers were caught, two who were former US Justice Officials, two others, and three who have already pleaded guilty. More in WORMSCAN.& See 971028, 980721 950610, New York City, AP, WKYU. New York City Police Chief promises to clean up corruption in The Force! 950608, Arizona. Unlawful arrest based on "computer error" does not lead to exclusion of evidence, at least drug evidence. More in WORMSCAN.& 950623, Latin America, NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor. Cocaine and other drugs represent a large segment of agricultural production in the Americas and a significant aspect of international commerce. In 1993, in Colombia alone, coca planting was estimated at 42,000 hectares, with an additional 20,000 hectares in poppies and 6-8,000 hectares in marijuana. The Colombian government claims that coca and other drug production has doubled since 1993, due to defense of producers by guerrillas, who charge a tax for protecting growers, laboratories, and air fields. More in WORMSCAN.& 950623, Philadelphia, PA, Inquirer. Fifteen more drug cases overturned due to Philadelphia cops planting the evidence. The arresting officers in the cases - five former 39th District policemen - all have admitted they lied about drug arrests and searches in the North Philadelphia district between 1988 and 1991, and have pleaded guilty to federal charges. See 880601, 950623, 960120. More in WORMSCAN.& 950624, Mexico City, CBS, WBBM. Mexican drug kingpin and 35 federal police are arrested by Mexican army. 950700, Mena, AR, Penthouse. Report of drug smuggling into Mena, AR, by Barry Seal. Vast quantities of cocaine were imported under the protection of our CIA. See WORMSCAN.& and MENA 950704, NYC & Miami FL, MacNeil-Lehrer. Interview with Michael Dowd, former New York City cop, now in prison (20 years?) in Miami, FL. New York's Finest admits that he ripped off drug dealers for money and drugs, and used and sold cocaine, among other acts not normally part of the job of the police. Dowd brags how easy it was to lie and be covered by the other cops. He admits to hundreds of illegal acts, and could have done hundreds of times that. He admits to beatings, but no killings. 950705, Yuma, AZ, NPR. Yuma, AZ, Sheriff Deputy Jack Hudson shot and killed two other deputies. All were part of a drug task farce. Reasons for the executions are pending. 950712, Columbia, KY, WSEK. Adair County, KY, Magistrate Jeff Miller (34) was arrested yesterday. Magistrate Miller was stopped for no license plate, but fled. He was finally stopped on the Columbia Town Square. He was found to have a large quantity of marijuana, cocaine, crack, and prescription drugs, as well as guns and money. 950719, Chicago, IL, Sherman Skolnick. Sherman Skolnick claims in Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 5 Num. 60 By 1986, the First National Bank of Chicago (a Rockefeller entity) had loaned billions and billions of dollars to mainland China which reneged on their promises to pay back in gold. To help China pay, the CIA and the Bank arranged for massive amounts of "China White", high purity heroin, to be smuggled in through Joliet, just south of Chicago. Supervising this was Bush's crony, Jim Thompson, Illinois Governor until 1990. The "China White" deluge is handled by Te-Wu in the U.S. and by a secret unit in the Chicago-based law firm, Winston & Strawn, of which Thompson is chairman. 950730 From: Dr. Linda D. Thompson - American Justice Federation * 61 percent of federal inmates are confined for drug offenses. * Of the rest, 10 percent of federal inmates are confined for robbery, 9 percent are serving time for firearms & explosives offenses. 950720, San Antonio, TX, UPI. Two high-ranking officials of the Maverick County Sheriff's Department were arrested by federal agents Thursday on drug distribution charges. Maverick County Chief Deputy Rudy P. Rodriques and Jail Administrator Miguel A. Omana were taken into custody without incident in Eagle Pass. A federal grand jury indicted the pair on a variety of charges, including conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin, cocaine and marijuana, and aiding and abetting in the possession of drugs. More in WORMSCAN.& 950707, Yuma, AZ, AP. Sheriff's Deputy Jack Hudson was charged with murdering Yuma police Lt. Dan Elkins and Sgt. Mike Crowe of the state Department of Public Safety. This member of the elite drug task force was caught by the deceased while stealing confiscated guns and drugs. A third officer escaped to talk about it because Hudson's gun jammed. More in WORMSCAN.& 950803, Bogota, Columbia, Reuter. BOGOTA, Aug 3 (Reuter) - Thirty officers stationed at Bogota's international airport have been arrested and accused of helping cocaine couriers thwart airport security in return for big bribes, the CMI television news programme reported Wednesday evening. A National Police official confirmed to Reuters that the colonel in charge of airport security -- Leonel Mendoza -- and an unspecified number of airport police had been suspended from their jobs pending an investigation. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, declined to comment further, saying the matter was in the hands of prosecutors. CMI said police at the airport, who search passengers boarding flights abroad for drugs and use sniffer dogs to check baggage, allegedly took payments from traffickers in return for allowing travelers carrying narcotics to board international flights. The scandal was uncovered when five police officers who refused to participate in the scam were fired from their airport jobs by the colonel and decided to tell the prosecutor's office what was going on, CMI added. Prosecutors ordered surveillance of the airport police, uncovered the bribery and immediately ordered the arrest of 30 police accused of involvement, CMI said. Colombia is the world's top exporter of cocaine, one of the biggest sellers of marijuana and a growing player in the heroin trade. Large amounts of cocaine and heroin are smuggled out of the country concealed in the luggage or bodies of couriers paid by drug barons. 950805, Sydney, Australia, Reuter. A serving drug squad police officer, George Sabados, 27, of Sydney, was among 18 people arrested on Friday in what a police spokesman said could prove to be Australia's largest-ever drug haul. Several tonnes of cannabis resin originating in the Middle East, as well as illegal firearms, were seized from several boats in the tourist town of Hervey Bay, 250 km (155 miles) north of Brisbane on Australia's east coast, a spokesman for the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said. More in WORMSCAN.& 950813, Latin America, SD UNION. Ex DEA Agent Celerino Castillo recants. While stationed in Central America, Castillo kept records on planes used in the U.S.-Contra resupply operation at Ilopango Air Force Base in El Salvador---arriving with guns and departing to the United States with cocaine from Columbia. He claims that on January 14, 1986, he forewarned then Vice President George Bush of the U.S. government involvement in narcotics-trafficking. Had Castillo testified at the Iran-Contra hearings, he says North would have gone to jail and both Bush and President Reagan would have been impeached. Castillo says that on the basis of his work, he is convinced that drug money is what finances U.S. covert operations world wide. He believes that despite the "War on Drugs," there are more drugs coming into the United States today than 15 years ago and estimates that at least 75 percent of all narcotics enter the country with the acquiescence of or direct participation by U.S. and foreign intelligence services. It is they who must be held accountable for the flood of drugs on our streets today, he says. More in WORMSCAN.& 950819, Floyd County, KY, WKYU, KNN. Kentucky State Police raided the home of former Kentucky Supreme Court Judge Dan Jack Combs and produced 4 ounces of processed marijuana, one marijuana plant growing in a container, rolling papers, pipes, and scales. Judge Combs says that he has no idea of how such things might have gotten into his home. Really! Judge Combs retired in 1993 because of a "memory disorder". By 950822, His Honor Combs has decided that State Police have framed him by planting the evidence on him. More in WORMSCAN.