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Whitewater is the tip of the iceberg.
This is the iceberg--a collection of articles and
annotated bibliographies on the Mena-gate and Shadow Government scandals,
conspiracies, and cover-ups.
Annotated Bibliographies and

This section is divided into the following
bibliographies and "mediagraphies:"

n	Internet Resources

n	Whitewater and Clinton-Gate

n	Foster-Gate

n	Media-Gate (CIA Control of the Media)

n	Mena-Gate

n	CIA-Gate/Drug War

n	Global-governmentalism

These political scandals, cover-ups, and
conspiracies are all related. Like night
follows day, each political crime gener-
ates its own cover-ups. Whitewater and
Clinton-Gate covers a general area that
includes Foster-Gate, but the latter has
taken on a life of its own. Whitewater
overlaps both Mena-Gate and CIA-Gate,
when one delves into the history of the
"Banana Republic of Arkansas" during
the Bill Clinton Governorship. The Inter-
net Resources section covers them all plus
world-governmentalism, which is a con-
spiracy to extend the US Shadow govern-
ment to the world, at the price of
subverting and subordinating the US
Constitution to the UN and other inter-
national organizations that are controlled
by a wealthy and already powerful inter-
national clique of communist/fascist

The USA Federal government has
become so big and so corrupt that the
intentions of the Founding Fathers-who
mistrusted their government, although
they loved their country-and who
deliberately put in place a system of
checks and balances in the Constitu-
tion-such as the 10th Amendment,
which endorses all but the noted excep-
tions of power to the individual Feder-
ated states-have been almost entirely

The Depression of the `30s opened the
door to FDR's massive Keynesian gov-
ernment intervention. Generations of
"liberal do-gooders" followed suit by
throwing tax payers' hard-earned money
at every good cause they could imagine,
as if money grew on trees, as if the "Gov-
varmints" could actually be trusted with
it, as if the resulting bureaucracy would
somehow remain supremely "Yankee
efficient," and as if the Constitution were
totally irrelevant, pandering to votes by
implying that it is virtually criminal to be
rich and that the hard-working taxpayer
who gains money through initiative,
resourcefulness, and the exercise of pri-
vate enterprise owes a living to all those
who are "not making it" through the
instrumentation of "progressive taxa-

But the biggest boost to the thriving con-
tinuance of the corrupt system, is the
ignorance of the public itself, who are
duped into thinking that Good Old
Uncle Sam is still the same nice guy they
expected him to be, before Pres. Truman
founded the CIA. (Actually, Uncle Sam is
still a good old guy; it is just that there
has been a coup, and he is being held
captive in the cellar by the evil "Gov-var-

Conventional wisdom in the USA postu-
lates that the US Government is not as
corrupt as most other foreign govern-
ments. To some extent that is true, but it
is also true that corruptio optimi, pessimus
est and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Because the US is so rich, complex, and
powerful, it attracts the highest of the
high-rollers in games of power and greed
of state and industrial collusion.

Internet Resources

Clinton Scandals E-mail list: Send an e-
mail message (with no subject) to:

Syntax in body of message is:

subscribeCSFrom Hugh Sprunt's "Citizen's Report:"

Hugh H. Sprunt is a Certified Public
Accountant who has been providing
tax consulting services to individuals
and businesses for over sixteen
years....Hugh received an MBA from
the Stanford University Graduate
School of Business and a JD from
Stanford Law School..."

A internet poster to the Clinton Scandals
list comments:

I think it is fair to say that he is the
guru for this newsgroup and the
expert on the death of Vince Foster. If
there is a Congressional investigation
of Vince Foster's death (you know, the
kind that calls witnesses, asks ques-
tions, follows up on questions, and
doesn't assume Foster killed himself
at Ft. Marcy Park) Hugh will certainly
deserve a lot of the credit. In short, he
is the Clinton administration's worst
nightmare, a relentless independent
investigator who can't be bought. The
report is 160 pages long. Waiting for it
to be posted to the internet may not be
too productive. If you want it (and
you should; it's Pulitzer-Prize-wor-
thy), Here's where to get it:

Alphagraphics: (214) 239-2679 [vox] Ask
for Ethel, Glen, or George. (214) 239-2680
[FAX]. The cost is $12.20 (including tax)
plus shipping (for one copy). Most major
credit cards accepted.

Bel-Jean Printing ask Denise for "The
Foster Report.": (301) 864-6882 [vox];
(302) 864-0182 [FAX] $8.51 (for one
copy-including tax) plus shipping-
most major credit cards accepted.

Wall Street Journal, [editorials, articles]:

-"Hard to Swallow" 08/01/95, p. A2.

-"The Note that Won't Go Away" 8/2/
5, p. A10.

-"Whitewater Sessions Yield Questions
And Suspicions, but Very Few Answers"
article by V. Novak and E.J. Pollock, Mon.
Aug. 14, 1995 page B7B

-Excerpts from Whitewater congres-
sional hearings: "I Have No Earthly
Idea," (unknown date in Jul-Aug 1995.

Washington Times, August 11, 1994, article
by Jerry Seper, "Nussbaum Tale Chal-
lenged Anew."

Washington Weekly, 1995, "Interview With
Jim Norman, Author of `Fostergate'-
Interview by Marvin Lee."

Western Journalism Center: Vincent Fos-
ter-The Ruddy Investigation, Preface by
Christopher Ruddy. Complete 50-page
report available. Call 1-800-WJC-5595
Order # RI-4 Oct 20, 95.

"The sheer number of discrepancies in
the case has made it the story that won't
die. Talk radio, Internet bulletin boards
and alternative media are still "a' buzz"
about the death."

