By David P Beiter

David P Beiter, CAVE Inc, Rt 72 Box 8460, Monticello, KY

1819, Wayne County (now McCreary County) Kentucky.  The "Devil's Oil" ruins a
valuable salt well.  Oil is struck in the Beaty Number Two Salt Well at the
mouth of what is now known as the Oil Well Branch on the West Bank of The Big
South Fork of The Cumberland River.  Environmental Inventory, Little South Fork
Cumberland River, p34 (Jan 82), ref Augusta Phillips Johnson, (1939), A Century
of Wayne County, 1800-1900.  The Standard Printing Company, Louisville, KY.

1859, Titusville, PA.  Col. Edwin L Drake drills the first oil well actually
looking for the stuff.

The 1985 estimate of drug trafficking in the USA is $120 billion. p 8, Annual
Report for the Year 1985 of the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and 

The 1984 estimate by Columbian authorities is 44,000 hectares (110,000 acres) 
of marijuana with 1500 hectares (3800 acres) destroyed. There were estimated 
to be 25000 hectares (53000 acres) of coca. p 32 

860212.  Baby Doc Duvallier of Haiti escaped with a personal fortune of 400M$.
This was in a country of population 5.8M, a GNP of 1.6B$, and a per capita
yearly income of $300.  That's a take of $69/head, or 2 months 3 weeks /head.

860330.  Personal communication (rumor).  PCP told of a Michael arrested in
Somerset.  For pot?  He was homosexual [how found out?].  He was beaten and
hanged in jail.  Homosexuality is rampant in Somerset.

860405.  A load of 1.2 tons of cocaine was caught at the Mexican border, valued
at 331M$.  That's 300$/gram.

860405.  David Butler, Kentucky State Police Captain, passes 12K$ of falsified
travel vouchers on Eastern Kentucky University.  WBKY 9[10]AM

860528.  Cayman Islands has a population of 17,000 and 450 banks, or one per 38
people.  CSM[?]

860708, PA.  Four Americans and eight Columbians are indicted by a Federal
Grand Jury for smuggling 1,500 lbs cocaine into PA & NY.  No mention of
official involvement.  Assorted newscasts.

861006.  U. S. News & World Report p59 states that developing countries owe
approx one trillion dollars. American consumers owe $593 billion. American 
business owes $2.4 trillion. US government owes $2.1 trillion. This totals 

861006.  U. S. News & World Report p63. Marijuana is being grown in National
Forests. 946,000 acres have been closed to protect the public. Since 1980, 
USDA agents have busted 2692 marijuana plots in National Forests. 

861000.  Acres, USA, p3.  Greater than a third of US national income is now
government transfer payments to individuals.

861020.  U. S. News & World Report p70. Drug tests are inaccurate. In a
control test of 13 labs and 34 spiked samples the results were; 1 completely 
correct, 5 detected no drugs. There were 6% false positives for cocaine, 37% 
false positives for amphetamines. 

861000.  There is a large (100M$?) appropriation to eliminate marijuana
production in the National Forests, as a public protection measure.  The
growers are a danger to the public with boobytraps.  Radio news.

861029.  Miami FL.  In a record bust, 4620 pounds of cocaine "worth" $500
million was accidentally found in routine plugging of a crate of furniture.
That's $238 per gram.  Cable News Network [radio], WBKY, 11PM

861103, Riviera Beach, FL.  The record 4600 pound cocaine bust of 29 Oct 86
falls.  A larger [unstated] amount was found in false walls of a shipping
container.  In the past (2 weeks?) 122,000 pounds marijuana have been seized,
770 pounds of cocaine were found in 11 duffle bags which were thrown overboard
from a vessel, and the 4600 pounds (what's 20 pounds one way or the other when
you got two tons?) cocaine previously noted.  The total cocaine seizure in 85
was 7000 pounds.  It is estimated that approximately 10% of imports are
caught.  Cable News Network [radio] News, WBKY, 11:12PM.  It is not clear where
statistics apply; Customs?  Florida?

861119, Miami, FL.  9 Columbians are named by DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency] as
The Medellin Cartel, which has imported 58 Tons of cocaine into the United
States since 68.  Indictments were issued 25 Aug 88, and DEA has been trying to
secretly arrest them since then.  All Things Considered, WBKY, 4:30 PM.

861201~, Miami, FL.  The Federal Reserve Bank of Miami has a 6 billybux
(that's $6,000,000,000.00) cash surplus from cocaine traffic.  Radio.

861216, Jefferson Co, KY.  Marion Collins, Jefferson County cop, is convicted
and sentenced to 30 years for 7 armed robberies of Savings & Loans, netting
$24,000.  WBKY

861216, Oak Ridge, TN.  An Oak Ridge cop got some of the money from the Acker
robbery from Hodge, to "invest".  Kentucky Educational Television?  Look for
Foust in C&D.  That's Detective Sergeant C. Gene Foust, Head Narcotics Officer
of the Oak Ridge Police Department.

870200.  The DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency] estimate of cocaine use in the USA
in 85 is 100 metric tons consumed by 3 to 6 million users.  That is 0.05
pounds, or 23gm each.  Playboy, Feb 87, p68.  The DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency]
in 86 had cocaine busts of 17,000 kilograms, 12,819 drug arrests, and 379
megabux of property confiscated.

861231.  USA population = 242.1 million.

861231, PCP.  Butch (Pete?  the one arrested for wife beating) Sexton has
$2000/week coke habit, from work hand Dishman.  There is a well established gay
community in Wayne & Pulaski Counties, from UBW.

861231.  The Wayne County [Kentucky] Outlook.  The Wayne County tax base is 75
to 80 million dollars.  With a population of 17,003, then the tax base is $4700
each.  Garbage disposal is to cost $100,000, or $6 each.

2 Jan 87.  KY.  Larry Forgey withdraws from the Republican campaign for 
Governor of Kentucky, citing his inability to raise the necessary 4 megabux to 
mount a credible effort. Kentucky Educational Television 

Lester Burns, Jr is ordered to return to Dr Roscoe Acker 175 kilobux 
[$175,000.00], his liar's fee for defense of the robbers/murderers. 

The 1986 drug trafficking industry in United States is estimated to be $130 
billion. In a 1985 survey of Americans age 12 and older by the National 
Institute on Drug Abuse reports 70.4 million (37%) have used marijuana, 
cocaine, or other illicit drugs once or more; 36.8 million (19%) within the 
last year; and 23 million (12%) within the past month. Among the employed 20 
to 40 year olds, the National Household Survey reported 29% used illicit drugs 
within the past year, and 19% within the past month. There are an estimated 
600 thousand active heroin addicts is USA. An estimated 62 million have used 
marijuana once or more, 40 million use marijuana occasionally or more, 25 
million use marijuana regularly. The estimated cocaine use in USA is 30 
million occasional users, 6 to 8 million regular users, and 0.7 to 1.4 million 
addicted. p8, Annual Report for the Year 1986 of the Select Committee on 
Narcotics Abuse and Control. 

Cocaine estimates in the USA for 1984 are: 104 tons consumed & 11.7 tons 
seized. 1985: 125 tons consumed and 18 tons seized. 1986: 150 tons consumed &
28 tons seized. Annual Report for the Year 1986 of the Select Committee on
Narcotics Abuse and Control. p15. 

An estimated 30000 to 60000 tons of marijuana are being smuggled into USA 
annually, plus 4000 tons of domestic production. 1984 sources: Columbia, 70%; 
Mexico, 15%; Jamaica, 7%; Belize, 5%; other, 3%; domestic, 13% additional. 
1985 sources: Columbia, 70%; Mexico, 25%; Jamaica, 7%; Belize, 5%; others, 3%. 
1986 sources: Columbia, 60%; Mexico, 35%; Jamaica, 5%; Belize, 4%; Guatemala, 
3%; others, 3%. Annual Report for the Year 1986 of the Select Committee on 
Narcotics Abuse and Control. p22 

Charles Knox, Police Director for the City of Newark, New Jersey suggests 
legalization!!!  p51 

In 1985 a reported 39,231,479 domestic marijuana plants were destroyed in 
39,745 plots. 5151 arrests were made and 1768 weapons were seized. Annual
Report for the Year 1986 of the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and 
Control. p 104 

In 1985 the estimated Mexican cultivation of opium was 5200 hectares (13,000 
acres) and for marijuana was 9,000 hectares (22,500 acres). Annual Report for 
the Year 1986 of the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control. p 115 

"Kremlin admits drug use is spreading in USSR", Christian Science Monitor, 7 
Jan 87, p2. The number of Soviet drug addicts is now 46,000, an 18-fold 
increase in 2 years. 7,500 acres of illegal crops and 250,000 acres [?] of 
marijuana were destroyed and more than 4000 traffickers arrested last year. 

