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Subject:   Angel of Death Slams Justice Dept in Inslaw Case
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    Angel of Death Gives Deposition to Justice
	Department in Inslaw Case

	     by J. Orlin Grabbe

    On April 2, 1996, Charles S. Hayes--retired CIA
operative, Air Force Colonel, and Kentucky salvage
dealer--was deposed by the U.S. Department of Justice
with respect to the Inslaw case [1].  The attorney for the
Department of Justice, Beth Cook, seemed ill-prepared for
what turned out to be a brutal assault on the integrity of the
Justice Department itself, which Hayes accused of lying,
cheating, and stealing.

    Hayes has recently acquired the Internet label of
AOD ("Angel of Death" or "Angel of Doom") due to his
efforts in encouraging the early retirement of corrupt
politicians. "Do you know the Angel of Death?" Cook
asked at one point.  "I know him well," Hayes replied.

    Hayes has previously testified with respect to the
Inslaw case, most notably before a Chicago grand jury in
August 1992.  Hayes' extensive testimony in that case was
redacted under the National Security Act.  The reasons for
the redaction are not known, but apparently the grand
jury's questions lead far afield from the principal topic of
the Justice Department's apparently illegal sales of Inslaw's
PROMIS software, and got into topics related to a tangled
web of  freelance arms dealers, drug runners, assassins,
and government miscreants--whose murky and disparate
interrelationships Hayes dubbed "the Octopus"--a term
adopted and popularized by freelance journalist Danny
Casolaro [2], who used Hayes as a frequent source of
information.  Hayes is said to have testified to detailed
criminal violations of U.S. law by employees of the
Department of Justice and other government agencies.

    Although Hayes will not discuss his grand jury
testimony, other sources say that with respect to the Inslaw
case, he testified to a meeting at which he was present in
Brazil in the course of which Earl Brian called Attorney
General Ed Meese (then in the United States) to get
approval for the sale of PROMIS to the Brazilian
government.  Hayes is said to have backed up this
assertion with an affidavit of Brazilian President Joao

    Earl Brian, who is said to have marketed the
PROMIS software to intelligence agencies around the
world, is currently under indictment in California. The
indictment concerns ten of millions of dollars of fraudulent
lease transactions made while Earl Brian was Chairman of
the Board and Chief Executive Officer of three separate
companies: Infotechology, Financial News Network
(FNN), and United Press International (UPI).

    Early in the April 2, 1996, deposition, Justice
Dept. attorney Beth Cook enjoined Hayes not to discuss
his grand jury testimony.  Subsequently, however, she
began to question him about it.  "Are you trying to entrap
me?" Hayes asked.

    In the five-hour deposition, Hayes declared he was
not present to help Inslaw, nor to help any government
agency which was pirating software.  "I'm here to help the
people of the United States, whom I hold in esteem second
only to my God" he said, and admonished Cook for what
he called her lack of preparation, laziness, and wasting of
taxpayers' money.  He asked her if there was "some
medical reason related to the time of month" for her
"arrogance" and "obstinance".

    Hayes asked to be reimbursed for expenses related
to the Justice Department subpoena.  "We don't pay for
subpoenas," Cook said, although in fact Federal law
requires that expenses incurred in response to Federal
subpoenas be reimbursed.

    Hayes pointed out that U.S. attorney Allen Lear
had threatened to bring the FBI down on him on January
18, 1996. "I don't think that's legal," Hayes said.  Anyway,
"the FBI is not a chartered organization."

    (A check with the Library of Congress shows that,
in fact, the FBI is not chartered.  As such, laws related to,
and convictions based on, "lying to the FBI" are apparently
not valid, for no such chartered organization exists.  The
correctness of this argument, based on lack of charter, has
been upheld in court cases involving the FBI in
Massachusetts and Vermont.  In addition, since the FBI, as
a subdivision of  the Department of Justice, is larger than
the DoJ itself,  Federal law bars FBI employees from
receiving benefits.  FBI agents who currently receive
benefits are thus apparently in violation of Federal law,
and could properly be required to return the money.)

    Hayes accused the DoJ of theft, saying they owed
him money stemming from the largest gem seizure in U.S.
history.  (This appeared to be in reference to Indictment
No. 86-44, U.S. vs. Antonio Carlos A Calvares, Mauricio
Alcides Kruger, Mark Edward Lewis, Empresa Brasileira
de Mineracao Imp e Exp. Ltda., filed Dec. 3, 1986, in the
U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky.
Charles Hayes personally delivered gems with an
appraised value of $1.3 million.  Customs Form 4655,
Receipt for Seized Goods, dated July 25, 1985, for goods
delivered by Charles Hayes is signed by Paul E.
Carpenter.  A similar receipt on July 28 is signed by
George F. Fritz, Special Agent, witnessed by John D.
Morton, RAC.  The total seizure in the case involved more
than $10 million in property.  Under 18 USC 371, 542,
545, Hayes says, he is entitled to *mordi*--this being
typically 25 percent of the total seizure, but a minimum of
10 percent.)

    More relevant to the Inslaw case, is the fact that in
August 1990, Charles Hayes purchased used Justice
Department computers and peripheral equipment (Lot 097
from the U.S. attorney's office in Lexington, Kentucky) for
salvage for $45, and found on them copies of the pirated
PROMIS software, as well as sealed grand jury
indictments, and the names of Justice Dept. informants.
The General Accounting Office found the Justice
Department's sale of computers from which it had not
erased sensitive information alarming, noting, "The error
may have put some informants, witness and undercover
agents in a 'life-and-death' situation."

    The Justice Department, having sold Hayes the
equipment, subsequently seized it under warrant--
apparently to prevent its being used as evidence in the
Inslaw case.  But Hayes subsequently sued and got the
equipment back, plus a undetermined settlement amount.
(This case is discussed, albeit somewhat incompletely and
inaccurately, in David Burnham, Above the Law:  Secret
Deals, Political Fixes, and Other Misadventures of the
U.S. Department of Justice, Scribner, New York, 1996).

    In the April 2, 1996, deposition, Justice attorney
Beth Cook seemed unaware that the Justice Department
was under Congressional order from the Brookes
Committee on the Judiciary (see [1]) to cease the sale of
pirated software, not to mention hard drives containing
confidential information.  Similar restrictions have been
placed on the IRS which, from its Martinsburg, West
Virginia, central record depository, sold some 40,000
pounds of used computer disks containing the tax records
of thousands of U.S. citizens--records of considerable
interest to credit bureaus, organized crime, and foreign
intelligence organizations.

    When asked how he felt just prior to the
deposition, Hayes said, "Great, Kentucky's No. 1,"
referring to the previous night's championship win over
Syracuse by the University of Kentucky basketball team.

    About the only thing that Hayes didn't accuse the
DoJ of in his April 2 deposition was murder.  Others are
not so kind.  In its Addendum to INSLAW's ANALYSIS and
REBUTTAL of the BUA REPORT, dated February 14,
1994, Inslaw notes with respect to the Justice Department's
Office of Special Investigations (OSI):  "OSI's publicly-
declared mission is to locate and deport Nazi war
criminals.  The Nazi war criminal program is, however, a
front for the Justice Department's own covert intelligence
service, according to disclosures recently made to
INSLAW by several senior Justice Department career
officials . . . According to written statements of which
INSLAW has obtained copies, another undeclared mission
of the Justice Department's covert agents was to insure that
investigative journalist Danny Casolaro remained silent
about the role of the Justice Department in the INSLAW
scandal by murdering him in West Virginia in August

    Is the U.S. Department of Justice just another
tenacle of the Octopus?  If so, then what is the meaning of
the phrase "with liberty and justice for all"?


[1]  The Inslaw case was the subject of a Congressional
report: *The Inslaw Affair:  Investigative Report by the
Committee on the Judiciary*, Jack Brookes, Chairman,
House Report 102-856, U.S. Government Printing Office,
Washington, 1992.

See also:

Mahar, Maggie, "Beneath Contemp:  Did the Justice Dept.
Deliberately Bankrupt INSLAW," Barron's National
Business and Financial Weekly, March 21, 1988.

Mahar, Maggie, "Rogue Justice:  Who and What Were
Behind the Vendette Against INSLAW?", Barron's
National Business and Financial Weekly, April 4, 1988.

Martin, Harry V.,  "Federal Corruption: Inslaw", The
Napa Sentinel, a series of articles with various titles
beginning March 15, 1991 and extending through March
19, 1993.

Fricker, Richard L., "The Inslaw Octopus," Wired, #4,

Bua, Nicolas J., Report of Special Counsel Nicholas J.
Bua to the Attorney General of the United States
Responding to the Allegations of INSLAW, Inc., March

Inslaw, Inc., INSLAW's ANALYSIS and REBUTTAL of the
BUA REPORT,  July 1993.

Inslaw, Inc.,  Addendum to INSLAW's ANALYSIS and
REBUTTAL of the BUA REPORT,  February 14, 1994

[2]  In addition to the sources mentioned  in footnote [1],
the death of Danny Casolaro is explored in: Connolly,
John, "Dead Right," Spy Magazine, January 1993.

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	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7  Num. 89

Chuck Hayes, whistleblower  on  insider  skullduggery, misses his
Value Jet flight,  which  then  explodes  in  mid-air;  Bob  Dole
startles  us  all  by  suddenly  abandoning  his  powerful Senate
position; and Bill Clinton is seen  wiping a little tear from his
eye:  Hey. What's going on?

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Subject:   [FreeSpeech-NewsWire] Angel of Death (fwd)
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Some Valuejet speculations, FWIW....

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Subject: [FreeSpeech-NewsWire] Angel of Death

Note: I do not necessarily endorse the conspiracy theory that will
inevitably flow from the following.

1. AoD has more envelopes to deliver.
2. AoD misses ValueJet flight.
3. ValueJet now reported as having been crippled by an explosion.
4. Dole announces resignation from Senate.

No doubt this comment will make some of you angry, but what the hey...

You don't suppose someone slipped ole Bob a plain white envelope, do you?
Since we know he can't beat Clinton, what more honorable way to fade into the
sunset with his $7 million pension?

Sorry, but the thought just won't go away.

Libertarians do it freely,
but not without charge.
05/15/96  10:43:00

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Subject: Re: AoD

Hayes has been preoccupied with other matters lately, but says he is getting
ready to deliver another batch of envelopes.

Curiously, he and a colleague had tickets to fly out of Miami on that crashed
ValueJet DC9.  They got stuck in a restaurant too long and decided to take a
later flight.  Lucky for them.



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Subject: Re: AoD

Hayes and colleague saw news reports of the ValuJet crash while sitting in
the restaurant, drove to nearby AFB (Homestaed?), borrowed a Wigen (seaplane
that Hayes is very family with flying) and took an airboat and other
investigators to the crash scene that afternoon.   From the beginning, they
suspected an explosion. JN

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Subject:   (Fwd) PIML 96051604 - Dole and Angel of Death Hayes
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PIML 96051604 / Posted to Patriot Information Mailing List:

[The following are unverified scraps of conversations picked up on the
net.  Read and ponder.]  PIML

Who is Hayes?

   He is supposedly either one of, or a contact person for, "The Fifth

Column", a group of ex-CIA computer hackers who have become so torqued
off about corruption in the government that they have started their
own crusade against it. Supposedly they were able to acquire their own
Cray Supercomputer (rumored to be the one that had been in Clark Air
Force Base, it was air cooled) which they keep in a semi-tractor
trailer and move around at random intervals. They have been getting
the goods on corrupt politicians, and sending them envelopes
containing all the information on their favorite Swiss bank accounts
with transactions to and from. Included in the envelope is a little
letter which requests that they resign or the information will be made
public. Allegedly this is the reason there have been so many
resignations from Congress lately.

   Now, the only part of this that I *can* verify is that there have
   been a
lot of people resigning from Congress lately. I have seen Hayes get
articles in some of the alternative media publications (I think Media
Bypass may have done a story on him). If even part of all that is
true, then there would be a lot of people who would have a lot of
reasons to make sure that Mr. Hayes ceased his activities.


   Some of my headers necessarily get somewhat cryptic due to space
limitations. But it looks like the "Angel of Death" had tickets on the
Valu-Jet plane that crashed out of Miami. Lucky for him he got delayed
at a restaurant, huh?


An explosion in the cargo hold is now reported as a possible cause of
the Valu-Jet crash.

Note: I do not necessarily endorse the conspiracy theory that will
inevitably flow from the following.

1. AoD has more envelopes to deliver.
2. AoD misses ValueJet flight.
3. ValueJet now reported as having been crippled by an explosion. 4.
Dole announces resignation from Senate.


You don't suppose someone slipped ole Bob a plain white envelope, do
you? Since we know he can't beat Clinton, what more honorable way to
fade into the sunset with his $7 million pension?

Sorry, but the thought just won't go away.


Hayes has been preoccupied with other matters lately, but says he is
getting ready to deliver another batch of envelopes.

Curiously, he and a colleague had tickets to fly out of Miami on that
crashed ValueJet DC9.  They got stuck in a restaurant too long and
decided to take a later flight.  Lucky for them.


Hayes and colleague saw news reports of the ValuJet crash while
sitting in the restaurant, drove to nearby AFB (Homestaed?), borrowed
a Wigen (seaplane that Hayes is very family with flying) and took an
airboat and other investigators to the crash scene that afternoon.
From the beginning, they suspected an explosion.

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Subject:   Saint Colby & the Fifth Column
Date:      Mon, 20 May 1996 00:35:30 -0500 (EST)


	Saint Colby and the Fifth

	   by J. Orlin Grabbe

    When I first heard of William Colby's capsized
canoe and disappearance near his place on the Wicomico
River,  I thought, "Well, maybe he won't be ragging on Jim
Norman and me anymore."  It was of course absurd that
Norman and I had ever registered on Colby's radar screen
in the first place.  We were small fry:  Norman was an
unemployed journalist recently fired from Forbes
Magazine, while I was rumored to be an ex-academic
suffering a bad case of sunstroke.

    Norman and I had met through the dead mediation
of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster.  In my
peregrinations as a banking consultant, I had come across
the fact of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)
spying on domestic banking transactions, had thought this
a bit too Big Brotherly for my tastes, and had written an
essay entitled The End of Ordinary Money about the uses
of the monetary system for surveillance.  Jim Norman, a
Senior editor at Forbes, had written about the same NSA
covert project, pointing out that Vince Foster was one of
its overseers on behalf of a Little Rock software firm.
Norman's research pointed to another explosive issue,
namely that at the time of Foster's death both Foster and
Hillary Clinton were under counterintelligence
investigation for selling U.S. secrets to the Israelis.

    When Norman and I met in Reno, Nevada, I
learned about one of his sources--the point man of a group
called the Fifth Column.  This person, Chuck Hayes, had a
nice computer and could do some neat tricks with it--
things in some specific areas in which I was looking to
educate myself.  Hayes, meanwhile, had heard about my
essay The End of Ordinary Money, which I had published
on the Internet.  Hayes, ex-CIA, got a copy from the CIA
library, and liked it.  Hayes and I hit it off right away,
discovering an overlap of mutual interests.

    For several years the Fifth Column had searched
computer data bases, including foreign bank accounts,
looking for evidence of political bribery, kickbacks, and
related subversion of the U.S. Constitution and political
process.  They had uncovered the financial information
concerning the Foster/Clinton espionage.  They had also
transferred millions of dollars from politically-related
illegal accounts at off-shore banks in the Cayman Islands,
Switzerland, and elsewhere  to a holding account at the
U.S. Federal Reserve.

    Jim Norman wrote an article Fostergate for Forbes
magazine about all this, an article which was cleared by
the magazine's fact-checkers and lawyers, but at the last
minute killed by Steve Forbes, through the urging of
Caspar Weinberger, former Defense Secretary and
Chairman of the Board of Forbes, Inc.  I promised Norman
that I would publicize his article through the Internet, and
began a series on Vince Foster.  The series also allowed
me to raise the issues I had discussed in The End of
Ordinary Money in a different way.  The series generated
a large Internet audience, including not only sympathizers
to the cause of uncovering the cover-up, but also small
coteries of  others with counteragendas--including White
House disinformation specialists, NSA email and usegroup
monitors, and a myriad of others bent on establishing
territorial rights to pieces of the story.

