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Legal Pages

Welcome to the Legal Help page >  [   Oregon Cannabis   |   NORML   |   Nwest Cannabis   |   genl Oregon Attys   |   SELF HELP   ]

Oregon, Lawyers, cannabis-aware. These attorneys are experienced in mj-related cases and/or are sympathetic to the cause (ie - NORML Legal Committee members.)

John C. Lucy IV (Attorney at Law | Criminal Defense > Law420, NLC)
Phone: 1-(503)-227-6000
Portland, OR
Digital Fax (Preferred): (503)-961-1121
Analog Fax:(503)-227-4702
visit - -or- on Facebook

Your Freedom Is Worth A Fight! . . : .

Leland R. Berger (NLC)
Phone: 503-287-4688
3527 NE 15th Ave., #103
Portland, 97212-2356
Fax: 503-287-6938

The practice emphasizes appeals and all other post-conviction matters in Oregon and Federal Courts, along with the defense of Medical Marijuana Program patients and drug policy reform education and advocacy.

Brian Michaels (NLC)
Phone: 541-687-0578
259 East Fifth Avenue
Suite 300-D
Eugene, 97401
Fax: 541-686-2137

Brian Michaels offers free conultations with regard to the OMM Program and registration process.   NOTE: Packets are available at the OMMP offices.   He also provides free legal representation for current OMMP cardholders that may find themselves in a situation with police.   Please feel free to send him any material or information that may add to his medical marijuana library.

Richard White

from The Oregonian; Wednesday, December 8, 1999 "Police told to return medical marijuana."

The bureau says it would violate federal law if it released the drugs, and the City Council will decide today whether to appeal   "Judge Robert Redding's ruling in October was one the first tests of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, said Richard White, Kama's attorney.   "It does set a precedent in that it legitimizes the law in the eye of the court," White said.   During the proceedings, White argued that police were wrong in taking the drug from his client, who had medical reasons for using it. The judge ordered only a small amount of the drug to be returned.   Kama could not be reached for comment Tuesday, and White would not disclose his client's medical conditions."   Visit: for more details.

from Voter Power Weekly Newsletter, February 8, 2002, "Update: Portland City Attorney's Office to Appeal Kama Case".

Richard White, the attorney for Kama who prevailed in the Court of Appeals ruling, subsequently told Voter Power "I feel that the Court of Appeals made a proper ruling. I don't think the [Oregon] Supreme Court should accept the city's petition to review the Court of Appeals decision.   If the Supreme Court does decide to hear this case, I think they should accept the reasoning of the Court of Appeals."   The case is 9906-34218; A109667, State of Oregon, Plaintiff, and City of Portland, Appellant, v. Samuel Kim Kama, Respondent.  A complete copy of the Court of Appeals ruling has been posted at the Voter Power Web site.  Visit: for more details.


The NORML Legal Committee, Oregon.   The NLC is composed of attorneys committed to the overall goals of NORML.   To look for other NORML Lawyers, click here.

Duane J. McCabe
Fax: 541-388-4617
Phone: 541-388-4615
44 NW Irving
Bend, OR 97701

Neil C. Morey
Fax: 541-471-9288
Phone: 541-955-1740
242 NW 'E' Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526
or visit:

Phil Studenberg
Fax: 541-884-0959
Phone: 541-882-1326
200 Pine St.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Robert A. Callahan
Phone: 503-228-0930
NW Law Center
405 NW 18th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Jane Marie Claus
Fax: 503-228-7815
Phone: 503-228-7154
The Cascade Building
520 SW Sixth St. Suite 600
Portland, OR 97204

Thomas K. Coan
Fax: 503-221-3060
Phone: 503-221-8736
715 SW Morrison St. Suite 504
Portland, OR 97205-3122

John Neidig
Fax: 503-285-2243
Phone: 503-221-0229
415 NW 18th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
or visit:

Richard A. Cremer
Fax: 541-672-1788
Phone: 541-672-1955
727 SE Cass Ave. Suite 400
Roseburg, OR 97470 Other sources for PROFESSIONAL HELP


Find an NORML attorney. Attorney listings of the NORML Legal Committee - Map view, Select by state. Other tools and links. Visit:

State Marijuana Penalties

other Northwest area directories ... NEED A LAWYER?
One of the greatest unmet needs of medical cannabis patients today is the need for affordable access to legal help.

click here to go to a list of Oregon medical cannabis reources.

Musicians for Medical Marijuana (MEDical, CAlifornia) is dedicated to raising public awareness of the challenges facing medical cannabis patients, their caregivers, and physicians. They are working to provide accurate, timely information about medical cannabis, and to facilitate access to physicians, lawyers, and medical cannabis providers' associations. Their benefit concerts provide an opportunity to educate and entertain concert-goers. More importantly, they provide a venue for building a support network for those who benefit from this natural medicine. Musicians for Medical Marijuana will continue to facilitate access to information and professional help. They will be there to give patients and their loved ones the support they need to stay healthy and safe. Visit:

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Oregon, Lawyers, general. Need an attorney in Oregon? Get help with Oregon law

Case / Attorney search engines ... Entry form, lawyer lookup (post case for review).

How they generally work ...