& 950822, Pikeville, KY, WSEK. Pike County, KY, Judge Charles Huffman III pleads guilty to extorting drugs from Vivian Adams. His Honor Huffman demanded loracet (lorazepam??) for quashing drunken driving arrest. His Honor is subject to a twenty year prison sentence. 950825, Floyd County, KY, WKYU. Former Kentucky Supreme Court Judge Hiz Honner Dan Jack Combs now says that he uses marijuana to help him sleep. His memory disorder must have made him forget his previous claims. The first story was that he had no idea of how this diabolical substance could have appeared in his house. Then he claimed that the cops planted it. Stay tuned for the next story. 950826, Floyd County, KY, WSEK. Former Kentucky Supreme Court Judge Hiz 'Onher Dan Jack Combs now claims that he did not smoke marijuana while he was judging pot smokers. His insomnia began after he retired, and a friend suggested the evil weed. Stay tuned for the next claim. 950831, Cleveland, OH, AP. County Judge Michael Gallagher who favored legalizing drugs was indicted on cocaine charges after offering the drug to an undercover federal agent. More in WORMSCAN.& 950907, Atlanta, GA, Paul Harvey. Six cops in Atlanta are charged with stealing money while searching suspects and taking bribes to protect drug dealers. 950911, Washington, DC, Washington Weekly, Sarah McClendon. At a White House press conference, Sarah McClendon hypothesizes that drug money is financing the political campaigns of both Republicans and Democrats. More in WORMSCAN.& and MCCLENDN 950913, Somerset, KY, WSEK. The Somerset narcs have $25,000 left over which they must spend or loose it. They want a sniffer dawg, among other toys. 950913, Knott County, KY, WSEK. State Police Paul Sandlin was seriously burned while trying to burn some marijuana at Big Branch, near Hindman. 950914, Floyd County, KY, WSEK. Former Hiz 'Onher Dan Jack Combs says that he still smokes marijuana, in a WTVQ interview. His attorney says that Judge Combs has a memory disorder, and thus may not really mean it. 950915, ,,. FBI chemist claims that FBI evidence is falsified. Special Agent Frederic Whitehurst claims that evidence is rigged or slanted to produce the desired results. Personal observation of David Perry Beiter, Analytical Chemist, US Army, 1966. The way that it was done in my lab was that The Boss (a psychic chemist) would reanalyze some of the tests in the privacy and security of his office. The offending bench chemist never saw these new and improved results. This falsification of chemical analyses was defended on grounds that it assured the uninterrupted supply of petroleum products to The Army of The Government of The United States of America. "And the Ends shall justify the Means." 950921. In a story about Gen Colin Powell friends, mention is made of the role of Richard Armitage, George Bush, Nugan Hand Bank, and the CIA in heroin smuggling. More in WORMSCAN.& 950923, San Diego Union-Tribune. Former DEA agent Celerino Castillo stated that he and three other ex-narcs were willing to testify before Rep. Robert Toricelli's proposed subcommittee on the intelligence community and human rights violations in Guatemala and Central America regarding the extent of direct involvement by the Central Intelligence Agency in international drug trafficking. The estimate he gave the newspaper was that approximately 75 per cent of the drugs that enter the United States do so with the acquiescence or direct participation of U.S. and foreign CIA agents. But this story has been around longer than has the War On Drugs. More in WORMSCAN.& 950923, Pacifica Radio Network, Daniel Sheehan interview. Daniel Sheehan of the Christic Institute claims that the CIA has assets working as reporters at most of the major media, under the name "Operation Mockingbird". More in WORMSCAN.& 950922, Tuscon, AZ, Reuter via pshe. A Mexican immigration official has been arrested after crossing the border with 233 pounds of cocaine hidden in his car, the U.S. Border Patrol in Tucson announced Friday. (Reuter) 950926, Nashville, TN, The Tennessean. Joining more than 60 other Federal judges, U.S. District Judge Thomas Wiseman spoke up in opposition to this country's "war on drugs" in an interview with The Tennessean. Judge Wiseman said that "We've spent $100 billion on the war on drugs and we're losing it." Wiseman recommends that the U.S. should legalize drugs. That, he says, is the only real way to win the war. "If you take the profit out of it, nobody will be pushing it. Wiseman, a 17 year veteran of the federal bench, said that when President Bush escalated the war on drugs in 1989 [Omnibus Crime Bill, Asset Forfeiture, DARE educational programs, Partnership for a Drug Free (sic) America, Mandatory minimum prison sentences, etc....-ed.], the country not only lost the battle, but also, "We've just about lost a generation of young people," he told The Tennessean. 950929, ??, ABC, WSEK. Another bunch of cops somewhere charged with drug trafficking. 950930, Muskogee, OK, AP. Choctaw County Sheriff J.W. Trapp took more than $150,000 to protect drug operations, in some cases by warning alleged drug dealers about federal investigation, according to a federal indictment handed up Thursday. Sheriff Trapp was convicted on 951209. More in WORMSCAN.& 951011, Monticello, Wayne Co, KY, Outlook. Circuit Judge Eddie C Lovelace is honored as The Outstanding Trial Judge of the Year, the Henry V Pennington Award of the Kentucky Association of Trial Attorneys. Quite a improvement from being reprimanded and suspended from the practice of law by the Feds for interfering with the Clinton County marijuana cultivation case against Clinton County Court Clerk Lloyd Stockton. Then again, maybe he is honored to be protecting his own kind. 951017, Mena, AR, Orlin Grabbe. Operation Black Eagle, under Oliver North, trafficked arms and drugs with Central America. Secure airfields used were Mena, AR; Fire Lakes, NV; Joppa, MO; and Iron Mountain, TX. Personnel were Oliver North, Navy Lt. Commander Alexander Martin, Major General Richard Secord, Felix Rodriquez, and Jeb Bush (son of Vice-President Bush). More in WORMSCAN.& 951018, Atlanta, GA, WSB. Police Lieutenant Carl Angel of Bowden(?) is arrested on drug trafficking charges. In addition to the cocaine, Lt Angel was relieved of over $10,000 in jewelry and guns. Lt Angel claims that he was set up, framed, had evidence planted on him, etc, because he was the new Police Chief Apparent. Either way, it is an interesting example of "Your Cops at Work". 951008, Herndon, VA, Ralph McGehee. Distributing CIABASE of covert CIA operations. Claims police harassment. More in WORMSCAN.& 951023, Washington, DC, The White House Press Secretary. Executive Order No. ##?? is issued prohibiting any transactions or dealings with Columbian drug traffickers. The CIA is presumably exempt. More in WORMSCAN.& 950304, San Francisco, CA, San Jose Mercury News (AP). San Francisco (AP) - Reporters have no right to see police files of public complaints of officer misconduct, even with the officers' names left out, a state appeals court ruled Friday. State law provides only for disclosure of data showing the number, type and disposition of complaints against officers, said the 1st District Court of Appeal. More in WORMSCAN.& 951104, Washington, DC, Reuter. WASHINGTON (Reuter) - Federal prosecutors have acknowledged that Ricardo Bilonick, a key witness in the drug trafficking trial of Panamanian dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega may have been bribed into testifying by the Cali drug cartel, The Washington Post reported Saturday. The disclosure of an alleged payoff of $1.25 million was made in the government's written response to Noriega's demand for a new trial. More in WORMSCAN.