    One example of the latter was Daniel Brandt, a
researcher who made his living off the CIA by selling a
database of undigested articles mostly critical of it.  Brandt
had identified "information warfare" as a new ploy to
justify old intelligence budgets, and hence reports of the
Fifth Column by Norman and me had to be part of this
campaign.  After all, Norman referred to Fifth Column
members as "CIA hackers", and they were reported to be
up to something good, so the story must be propaganda
since everyone knew that organization never did anything
worthwhile.  Brandt then identified the ultimate source of
all this "Fifth Column" disinformation as probably the
"well-connected" Jack Wheeler, "a right-wing adventurer"
and contributor to Strategic Investment (SI), whom I
apparently gullibly believed.  Neither my friend Wheeler
nor I could think of any good reason why I would be
getting information about computers or banking from
Wheeler, but this theory apparently made sense to Brandt.
(For the record, Wheeler is not "right-wing", whatever that
is supposed to mean.  He is philosophically a libertarian,
although he was once head of Youth for Reagan, a
conservative organization.  Wheeler had come to admire
Reagan when he heard a speech in which Reagan said,
"There is no Left or Right.  There is only Up or Down: Up
toward liberty or Down toward tyranny."  As far as
connections, I assume Wheeler has a few, stemming from
the time his grandfather was chief bodyguard to four
successive U.S. Presidents--from Teddy Roosevelt to
Warren Harding.)

    But over at SI, Brandt's view was supported by
William Colby, among others. I don't profess to know how
much Colby was actually consulted with respect to SI
editorial policy, but Colby was known to support the view
that "Foster was killed but he wasn't a spy."  (In Colby's
own case, this view would be simply inverted:  "Colby
was a spy, but he wasn't killed.")  Moreover, there was no
Fifth Column and no high-level source would admit to
having ever heard of this Chuck Hayes--hence Hayes was
just another liar and huckster with a hidden agenda of his
own.  Colby, of course, knew very well who Hayes was,
but had reasons to pretend otherwise.  The most obvious
one may relate to the circumstances by which Colby was
removed as CIA director in 1977, an action in which
Hayes was involved.  But the more probable reason had to
do with political turf, for it would become abundantly
clear Colby was not in sympathy with the activities of the
Fifth Column, as Colby himself had a little piece of the U.
S. political process for sale.

    SI relentless pursued the notion that the death of
Vince Foster was not a suicide.  It specialized in
highlighting the ease by which the gaping holes in the
official story could be exposed.  But ultimately it could
provide its readers no explanation for the continuance of
the cover-up, because it initially rejected the true
explanation:  namely that at the time of his death Vince
Foster was under counterintelligence investigation for
selling U.S. secrets to Israel.  Thus SI was not in a position
to explain to its readers why the Whitewater Committee
under Alfonse D'Amato would supposedly accept the
Foster suicide verdict at face value.  The simple
explanation was that doing so allowed D'Amato to take on
Bill Clinton through the Whitewater investigation without
at the same time having to antagonize his constituents by
pursuing a line of inquiry  destined to expose a can of
worms relating to Israel.

    Yes, the Foster murder cover-up was an easy sham
to see through.  But no one wanted to bear the burden of
doing so officially.

    There were other people, naturally, who had
different reasons for going along with this scenario of
events, unrelated to issues of national security.  British
journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard would dump on the
story by ludicrously claiming that a Swiss account number
found on a paper from the trunk of Barry Seal's car  (an
account that turned out to have Caspar Weinberger's name
attached to it) was really an aircraft number--thus
providing one more reason not to believe those Jim
Norman articles about plundered Swiss accounts.  But then
Evans-Pritchard had carried the information around for
some time, in blissful ignorance of what he had.  After all,
the record from Seal was a series of letters--so how it
could be a Swiss "numbered" account?

    Meanwhile, William Colby told Washington
journalist Sarah McClendon and others that Colin Powell
would be the Republican nominee for President.  But
Colby wasn't able to subsequently explain Powell's failure
to stand for office.  After all, since the Fifth Column was a
mythical entity, and the tales of political retirements
inspired by financial disclosure was disinformation, then
naturally the packets of financial information that were in
fact delivered to Powell could have no bearing on Powell's
political decisions.  (The packets were said to have
detailed millions of dollars of undeclared jewelry received
from Kuwait, a stash of gold bars representing payoffs
from military deals, and involvement in an arms network
that does not hesitate to deal in proscribed products such
as plutonium or to plunder U.S. military bases for goods in
hot demand on the world market.)

    But after Colby's death, how quickly he became
Saint Colby. Rumors ran amuck.  Since his death followed
shortly on the heels of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's,
surely a common hand was involved in both.  Since Colby
was the man who had revealed the CIA's family jewels in
the 1977 congressional probe into intelligence activities,
surely he was now dead for whistle-blowing of the same
noble sort.  Since Colby was an SI editor, and SI was a
publication that relentlessly investigated the Vince Foster
murder, surely Colby was a martyr to the cause of truth.
Publications that had not heretofore acknowledged the
existence of the Fifth Column now breathlessly reported
that it "cannot be ruled out" that Colby was the head of it.
The rush to deification was all quite nauseating.

    Yes, there was definitely a Ron Brown connection,
for at the time of Brown's death Colby was working  with
Brown in representing the interests of Vietnam to the U.S.
This hardly shores up the argument for sainthood.  Even
those convinced a change in U.S. policy toward Vietnam is
mandatory might wonder about the propriety of an ex-head
of U.S. intelligence representing the interests of a foreign
power.  This is reinforced by the Brown association, since
Brown himself reportedly asked Vietnam to deposit
$700,000 in a bank account for his personal use as the
quid pro quo for considering their requests for

    Colby had made his reputation as head of the
Vietnam-War era Phoenix project which had used
computer data bases to track political "enemies" in
Vietnam, many of whom were then targeted for
assassination.  The ruthlessness he showed there was not
all that different from the ruthlessness he later showed
toward ex-colleagues when it came time to cover his ass
before congressional investigators.  Colby's whistle-
blowing was dictated by necessity, not choice.

    Colby may have simply fallen out of his canoe and
drowned.  But if he was given a little nudge, one suspects
he was out of line with respect to his foreign
entanglements.  And one seriously doubts the hands
involved were the same as those involved in the death of
Ron Brown.  Ron Brown was after all (as I reported in
"Ron Brown's Loose Lips Seal His Fate") a threat to his
business colleagues, and he met his fate as a result of a
bomb triggered by a descending detonator aboard his
plane.  Information about the bomb on Brown's plane  has
already been released to British papers  by MI6.
Meanwhile, the damage control minions in the U.S. are
desperately trying to see that the true story doesn't bleed
back here overseas.  Fat chance.

    Unlike the Fifth Column, which has used
information to expose political corruption, Colby was
seemingly indifferent to the corrupt uses of information
itself.  In any event he wasn't around when the Fifth
Column delivered a packet of information to Senator Bob
Dole on Monday, May 13. On Wednesday, Dole then
dramatically announced his resignation from the Senate to
run full-time for President on a non-existent campaign
budget, in the apparent presumption of a receiving a
Republican nomination that will not come his way.

    But don't be surprised if equally dramatic and
convoluted decisions are announced by the Clintons in the
near future.

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Subject:   (Fwd) Fwd: Re: What about Boorda?
Date:      Mon, 20 May 1996 11:48:44 -0700

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Subject:       Fwd: Re: What about Boorda?

I have seen a couple of posts concerning the "angel of death" on this
list, so I am providing the following update. The following message is
from Jim Norman (Tenega) and is directed to Sussman, owner of the cs
list. Jim Norman originally published the story about the angel of
death/fifth column in a publication of very limited circulation called
"Media Bypass", as I recall. Norman orginally wrote the article when
he was working for "Forbes" magazine, a year or two ago. Forbes
initially planned to publish the article, but it was cancelled on
orders from top management. Norman continued to research the story and
eventually lost his job at "Forbes". Hayes and associates are the
"angels of death" or "5th column", and they are supposedly current or
former members of the intelligence commumity who have tracked illegal
payments (bribes) to politicians and are forcing them to resign in
order to avoid public disclosure of their crimes.

From: Tenega@aol.com
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 13:03:39 -0400
To: djsussma@oakland.edu
Subject: Re: What about Boorda?

One of Hayes' guys delivered Dole an evelope on Monday, upon which
Dole, on the spot, agreed to resign from office.   Don't know waht was
in the envelope.   But apparently is was material OTHER THAN Swiss
bank account data. The stuff about Elixabeth Dole's Swiss account is
another shoe still to drop. Impliation is taht if Dole ever gets very
high in the polls, it will be delivered before the election.

I'm waiting to get a copy of Hayes' ticket stub from the ValuJet
flight.  He and a companion, (another intelligence community veteran
and explosives expert), had flown to Miami to sell an airplane and had
planned to come back to Ky via Atlanta on ValuJet.  Their tickets
would have allowed them to travel on any flight that day, I think.
But they had planned to take the ill-fated flight.  They were delayed,
decided to have lunch and take a later flight. While at the
restaurant, they apparently saw a TV report of the crash.

Hayes tends to discount the idea that the disaster had anything to do
with his possible travel on theat flight.  Yes, he says, his name wuld
have shown up on a preliminary passenger list.  But would not appear
on the actual manifest, since he didn't make the flight.

As to Boorda: Hayes says that was just a matter of personal tragedy.
Boorda was about to be relieved of his command over the series of
fu**-ups by the Navy in recent months, from Tailhook to plane crashes
to prostitution and car theft rings being run out of the Naval
Academy.  No Fifth Col. factor, however.


From:      al@powergrid.electiriciti.com
Subject:   Re: PIML 96052103 - Still More Hayes/Angels of Death
Date:      Tue, 21 May 1996 12:07:06 -0700

As a note of interest, Forbes cancelled the story on the fifth column
because their publisher emeritus was Casper Weinberger (I'm pretty sure it
was him)-- one of those that had his Swiss account hacked.  Jim Norman was
given a blind Swiss bank account number by Hayes to check their story out.
Norman was able to determine that, in fact, that account had been hacked
and several million dollars returned to the US treasurey.  Hayes claimed it
was done because the person in question had sold information to the
Israelis.  Without finding out who the account belonged to, Norman sent the
story upstairs.  The story came back dead and Norman was offered a good
severance package, or leave without pay.  He chose to go (of course).  I'm
dieing to read the book.  Does anyone know if its out yet and what it is

By the way, the CIA backs Clinton (he has worked for them since college in
England) and I suspect the fifth column wouldn't hit Dole to support the
Company like that.  The CIA has done everything it could to hurt Dole,
including making sure Gringrich couldn't campaign for him in the primaries
and has to take a very limited role now -- but that's another story.


Jim & Orlin--

Who is the "Angel of Death"?

Is this the same guy who found a bunch of secret files concerning
Confidential Informants on some used computer junk a couple years ago?
At the time it was merely amusing, and I did not keep a note of it.  I
did not even write down the name.  I do remember that he was keeping the
junk in the old Nancy, Kentucky, schoolhouse.  But there is no "Charles
Hayes" at Nancy in the phone book.

Nancy is just across the lake from me.  OK, it is a big lake, but it is
still only an hour's drive.

One of my research projects is the involvement of police, lawyers,
judges, politicians, bankers, prison guards, spooks, and other social
predators in the enormously profitable illegal drug business.

Is this fellow worth talking to?  The CIA seems to be a major player in
the drug corruption.  Is Chuck Hayes protecting or exposing this??

David P Beiter      .=-.    byter@mcimail.com    .-=.
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	Consulting Alethiologists   &   Venture Eschatologists

What had at first appeared to be merely a can of worms
has, upon closer examination, proven to be a barrel of vipers.

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TO:     * David Beiter / MCI ID: 635-1762
Subject:  Re: Who is the Angel of Death?

You've got the right name and the right place.  Keep digging.  JN

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	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 7  Num. 97
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



*New York Times*, NATIONAL, Sunday, Sept. 2, 1990 (p. 25)

"U.S. Mistakenly Sold a Prosecutor's Secret Data"

Pikeville, Ky.,  Sept.   1  (AP)  --  A  United States Attorney's
secret computer files,  including  electronic  copies  of  sealed
indictments  and information about pending F.B.I. inquiries, were
mistakenly sold by the  Government  a  month ago to a businessman
who paid $45  for  what  he  thought  was  only  broken  computer

The  Justice  Department  now  says the sale could compromise any
number of criminal cases, and it  has sued the businessman to get
the data back.

The businessman, Charles Hayes, who  resells  Government  surplus
items,  says  that  he  would  like  to  cooperate  but  that the
equipment he bought, and  various  parts  from  it, have now been
mixed with his previous inventory and so he  is  no  longer  sure
which  is  which.  He says he is trying to determine which of his
customers may  have  bought  some  of  the  equipment,  but he is
resisting  the  Government's  demand  that  he   identify   those
customers, terming it an unwarranted intrusion into his business.

		  -+- A Search of His Business -+-

The  Government   finds   Mr.   Hayes's  attitude  insufficiently
forthcoming.   In  addition  to  the  lawsuit,  which  was  filed
Thursday, Federal marshals armed with a  search  warrant  arrived
Friday  night  at  his establishment in Pulaski County, about 125
miles west of here.  By the  time they had left nine hours later,
they had seized what Mr. Hayes described today as  nine  computer
terminals, a computer memory device and assorted other equipment.

According  to  the  Government's  lawsuit,  the case stems from a
mistake made last January when a technician for the Harris-Lanier
Corporation, the manufacturer of the  system that Mr. Hayes would
later buy, arrived at the office of the United States Attorney in
Lexington, Louis DeFalaise.  The system, in disrepair, was to  be
sold  at  auction,  and  the technician was supposed to erase the
computer's memory.

In July, at an  auction  of  the General Services Administration,
Mr. Hayes made a successful  bid  of  $45  for  the  system:   13
computer  terminals,  two  central  memory  units,  two cartridge
module drives and nine printers.   After  Mr. Hayes picked up the
equipment on  Aug.  3,  the  Harris-Lanier  technician  told  the
Government  that  he  had  not  erased  the  memory  after all; A
magnetic probe used to scramble the  data had been too weak, and,
because the equipment was broken, technicians had been unable  to
purge the memory through normal computer commands.

The  Government's  lawsuit  says  that  the computer's memory and
backup storage  tapes  almost  certainly  still contain sensitive
details about informers  who  work  for  the  Federal  Bureau  of
Investigation,   about   sealed   indictments,   about  federally
protected  witnesses  and  about  employees  in  Mr.  DeFalaise's

		 -+- "Irreparable Injury" -+-

"The U.S. Attorney's office," the lawsuit says, "used some or all
of the computer equipment  to  prepare  and store virtually every
document and record generated by  both  the  civil  and  criminal
divisions of the office from 1983 to 1989."

If  made  public, the suit goes on, the files could ruin criminal
investigations and cause "great  harm  and irreparable injury" to
the work of Federal prosecutors.  "The seriousness of the  injury
to the United States of America cannot be understated," it says.

Within  hours  of  the lawsuits filing, a Federal district judge,
Eugene Siler Jr., ordered Mr. Hayes to return the computer system
to the Government and not  examine,  copy or distribute the data.
A hearing has been set for Tuesday.

Mr. Hayes said he had been told before he  bought  the  equipment
that  the computer memory had been wiped out.  He called the sale
"the worst case of bureaucracy I  have ever seen," and added, "If
it is this loose, I wonder what else is missing up there" in  the
Office of the United States Attorney.

"What  it  amounts  to," he said, "is I am being punished for the
inefficiency" in the prosecutor's office.

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The following is brought to you thanks, in part, to the kind
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	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 8  Num. 17
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


By J. Orlin Grabbe


	Some Observations on the Non-News

		by J. Orlin Grabbe

	The most notable feature of the current state of
journalism in the U.S. is the total dereliction of duty on
the part of national political reporters.  More than fifty
congresscritters, senators, and state governors have
announced their retirements in the past year, after they
received packets from a group of hackers called the Fifth
Column detailing illegal and unreported income from
bribes, kickbacks, payoffs, and whatnot.  This story of the
wholesale sell-out of the U.S. political process should rank
as one of the top stories of the decade.  But the national
media blandly reports the contrived explanations ("I just
want to spend more time with my heretofore neglected
family") and speculates on the sad loss of Washington
country-club camaraderie that used to keep such fine
people in public office forever.

