Willamette Week, June 18, 1997

News Buzz:
Parole Violation

The Multnomah County Department of Juvenile and Adult Community Justice has put one of its parole officers on paid administrative leave pending a criminal investigation.

Frank Caywood was yanked from his position as a gang unit parole officer and placed on leave May 30. The county sheriff's office and the district attorney's office confirm that they are investigating possible criminal charges against Caywood relating to drugs.

County officials won't give specifics about the investigation, but some parole officers say Caywood was recently caught selling drugs to a gang criminal whom he was supposed to be monitoring.

Caywood will earn $654 a week on leave. He was hired as a corrections technician in February 1995 and promoted to parole and probation officer in May of that year. Bob Grindstaff, deputy director of the department, refused to answer questions about Caywood's pending case. He said Caywood's record shows one prior policy violation - and subsequent discipline - in February 1996.

Community Justice began its investigation internally. It turned the matter over to the sheriff and the district attorney two weeks after Caywood was placed on leave - and one day after WW made inquiries concerning the matter.

- MO [Maureen O'Hagan]



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