8 Jan 87.  McCormick, SC.  The local Sheriff was caught embezzling funds. The 
local paper (The Messenger?) with a new outsider editor reported this, and has 
been harassed for it. This included nails in the driveway, obscene gestures 
to children, and his house was bombed. The locals did not want to hear about 
the sins of their leaders. Cable News Network [radio] News, 11:16 PM, 8 Jan 
87. Jimmy Gable, Sheriff, resigned when caught pocketing a Federal grant for a 
recreation site. Deputy George Reid, convicted in 1974 of stealing an impact 
wrench from a local car dealership, announced candidacy for Sheriff. Reid 
failed state's basic training course. County coroner Jack Keown also a 
candidate, was arrested when Reid claimed that Keown tried to bribe him to 
withdraw. Editor of McCormick County Messenger, Ken Fortenberry's house was 
bombed and his family was threatened. Newsweek, Feb 9, 87, p31. 

16 Jan 87.  A Washington DC cocaine ring was busted and 19 were arrested, 
mostly Columbians. This business was operated out of pizza parlors. Cable News 
Network [radio] 3:16PM, WBKY 

21 Jan 87.   1.5B$ (that's $1,500,000,000.00) is expected to be gambled in both 
legal and illegal betting on the Super Bowl. Kentucky Educational Television, 

7 Feb 87.  Firing Line.  There are 7200 ballistic nuclear weapons, 12000 
strategic nuclear weapons, with a total of 50000 nuclear weapons in the USA 
arsenal. USSR has 7800 ballistic nuclear weapons. Edward L. Rowney, 
Presidential Advisor 

10 Mar 87.  National Public Radio.  15 pounds of Plutonium are needed for a 
WWII style bomb, and requires only four nuclear technicians with no previous 
weapons experience. This is within the capabilities of some terrorist groups. 
The Japanese have ordered 85 metric tonnes of Plutonium reprocessing (unclear 
if Plutonium or total) over next 30 years from France & England. The security 
of these shipments is questioned. Reporter Kathleen Galaski, interviewing 
Paul Leventhal, nuclear power critic with Nuclear Control Institute. If all of 
the nuclear material is Plutonium, then this is sufficient for 400 bombs / 

~11 Mar 87.  200 pounds per month for 6 years (=14,400 pounds) cocaine were 
smuggled from Brazil via commercial airlines. This was valued at 1.5B$ 
(=229/gm). 40 arrests have been made. Pan Am cooperated with DEA [Drug 
Enforcement Agency], Delta would not. 

15 Mar 87.  NOVA.  There have been 77 billion humans thruout time [define 
"human"]. The present rate of increase is 128 million per year. /If the 
present population is 5.00 billion, then the rate of increase is 2.56%, with a 
doubling time of 27 years. I heard 80 million per year somewhere else, or 1.6% 
per year, doubling in 44 years. Worldwatch Paper 80, p5 says '87 increase was 
86 million. 

3 Apr 87.  Daylight Savings Time comes 3 weeks earlier, to Bring Economic 
Prosperity to The Nation. A Kingsford Charcoal Briquette Company mouthpiece 
predicts 23 to 24 megabux (~6%) increase in sales of charcoal briquettes, 7 
megabux in starter fluid, and 3 or 4 (or was that 34?) megabux in grilles. 
Convenience stores should reap 1 billybuck. All the while saving 100K bbl oil!  
Business Update, WBKY. 

April 87.  The Nature Conservancy agrees to purchase Cave Hollow, Lee County, 
KY, for $350,000. p2 Kentucky Chapter The Nature Conservancy, Spring 1987. 

9 Apr 87.  WBKY.  Fundraisers for private aid to the Contras diverted most of 
the money to their own purposes. The interesting part is that the fundraisers 
were homosexual, and their purposes were to support other homosexuals. I've 
heard no further information on this vicious rumor spread by communist 
sympathizers. But The New Republic, 11 May 1987, p18 says "National Public 
Radio also reported that [Carl "Spitz"] Channell and his principal deputy, 
Daniel Lynn Conrad, are homosexuals, and that Channell's groups had paid large 
fees to both Channell's long-time roommate and a West Coast consulting firm 
run by Conrad's friend Kenneth Gilman" 

24 Apr 85.  Paul Harvey.  Mexican officials claim that $145 Billion of illicit 
drugs have been confiscated in Mexico. The time period was not stated. Mexico 
is thus cooperating in the War On Drugs. 

The number of protons in observed universe is approximately 10^78. Discover, 
May 1987, p93. 

In the USA, excess mortality from cigarette smoking exceeds 350,000 per year: 
170,000 from coronary disease; 125,000 from cancer (100,000 from lung cancer); 
and 1,500 from fire. The total direct health care costs approximate $16 
billion, plus the loss of productivity and earnings from disability and 
premature death $37 billion. Acres, USA, May 1987, p17, quoting Know the Truth 
Newsletter, quoting US Surgeon General. 

29 Apr 87.  MacNeil-Lehrer.  100 metric tonnes of Plutonium are available in 
United states for production of nuclear weapons. ??  discussing safety at 
Hanford reactor. 

30 Apr 87.  Wayne Co, KY.  Wayne County School salaries for 85-86 school year = 
$3,553,631. High roller was Bates, C.H. at 60,976. Monticello School salaries 
totalled $1,180,816. Highest take was only $44,290 for Miniard, Vernon. The 
Wayne County [Kentucky] Outlook, p24. What a bargain! 

5 May 87.  An unstated amount of money (less than $2 million) from the Iran 
arms deal was diverted to DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency] agents in Europe for 
use to attempt to free hostages in Lebanon. This line of inquiry was not 
pursued. Testimony of Richard Secord, Congressional Investigation. 

5 May 87.  Alan Sears (of Meese Pornography Commission fame) was indeed 
appointed to head the Federal Office of Surface Mining as partially caught in 
a newscast last summer. Yes, there were allegations of conflict of interest 
due to Sears having represented a strip mining company in suit against Office 
of Surface Mining. Sears is now heading some other pornography commission. No 
confirmation of having been a Kentucky State Police trooper, as reported (in 
Playboy?) Personal communication, Tom Fitzgerald, Kentucky Natural Resources 

15 May 87.  $300,000 was given to Oliver North to fund a DEA [Drug Enforcement 
Agency] hostage rescue in Lebanon by [? H. Ross Perot]. MacNeil-Lehrer 

"May 18, 1987".  U. S. News & World Report, p72.  America's prison population 
is 546,659. Violent is crime up by 12%. 

26 May 87. Lacefield pleads guilty to falsification of drug tests for FAA
[Federal Aviation Administration]. MacNeil-Lehrer. 

28 May 87.  Wayne County Kentucky education: 59% of the population 25 & older
have not completed the 8th grade. The Wayne County [Kentucky] Outlook, p1.
"I do not know what I may appear to the world: But to myself I seem to have
been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself and now and 
then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than usual, whilst the 
great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me." Sir Isaac Newton 

The July 1.  1987 population of Wayne County, KY is 17,700. WKYM, 15 July. 

Wayne County has received a $1,007,000.00 Federal grant [abandoned lands fund] 
to reclaim 80 acres in two strip mines at Coal Cliff, Wayne Co, KY. WKYM, 17 
July 87 playing Hal Rogers tape. The Wayne County [Kentucky] Outlook, 23 July 
87, p1. That's $12,587.50 per acre! 

24 Jul 87.  The Office of Surface Mining falsified records in order to justify 
reduced coal operator fines. But "no evidence of bribes, kickbacks or 
gratuities." Kentucky News Net. They just did it out of the goodness of their 

24 July 87.  There were $1.11 billion fraud & embezzlement losses to US banks 
in 1986. $199 billion was spent in the US on legal and illegal gambling in 
1986. Wall Street Week quoting Gaming & Wagering Magazine. Presumably this 
does not include speculating on Wall street. 