	This lack of discernment reflects a level of
stupidity that should make unsurprising the general media
dismissal of the importance of Whitewater (prior to the
recent convictions obtained  by Kenneth Starr), the head-
in-the-sand stance on the murder of Vince Foster (even
though virtually all official Washington knows Foster was
murdered),  the gullible acceptance of the official story on
the downing of Ron Brown's plane (destroyed by a bomb),
the lackadaisical acceptance of Bob Dole's claimed reasons
for resigning from the Senate (he got a Fifth Column
packet two days before the announcement),  the air-head
discussions of the coming "Clinton-Dole" election battle
(as though there is going to be any such thing),  and the
"smell of roses" interpretation of the putrefying stench
arising from almost everything the Clinton administration

	To be sure, some journalists have picked up part of
the story.  But often they have pursued the partial picture
with a monomania that has turned their entire effort into a
circus sideshow.  One example is that of Ambrose Evans-
Pritchard and Chis Ruddy who, while still trying to
convince who-knows-whom that the death of Vince Foster
was not a suicide, managed to acquire a Pet Witness to the
disposal of  Foster's body at Ft. Marcy Park--a witness
whom they paraded forth with fanfare, accompanied by
tales of swarthy Middle-Eastern lurkers who scowled
fiercely in broad daylight (a staged event effective in
impressing naive journalists).  When the Special
Prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, failed to drop everything he
was doing and devote himself to enhancing these
journalist's own sense of self-importance, he became,
naturally, part of the cover-up.  But Starr wisely continued
to follow his mandate to untangle Whitewater-related
malfeasance on the part of the Clintons, and left the
sideshow antics to these misguided journalists who hadn't
a clue as to what was going on.  Starr, after all, knew what
he was doing.  (Although, to be sure, it took Starr a while
to realize that the FBI was out and about intimidating his
own witnesses, a fact Ruddy was to point out.)

	 The goal of the FBI in all this has been to keep
reporters in a state of somnambulism.  But last week Louis
Freeh suddenly discovered his bread wasn't buttered on the
side of Bill Clinton, announcing that the White House
request for FBI files on prominent Republicans and others
outside the Clinton administration had been totally
inappropriate.  The White House made a statement that the
whole thing was really just the fault of some Clinton
underling operating out-of-control as usual. Freeh's
statement meanwhile leaves unexplained why the FBI
turned over the 400-plus files to the White House in the
first place.  Freeh's stated 400-plus number of files upped
the ante from the White House's admitted 300-plus
number.  It also illustrates that the FBI can't count, or can't
tell the whole truth, since the actual number is 900-plus, as
has been verified by anyone who has bothered to download
the same set of files from the FBI computer, such as that
other government agency that is looking into the matter.
Maybe Bernie Nussbaum took the rest of the files home,
just to make sure the wrong people didn't read them.

	Freeh of course is coming off the PR high of
having ended the Freemen siege without bloodshed.  But
his problems in Montana aren't over.  There is the little
matter of Montana FBI agents involved in drug dealing.

	The Canadian-Montana border is now the principal
point of entry of illegal drugs coming into the U.S.
Montana is awash in them.  A series of clandestine
airfields stretches across the state.  Naturally the journalists
covering the Freemen picked up none of this bigger story
right under their noses.  Big names are involved in the drug
operation, including the soon-to-be-indicted Governor of
Montana.  Another name that surfaces in the Montana
operation is that of ex-President George Bush.

	Bush's indiscretions are beginning to catch up with
him.  This past week he took a trip to Bern, Switzerland,
together with Colin Powell, who is not running for
President.  It seems that an arms deal between the two of
them went sour when a relevant account at the local bank
turned up missing $75 million dollars.  In panic mode they
flew over to try to patch things up.  Hope you two boys
remembered to smile a lot: You were on candid camera.
Maybe you should try something legal for a change?

	Others are more overt in their criminality.  Jackson
Stephens, Don Tyson, and Richard Mellon Scaife recently
pooled their pocket change and put out a $100,000
contract on the Angel of Death.  They farmed it out to the
New Orleans Syndicate.  The breakdown is reportedly
$50,000 by Stephens, and $25,000 each by Tyson and
Scaife.  This makes the second time the lying Jackson
Stephens has hired an assassin this year ("I've learned my
lesson," he said, after the first one, Pablo, was put on a
plane back home).  But I hear the CIA, which has never
really had anything against the corrupt politicians targeted
by the Angel of Death--after all they're much easier to
manipulate than the honest kind--has finally decided to get
on the right side of things.  Say, Jack, what about that dead
body found lying in your backyard last week?  You don't
suppose it was the chickenshit coming home to roost, do
you?  As they say, payback is hell.

	As if it weren't enough dealing with the criminals,
there are also the forces of law 'n order (if you want to call
them that) to worry about.  Janet Reno sends word that the
Justice Dept. will leave the Angel of Death alone if he will
leave the Justice Dept. alone.  It's an interesting
proposition: sort of like that of a pugilist who walks down
the street and punches a random passerby  in the face, then
immediately announces, "Let's call a truce."

	Ms. Reno, as one Harvard graduate to another I
take your word Justice didn't have anything to do with
destroying my private email and Usenet postings of
Hackers versus Politicians, Part II.  You blamed the X2
division of NSA.  Well, what about the actions of X2?
This is apparently the new Standard of Excellence at
Justice:  As long as we don't commit any crimes ourselves,
we're doing okay.
	One consolation is that X2 found those little
TCP/IP packets formed from Hackers versus Politicians
extremely toxic.  Secret contents created a cancer in the
NSA computers that devoured them.  Some NSA
computers were fried from mysterious voltage surges.
Others caught fire in thermite-like reactions.  NSA
attributed these problems to an Act of God.  This in itself
shows where NSA stands in the Divine Hierarchy.

	One cannot say X2's instincts were wrong. The
Fifth Column has been supplying information to the
Special Prosecutor from the beginning. But after Hackers
versus Politicians appeared, hundreds of surprisingly
professional hackers began pouring relevant information
into the hands of Kenneth Starr and others.  Their efforts
have greatly supplemented the work of the Fifth Column.

	And all along Kenneth Starr has been quietly
building his cases brick by brick, preparing indictments
and sitting on them until the proper time, mapping out
court trials, sifting through evidence, not plea bargaining
when it is not necessary.  In short, doing his job in a
masterful manner.  But you will find few journalists on the
left or the right who will admit this, admit they were
wrong, even after the total success of the first Whitewater
trial.  One assumes they will hold firm, even after Bill
Clinton resigns.  Being a journalist, after all, means never
having to say you are sorry.

June 17, 1996

Version: 2.6.2


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I neither necessarily agree nor disagree with either all or
parts of the preceeding. For further background, visit Orlin
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				-- Brian Francis Redman
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From: KALLISTE@delphi.com
Subject: Angel of Death Arrested

		      Angel of Death Arrested

		       by J. Orlin Grabbe

	The Justice Department doesn't like it when you mess
with their stolen software, in particular the PROMIS system
appropriated from Inslaw, Inc.  Chuck Hayes should know.
He is currently being held without bond in the London,
Kentucky jail.  All based on the tale of an unidentified,
undercover FBI agent.  FBI agents, of course, always tell the

	Hayes had his first run-in with the Justice Department
in August 1990 when he purchased lot 097 of used computer
equipment from the office of the U.S. attorney in Lexington,
Kentucky.  He discovered copies of the PROMIS software
and all sorts of official records, such as the identity of people
who had been placed in the federal witness protection
program.  When Hayes informed the Justice Department of
their sloppy security, their reaction was to seize the equipment
and to try to prosecute Hayes for receiving information he
shouldn't have.

	On October 29, 1991, District Court Judge Eugene
R. Siler issued an injunction forbidding Hayes from ever
"possessing, retrieving, copying, duplicating, disseminating,
disposing, transferring, selling, discussing or publishing, orally
or in any other manner, any information or data which was
stored in any part of the computer equipment or related items"
in lot 097.  (The case is discussed somewhat in David
Burnham's *Above the Law:  Secret Deals, Political Fixes,
and Other Misadventures of the U.S. Department of

	But Hayes sued and got his equipment back from the
government, along with an undisclosed settlement amount
(rumored to be around $80,000).  In addition to Judge Siler,
part of the case between the Justice Department and Hayes was
heard  by Judge J. B. Johnson, who is now an Appellate Judge
for the Sixth Circuit.

	In August 1992 Hayes again testified to a Chicago
grand jury with respect to the Inslaw case, but his Chicago
testimony was redacted under the National Security Act.

	Then in April 1996, Hayes provided Inslaw attorneys
with an affidavit that detailed the government's use of the
stolen PROMIS software.  Hayes was afterward deposed by
Beth Cook of the Justice Department, who made numerous
attempts to entrap Hayes into either revealing his secret grand
jury testimony from Chicago, or to admit to violations of
Judge Siler's order.
	Now Judge J. B. Johnson, curiously acting as a
District Judge for the Eastern District of Kentucky, has
signed a criminal complain against "Chalmer C. Hayes, also
know as Chuck Hayes, also known as Charles Hayes" (Case
Number 96-6101M, October 22, 1996). An indictment was obtained
by Joseph L. Famularo, U.S. Attorney in Lexington, Kentucky.

	The timing of this complaint is curious, given that
Charles Hayes' most recent activity has been to assist the
Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr draft indictments against
Hillary and Bill Clinton.  Indictments for several people,
including Hillary, were signed by grand juries in Arkansas and
New York earlier this month.

	According to the present criminal complaint, Hayes
supposedly contracted with an undercover FBI agent to have
Hayes' son killed for $5,000.  (It is no secret that Hayes and
his son, who has had drug addiction problems in the past, do
not get along, and that there is some civil litigation pending
between them over an inheritance issue.)

	An affidavit of FBI agent David R. Keller reports on
the activities of another, undisclosed "Undercover Agent
(UCA) of the FBI".  This agent supposedly offered to kill
Hayes son, and Hayes discussed the matter with him over an
open phone line.  Then Hayes conveniently sent a package of
documents to the agent, using his own return address.  Then
this agent showed up at the Beckett Motel in Nancy, Kentucky,
where Hayes lives, while on his way to Louisville to scope
out the dirty deed, and Hayes gave him $100 in expenses.
Finally, Hayes promised this unidentified person $5,000 to be
paid a week after the hit.

	Now I'm a novice at these matters, and it sure sounds
plausible to me that if I were going to have someone killed, I
would discuss the matter over the telephone so it could be
recorded, then send out incriminating documents using my
own return address, and finally invite the person over to my
house so all the neighbors can see the two of us spending time

	But would Hayes be this naive?  Well, I've talked to
him on a daily basis for a year now, and all I can say is Hayes
is extremely circumspect in any phone conversation.

	It would seem the Department of Justice hopes to kill
two birds with one stone:  1) to keep Charles Hayes locked
up past the election; and 2) to shut him up with respect to the
Inslaw Case and the stolen PROMIS software.

	And, at least for the moment, they have succeeded.

October 24, 1996
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Subject:  The Metaphysics of Political Illusion (fwd)

*caveat lector*. This means, "reader beware." In other words, it
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 17:14:53 -0500 (EST)
From: KALLISTE@delphi.com
Subject: The Metaphysics of Political Illusion

	The Metaphysics of Political Illusion

		by J. Orlin Grabbe

	Micah Morrison says he's never been able to
confirm Charles Hayes used to work for the CIA.  That's
okay.  I've never been able to confirm Micah Morrison
works for the *Wall Street Journal*.  But he apparently gets
paid for something.

	And most Kentucky junk dealers get their
testimony redacted under the National Security Act.
Because the chemical composition of ferrous oxide is now
a state secret.

	There was a hearing today (Friday October 25)
about whether bond should be set for Charles Hayes.  The
U.S. Attorney Joseph L. Famularo claimed Hayes was a
menace to society on account of he had been writing
articles under the pen name "J. Orlin Grabbe".  They
explained the great threat posed by "Hackers Vs.
Politicians", and also discussed the literary works of
Robert Louis Stevenson..

	Well, that's all very interesting, because here I am--
as Charles Hayes--posting to the Internet from my jail cell.
But as J. Orlin Grabbe, let me say this to you, Mr.
Famularo:  You are not only a kook, but, moreover--you
stupid little shit--Chuck Hayes did not write one word of
"Hackers Versus Politicians."  I resent you attributing to
another person the fruits and toil of my own efforts.  But
then, you work for the Justice Department, don't you, Mr.
Famularo?  No wonder you lie--it's in your nature.

	Readers may fax Mr. Joseph Famularo at 606-233-
2666 to get his explanation why Charles Hayes and J.
Orlin Grabbe are the same person.  Be careful what you
ask him, though.  Mr. Famularo is somewhat
schizophrenic, and may decide that either you or he is also
Charles Hayes.

	People are wondering what happened to the Starr
indictments.  Nothing.  Indictments were signed earlier this
month by grand juries both in New York and in Arkansas,
including an indictment of Hillary Rodham Clinton. I do
not know why they have not been announced, or why there
has been no bail hearing for Hillary. To withhold this
information from the voters is clearly playing politics.
Starr shouldn't do that.  You can fax Mr. Kenneth Starr at
202-514-8802 and ask him to explain what's going on.

October 25, 1996
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The following is brought to you thanks, in part, to the kind
assistance of CyberNews and the fine folks at Cornell University.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 55
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



The book from  which  the  following  is  excerpted, The Octopus:
Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, by Kenn Thomas
and Jim Keith, will be available  in  late  November  from  Feral
House, POB 3466, Portland, OR 97208.

One  person  who  might  have  had a view of how PROMIS works was
Charles Hayes.  Newspapers identified  Hayes  as a salvage dealer
in Pulaski County, Kentucky, near the temporary home of Ari  Ben-
Menashe in Lexington, who purchased $45 worth of surplus computer
equipment  from  the  government  in  July  1990.   The equipment
included  13  terminals,  nine  printers,  two  cartridge  module
drives,   19   backup   cartridges   and   two   central   memory
units--equipment that had been  used  by the US Attorney's office
since 1983 to maintain information  via  PROMIS  on  the  witness
protection program, informants, office employees, and outstanding
grand  jury  cases.  In August, when federal officials discovered
that  a  weak  magnetic  screwdriver  had  failed  to  purge this
information  from  the  equipment  adequately,  two  FBI   agents
dispatched  to  make inquiries of Hayes were kicked out.(1) Three
days later,  Hayes  began  to  cooperate  with  the US Attorney's
office, denied that he had possession  of  any  information  that
might  have  been  on  the  equipment, and invited an inspection.
Inspectors  discovered  that  the   serial  numbers  of  the  two
cartridge modules that Hayes claimed were the ones he bought  did
not  match  the numbers of the modules the Justice Department had
sold.  (2) Hayes then claimed  he  had  sold the modules, but did
not name the purchasers until after  federal  officials  filed  a
lawsuit.(3) Justice Department attorneys later claimed that Hayes
had  indeed tried to sell the secret information to an undercover
informant, but criminal charges  were  never filed.  (4) The case
led to a congressional investigation of  computer  security;  the
Justice  Department  now  tosses rather than sells its extra data
storage devices.

(1) Baker, David L., "Computer Records Accidentally Sold,"
Lexington Herald-Leader, September 1, 1990.
(2) Baker, David L., "Buyer Says Agents Didn't Find Computer
With Secrets," Lexington Herald-Leader, September 5, 1990.
(3) "Buyer of US Computer Files To Be Disclosed," Lexington
Herald-Leader, September 6, 1990.
(4) Baker, David L., "US Says Pulaski Man Tried To Sell
Secrets," Lexington Herald-Leader, September 22, 1990.


With the help of  Wackenhut  and  the  Cabazons, according to Ari
Ben-Menashe, the US developed its own version  of  the  back-door
and the US and Israel began looking for a neutral company through
which it could sell the program to foreign intelligence services.
The  company  chosen for the task was Degem, a computer firm with
offices in  Israel,  Guatemala  and  the  South African Bantustan
homeland.  It had been taken  over  for  the  purpose  by  Robert
Maxwell,  the  publishing  mogul  who  drowned  under  mysterious
circumstances  in  1991.   Through  Maxwell's  Degem,  working in
tandem with Brian's Hadron,  the  software  found a home with the
military  regime  in  Guatemala,   where   it   tracked   leftist
insurgents.   "Even  if they traveled under a false name, various
characteristics, such as height,  hair  color, age, were fed into
roadside terminals  and  PROMIS  searched  through  its  database
looking  for  a  common denominator.  It would be able to tell an
army commander that  a  certain  dissident  who  was in the north
three days before had caught a train, then a  bus,  stayed  at  a
friend's  house,  and was now on the road under a different name.
That's  how   frightening   the   system   was."    According  to
Ben-Menashe, PROMIS was used in South Africa to track and squelch
the organizers of a strike among the black coal miners via  their
mandatory  identity  cards  (5).   Degem  also sold PROMIS to the
Soviet Union and the system  was utilized by its GRU intelligence
service at least until the coup against Mikhail Gorbachev.  (6)

(5) Oddly, a member of a congressional delegation sent on a fact-
finding tour to Johannesburg at  the  exact  moment  the  world's
second  largest platinum mine fired 20,000 black workers to end a
walk-out in January 1986, was Charles Hayes of Chicago.  The mine
was located  in  the  homeland  of  Bophuthatswana,  northwest of
Johannesburg ("South African Platinum Mine  Fires  20,000  Blacks
Over  Strike,"  Lexington  Herald  Leader,  January 7, 1986.)  In
December of that year, the Charles Hayes, who would later buy the
loaded Justice Department  computers  but  identified  then as an
attorney, was involved with a  gemstone  smuggling  operation  in
Brazil  with  links  to  Kentucky.   He  represented  one  of the
Brazilian corporations indicted  by  the  US  over the smuggling.
(White,  Jim,   Courier-Journal,   September   6,   1990.)    (6)
Ben-Menashe, Profits of War, p.  141.