& 951111, Lee County, KY, WSEK. It's official. Beattyville Police Chief Danny Townsend is elected to the Lee County, KY, Jailor's office. His opponent was ______ Noe, brother of Omer Noe, the former Beattyville Police Chief. Chief Danny Townsend is still officially a suspect in the disappearance of 1600 marijuana plants from a locked jail cell and the subsequent reputed offer of sale of the booty. The reputer died of an "overdose" [really!] six days later. Chief Omer Noe is serving 12+ years in prison for his part in "Operation Walking Short". See 900816, 921230, 930209, 940504, 940628, 940727. 951121, Vineland, NJ, New York Times. Gilbert Lopez, a former police officer in Vineland, NJ has been found guilty of charges of selling illegal drugs and protecting drug dealers. Lopez had claimed he had been conducting his own private investigation. He faces 5 - 40 years for the offenses for which he was convicted. (New York Times, 10/21/95) 951124, Washington, DC, US Dept of Justice. US JUSTICE DEPT. 1993 MISCONDUCT COMPLAINTS UP 78% OVER 1992 A report of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) shows a 78% increase of misconduct complaints against Department of Justice attorneys and assistant US Attorneys in 1993 over the number of such complaints in 1992. More in WORMSCAN.& 951125, Washington, DC, Dept of Justice. Federal convictions of public officials went from 40 in 1970 to 1065 in 1988. See WORMSCAN.& 951201, London, KY, WSEK. The FBI is disciplining agents for keeping Confidential Informant Robert Foley free on assorted murder charges. The parents of the Vaughn brothers are suing for $10.3 million. 951202, Naples, Italy, AP. Roger D'Onofrio, 72, former CIA agent, is arrested in Sicily on charges of money laundering and trafficking in arms, drugs, and radioactive materials. More in WORMSCAN.& 951204, Pikeville, KY, KNN, WSEK. Former (removed from office in 84 for drug abuse) Circuit Judge Randall Starnes is on trial for conspiracy and drug trafficking in cocaine and pain killers. Star witness is Judge Starnes' drug supplier, former Judge and Compromised Informant Charles Huffman, who has already been sentenced for drug trafficking. Judge Starnes is on tape bragging about snorting coke with Governor John Y Brown, Jr. 951205, Mexico City, Wayne Mann. In today's (Nov 25) issues of From: Wayne Mann In today's (Nov 25) issues of El Financiero and La Jornada, two of Mexico City's most influential daily papers, it is reported that Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Mexican ex-president and now member of the board of directors at Dow Jones, along with his father and brother, maintained extensive joint business operations with Juan Garcia Abrego, one of Mexico's top drug traffickers. In earlier reports, Mr Salinas' net worth had been estimated at between $10 and $25 Billion dollars, in spite of his comparatively miserly $400,000. salary as president. 951206, Pikeville, KY, WSEK. Another tape has Judge Starnes saying that State Representative Kelsay Friends, Jr started him on cocaine. Rep Friends denies that he ever did cocaine, and claims to have no idea of why Judge Starnes would perpetuate such an obvious falsehood. Stay tuned for the Jury's opinion. 951207, Pikeville, KY, WSEK. Judge Starnes is given a mistrial. Some jurors thought that the Feds had overstepped their bounds by blackmailing Judge Hoffman. The Other Judge agreed to be a Compromised Informant after he was caught extorting drugs from a client. Other jurors thought that Judge Starnes should have known better than to sell cocaine to someone who had just been busted. 951207, New York City, NY, Paul Harvey. Some NYC 30th Precinct cops are on the payroll of the drug dealers to protect them against other cops. See 950407, 960105, 960110, 960112. 951209, Fairmont, WV, AP. State Police crime lab chemist Fred Zain is cleared of felony perjury charges of fabrication of evidence. Texas wants to try him now, again on evidence fabrication. More in WORMSCAN.& 951209, Panama, New York Times. COPS & MILITARY OF US JOIN SAME OF LATIN COUNTRIES FOR JOINT DRUG OPERATIONS In an apparent big step toward police militarization, police forces of the US are operating jointly with the US military and police and military of Mexico and Central America in a 10 day drug operation. The operation involves border patrol, port inspections and road side stops and inspections. The US is providing radar, communications gear and intelligence (if they have any - Bob) according to an unnamed official. 951209, Mexico City, Los Angeles Times. Mexico and all seven Central American countries have carried out what a U.S. official Friday called the biggest multinational counternarcotics blitz in history, a ten-day operation enlisting the Mexican army, navy and police forces. The operation seized more than five tons of cocaine, nearly forty tons of marijuana, two aircraft, six ships and more than 650 alleged drug traffickers in Mexico alone. More in WORMSCAN.& 951212, Canberra, Australia, Extracted from The Canberra Times. Detective Sergeant Wayne James Eade, former head of the Gosford drug unit told the police Royal commission yesterday that he was not corrupt. Detective Eade was filmed secretly, ordering a child sex pornographic movie, watching X-rated videos and engaging in oral sex with a woman who gave him cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis. More in WORMSCAN.& 951221, Minneapolis, MN, Star Tribune. Stanley J. Capistrant, described as a veteran city police narcotics officer is under investigation for stealing nearly $200,000 from the city's asset forfeiture "trust" fund. More in WORMSCAN.& 951221, Sydney, Australia, AAP Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 20:48:45 +0000 From: Peter Webster To: drctalk@drcnet.org Subject: Australia News Message-ID: <199512272044.VAA10050@hades.monaco.mc> SYDNEY, Dec 21 AAP - The Academics' Group of the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation said criminals would prosper and police corruption would continue as long as drugs were outlawed. Written under the chairmanship of Peter Baume, the group said: "Surveys suggest that up to five million Australians have used the banned substance cannabis. "Unless there is major reform to drug laws, it is inevitable that drug-related corruption will continue and that those subverting the processes of law and control will remain one step ahead of anything that parliaments or judges can do." AAP kr/msk 951222, Cuyahoga County, OH, New York Times. Cuyahoga County, Ohio Judge Michael Gallagher faces up to 20 years in prison, $1 million in fines and loss of his law license after pleading guilty to federal cocaine distribution charges. What actually happened was that he offered to share a line of coke with his supplier, who turned out to be a undercover narc. It is claimed that Judge Gallagher's well known position on the Drug War had nothing to do with his being targeted. On 960320, Judge Gallager was sentenced to a year in prison, fined $20,000, and three years probation. More in WORMSCAN.& 951227, Los Angeles, CA, LA Times. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, beset in recent years by charges of racial discrimination and harassment, was accused Tuesday of falsely arresting and routinely planting evidence on minority group members in heavily black and Latino communities. Aurora Alonso Mellado, a five-year deputy says that in seven weeks of being trained as a patrol deputy last summer, she found that her trainer was "engaging in illegal activities, including planting evidence, using throwaway guns, transferring drugs, assaulting and battery of civilians, and violating of suspects' civil rights." The race-related allegations are reminiscent of testimony by a lead prosecution witness in a string of federal cases in recent years involving drug money skimming. Robert R. Sobel testified that as a former sheriff's sergeant in Lynwood and nearby communities, he frequently arrested African Americans who were simply walking the streets and had committed no crime. Sobel later acknowledged in court lying more than 100 times in his testimony in such cases. More in WORMSCAN.& 960102, Urbandale, IA, The Des Moines Register. Urbandale Police Officer James R Trimble (43) is arrested with methamphetamine. This 18-year veteran of The Force also had scores of sex-related items in his van. Officer Trimble was also a D.A.R.E. cop, teaching the children all about drugs. Much more in WORMSCAN.