Bishop James Ussher calculated that God began creating Heaven and earth at 
2:30 in the afternoon, on Sunday, Oct 23, 4004 BC. Total particles & photons 
in known universe = 10E87. Discover, Sep 87, p 76&81 

Operation Black Poppy.  The Soviets have destroyed over 2000 fields totalling 
120 acres of opium poppy and marijuana in Central Asia. U. S. News & World 
Report, "31 Aug 87", p13. 

Sep 87.  The new rope climbing records are: 30 meters (98.4 feet) mechanical, 
0:25.7; 120 meters (393.7 feet) mechanical, 4:10.7 Held by Rossano Boscarino 
of Puerto Rico. NSS News, v45, p315. 

Financial Report of The Wayne County Board of Education. Local Property Tax = 
$343,308.28; Local utility & vehicle tax = $55,059.16; total local tax = 
$398,367.44 or 5.8% of total receipts of $6,913,538.09 State = $4,564,170.52 
or 66.0% Federal = $1,781,061.00 or 25.8% Total salaries = $4,234,611.24 The 
Wayne County [Kentucky] Outlook 3 Sep 87, p21 

11 Sep 87.  The '87 estimated tobacco production in USA, 1.23B lb; in KY 
331.99M lb. Kentucky Educational Television 

"Average daily increase, since August 1982, in the market value of all 
publicly traded U.S. stocks: $1,000,000,000", Harper's, Oct 87, p17. 

"Oct 5, 1987"  U. S. News & World Report p12. Pablo Escobar, Columbian cocaine 
baron, is worth $3 billion. 

19 Oct 87.  Cable News Network [radio] For each dollar spent on border 
interdiction, $7 of cocaine and marijuana are seized. For each dollar spent on
internal drug suppression, only $3 of illegal drugs are confiscated. This 
should provide the dollar amount spent on USA drug programs. 

29 Oct 87.  WBKY, Cable News Network [radio], 2P.  CDC estimates 315,000 deaths 
per year in USA from tobacco. 

Nov/Dec 1987 Utne Reader, p18.  In a paper prepared for the September 1987
Pugwash conference on Science and World Affairs in Gmunden, Austria, Terry 
Sabonis-Chafee of the Rocky Mountain Institute places cost of US Persian Gulf 
intervention at between $40 and $54 billion per year. That's $120 dollars in 
"defense" per barrel of oil imported from the area, plus the regular price of 
$20. $140 per barrel sounds like a bargain to me! 

12 Nov 87.  The Wayne County [Kentucky] Outlook, p1. 70.4% of persons over the 
age of 25 in Wayne County do not have a high school diploma. The Wayne County 
tobacco production estimated at $3.7M. Kentucky production at 315M pounds with 
a average price of 1.585 

13 Nov 87.  Paul Harvey.  13.6% of Americans are impoverished, defined as less 
than $10990 per year per family of four. Total of government (federal, state, 
& local) spending on poverty programs is $642B per year. If the total 
population is 248M then there are 33.7M impoverished. That is $19,035 per 
capita impoverished. 

20 Nov 87.  Miami, FL.  New record cocaine bust is 3 tons worth $500M found in 
Miami warehouse. That's $183/gram. 

Fall 87.  In the USA, 1986 drug arrests were 824,100, with 361,780 for 
marijuana. 50 million Americans consume 30 million pounds of marijuana worth 
$40 billion. The domestic crop in 1986 was worth $26+ billion. p24. Domestic 
marijuana makes up 19% of market. The THC content of domestic marijuana in 
1987 averaged 8.5% p28. A study by Wharton Econometrics research group 
surveyed federal, state & local expenditures on drug law enforcement, which 
totalled $6.2 billion in 1986. "$5.3 billion spent on investigations [does 
that mean all internal or what?], with the rest devoted to Federal 
interdiction at the borders." State & local police spent 18.2% of their budget 
on illegal drugs. I mean, on chasing users of illegal drugs. Sinsemilla Tips, 

Alcohol/traffic deaths in USA [in 1987?] = 23,980. ?Morning Edition, 29 

Mexico is to swap $10B of Mexican debt for $2B of US Treasury bonds. These are 
supposed to be equal to $10B in 20 years. The banks who were stuck with the 
Mexican debt are supposed to sell their new Treasury Bonds for $17B. I think 
that is the deal, but it doesn't make any sense to me. // Mexican debt now is 
$105B, with interest on it eating half the Mexican Federal Budget. Morning 
Edition, 29 Dec 87. 

9 May 88.  The underground economy is estimated at a range of 4% to 33% of the 
gross national product, which was $4.488 trillion in 1987. That yields an 
underground between $180 and 1500 billion. Insight, May 9, 1988, p42. 

29 Sep 88.  Kurt Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore, proposes drug decriminalization 
at House hearing. 

Total value of all capital in USA = 16.5 trillion dollars.
4.5 in business
    3.5 residential improvements
    2.5 in residential land and farms
    1.0 in commercial real estate
7.5 total real estate
1.5 in consumer durables
3.0 in federal, state & local government
MacNeil-Lehrer.  22 Mar 88

US aid to Central America 1980-88
Country         Economic aid         Military aid
GUATEMALA       646 M$                19 M$
El Salvador     2300 M$               726 M$
Honduras        1000 M$               431 M$
Nicaragua       251 M$                77 M$
Panama          100 M$                55 M$
Newsweek, Apr 4, 1988 p 19.

World Bank loans to Nicaragua over $100 billion. Acres USA, Nov 1988, p17. That 
can't be right. they must be getting their billions and trillions mixed up. 

Congress has spent $16 billion on the War on Drugs since 1981. In 1985, 22 
million Americans admitted to using cocaine at least once, 5.8 million used 
cocaine regularly. Federal cocaine seizures were 45 tons in 1986, 71 tons in 
1987. DEA cocaine seized 40,034 kilograms of cocaine in first 9 months of 
1988, 37,000 Kg in all of 1987. DEA has 3000 agents, FBI 1200 drug agents. 
352,612 drug busts (how defined?) in 1987, 24% increase over 1986. New York 
[City?] police made 19,074 crack arrests in first 10 months of 1988. Newsweek, 
Nov 28, 1988, pp65-79. 

United States crop production
Crop           Unit     Acres, thousand   Yield/acre     Production,thousand
                        1987     1988        1987  1988     1987     1988
Corn           bu       59,167   56,753     119.4  80.2     7,064    4,553
Soybeans       bu       56,437   56,818      33.7  26.4     1,905    1,501
Sorghum        bu       10,604    9,011      69.9  60.1       741      541
Wheat          bu       55,930   53,270      37.6  34.0     2,105    1,812
Oats           bu        6,925    5,389      54.0  39.1       374      211
Barley         bu       10,027    7,395      52.6  38.2       527      283
All tobacco    lb       587      626         2028  2129     1,191    1,333
Kentucky Farm Bureau News, Nov 1988, p8.

1987 US farm subsidies were $30 billion.

25 Dec 88.  USA population is 245.8  million.

11 Jan 89. Paul Harvey Noon. 43% of Federal Government budget
is "entitlements".

13 Jan 89 farm commodity near futures. KY Farm Bureau phone.
crop        near future
corn        2.88
beans       8.15
wheat       4.41
cattle      74
hogs        45
Au          403
Ag          5.94
crop        88 production  stocks
corn        4.921          7.071
beans       1.539          1.367
wheat(spring)54.445??      1.711  [Maybe M acres planted]

890116, USN&WR, p21.  F-14, the 2 seater, has a length of 62'8" & a span of
64'1.5".  An image 2.4" at arm's length of 24" would range to 630'.

30 Jan 89.  This Is Kentucky, KET.  Kentucky leads the nation in the pregnancy
rate among whites, and is third overall.

Mar/Apr 89.  Utne Reader, p81.  Drug prohibition costs about 7,000 deaths per
year (through drug related crime, AIDS, and poisoned drugs) and a $80 billion
per year economic loss.  Estimated $50 billion per year spent on marijuana.

27 Mar 89.  A Courier-Journal poll of 808 subjects states that 53% [90%] pray
daily, 25% [37%] pray weekly, and 12% pray yearly.

17 Apr 89.  The Nation, p 512.  In 1988 banks in southern Florida generated a
cash surplus of $6.4 billion, up from $3.3 billion in 1978.  Most is assumed to
be drug payments.