Media-Gate (CIA Control of the
Media) Bibliography

Media-Gate is the conspiracy of the bulk
of the Media to act as a government
department of propaganda and disinfor-
mation ("On Bended Knee"). Much of
the media is also being used as a tool of
world-governmentalists to hasten the
agenda of world individual disarma-
ment and single world domination by a
fascist/communist elite, led by the USA's
CIA and Shadow Government. For
example, after Terry Reed (see Mena-
Gate Bibliography below) was acquitted
on charges fabricated by Governor Clin-
ton State Police Chief and the FBI, Time
magazine-under the managing editor,
Strobe Talbott, future Assistant Secretary
of State in the Clinton Administration-
dropped their work on an article about
Mena and produced a hatchet job on
Reed. Clinton at this time was running
for president. (Also, see the article by
Wayne G. Walker, below. This article
quotes Jim Norman as alleging that over
100 key media executives are CIA opera-

Enough key individuals of the Media, the
Executive (bureaucrats) and of the Con-
gress, and even Presidential candidates,
are bought and/or intimidated by the
CIA so that all hearings and investiga-
tions run the risk of becoming scandals,
cover-ups, and conspiracies in them-

Unidentified author: Soviet Moles in the
CIA, article Sept. 1995(?) from C-News
courtesy of Berkeley Internet Connections

Bagdikian, Ben, H.: The Media Monopoly,
4th ed. 1983-1992,Beacon Press, Boston.
288 pp., paper. "Since 1983...the number
of corporations controlling most of the
nation's mass media has dropped from
50 to fewer than 20..."

Johan Carlisle: Public Relationships: The
White House, and the CIA. Spring 1993,
Hill & Knowlton. "Public relations and
lobbying firms are part of the revolving
door between government and business
that President Clinton has vowed to
close. It is not clear how he will accom-
plish this goal when so many of his top
appointees, including Ron Brown and
Howard Paster, are "business as usual"

Washington insiders.Carpenter, Ted
Galen: The Captive Press, foreign policy
and the 1st Amendment

Deborah Davis: Katherine the Great:
Katherine Graham and the Washington Post,
Harcourt Brace Jovanovitch, 1979.
Felsenthal (below) claims the publisher
was forced to withdraw the book and
shred 20,000 copies. [The
book]"...describes how the Washington
Post has been the house organ for CIA
since WWII." (That would explain why
they stalled the article "Crimes of Mena"
until they could not longer credibly do
so, and then they spiked it.)

Epstein, E.J., Legend, McGraw-Hill, New
York, 1978

Edward J. Epstein: Deception, Simon &
Schuster, New York, 1989

Carol Felsenthal: Power, Privilege and the
Post. G.P. Putnam & Sons, New York,
1993, hardcover, 511 pages. $29.95 (on
sale at selected book sources). "The
Washington Post's CIA connection is
alluded to in her book. According to the
author, it was Bradley's anger (and Kay
Graham's) over Davis' allegations of CIA
connection's that prompted them to pres-
sure "Billy" Jovanovitch to withdraw the
Davis' book. 20,000 copies were shred-
ded in two months."

Golitsyn, A., New Lies for Old, Dodd,
Mead & Co., New York, 1984.

Andrew, C. and Gordievsky, O., KGB: The
Inside Story, Harper Collins, New York,

Maltese, John Anthony: Spin Control.
1992, U. of N. Carolina Press, Chapel
Hill, NC. paper, $15.95

Mangold, T., Cold Warrior, Simon &
Schuster, New York, 1991

Martin, D.C., Wilderness of Mirrors,
Harper & Row, New York, 1980

Kati Marton: The Polk Conspiracy, Murder
and Cover-up in the Case of CBS News Cor-
respondent George Polk. 1990, Farrar,
Straus & Giroux. Hardcover, 369 pp.
Clearance-priced at Crown Books. As
featured on 60 Minutes. Anglo-American
cover-up during the Truman Cold War

Rosenblum, Mort: Who Stole the News?
1993, John Wiley & Sons, New York.
paper $14.95.

Unidentified: On Bended Knee. How the
media is spoon-fed by the government.

Wayne G. Walker, Ph.D., J.D.: "Do the
ends justify the means (and the Menas)?"
Published in the American Reporter,
Weekend edition: September 9-11,
August 30, 1995. Sent from NationTALK.
See "Internet Resources," above. This
article discusses how the CIA has infil-
trated the US media. Do we really still
have 1st Amendment rights? Is the 4th
Estate now part of the Executive Branch?

Washington Weekly, 9/18/1995 issue, pre-
sents information on the CIA's use of the
"Periscope" section of Newsweek as a
favorite means of spreading disinforma-
tion to the public.

Washington Weekly, 11/06/95 Editorial:
"Internet Become Serious Threat to

(The following articles posted to the CS
list with permission:)

The fax machine played a role in the
crumbling of the Evil Empire because fax
networks were used to disseminate
information, written outside the Soviet
block, that countered the official version
of events distributed by the government
TASS news agency.

The role of the Internet in today's Amer-
ica is not much different, although the
analogy to the Soviet empire should not
be taken too far.

Consider what happened last week,
when a London newspaper wrote that
the investigation into the death of Vince
Foster has been seriously botched by fal-
sification and suppression of witness tes-
timony by the government. Via the
Internet, the story immediately reached
the shores of the United States and was
widely distributed. The story was met by
silence from the official press.

Later in the week, a news conference was
held in Washington to reveal that the Fos-
ter "suicide note" released by the White
House was a forgery. The news media
was in attendance, but only to make sure
that the news did not get out. It was the
Internet (and its alter ego, talk radio) that
made sure that the news reached every
remote town and village in America.

 These events just illustrate how the
Internet sabotages the ability of the
Washington Establishment to control the
news. The Washington Establishment is
not going to sit idly by and let this hap-
pen. Apart from frequent attempts to
portray the Internet as a refuge for pedo-
philes and terrorists, you will see a direct
attempt to prohibit free speech.

The seeds of this new effort to void the
First Amendment on the Internet may
have been sown in a Washington Post
editorial last week. The editorial asked
"Is speech on the Internet like speech in a
public square or is it more like speech in
a privately owned mall, where "reflec-
tors" and demonstrators need permis-

The Washington Post is the unofficial
organ of the Washington Establishment,
not unlike the role played by the Pravda
in the evil empire, and is thus a harbinger
of what   evil   the Establishment has in
store for us. Copyright  1995 The Wash-
ington Weekly (

Wise, D., Molehunt, Random House, New
York, 1992

Zepezauer, Mark: The CIA's Greatest Hits.
1994, 97 pp. Odonian Press, Tucson, Ari-
zona. paper, $6.00. "The CIA has pub-
lished literally hundreds of books that
spread its party line on the Cold
War...The CIA has even placed agents on
guard at the wire services, to prevent
inconvenient facts from being dissemi-
nated. In 1977, famed Watergate journal-
ist Carl Bernstein revealed that over 400
US journalists had been employed by the
CIA...Nearly every major US news orga-
nization has had spooks on the payroll,
usually with the cooperation of top man-

Mena-Gate Mediagraphy

Another name for Mena-Gate might well
be CIA-Gate which is what the Iran-Con-
tra-Gate congressional hearings were
designed to cover up. Whitewater is the
"tip of the iceberg." CIA-Gate and the
Shadow Government are "the iceberg."