& 960105, Newark, NJ, Star Ledger. Police Officer Darrell Armstrong is ordered reinstated after he was fired for cocaine use. Officer Armstrong testified that his wife had put cocaine in his juice, unbeknownst to him. He claimed that this was her treatment for his bad back! More in WORMSCAN.& 960105, New York City, NY, NY Times. Police Officer, Steven L Pataki (32) is sentenced to three months in jail for perjury. Lest this seem harsh, note that the civilian convicted on the strength of Officer Pataki's testimony spent three years in prison. And that's just one. Of course Officer Pataki's lawyers claim that the testimony against him is perjured. See 950407, 951207, 960110, 960112. More in WORMSCAN.& 960106, Peru & Columbia, NBC. WASHINGTON (Reuter) - The United States is quietly directing Peru and Colombia in a campaign to shoot down planes operated by South American drug cartels, NBC News reported Friday. Quoting unidentified sources, the network said the Pentagon, the Customs Service and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were involved in directing tracking and intelligence gathering outposts in Peru and Colombia. More in WORMSCAN.& 960107, New York City, NY, Trenton Times. Police Officer Darryl Edmunds was on the payroll of a crack cocaine gang operating in Manhattan. Officer Edmunds warned his gang of impending police actions, and even carried a gang beeper. More in WORMSCAN.& 960110, New York City, NY, NY Times. In the perjury trial of Police Officer, Michael Dauphinee, in State Supreme Court, former Supervisor Kevin P. Nannery testified that his Force would routinely break, enter, and rob apartments suspected of belonging to drug dealers. Nannery testified that top aide Captain Lewis T Manetta handed him a sledgehammer and that Precinct Commander Captain Peter J Buccino led the raids. See 950407, 951207, 960105, 960112. More in WORMSCAN.& 960111, Boston, MA, PRN. Bernard G Sylvia, "corrections" officer at the Bristol County "House of Correction" [no jails in The People's Democratic Republican Commonwealth of Massachusetts] pleaded guilty to laundering $250,000 in drug money. He was paid in cocaine. More in WORMSCAN.& 960112, New York City, NY Times. Police Commissioner William J. Bratton denies endemic corruption in New York's 30th Precinct. See 950407, 951207, 960105, 960110. More in WORMSCAN.& 960115, Sydney, Australia, AP. New South Wales Police Commissioner Tony Lauer said he was retiring in the wake of exposure that senior officers have taken bribes from underworld figures for years. Other have dealt in narcotics and prostitution. More in WORMSCAN.& 960118, New York, NY, NY Times. Police Officers Hilton Velez (28), and Bienveni Rodriguez (25), formerly partners in the 75th Precinct in East New York, were caught stealing cash and simulated cocaine in a setup made to look like a drug dealer's apartment. Also caught was a "civilian employee", Felix Acosta (28). The 75th Precinct was previously the base of Officer Michael Dowd, who admitted running a drug ring from the station house between 1986 and 1992 and accepting tens of thousand of dollars in payoffs from dealers. More in WORMSCAN.& 960120, Philadelphia, PA, Reuters. Police Officer Louis Maiier is sentenced to five years for conspiracy to deny civil rights by framing the punks on drug charges. See 880601, 950623. More in WORMSCAN.& 960126, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Inquirer. Former Philadelphia, PA, Police officers Thomas DeGovanni, Thomas Ryan, James Ryan, John Baird and Steven Brown have had their sentencing postponed. All have pleaded guilty to assorted charges of fabricating evidence of drug dealing and of stealing over $100,000 from the criminals. The reason given for this third postponement is that more cops have been implicated. More in WORMSCAN.& 960130, Mexico City, Mexico, Reuters. Jose Armando Cruz Gutierrez, who was voted policeman of the year just two months ago by colleagues in the Chihuahua state detective force, was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking with 436 pounds of marijuana. Also detained were three other policemen including Chihuahua state detective police commander Gerardo Maximiliano Coronel and his wife. More in WORMSCAN.& 960201, Ashland, KY, WEKU. Pike County, KY, Judge Stearns pleads guilty to avoid a second trial. The jury hung in the first trial. The prosecution promised to play more tapes of Hiz Hon'her dealing drugs. It is undisclosed exactly what was pleaded. Stearns was charged with one count of conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, three counts of cocaine distribution, and one count each of possession and distribution of pain killers. 960201, New York City, NY, NY Times. Police Officer Randolf Vazquez (39) acknowledged in court that between October 1991 and April 1992 he engaged in a conspiracy with his partner, Officer Jorge Alvarez, to steal narcotics while on duty and sell them to dealers. He admitted to taking crack from an apartment in October and selling it. He also admitted to assaulting Paul Stevens while in a police car. His punishment is six months in jail. Officer Alvarez, who cooperated with the authorities, pleaded guilty to third-degree grand larceny and faces up to seven years in prison. Of 33 officers arrested on corruption charges since March 1994, 20 have pleaded guilty, 3 have been convicted and 2 have been acquitted. Two cases were dismissed and six are pending. More in WORMSCAN.& 960210, Mexico City, Mexico, Reuter. Up to 30 tons of cocaine have disappeared into the hands of Mexican federal police over the last two years, the Mexico City newspaper El Financiero reported Saturday. The newspaper said that in the last two years more than 100 tons of cocaine has entered Mexico by air, but police have seized and declared just a tenth of that amount. Earlier this week, the Mexican Attorney-General's office accused 19 Mexican police officers of helping Colombia's Cali drug cartel smuggle cocaine into the United Sates. More in WORMSCAN.& 960212, Baja California Sur, Mexico, LA Times. 19 Mexican state and federal police officers, including the deputy federal police chief in the state of Baja California Sur have been arrested for their part in smuggling 10 tons of cocaine. More in WORMSCAN.& 960213, Daytona Beach, FL, Philadelphia Inquirer. Francis "Frank" Thompson (52) of Ormond Beach, a veteran of the Daytona Beach Police Department, was found guilty by a federal jury yesterday of stealing cocaine and guns from his department's evidence room over seven years and giving them to Timothy Wardle (35), his nephew, in Philadelphia for sale on the streets. He was cleared of two counts of distributing cocaine. His business thus did not distribute the 10 kilograms of cocaine which he stole. More in WORMSCAN.& 960213, San Jose, CA, LA Times. Joseph D. McNamara, 35 year veteran police officer and the former police chief of San Jose, claims that police are taught to lie. He implies that the majority of police testimony in drug cases is perjured. More in WORMSCAN.& 960221, New York City, NY, NY Times. Two United States Customs inspectors have been charged with kidnapping and beating a suspected drug dealer last year while trying to rob him of cash and cocaine, Federal prosecutors said. Richard Ramos and Gerasimos Kapsaskis, who worked as inspectors at Kennedy and Newark airports, were arrested on Friday and charged in the kidnapping of a man on Sept. 23, 1995, on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. More in WORMSCAN.& 960323, San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Chronicle. Three cops are NOT charged with theft for failing to book property stolen over a 14 month period. More in WORMSCAN.& 960224, Mexico, PNS, by Beatriz Johnston Hernandez. Accused drug trafficker Juan Garcia Abrego, now awaiting trial in Houston, is notorious for bribing high-level Mexican officials to help turn Mexico into a major transshipment point for Colombian cocaine. Less known is his role in bribing federal officials on the U.S. side of the border. Information gleaned from drug trials and gang insiders reveals that Abrego paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Immigration and Naturalization Service agents and National Guardsmen to drive cocaine and marijuana in their buses past U.S. customs checkpoints on the road between McAllen and Houston. More in WORMSCAN.