Kenn Thomas publishes Steamshovel Press, a journal that regularly
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Subject:  Jim Norman: On AOD Arrest (fwd)

*caveat lector*. This means, "reader beware." In other words, it
is up to the reader to form her/his own judgements as to the

Jim Norman, author of the following, has worked as a professional
journalist for years, his last stint being a senior editor for
Forbes magazine.

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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 18:49:48 -0500
From: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx
To: bigred@duracef.shout.net
Subject: Jim Norman: On AOD Arrest

>Hayes was picked up Tuesday afternoon about 5 p.m. by three FBI agents.  hey
>cuffed him.  No "incident."  The indictment purports to claim that an
>undercover agent taped conversations in which Hayes contracted the killing
>of his son, then paid $100 in expenses.  Attached is my opinion of the whole
>thing, as spelled out in a memo to xxxxx xxxxxxxx yesterday.
>In addition to the points in my memo and Orlin's post, things that smell
>really fishy:
>1.) The price is awfully cheap for a professional hit.  And Hayes would not
>use an amateur.
>2.) The payment was to be after the job was done.  Unusual terms in most
>My personal opinion is that the FBI fabricated the audio tapes based on
>months worth of tapping Hayes' phone.  (I'm sure that from his converstaions
>with me alone they could pull together what looks like an incriminating
>string of statements.)    Eventually they would have collected enough
>phraseology to concoct any sort of lurid scenario.   You could wonder why
>they would take such a crazy risk.  But considering the stakes involved
>(massive drug and arms payolla that would be severely hurt if Hayes were
>allowed to continue) it was necessary.
>The good news is that Hayes has a pretty sharp criminal attorney working for
>him now who has a track record of beating the FBI (and even getting an agent
>fired for fabricating evidence).  I'm confident he will ultimately prevail
>in court.  But the media slanders and damage to Chuck's credibility may
>persist and cast a pall over Starr's pending indictments.   Evil abounds.
>Regards, JN
>(xxxmemo attached)
>24 October 1996
>xxxxx xxxxxxxx
>xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx
>Here is a copy of the federal indictment on which Chuck Hayes has been
>arrested and held in jail without bond in the London (Ky) jail.   I believe
>this is a bogus prosecution meant for intimidation purposes.  Here is why:
>1.)  The timing.  Hayes has been working closely with Ken Starr in drafting
>the indictments against Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Hayes has indicated to a
>number of sources that those indictments will, in fact, come down BEFORE the
>election.   Hayes himself would very well be a primary witness against the
>Clintons, in that his Fifth Column computer hacking team has generated much
>crucial banking documentation for Starr under a sanction from a high-level
>U.S. intelligence agency.   It was such hacked bank records (introduced in
>after-hours testimony sealed under auspices of the National Security Act)
>which resulted in the conviction of Jim Guy Tucker.
>2.)  The circumstances described.  The FBI would have the world believe that
>Hayes was stupid enough to talk on an open phone line (Hayes Always assumed
>it was tapped when talking to me on that line) about this stuff, to someone
>he didn't know, then mail them incriminating materials with his own return
>address on them, and then arrange a meeting at his own home and place of
>business.   Hayes may be unorthodox, even a bit crazy by our standards.  But
>he is NOT stupid about this stuff.
>3.)  Blatant errors in the information.   One that leaps out is the claim in
>the affidavit that 606-636-6900 is the listed number for the Becket Motel.
>Wrong.  The only listed number for the motel is 606-636-6411.
>4.)  Motive.    It is no secret Hayes and his son (a druggie) don't get
>along.   There is civil litigation pending between them over an inheritance
>issue.  But Hayes is not THAT hard up for  money (he's worth easily a couple
>of million dollars) and no matter how mad he might be at John, It is utterly
>implausible that  he'd put out a contract to kill his own son now after all
>these years of animosity, when he is on the verge of winning the inheritance
>5.)  Capabilities.  If Hayes wanted John dead, he would have gone up there
>and killed him himself or could have called on any of  a dozen loyal
>supporters.   Hayes is certainly capable of killing.  He has in the past.
>But I absolutely believe this is a blatantly political prosecution by a
>corrupt Dept. of Justice desperately trying to protect a gigantic illegal
>money vortex of arms and drug money that has compromised the highest levels
>of our government.
>6.)  The DOJ wants revenge.   Hayes has been kicking their ass for the past
>year or more, partly through the internet postings of J. Orlin Grabbe
>(http://www.aci.net/kalliste/) and through Media Bypass magazine.  He also
>submitted to a DoJ deposition in the Inslaw case last April that proved a
>major embarassment to the government.  Not to mention the drubbing he gave
>DoJ in that 1990 computer salvage case (in which he bought used DoJ compuers
>with pirated Inslaw software on them along with witness protection files).
>Hayes' attorney, I'm told, is one Warren Scovill, 606-878-6400.  A detention
>hearing on DoJ's petition that he be held without bond is set for tomorrow
>at 10 a.m. in London, Ky.
>Cordially yours,
>Jim Norman     xxx xxx-xxxx (phone and fax)

Noti, Oregon (25 miles up the coast range from Eugene)


End of BackToBasics Digest

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Subject:  Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton (fwd)

*caveat lector*. This means, "reader beware." In other words, it
is up to the reader to form her/his own judgements as to the

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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 21:17:31 -0500 (EST)
From: KALLISTE@delphi.com
Subject: Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton

	   Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton

		  by J. Orlin Grabbe

	I had been out of state and only checked my
answering machine from time to time. When I got back to
Reno, I hit the button.  There was a message from
Sherman Skolnick.  Robert Strauss, a well-known
Democrat and head of a large law firm, had called him
three times.  Strauss was threatening to have Sherman
arrested the next day, Monday.

	"Has Strauss called you?" Sherman wanted to
know, when I returned the call. "No," I said.  "He hasn't
threatened you?" Sherman asked.  "No, but if he did, I
would tell him to go fuck himself," I replied.

	Sherman had reported that Robert Strauss had lead
a delegation to the White House asking Bill Clinton to
resign.  I had also reported the same meeting, albeit in
deliberately abbreviated form. I rarely paid any attention
to Skolnick, because most of his reporting was such a
mixture of truth and error, it would take more effort to
separate the two than to simply conduct ones own
investigation of the facts.  But his account of the Strauss
meeting was quite accurate.

	"Strauss was there, right?"  Sherman seemed
unsure of his sources.  "Or maybe there by

	"He was there, Sherman.  He broke the ashtray just
like you said,"  I replied.  I didn't tell Sherman the rest of
the exchange, the part he didn't know.  Clinton had told
Strauss he could call the guards and have Strauss thrown
out of the White House.  Strauss lost his temper:  "You
do, and I'll break your fucking neck before they get here,"
he told Clinton.  Two other people at the meeting stood
up:  "And we'll help him," they said.  (There were all sorts
of false reports about the meeting.  John Glenn was there,
but only electronically.  Ted Kennedy was not present.)

	I told Sherman that Strauss was just blowing
smoke, and even though Strauss was a hot-head, I doubted
Strauss would do anything.  Strauss had no legal basis for
doing so: Sherman's report was accurate.  And I had no
reason to get involved:  Strauss was doing the right thing
with respect to Bill Clinton, even if he was angry
Skolnick had reported the meeting.  Strauss was not the
villain in the story.  Bill Clinton was.

	On Monday, August 5, shortly after the Strauss
visit, Chuck Hayes had a meeting with Bill Clinton.
Clinton had requested the meeting to discuss the issues
Strauss had raised.  Clinton and Hayes had known each
other for years:  Chuck Hayes had been Bill Clinton's CIA
controller, after Clinton was recruited into the CIA by
Cord Meyer of the London CIA station.  Hayes had
supervised Clinton's forays into the Soviet Union, and it
was Hayes who had gotten Clinton out of not-so-
infrequent trouble while Clinton served the agency.

	"Before I ever cross you, " Clinton once told
Hayes after having had his ass redeemed, "I hope I will
put a gun to my head and pull the trigger first."

	I talked to Hayes about the Clinton meeting while
Hayes was still at the White House.  He had explained to
Clinton some of the evidence that had been accumulated,
reinforcing what Strauss had said, and detailing numerous
other projected unpleasant consequences that would
accompany any decision to not resign.

	The timing of this meeting was early in the game,
in what is now a full-scale war over Clinton's resignation.
Jim Guy Tucker was singing, specifically about Mena,
even while Tucker's lawyer was denying that Tucker was
cooperating out of fear that Tucker would be an
assassination target.  Hayes, in a more practical mode, had
assigned two bodyguards to watch over Tucker.

	In escalating the pressure on Clinton to resign, it
wasn't that Hayes disliked Bill Clinton as a person.  It was
just that Hayes loved his country more, and wasn't going
to tolerate Clinton's participation in the transformation of
the U.S. into a narco-republic.  It was Hayes who first
alerted me to Clinton's serious cocaine habit.  In the mid-
80s, in Hayes' assessment, sure, Clinton would use coke at
parties, but it wasn't a daily problem.  But now, Hayes
said, the coke was in control.  And what Hayes claimed to
me about the seriousness of Clinton's cocaine habit, was
confirmed both by a White House source and by
personnel at Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Clinton was doing
"five plus" lines of coke a day.  That simply meant that
five lines was the *minimum* usage.

	And it was Hayes and an associated group of
computer hackers calling themselves the "Fifth Column"
that was providing much of the financial and banking
evidence that Kenneth Starr needed to nail Bill Clinton to
the wall.  This included downloading the entire White
House "Big Brother" data base (WHODB), complete with
its 2045 FBI files.  (The Lippo computer was also
connected to the Big Brother system.  Does this imply the
Lippo computer was also downloaded?  I would advise
Mr. James Riady to choose sides carefully.)

	Then Dick Morris resigned and began cooperating
with the Special Prosecutor.  Clinton was panicked.  Dick
Morris knew more about Clinton's illegal financial affairs
than anyone since Vince Foster (who had conveniently
died).  Clinton wanted to meet again with Hayes to
discuss things.  They agreed to a time and place.  But then
Clinton cancelled at the last minute, and sent a jet to pick
up Hayes to take him to the new rendevous location.
Hayes refused to board the plane.

	They finally met at an airstrip in Kentucky.
Clinton had an entourage that included Leon Panetta and
George Stephanopolous.  Other witnesses to this meeting
include the Air Force Major who tried to intercept Hayes
as he approached the Presidential jet, and the member of
the Kentucky State Police who acted as Hayes'
bodyguard.  Hayes and Clinton had a private conversation
in a motel room near the airfield.  Hayes began by
presenting Clinton with a copy of one of my Internet posts
and an article from Barron's ("Federal agency attacked as
dispenser of corporate welfare," by Jim McTague,
September 16, 1996).  The latter article gave context to a
lot of computer-generated information.

	"Clinton's face turned whiter the more he read,"
according to Hayes.  Their actual conversation is
confidential.  But one incident that happened afterwards is

	A FEMA group showed up to talk to Hayes.
Clinton recognized them.  "Did you tell them you were
going to be here?" Clinton asked.

	"No," Hayes replied.

	"Do you talk to them?"


	"How serious are they?"  Clinton wanted to know.


	Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton had got it into her
head that the Clinton's problems could be made to
disappear.  First of all, Dick Morris--like Vince Foster--
knew too much.  She had conversations with an obscure
group at the National Security Agency known as I3.  She
discussed details of a plan to murder Dick Morris.  They
also planned, provided the Dick Morris hit was
successful, the assassination of Chuck Hayes.  But word
got out about the I3 plans.  The men were arrested and

	Hillary's next action (see "The Dickheads Are
Getting Desperate") was to send sixteen FBI and Secret
Service personnel down to Kentucky to make inquiries
whether there was "some way to get to that son-of-a-
bitch," meaning Chuck Hayes.

	And, ultimately, they found the ammunition they
needed:  1) a local U.S. attorney who was representing the
Justice Department in its attempt to quash all evidence
with respect to the theft of the PROMIS software; 2)
Hayes' ex-wife and one of his sons, who were involved
with Hayes in an inheritance dispute; and 3) a lying FBI,
eager to deflect attention from Fifth Column evidence of
FBI involvement in drug-dealing.

(To Be Continued)

October 30, 1996
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Subject:  Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton II (fwd)

*caveat lector*. This means, "reader beware." In other words, it
is up to the reader to form her/his own judgements as to the

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 22:12:54 -0500 (EST)
From: KALLISTE@delphi.com
Subject: Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton II

		Chuck Hayes Versus Bill Clinton II

			by J. Orlin Grabbe

	    "Being the FBI apparently means never having to
	     say you are sorry."
	     --The Washington Times, October 30, 1996

	"What do you say to a hero-turned-bombing-suspect
you carelessly and recklessly linked to the Olympic bombing
in Atlanta this summer--a man who has seen his reputation
ruined from coast to coast and dawn to dusk in newspapers,
magazines and on the airwaves, and for three months running
has been, in effect, a prisoner in his own home?

	"Oops?  Sorry?  It was a bureaucratic snafu?

	"Not if you're the FBI.  In that case you say,
'Unfortunately, criminal investigations often intrude upon the
lives of private citizens like Mr. [Richard] Jewell and his
mother' " ("The Richard Jewell treatment," The Washington
Times, October 30, 1996).

	It's not just that the FBI can't say they're sorry.
They're in the business of creating suspects and victims, in
adherence to a legal Say's Law:  *The supply of law
enforcement creates its own demand*.  FBI agents "used a
ploy to try to get Jewell to waive his constitutional right to
have a lawyer present while he was being questioned. . . . The
agents told Jewell that he was being questioned in a mock
setting in connection with a FBI training film about how to
interrogate a witness.  In the course of the discussion, he was
asked to pretend to give up his rights by signing a waiver
form"  ("FBI's Interview in Bombing Investigated by Justice
Dept.," The New York Times, October 30, 1996).
	This is the same FBI that killed Randy Weaver's
family at Ruby Ridge.  Afterward, a high-ranking official, E.
Michael Kahoe, destroyed an internal critique of the FBI's
performance in the episode.

	This is the same FBI whose undercover agent made
an illegal interstate phone call from Alabama to Chuck Hayes
in Kentucky on September 10, 1996, to discuss the killing of
John Anthony Hayes, according to the affidavit of another FBI
agent (Affidavit of David R. Keller, October 22, 1996).  Such
a phone call is in violation of Title 18, United States Code,
Section 1958.  But being the FBI means you are allowed to
break the law.  Subsequently, the Department of Justice
charged Hayes with causing this unidentified, uncover FBI
agent to use the telephone in interstate commerce in violation
of Title 18, Section 1958.

	Now if I pick up the telephone and call U.S. Attorney
(and identity expert) Joseph Famularo, it is--of course--quite
clear that Joseph Famularo made me do it.  "Mr. Famularo,
got anyone you would like me to kill for $100?"  So there.
Can we arrest Mr. Famularo on the spot?  The thug (and
identity expert) is clearly in violation of Title 18, Section 1958.

	This is the same FBI that gassed and burned men,
women, and children at the Branch Davidian compound in
Waco, Texas.

	Of course the FBI does face a certain problem in
Kentucky.  It is not well-liked.  For example, the Washington,
D.C. FBI office sent out two cars that were specially
equipped to vector in on a ground-to-satellite signal said to be
eminating from time to time from an unidentified roving truck.
One of these cars was driving down the freeway and
mysteriously caught fire.  The driver of the other car went into
a restaurant and returned to find a bob cat in his vehicle.  The
bobcat had ripped out the interior and electrical wiring, and
shit on the remains.  (Apparently even animals don't like the
FBI in Kentucky.)  While the agent peered at the bobcat
through the car window, a lady from the local humaine society
showed up and threatened to have him arrested for having a
wild animal in his car.  (The bobcat, meanwhile, popped out
the back windshield and ran away into the woods.)  The car
was towed away to a locked garage.