Washington Weekly Mena Scandal website

(Subscription required). This is probably
the best and largest source outside of
Terry Reed's book. Subscription costs are

700 Club Fact Sheet: "Mena Airport:
Arkansas' Contra Connection?"

Bowers, Rodney, Arkansas Democrat-
Gazette-August 26, 1995: "British TV
Journalist Finished Filming Mena Air-
port Secrets"-"Reporter calls tale of
drugs, arms for Contras `fascinating.'"

CBS News focused two segments of "Eye
on America" on the Mena episodes.

Celerino Castillo and David Harmon:
Powder Burns: Cocaine, Contras and the
Drug War. Castillo was the U.S. Drug
Enforcement Administration's (DEA) top
agent in El Salvador during 1985-87

Leslie Cockburn, "Out of Control: The
Story of the Reagan Administration's
Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms
Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connec-
tion", Atlantic Monthly Press, 1987.
Alleges that the CIA allowed drug traf-
fickers to use its airfields to import
cocaine and marijuana into the United
States in return for the drug dealers giv-
ing money and arms to the Nicaraguan

Leslie Cockburn, "Drugs, Guns and the
CIA", PBS Frontline program on 17 May

Cockburn, Alexander, The Nation, p 582.

A drug and gun trafficking operation
through Mena in western Arkansas
was protected by Federal officials. In a
1983 IRS drug smuggling and money
laundering investigation by the
Arkansas State Police, prime investi-
gator Russell Welch, uncovered CIA
connections, and was warned off by
the FBI. Arkansas state agencies bro-
kered loans to associated companies
and interfered with investigations.

Dettmer, Jamie, "Arkansas Probe Leads
Back To Mysterious Rural Airport"
Insight Magazine, a Washington Time
Corp. publication. August 28, 1995 issue.
Editorial Offices (202) 636-8800, Fax: (202)

Martin A. Lee: The Nation, p 189-192.
"How the Drug Czar Got Away," by Mar-
tin A. Lee. `The gist of the story is that the
USA is more interested in implicating
Nicaraguan Sandinistas in drug running
than in prosecuting smugglers. Also the
US Government funded contras with
drug money. Jorge Luis Ochoa of Colum-
bia was captured in Spain. The DEA (at
least one agent was also member of
Lieut. Col. Oliver North's team) offered
to have extradition bungled if Ochoa
would implicate the Nicaraguan Sandin-
ista government in cocaine trafficking.
Ochoa refused. After 20 months, Spain
decided that USA was seeking to use
Ochoa as a political instrument and
denied extradition to USA. Ochoa had
fled to Spain in June 1984 after being
implicated in the assassination of Lara
Bonilla, the Columbian Minister of Jus-
tice who had crusaded against his coun-
try's $5 billion per year cocaine trade.
Alder Berriman Seal (Barry Seal) said he
flew 1500 kilograms of cocaine from
Columbia to Managua for Ochoa. The
story quotes The Wall Street Journal as
reporting that four imprisoned drug
pilots who knew Seal said that Seal was
part of contra supply network, deliver-
ing weapons and drugs. Seal also took
secret photos of Sandinista soldiers load-
ing cocaine on his C-123 transport (the
same plane as shot down with Eugene
Hasenfus). Ochoa contributed money to
contras. Ramon Milian-Rodriguez told
Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nar-
cotics and International Operations that
he had funneled $10 million to the con-
tras through former CIA operative Felix
Rodriguez in 1983. James Kible, Madrid
Spain based DEA agent assigned to
Ochoa case and another DEA agent, Vic-
tor Oliveira were caught while boarding
a plane for Switzerland at Madrid Bara-
jos Airport with $5 million in cash, sup-
posedly for North's contra-aid team. The
records of these arrests have been "disap-

Stanley J Marks, "A Year in the Lives of
the Damned: Reagan, Reaganism,
1986!"-Bureau of International Affairs.
Reveals 1980 agreement to sell arms to
Iran and protect drug smugglers.

Jonathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and
Jane Hunter. "The Iran Contra Connec-
tion: Secret Teams and Covert Opera-
tions in the Reagan Era". South End,
Boston, 313 pp, $11. Drug trafficking, gun
running, government toppling, and
assassination. Ref: Utne Reader, Nov/
Dec 87, p 122.

Larry Nichols: "The Truth Will Set Us
Free," For The People News Reporter, May
30, 1994, p. 13.

Oliver North with William Novak: Under
Fire, an American Story. 1991, HarperCol-
lins Publishers, 10 E. 53rd St. New York,
NY 10022. $25.00, Hardcover, 466 pp. (on
sale at selected book sources)

A subscriber to the CS list: "North men-
tions in his book Under Fire that Seal was
used in a sting operation against the San-
dinistas, who were trafficking in drugs at
that time. A well-known article that ran
in the monthly Texas Observer quoted a
DEA agent as saying that drugs were
being smuggled into the country from El
Salvador. Several newspapers embel-
lished the story, saying that North had
been aware of the drug trafficking. The
Washington Post checked into the story
and concluded that the DEA agent had
NOT said that North knew about the

A reply on the CS list: "If The Washington
Post ran an article claiming that this DEA
agent "had NOT said that North knew
about" what was going on at Ilopango
airport in El Salvador, then *The Post*
was disseminating misleading and inac-
curate information about this matter (as

The agent you happen to be referring to
is a gentleman by the name of Celerino
Castillo III. Mr. Castillo was the Drug
Enforcement Administration's top man
in El Salvador in the early 80s.

Last year, Mr. Castillo publicly accused
Lt. Col. Oliver L. North and other gov-
ernment officials of collaborating with
drug traffickers at Ilopango airport in El
Salvador to smuggle cocaine into the U.S.
in return for using a portion of the profits
to buy weapons and supplies for the
Contras. Mr. Castillo gave numerous
interviews to this effect."