& 960224, New York City, NY, NY Times. Police officer in the Unionport section of The Bronx, Antonio Camacho (22) was arrested for drug trafficking. Gang leader was his brother-in-law, Pedro Perez (31). The case prompted related arrests of 85 people in recent weeks in Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, and Newark, N.J., and the seizure of more than 5 tons of cocaine, a half-ton of marijuana, and nearly $12.5 million in drug proceeds. Another accused courier, Edward Vasquez, arrested on Friday in Pennsylvania, spent 14 years in the National Guard and transported drugs in his Army sergeant's uniform. More in WORMSCAN.& 960226, FBI, Wash DC, Star Ledger. US attorney's offices throughout the nation have been directed by the Justice Department to weed through cases in their files in an effort to identify cases that could be tainted by allegations of misconduct involving the FBI crime lab in Washington. Dr Frederic Whitehurst, a supervisory special agent, contends that certain FBI lab examiners have slanted their conclusions to favor the prosecution; that certain FBI examiners who testify in criminal proceedings are not qualified to analyze the evidence involved in those cases; and that certain key units within the lab maintain insufficient scientific controls over the testing procedures. More in WORMSCAN.& 960226, Abingdon, VA, WSEK. Cop Stevens, former Letcher County, KY, sheriff's deputy and former Whitesburg, KY, police officer is charged with handcuffing his girlfriend and pistol whipping her, and threatening to inject her with AIDS contaminated blood. In addition he is charged with narcotics possession with intent to traffic. 960226, Guamuchilito, Mexico, SF Chronicle. Amado Carrillo, Mexico's biggest drug trafficker may be a wanted man north of the border, but back home he walks tall and unafraid. More hero worship for the man who brings BIG bux to his home village. More in WORMSCAN.& 960321, New York City, NY, AP. Harlem police officer Barry Brown admits that lying in court is standard operating procedure. More in WORMSCAN.& 960326, Philadelphia, PA,. The Civil Rights Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association will host a forum titled "Police Accountability: Problems, Solutions, and the Role of Special Commissions." The forum will be held from 5:30PM to 8:00PM on March 26, 1996, in Philadelphia. In New Orleans, more than 50 police officers have been arrested, indicted or convicted since 1993 on charges including rape, aggravated battery, drug trafficking and murder. In Atlanta, six police officers were arrested in September of last year on drug charges and extorting money from citizens for police protection. In Philadelphia, six police officers confessed to planting drugs on suspects, lying under oath and stealing from innocent citizens. More in WORMSCAN.& 960327, St Louis, MO, UPI. Cop George DeLuca (55), 20 year veteran of the New York City Police Department, was sentenced to life in prison for running a cocaine and heroin trafficking business in New York & St Louis. More in WORMSCAN.& 960327, Los Angeles, CA, Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Cop admits lying about arrest of Rodney King. Los Angeles police officer Clint Garver admits that he lied in testimony about preparation of the arrest memo. More in WORMSCAN.& 960330, Louisville, KY, Courier-Journal. Louisville Police Chief Richard Frey (50) was sentenced to 5 years 3 months in prison for bribery. He was on the payroll at $4,000 per month of J Clifford Todd to supply criminals for Todd's private prison. More in WORMSCAN.& 960330, New Castle, PA, The Philadelphia Inquirer. Rodney King (of Los Angeles beating fame) was found innocent of drunken driving. The cop that arrested him admitted in court that he had lied about the arrest report. More in WORMSCAN.& 960331, New Orleans, LA, New York Times Magazine (3/31/96, p.32) via RISKS DIGEST 18.01 The FBI was wiretapping a number of New Orleans police officers who were allegedly guarding a 286 pound shipment of cocaine. During that time the FBI overheard a conversation between the police chief and several other police officials that the FBI alleges was a murder plot. The intended victim had previously filed a police brutality complaint against the chief. Kim Groves, a 32 year old mother of three, was shot while standing in front of her house. 960424, police officer Len Davis (31) and triggerman Paul Hardy (28) were convicted and sentenced to death. No report on The Chief. Davis and eight others of New Orleans' Finest still face charges in the cocaine deal. 960416, New York City, NY, NY Times. Cocaine dealing cop gets 8 years in prison. A nine year veteran of The Force, Harlem 30th Precinct police officer Christopher DiLorenzo (32) admitted that he stole money and drugs. From Jan 91 to Dec 92, Officer DiLorenzo received $50,000 in protection, thefts, and his cut of four pounds of cocaine. Officer DiLorenzo also admitted to taking $500 per week from other dealers for over a year, and perjury while convicting those who did not pay. His partner in crime, Officer Alberto Vargas, has pleaded guilty and is to be sentenced later this year. Eleven other former officers from the 30th Precinct remain to be sentenced. More in WORMSCAN.& 960416, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia Daily News. 5 cops sentenced for corruption. The leader of the corrupt officers, John Baird (41) got 13 years. Cop Steven Brown (49), 10 years. Sgt. Thomas DeGovanni (45), 7 years. James Ryan (40), 6 years. Thomas Ryan, 10 months. These Officers of The Force were charged with robbery, assault, planting evidence, false arrest, but strangely, not with selling the stolen drugs, false testimony at trials if their victims, or RICO. More in WORMSCAN.& 960424, Philadelphia, PA, Phila Inq. Corruption investigation spreads to Bureau of Narcotics Investigation. More in WORMSCAN.& 960425, Los Angeles, CA, LA Times. SCAN. Southeast Cities [of Los Angeles County] Against Narcotics Task Force members caught keeping some of the booty for themselves. More in WORMSCAN.&& 960426, Norristown, PA, Phila Inq. Greaterford Prison guard Ronald Shepherd (46) found guilty of smuggling heroin into the prison. More in WORMSCAN.& 960501, Cincinnati, OH, KNN. Christopher Kerins (39) an Officer of The Force of Trenton, NJ, for 13 years, was caught robbing the Kenwood Savings Bank while attending a cop convention in Cincinnati. He then led local cops on a 20 minute high speed chase. Must be harder to get away in Cincinnati. More in WORMSCAN.& 960502, Trenton, NJ, AP. It appears that Officer Kerins was more than he first appeared. He was on the narco squad, chasing drug dealers and lecturing on the horrors of narcotics abuse. But in addition to robbing the Cincinnati bank, he has admitted to robbing 4 other banks in New Jersey, and trafficking in heroin. More armed robberies are suspected. More in WORMSCAN.& 960502, Dallas, TX, Dallas Morning News. $50,000 in cash disappears from a safe accessed by seven narcotics supervisors. And an Officer who was fired last year for improper searches of "drug dealer" apartments and then lying about it has been rehired. More in WORMSCAN.& 960505, Oklahoma, Sunday Oklahoman, p1. Drug Agent Travis Palmer admits to embezzling funds from his federally funded Drug Task Farce in Lincoln County. District Attorney Paul Anderson in Payne and Logan counties embezzled $90,000 from his Drug Task Farce. More in WORMSCAN.