1. You Post Your Case. Select a category and then fill out a brief form (it takes less than five minutes to complete). They generally work without revealing your identity, confidentially collecting info on where you need legal help. These groups have lawyers nationwide, and can usually help you even if you live in one location and need legal help in another. They may ask you a series of questions to help you through the process just like a lawyer would do during an initial interview

2. Cases are Matched to Attorneys. After they receive your form, their professionals will quickly review your information and match you with a lawyer from the network who can assist you with your legal case. Instant email notifications are sent to lawyers in the legal area and location you selected. In some cases they will also telephone the lawyers. They then provide this lawyer with the completed form. Lawyers see your case information and where you need legal help, but not your identity. NOTE: (Systems vary) Some lawyers are notified of your case if it is within 50 miles of their workplace. Some lawyers choose to be notified if your case is within 100 miles, while others choose statewide or nationwide.

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4. You Select the Best Lawyer for You. Review each lawyer’s offer message. The message should state how the lawyer can help you, and the $ rate they would charge. Review each lawyer’s profile to discover his or her specific legal experiences and areas of practice. Learn where they went to law school and their professional affiliations. Feel confident in knowing that every lawyer is prescreened by the service to guarantee they are validly licensed and in good standing with their state bar association. Contact the lawyer or lawyers you feel could best help your case. There are should be no unexpected obligations! Speak with as many or as few lawyers as you like.

For example, finding a Portland Lawyer ... Post Your Case For Free. Attorneys Respond. Free Legal Directory.

LegalFish is the trusted destination for individuals and businesses seeking legal services from a nationwide network of lawyers and law firms through online contact and consultation. You can confidentially post your case online and let interested lawyers respond with information regarding their practice, suitability, qualifications, and offers of assistance. As a registered client, you are then able to conveniently contact any of the lawyers who responded for further discussion or to arrange for a formal engagement. And with their Quick Cast Attorney Locator search directory, you can immediately find the right lawyers or law firms near you to handle your legal needs. Visit: or contact:

LegalFish LLC
205 W. Randolph Suite 1600
Chicago, Illinois 60606-1800
Phone: 312.456.0703
Fax: 312.456.0905

... more Oregon State Attorney sources.

LegalMatch. Find an Attorney, Lawyers Selected for Your Needs Save Time, See Profiles, Free!

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Tel: 1-(866)-935-3425
Fax: 1-(415)-449-3648
642 Harrison Street, Third Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94107-1323
E-mail: Legal Advice. Free legal advice within 24 hours. Get on the phone with an attorney. Visit:
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SELF HELP, TOOLs and SERVICEs Free legal information and law resources. should be used for informational purposes only. The publishers are not engaged in rendering legal or other professional advice, and nothing in this site should be construed as such. Although is written by lawyers, they cannot render legal advice per se. You should not infer sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by of any content you find on this site or any site linked to through it. If you have any questions about how the application of issues raised herein apply to your particular situation, seek the advice of a competent attorney or other professional. Publisher: Dustin C. Rowles, Esq. Visit:

West Group Expert Directory. Looking for a knowledgeable source? Use this online version of the 2002 West Group Expert Directory to find authors and professionals who can provide comment and background information on specific legal, regulatory and technology topics. The topics - which range from accounting theory and methods to workers’ compensation - are listed alphabetically. Visit the Expert Directory at:

Looking for a knowledgeable source for your story? Use the 2002 Expert Directory to find authors and professionals who can provide comment, background information and analysis on specific legal, regulatory and technology topics. The topics - which range from accounting theory and methods to workers' compensation - are listed alphabetically. This directory draws on top sources from a number of Thomson businesses, including West, RIA, FindLaw and ProLaw - businesses that are considered leaders in the legal and regulatory information market. For more information, or to find an expert on a topic not shown below, e-mail the Expert Directory administrator at or call 1-800-778-8090. Customer Service Fax: 1-800-340-9378, Customer Service Address:

P.O. Box 64833
St. Paul, MN 55164-0833
or visit:

FindLaw for Legal Professionals. Thousands of legal sites, cases, codes, forms, law reviews, law schools, bar associations, law firms, experts, cle courses, and much more.

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Thomson Legal & Regulatory
2440 W. El Camino Real, 3rd Floor
Mountain View, CA 94040
Phone: 1.650.940.4300
Fax: 1.650.210.1996
Main Office Free Legal Forms,,Legal Forms,Forms,Documents, Form Letters. is a one of a kind specialized search engine that gives you access to thousands of free legal forms and documents in many categories. Search their database of thousands of free legal forms to find form contracts, agreements, letters, pleadings, court forms and more. To find any form, enter your search term, select the free or premium database and press "Find" button.

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The LEGAL SELF-HELP Links page. WEBtown's Government Agencies web page. The links presented on the right side of this page are good starting points for learning about government agencies that can assist you with your investment or financial services related questions or problems. Visit:
Jeff Flax's Law Resources web page. Focusing on Legal Resources on the Internet (based in Denver, Colorado). Links to legal, medical and investigative resources on the Internet.
The Self Help Legal Center. (Link, Info) Expunging an arrest record in Illinois. The Self Help Legal Center Southern Illinois University School Of Law Carbondale, IL 62901. (September 24, 2001) TABLE OF CONTENTS - Table of Contents Warning to all readers How to use this self help ... ... Section 10 (first offense) of the Cannabis Control Act; ... Visit:

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Welcome to the Legal Help page >  [   Oregon Cannabis   |   NORML   |   Nwest Cannabis   |   genl Oregon Attys   |   SELF HELP   ]

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