Oliver North: Ollie North's Front Lines,
Newsletter. $39.00/yr. free books, video.
45472 Holiday Dr., Sterling VA 20166. 1-

Penthouse: "Snowbound," July, 1989,
written by investigative reporters John
Cummings, and Ernest Volkman.

Penthouse: "The Crimes Of Mena," July
1995, by Sally Denton and Roger Morris
(a "follow-up" article on "Snowbound")

[Both Penthouse articles are available in vari-
ous Internet versions.]

Terry Reed and John Cummings, Compro-
mised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA, How the
Presidency was Co-opted by the CIA, SPI
Books, a Division of Shapolsky Publish-
ers, New York city (1994, hardcover,
$23.95, 556 pp). It can be ordered from
Crown Books and other sources. WSJ,
940420 (?).

Terry Reed is a former Air Force Intelli-
gence officer (with a top secret clearance
and a distinguished record) who became
an operative of the FBI and CIA during
the CIA Iran-Contra operations in Mena,
which airlifted guns to the South and
drugs and cash on the return leg. Reed
was recruited by the FBI and later by
Oliver North who was a CIA agent oper-
ating under-cover as John Cathey, an FBI
agent. Reed worked with Barry Seal and
the head of the CIA Arkansas office as a
flight trainer for the Contras and a tal-
ented and trusted operative. He was a
firsthand witness to the guns, cocaine,
money-laundering, and Contra training
aspects of the operation.

When security began to unravel in
Arkansas, because of leaks, mistakes, a
nut on diet pills, the Clinton/Dixie
Mafia's clumsily muscling in on the CIA
arms manufacturing, and "shrinking the
laundry" ($$), demanding the State's
"take," of 10% be "upped," and inquisi-
tiveness on the part of some investigators
of the media and some of the local fed-
eral, state, and local authorities who
were not part of the Clinton machine, the
CIA decided to pull the plug on the Mena
operation. They called a meeting with
Bob Nash, Gov. Clinton's AFDA liaison.
Clinton must have surmised it was about
something big and he showed up unan-
nounced. A hostile confrontation ensued
between Clinton and Johnson, CIA direc-
tor Casey's representative. Clinton lost
his cool at the high-point shouting at Bob
Nash, "Don't you just sit there on your
black ass and take this Yankee shit! Tell
`um about..." Johnson, however, had
order from Casey to butter up Clinton to
remain on tap for his future role as Presi-
dent. Johnson brilliantly placated Clin-
ton's enormous Dixie Mafia arrogance
and ego, and the CIA was able to scale
down the Arkansas operation without
burning bridges with their numero uno

As the right-hand man of the Mena oper-
ations manager, Terry was at the meet-
ing. Clinton shortly afterwards realized
Terry had met too many people and
learned too much about the guns, drugs,
and money-laundering in this made-to-
order CIA banana republic of Arkansas.

The CIA's SAT "cutout" accepted Terry's
proposal that he head up a front com-
pany in Mexico, where the guns-drugs
smuggling operation was being moved.
Clinton personally made it clear he
wanted Terry to take the offer. The front
company was supposed to be a cover for
manufacturing and smuggling guns
only. But Terry discovered his employees
(CIA operatives) were secretly using his
business to smuggle drugs on the return
leg from south and Central American.

He attempted to extricate himself and
there resulted a break with the CIA and
FBI. He found the FBI had fabricated a
complete criminal file on him and his
wife as drug smugglers, and aircraft
thieves, as insurance against Terry`s pos-
sible disloyalty. Realizing elements in the
government had turned against him, he
went in to hiding-like Robert Redford
in Days of the Condor. Eventually he sur-
rendered to the Feds and was brought to
trial. The prosecutor and possibly the
judge was fully aware that he was inno-
cent but that he was being persecuted for
being a political persona non grata. (So far
as I am aware and according to state-
ments in Reed's book and video, no one
was ever prosecuted for this criminal
miscarriage of the judicial system.) He
and his wife were acquitted, only to be
smeared by Time magazine, under Strobe
Talbott (see above). He is currently suing
Time. The video reminds us that only
those with money get judicial justice in
our system.

John Cummings, co-author of Terry's
book, also co-authored the 1989 Pent-
house article, Snowbound."

See also the Bibliography in the back of

Reed, Terry, The Mena Connection, video-
documentary (140 min. VHS) You can
order it for $19.95 at 1-800-888-9999 (24
hrs).-a "blockbuster" A poster to the
alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater says:

"...Better than his book... It has a
bunch of news footage from a Ft.
Smith, Arkansas TV station, from a
major Chicago network TV station,
and the CBS Eye on America report on
the matter. There is also a very inter-
esting recording in the tape of a phone
conversation between Hubbell and a
Time reporter. Terry's wife Jan also
give a great interview in the tape. And
much more. There is a lot of video
footage in this tape that I had not seen
before, and I have been following this
issue for two years, have read Terry
Reed's book, and been following this
newsgroup since the day it began.
After viewing the tape a few times
and sharing it with family and close
friends, you might also consider
donating the video to your local cable
access station."

The following article was posted to the
CS list in Nov. 1995:

"Reed Irvine admits his friendship with
Bill Casey...

"Accuracy in Media, the so-called watch-
dog organization that claims to demand
accuracy in media appears to be just
another arm of the CIA. How do we
come to this conclusion?

"Reed Irvine, one of the heads of Accu-
racy in Media wrote an article in May of
1994 attacking Terry Reed and John
Cummings book, Compromised: Clinton,
Bush And The CIA. In his article, there
were 17 errors in 13 paragraphs, which
Terry Reed pointed out in a letter to Irv-
ine. The article suggested that people
shouldn't even read the book--which, it
turns out, is exactly what Irvine chose to
do. He never read the book he so savagely

"On Thursday, Oct. 26th, 1995, Irvine
was invited to be a guest speaker for the
Zenith Boosters at the University Club in
J\Kansas City, MO. He was there to dis-
cuss the forged Foster note. Terry Reed
was on a flight to Central America on
that day and his wife, Janis Reed decided
to go to the event and confront Irvine
about his article and the fact that after
receiving Terry's letter pointing out the
inaccuracies in his article, no correction
or retraction was ever made. It was dur-
ing this confrontation that Irvine publicly
admitted that he had never read the book.

