The Oregonian, March 23, 1996, p. B4

Official says officer's gun went off accidentally in killing

EUGENE - A police officer was using his loaded gun to break through a window in a suspect's car when the gun went off and the suspect was killed, according to Lane County District Attorney Doug Harcleroad.

Marvin Young, 43, was suspected of just having made a drug deal in a restaurant parking lot. He was unarmed, but he was trying to drive away from the scene in his car when police tried to arrest him March 13.

Officer Randy Berger, 36, said he tried to break the car window with his loaded .45-caliber pistol so he could grab Young, but the gun went off. Young died at the scene.

Hercleroad said that to "heighten the sense of impartiality" he had asked the Benton County district attorney's office to review the case.



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