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Welcome to the Conspiracy (!) as we used to say here ... A bit of dark humor to commemorate the number of times that the police have rounded people because they simply knew other people and "must have been part of it". Conspiracy Charges are usually applied against spouses/girlfriends, but the authorities have been going hog-wild with it along with all the other trappings of power. All the more reason to get active, we say.

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This page has some notes and images.

NOTE: this is meant to be a guide for forming & running organizations and activism in general. Some tips and tools. Contact the librarian for more details or to help update the info.

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Just a few ideas & notes . . .

 One step is to develop info on board makeup, bylaws, elections, meetings. Publish Officers and Advisory Board, update eMail list. 

Must contact the potential membership -! List & contact. ! survey at the same time. Define board and other (dba) Job Descriptions and post. Generate and distribute certificate of appreciation, for people like Dr. Rick, et al. 

Keep contact in key areas: Medical, (OMMA; instructions, contacts, etc.), Industrial - whats happening? (DEA is making it illegal, that's what's happening) and of course the same old NORML bizness dealing with cases involving Legal, Political and Social ramifications.

You will have cases to follow up on involving legal medical marijuana patients and drug testing at their work, and variations on that theme (caregiver/husband who tested positive, contact high?). Cases for DUII where people tested positive when they haven't smoked in ages (occurs naturally in the body. They set the limit at zero for this. A winner every time.), which is going to come into play concerning Medical Users at some point. You want to get the people from the similar cases together, form support groups.

You will have lotsa work pending on the web, hard to keep up to date. And we didn't have anybody dedicated - Calling all websters! Also needed some database people, and other techie types. We planed to make ourselves a very electronic Organization. Media/spokesperson - looked for people to authorize to speak/write on our behalf. 

You will need to develop & maintain an ART dept and hang your stuff off the web. You want to establish a functioning Help Desk system for handling contacts to your org - NONE should be lost. Everybody gets a response, if only "we hear you". Standard situations can be handled by posting Frequently Asked QuestionS thru your media.

Branches, Stems & Seeds. local organizing. Post - How to ! on your page. Map of all chapters. Refer all your contacts to (and contact them ourselves) for example; the Washington State and Idaho NORML chapters. Make plans for events like the Seattle Hempfest, which will be a good opportunity to meet the other chapters and National, too! Prepare and participate in: Seattle Hempfest, (Portland!) Hemp Fest, State Fair (Salem), WHEE (and other Condes-at-Eugene events), PaiDeia @ REED (and other college events!), Million Marijuana Marches 2001, Country Fair, Ashland Fair. Fairs fair, after all.

A major organizing effort should happen around your Hemp Clubs before next school year. This campus outreach program must be revived (Reed College, PCC/Sylvania and Cascade, PSU) and expanded! List all colleges & contact. 

You should host a benefit soon and start a regular schedule of them. It would sure help to have some people from the industry (stage managers, musicians) volunteer their time for this. Wonder if you could find any consumers among them? You should be prepared to counsel and help as far and in as many Cases (stories for Media!) as you can. You want to publicize the horrors happening right here in town. You want to pack every courtroom they try your people in. You want to gum up the works and stop (sabot!) their machinery any way you can. With your help we will do it. We will overgrow this prohibition like a bunch of weeds.

Just a few ideas. Stay tuned for more, including some actual cases & feedback!

Perry Stripling
Librarian, Spokesperson
The Old pdxNORML Website & online Library

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Some images used previously. Enjoy the memories!
Information, Education and Organizing others to the same
Portland Oregon chapter, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

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Seeking Peace and Freedom thru Cannabis Law Reform. In Portland, Oregon, the Northwest and the World!
Pdx NORML was also some exparte board members who have no official vote but influence board decisions and perform functions as though they were. They represent a particular segment

such as legal or legislative, or group or neighborhood ! - and we value their input.

The issues of Pdx NORML were Informing, Educating and Organizing others to reforming the laws concerning cannabis. To this end we:

  • put out a monthly newsletter 
  • set up and maintain (or try to) a web site 
  • and a phone line 
  • and an email address 
  • and host events.
These things get the word out and members (and dollars!) in. Hopefully. With the above base we hoped to further:
  • put on a March of about 500 - 1000 people (Millennium Marijuana March 2001) start up a Cafe for Medical Marijuana information and even a patient network center. 
  • put on an event we labeled the CAnnabis Research and Education Symposium (CARES/2001) where we hoped to spark official definition of all the conditions treatable and the best strain for them. 
  • did other things to raise awareness while, maybe, even getting them to pay for themselves!
This info As of 

Nov. 2000

All members served on a volunteer basis. There by self determination, mostly by the approval of the other board members. 

Exparte board members who had no official vote but influenced board decisions and performed functions as though they were. They represented a particular segment - such as legal or legislative, group or neighborhood ! - and we valued their input. Membership was earned thru effort and the annual $20 fee waived. There was also a Student Discount ! 

For a time only, Pdx NORML membership also got you 1 year of National as well.

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