In addition, he had based his entire
attack on the book on the fact that  "his
good friend, Bill Casey (head of the CIA
during the Mena tomfooleries) would
never have been in a World War II bunker
with Bill Clinton." Terry agrees. The
"Bunker Meeting" attendees did NOT
include Casey, nor was Clinton invited.
(Clinton showed up anyway)

Had Irvine bothered to read the book,
that would have never come into ques-
tion at all, as the book listed all who
attended the meeting. The interesting
fact here is that Irvine obviously never
read the book and was attempting to pro-
tect Casey and thereby, the CIA.

This leads us to ask, what else has Accu-
racy in Media done as a disinformation
agency for the CIA. Is Accuracy in
Media, (AIM) just another alphabet
agency-another arm of a government
that has for over 10 years assisted in an
attempt to keep a tight lid on the govern-
ments black operations in the Mena and
Iran-Contra Scandals?

"The big question is: Why is Accuracy in
Media willing to attack Bill Clinton, but
when confronted with facts leading to
the Bush administration or Reed Irvine's
good friend Bill Casey's CIA, the
approach is totally different? What is
Accuracy in Media's agenda? How can
they claim to be interested in accuracy
when Irvine attacks a book he hasn't
even read? Are they merely a puppet
organization, and who or what is pulling
their strings? Irvine's admission is a very
frightening one.

"Accuracy in Media now appears to only
be concerned with accuracy when it is in
the best interests of Accuracy in Media's

"Have the `Powers that Be' decided that
Bill Clinton is expendable? Are they now
going to dump all the sins of the govern-
ment in his lap and hang him out to dry?
Is all the attention to Vince Foster a giant
red herring to draw our attention away
from Mena, Whitewater, Reed vs. Young
and the other real issues threatening our

"The bottom line is Reed Irvine's admis-
sion that in trying to protect his good
friend, Bill casey, he savagely attacked
the book, Compromised: Clinton, Bush And
The CIA. And his attack was based solely
on his interesting relationship with Bill
Casey. Period. End of story.

"Or is it just the beginning?"

I've heard several film agents are inter-
ested in buying the feature film rights to
the book and video (if they have not
already done so). It doesn't take an
"Oliver Stone" to see the story has poten-
tial as a great feature film.

Send e-mail to Terry C/O: Send mail to Terry
C/O: Reed Court Offensive, P.O.Box K,
White Springs FL, 32096

Send contributions to: Reed Counter
Offensive, 3232 San Mateo N.E., Suite
155, Albuquerque NM 87110.

Monika and William Stevenson: Kiss the
Boys Good-bye. A poster to CS writes:

The book makes this clear: relations
between Bush and Perot had gone
downhill ever since the Vice President
had asked Ross Perot how his POW/
MIA investigations were going.

"Well, George, I go in looking for pris-
oners," said Perot, "but I spend all my
time discovering the government has
been moving drugs around the world
and is involved in illegal arms deals...I
can't get at the prisoners because of
the corruption among our own covert

This ended Perot's official access to
the highly classified files as a one-man
presidential investigator. "I have been
ordered to cease and desist," he had
informed the families of missing men
early in 1987.

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr: "Furtive Drug
Flights," article, Aug. 25, 1995, posted to

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr is Editor of the
American Spectator.

Jack Terrell and Ron Martz: Disposable
Patriot, ISBN 0915765381, National Press
Books, 1992. "Highly recommended for
background on the US intelligence com-
munity, drugs, and the Contras!"

U. S. News & World Report, Oct 3, 1988, p.
13. "Elaine Shannon in Desperados says
that in June 1984, Oliver North, in an
effort to expose alleged links between the
Sandinistas and drug dealers, leaked
information which exposed Barry Seal
who was infiltrating The Medellin
[cocaine] Cartel."

Wall Street Journal, [editorials, articles]:

-"BCCI Opening," Sept. 5, 1995, Review
& Outlook, page A14.

-"Investigate Mena," 07/10/95, p. A12.

-"The Mena Cover-up," Oct/18/94.

-"On the Mena Trail," Epstein, Edward

-"Still a Strong Scent on the Mena
Trail," by Bill Plante and Michael Singer,
CBS News, Letters to the Editor, May 3,
1994, p. A15

-"Who is Dan Lasater?" 8/7/95, edito-
rial page.

-"Secret Meetings in Arkansas," May
13, 1994, p.A11]

CIA-Gate/Drug War Mediagraphy

The CIA is to the US Presidency as the
Jesuits are to the Pope. The CIA was
founded by Pres. Truman to serve the
President as a secret information gather-
ing society. Gradually their unbridled
cleverness developed "off-the-shelf"
"black ops" sustained by covert "drugs-
'n'-guns" front companies. It has turned
into an autonomous cabal that routinely
grooms and "tombs" US presidents from
either political party. Unlike the Jesuits,
who never did believe in the end justify-
ing the means, the CIA not only believes
it but also that it is immune to the law of
karma by associating with depraved
"assets" and dabbling in the internal
affairs of foreign governments often at
cross-purposes with the US State Depart-

[Thanks to "Batman of Bluegrass Coun-
try" who supplied the Bluegrass Files.]

The War on Drugs and drug prohibition
functions to distract and confuse the
middle classes and to enslave the lower
classes; it provides an excuse for the gov-
ernment armed agencies (of which there
are said to be about 400) to exercise ille-
gal search and seizure without a trial (in
flagrant violation of the 4th Amendment)
and thus access another revenue stream
besides the already initiative-penalizing
and confiscatory taxation; it provides a
source of independent "off-the-shelf,
stand-alone" funding for CIA/Shadow
government black projects; most of all, it
serves as a lever with which to edge the
Second Amendment and the rest of the
Bill of Rights into irrelevancy.

Association of the Bar of the City of New
York: A Wiser Course: Ending Drug Prohi-
bition" (the "Report") The June 1994 issue
of "The Record," the official publication
of the Association of the Bar of the City of
New York, included a recently released
report by the Association's Special Com-
mittee on Drugs and the Law. The report
is entitled "A Wiser Course: Ending Drug
Prohibition" (the "Report"). In typewrit-
ten form, the Report is 83 pages long and
has 203 footnotes of sources and authori-

On June 15, 1994, the New York Law
Journal (the daily newspaper for lawyers
in New York) printed on page one a news
article about the Report. Unfortunately,
the rest of the "media" (e.g., the New
York Times, The Daily News, Newsday,
failed, at least so far, to take any notice of
this Report.