10 May 89.  Harold Rogers in The Wayne County Outlook, p4.  DEA seized 12
metric tons of cocaine in 1984, 52 tons in 1988.  43% of current federal
inmates are drug offenders.

15 May 89.  Newsweek, p42.  Burma opium fields estimated by American
intelligence to be between 222,390 and 296,520 acres.  Khun Sa estimates his
crop at 2,200 tons worth 1.6 trillion dollars in Burma.  Opium resin is selling
in Burma for $67 per pound.

June 89.  Paul Harvey.  In 1988 the Miami DEA seized 178M$.  3 charged since
March.  500 informants.

7 Jul 89.  All Things Considered.  Argentine inflation was 114% per month in
June 89.  In the past 6 months the currency has gone from 24 to 600 [whatzits
per US dollar].

Japan's assets are 44T$, more than USA.

"The Enterprise", Army Special Operations of NSC.

2 Sep 89.  WBKY, 4:35PM.  In 1974, in a federal prison in Danbury CT, occurred
a chance meeting of Carlos Lehder and George Young, both convicted marijuana
smugglers.  Lehder had access to Pablo Escobar to supply cocaine, and Young had
a major counterculture marijuana distributorship.  This raised cocaine
shipments from a few Kg to a few hundred Kg per shot.

The stock value of IBM is $66 billion.

29 Sep 89.  20 tons of cocaine are nabbed in suburban Los Angeles CA warehouse
by multi-agency & DEA agents.  3 arrested, claiming to be Mexican, but had a
South American accent.

"18 Dec 89" USN&WR, p 16.  Cocaine prices are $9090 per pound ($20K per Kg) for
70% purity, down from $18,000 to $23,000 per pound ($40K to $51K per Kg) for
35% in 1984.

890123.  Newsweek, p 60.  The Surgeon General's Report states
that the annual death toll in the United States from cigarettes
is 390,000.  By 1992 the figure has risen to 450,000 deaths per
year from tobacco consumption in the US.

"25 Dec 89", Newsweek, p 46.  Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke, former Secretary of
State George Schultz, William F Buckley, Milton Friedman, Lewis Lapham, New
York federal judge side with drug legalization.

"5 Feb 90", USN&WR p33.  In 1989 $517 million was paid for licenses, duck
stamps, and excise taxes.  The take by licensed hunters was 25,000,000 rabbit,
22,000,000 squirrel, 4,000,000 white tail deer, 600,000 mule deer, 350,000
turkey, 250,000 coyote, 115,000 pronghorn antelope, 102,000 elk, 21,000 black
bear, 21,000 caribou, 12,000 moose, 10,000 javelina, 2,400 bighorn sheep, 1,500
mountain lion, 1,200 mountain goat, 1,100 brown/grizzly bear, 1,000 wolf, 750
bison, 700 wolverine, 90 musk ox, 50,000,000 mourning dove, 28,000,000 quail,
20,000,000 pheasant, 6,000,000 ruffed grouse, 5,200,000 duck, 1,300,000 goose,
1,000,000 chukkar.  Page 37 lists the government take.  Coyote, 76,033
intentionally & 17 inadvertently, skunk 15,239 & 102, Beaver 9,143 & 28,
raccoon 5,348 & 1,117, opossum 5,329 & 505, fox 5,195 & 1,155, bobcat 1,163 &
63, badger 939 & 555, porcupine 799 & 935, nutria 612 & 21, prairie dog 538 &
0, rat/mouse 505 & 0, feral hog 392 & 17, muskrat 323 & 63, black bear 289 & 2,
marmot 258 & 0, mountain lion 203 & 4, russian boar 192 & 5, rabbit 186 & 231,
domestic cat 178 & 104, ground squirrel 159 & 24, domestic dog 151 & 393,
javelina 0 & 764, blackbird 4,453,842 & 1, pigeon 7,982 & 0, egret 6,729 & 0,
other 2,398 & 342.  The total is 4,594,088 & 6,448.

Mar 90.  KY Farm Bureau News, p 12.  Kentucky 1989 crop production valued at
$1.72 billion.  Tobacco, $669,050,000; hay, $415,326,000; corn, $335,356,000;
soybeans, $211,916,000; wheat, $83,250,000.

"5 Mar 90" USN&WR, p 57.  Louis Sullivan, Health & Human Services Secretary,
estimates smoking kills 1000 Americans per day and costs $1 billion per week in
health-care and insurance.  Tobacco profits in 1989 of Phillip Morris were $4.6
billion and of RJR more than $2 billion.

Apr 90.  KY Farm Bureau News.  p2.  US farmers own $600 million [sic] in real
estate.  Businesses hold $3.7 trillion, individuals & families $4.9 trillion,
governments $2.4 trillion, non-profit organizations, $400 billion.

7 May 90.  Paul Harvey.  Columbia raids its drug labs & gets 13 Tons of
cocaine, the biggest ever drug bust.

NPR.  Politician Bidens sez that 2.2 million Americans use cocaine once per
week or more.  In New York, 1/40 of residents are users, in Washington DC,

The interest on the cost of the Savings & Loan Scam is $30 million per day, or
$10 billion per year.  The total estimated public cost is $400 to 500 billion.
That's $4000 per worker.

27 Jul 90.  Paul Harvey.  So far this year there have been 10,956 drug murders
in Columbia.

4 Aug 90.  WFLW.  The workforce in Wayne Co, KY is 8261.  Or is it 7838, with
7295 employed?  That must be September's release.  Yep, on 05 Oct 90 it is 8374
workers with 606 unemployed.

Oct 9, 1989. USN&WR, p82. 200 checks for $3 to $5. Current Inc, 800/533-3973.
Checks in the Mail, 800/422-2439.

29 Aug 90. Preliminary census figures and % change:
   Kentucky       3665220     +0.1
   Wayne            17402     +2.2
   McCreary         15495     -0.9
   Clinton           9126     -2.1
   Pulaski          49067     +7.1
   Russell          14667     +7.0
   Cumberland        6752     -7.4

Oct 90, Reason, p14.  The Council of Life Insurance estimates $7.7 trillion is
locked up in life insurance policies.

8 Sep 90, WTHL, Somerset, KY.  2/3 of blood donors in Uganda are HIV positive.
The doubling rate of AIDS is about one year.

13 Sep 90.  WSEK, Somerset, KY.  Bradley, Head of the Kentucky Environmental
Cabinet, takes a helicopter tour of the Pulaski County Landfill, of Sloans
Valley, KY, and then has a hour meeting with three local citizens.  This was
apparently at the instigation of Pulaski County Concerned Citizens, Johnny
Campbell chief.  Campbell said that water samples are to be taken from the
local water supplies, the caves, and Lake Cumberland.  He cited the future of
the local citizens and the big caves as environmental qualifications.  There
are insinuations of midnight dumping, and that the stuff which is not being
dumped is leaking.  John Melcher is unavailable for comment.  Melcher is
chairman of either the dump, or the dump control board.  The Pulaski County
landfill regulation board spokesman was huffy that they weren't warned and
stated that they had already hired McCreary County Engineers to tell them that
the dump was not polluting the water.  As I remember, this dump was recently
sold to some foreigners (West Virginia?)

1983 Reported Drug Abuse Deaths     Hospital Emergencies
Heroin         1,188                12,456
Diazapam         340                 2,191
Cocaine          280                 6,893
PCP              217                 6,123
Barbiturates     124                 1,443
Methamphetamine   60                 1,860
Methaqualone      45                 1,988
Amphetamine       44                 1,694
Marijuana                            5,509
--------------------        --------------
Total          2,298                40,147

House of Representatives Annual Report for the year 1984 of the
Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, p16

1984 Reported Drug Abuse Deaths     Hospital Emergencies
Heroin         1,499                13,355
Cocaine          604                10,966
Barbiturates     452                 3,927
Diazapam         279                 9,042
PCP              226                 6,242
Methamphetamine   81                 1,948
Methaqualone      11
Amphetamine       59                   974
LSD                1
Marijuana                            4,489
--------------------             ---------
Total          3,212                50,973

House of Representatives Annual Report for the year 1985 of the
Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, p21

1985 Reported Drug Abuse Deaths     Hospital Emergencies
Heroin         1,768                14,696
Cocaine          643                13,501
Barbiturates     424                 3,562
DIAZAPAM         315                 8,324
PCP              195                 5,677
Methamphetamine   64                   800
Methaqualone       8
Amphetamine       64                 1,118
Marijuana         24 (1)             5,271
--------------------             ---------
Total          3,518                53,466

(1) 4.2 percent result of direct single drug use, remainder in combination
with other drugs, other medical problems or accidents.

