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     This file is the "Boot Hill" of the liberty forum. It contains a
     listing of suspicious deaths/suicides surrounding Clinton, BCCI,
     Inslaw, and the Ives/Henry murders. The names have been
     segregated into three categories including:

       1. Ives/Henry
       2. Inslaw
       3. Clinton Related

     Any additional information either enhancing or refuting this data
     is welcome at E-mail 74013, Distribution of
     this material is encouraged.


       1. Kevin Ives/ Don Henry - Initial cause of death reported to
	  be resulting from falling asleep on railroad tracks in
	  Arkansas on Aug. 23, 1987. This initial ruling was reported
	  by state medical examiner Fahmy Malak. It was later
	  determined that Kevin died from a crushed skull and that Don
	  had been stabbed in the back prior to being placed on the
	  tracks. Rumors indicate that they might have stumbled upon
	  the Mena drug operation.

       2. Keith Koney - held information on the Ives/Henry deaths.
	  Died in a motorcycle accident resulting from a car chase in
	  July 1988.

       3. Keith McKaskle - held information on the Ives/Henry deaths.
	  Was stabbed to death in Nov. 1988.

       4. Gregory Collins - held information on the Ives/Henry deaths.
	  Died from a gunshot wound to the head in Jan. 1989.

       5. Jeff Rhodes - held information on the Ives/Henry/McKaskle
	  deaths. Burned body was found in trash dump in April 1989.
	  Died of a gunshot wound to the head, some body mutilation.

       6. James Milan - held information on the Ives/Henry deaths. Was
	  decapitated; state examiner Fahmy Malak initially ruled
	  death by natural causes.

       7. Richard Winters - Suspect in the deaths of Ives/Henry.
	  Killed in a robbery in July 1989 which was subsequently
	  proved to be a setup.

       8. Jordan Kettleson - held information on the Ives/Henry
	  deaths. Found shot to death in the front seat of of his
	  pickup on June 1990.


     Inslaw was a small software company whose software (PROMIS) was
     allegedly stolen by the Dept. of Justice. Tactics utilized by the
     Dept. of Justice during this procurement eventually forced Inslaw
     into bankruptcy. The lawsuits and ensuing investigations resulted
     in many deaths as itemized in the following listing:

       1. Larry Guerin - Was killed in Feb. 1987 while investigating
	  the Inslaw case.

       2. Alan Standorf - Electronic Intelligence employee for the
	  National Security Agency was a source of information to
	  Danny Casalaro who was investigating Inslaw and BCCI. His
	  body was found in the backseat of his car at Wash. National
	  Airport on Jan 31, 1991.

       3. Dennis Eisman - Attorney involved in the Inslaw case. Found
	  shot to death on April 5, 1991.

       4. Danny Casalaro - Free lance reporter and writer who was
	  investigating Inslaw, BCCI and the October Surprise. Found
	  dead in his bathtub in his Sheraton Hotel room in
	  Martinsburg, Virginia on Aug 10, 1991. His wrists were
	  slashed 10 times and the documentation on the cases he was
	  working on was missing.

       5. Ian Spiro - Held supporting documentation for grand jury
	  proceedings on the Inslaw case. His wife and 3 children were
	  found murdered on Nov 1, 1992 in their home with gunshot
	  wounds to the head. Ian's body was found several days later
	  in a parked car on the Borego Desert. Death was determined
	  to be ingestion of cyanide. FBI report indicated that Ian
	  had murdered his family and committed suicide.

       6. John Crawford - Attorney with information on Inslaw. Died
	  from a heart attack in Tacoma in April 1993.

       7. Paul Wilcher - Investigator and attorney was found dead in
	  Wash. DC on July 23, 1993. Shortly before his death he had
	  sent a 105 page letter to Atty. General Janet Reno releasing
	  information on CIA secret operations.

     Clinton Related Deaths

     The following list includes names of individuals who were
     associated/involved with Clinton, Whitewater and Mena drug

       1. Susan Coleman - Reportedly became pregnant after an affair
	  with Clinton in the late 70's. Problem was becoming a
	  campaign issue in a Clinton election bid. Susan was found
	  dead with a gunshot wound to the head at 7 1/2 months
	  pregnant. Death was an apparent suicide in July 1978.