To get the word out about this Report, the
Association has given permission for the
Report to be distributed on the Internet.
A full-length copy of the Report (about
96,388 bytes, but without the 203 foot-
notes) is posted on the Net.

A hardcopy of "The Record" issue con-
taining the footnoted version of the
Report can be purchased from:

The Association of the Bar of the City of
New York, 42 West 44th Street, New
York, New York 10036. (212) 382-6600

Batman of Bluegrass Country: The Blue-
grass Files. A collection of notes on drug
activities in the Bluegrass Country. Stay
tuned to the CS list for availability.

Ken Bucchi: C.I.A.: Cocaine In America?,
Shapolsky Publishers subtitled an
expose by a former CIA agent.

Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the
CIA in Central America, by Peter Dale
Scott and Jonathan Marshall (1991)

Susan Adler, "Wheeling and Dealing".
Univ. of Colorado at Boulder study of
drug entrepreneurs in southern Califor-
nia. The Nation, V249, p 341.

Association of the Bar of the City of New
York, "A Wiser Course: Ending Drug

Russell S. Bowen, The Immaculate Decep-
tion. Carson City: America West Publish-
ers, 1991. ISBN 0-922356-80-7. (For
further information on a possible Zapata
Petroleum/drug trafficking connection)

Pete Brewton, "The Mafia, the CIA and
George Bush."

Christic Institute, "Inside the Shadow
Government", The Christic Institute,
1324 North Capitol St NW, Wash, DC
20002. 202/797-8106 $15.00 Ongoing CIA
drug smuggling etc.

Colodny and Gettlin: Silent Coup. "They
make the point that the Nixon/Kissinger
policy of bypassing the State Depart-
ment, the Pentagon bureaucracy and the
entire chain of command developed
since WWII, by dealing through "back
channels," was profoundly disturbing to
the power structure. In effect, they [the
CIA] had been dealt out of the game."

Richard Condon, "Mile High", [1979?].
America's master yarn-spinner of court
intrigue has a Joe Kennedy-figure set up
the whole situation.

Cover-up, a documentary film, available
in VHS.-About the "October Surprise,"
Iran-Contra-gate, and the CIA/private
arms dealers drug and arms trade since
Laos and Vietnam.

Courtwright, David. "Drug legalization,
the drug war, and drug treatment in his-
torical perspective". [US story]

Sally Denton, "The Bluegrass Conspir-
acy", Doubleday, 1990.

Documents links between Lexington
Kentucky police, politicians, patricians
and major drug trafficking.

Steven B. Duke and Albert C. Gross,
"America's Longest War". It presents, in
a most cogent manner, all the major argu-
ments for ending prohibition, presents a
range of legalization options, and makes
a case for harm reduction.

Steven Emerson, "Secret Warriors: Inside
the Covert Military Operations of the
Reagan Era". (Putnam, 1988). U. S. News
& World Report, p 31, Nov 16, 1987.

Edward J. Epstein, Agency of Fear: Opiates
and Political Power in America. G Putnam's
Sons, 1977. Connections between the
Nixon administration and heroin traf-

Ryan Freemantle, "The Fix: Inside the
World Drug Trade." 352 p. 1986.

St. Martin's Press. (Tom Doherty Associ-
ates?) Illegal drug business. British?
Monitor radio.

Ronald Hamowy, "Dealing with Drugs:
Consequences of Government Control",
Pacific Research Institute for Public Pol-
icy. $12.95

Christina Jacqueline Johns, Power, Ideol-
ogy, and the War on Drugs: Nothing Suc-
ceeds Like Failure. Sinsemilla Tips, V8 #3 p

Kinder, Douglas Clark. "Shutting out the
evil: nativism and narcotics control in the
United States".

Henrik Kruger (translated by Jerry Mel-
don): The Great Heroin Coup: Drugs, Intel-
ligence, & International Fascism. 1980,
South End Press. 240 pp. ISBN 0-89608-
031-5p. "Well documented CIA and DEA
encouragement of heroin importation
from Asia and Mexico. Kruger is a Dan-
ish journalist."

Jonathan Kwitny, The Crimes of Patriots: A
True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money and the CIA,
WW Norton, 1987. Kwitny is a former
Wall Street Journal reporter.

Mother Jones, Aug/Sep 87, p 17.

Martin A Lee and Bruce Shlain, Acid
Dreams: The CIA, LSD and the Sixties
Rebellion. 1985, Grove Press.

The Nation, Sep 5, 1987, p 189.

Rensselaer W Lee III, White Labyrinth:
Cocaine and Political Power. Transaction
Press. 256 pp. The economies of Colum-
bia, Peru, and Bolivia have been captured
by the drug trade.

Penny Lernoux: In Banks We Trust, 1984

Michael Levine: The Big White Lie: The
CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic, 1993.
Levine is a former top DEA agent.

Interview with Michael Levine on 23
April 90 on MacNeil-Lehrer. 25 year DEA
agent claims that 50 tons of cocaine per
year were shipped through Honduras to
USA to fund the War on Communists.

Jonathan Marshall, Drug Wars, 1990
Cohan and Cohen. The connection
between Mexican drug underworld and

Jonathan Marshall. "Opium, tungsten
and the search for National Security".
[more stuff on international business and
politics of drug trade supported by the
US government, but, since profits were
lucrative, one that led to corruption and
misuse of government officials and

McAllister, William. "Conflicts of interest
in the international drug control system".
[An economic argument about produc-
ing versus manufacturing countries and
how they negotiated international drug

Alfred McCoy, The Politics of Heroin. 1991
Harper & Row. "A classic originally pub-
lished in 1972 as The Politics of Heroin in
Southeast Asia, and reissued in greatly
revised and expanded format in 1991.

John McWilliams, "Through the Past
Darkly: the Politics and policies of Amer-
ica's drug war".