House of Representatives Annual Report for the year 1986 of the
Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, p24-25

The cost of Public Education is $200 billion per year.  Employment is 2.5
million, more than the military.  Insight Sep 24, 90 p 10.

In 1986, 1.6% of US adults (3.3 million of [206 million]) had a net worth of
$500,000 or more, and the total is $4.3 trillion (28.5% of US total).  The GNP
was 4.1 trillion.  941K had a net worth of over $1 million.  IRS figures,
Insight Sep 24, 90 p 44.

25 Sep 90, KY, KET.  Congress critter Hopkins predicts $50 Billion damages and
4500 dead in a new New Madrid Earthquake.  An Earthquake Education Bill is

04 Oct 90, Albany, Clinton Co, KY, WSFC.  The Jack Ferguson oil well near
Static TN threatens to overflow into Spring Creek.  Six trucks haul the oil to
Somerset nonstop, where the refinery is unable to handle the glut.  The well
came in 25 Sep 90 with about 125 to 150 barrels per hour, and presently is
producing 80 to 100 bbl/hr.  Reputedly this is the biggest well east of the
Mississippi and the biggest ever in Kentucky.  200 jobs are promised to be

1 Oct 90, California?  The Goodyear Blimp is shot down by a radio controlled
model airplane.

16 Oct 90.  According to Donald Jones, the population of Ritner is 25, counting
all who live in the Lick Creek drainage.  The count is Eddie Flynn, 4; Robert
Abbott, 2; Howard Tucker, 2; Lloyd Jones, 3; Chylie Jones, 1; Donald Jones, 2;
Ruby Flynn, 2; David Beiter, 1; Dale Jones, 1; Noel Clark, 6; logger in trailer
at Noble Clark.

901016, WFLW.  The price of beef fat is $0.12 Excess fat on fed cattle costs
the beef industry $3 billion per year.  Can that be right?

901022, USN&WR, p16.  Federal debt is 3.1T$, corporate debt 2.1T$, household
debt 3.4T$.

19 Nov 90, Los Angeles, CA.  WUKY.  A 7000 square foot underground marijuana
farm containing 6000 plants was busted in Los Angeles, California.  High
utility bills attracted attention, altho the operation had its own generators.
Two were arrested without incident.  Production was estimated by the experts on
these sorts of things to be 24,000 plants per year valued at $75 million to
$150 million per year.  That's $10,000 to $20,000 per square foot per year for
those who are curious about the engineering economics.

19 Nov 90.  WUKY.  The state aid for Kentucky schools is $10.50 per head per
day.  That's what the school bureaucracy loses when a kid stays home.  Several
counties in Western Kentucky will close for the Dec 3rd earthquake.

901203, WKYM.  All local (Wayne County, KY) schools are closed for the
earthquake, except Monticello & Science Hill.  This area is 200 miles from the
proposed epicenter.  In Monticello, the attendance is 75% on Monday and 84% on
Tuesday.  Normal is 95%.

901204, NPR.  As of noon there have been 447 murders in Washington, DC this
year.  That's a yearly total of 484, compared with 434 last year.  Population
is about 600,000 and the murder rate is 0.81 murders per thousand per year.

901300, Paul Harvey.  Coke busts for 1990 are 70 tons.

910101 Prudhow Bay total production is 7B bbl and total reservoir is 10.5B bbl,
with 3.5 still in place.  We have imported 900B$ of oil from the Middle East.
Jimmy Carter in PBS interview.

910124, NOVA.  Russian military official says that application rates of nerve
gas are 1 Tonne per square kilometer, which is lethal for 10 Km downwind.  USSR
has 50K tonne stockpile.

910125, NPR.  Federal aid to cities is worth $10,000 per person per 10 years.
This is what the census dispute is about.

910225, Florida & Georgia.  13,000 criminals arrested in big drug bust.  800
are charged with trafficking, the rest with being users.

910402, Perry Co, KY.  K S Baker arrested for bank fraud?

910712, WFLW.  The civilian labor force in Wayne Co is 7476.

910712, WFLW.  The United States food stamp rate is 9.2%.

910617, WSFC.  The per capita income of McCreary Co, KY is $6,800.

910621, Los Angeles?  1200 pounds of heroin valued at $3billion found and 4
Asians arrested.  That's $5500 per gram.

910724, KY, WFLW.  Last year 44 land mines were encountered in 29 marijuana
fields in Kentucky.  Another 250 plots were otherwise boobytrapped.  $59,812 in
state matching grants along with $100,000+ [140,000?] will go to the State
Police for special equipment for the purpose of entering marijuana fields.

910726, KY, WFLW.  County jails complain that the State Payment is $35/head/day
to the private jail, while the County Jail only collects $22/head/day.

910809, WSEK.  The 1991 KY burley crop is estimated at $930 million.  Last year
was $707 million?

910811, Frankfort, KY, KET.  Humanity Enraged by the Marijuana Police State
claims to have planted marijuana on the grounds of the Governor's Mansion and
the State Capitol.  Officers of the Kentucky State Police searched the premises
but could not find the dreaded contraband.

910812, USA NN, WTHL.  The United States supplied 45% of the world arms trade
last year and hopes to increase the take.

910814, KY, WSEK.  67 families in Bell and Franklin Counties, KY, are to be
relocated from flood-prone areas with a Federal grant of $1.4 million, or
$21,000 each.

910917, KNN.  In a story on the Breathitt County school not-a-strike, it is
mentioned that pupil is now worth $16.50 per day.  That was probably about
Floyd County.

910930, WKYM. Wayne County tax roll is $210M.

920313, WKYM.  The 91 burley crop was $1.2B.  The west 92 water project is
estimated to cost $1.7M for 460 families, $3700@.

920429.  Paul Harvey.  The DEA confiscated 7.5 tons of cocaine in Florida,
disguised as Guatemalan broccoli.

921023, Kentucky Farm Bureau News. Crop production figures for Sep 10 1992.
Crop                       Yield                      Production
                     KY             US             KY             US
                     (per acre)                    (million)
Corn              116.0          121.4          147.3          8,769.9
Soybeans           34.0           35.9           39.1          2,084.5
Sorghum            86.0           68.7            1.5            846.8
Burley            2,275          2,196          500.5            711.1
other Tobacco                                    24.2             42.2

921106.  In the feud between the city & fire dept of Monticello, the price of
water is given as $1.85 per 100 gallons for commercial rate and $1.25 per 100
gallons government rate.

930111, Turkey, WKYU.  14 tons of heroin were seized in turkey on a Panamanian
freighter, loaded in Pakistan.  US satellite reconnaissance was used to track the
ship.  If it is valued at $5000/gm (see 910621) then the load is $70billion.

930112, South Africa, Paul Harvey.  Police have confiscated 583 million tons of
marijuana in South Africa, or 16 tons per head.  Presumably in 1992.  That
exceeds even the production of Kentucky!

930126, hot news of the day.  The Federal debt will double in ten years unless
magic happens.  However, this is much less than recent history as reported in
USN&WR Feb 1, 1993, p13.
Federal debt inherited by new presidents:
President      $billions      %/year      years to double
                              in administration
Carter          706            7.5        9.6
Reagan          994           14.3        5.2
Bush           2900           11.0        6.6
Clinton        4400           ?           ?   would you believe 10?
Previous 16 years             12.1        6.1

930218, WKYU.  The new Energy Tax is reputed to add $5.55 per ton to the price
of coal.  This is 26%, which implies the price of coal is $21.35 per ton.  The
price of coal seems not to be a public number.

