By David P Beiter

A collection of books concerning the Drug War.

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Susan Adler, _Wheeling and Dealing_.  Univ of Colorado at Boulder
study of drug entrepreneurs in southern California.  The Nation,
V249, p341.

Association of the Bar of the City of New York, "A Wiser Course:
Ending Drug Prohibition".

Baum, Dan, _Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and The Politics
of Failure_.  Excelent, readible history of the war on drugs
since Nixon.  Little Brown and Co., 1996

Benjamine, Daniel K, and Miller, Roger Leroy, _UnDoing
Drugs:Beyond Legalization_.  Basic Books, 1991.  How we, the
people, can retake America from the Drug Dealers, Drug Addicts
and Drug Enforcment Agents.

Alan A Block, "Drugs, Law, and the State," Hong Kong University
Press, 1992

For further info on a possible Zapata Petroleum/drug trafficking
connection, see *The Immaculate Deception* by Russell S.  Bowen.
Carson City: America West Publishers, 1991.  ISBN 0- 922356-80-7

Pete Brewton, "The Mafia, the CIA and George Bush."
S.P.I. Books, 1992

Ken Bucchi, _C.I.A.: Cocaine In America?_, Shapolsky Publishers,
94?.  An expose by a former CIA agent.

Celerino Castillo III, and David Harmon: Powder Burns: Cocaine,
Contras and the Drug War, Mosaic Books, Toronto.  Castillo was
the U.S.  Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) top agent in El
Salvador during 1985-87

Christic Institute, _Inside the Shadow Government_, The Christic
Institute, 1324 North Capitol St NW, Wash, DC 20002.
202/797-8106 $15.00 Ongoing CIA drug smuggling etc.

Leslie Cockburn, _Out of Control: The Story of the Reagan
Administration's Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms
Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connection_, Atlantic Monthly
Press, 1987.  Alleges that the CIA allowed drug traffickers to
use its airfields to import cocaine and marijuana into the United
States in return for the drug dealers giving money and arms to
the Nicaraguan contras.

Leslie Cockburn, "Drugs, Guns and the CIA", PBS Frontline program
on 17 May 88.

Richard Condon, _Mile High_, [1979??].  America's master
yarn-spinner of court intrigue has a Joe Kennedy-figure set up
the whole situation.

Courtwright , David.  _Drug legalization, the drug war, and drug
treatment in historical perspective_.  [US story]

Sally Denton, _The Bluegrass Conspiracy_, Doubleday, 1990.
Documents links between Lexington Kentucky police, politicians,
patricians and major drug trafficking.

Steven B.  Duke and Albert C.  Gross, "America's Longest War".
It presents, in a most cogent manner, all the major arguments for
ending prohibition, prsents a range of lagalization options, and
makes a case for harm reduction.  From: Aaron D Wilson

Steven Emerson, _Secret Warriors: Inside the Covert Military
Operations of the Reagan Era_.  (Putnam, 1988).  ISBN:
0-399-13360-7 US News & World Report, p31, Nov 16, 1987.  Great
expose of renegade and uncontrolled covert operations in the
80's.  Clearly shows how compartmentalized these efforts can be
and how hard it is to get a good overall picture of these units.
Secret Money + No Accountability = Corruption!

Edward J Epstein, _Agency of Fear: Opiates and Political Power in
America_.  G Putnam's Sons, 1977.  Connections between the Nixon
administration and heroin trafficking.

Evans, Rod L and Berent, Irwin M (eds), _Drug Legalization: For
and Against_.  Open Court, La Salle, 1992.  A fair and balanced
presentation of both sides in the debate over drug

Ryan Freemantle, _The Fix: Inside the World Drug Trade_.  352p.
1986.  St.  Martin's Press.  (Tom Doherty Associates?) Illegal
drug business.  British?  Monitor radio.  [Brian?]

Ronald Hamowy, _Dealing with Drugs: Consequences of Government
Control_, Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy.  $12.95
Sinsemilla Tips, V8#3p27.

Christina Jacqueline Johns, Power, Ideology, and the War on
Drugs: Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Kinder, Douglas Clark.  _Shutting out the evil: nativism and
narcotics control in the United States_.

Peter Kornbluh is the co-author of the book, "The Iran Contra Scandal:
The Declassified History." He is also a senior analyst at the National
Security Archives in Washington.

Henrick Krueger (translated by Jerry Meldon), _The Great Heroin
Coup: Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism_.  South End
Press, 1980.  240pp.  ISBN 0-89608-031-5p.  Well documented CIA
and DEA encouragement of heroin importation from Asia and Mexico.

Kubby, Steve, _The Politics of Consciousness_.  Loompanics, Port
Townsend, 1995.  "Much of this book was inspired by the lives and
works of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,
Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry.  ... I am
especially grateful to Thomas Jefferson and join him in
pledging, `... eternal hostility against every form of tyranny
over the mind of man.'"

Jonathan Kwitny, _The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope,
Dirty Money and the CIA_, WW Norton, c1987.  Mother Jones,
Aug/Sep 87, p17.

Martin A Lee and Bruce Shlain, _Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD and the
Sixties Rebellion_.  Grove Press.  The Nation, Sep 5, 1987, p

Rensselaer W Lee III, _White Labyrinth: Cocaine and Political
Power_.  Transaction Press.  256pp.  The economies of Columbia,
Peru, and Bolivia have been captured by the drug trade.