	But the FBI would like to blame its problems on
Chuck Hayes.  It has been gunning for Hayes for a long time.
It was Chuck Hayes who essentially ran Louis Freeh out of a
high-level intelligence meeting convened to discuss the
downing of TWA 800.  The meeting was being conducted by
an explosive expert and friend of Hayes.  Freeh kept
interrupting with unconstructive political statements--asserting
authority before evidence.  The altercation ended with Freeh
being dragged out of the meeting.

	No, Louis Freeh doesn't like Chuck Hayes.  This is
the same Louis Freeh whose FBI uploaded 2045 of its files
into the White House "Big Brother" computer system, for
political use by the White House.  And it was Freeh's nemesis,
Chuck Hayes, who testified about the 2045 files to a closed
and secret committee of the U.S. House of Representatives,
held without staff participation, but with an audience of eight
U.S. senators.

	This is the same FBI who aided their informant Emad
Salem in constructing the bomb that blew up at the World
Trade Center in New York City on February 26, 1993
(combined report by Paul DeRienzo, Frank Morales and
Chris Flash, "Who Bombed the World Trade Center?" The
Shadow, Oct. 1994).

	This is the same FBI that is an unchartered
organization--one never authorized by Congress.  Thus FBI
agents are simply Justice Department employees, illegally
receiving benefits, illegally receiving pensions, and illegally
carrying weapons.  And it is not a crime to lie to the
Department of Justice.  If your client is in jail for lying to the
FBI, I can put you in touch with the proper attorney who has
a proven record in obtaining the release of such clients.

	This is the same FBI whose head, Louis Freeh, was
terminated by the agency's payroll computer in Oklahoma on
the basis that the FBI was not a chartered organization.  After
all, we all know that FBI files are secure and sacred, so the
computer could not lie, could it?  But Louis Freeh seemed to
hold Chuck Hayes responsible for the incident.  How could
this be so, when official court records have declared that
Chuck Hayes is computer illiterate?  No, Louis Freeh must be
blaming Charles Hayes out of pure spite.

	This is the same FBI that rushed to do the bidding of
the White House in the Travelgate firings, doing criminal
investigations of people who had just been unjustifiably
terminated to make room for the friends of Bill and Hillary.

	This is the same FBI whose agent David R. Keller
writes as follows:

	"I, David R. Keller, hereinafter referred to as Affiant,
after having been duly sworn, states as follows:

	"1.  That I am a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau
of Investigation (FBI), having been so employed since July 19,
1971. . . .

	"2.  On or about September 6, 1996, the Affiant
learned from the FBI Office in Birmingham, Alabama, that
Charles Hayes, who resides in Nancy, Kentucky, at the
Beckett Motel, was wanting to hire a hit man to kill an
individual named John Anthony Hayes who resides in
Louisville, Kentucky.

	"3.  Affiant is aware that on September 10, 1996, an
Undercover Agent (UCA) of the FBI, acting in an undercover
capacity, made a recorded telephone call from the State of
Alabama to Hayes, in Nancy, Kentucky, at telephone number

	"During this conversation, Hayes told the UCA that he
(Hayes) had been expecting a call and that the UCA may be
able to help him.  Hayes stated that he need it done as soon as
possible and agreed to send the UCA a photograph of the
victim.  Hayes furnished descriptive information and
background of the victim.

	"4.  Affiant is aware that on October 4, 1996, a letter
was received at the post office in Birmingham, Alabama, with
a return address of P.O. Box 185, Nancy, Kentucky, and
appeared to have been postmarked 9/11/96.  The letter
contained a photograph of the intended victim, John Anthony
Hayes, and documents containing background information on
Hayes including John Anthony Hayes' address and the
vehicles owned by John Anthony Hayes."  (Affidavit of David
R. Keller, October 22, 1996).

	I find this chain of supposed events remarkable.  First
of all, the FBI affirms its undercover agent violated U.S. law
by making an interstate phone call volunteering to kill
someone.  Then this admittedly illegal phone call is "backed
up" by incriminating evidence that arrives via the speedy U.S.
Post Office only 23 days later--with Hayes' return address on

	Well, that proves everything.  If the letter had Chuck
Hayes' return address on it, Chuck must have send the
documents.  And I'm sure looking forward to hearing those
tape recordings containing the word "victim".

	In the meantime, I hope no one sends out any
incriminating documents with David R. Keller's return address
on them.  Or Joseph Famularo's.

			(To Be Continued)

October 31, 1996
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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 58

The following is brought to you thanks, in part, to the kind
assistance of CyberNews and the fine folks at Cornell University.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 58
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



The House Select Committee's final report on its investigation of
the assassination Dr.  Martin  Luther  King describes FBI conduct
toward the slain civil rights leader as  "morally  reprehensible,
illegal, felonious, and unconstitutional."  Subsequently the word
was that a "new" FBI, no longer like its former self, had arrived
and  we  could  all  relax.   Yet  the reports we've been hearing
lately  on  this  federal  busybody  force  belie  the  claim  of
"modernity" -- whatever that's supposed to mean.

Does "new" and "modern" equal "better"  when it comes to the FBI?
Not so.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation's "new" face  is  no
different  than  its "old" face -- except that its agents are now
wearing nylon  windbreakers  bearing  brazen  and unashamed "FBI"
lettering   on   the  back.   It's  still  the  same  bunch  that
"investigated" the JFK assassination; they have not changed their
ways.  Waco, Ruby  Ridge,  Malcolm  X's daughter, Richard Jewell:
these federal boys and girls, like Bill Clinton, just "do as they

I know that Chalmer "Chuck"  Hayes  is an "ex"-CIA agent and many
may figure, "Who cares what happens  to  CIA  people?"   But  the
point  is  that,  like  at  Waco,  all  citizens,  no  matter how
unsavoury they might seem, are entitled to equal protection under
the law.   The  American  Civil  Liberties  Union understood this
principle when, in the late 1970s, they  defended  the  right  of
Nazi swine to march in Skokie, Illinois.

Chuck  Hayes,  says  local  Kentucky  newspaper the "Commonwealth
Journal," has been charged in  a  "murder for hire" scheme.  This
charge is based on the FBI's claim  that  one  of  their  agents,
working undercover, phoned Hayes and contracted to "scare, hurt,"
or murder Hayes's son in return for $100.  Hayes, at last report,
is being held without bond. His location is not known.

According  to  an  anonymous  fax  I  received today (November 3,
1996), the charge against Hayes is false and is a maneuver by the
Clintons, Janet Reno, and FBI  Director Louis Freeh against Hayes
"in an attempt to silence him and stop his investigation for  Ken
Starr."  What is more, adds the author of the anonymous fax, "the
delay  in  making the existing indictments from being made public
is only delaying the inevitable until after the election."

A preliminary check with one of  my sources, an individual whom I
have code-named "Mr. Mercedes," leads  me  to  believe  that  the
author  of  the  anonymous fax is no lightweight in his access to
inside information.

The anonymous fax goes on to warn:  "Welcome to Watergate II, you
sorry excuses  for  journalists.   Sit  back  and  watch the show
unfold with FEMA declaring a national emergency and  voiding  the
corrupt  election  of a criminal..."  He adds that, "the Clintons
know their co-presidency is soon to collapse and they, along with
their cronies, are all heading to jail..."

(Personally I am thinking lately, "Hey,  come to think of it, I'm
poor.  So why should I care if Clinton gets in and taxes a  bunch
of  rich  dudes?"   Yet beyond economics it's a basic question of
right and  wrong:   no  good  can  come  from  having  a crook as
President, even if he is my crook.)

So not  to  get  political  (vote,  or  don't  vote,  for who you
please), but Charles Hayes, no matter what his past associations,
is a U.S. citizen with rights such as *habeas corpus*.  No matter
one's personal opinion of him, the principle  comes  first:   FBI
and  the  justice  system  has  and  does  break  the  law  it is
supposedly meant to serve.  What  is  happening to Chuck Hayes is
an  outrage,  especially  considering  he  is  associated with an
unpopular, fringe group.

       Views expressed do not necessarily  reflect  those
       of Conspiracy Nation, nor of its Editor in Chief.
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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 59

The following is brought to you thanks, in part, to the kind
assistance of CyberNews and the fine folks at Cornell University.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 59
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



I received the following communique from  a person known to me to
not  be  a  lightweight  in  his  knowledge  of  "deep  politics"
(Professor  Peter  Dale  Scott's  term  for   esoteric   American
politics; see his excellent book, *Deep Politics and the Death of
JFK,  Berkeley:   University  of  California  Press,  1993.)  The
person who authored  the  following  communique is a questionable
quantity as far as I'm concerned:  yes, he has inside  knowledge,
but  if or not he operates with a hidden agenda is unknown to me.
My usual policy with information that may be important is to pass
it along and let the reader make up her own mind.

Also I offer the caveat  that the following communique betrays an
anti-Israel bias.  My own opinion is that Israel is not the  "big
bad  wolf"  that  some  imagine it to be.  This is hinted at, for
example, by evidence  showing  Great  Britain as puppet-master of
Israel.  Also, if Israel buys the U.S. Congress, whose  fault  is
that?   Israel's, or the Congress which is widely known worldwide
as being for sale to the highest bidder?

Finally, the author of the  following communique makes mention of
Media  Bypass  magazine  and,   specifically,   that   magazine's
investigative  reporter  Lawrence  Myers.  Regarding Media Bypass
magazine, they have published some good material in the past, yet
lately seem to be wimping  out  with legal mumbo jumbo which goes
nowhere.  (For a good, fiction-based-on-fact account  of  what  a
dead-end  labyrinthe  legalisms  can  be,  see  *Bleak  House* by
Charles Dickens.)  As to Mr. Myers,  for  all  I know he may be a
fine, honest reporter, maligned unjustly in some quarters.

 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

96/Oct/30 (Wed)
Re: Chuck Hayes Alert

Dear Soul,

Please note that 1st hand report from 96/Oct/29 (Tue), concerning
the alleged bond hearing on 96/Oct/28 (Mon) is as follows:

1. NO BOND *EVER* to be allowed
5.  Only alleged attorney visits (2 attorneys  named:   1.   Kirk
Davis,  Burnside,  Ky;  2.   Warren  Scolville,  London,  Ky;  3.
PROBLEM,  one  of  the  two  attorney's  offices, Congressman Hal
Rogers was observed as  an  office  insider  -- who is opposed to
Chuck [Hayes].)
6. Chuck [Hayes] was swooped on by an FBI SWAT team on 96/Oct/22
7.  Normal procedure is bond hearing next day --  Wed.  96/Oct/23
8.   Thur  96/Oct/24  NO  HEARING  held  but hearing promised for
Friday 96/Oct/25.
9. 96/Oct/25 -- *NO HEARING*
10. 96/Oct/28 (Mon) Set for
    (a.) ARRAIGNMENT for 96/Nov/22
    (b.) TRIAL Pre-set for 96/Dec/2
11. Very, very unusual outcome based rulings on an
    (a.) alleged felony, with
    (b.) no one actually hurt,
    (c.) no prior criminal record known or mentioned.

It is probably  not  wisdom  to  leave  this  thing bottled up in
peanut London, Ky. Please get this out on Internet or however  or

Also,  we  do  not endorse the FBI/DOJ spin doctor Louisville, Ky
Courier Journal 96/Oct/24  story  as  verification when they have
(1) No Case #, (2) no Judges name, (3) no charge  cited,  or  (4)
for DOJ/FBI false evidence creation abilities.

Please, if  you  can  *get*  *this*  *to*  *Ross* *Perot* (R.P.),
please do so.  If you have no good way to  get  R.P.,  --  Please
put,  "Alert,  forward to R. Perot," on your Internet or anywhere
and *get* *it* *to* *R.P.*

Before Lawrence "Mossad Morrano" Meyers  took charge at *Media by
Pass*, that magazine focused cover photos and  stories  on  enemy
perpetrators  --  detailing  their  evil  deeds  -- such as Diane
"Mossad" Feinstein.

Since Mossad Meyers is in  control  they focus on souls trying to
do good -- 4 of whom  have  been  jailed  or  terrorized  by  the
FBI/BATF/DOJ  --  so  far.   The  *first*  was  the leader of fed
watchers:  photoed on cover  of  Media  by Pass by Meyers, almost
immediately jailed thereafter.  The *second* was a witness hidden
from the OKC bombing perpetrators (BATF/FBI/DOJ) but  exposed  by
Meyers,  who  turned  the  heretofore unknown witness over to the
FBI/BATF/DOJ terrorizers.  The  *third*  was  when the new editor
and Meyers published against Mary  Snell,  the  wife  of  Richard
Snell,  and  for his murderers, convicted felon Arkansas Governor
Guy Tucker in league with  the  former Governor.  The *fourth* is
now *Chuck Hayes*,  photo  cover  targeted  in  September  96  by
Meyers, imprisoned in October 96 by FBI/BATF/DOJ.

*WHO WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM* of what should be correctly renamed

 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +



Please  recall we have written to you in the past, having/working
with Chuck Hayes, Xxxxxxx  Xxxxxxx,  others  known  to you -- Jim
Norman, so forth.

We have been de-stabilized by  our  imposter  non-government  for
trying to help covert community souls who wind up in a jam.

Which description now fits Chuck Hayes.

We  are asking you to use your computer resource access to get us
"*best*" phone and fax [for] 2 to 3 persons:

1) Woolsey -- former CIA Director
2) R. Perot
3) Air Force General  Cairn  or  Cairns (acting CIA Director four
short weeks, before Deutch.)

Each of these three has personal knowledge of Chuck  [Hayes]  and
may help if pushed/goaded.

Please  respond  in  some  way  so  we  know  you  received  this

Thank you,

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx

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Date:     Mon Nov 11, 1996 11:26 pm  CST
From:     bigred
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Subject:  Allegations Regarding Foster, NSA, Banks: Part 37

       Part 37:  Allegations Regarding Vince
	    Foster, the NSA, and Banking
		Transaction Spying

		by J. Orlin Grabbe

	Shortly after finishing The End of Ordinary
Money, Part II, I received phone calls from Jim Norman
of Forbes Magazine, Bill Hamilton of Inslaw, and Gregory
Wierzynski, Assistant Staff Director of the House
Committee on Banking and Financial Services.  They were
all interested in my references to money-laundering
activities in Arkansas financial institutions, as well as to
the use of the stolen PROMIS software in tracking
financial transactions.

	Jim Norman was a Senior Editor at Forbes
Magazine whose article entitled Fostergate had been killed
by Malcolm S. ("Steve") Forbes.  Forbes had done so at
the urging of Caspar Weinberger, the former Reagan
Secretary of Defense who was Chairman of the Board of
Forbes, Inc.  Norman was interested in my references to an
NSA project to spy on banking transfers, because he had
information that Vince Foster, a Rose Law Firm partner,
oversaw such a project at Jackson Stephens' software firm
Systematics.  He also wanted to get Fostergate published
elsewhere, and I promised to bring it to public attention
through the Internet.  Not all of the material in the article
was familiar to me, but those parts that were had merit--
and in any case I didn't believe in military censorship of
information presented in civilian financial publications.  (I
discovered soon enough, however, that most of the senior
staff of Forbes Magazine had ties to the intelligence
community, so perhaps Norman's experience was not all
that uncommon.)

	Bill Hamilton of Inslaw had been pursuing a case
for years to collect from the U.S. government the value of
Inslaw's PROMIS software that had been stolen by the
U.S. Department of Justice.  In its original form, the
PROMIS system was used for federal case management.
Another version had been converted for intelligence use in
tracking agents, operations, and movements. A CIA agent
named Michael Riconosciuto had worked on this version,
and--in connection with Bobby Inman of the National
Security Agency--had created code that would cause the
computer hardware to give off signals, disguised as noise,
when the program was running.  (The standing waves
emitted can be modeled by mathematical functions called
"Walsh functions".) The program was then marketed
around the world by another CIA agent named Earl Brian,
who set up a company for that purpose.  One of Earl
Brian's sales, made to the government of Brazil, was
observed by another CIA agent named Chuck Hayes.
Hayes had testified to this sale before a Chicago grand
jury, but his testimony had been redacted under the
National Security Act.   These software sales were not
only profitable to Brian's company, but they also allowed
U.S. intelligence agencies to access the intelligence data of
the foreign country running the software.  The signals
given off by the computer hardware could picked up by
nearby vans or, often, by satellite.