Meyer, Kathryn. Fast crabs and cigarette
boats: a speculative essay. [this is about
drug wars in china, starting with Great
Britain's monopoly on selling opium to
China from India]

James Mills, "The Underground Empire,
Doubleday, $22.95

Newsweek, July 28, 1986, p65. Big time
drug smuggling business and efforts of
"Centac" to neutralize it. Purportedly
true, but absolutely NO references nor

David Musto, "The American Disease:
Origins of Narcotic Control". Utne
Reader, #32 p 78

Ostrovsky, Victor: The Other Side of Decep-
tion, a Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's
Secret Agenda. 1994, HarperCollins Pub-
lishers, 10 E. 53rd St. New York, NY
10022. $24.00, Hardcover, 315 pp. (on sale
at selected book sources). Iran-Iraq, arms
sales; CIA liaison to Mossad.

Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall,
"Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and
the CIA in Central America". 1992, Univ.
of California Press, Berkeley CA. $13.

Elaine Shannon, "Desperados: Latin
Drug Lords, US Lawmen, and the War
America Can't Win". Time.

Roger Spotiswoode, director: Air Ameri-
can, feature film, 1990, Comedy-Action,
color, 112 min. laser disc, Image Enter-
tainment, Carolco Home Video, MCA
Records, Dolby Surround, cropped (sup-
posedly a wide screen version is also
available.) Despite being a comedy, some
satire and factual basis is alluded to.

Sam Staley, "Drug Policy and the Decline
of American Cities", Transaction, 1992.
WSJ, Aug 13, 92, A13. War on Drugs esca-
lates urban violence and removes youth
from the legitimate economy.

Jay Stevens: Storming Heaven: LSD and the
American Dream, 1987, especially the
chapter titled "Noises Offstage," regard-
ing CIA MK-Ultra experiments using
LSD on unsuspecting American citizens
in the Fifties and Sixties.

Stutman, "Deep Cover". Confessions of
an ex-DEA agent.

Arnold S. Trebach, "The Great Drug
War". Professor of Justice at American
University. ref Reason, Nov 87, p 46.

William O. Walker, III, ed. "Drug Control
Policy: Essays in historical and compara-
tive perspective". Penn State Press, 1992.

Steven Wisotsky, Beyond the War on
Drugs: Overcoming A Failed Policy",
professor of legal studies at Nova Uni-
versity Law Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Michael Woodiwiss, "Crime, Crusades,
and Corruption: Prohibitions in the
United States, 1900-1987", 1988. This
book is "chockfulla" prohibition history
(alcohol, gambling, prostitution, and
drugs) and has some great quotes from
across the decades, by both prohibition-
ists and anti's alike.

Roger Young, director: Double Crossed, the
True Story of Barry Seal: feature film, 1992,
Adult-Action, color, 111 min. laser disc,
Warner Home Video, MCA Records,
non-surround, cropped. With Dennis
Hopper as Barry Seal.

Leon Ziegler, "La Suiss Lave Plus Blanc",
Editions du Seuil, Paris, France. Swiss
money laundering. Alleges that Iran paid
for arms from the Iran-contra conspiracy
partly in heroin and morphine base.
ACRES USA, Apr 90, 1994(?) p 21.

Zepezauer, Mark: The CIA's Greatest Hits.
1994, 97 pp. Odonian Press, Tucson, Ari-
zona. paper, $6.00. "The Nicaraguan con-
tras were partially funded by cocaine
operations, smuggled to and from the US
on customs-free supply flights. CIA
assets in Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salva-
dor, and Panama helped facilitate the

Bibliography and Mediagraphy

In the front of Terry Reed's book, Compro-
mised, he reprints a letter from Harry Tru-
man, who states that he never intended
for the CIA to be anything other than an
intelligence-gathering agency at the ser-
vice of the President. Was Truman being
disingenuous or naive? How did the CIA
become the State Department's nemesis
and the Government's "Department of
Dirty Trick?

Lest anyone wonder if world-govern-
mentalism is being dragged into this dis-
cussion by the heels, simply remind
yourself that the USA is the most power-
ful government on the Planet. Therefore,
if the CIA is "inside" the US government,
why would it not also be "inside" any
movement toward world-government?
Why would they draw the line at the bor-
ders of the USA. Besides, it is obvious
they don't. Demonstrations against the
USA often have the demonstrators
chanting: "CIA go home," instead of
"Yankee go home." Sometimes "foreign-
ers" are not as naive as most US citizens.

Just as the Fascist Shadow Government
dupes the leftist movements in the USA,
so too, it dupes the rosy-eyed utopian
world socialists and global governmen-
talists into thinking they are building a
borderless, nationless paradise on earth.
It is not that the leftist movements are
thoroughly infiltrated with rightist abso-
lutists. It is rather the blindness and pre-
dictability of the left that allow the
Fascist elite to manipulate it and wait for
it like a small boy waiting for his
approaching mechanical toy tank. Rich
and powerful politicians and Fascists
(such as the Kennedies, the Rockefellers
and the Clintons) can afford to preach
and foster socialism (but not practice it)
because socialism provides an ideologi-
cal distraction for the masses, a soothing
hypocrisy for the middle classes, and the
illusion of power for elite social planners
of the middle bureaucracies and the
"non-governmental" civil organizations.
The liberals' constant mouthing of social-
ist ideology provides a vast sink for ener-
gies, for the hearer as well as the speaker,
that might otherwise be directed toward
uncovering the real sources and holders
of power whose wealth, secret networks
and tacit understandings allow them to
float on the turmoil of conventional wis-
dom and social awareness like a mirage
upon the desert.

A prime example of this phenomenon is
the aim of individual disarmament and
small arms prohibition, commonly called
"gun control." The leftist elite social
planning hoplophobes believe they are
pursuing the dream of a society without
those dangerous, dirty, ugly guns. The
Fascists and their criminal henchmen
only have to urge them on with a wink
and a nod because they themselves are
not afraid of guns nor of using them.

When all society is disarmed, only the
armies, the police, and the criminal ele-
ment (which is easily manipulated to
serve wealth and power) will have the
weapons might and last resort that it
always comes down to in controlling the
state. The disarmed will not only be
without the small arms that are final say
of the citizens guaranteed by the Second
Amendment, but they will without the
will, the character, and the fearlessness to
use them even if these weapons were not
already criminalized. Some of the left
may even wake up to find, to their dis-
may, that their utopia was only an illu-
sion on the horizon and they already are
and have been slaves.