930304.  There is quite a range of values for the amount of explosive used in
the World Trade Center bombing.  Jim Fox of the FBI said 150 to 500 pounds on
MacNeil-Lehrer 930302.  ABC, in announcing the capture of a perpetrator said
1500 pounds.  I've also heard half a ton.  In any event, a modest load for a
panel truck.  Ford Econoline?  One report ~ 930310 said that the explosive was
1200 pounds of nitric acid, sulphuric acid, and urea, with a nitroglycerine

930305, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Four individuals and one corporation are indicted
by a federal Grand Jury in Lexington, KY, on charges of falsification of coal
dust samples submitted to the Mine Safety and Health Administration.  Those
accused of giving the answers which they were paid to produce were Stamper
Technical Services of Pikeville, KY, and its owner and employees.

930400, Acres USA, p 3.
occupation           20 years ago   present
police officers      427,607        822,667
physicians           296,900        586,715
lawyers              288,478        779,471
fast food flippers 3,300,000      5,700,000
computer analysts    107,580        471,290
dietitians            43,275        635,911

930410, Eastern Kentucky, WSEK.  Another 9 individuals and 3 corporations plead
guilty to falsification of coal dust samples.  Delmer Coal, DBH Coal, and Cedar
Grove Mine, and another (not Stamper) in Pikeville from a previous bust.

930426, Kentucky Farm Bureau News.  US tobacco trade surplus (exports in excess
of imports) for 1992 was 4.85B$.  Cigarettes exported in 1992 were 205.6
billion sticks, valued at 4.19B$ ($0.41 per pack of 20).  Trade surpluses by
category in 1992 were: airplanes & airplane parts, 28.42B$; chemicals, 16.27B$;
scientific instruments, 6.76B$; corn, 4.87B$; specialized industrial machines,
4.85B$; tobacco, 4.85B$.  Nationwide total, -84.43B$ (trade deficit).
Cigarette destinations: Japan, 28%; Belgium (transshipment) 25.9%, HongKong,
8.6%; Russia, 4.3%; Saudi Arabia, 3.7%; Turkey, 3.7%; United Arab Emirates
(transshipment), 3.3%; Lebanon, 2.8%; South Korea, 1.9%; Cyprus, 1.9%; for over
84% aggregate.

930531, Louisville, KY, WMKZ.  Marijuana abuse claims another life.  Thomas
Mudd, Jr, (34) choked to death on a bag of marijuana after his arrest by
Louisville, KY, police.

930601, Ossier, Floyd Co, KY, KNN.  Marijuana claims another young life!  Shawn
Fader (19) was shot and killed by three marijuana thieves (Martin & Blackburn)
while chasing them out of his pot patch.

930628, Lexington, KY, KET(WTVQ).  Over the past three years, the legal take of
the Lexington Police from drug dealers is almost a half million dollars.  91,
$200,000; 92, $191,000; 93, ?

930622, McCreary Co, KY.  James Acker and Mike Shelton are sentenced to $8,000
fine and one year probation for digging a McCreary County rockshelter on Feb

930708, USA, national news.  A nine week operation has netted over 5000
criminals wanted by federal, state, and local police.  Included are 200 wanted
for murder, 1107 for other violent crimes, 1744 for drug violations, 398 sex
offenders, and 838 firearms regulation violators.

9307, USA, Reason, p18.  The number in inmates in state and federal prisons is
883,593 at the end of 1992.  That's 329 per 100,000 US residents, up from 139
in 1980.  In 1990, new inmates were 103,800 drug criminals, 102,400 property
criminals, and 87,200 violent criminals.  Drug offenders are 21% of state
inmates and 54% of federal inmates.

930721, USA, KNN.  A Congressional study shows that 57% of arms supplied to
third world countries originate in the United States of America.  That's good
for the economy!

930721, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The unemployment rate for 92 in Wayne County was

930723, KY, Comment on Kentucky, KET.  As of 1990, 84,117 persons were employed
by the state of Kentucky, 15,113 by counties, 21,042 by municipalities, and
82,355 by public schools.  The total workforce is 1.7 million.  The total
state & lower government employees is 202,627 or 12% of the available

930803, Kentucky, KNN?  Just a piece of a story about some Officer agreeing to
resign from the State Police in face of corruption charges.

930805, Thailand, WKYU.  In Thailand, 725 pound of heroin belonging to Khun Sa
were captured.

930916, WKYU.  The National Security Council has declared cocaine interdiction
to be a costly failure.  The new policy is to be the destruction of
"laboratories" and growing areas in Latin America.  Coincidentally, Congress
has just cut funding for the drug war in Peru.

930917, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY, many.  Jim Greene, former High Sheriff of
Jefferson County, Kentucky, goes for a six month vacation at Maxwell AFB (AL?)
for tax evasion.  Also $128,000 fine.  He seemed bitter about it, complaining
that he had made a deal for no prison time.  He declared that, "My debt to
society will be completely paid after this six months." This contradicts the
three year probation.  All they could make stick to Al Capone was tax evasion,

940509, Eastern Kentucky, WSEK.  Three Federal Mining Inspectors and a State
Inspector have been arrested, aledgedly for bribery.  Edward Kencrick (50), ??,
Clifford Crum (58), Feds.  James Morgan (49), KY.

940515, West Harlem, New York City, National Public Radio, All Things
Considered, Jim Zorowley (sp?).  The latest New York City cop scandal is 14
cops in the 30th precinct arrested and more to go for robbing drug dealers,
shooting a man in custody, etc.  The Knapp (sp?) Commission investigated
systemic corruption, especially in the narcotics business.  Also a Mallen
(sp?) Commission last October.  A "Blue Wall of Silence" was found where
officers lied to protect each other.  Also referrenced was the 77th
precinct in Brooklyn where in 86, 12 cops were stealing and selling drugs.

940518, Thailand, Paul Harvey.  Ten politicians, including six present
members of Parliament, are accused of drug dealing.

940521, Laurel Co, KY, KNN.  Gilbert & Juanita Cauldwell (39) were arrested
yesterday with 20 bags of marijuana & some alcohol.

940524, Atlanta, GA, Paul Harvey.  A Nigerian gang has been importing
heroin into Atlanta GA.  $33 million.  # arrested.

940601, Middlesboro, KY, KNN.  Middlesboro Police Officer James Patterson
pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking.  Sentencing is scheduled for August.

940603, Lexington, KY, KET.  Seven people, including James Lee Sanford and
Robert Sanford, were arrested on cocaine and mariuana charges.  Included in
the booty was $40,000 and two cars.

940604, Louisville, KY, KNN.  FBI Agent Withers is accused of heroin
trafficking.  He reputedly stole 100 pounds of heroin from the evidence
room and sold it to dealers who were under FBI surveilance.  Solicitations
were by telephone and mail, and payment was to various Post Office boxes.
Much of the evidence was found in a relative's home in Louisville, KY.

940603, Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  A criminal was arrested 8 miles
south of Somerset by the Pulaski County Sheriff on a home search warrant.
Assorted drug charges against James?  Woolsley.  Prescription drug not in
original container, paraphernalia, drug traffficking, marijuana.

940610, Beattyville, Lee County, KY, KET?  Sheriff Brandenburg is real
careful when he busts 123 marijuana plants.  He is under indictment for
trafficking in marijuana confiscated last year.

940613, Sunnybrook, Wyne Co, KY, WMKZ.  175 marijuana plants were
discovered by Deputy Sheriff Hale last Saturday in Sunnybrook.  No arrests.

940614, Hazard, KY, WKYU, KNN.  A internal investigation hearing in
Frankfort was indefinitely postponed for another of Kentucky's Finest
yesterday.  Hazard Post Kentucky State Police Officer Mark Lopez (28) is
accused of stealing $2000 [not clear if of or in addition to] marijuana
from evidence and threatening to kill an informant.  WSEK says that an
informant got $450, but Officer Lopez claimed $2475 in his report.  No
mention of how much marijuana he scored.

940614, Nicholas County, KY, WMKZ.  A drug sweep in Nicholas County, KY,
collects eight drug dealers, including two females.

940614, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Somerset Police get $5850 in booty from the
sale of the property of drug criminal Robert M Little.

940621, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The GMTF take in Wayne County last week was 8
plots with 4382 plants.

940621, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Wayne County now leads the United States in number
of marijuana plants per area!  The London Kentucky State Police in the week
ending 20 Jun harvested over 3000 plants in 43 plots.  The biggest haul was
1000 in Burnett Hollow.  Other locations were in Monticello, along Rts 90, 92,
674.  Half the harvest was reported to be males.

940621, Louisville, KY, WHAS-KET.  Louisville Police Officer George Bell is
busted for cocaine possession.