	Another modification of the software  had shown
up at the World Bank in 1983, where it was being used to
track wire transfers, apparently in connection with a
money-laundering operation that went from BCCI London
through the World Bank and into Caribbean institutions.
This was of considerable interest to me, because I had
learned in banking circles that the NSA was spying on
banking transactions, and that this apparently included
domestic financial transactions in certain instances.
Gradually I had learned that the NSA seemed to be
working through a Little Rock-based company called
Systematics, which was controlled by Jackson Stephens, a
principal financial backer of Bill Clinton, and a person
connected with the BCCI purchase of First American Bank
in Washington, D.C.  In early 1995 I published on the
Internet a bibliography of Systematics' banking deals, and
in that context mentioned the name of Web Hubbell as
being associated with the NSA project--but I did not yet
know of Vince Foster's greater involvement.  This
bibliography had apparently been used by Norman and
also by others pursuing the same story.

	Gregory Wierzynski was interested in money
laundering.  When I met with him and Stephen Ganis,
Counsel to the House Committee on Banking and
Financial Services, they were interested in any information
I knew of that connected Vince Foster to money-
laundering in Arkansas.  I told them I had no non-public
information, and gave them a copy of Fostergate, which
Jim Norman had sent to me only a few days before.  "Why
would Steve Forbes kill it?"  Wierzynski wanted to know.
He knew Steve Forbes because Forbes, like Wierzynski,
had once served as head of Radio Free Europe.  As time
passed, I became increasingly convinced that Wierzynski
was more involved in covering up than in actual
investigation. (Wierzynski's boss, Jim Leach, was
overheard saying to Newt Gingrich about the investigation,
"If we don't do something, this thing is going to get out of
hand." This gave me little confidence Leach was going to
conduct an aggressive search for the truth.)  As best I
could tell, Wierzynski had been booted out of the
Pentagon after his son was caught hacking into Defense
Department computers.

	Shortly after this meeting in June 1995, however, I
began my series of Vince Foster posts ("Allegations
Regarding Vince Foster, the National Security Agency,
and Banking Transactions Spying") on the Internet, and
sent copies along to the House Comittee on Banking and
Financial Services.  A few days later Jim Leach wrote to
the Director of the National Security Agency asking about
the allegations:

"July 11, 1995

"Vice Admiral John McConnell, USN
"Director, National Security Agency
"Ft. George Mead, MD 20755

"Dear Admiral McConnell:

"I am writing to seek your agency's help in verifying or
laying to rest various allegations of money laundering in
Arkansas in the late 1980s.  For that purpose, I would
request a briefing from NSA's Inspector General on
Friday, July 14 before 1:00 p.m.;  if that is not possible,
sometime on Monday, July 17, would also be convenient.

"The reports I have in mind have appeared in the general
press and, sometimes in sensational form, in more narrow-
gauged outlets, including the Internet.  They speak of
secret foreign bank accounts held by prominent people in
Arkansas, special software to monitor bank transfers, and
similar tales.  I would like to determine whether there is
any substance at all to these stories.

"Specifically, I would like your Inspector General to tell
me whether the Agency:

"(1) knows of any secret bank accounts held by U.S.
citizens domiciled in Arkansas at any time between 1988
and now;

"(2) is aware, directly or indirectly, of any efforts by
computer hackers, U.S.-government related or otherwise,
to penetrate banks for the purpose of monitoring accounts
and transactions;

"(3) knows of or has participated, directly or indirectly, in
efforts to sell software--notably versions of a program in
use at the Justice Department called PROMIS--or
clandestinely produced devices to foreign banks for the
purpose of collecting economic intelligence and
information about illicit money transfers;

"(4) is cognizant of any attempts by Systematics Inc, an
Arkansas-based electronic data processor that is now a
division of Alltell [Alltel], to monitor or engage in the
laundering of drug money or proceeds of other illegal
activities, notably those conducted through Mena,

"(5) can produce information about Charles Hayes, a
businessman in Nancy, Kentucky, who claims to have
been a CIA operative in Latin and Central America, among
other places;

"(6) knew of or was involved in, directly or indirectly, any
covert activities by the U.S. government or any private
parties (the so-called "private benefactors") in or around
Mena in the late 1980s;

"(7) had any contractual or other relationship with the late
Adler Barriman "Barry" Seal in the 1980s or knew about
his activities in connection with Mena.

"I would appreciate your help in shedding light on these

"James A. Leach
		   (to be continued)

November 11, 1996
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TO:       Conspiracy Nation
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BCC:    * David Beiter / MCI ID: 635-1762
Subject:  part 38: vince foster, the NSA, and bank spying (fwd)

*caveat lector*. This means, "reader beware." In other words, it
is up to the reader to form her/his own judgements as to the

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 12:40:52 -0500 (EST)
From: KALLISTE@delphi.com
Subject: part 38: vince foster, the NSA, and bank spying

	Part 38:  Allegations Regarding Vince
	   Foster, the NSA, and Banking
		Transactions Spying

		by J. Orlin Grabbe

	     (continued from Part 37)

	What answers Jim Leach's House Committee on
Banking and Financial Services received from the
National Security Agency's (NSA's) Inspector General is
not known, but apparently the NSA stonewalled the
investigation.  On July 23, 1995, Gregory Wierzynski
emailed me, asking "Do you have suggestions on how we
could verify some of the elements in the Norman story?
I've talked to Chuck in Kentucky and am still in touch
with him. But his stories have not panned out, even
partially. I would be most interested in your ideas."  I
found this statement remarkable, and knew that
Wierzynski was being deliberately obtuse.  Moreover,
neither I--nor anyone else of my acquaintance--had told
Wierzynski that I was talking to Chuck Hayes in Nancy,

	Jim Norman had first suggested that I call Hayes--
had even implied that Hayes wanted me to call--but
initially I had been reluctant to do so.  There were enough
people trying to get me off the Internet, and I was dubious
of the motives of an ex-intelligence operative.  But when I
finally did so, we spent a hour and twenty minutes on the
phone in a wide-ranging conversation about money-
laundering.  I jumped around from topic to topic, bringing
up numerous obscure connections between the
intelligence community and banking.  In each case Hayes
was right there with me, adding details to what we were
discussing.  From time to time I would make deliberate
mis-statements to see if Hayes would catch the
discrepancies.  He did.  By the end of the conversation it
did not matter to me whether Chuck Hayes was just a
hillbilly Kentucky junk dealer or an ex-member of  CIA's
division D.  His knowledge spoke for itself.  He had an
intimate acquaintance with banking wire transfers, bank
computer operations, and banking-intelligence
connections, as well as detailed insights into current
hidden money-laundering channels.

	Hayes was already familiar with my article *The
End of Ordinary Money*.  He said he had gotten his copy
from the CIA library. The CIA had apparently either
downloaded it from the Internet, or perhaps had obtained
it through Robert Steele.  Eric Bloodaxe, a.k.a. Chris
Goggans, an ex-Legion of Doom member who edited a
hacker publication called *Phrack*, had suggested I sent
copies to Winn Schwartau of *Information Warfare* fame,
and to Robert Steele, whose company Open Source
Solutions, Inc., published a newsletter entitled *OSS
Notices*, which advocated some radical changes to the
process of intelligence collection.  Steele had reviewed
them as follows:  "J. Orlin Grabbe has produced the first
two in a series of three papers on digital cash, and I found
them both educational and provocative. . . . He
approaches the matter from a civil libertarian/civil
disobedience perspective, and I find his perspective on the
history of U.S. policy and technology, as well as the
alternatives, well-worth review.  This is a thoughtful
popular perspective on issues of electronic privacy which
bears on both the protection of intellectual property and
electronic civil defense" (*OSS Notices*, vol. 3, issue 5,
May 31, 1995).

	Chuck and I had some differences, to be sure.
Hayes was spending much of his time tracking drug-
money laundering through the U.S. financial system.  I
looked at the War on Drugs from an economic
perspective: supply restriction leading to vast profit
margins, with concomitant political payoffs and political
corruption, while in the meantime prisons were being
over-crowded with casual drug users.  It was an exercise
in insanity.  Nor was I a fan of the DEA, with its record of
civil rights violations.  Hayes, by contrast, liked the DEA
for their street smarts, which contrasted with the desk-
level bureaucrats he was somewhat contemptuous of at
the CIA.  But Hayes was gunning for the people at the top
of the drug-dealing and money-laundering pyramid, and
this was fine with me.  There was a close association
between those administering the War on Drugs, and those
profiting from it.  In the case of money-laundering, it was
even more blatant:  it was hard to differentiate the money
launderers from those that administered the money-
laundering laws.  I did not approve of the money-
laundering laws themselves with their invasions of
personal financial privacy. But on the other hand, hoisting
government junkies on their own petard did not perturb
me.  Over a period of time, Hayes and I developed an
information-sharing arrangement.

	Hayes was at the moment following the financial
flows through Arkansas financial institutions, as well as
through Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh.  Also involved were
New York banks, some members of the Chicago
Mercantile Exchange, and at least one important official
at the Federal Reserve. On the Arkansas front, Hayes was
quite open in telling me he was going to nail Jim Guy
Tucker to the wall, and over the following year I watched
him do just that.  One might assume from such a
statement that Hayes was a Republican, out to get
Democrats.  But in fact Hayes' father had been a local
Democrat party official, and Hayes had been a friend and
admirer of John Kennedy.  Hayes was not political in that
sense, any more than I was.

	Some people have a strange habit of trying to
interpret everything in political terms.  When I first spoke
to Sarah McClendon, she asked me, "Why are people
saying all these things about Clinton, and they aren't
saying anything about George Bush?"  I refused to bite.  I
told her I didn't give a shit about the difference between
Republicans and Democrats--that this was about
criminality, not about partisan politics.  Some people--
Republican or Democrat--are honest, and some are not.
Sarah herself kept referring to the Clintons (Bill and Hill)
as "virgins," which amused me to no end.  But my interest
was not partisan, and never has been.

	In a contrary vein, Jack Blum, who recently joined
Jim Leach's House Committee on Banking as an
investigator (and who quickly recommended they drop
their Mena investigation), told Marianne Gasior that I was
a right-wing nut because of what I had written about Bill
and Hillary Clinton.  Marianne said, "I don't think so,"
and read off my resume.  Blum's response:  "You're
kidding."  Gasior was politically a liberal Democrat, and
when she was pursuing a case against Kennametal, which
had done business with Iraq during the Gulf War, she
received some support from Democrat politicians,
because the issue was embarrassing to Republican
interests. *Time Magazine* did a write-up of her efforts ("A
Matter of Honor," June 21, 1993). But when she began to
ask questions about what Hillary Clinton was doing on
the board of Lafarge Corporation, which was part of the
same smuggling network, Democrat support for her
research quickly evaporated (see "Whatever Happened to
Iraqgate?", *The American Spectator*, November 1996.)
To the average political hack, partisanship always takes
precedence over the search for truth.

	In Wierzynski's case, while supposedly
investigating money-laundering for the House Committee,
he seemed to be actually serving other interests--perhaps
the Pentagon's, perhaps someone else's.  Hayes had come
up with financial records showing that fifty to seventy
million dollars a day of drug-related money was being
laundered through the institutions he was looking at.
Wierzynski couldn't understand how such a thing was
possible.  He wanted "proof" in a neat little package, say a
memo entitled "Today's Money-Laundering Report".  He
seemed to expect to ask a few questions, and then *voila!*--
the darkest secrets of American political life would be
exposed. So it is not surprising that Wierzynski's
investigation had gone nowhere before Jack Blum arrived
to call the whole thing off.  Meanwhile, Wierzynski's son,
in school in England, had been indicted for supplying
information to a group of Russian hackers in St.
Petersburg, who had pulled off a heist of Citibank funds.

	Both Wierzynski and Stephen Gannis, the Counsel
for the House Committee on Banking and Finance, were in
touch with a San Francisco attorney named Charles O.
Morgan.  Systematics (now a subsidiary of Alltel) had
hired Morgan to lie about its relationship to the NSA, and
Morgan proceeded to do just that.  In an April 5, 1995,
letter to Michael Geltner, an attorney for Agora, Inc.,
Morgan wrote:  "None of ALLTEL's operations or
subsidiaries has ever had any connection in any capacity
with the Central Intelligence Agency, the National
Security Agency, or any other similar agency in the
United States Government; . . ."  But recent documents
obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by *The
Washington Weekly* from NSA show that, for example,
that "The Arkansas-based security contractor Systematics
Inc. on September 14, 1990 was awarded a $166,000 NSA
contract to build a 'Sensitive Compartmented Information
Facility' (SCIF) in Ft. Gillem, Georgia" (*The Washington
Weekly*, Nov. 11, 1996).

	Morgan similarly denied any connection between
Web Hubbell and Systematics, writing, "Webster Hubbell
never served as an attorney or in any other capacity for
ALLTEL Corporation, or for any of its operations or
subsidiaries, other than a single instance in 1983, when
Systematics, Inc., engaged Mr. Hubbell to pursue a
competitor that was using Systematics, Inc.'s propriety
software without authorization; . . ."  But it is a matter of
public record that when in 1978 Jackson Stephens tried to
take over First American bank (later acquired by BCCI),
that the bank sued Systematics along with BCCI, Bert
Lance, and Jackson Stephens.  Filing briefs for
Systematics were Webster Hubbell, along with C.J. Giroir
and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  (Hubbell subsequently went
to the Justice Department, and then to jail, after receiving
a $500,000 payment for unspecified legal services from
Indonesia's Lippo Group.  C.J. Giroir left the Rose Law
Firm and set up a consulting firm to arrange deals
between the Lippo Group and Arkansas-based firms.
Hillary Clinton recently declared her friendship for ex-
Lippo employee and Democrat fund-raiser John Huang,
and was also indicted by grand juries in Little Rock and in
New York in October 1996.  These indictments have not
yet been made public.)

	But the non-pursuit of the drug-money laundering
trail by the Leach Committee was not surprising.  It
stepped on too many toes.  Hayes and I agreed that the
U.S. was being rapidly transformed into a narco-republic.
The drug cartels had penetrated the highest levels of the
Justice Department and the FBI, elements of the
intelligence community, and were additionally bribing a
broad assortment of state and federal government
employees and politicians.  Even more alarming, the
cartels were now making inroads into the White House.
And the Clinton administration, with lax security
stemming largely from a variety of drug-related issues,
along with a pre-existing legacy of political corruption in
Arkansas, had created a free-for-all playground for
foreign agents.  Everything was for sale, from trade policy
to nuclear codes. Moreover, Bill Clinton (or perhaps those
he surrounded himself with, while he partied on the side)
was making rapid progress in turning the FBI and the
Secret Service into a private political police force--a
Gestapo whose duty was to investigate and harass (and
even kill) his political opponents, and to cover up
evidence of his own bad deeds.

	Extraordinary times required extraordinary
measures.  Enter the Fifth Column.

		(to be continued)

November 12, 1996
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Subject:  part 39: allegations re vince foster, the NSA, and bank spying (fwd)

*caveat lector*. This means, "reader beware." In other words, it
is up to the reader to form her/his own judgements as to the

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 00:54:28 -0500 (EST)
From: KALLISTE@delphi.com
Subject: part 39: allegations re vince foster, the NSA, and bank spying

	Part 39:  Allegations Regarding Vince
	    Foster, the NSA, and Banking
	       Transactions Spying

	       by J. Orlin Grabbe

	    (continued from Part 38)

	The creation of the Fifth Column to deal with
official corruption was necessitated by a confluence of
several factors.

	1.  First of all, there is the corruption of the Justice
Department itself.  One couldn't  simply turn over the
fruits of a lot of hard investigative work, involving both
financial and other information, to the  Department of
Justice, and expect to see justice done.  The Justice
Department is part and parcel of the same corrupt system.
Nowhere is this more in evidence than the theft by
"trickery, deceit, and fraud" (in the words of a federal
bankruptcy judge) of the PROMIS software.  The Justice
Department is bent on discrediting, ruining, or indicting
anyone who is harmful to the government's case.  The
Department's carrot-and-stick method of operation can be
seen from the following paragrahs found in an affidavit of
Michael J. Riconosciuto (March 21, 1991):

		"In February 1991, I had a
	telephone conversation with Peter
	Videnieks, then still employed by the U.S.
	Department of Justice. Videnieks
	attempted during this telephone
	conversation to persuade me not to
	cooperate with an independent
	investigation of the government's piracy of
	INSLAW's proprietary PROMIS software
	being conducted by the Committee on the
	Judiciary of the U.S. House of

	"[Carrot:] Videnieks stated that I
	would be rewarded for a decision not to
	cooperate with the House Judiciary
	Committee investigation. Videnieks
	forecasted an immediate and favorable
	resolution of a protracted child custody
	dispute being prosecuted against my wife
	by her former husband, if I were to decide
	not to cooperate with the House Judiciary
	Committee investigation.