       2. Victor Raisner - National Finance Co-chair of Clinton for
	  president. Died in an airplane crash on July 30, 1992.

       3. R. Montgomery Raiser - Involved with Clinton campaign. Died
	  in airplane with Victor.

       4. Paul Tulley - Democratic National Committee. Was found dead
	  due to unknown causes in Hotel Room on Sept. 24, 1992.

       5. Paula Gober - Clinton Speech interpretor. Died in a car
	  accident on Dec. 9, 1992.

       6. Jim Wilhite - Associate of Mark McClarty's former firm. Died
	  in a skiing accident on Dec. 21, 1992.

       7. Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Todd McKeahan, Conway Lebeau
	  - Clinton bodyguards who were killed in Waco on Dec 28,

       8. Brian Hassey, Timothy Sabel, William Barkley, Scott Reynolds
	  - Clinton escort/bodyguards died in a helicopter crash on
	  May 19, 1993.

       9. Vincent Foster - Whitehouse Deputy Counsel and personal
	  friend of the Clinton's. Apparent suicide. Died from a
	  gunshot wound to the mouth on July 20,1993.

      10. Jon Parnell Walker - Investigator for the RTC looking into
	  the linkage between Whitewater and Madison S&L. Fell from
	  the top of the Lincoln Towers bldg. on Aug. 15,1993.

      11. Stanley Heard, Steven Dickson - Members of the Clinton
	  health care advisory committee. Died in a plane crash on
	  Sept. 10, 1993.

      12. Jerry Parks - Chief of security for Clinton's National
	  Campaign headquarters in Little Rock. Generated an extensive
	  file on Clinton's affairs in the 80's. Bullet ridden body
	  found on I-10 outside Little Rock on Sept. 26 1993. Several
	  witnesses who initially came forward now have short

      13. Ed Willey - Clinton Fundraiser. Died of a self-inflicted
	  gunshot wound on Nov. 30, 1993.

      14. Gandy Baugh - Lasater's attorney committed suicide on Jan 8,
	  1994. Baugh's partner committed suicide on Feb. 8,1994.

      15. Herschell Friday - Member of presidential campaign Finance
	  Committee. Died in an airplane explosion on March 1, 1994.

      16. Ronald Rogers - Died on March 3, 1994 just prior to
	  releasing sensitive information to a London Newspaper.
	  Undetermined cause of death.

      17. Kathy Ferguson - 38 yr. old hospital worker whose ex-husband
	  is codefendant in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.
	  Held information supporting Paula's allegations. Died of an
	  apparent suicide on May 11, 1994 from a gunshot wound to the

      18. Bill Shelton - Arkansas police officer was found dead of an
	  apparent suicide on Kathy Ferguson's(his girlfriend) grave
	  on June 12, 1994. from a gunshot wound to the back of the

      19. Stanley Huggins - 46 yr old principal in a memphis law firm
	  who headed a 1987 investigation into the loan practices of
	  Madison Guaranty S&L. Died in Delaware in July 1994,
	  reported cause of death was viral pneumonia.

      20. Calvin Walraven - 24 yr old who was a key witness in the
	  trial of Jocelyn Elder's son's drug case. Was found dead in
	  his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head. Tim Hoover a
	  Little Rock spokesman says no foul play is suspected.

      21. Paul Olson - was a key Federal witness in several Chicago
	  drug trials. Died in a Sept 8, 1994 USAir airplane crash
	  while returning from being interviewed for two days by
	  federal investigators.

     This section is reserved for those individuals who have spoken
     out with specific information and have received death threats
     and/or have survived murder attempts.

       1. Gary Johnson - Former Attorney for Larry Nichols who had
	  videotaped Clinton entering Jennifer Flowers apartment on
	  numerous occasions. Nearly beaten to death with dislocated
	  elbows and ruptured spleen.

       2. LJ Davis - Investigative reporter who had information in the
	  inner workings of the Rose Law Firm was viciously beaten on
	  Feb. 1994.

       3. Dennis Patrick - Involved with multi-million dollar
	  transactions with Lasater's firm. Has survived 3 attempts on
	  his life.