& 960515, London, KY, WSEK. FBI Special Confidential Informant Robert Foley is demanding an overturn on his conviction for his murder of the Vaughn brothers. And the family of the victims is suing the FBI for $12,100,000 since Foley would have been in prison if the FBI had not protected him. 960517, Urbandale, Iowa, police officer James R. Trimble made News of the Weird after his arrest in January, when he was caught driving around in his car with a battery-operated "sexual device inserted into his body." Police said Trimble took $20,000 worth of methamphetamine from the department's evidence locker and also had marijuana, cocaine, and LSD in his car when he was arrested, along with "scores" of sexually-explicit videotapes and photos. In May, Trimble was "sentenced" to probation, a $1,000 fine, and 100 hours' community service. Though the police department fired him, his community service will consist of what he used to do as an officer--give anti-drug motivational speeches in local schools. [Des Moines Register, 5-17-96] 960601, Benton, AR, AP. Dan Harmon, the prosecutor for Saline, Grant and Hot Spring counties, attacked and beat The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Rodney Bowers. Bowers' crime was to question Harmon about property seized by a drug task force that Harmon had controlled before it was disbanded this year. More in WORMSCAN.&& 960608, Forrest City, AR. Old news, post 1985. Sheriff Coolidge Conlee was nabbed by the FBI for extortion and drug-dealing and sentenced to 160 years in jail, where he died of natural causes. 960711, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Chief of Police Jack Davis (58) of Ford [?] Heights (south suburbs of Chicago) was arrested by the FBI for extortion and aiding and abetting drug gangs. 960807, New York City, NY, NPR. More convictions of New York's "Finest" in the "Dirty Thirty" police corruption trials. Of the 33 cops arrested for assorted drug dealing and extortion, 0 have been convicted, 1 acquitted, and 0 pleaded guilty. 960821, San Jose, CA, San Jose Mercury News. Profits from tons of cocaine went to the Nicaraguan Contras. Repeated attempts to prosecute the drug kingpin were thwarted by the CIA. Oscar Danilo Blandon Reyes said that in 1981, his operation sold almost a ton of cocaine for about $54,000,000 to the Los Angeles street gangs, the Crips and the Bloods. The primary buyer was Ricky Donnell Ross, who manufactured and distributed crack on a national scale. Blandon's boss was Juan Norwin Meneses Cantarero of Burlingame & Pacifica, CA, who had protection since 1974. Investigations are still blocked for "National Security". More in WORMSCAN.&& http://www.sjmercury.com/drugs/start.htm 960904, Philadelphia, PA, NPR. Philadelphia has paid over 8 million dollars and overturned 150 convictions in the month of August 96 in an attempt to mitigate its massive police corruption. See a long litany of previous notes. Fraternal Order of Police Costello decries the citizens picking on The Finest. All sorts of new rules to prevent police corruption have been instigated, and will work as well as they did the previous times. Someone mentioned that the drug money is too enticing to the narco cops for the corruption to stop. 960916, Houston, TX, incinc@tiac.net . * Jury selection begins today in Houston, Texas, in the trial of Juan Garcia Abrego of Mexico. - Abrego is the alleged head of a strong Mexican drug- smuggling cartel, and is facing drug-trafficking, bribery, and money laundering charges. 961010, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Four current and two former Ford Heights (Chicago suburb) cops including Chief Jack Davis are indicted by a federal grand jury on assorted corruption, racketeering, bribery and extortion charges. Our Finest are accused of protecting about 20 crack, cocaine, and heroin dealers who paid their rent, and busting those who refused. Their business dates back to 1988, but netted only "tens of thousands of dollars". This leaves a total of two unindicted officers. James Burns, US Attorney. Jack Davis was convicted on 970211. 961026, New Orleans, LA, Morning Advocate p8B, RR. John Alonzo (34), 12 year veteran of The Force, pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine. 961028, Washington, DC, Washington Weekly. More contemporary politician <--> drug trafficking connections. Jorge Cabrera, the Miami drug trafficker that gave $20,000 to the Democratic party, and got his pictures taken with Hillary Clinton and with Al Gore. In the recent drug trial of Juan Garcia Abrego, witnesses testified that Abrego paid millions of dollars in bribes to police and public officials on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Rep. Jim Traficant (D-OH) said last summer that "somebody in high places, both in Mexico and in Washington, is getting awfully rich" off the drug trafficking from Mexico to the U.S. More in WORMS2 Date: Fri, 1 Nov 96 13:38:15 -0000 From: Williams Institute Subject: Williams Charges Bush With High Treason! As I continue to turn up the heat on the murderous drug-dealing traitor, George Herbert Walker Bush, I have now arranged for the 434 page book, "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" to be uploaded to my web page. The 1.2 megabyte book is now there, available for downloading. http://www.kmf.org/williams/ 961122, Jackson, Breathitt Co, KY, WKYU, WSEK, KNN, KET. Breathitt County Sheriff Ray Clemmons was arrested at 7AM at Hardees by FBI and State Police on felony misprison. In English, this means that he knew of a plantation of one hundred marijuana plants, and did nothing about it. His daughter Crystal and son-in-law Mike Southwood were also arrested for possession of marijuana plants. It is unstated if this is the misprisoned marijuana. This is coincidental to 700 street level marijuana and crack dealers who were caught with $104,000 in undercover buys. Note that later reports give 525 criminals and 949 charges. 961127, Somerset, NJ, NPR. Nick Bissel, county prosecutor in New Jersey, killed himself under impending arrest in Nevada. Bissel was known for his aggressive property forfeiture, much of which was then sold at bargain rates to his friends. He also became famous for threatening to plant cocaine in the car of a gasoline distributor who had refused a special discount for Bissel's gas station. 961212, New Orleans, LA, Morning Advocate p4B, RR. David Henry Gussman, Jr of Morgan City, 9 year veteran of the St Mary Sheriff Dept charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine. 961220, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Operation Broken Shield. Seven Police Officers in the Austin District on westside Chicago, are under Federal Indictment for corruption. Chicago's Finest are accused of extortion of drug dealers and armed robbery of others. All of whom were FBI agents. Speculation is that maybe the other cops and their Superiors might have had similar dealings with the other drug dealers. Edward Jackson, Gregory Kriddleton, et al the cops and robbers. 961223. Illegal drugs were found in several cops' lockers. Three cops have sung, and implicated four other cops. Cops brought an undercover agent into the Police Station to rob him of $10,000. Edward Jackson was a member of a violent drug gang. 970114, WBBM. District Commander LeRoy O'Shields served a federal subpoena for his involvement. Four other districts are involved in the cop corruption. 970125, Austin District, Chicago, IL, WBBM. 21 drug cases have been dropped and hundreds more are under review because prosecution would require the testimony of defrocked cops. Also another Chicago area cop has been arrested for a scam where he falsified auto accident reports and sent the owners to cooperating body shops. 970105, Harlem, NY, CBS. Cop corruption has cost taxpayers $10 million in court costs defending the corrupt cops from framed "drug dealers" in the Harlem 30th precinct. 970208, Tucson, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, THE LIBERTARIAN, Vin Suprynowicz. David Aguilar (44) killed 970110 by DEA agent staking out the neighborhood. This is the Three Points area 22 miles west of Tucson. Ralph Garrison (69) in downtown Albuquerque, NM, killed by ninja warriors breaking into his rental house next door. Turns out that they were just Albuquerque Police looking for fake IDs. 970205, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Cop Sprigman arrested at Police Headquarters by the FBI for distribution of a kilogram of cocaine. And Austin district Orificer Gregory Crittleton [Kribbleton?] has agreed to plead guilty to shaking down his drug dealers. 