	"[Stick:] Videnieks also outlined
	specific punishments that I could expect to
	receive from the U.S. Department of
	Justice if I cooperate with the House
	Judiciary Committee's investigation.

	"[Stick #1:] One punishment that
	Videnieks outlined was the future inclusion
	of  me and my father in a criminal
	prosecution of certain business associates
	of mine in Orange County, California, in
	connection with the operation of a savings
	and loan institution in Orange County. By
	way of underscoring his power to influence
	such decisions at the U.S. Department of
	Justice, Videnieks informed me of the
	indictment of these business associates
	prior to the time when that indictment was
	unsealed and made public.

	"[Stick #2:] Another punishment
	that Videnieks threatened against me if I
	cooperate with the House Judiciary
	Commitee [sic] is prosecution by the U.S.
	Department of Justice for perjury.
	Videnieks warned me that credible
	witnesses would come forward to
	contradict any damaging claims that I
	made in testimony before the House
	Judiciary Committee, and that I would
	subsequently be prosecuted for perjury by
	the U.S. Department of Justice for my
	testimony before the House Judiciary

	2.  Secondly, there is the corruption of
congressional investigative bodies. "We tried in the early
90s to take the evidence to all the appropriate legislative
committees," Chuck Hayes told me. "We ended up with
egg all over our faces."  For how do you get members of
the House and Senate to investigate illegal drug-dealing,
arms-dealing, and money-laundering, when many of these
same people are on the take from drug dealers, arms
dealers, and money launderers?  Before this route would
work, you would have to first root out many of the same
corrupt members of congress.  One way to do this would
be to get them to resign, or to agree to not run for re-
election, by presenting them with evidence documenting
their corruption.  (You would also hope for, eventually, an
honest Justice Department, so these same legislators could
also be prosecuted.) Over the past year, a number of
Capitol Hill residents, not to mentioned state government
officials and corporate executives, were visited by a very
large man bearing a package containing 200 to 300 pages
of financial and other documentation.  They subsequently
resigned, usually "to spend more time with their families."

	3.  Finally, there is the general inattention of the
news media, and their unwillingness to do any serious
investigation on their own.  The media is often content to
relay the content of government handouts, or to get quotes
from each of two opposing sides.  To actually go on a
search for evidence and to subject it to hard analysis is
foreign to them.  The *New York Times*, for example, is not
that keen on pursuing corruption in the Clinton
administration. Nor has the media shown a great
propensity for independent analysis of the circumstances
involving the death of Ron Brown, the downing of TWA
800, or the political funding scandals associated with the
Lippo Group.

	The Fifth Column was organized in the matter of a
carefully thought-out intelligence operation.  There were
layers within layers.  But at heart the Fifth Column is
essentially a mobile computer, and the people who
program it, tend to it, and run it.  The computer is very
powerful, necessary to do the work of correlating data
from many sources.  The computer must remain mobile to
avoid detection and ransacking by corrupt FBI agents who
are themselves targets of the Fifth Column investigation.
Communication is handled by a variety of methods,
including use of an earth-to-satellite signal.

	Bill Clinton's political Gestapo has invested
considerable time and effort in an attempt to trace the
computer-carrying truck.  The Washington, D.C. office of
the FBI sent out two cars to Kentucky that were specially
equipped to vector in on a ground-to-satellite signal.
They ran into problems with the local wildlife, however,
including a bobcat who ripped out the interior and panel
wiring in one car.  (This bobcat is now alleged to be on
the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.)  On another occasion,
hearing that the truck was returning from Little Rock, the
Department of Transportation, along with the FBI and the
Secret Service, for a time stopped and searched every
truck leaving Arkansas on Interstate 40.  (Do you ever
wonder why truckers don't love the Feds?)  On a third
occasion, someone started a rumour that the truck was
traveling under the guise of Frito-Lay--with the
consequence that every truck departing the company was
stopped for inspection.  The only public representative of
the Fifth Column is Chuck Hayes himself.

	The pursuit of corruption is a deadly business. I
went to Kentucky and spent a week with Hayes, and his
last statement to me at the airport was:  "Watch yourself.
I don't want another Casolaro on my hands."  Danny
Casolaro was one of the few journalists Hayes respected.
Hayes and Casolaro had slowly developed a relationship,
and Hayes had become an important source of
information for Casolaro.  Hayes had tried to dissuade
Casolaro from going to his final, fatal rendevous. On
August 9, 1991, the last day of his life, Danny Casolaro
said he had arranged a meeting with Peter Videnieks and
Robert Altman to trade them some documents in which
they were interested for further documents regarding the
sale of the modified PROMIS software. Robert Altman
was a former attorney for Bert Lance who became
President of First American Bank after it was taken over
by BCCI.  Peter Videnieks was the Justice Department
official mentioned above in Riconosciuto's affidavit, as
well as a former Customs official who had cleared the
PROMIS software for export.  The meeting had been
arranged by a covert intelligence operative of the U.S.
Army Special Forces named Joseph Cuellar.

	A friend of Danny's had been keeping two sealed
envelopes.  According to a signed affidavit (which I will
call the "F Affidavit," for his protection), the friend says,
"On August 9, 1991, I delivered two packets of
documents that I had kept for Mr. Casolaro to him in
Martinsburg, W. Va. . . . Danny had told me that [the]
meeting had been arranged by Joseph Cuellar. That he
was to meet with someone from Sen. Byrds office and
from the I.R.S., plus Peter Videnieks and Robert Altman.
He was to exchange some documents that was to their
interest in order to get more info on Promis.  He had told
me that Altman only agreed after he was told papers
would be sent to Robert Morgenthau."

	Casolaro was found dead in Room 517 in the
Martinsburg Sheraton Inn about 12:30 the following day.
A person was seen leaving his room shortly before he was
found dead, but the FBI never interviewed the eyewitness,
nor showed her pictures of likely suspects.  They were in
a hurry to close the matter as one more "suicide" (much as
in the later case of Vince Foster).  Documentary evidence
also shows that Earl Brian, the person who marketed the
PROMIS software to intelligence agencies around the
world, was in Martinsburg that same day.  (Brian was
subsequently indicted for, and convicted of, financial
irregularities while he was head of three separate
companies:  Infotechnology, Financial News Network,
and United Press International.)

	When the Clinton administration came into office,
Attorney General Janet Reno appointed Webster Hubbell
to handle the Inslaw case, as well as questions concerning
Casolaro's death.  Hubbell's assistant on the entire matter
was Stephen Zipperstein, who was subsequently
appointed to a position in the U.S. Attorney's office in Los
Angeles, with a mandate to sit on the indictment of Earl
Brian.  (Brian was indicted by a grand jury in June 1994,
but the indictment was not made public until September
1995.)  That is, the Justice Dept. attorney appointed to
oversee the Inslaw case and the issue of Casolero's death,
was the same person appointed to protect Earl Brian--who
was a principal target of the Inslaw case, and very
possibly a member of the group that killed Danny
Casolero.  Hence the old equation:  "investigation" =

	At the time of his death, Casolaro had computer
printouts and documents he had received from a National
Security Agency (NSA) employee named Alan Standorf.
These included "wire transfers (copies) of monies paid to
Earl Brian and sent to shell companies in the Cayman
Islands and Switzerland that came from accounts held by
foreign agents and governments at the World Bank and
BCCI"  (*F Affidavit*).  Some of the documents received
from Standorf  "were classified Top Secret and some had
letters SCI [Sensitive Compartmented Intelligence]" (*F
Affidavit*). Some time after Casolaro's death, Alan
Standorf himself was found dead, having been stuffed into
the trunk of a car at the National Airport in Washington,

	No, I would say I didn't want another Casolaro on
anyone's hands any more than Hayes did.

		   (to be continued)

November 14, 1996
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Subject:  CN Press Release: (3) Orlin Grabbe versus Joseph Famularo (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 00:44:10 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: (3) Orlin Grabbe versus Joseph Famularo

	Orlin Grabbe Versus Joseph Famularo III

		 by J. Orlin Grabbe

	US Attorney Joseph Famularo now says he doesn't
know what went on at the bail hearing for Chuck Hayes in
London, KY, on Friday, Oct. 25.  After all, he sent his
assistant Martin Hatfield (606-864-5523) to ask questions
of FBI agent David Keller.  Famularo had more important
things to do.  Like prepare for Bill Clinton's visit to
Lexington.  Or play golf.

	Yes, Famularo says he did get Orlin Grabbe's
faxes.  But he didn't ask Martin Hatfield about them.
Hatfield is much too important for that.  Hatfield's even
more important than Janet Reno.  Hatfield is god.  If
Hatfield wants Famularo to know something, he'll tell him.
Otherwise Famularo had better mind his own business.

	Yes Famularo's name is on the grand jury
indictment for Chuck Hayes.  But he doesn't know
anything about that either.  After all, he had First Assistant
US Attorney Marianne What's-the-name sign that.  He
can't keep track of what Marianne does.  Marianne's been
out of control for a long time.

	Yes, Famularo does have that Criminal Complaint
(Case #96-6101M) signed by Special Agent of the FBI
David Keller, Complainant, and J.B. Johnson, Jr., Judicial
Officer.  That's why he sent Hatfield over.  Hatfield just
does whatever the FBI tells him to do.  The FBI gave him
a list of questions to ask.  That's fine, because the FBI
always tells the truth.  And they always get their man, like
at Waco and Ruby Ridge, and with Richard Jewell in the
Atlanta bombing.  Besides, David Keller has a nice ass.

	No, Joseph Famularo is not responsible for what
goes on in the US Attorney's office.  Usually he just lets
Wanda Roberts run things.  Or the janitor.  Or the janitor's
dog.  Famularo isn't responsible for any of the cases.  Or
for any of the questions asked in court.  Or for the quality
of the evidence.  Or for anything the FBI says or does.

	Yes, Joseph Famularo is kind of like Max
Headroom.  His mind is a blank slate, a tabula rasa.  He
sees nothing.  He hears nothing.  He knows nothing.
Except, of course, when it comes to the identity of Chuck
Hayes and Orlin Grabbe.  Famularo knows they are the
same person.  He's got the cash to prove it.

November 21, 1996
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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 79

The following is brought to you thanks, in part, to the kind
assistance of CyberNews and the fine folks at Cornell University.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 79
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



In CN 9.59 was posted info from a source "known to me not to be a
lightweight."  The  following  communique  comes  from  that same
source.  I don't know whether I'm free to reveal his name.  I can
give some insight on him by pointing to  a  video  of  a  lecture
given  by  retired  NYPD vice squad detective James Rothstein: in
that tape, Rothstein mentions that,  on  his way to Oklahoma City
to privately investigate the Murrah Building bombings, he stopped
in a certain city to pick up this person and bring him along.

Here is the  latest  info,  received  today,  12/7/96,  from  the
un-named source, henceforth (for future reference) given the code
name "Mr. Boderby."

 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

his departure, owing to Boy Bill [Clinton] using 5+ lines of coke
per day.

These options, among others, were  detailed to Boy Bill by Robert
Strauss (in an ashtray smashing meeting with  Boy  Bill)  and  by
Chuck Hayes in a more recent, more calm, meeting with Boy Bill at
a small airport in Kentucky.

First Option
1.   Easiest  and  best  for  Boy  Bill:  let wife be scandalized
(Whitewater  indicted)  as   indirect,  non-personal  reason  for
stepping down.

Second Option
2.  Direct personal  emergency  25th  Amendment  bi-partisan  and
medical  committee declaration of presidential unfitness owing to
5+ lines of personal cocaine use per day by Boy Bill.

Third Option
3.  Direct personal  responsibility  for *Mena*, Arkansas massive
cocaine  drug  importation  and  nationwide  distribution  during
governorship and continuing into presidency.

Detailed data of option 1 and general data concerning  options  2
and 3 (thru the first week of 96 *December*) follow:

Option  1  was  chosen  owing  to  a  desire to not too obviously
duplicate still-remembered USA  history.

Sufficient world powers agreed to eliminate Kennedy, therefore he
was assassinated; however it was too recently done to assassinate
Nixon,  therefore  it  was  agreed   for  Nixon  to  be  directly
personally scandalized out of office (Watergate).  Nixon was  too
recent  to  directly  personally  scandalize  Boy Bill, therefore
certain powers agreed to  eliminate  Boy  Bill by indirect family
(wife) scandalization.  The scandal being in major part financial
crimes (Whitewater).

The counter-strike, possibly death knell, to this Option 1 is the
96/Dec/3 decision to let convicted felon Charles Keating go scott
free on all convictions for all financial  crimes.   The  Keating
federal  and  state  financial  crimes  jury convictions were the
model, plan, precedent  for  wife's [Hillary's] planned financial
crimes indictment and  intended  jury  conviction  if  necessary.
However,  the following White House counter-strike has intervened
into planned Option 1:

1(a).  96/April, J. Reno  Dept.  of  Injustice sudden decision to
drop all lesser charges still pending  as  to  Keating  financial

1(b).   96/April,  J.  Reno Dept. of Injustice sudden urgent need
for a marathon 7-hour (183 pages)  deposition of Chuck Hayes on a
case well over 10 years old (Inslaw).  (There is a saying in  the
covert world: set the trap; then, *wait 6 months!*)

Note Dates:

(1)  96/Oct/3  (6 months later), Bond allowed for convicted felon
Keating (on all state and federal convictions).

(2) 96/Oct/3, Bond allowed "*in* *advance*" of any decision.

(3) 96/Oct/9, Signed but not  made public, grand jury indictments
of wife [Hillary] suddenly called back for urgent re-wording  and
re-signing;  the  Fifth Column's only public figure, Chuck Hayes,
involved in writing/re-writing wife indictments.

(4) Whether the re-writing  and re-signing allegedly completed by
96/Oct/18 ever will be made public or will be forever  suppressed
owing  to  the  amazing  co-incidental  timing  of the incredibly
corrupt Keating 96/Oct/3 bond and  96/Dec/3 decision made up from
reasoning scraped off the floor of a horse  barn  remains  to  be

(5)  96/Oct/22,  Chuck  Hayes  swooped  on,  false  arrested,  by
unchartered FBI SWAT team.

(6) 96/Oct/22, "No bond" written into false arrest warrant for an
alleged "*attempt*" to do something that never happened -- before
any  bond hearing.  Remarkably, Keating with multiple felony jury
convictions for crimes  fully  perpetrated  in separate state and
federal courts  was  given  bond  on  96/Oct/3  with  no  hearing

(7)  96/Oct/25,  Hayes  kangaroo  alleged  hearing  --  "No bond"

(8) 96/Oct/28, Wildly  inaccurate  "Hayes" alleged court findings
by J.B. Johnson  magistrate  judge  issued,  based  on  96/Oct/25
kangaroo hearing -- "No bond" is the order!!!

(9)  96/Nov/22,  Magistrate  Judge J.B. Johnson motion hearing --
"No bond" repeated, but  bond  matter  referred  in open court in
front of 50+ witnesses to federal Judge Barbara Coffman for  full
hearing.   Ironically, this is the very day Bob Strauss sponsored
and hosted leading Communist  Russian  General Aleksandr Lebed on
Lebed's first trip to the USA.

(10) 96/Nov/26, Barbara Coffman orders corrections  in  96/Oct/28
alleged findings owing to gross errors but "*without hearing*" on
specific  issue  of bond.  Barbara Coffman went out of her way to
announce, apparently  on  orders  from  "above,"  that  she is in
lockstep -- "No bond" -- and further, "no bond" hearing would  be
allowed  to  commence  despite  96 hours earlier J.B. Johnson had
announced in front of 50  witnesses  that a bond hearing would be
commenced in front of Barbara Coffman upon motion of Chuck Hayes,
which motion was filed on 96/Nov/22 for  96/Nov/26  hearing,  but
immediately denied out of hand without hearing by Barbara Coffman
on 96/Nov/26.