       4. Larry Nichols - Star of the Clinton Chronicles tape. Has
	  received numerous death threats.

       5. Terry Reed - Author of "Compromised" documenting drug
	  running operations in Mena.

       6. Rodney Stich - Author of "Defrauding America" a pattern of
	  related scandals. Includes discussions on BCCI, October
	  Surprise, Inslaw and a discussion of corruption within the
	  Dept. of Justice.

       7. Darlene Novinger - Former FBI operative who holds sensitive
	  information on the current and previous administrations'
	  drug operations. Husband was murdered in March 1987 when she
	  went public with initial reports. Her father died July 8,
	  1993 four hours after Darlene was a guest on the Tom
	  Valentine show.


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I once received something in the mail which detailed 21 arkancides!
I've looked everywhere and can't find it. But here are a few. These
folks clearly play for keeps.

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       THE POLITICAL DIGEST(c) 1079 Farroll, Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420


Vol:2-26 (Richard L. Franklin) posted the following:

Newcomers to this newsgroup probably find many of the names and terms we
bandy about rather mystifying. Ergo, in the interest of helping inform
latecomers and bashful lurkers, I'm posting the following piece, which I
wrote for the forthcoming February issue of Franklin's Focus.

ARKANCIDE, A NEW KIND OF SUICIDE Thus far, I1ve been deeply reluctant to
report on the full extent of the corruption, violence, and murder that
marked the years of the Clinton governorship in Arkansas. This is partly
because my readers may find it unbelievable, perhaps even preposterous.
When I start talking about political murders, I fear readers may think
Franklin1s been smoking some bad stuff. Having said that, I1m going out on
a limb to describe numerous deaths surrounding Bill Clinton and Menagate.
Mena, Arkansas, and nearby Nella, have small airports that have been sites
for arms, dope, and money smuggling ever since the Reagan administration.
The nearby ranch of Seth Ward (Webb Hubbell1s father-in-law, who conspired
with Hillary Clinton in the Castle Grande scam now being investigated by
Congress) was also a drop-off point for bags of money and dope. (See
Compromised by Terry Reed.)

Kevin Ives and Don Henry, two teenage boys from nearby Bryant, got curious
about the goings on at these places. They did some spying and came by some
dangerous knowledge. In fact, they told their friends they considered
themselves as good as dead. Indeed, they showed up dead shortly thereafter,
their bloodied bodies found on railroad tracks. The state medical examiner
was Fahmy Malik, a crony and appointee of Bill Clinton. Malik had
ingratiated himself to Clinton by saving Clinton1s mother from being
charged with two negligent homicides when she was a nurse a scandal that is
well known in Arkansas. Malik ruled that the boys had committed suicide by
going to sleep on the tracks.

The mothers of the two boys rejected this conclusion. They hired Dr. Joseph
Burton, the chief medical examiner for Atlanta, Georgia. Under court order,
the bodies were exhumed and Dr. Burton did another autopsy. He discovered
that Don had been stabbed twice in the back and his skull had been crushed
by a gun butt. Kevin also had been smashed in the head with a gun butt.
Malik1s malfeasance caused such a stink in Arkansas, Clinton had to 3fire^2
his old buddy. Later, he quietly gave Malik a cushy job with the state at a
much higher salary. Once it was public knowledge that Kevin and Don had
been murdered, six witnesses came forth to offer important information. In
no particular order they were:

(1) Gregory Collins, who soon had his head blown away by a shotgun blast;

(2) Richard Winters, soon killed by a 12-gauge shotgun blast;

(3) Jordan Ketelson, killed by a shotgun blast to the head his demise ruled
a 3suicide^2 by the sheriff;

(4) Keith McKaskle, who knew he was doomed and said good-by to family and
friends just before he was stabbed to death in his home 113 times, to be

(5) Keith Coney, who was slashed in the neck but managed to mount his
motorcycle and flee, only to run into the back of a truck. The police ruled
his death a "traffic fatality";

(6) Jeff Rhodes, who had his head, hands, and feet partly cut off before
being set on fire. His badly burned body was found in the city dump. The
many deaths of people who had threatened the career of Bill Clinton or had
endangered the Mena operation were almost always ruled "suicides" or
"accidental". Many people in Arkansas and elsewhere have taken to calling
the "suicides" Arkancides. My files have many cases of Arkancides.

