Pdx-NORML; Portland OREGON Chapter of

the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

Chapter BY-LAWS


Article I. Purpose

  1. It shall be the purpose of this organization to promote a better understanding of the following:

    1. The current status of laws concerning cannabis (marijuana) in the state of Oregon and in the United States at large.

    2. The medical, legal, environmental, economic, and civil libertarian arguments for a more reasonable treatment of cannabis in the laws of the state of Oregon and the United States.

    3. The policy options for cannabis regulation as delineated in the NORML Official Policy Statement.

  2. It is the opinion of this organization that the decision concerning the recreational use of cannabis is an individual one and should not be dictated by law. Further it is the opinion of this organization that abuse of cannabis or any other substance is a health issue and policy should not be dictated or otherwise controlled by law enforcement. At the same time the board and members recognize the obligation to follow policy governing responsible use. This is to include but not be constrained to recreational use limited to adults only, operation of motor vehicles or dangerous machinery, consideration of abuse potential and respect for the rights of others (Refer to Article XIII).

  3. This organization shall be affiliated with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), in accordance with the guidelines enumerated in the NORML Activist Program and Chapter Guidelines.

Article II. Membership

  1. The membership shall be divided into active and associate members.

    1. Only individuals whose chapter dues are up to date or who have performed an agreed upon service are considered active chapter members.

    2. All others interested in furthering the purpose of the organization, including paid members of the national organization who are not active members of the chapter, shall be associated members. While nobody has ever been arrested merely for exercising their Constitutional right to join NORML or work on its behalf, Pdx (Portland) NORML appreciates that many people are scared to death of becoming cannon fodder in the war on some drugs. So we welcome volunteer efforts and contributions from non-members as well as members. However, Associated members may not hold office, vote, preside, officiate, or solicit funds on behalf of the organization without the expressed consent of the board. (refer to Advisors, Article VII)

  2. It shall be the option of any member to have his or her name listed on the open rolls of the organization as John or Jane Doe and to be listed in a closed membership book for the purpose of membership certification. This book shall be available only to officers of the organization, or to those authorized by full board approval for a specific purpose and/or time.

  3. The names of new active members shall be sent to the national office of NORML every month. Upon joining the chapter, active members shall receive free one-year trial memberships from the national office.

No one may violate the rights of others, and no substance use excuses any such violation. Regardless of the legal status of cannabis, responsible users will adhere to rules such as emerging tobacco smoking protocols in public and private places.


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