970205, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Crittleton balks! Suburban North Lake Chief of Police Seymour Zapaznick arrested for corruption. The Chief is accused of taking over $24,000 over four years in bribes from The Mob. 970211, Ford Heights, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Ford Heights cop Jack Davis is convicted of racketeering for fixing court cases for drug dealers. Six more cops to go. 970219, Mexico, WBBM. The Mexican Official who just got caught taking a salary from the cocaine smugglers, General Jesus fillinduhblank, had a meeting with the DEA shortly before his arrest. Subject of the meeting was all that the DEA thought that they knew on cocaine smuggling across the Mexican border. The DEA is still in damage control phase. Daily Brief 970221 * US drug officials are trying to figure how much information about drug enforcement was revealed to the director of Mexico's National Institute for Drug Policy. - Jose de Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo was arrested Tuesday in Mexico and removed from his post on suspicions he was on a drug lord's payroll. - had extensive briefings with US anti-drug law enforcement. * Mexico fired 36 anti-narcotics agents yesterday that were connected with former National Institute for Combating Drugs head, Gen. Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo. - Rebollo was fired last week and arrested for working for Mexico's top drug baron, Amado Carrillo Fuentes. Daily Brief 970318 * Another Mexican army brigadier general was arrested yesterday on charges he offered a multi-million dollar bribe to a top Mexican law enforcement official. - reportedly on behalf of a cocaine cartel. 970318, Chicago, IL, WBBM. More cops and drugs in the Gresham District. Sounds like Chicago's Finest robbed some drug dealers who turned out to be also FBI agents. 6th district? Tyrone ?, Baxter Sweet, and Gerald Mecham robbed supposed dealers of $11K and $12K and drugs, which they sold to Meeks, a civilian. Stolen drugs were found in the lockers of two of the three cops. US Attorney Jim Burns presiding. Mayor Daley II says that probably most cops are honest, but he wants even more corrupt cops caught to reassure the public that something is being done. Your wish shall be granted. 970416, Washington, DC, NPR. The Supreme Court rules 8-1 that drug testing political candidates violates their constitutional rights. But it is OK to drug test school children. 970425, London, KY, WSEK. FBI Confidential Informant Robert Foley now has six death sentences against him. His appeal on murdering four dealer associates and casting them into a septic tank was denied. 970524, Mexico, NYTimes via RISKS. Mexican General Gutierrez arrested only the drug traffickers who were the competition for his client. 970611, Little Rock, AR, WSJ. Former county prosecuting attorney Dan Harmon is convicted in US District Court of using his office as a criminal enterprise to extort narcotics and cash, handing in guilty verdicts on five counts of racketeering, extortion and drug distribution. More in WORMSCAN.&& 970627, Miami, FL, AP. Jerome R. Sullivan (42), a 25-year FBI veteran who headed an organized crime squad that nabbed John Gotti's heir apparent was indicted Thursday on charges of stealing more than $400,000, including mob money he helped seize. More in WORMSCAN.&& 970708, New Orleans, LA, Morning Advocate p7B, RR. Ron Singleton (37) 7 year veteran of the New Orleans Police Dept convicted of selling cocaine. His brother, David Singleton (38), 18 year veteran of the New Orleans Police Dept also convicted of cocaine distribution. 970709, Congressional Record, pp4994+, Rep Waters. Let us look at Venezuela. Earlier this year, there was a general named Gen. Ramon Guillen Davila, Venezuela's former drug czar, who was indicted by Federal prosecutors in Miami for smuggling cocaine into the United States. And according to the New York Times, uncontested by the CIA, this article that appeared as early as November 1993, they talked about the CIA and its so-called antidrug program in Venezuela and guess what? They concluded, and it is documented, that our CIA shipped a ton of nearly pure cocaine into the United States in 1990. That is a fact, uncontested. More in WORMSCAN.&&& Let me go a little bit further and talk about this alignment, this association, the CIA being involved, coming too close to people who traffic in drugs. In a March 8, 1997, Los Angeles Times article, it was reported that Lt. Col. Michel Francois, one of the CIA's Haitian agents, and I defy anybody to tell me he was not, a former army officer and a key leader in the military regime that ran Haiti between 1991 and 1994, he was indicted in Miami and charged with smuggling 33 tons of cocaine into the United States. More in WORMSCAN.&& 970720, New Orleans, LA, Morning Advocate, RR. James Pollard (38), 17 year veteran of The Force, drug charges. 970723, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, AP. Haitian police chief Lt. Gen. Joseph Michel Francois is accused of smuggling 33 tons of Columbian cocaine to the United States. See WORMSCAN.&& 970728, Mexico City, MX, AP. Gunmen have shot and wounded witness Ricardo Cesareo Vazquez Tafolla. The attackers were linked to Brig. Gen. Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo. The Mexican cocaine trade is reorganizing after the death of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the Juarez cartel. More in WORMSCAN.&& 970728, Mexico, Miami Herald. 10 Mexican generals and 22 other military officers are under investigation for alleged ties to drug traffickers. More in WORMSCAN.&& 970810, Mexico, LA Times. And more drug corruption in Mexico's Army. More in WORMSCAN.&& 970812, New Orleans, LA, CBS. Two more cops caught protecting their drug dealers. Another cop spent $750,000 of taxpayers money defending himself on murder charges. 970812, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Sonia Erwin was sentenced for doing several million dollars of drug business with the Gangster Diciples while also a Chicago cop. 970812, Los Angeles, CA, CBS. Immigration Agent Thomas Flair stashed 600 pounds of marijuana in an Agency van. Apparently this was not part of the government Plan. 970813, New Orleans, LA, Morning Advocate p5B, RR. Officers Leon R Duincan (38) and Lemmie Rodgers (35) indicted on conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine. 970820, El Paso, TX, Reuters. Mexican drug lords are hiring ex US soldiers. This has the Border Patrol a bit concerned for their saftey. More in WORNSCAN.&& 970904, New Orleans, LA, Morning Advocate, RR. Lafayette Parish Police Chief Jerry Carpenter, and officers Byron Romero, and Darrell Brousard, are charged with planting drugs. 970911, Mexico City, Mexico, Washington Post. The entire staff of 18 of a special Mexican unit responsible for intercepting drug-running aircraft has been arrested after it allegedly used one of its own planes to smuggle cocaine from the Guatemalan border to a government hangar Mexico City. More in WORMSCAN,&& 970918, San Francisco, CA, AP. The CIA is sued by DEA agent Richard A. Horn for systematically spying on DEA overseas. More in WORMSCAN.&&& 970918, Dertoit, MI, AP. * cops indicted for robbery, planting evidence, purjury, etc. Is this news anymore? More in WORMSCAN.&&& 971010, Manila, Phillipines, Reuter. President Ramos vowed to crack-down on bureaucrats suspected of participating in the drug trade. The drug trade is esstimated to be more than half the national budget. More in WORMSCAN.&&& 971016, Houston, TX, Reuters. Mexico's efforts to clean up drug corruption expected to yield results in 20 years. It is already beginning to produce a few honest cops. Such as Gen. Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo. More in WORMSCAN.&&& 971105, Boston, MA, BW. Police Sgt Wilbur Brittle, Jr pleads guilty to international heroin smuggling. More in WORMSCAN.&&& 971028, Miami, FL, Miami Herald. Michael Abbell and William Moran are convicted on one count of racketeering, but hung the jury on assorted drug conspiracy charges. More in WORMSCAN.