Consider the 17-year- old girl who was 7 1/2 months pregnant. She was about
to file a paternity case against Bill Clinton. Her head was blown away with
a shotgun blast. This was ruled a "suicide".

Kathy Ferguson was about to be deposed as a star witness for the Paula
Jones lawsuit. Two days before she was to testify, she was murdered in what
looked like a professional hit. Her death was ruled a suicide. Her fiance,
Bill Shelton, was a cop so he started investigating. Within days, he was
the victim of what looked like a mob-style hit. His death was also ruled a

Ed Willey was manager of Clinton1s campaign finances. He was about to spill
the beans on sundry illegalities. At the last minute, he chose to "shoot
himself" instead.

Jon Walker was a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation.
He realized that the Whitewater investigation was being blocked by Clinton
toadies in Kansas City; so he initiated actions to shift control of the
investigation to his Washington, D.C. office. Shortly after making this
fateful move, Walker was apartment shopping at Lincoln Towers in Arlington.

For some odd reason, he suddenly decided to fling himself from a
ninth-floor balcony. John Wilson, a D.C. councilman, had garnered some
incriminating files on Clinton. He was about to go public with what he
knew, when for some unknown reason he suddenly changed his mind and chose
to hang himself. Needless to say, in all the Arkancides wherein inculpatory
documents are known to have existed, they have mysteriously vanished. And
so it goes on and on and on. It is absolutely mind boggling. The number of
Arkancides and suspicious "accidents" has now reached at least three dozen.
Never in the history of this nation has the pathway to presidential power
been littered with so many bodies. Alas, those who have questioned this
extraordinary carnage have been shouted down as "conspiracy screwballs", or
smeared as "paranoid nutcases".

The media and Mr. Bill's hired guns have adroitly snuffed the messenger.
Clinton has always been good at surrounding himself with skilled
damage-control people (Betsey Wright, for example). Yes, I'm one of those
"paranoid nutcases". I stubbornly believe something is rotten in both the
state of Arkansas and the White House. There1s no sane reason for attacking
those of us who ask questions about the trail of bodies. The fact is
political murders happen all over the world; yet, for some reason,
Americans seem incapable of believing such things could happen in the good
old USA.

Humbug. Wherever political power is centered, an ethos of deceit and
violence are likely to be spawned. Americans, after all, are not morally
unique members of humankind.

The recent revelations of corruption in Mexico, Canada, and Japan should
not be brushed off as remote or alien. What has happened in these countries
also goes on in this country and probably on a grand scale. The belief that
Holy America is immune to venality or violence in high places amounts to a
blind puerile chauvinism. So who1s behind these and other political
assassinations? I can only offer theories, and I have no way to document my

First, I believe members of the Arkansas State Police were involved in the
execution and cover-up of several murders. In particular, I suspect that
Luther "Buddy" Young, Governor Clinton1s head of security, was somehow

Secondly, I suspect the CIA was deeply involved. To better appreciate a
possible CIA role in these assassinations, read Compromised by Terry Reed.
His well-documented book suggests the CIA struck an unholy bargain with
Clinton. The Company would protect Clinton and nurture his rise to the
presidency in exchange for being allowed to turn Arkansas into a CIA center
for cocaine, money, and arms smuggling. In short, Arkansas would be used as
a kind of "banana republic".

I believe Clinton went even further in his complicity. I believe he, Dan
Lasater, and Patsy Thomasson operated a money laundering racket using an
agency of the Arkansas state government the Arkansas Development Finance
Authority (ADFA). This office was husbanded into existence by Bill Clinton
as a way to funnel "loans" to his political cronies. He conveniently
managed to have it set up as a financial fiefdom totally controlled by
Clinton himself. As things turned out, it apparently became an invaluable
tool for massive laundering of CIA drug money. In short, through ADFA,
Clinton was able to insert himself in a hugely profitable CIA operation and
make himself a vital asset. I suspect that it then became critical for the
CIA to protect Mr. Slick at all costs.

Mind you, this is merely educated guessing, so please take it with a grain
of salt. As the newspapers say about their astrology columns, I offer it
for "entertainment purposes only".

Richard L. Franklin Franklin's Focus


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