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(Apparently Congressman Zeliff's constituents recognized him for a posturing moron. The current house membership list omits Zeliff.)

Press Release

Congressman William H. Zeliff, Jr.

First District of New Hampshire

Joins Dole at Capitol Hill news conference

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Rep. Bill Zeliff (R-NH), co-chair of the Task Force on National Drug Policy, joined Senate and House colleagues Thursday in issuing recommendations to invigorate the nation's anti-drug strategy.

"This major report calls on the Administration, states, communities, families, schools, parents, and children to renew the effort at all levels to make our streets and communities drug free," said Zeliff, appointed to the Task Force late last year by Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and House Speaker Newt Gingrich. "I've said it before and I'll say it again -- we can only win this war with everyone fighting."

The Task Force, convened by Senator Dole and House Speaker Gingrich, is co-chaired by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IO), Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Congressman Henry Hyde (R-IL), and Zeliff.

"This country must regain the critical ground it has lost over the past three years," said Zeliff, who urged the Administration to place anti-drug policy back at the top of the national agenda after years of neglect. "Teen-age drug use is rising dramatically with our youth smoking more marijuana and using more cocaine and heroin than they have since the 1970's. It sickens me."

The 38-page report, entitled "Setting the Course, A National Drug Srategy," makes the following recommendations:

* A sound interdiction strategy to stop the flow of illegal drugs.

* Increased international commitment to the full range of counter-drug activities.

* Effective enforcement of drug laws.

* Prevention and education programs to empower local communities and families.

* Accountable treatment programs.

"This report is another road on the map to a drug-free America," said Zeliff, who will join other House Members next month on a fact-finding mission to South American countries to review first-hand how effective America's drug interdiction efforts have been. "Be assured, I will continue to draw attention to the drug issue and work to ensure that America once again has an effective and coherent national anti-drug policy."

The release of Thursday's report echoes findings in a report Zeliff issued earlier this month as chairman of the National Security, International Affairs, and Criminal Justice Subcommittee. That report, entitled "National Drug Policy: A Review of the Status of the Drug War," reviewed the effectiveness of the Administration's anti-drug policy and announced major findings and recommendations on the drug war.

Both reports are available by contacting the National Security, International Affairs, and Criminal Justice Subcommittee at 202-225-2577.

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March 28, 1996



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