&&& See 950606 971110. * A study released by White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey says $57.3 billion was spent on illegal drugs in the U.S. in 1995. - the report says the amount spent was down slightly from the previous year. 971211, Mexico City, Mexico, ABC. The new and improved Chief Detective of Mexico City is forced out with allegations of really working for the drug smugglers in Tijuana. 971216, Kansas & Frankfort, KY, KET. Rex Hall (54), his brother Stephen? and a third were arrested after a camper full of Mexican marijuana was picked up in Kansas. Police followed them back to Lexington (or Frankfort?), Kentucky, and thence to a farm where ten pounds of cocaine and 300 pounds of marijuana, valued at over one million dollars, were seized. The interesting part is that Mr Hall used to be a Lexington cop, twenty years ago. Another one of Drew Thorton's associates. See _The Bluegrass Conspiracy_. 971222, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Four cops were convicted of robbing some drug dealers who were also undercover cops. Tyrone Francis and Gerald Meecham. location Gresham? Dirksen Federal Building. 980121, Cleveland, OH, Daily Brief 980122. * The FBI arrested 42 Cleveland-area law enforcement officers yesterday in connection with a sting operation in which the officers were paid to providing protection for a cocaine ring. 980123, Jackson, Breathitt Co, KY, WSEK. Albert Martinez, a four year veteran of The Force, was sentenced for fraudulently obtaining drugs. 980202, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Gillespie claims that three Austin police planted drugs on him. This is a violation of Constitution Rights under something. These are the cops who got caught robbing drug dealers disguised as undercover officers. 980316, US House, Rep Maxine Waters. Does not believe the CIA/Contra not-a-connection. Before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence More in WORMSCAN.&4 980322, Plano, TX, WBAP. Big fuss over some undercover narc who gave heroin to a 14 year old boy. 980326, Mexico, NYT. Evidence that the Mexican Military is still in business with the drug dealers. Apparently General Jesus Gutierrez Rebollo, of the National Institute for the Combat of Drugs, described by McCaffrey as a soldier "of absolute, unquestioned integrity," was not the last on the payroll of Amado Carrillo Fuentes. More in WORMSCAN.&4 980327, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Austin Police Officer Cornelius Tripp pleads guilty to weapons and racketeering and agrees to testify against his partners. Gregory Kribbleton [Crittleton?] plead guilty last week and Lenon Shields plead guilty last year. Ummm, the original charge was robbing some drug dealers who were disguised as FBI agents. Also a bunch of other Chicago cops were implicated in a jewelry theft ring, specifically they sold the license plate numbers and whereabouts of jewelry salesmen to their favorite armed robbers. Mayor Daley II states that it is too early to jump to conclusions. The ringleader had just gotten some topcop prize last week; and the FBI has tapped his phone for a year. And I have it as District Commander LeRoy O'Shields. Please, somebody else keep track of all this. I believe my ear has worn out. 980328, Washington, DC, WBBM. The FBI reports that there has been a recent (6 month) large increase in police corruption. Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans, Chicago were mentioned. FOP spokesman says that this is merely because the police are getting better at policing themselves. 980330, , Jerry Meldon, THE CONSORTIUM. According to the CIA, the CIA is definitely NOT involved in drug trafficking. More in WORMSCAN.&4 980413, Miami, FL, Reuters. Attorneys Michael Abbell and William Moran are on trial again for aiding and abetting or somesuch cocaine smuggling. They hung the jury on 971028. More in WORNSCAN.&4 980425, Columbia, SA, ABC. The tail of a story about heroin being planted ON customs. 980401, Muskogee, OK, World Pub. Former Marshall County Sheriff Decco Dewayne Baxter's compatriots Lloyd Henry Johnson, 46, of Madill and John Wayne Cooper, 42, of Poteau pleaded guilty to methamphetamine production and distribution. More in WORMSCAN.&4 980501, New York City, NY, DRCNet #42. Police, acting on a confidential informant's tip, broke into the home and ignited a stun grenade in the front hall of Basil Shorter. No drugs were found, but police explained that sometimes drug dealers operate out of homes without the owner's knowledge. This is the fourth time in three months for NYC Finest. More in WORMSCAN.&4 980519, Mexico, Daily Brief * The U.S.'s Dept. of the Treasury and the Dept. of Justice have announced indictments of officials at several large Mexican banks in connection with the laundering of Cali and Juarez drug cartel profits. - the agencies' investigations have resulted in the arrest of 112 people and the seizing of about $35 million. More in WORMSCAN.&4 980521, Chicago, IL, AP. Cops convicted of racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, etc for robbing drug dealers who were also FBI. Edward ``Pacman'' Jackson (27), a member of an elite tactical unit, was accused of being a high-ranking leader of the Conservative Vice Lords street gang. M.L. Moore, and Alex Ramos, and James Young also convicted, and three others pleaded guilty. More in WORMSCAN.&4 980615, Trenton, Todd County, KY, KNN. Deputy Sheriff Larry Heitz (?Randy Heis) was caught in April by Kentucky State Police distributing marijuana while on duty, in uniform, and armed. More assorted drugs were found in his home in the Friendly Acres Trailer Park in Trenton. Arraignment today. 980721, Miami, FL, AP. Lawyers Michael Abbell and William Moran found guilty of conspiracy. They were accused of going too far in the services of their clients, the Cali Cocaine Cartel. This is the second trial. Lawyer Moran disappeared when he got wind of the verdict. More in WORMSCAN.&4 See 980413, 971028, 950606 980716, Mexico, pshe. Most of the senior officers of a US-trained, elite anti-drugs police unit in Mexico have failed a polygraph (lie-detector) test and may have ties to drug traffickers, The New York Times said. US authorities are beginning to assess the damage wrought by corrupt investigators, who have been working closely with their US counterparts since last year, US officials told the daily. (AFP) 980731, Trenton, NJ, AP. Undercover Narcotics Officer Christopher Kerins pleads guilty to seven armed bank robberies. This to pay for his heroin habit. He also pulled several armed robberies while at a police convention at Cincinnati, where he was caught. See 960502. More in WORMSCAN.&4 980804, Mexico City, Mexico, NYT. Raul Salinas drug money traced by Swiss. But the funny part is that the Americans NEVER could make any case against Salinas. See 951205. More in WORMSCAN.&4 981005, Charleston, Missouri, WFLW, 12N. Five men from Kentucky and a Missouri landowner were arrested for marijuana production. Anthony Seratto, Monty Lyle Loveless, Lester Daley, and Hank Butler of Albany, KY; Michael Gross of Kettle near Burkesville, KY, and David Dixon, the landowner in Charleston, Missouri, were arrested in connection with two fields of marijuana in Mississippi County, Missouri. Hank Butler and Lester Daley were arrested in Clinton County, KY, and waived extradition to Missouri last Friday. The count was 1082 mature plants in one field and 211 in the other. Worth was claimed at 1.3 million dollars. On 911002 Albany City Police Officer Tony Seratto was arrested by the FBI in the Stonecipher marijuana clearinghouse bust. He was sentenced to 70 months in prison for marijuana trafficking on 920829. Looks like it took only two months to get caught again, assuming that he did not receive special dispensation for having faithfully served 14 years enforcing The Law in Albany, Kentucky. 981107, Chicago, IL, WBBM. Ford Heights Police Officers Odell Boxey and Kerwin Hall are convicted of protecting cocaine dealers. Etc. 


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