940623, Danville, KY, 36-KET.  Tami (sp?) convicted for the second time for
killing two men in his marijuana patch.

940628, Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  After an investigation of one
month by Sheriff, Ferguson police, and probation & parole, Michael E South
(27) of Lakeview Drive was arrested for felony marijuana cultivation.

940628, Beattyville, KY, Kentucky Tonight.  Beattyville Police Chief
Townsend is finally fired after being on suspension with pay since May.
The fate of the 16,000 marijuana plants which were disappeared under his
care is still unknown.

940629, Wayne Co, KY, Earl McGuire repeating radio news.  Marijuana take is
4996 plants in 4 plots and 2600 plants in 2 plots.  He reported lots of
helicopter activity further down old Rt 92.  Three helocopters with
spotters dangling on cables this morning.  Two nets of marijuana captured.

940701, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Property evaluations increased 78% to $283,859,539
upon state reappraisal.  Clinton County increased 103%.  These are the two

940701, Pulaski Co, WSEK.  $195,000 has been given for another year of the
local Drug Task Farce.  75% federal money, 25% from local taxpayers.  This
pays for a director, a secretary, and two undercover narcs.

940711, Pikeville, KY, KNN.  Mine Inspector Clifford Crum is on trial for
extorting bribes for his services.  Edward Kendrick pleads guilty.  940713,
KNN.  John Banks (Federal Mining Inspector) and James Morgan (State) also
plead guilty to extortion.  Inspector Crum still wants to try his luck with
the jury.

930712, Louisville, KY, KET, KNN.  Louisville Undercover Detective Richie
Jones shot last year by another cop is suing anyone and everyone.  Charges
include police brutality, excessive force, conduct unbecoming of an
officer, wanton endangerment, reckless shooting without sufficient
justification, etc.  Seems that Dectective Jones had just accosted a drug
criminal, and Officer Bishop stopped what appeared to be an armed robbery.
Accounts vary between the position of The Officer and that of the four
bullet wounds.  Or is it only three?  I wonder how much fuss the drug
criminal could have made had he been the one shot??

940725, Pikeville, KY, KET.  The pesecution sez Crum only got $200 for
"overlooking" mining violations.  And Simpson??  in Morgan?  County settles
before trial for the beating while handcuffed by four State Police thugs.
Terms are a state secret.

940729, Pikeville, KY, KET.  Clifford Crum is declared guilty of extorting
a $200 gratuity for "overlooking" coal mine health & safety violations.

940816, Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY, KNN.  A class action lawsuit has been
filed on behaf of the 40,000 persons stripped searched at at the county jail
since April 90.  These are only those caught on traffic violations and other
non-violent criminals.

940913, USA, .  The USA prison population is 1.3 million.  519 per 100K.

940914, Pittsburgh, PA, CNN.  The "Justice" Dept confirms that Confidential
Drug Informant Paul Olsen is one of those killed in the Pittsburgh airplane
crash.  But there is no connection.

940916, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Carla Sue Christman was arrested on 31
counts of cruelty to animals.

940920, McGoffin county, KY, KNN.  The McGoffin County sheriff and three
others were indicted on insurance fraud charges, jury rigging, etc.

950316, NYC, Paul Harvey.  NYC Police are now using hair analysis to
check for drug criminals.  Usage within the past six months is detected.

950316, Louisville, KY, KNN.  Jefferson County Police Chief Leon Jones
retires under accusation of (Ah-hemm) requesting $500 political
(Ah-humm) donations from his officers.  Well, Sheriff Greene raked off
2% from the paychecks of his underlings.

950327, Jefferson County, KY, WSEK.  Jefferson County (Louisville), KY
has just gotten its third Police Chief in three weeks.  The two previous
Chieves were removed for involvement in the intentional bungling of the
investigation of a rape by one of their officers (Tommy Watson) of a
woman five years ago.  This recently came to light when said officer was
again charged with rape, this time of a 17 year old girl.  950331, a
grand jury is supposed to investigate.  950419, KNN, Lance Hawkins being
investigated.  Who is this one?  One of the coverer-upers?

Albany, KY, WKYM.  Clinton County decides to spend $1 million to buy 460
acres to give to Cagles Chicken plant.  Also $30 million in tax
credits.  This gets one thousand jobs at $7 to $8 per hour.

950613, Pikeville, KY, KNN.  State Mining Inspector Richard Oney (sp?)
is sentenced to 6 months, $25,000, and 100 hours community slave labor
for taking bribes to overlook coal mining violations in Pike County,
KY.  Also Inspector Clanahan pleads guilty to falsifying his timesheet.

950612, USN&WR, p94.  One USA Today-CNN poll found that 39 percent think
that federal government has become so large that it poses an "immediate"
threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.  When the word
"immediate" was dropped from the question, the number grew to 52
percent.  -Mortimer B Zuckerman

950712, Flemming County, KY, WSEK.  The synthetic cap on the Maxey Flats
Nuclear Dump needs to be replaced.  Low level waste was dumped from 63
to 77 on 280 acres.  Somehow the State taxpayers have now taken
responibility for the next 100 years maintanance of the dump.

950717, USA, Paul Harvey.  The AIDS death toll in the US is 270K.

950726, Wayne County, KY, WFLW.  The child poverty (whatever that is)
rate for Kentucky is 24.8% and for Wayne county is 46.2%.  This is
ascribed to teen pregnancy, but that rate was not given.

950727, Villa Heights(?), KY, KNN.  Former State Republican Party
Chairman _____ took $5.5 million(?) in gratuities to lobby for Libya.

950801, KY, WKYU.  A sixth eastern Kentucky mining inspector has pleaded
guilty to three charges of extortion.  Eugene Holden of Bergen was
caught taking a $2000 bribe^H^H^H^H^Hgratuity.

950817, Frankfort, Franklin County, KY, KET.  Jailor Hunter Hay is
convicted of eleven sex crimes, including raping six of his deputies.
Also sodomy and sexual assault.  No word from any of his prisoners, who
are, well, convicted criminals.  Jailor Hays gets 10 years in prison to
think about rape, sodomy and sexual assault.  I hope.

950828, USA, various.  The USA population of prisoners, parolees, and
probationers is now 5.1 million criminals.

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951031, Virgie, KY, WSEK.  Eugene Holts(sp?) of Virgie is sentenced to 6
months and $8,000 for getting caught extorting $2,000 from coal mine
operators.  I think that this is the eighth Inspector in this batch.

951110, Louisville, KY, KNN.  Jefferson County Jailor Frye is convicted
of taking almost $200,000 in "business loans" for sending prisoners to a
private prison.

951123, Inez, Martin Co, KY, WSEK.  Butch Maynard is now charged with
rape of his stepson.  Previously he was charged with keeping him chained
to a chair for weeks at a time, feeding him only table scraps, making
him drink from the toilet, as well as beating him regularly.  But the
interesting part is that this Fine Citizen ran for Congress and Governor
as a Republican.  I wonder how he would have treated his subjects.

951226, USA.  Last year the gambling take was 482 Billion dollars.

960106, London, KY, WSEK.  More of the same; strip mine inspector
corruption.  Inspector Scott Flemming was fired for filing inspection
reports for work he did not do on days that he did not work.  He also
failed to oversee the 1000 hours of contract inspections that he had
written the reports for.  His supervisor, Sizemore, was reprimanded for
failure to notice this fraud.

960109, Frankfort, KY, KNN, WSEK.  Kentucky Revenue Cabinet employee
David Cheak of Lawrenceburg, Anderson County, KY, in the Corporate
Income Tax Division sent himself $4million in tax refund checks.  He had
spent about a third of it on farms and cattle before anyone noticed.  He
is being charged with unlawful access to a computer, not theft, not
embezzlement.  He got caught because he wrote himself three checks
totalling over a million dollars in one day.  Officials admit that had
Cheak not gotten greedy, he would never have been noticed.  Oh, and Eddy
George Masterson, Jr (42) the Sheriff of Marion County pleaded not
guilty to two counts of sexual abuse against an underage girl.

960117, KY, KNN.  John Smiley of the Abandoned Lands Div of the Surface
Mining Inspectors pleads guilty to falsifying his doctor's excuse so
that he could collect $20,000 in mileage.