Bamford, James: The Puzzle Palace, Inside
NSA, 1983, Penguin paperback, 653 pp.
"The book the NSA tried to suppress..."
NSA (National Security Administration)
is a Fed agency you hardly every hear
about, but they are capable of listening to
all your electronic communications.
"NSA is largest, most secretive, and
potentially most intrusive American
intelligence agency. It dwarfs the CIA in
budget, manpower, and influence. In the
three decades it has existed, the NSA has
demonstrated a shocking disregard for
the law." It is questionable whether NSA
or CIA has more money. The CIA has
over a billion dollars in "endowments"
gained by billing the Government in
advance. It also has numerous front com-
panies and untold drug earnings. It also
outstanding accountants and executives
and a "loyalty system" that would be the
envy of any private enterprise, or any
"anthill society" such as China or Japan.

Bovard, James: Lost Rights, The Destruc-
tion of American Liberty, 1994, 95, St. Mar-
tin's Griffen, N.Y., 408 pp. $14.95. How
the IRS, the FBI, the BATF, the DEA, the
FDA, the FCC, and hundreds of other
"Federal Acronym Agencies," with
police powers-that is, they can shoot
you and take your property, money, and
good name-are grossly violating the
1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments of
the US Constitution and devouring US
citizens in the process. This book gives

Gross, Martin L: How the Government is
Strangling the USA, and What You Can Do
to Stop It.

Laissez Faire Books, 838 Howard St, Dept
AM9, San Francisco CA 94103. Publisher
of citizens' rights and liberty and Consti-
tution-oriented books.

Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks: The
CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, 1974. Pub-
lisher not identified. The CIA culture
promotes the questionable belief that the
ends justify the means.

Munves, James: The FBI and the CIA,
Secret Agents & American Democracy. 1975,
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York.
Hardcover, 186 pp. Appears to be a sin-
cere and patriotic work addressing the
encroachments by the agencies on the US
Constitution and its citizens' freedom.

Newman, John: Oswald and the CIA. 1995,
Carroll & Graf Publishers Inc. N.Y. 627
pp. $28.00. John Newman is the author of
JFK & Vietnam. The CIA tampered with
its Oswald file before the JFK assassina-
tion and removed documents after-

Perloff: The Shadows of Power

New American (magazine) $39.00 for 1 yr.
subscription (26 issues) PO Box 8040,
Appleton WI 54913-9895. Tel: 1-800-727-
TRUE. This magazine is a watchdog on
world-governmentalism and erosion of
the US Bill of Rights. It is an independent
media resource.

Persico, Joseph E. Casey, The Lives and
Secrets of William J. Casey: from the OSS to
the CIA. 1990, Viking, USA. hardcover,
601 pp. $24.95. October Surprise, Iran-
Contra, Bush, etc. Very interesting.

Sydney Pollack, Director. 3 Days of the
Condor, 1975 Color 118 min. Laser disc,
Paramount Home Video, pan and scan/
cropped? No surround sound. Wide
screen transfer said to be available. With
Robert Redford Faye Dunaway, Cliff
Robertson, Max Von Sydow. Based on the
novel, Six Days of the Condor by James
Grady. Plot based on oil crisis of the 70s.
Excellent. Action, adventure, suspense,
terror, provocative. Shows how chilling
and horrific the CIA rationale can be.

Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri: The CIA & Ameri-
can Democracy, 1989, Yale U. Press, 338
pp., paper, $16.00. "The successes of the
CIA have depended largely on the power
of its directors to sell its perceptions to
Washington policy makers." "...about the
problem of democracy formulating and
conducting foreign policy." "Sometimes
the problem lies with the CIA's vision,
sometimes with the Congress's vision."
This book seems to be oblivious of the
important issues such as the CIA's violat-
ing its charter by operating inside the US
with covert ops, spying on domestic citi-
zens, infiltrating the media, conducting
drug smuggling and generally acting as
if it were above the law.

Rodriguez, Felix and John Weisman:
Shadow Warrior, The CIA Hero of a Hundred
Battles. 1989, Simon and Shuster, New
York, hardcover, 283 pp. $19.95. Sheds no
light on Mena, Terry Reed, Clinton. Does
mention North, CIA, DEA, drugs,
Appears to be carefully selected materi-
ally for personal aggrandizement.

Schwartau, Winn: Information Warfare,
Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway. 1994,
Thunder's Mouth Press, New York. 432
pp. $22.95. "The assault on personal pri-
vacy, national economic security, indus-
trial espionage, solution in cyberspace."
"Information warfare costs the US up to
$300 billion per year."

Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter:
The Imperial Brain Trust: The Council on
Foreign Relations & United States Foreign

Rodney Stich: Defrauding America, 2nd
Ed., 1994, order from Diablo Western
Press, PO Box 5, Alamo CA 94507. (Retail
bookstores deny its existence or claim it's
unavailable." About the "October Sur-
prise" especially Bush's alleged trip to
Europe. "...well worth reading, and con-
tains a lot of valuable information."

Thomas (?) The Very Best Men. 1995. CIA
Black Ops and "Dept. of Dirty Tricks" in
the 50s. How respectable academic types
got involved and rationalized ostensibly
immoral plots of "low-intensity conflict."
Does the end justify the means when it
comes to matter of "National Security?

?, director: Undeclared War: feature film,
199X, Adult-Action, color, 1xx min. laser
disc, Warner Home Video?, MCA
Records, cropped. CIA adventure in for-
eign lands. Undetermined quality.
Appears to be a Hong Kong action
adventure film.

Woodward, Bob: The Commanders. 1991,
Simon & Schuster, New York, 398 pp.
hardcover. About the Bush administra-
tion's key player in the Iraq-Kuwait War,

Woodward, Bob: Veil: The Secret Wars of
the CIA, 1981-1987. 1987, Pocket Books
New York, 637 pp. paper $5.99. Also in

Zepezauer, Mark: The CIA's Greatest Hits.
1994, 97 pp. Odonian Press, Tucson, Ari-
zona. paper, $6.00. `It is a popular myth
that the CIA is primarily an intelligence-
gathering organization. Its main purpose
is covert ops making use of economic
warfare, rigged elections, assassinations,
and even genocide.' (It is also a myth that
the CIA is active only overseas. "Hits"
claims the CIA was responsible for the
assassinations of the Kennedy brothers.)
Zepezauer's book briefly describes many
examples an gives references based on
published articles and books.

see also: CDR website under "Internet
Resources," above.



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