Penny Lernoux _In Banks We Trust_ (1984)

Michael Levine, ???.  1990.  Interview on 23 April 90
MacNeil-Lehrer.  25 year DEA agent claims that 50 tons of cocaine
per year were shipped thru Honduras to USA to fund the War on
Communists.  *The Big White Lie* by Michael Levine.  (New York:
Thunder's Mouth Press, 1993) More great big laughs about the (ha
ha ha) "War on Drugs" where parts of the government bring in the
drugs and then other parts of the government fight the drugs.
Truly hilarious, except for, as ex-DEA agent Levine points out in
the dedication of his book, "law enforcement officers who have
died trying to take drugs off the street".  Oh-oh.  Somebody'd
better call "Walker: Texas Ranger" and have him investigate!

Leonard Levy, _A License to Steal_ (1996?) $30.  Billed as the
best and most complete account to date of the controversy
surrounding forfeiture of property as a device to combat crime.

Stanley J Marks, _A Year in the Lives of the Damned: Reagan,
Reaganism, 1986!_ Bureau of International Affairs.  Reveals 1980
agreement to sell arms to Iran and protect drug smugglers.

Jonathan Marshall, _Drug Wars_, 1990 Cohan & Cohen.  The
connection between Mexican drug underworld & CIA.

Jonathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane Hunter.  _The Iran
Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the
Reagan Era_.  South End, Boston, 313pp, $11.  Drug trafficking,
gun running, government toppling, and assassination.  Ref: Utne
Reader, Nov/Dec 87, p122.

Jonathan Marshall.  _Opium, tungsten and the search for National
Security_.  [more stuff on international business and politics of
drug trade supported by the US government, but, since profits
were lucrative, one that led to corruption and misuse of
government officials and resources]

McAllister, William.  _Conflicts of interest in the international
drug control system_.  [an economic argument about producing
versus manufacturing countries and how they negotiated
international drug laws]

Al McCoy, _The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia 1972_.
Harper & Row

John McWilliams, _Through the Past Darkly: the Politics and
policies of America's drug war_.

Meyer, Kathryn.  _Fast crabs and cigarette boats: a speculative
essay_.  [this is about drug wars in china, starting with Great
Britain's monopoly on selling opium to China from India]

James Mills, _The Underground Empire_, Doubleday, $22.95
Newsweek, July 28, 1986, p65.  Big time drug smuggling business
and efforts of "Centac" to neutralize it.  Purportedly true, but
absolutely NO references nor documentation.

David Musto, _The American Disease: Origins of Narcotic
Control_.  Utne Reader, #32p78

David W.  Rasmussen and Bruce L.  Benson, _THE ECONOMIC ANATOMY
OF A DRUG WAR: Criminal Justice in the Commons_, Lanham, Md.:
Rowman and Littlefield, 1994.  Drug War is unwinable and has
destroyed the justice system.

Reed, Terry and John Cummings.  _Compromised: Clinton, Bush and
the CIA_.  Reports on the aledged conspiracy of CIA drug
trafficking out of Mena, AR.  WSJ, 940420.

Peter Dale Scott & Jonathan Marshall, _Cocaine Politics: Drugs,
Armies, and the CIA in Central America_.  1992, Univ of
California Press, Berkeley CA.  $13.

Elaine Shannon, _Desperados: Latin Drug Lords, US Lawmen, & the
War America Can't Win_.  Time.

Sam Staley, _Drug Policy and the Decline of American Cities_,
Transaction, 1992.  WSJ, Aug 13 92, A13.  War on Drugs escalates
urban violence & removes youth from the legitimate economy.

Jay Stevens, _Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream_, 1987

Stutman, _Deep Cover_.  Confessions of an ex-DEA agent.

Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International
Operations of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States
Senate.  U.S. G.P.O., Supt. of Docs., Washington, April 13,
1989.  (GOV DOC # Y 4.F 76/2:S.prt.100-165)

Jack Terrell and Ron Martz: Disposable Patriot, ISBN 0915765381,
National Press Books, 1992.  "Highly recommended for background
on the US intelligence community, drugs, and the Contras!"

Gordon Thomas: _Journey Into Madness: the true story of secret
CIA mind control & medical abuse_, Bantam, 1989, ISBN 0-553-05357
This book concentrates on the harrowing story of Dr.  Cameron, of
the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal.  Cameron, respected and
well published in the field of psychiatry, carried out
experiments funded by the CIA involving electro-shock,
administering LSD to tranquilized patients, and "psychic driving"
a method for 'repatterning' the psyche by constantly repeating
key phases to a subject via headphones mounted on a helmet that
could not be removed!

Mark Thornton, The Economics of Prohibition

Arnold S Trebach, _The Great Drug War_.  Professor of Justice at
American University.  ref Reason, Nov 87, p46.

William O.  Walker, III, ed.  _Drug Control Policy: Essays in
historical and comparative perspective_.  Penn State Press, 1992.

Steven Wisotsky, Beyond the War on Drugs: Overcoming A Failed
Policy", professor of legal studies at Nova University Law
Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Michael Woodiwiss, _Crime, Crusades, and Corruption: Prohibitions
in the United States, 1900-1987_, 1988.  This book is chockfulla
prohibition history (alcohol, gambling, prostitution, and drugs)
and has some great quotes from across the decades, by both
prohibitionists and anti's alike.

Leon Ziegler, _La Suiss Lave Plus Blanc_, Editions du Seuil,
Paris, France.  Swiss money laundering.  Alleges that Iran paid
for arms from the Iran-contra conspiracy partly in heroin &
morphine base.  ACRES USA, Apr 90, p21.


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