960129, Webster Co, KY, WSEK. David Steele, manager? of Pyro Mining Company,
and __ Faulk, foreman?, pleaded guilty to a basket of charges concerning the
89 explosion and fire at the Williams Station Mine. Charges
concerned methane testing and other safety.

960214, Clinton Co, KY, WKYM.  Calge of Cagle's Chickens has bought 432
acres in Clinton County, KY, for $850,000 ($1978 per acre).  He says
that if he does not build his chicken slaughterhouse, then he will
resell the property.

960215.  Johhny White called and said that he was searched yesterday,
presumably for drugs.  Nothing was found.  But the interesting part was
that the cops dropped a vial of blood.  Someone else's blood.  This was
reported to the hospital, who said that it was Mary ____________, dated
10/16/95; a bit outdated. I wonder why the cops are carrying it

960328.  The DEA requires 15 day advanced notice of shipments of
chemicals to Columbia.  Included are MEK (methyl ethyl ketone),
acetone, toluene, potassium permanganate and ethyl ether.  The
claim is that these are used in cocaine processing.

960420, Pikeville, KY, WSEK.  Joe Smiley, former head strip mine inspector,
sentenced to 4 months home incarceration and 3 years probation for filing false
mileage claims.  John Anderson, former strip mine engineering technician,
sentenced to 100 hours community slavery and 3 months probation for "having a
financial interest in a business contracting to the State".

960424, Louisville, KY, WSEK.  Clyde Brown, Jr, is sentenced to 18
months in prison, and $80,000 and $200,000 restitution for taking
multimillion dollar bribes to over pay for coal supplies at Big Rivers
Electrical Co.

960428, Bogata, Columbia, WWNC (CNN?).  76 pounds of cocaine was found
on an American Airlines jet in Columbia.  It is assumed that it was
loaded on in Columbia, but not retrieved in Miami.

960503, Washington, DC, Paul Harvey, DRCtalk.  Operation Sorro II.
About 150 arrested in the Columbia-Mexico-Los Angeles cocaine pipeline.
About 5,600 kg (12,320 lb) of cocaine powder, 0.75 kg (1.65 lb) of crack
cocaine and 1,000 lb of marijuana have been seized as part of the
operation.  The arrests took place in Los Angeles, Chicago and three
Texas cities -- El Paso, Houston and Midland.

960503, St Louis, MO, Paul Harvey, St Louis Post-Dispatch.  Police broke
down the door and raided the wrong house again, looking for "weapons".
No one was killed this time.  Police generously offered to clean the
carpet.  More in ETC.&

960802, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  In a story about how the new welfare
restrictions will affect the county, the present take was given.  In May
96, the food stamp handout was $291,000 to 4,722 individuals in 1750
families.  The AFDC for 95 was $1,396,000 to 937 bastards in 557
families.  The county population is about 18,000.  The total take from
these two programs is $4,888,000.

960819, Louisville, KY, WSEK.  William Thorpe (65) is on trial
[again?] for getting rich on bribes and kickbacks while
bankrupting Big Rivers Electric Cooperative of Henderson, KY.  The
admitted take was $700,000.  See 960424.  But the Big Rivers Electric
Coop is bankrupt $1.38 gigabux.

960918, Caldwell Co, KY, KNN.  Caldwell County Sheriff _________ has
been charged with rape and an assortment of other sex crimes.

960923, Frankfort, KY, KET.  David Cheak pleads guilty to writing
himself checks totalling $4,181,030 from the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet.
The expected sentence is 14 years, with 3 to actually serve.  See

961008, Frankfort, KY, KNN.  Former Kentucky First Gentleman Bill
Collins (husband of Governor Martha Layne Collins) has has his
convictions for extortion upheld by The Supreme Court.  Generous
investments in "Bill Collins Investments" were a preconditon for doing
bond business with Kentucky.

961023, Washington, DC.  E. Michael Kahoe has been charged with
obstruction of justice for for destroying documents critiquing the FBI
siege of Randy Weaver.  Kahoe was the Headquarters Manager and Chief of
the FBI Violent Crimes Section.  Sure were some violent crimes,
including the murder of Weaver's son and wife.

Article-ID: 10_1996&3204768
From: "Ed Murphy" 
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:45:36 -0700
Message-ID: <01BBC1CA$90AF9040$D1EC1FCC@MURPHY07>
Newsgroups: alt.politics.clinton
From the CNN sight:
 "The Justice Department has released photographs showing a convicted Miami
drug dealer posing with first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and with Vice
President Al Gore at a Florida fund-raising dinner last December.
The man -- Jorge Cabrera -- also was invited to the White House last year
after sending a $20,000 contribution to the Democratic National Committee."
Bill didn't inhale? Al grows tobacco?
C'mon folks, get these guys and girl out of the White House.
Ed Murphy
San Jose/Silicon Valley
 ... end of message ... text also available at

961128, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Tony Sullivan's mother settles for a half
million dollars.  Asking price was two million.  Sullivan was shot in
the head while attempting to surrender.  Lexington Police Officer
Vogel (?) was accidentally pointing his pistol at Sullivan's head when
it accidentally discharged while Officer Vogel was "lowering the
trigger".  Incidentally Sullivan was black; Vogel is white.  It would be
interesting to see where the comes from; I predict that it is NOT from
the Police budget.

961202.  Karls Cheating of Savings & Loan ripoff fame had two
convictions for conspiracy, fraud and racketeering overturned.  It is
just amazing what fifty million dollars will buy.  Incidentally,
before the Lincoln S&L Scam, Charles Keating was a moral crusader in
Cincinnati, OH.

961209, Hazel O'Leary on News Hour.  There is 52 metric tonnes of
surplus plutonium in the US weapons program.  Estimated cost of
procurement is $4 trillion, of disposal $2 billion.

961213, Louisville, KY, WHAS-TV.  Accused rapist-sodomist Lance Hawkins
is given his job as a city cop back by the Merit Board.  Yup, his
actions as a cop sure merit the public trust.

970125, Louisville, KY, WSEK.  Richard(?) Johnstone is appointed new
chief of the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Commission.  The previous
chief resigned rather than talk to police about the booze, money, and
drugs which had evaporated from the collected evidence.  Also National
Guard Adjudant General DeZarn was sentenced to prison (7 months?) and
nobody even mentioned Billy Wellman.

970208, Los Angeles, CA, Sherman Skolnick. The O.J. Simpson drug
gang hypothesis.  See ETC.&

970403, Albany, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW.  Clinton County Sheriff Kay
Riddle and State Police Trooper Russell Decker shot and killed Leonard
Ray Hogan.  The deceased's wife had called police because her husband
had not appeared at a divorce proceeding.  Hogan was drunk, sitting in
his pickup truck with a pistol in his lap.  When he staggered out of
the truck, "he pointed his weapon at officers in a threatening
manner", and was killed on the spot.  Trooper Decker was awarded 5
days leave.

970500.  An american cigarette contains approximately 750 mg of
tobacco, 15 grams per pack, 150 grams per carton.  The farmers' price
for Kentucky burley tobacco is about $1.80 per pound, or $0.60 per

970623, Frankfort, KY, KET.  Kentucky lost $7billion by not joining
the states' tobacco suits.  The total take is advertised to be
$368.5billion over 25 years.

970629, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, GET "06_1997&5427467"
Cigarette sales in this country are a $45 billion a year business. The
cigarette makers--Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Brown &
Williamson, Lorillard, Liggett and American Tobacco--collect $20 billion
in sales. Taxes account for another $14 billion.
The other $11 billion is split up by retailers, wholesalers and farmers.
From their $20 billion in sales, the companies make a profit of about
$8.4 billion.

	      SCARCNet Daily Bulletin - 07/01/97

			       News Summaries

Article Estimates Tob Companies' Ability To Pay Damages

A report in the journal TOBACCO CONTROL addresses the question of how much
cigarette makers can pay in damage awards and settlement costs. According to
economist Jeffrey Harris, it is erroneously assumed that the cigarette
industry's ability to pay is capped by its current annual profits of $7.6
billion, or $0.31 per pack. Harris argues that much larger liability
payments could be covered by increasing wholesale cigarette prices or by
raising excise taxes. Raising excise taxes by 50 cents per pack has the
potential to yield more than $10 billion annually for liability costs, while
still leaving manufacturers with $5.4 billion in pre-tax profits.

That's 25 billion packs.


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