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Central Oregon affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform Of Marijuana Laws

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The National Organization for the Reform Of Marijuana Laws, (NORML), now has a representative in Central Oregon.

 About C/O NORML 

Cannabis/Hemp activist Curt Wagoner, formed Central Oregon NORML, in order to establish a contact person for Central and Eastern Oregonians that may have questions regarding Industrial Hemp, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (OMMA), or any other questions regarding the effectiveness or ineffectiveness as the case may be, of Marijuana Prohibition.

"There are a lot of good, hardworking adults that use marijuana responsibly.  They do not deserve to be demonized, persecuted and harassed for making a responsible decision regarding their choice of medication or intoxicant.  In America, alcohol kills 150,000 people a year and prescription rugs another 100,000. In contrast, after 5000 years of recorded history, there has not been one documented death from a lethal dose of marijuana." said Wagoner.  Wagoner views Marijuana Prohibition as a clear case of  "The cure being worse than the disease".

National NORML has been running an ad campaign questioning the effectiveness of Marijuana Prohibition, for several years.  Wagoner has been doing the same thing on his own since Oregon's Governor, John Kitzhaber, and the Oregon State Legislature, tried enhancing the penalties for adult possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.  Now, by coming under the umbrella of NORML, Wagoner hopes to expand and escalate the ad campaign and wants to drive the debate over Marijuana Prohibition vs Regulation.

"Marijuana Prohibition was based on racism and fraudulent testimony." said Wagoner. " It is an outright fraud on the American people.  I'm looking forward to driving the debate on this issue and I welcome all takers."

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Upcoming C/O NORML Newz Report

We will try to fill this spot with important & local info. 


We will try to keep you informed of events (when we aren't hosting them ourselves) such as:

Lobby Day - Apr. 26th, Thu., 9AM at the Capital (Salem) steps.  Activities include: Educational Display in the Capitol Building - Galleria, Legislative training in the Capitol Building - Room 350,    Press Conference-Rally Capitol Building - Front Steps,  Scheduled meetings with legislators for groups or individuals to educate legislators and show support for medical marijuana bills. Visit:  "Lobby Day" for details.

... and ...

Million Marijuana Marches - May 5th, Sat., High Noon at Pioneer Square.  A global celebration of the benefits of cannabis.  Over 100 cities so far, and more every day.  There is a March happening in Eugene and we hope to spark one or two other cities before we're thru.  See Newz, above.   Also visit:  "Million Marijuana Marches"

What to Do

Things we can do:

*  Marches, Rallies, HempFests and other such Events for raising awareness and few $.  See Events for ideas.  Not only do we get our days in the sun but the sign making parties and other team activities are learning & growing opportunities as well.

*  Put together a Film Fest.  Get all the old favorites ("Reefer Madness", "Assassin of Youth") as well as the latest ("Grass", "Saving Grace", "Traffic").  Educate as well as entertain.

*  Hemp Fashion Show.  A very good way to demonstrate the value of hemp.  People are learning that hemp clothing is not only more durable and comfortable but as versatile as any other material.  Find a local retailer and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

*  Hemp Pot Luck.  (pun intended)  Get together and have a hemp food cook off.  If we do it right, it could be a yearly event (like a chili feed) and draw media as well as be a tasty way to inform & educate.

*  Lobbying and other political action.  Letter writing and calling campaigns do have an effect, especially when legislators get them in batches.

Things you the individual can do:

*  Join up & speak out.  Spread the word.  See C/O NORML flyer for ideas.  (please print out and pass around!)
*  Write to & meet with media and legislators on your own.  One on one communications can be effective if done right.  The effort to educate this sector is neverending.
*  Vote!
*  Recruit others to all the above.
*  Support your local chapter or affiliate.  Not only with membership (financial) but in their daily operations. (database, web page maint, answering phones & emails)

Contacting Us

Central Oregon NORML 
PO Box 9403 
Bend, OR 97708 
   Our phone message reads....

"Hi !  You've reached the Central Oregon office of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  Our mailing address is: >yadda<. 

If you have any questions regarding the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.....>yadda<

Or any questions regarding any aspect of marijuana prohibition..... >yadda<

Please leave a message and I'll return your call as soon as I can.  Thank you for contacting  Central Oregon NORML.....We're fighting to put an end to the WAR on ADULTS that use marijuana responsibly.........Help us........by becoming an active member in NORML........Only with YOUR help........can we END Marijuana Prohibition."

<end of phone message>

Thanx for your interest.  Stay tuned to our home page for the latest action!
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