(11a) 96/Dec/3, Keating set free; decision based on alleged "jury
contamination."   That  is,  that the Keating scandal was so well
known and so well  publicized  that  the  jurors had heard of the
matter in advance of the trial (hearing  of  the  matter  somehow
equals  "contaminated"),  therefore, each and every conviction in
separate state and federal  courts  was thereby overturned by one
lower-level federal judge, Marianne Pfeizer, in one all-inclusive
mysterious decision.
    Most  probably  any  and  every  juror could be claimed to be
contaminated because it  could  be  claimed  that  any person has
heard of Keating and/or financial crimes such as Whitewater.
    Under this corrupt false decision, wife [Hillary] could never
be tried by any USA juror because any and every adult in our  USA
could be claimed to have heard of wife and Whitewater.

(11b)  96/Dec/2 had been date pre-set at the time of false arrest
to commence Chuck Hayes' jury trial on a false arrest in the last
week of Oct. (with no  discovery  and the alleged criminal charge
itself not provided to the false  arrest  victim  for  over  five
weeks after arrest.)

(12) Much of Chuck Hayes' efforts and the Fifth Column's perilous
and  life-threatening labors of many months have now been reduced
to ashes by one more female federal black-robed Hillary covencat,
Marianne Pfeizer, spellcasting onto the  men of the Fifth Column:
"Ashes, ashes, all fall down!!"

With regard to Option 2, amazingly coincidental with  the  timing
of  the  Option  1  defensive  White House counter-strike corrupt
Keating court decision  is  that  the  very  same day (96/Dec/3),
Fifth Column offensive Option 2 was put into play  on  nationwide
radio,  print,  lengthy  focused  coverage  by  major  TV, on Dr.
O'Toole and the bi-partisan joint medical committee set up in the
recent past to  deal  with  a  potential emergency 25th Amendment
problem  during  the  Nixon  administration  and  how  the   same
emergency  mechanism is now in place during this Boy Bill current

Unblessedly, a  counter-measure  to  a  25th  Amendment emergency
bi-partisan joint medical committee is an even greater war  power
emergency  such  as  a  plague, natural disaster, military action
inside or outside USA, triggering a martial law declaration.

The counter-measure being put into play to the #3 "*Mena*" option
is a re-hearing of the  Noriega  appeal  and a re-trial, with the
plan being that  coverage  of  that  situation  focusing  on  the
Bush/Ollie  crack cocaine (San Jose Mercury) epidemic would dwarf
any Mena exposure.

Another recent remarkable "*Mena*" co-incidence as to Noriega and
Option 3, for over  200  years  every foreign extradition type of
case was held in D.C. federal circuit.  The Noriega case was held
in the Janet Reno origin and controlled  Miami  court,  also  the
jurisdiction  of  Homestead  Air  Force base (Florida), where USA
pentagramagon    joint    chief's    boss,    Communist   General
Shalikashvilli's underling Air Force generals  (such  as  General
Cherry,  now in Kentucky) and Jeb Bush met the dope-laden USA Air
Force planes coming in from Panama.

With   the   unconstitutional   and   improper   Reno   Dept.  of
Injustice-arranged Florida venue Noriega trial, one might  expect
an  improper  Florida  appeal,  or  if  any  effort  at  a  false
appearance of proper procedure were made, one might expect a D.C.

Under  our  current  Dept.  of  Injustice,  however, the case was
recently assigned to the  fixed  venue  that corruptly covered up
the $5 billion agricultural credits from George Bush  to  Clayton
Yeuter (US Dept. of Ag.) to BNL (Banco Nacional de Lavoro, Italy)
to  Matrix  Churchill (London) to weapons for Saddam Hussein used
to kill Americans and Arabs in  the  Gulf War. The BNL case, that
was only recently completed with records hidden, is known as  the
BNL/Atlanta  case  owing  to the BNL/Atlanta branch being used in
part to transfer $5 billion in Agricultural credits into arms for
our USA pentagramagon  imposter  usurper  generals, admirals, and
other merchants of death.

It is to this same internationally corrupt fixed venue,  Atlanta,
that the Noriega re-hearing, without any constitutional reason in
fact or law, has been recently mysteriously assigned.

A  gory  irony  to  all  of  these machinations is that the chief
beneficiaries  of   an   upcoming   absent   Boy   Bill  are  the
principalities and powers behind  Shalikashvilli,  Lebed,  Armand
Hammer  and  Sickle,  Bob  Strauss,  and  their chief anti-Christ
Communist asset in place, Al Gore.

Our Father in  Heaven,  to  whom  we  prayed this Thanksgiving in
order to give thanks for our great  nation,  needs  to  hear  our
continuing  prayers  until our nation is safe from *enemies* both
foreign and *DOMESTIC*.

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       of Conspiracy Nation, nor of its Editor in Chief.
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Thanks to all paid subscribers, without whose
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	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 94
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")



   You may not understand all this.  *I* certainly don't.  If you
are a  newcomer  to  reading  Conspiracy  Nation  (CN),  you will
probably be even moreso in the dark.  What follows are  lines  of
inquiry,  "loose  threads,"  in  a developing story.  For further
background,  readers  are   referred   to   the  CN  archives  at
ftp.shout.net in sub-directory pub/users/bigred and to  Professor
J.  Orlin  Grabbe's archives.  See especially the Grabbe material
available at http://www.shout.net/~bigred/cn.html

More background to this story will be provided soon in CN.

Loose Thread #1
   On    November    11,     1996,    The    Washington    Weekly
(http://www.federal.com) published a story, based on  a  recently
declassified  National  Security  Agency  (NSA)  document, "Vince
Foster Involved in NSA Computer Espionage Issues."  It reports on
a May 1993 meeting involving Bernard  Nussbaum,  Vincent  Foster,
Webster  Hubbell,  John  Rogovin,  and Supreme Court Justice John
Paul Stevens.  The secret  meeting  was held at NSA headquarters.
The presence of Foster at the meeting, in  which  cryptology  and
intelligence  gathering were the topics, shows that Foster was on
the inside  of  top  secret  NSA  intelligence discussions.  Yet,
according to the article from the Washington  Weekly,  the  White
House has tried to conceal Foster's ties to NSA.
   Then, by November 18, 1996, The Washington Weekly had obtained
an  additional  540  pages of documents from NSA in response to a
Freedom  of  Information  Act  (FOIA)  request.   The information
showed that the U.S. Embassy in London had been highly interested
in stories, regarding the by now  deceased  Vince  Foster,  being
reported  in  British  newspapers.  The embassy was sending their
then-secret reports to, among several U.S. agencies, the National
Security Agency.
   In "Plot to  Spy  on  Banks  Outlined  in  White House Email,"
Professor Grabbe includes a document declassified by the National
Archives on August 22, 1994.  In that document, a memo from David
Wigg to Oliver North,  North's  connection  to  the  tracking  of
"financial  flows...  through  the 400 or so principal banks that
make up the interbank market"  is  pointed to.  In other words, a
plan to spy on banks was in the works.
   Oliver North as moneyman is  also  shown in an article by Gene
Tatum, "A CIA Funding Operation."  (See CN 9.93) In that  report,
Tatum claims that "North delivered $4 billion in U.S. currency to
Iran.   Iran gave North $8 billion in super bills in exchange for
the $4 billion in good  U.S.  currency.  North then delivered the
$8 billion in super bills back to the Banco Nacional de Panama."

Loose Thread #2
   In CN 9.90, I mentioned  that  I had been contacted by someone
who urged a prompt  meeting  at  the Indiana border.  This person
has been previously-mentioned in CN:  "Mr. Boderby" (not his real
name.)  Working to facilitate the meeting was  "Mr.  Royce"  (not
his  real name; see my interview of Joseph Andreuccetti, archived
at the prairienet site,  for  mention  of  "Mr. Royce," who dined
with myself, Sherman  Skolnick,  and  Joseph  Andreuccetti  at  a
restaurant  in  Calumet  City,  Illinois,  in April of 1995.  The
relevant  material   is   accessed   as   follows:    (a)  telnet
prairienet.org (b) logon as "visitor" (c) "go citcom" (d) look in
the Whitewater sub-menu for "The Andreuccetti Affair.")

Loose Thread #3
   This past week I received via  U.S. mail a document, from "Mr.
Boderby," purporting to be an article written by J. Orlin Grabbe,
"The FBI Conspiracy Against Chuck Hayes."   *If*  Grabbe  is  the
actual  author,  the former Wharton professor is saying that "The
highest levels of the FBI are engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct
justice  by  denying  Charles   S.   Hayes  the  right  to  legal
representation,  by  denying  him  the  right  to  any  discovery
materials, and by  denying  him  the  opportunity  to  prepare  a
defense."  Hayes is supposedly a deep-level former and/or current
intelligence operative who has been acting as a renegade, working
against  government  corruption  and without the blessing of that
same government.  Regardless  of  unsavoury connections, Hayes is
entitled to  the  same  due  process  protections  as  any  other
citizen.   Or  can  the  government  now just deny due process to
whomever it wishes, then ameliorate the outrage by merely leaking
that, "It's O.K. This guy was with the CIA?"
   In the document sent to me by "Boderby" and apparently written
by Grabbe, we learn that as of November 22, 1996, Chuck Hayes has
as his legal representative a man named Jim  Vassilos.   I  can't
give the specifics of the connection, but Vassilos *is* connected
to "Mr. Boderby."  Another loose thread is Vassilos's  connection
to  ex-NYPD Vice Squad Detective James Rothstein.  In a videotape
of a lecture by Rothstein,  he mentions that Vassilos accompanied
him on a trip he made to Oklahoma City with purpose of  privately
investigating the April 19, 1995 bombings at the Murrah Building.

Loose Thread #4
   In  a conversation today (Jan. 5, 1997) with Sherman Skolnick,
the  Chicago   investigator   voiced   suspicion  of  alternative
journalists who suddenly "popped up from nowhere" around the time
of the Oklahoma City bombings.  This was in response  to  my  own
question  as  to  Skolnick's  assertion  that  the  controversial
Hayes/Norman/Grabbe "Angel of Death" story is just a melodramatic
embellishment  of Skolnick's previous material.  Skolnick says he
has no private vendetta against  either Grabbe, Norman, or Hayes,
but that their embellishment of his story is  subtly  misleading.
Regarding  Mr. Norman, Skolnick thinks that he was a "babe in the
woods" in espionage  matters  when  he  was  taken  in by Hayes's
manipulation.   Regarding  Grabbe,  Skolnick  puts  him  in   the
category of those who "popped up from nowhere" around the time of
the  OKC  bombings.  Did Grabbe suddenly appear on Internet right
about that time?  I don't recall.
   Professor Grabbe will perhaps respond by hinting, as he has to
me in the past, that Skolnick is somehow connected to the Mossad.
Anticipating this reaction,  I  asked  Mr.  Skolnick how he would
respond to that.  Skolnick pointed out that, just because he is a
traditional Jew, that doesn't necessarily  mean  he  is  involved
with  the  Mossad.   He further pointed out that, in the past, he
has been a leading critic of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and
that as far back as 1970 he had identified ADL as a spy operation
with links to the FBI.  For  its part, according to Skolnick, ADL
contends that the Chicago underground journalist  is  a  renegade
Jew out to damage Israel.   ADL  has  even  tried  to  block  his
popular cable television program, says Skolnick.  My own thinking
on  this  is  that  to  label  Mr.  Skolnick as involved with the
Mossad, based only on the  fact  that  he is Jewish, is something
unworthy of a keen intellect such as Grabbe's.
   The "embellishment" of  Skolnick's  material  is summarized by
him as follows.  James Norman had been calling Skolnick from time
to  time.   Among  Norman's  questions  were  inquiries   as   to
Skolnick's  "BCCI  bribe  list"  story.   Norman reportedly asked
Skolnick, in relation to his publication on Internet of the names
of 22 U.S. Senators allegedly involved, "You've got  a  story  on
the BCCI bribe list with *22* names?  Where are the other names?"
Skolnick  says  he had published an incomplete list of names as a
way to test Norman  and  others.   Norman reportedly read some of
the remaining names.  Skolnick's complete  list  of  names  *had*
been faxed to The Spotlight in 1991 but Spotlight did not publish
the  actual  list  of  names,  just the general story itself.  It
seems likely that part  of  the  actual  list  found its way from
there into Norman's hands.
   How  is  the Norman/Grabbe/Hayes "embellishment" of Skolnick's
story  misleading?   One  thing said to be wrong is the assertion
that Hayes and the "Fifth  Column"  did not keep the appropriated
money for itself, but rather turned it over to  a  U.S.  Treasury
holding  account.   In  an interview I had with retired detective
Rothstein, he also expressed skepticism  about that aspect of the
story.  Mr. Skolnick's sources contend that  no  such  money  was
transferred   to   a   Treasury   holding   account.    But  more
fundamentally, the  story  is  partly  wrong  in  that it diverts
attention from the  Bank  of  England  and  from  Cayman  Islands
financial nuclei and focuses on Swiss banks.  The BCCI bribe list
was reportedly accidentally made available to the public  for  30
days  (until the mistake of making the list public was rectified)
at the Bank  of  England.   *This*,  says  Skolnick,  is the real
story; that U.S. Congresspersons had been  bought  off  by  BCCI,
with  many  trails of that corruption leading to *London*.  It is
widely known that BCCI *did* in fact spread its money around with
said purpose.  The  widespread  retirements  by U.S. Senators and
Representatives, with so many saying they have decided they  want
to  "spend  more  time with their families," may have been due to
pressure from news  outlets  knowledgeable  about  the said "BCCI
bribe list."  It appears *that* possibility of imminent  exposure
by  news  outlets, and not a masked "Lone Ranger" (Hayes) and his
helper "Tonto" (Norman), is the real  cause of the recent wave of
retirements in Washington, D.C.
   Mr. Skolnick says that persons wanting  to  subtly  twist  his
stories to their own purposes is not new to  him.   When  he  had
begun  reporting  his  stories  on  Bill Clinton's trip to Moscow
during his student days,  Skolnick  perceived pressure from Media
Bypass Magazine to play up the angle of "Clinton is a communist."
However Skolnick would not do so, since his view  has  been  that
Clinton's trip to Moscow was at the behest of the CIA.

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       of Conspiracy Nation, nor of its Editor in Chief.
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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 95

Thanks to all paid subscribers, without whose
support this effort would not be possible.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 95
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


		 By "Mr. Mercedes" (Pseudonym)

When James Norman  wrote  the  Forbes  1/31/95 cover story, "Oil,
Guns & Greed" where he had worked for five years and was a Senior
Editor at a $100,000 year salary.  The focus of this cover  story
was  Carlos Cardoen, a Chilean arms merchant who sold hundreds of
millions of dollars worth of  cluster  bombs and other weapons to
Iraq, while using Chase Manhattan Bank to finance  his  operation
through  "set  up"  oil  trades and with the full cooperation and
knowledge of DCI [Director  of  Central Intelligence] Bill Gates.
He probably had no idea where it would lead  and  that  6  months
later  he  would  be  abruptly fired on 8/16 and less than a week
after I told him  in  person  that  he  should expect to be fired
quite soon because of what he had written outside of  Forbes  and
because of what he was continuing to investigate.

The  Cardoen  story led Norman to Harry Wechsler, Pres. of Boston
Systematics and, purportedly,  a  former  CIA and/or Mossad agent
who has also been selling Inslaw's bootlegged and bugged enhanced
PROMIS software around the world.  Wechsler was also a key person
involved in pulling off the October Surprise  for  the  Israelis,
according  to  Lt.  Commander  Alexander  Martin  (Ret.), who was
involved in many 1980s covert  ops  as an aide to General Richard
Secord (Ret.), and is now assisting with  the  investigations  of
the  House  Whitewater Committee.  Wechsler's daughter, Dana, has
been a senior editor  at  Forbes  for  6-7  years, a CIA contract
employee, and both have been sources for James Norman.   The  big
question  is,  did  they feed Norman disinformation to direct him
away from Wechsler's key role in  the illegal sale of PROMIS from
his subsidiary company, Israeli Systematics.

This article led Norman into [investigating] government  software
theft  and  espionage,  covert  activities  of computerized money
laundering and drugs  and  arms  dealing,  interweaving a cast of
characters, government  agencies  and  companies  which  include:
Inslaw,  the  CIA,  NSA,  Mossad,  Vince Foster, Webster Hubbell,
Robert   Maxwell,   Arkansas    billionaire   Jackson   Stephens,
Systematics (Jackson Stephens-owned company and now  merged  into
Alltel  with Stephen's 8 percent interest), numerous secret Swiss
bank accounts, which  lead  right  up  to  and  included Bill and
Hillary Clinton, and former Presidents Reagan and Bush, all  sown
together  with  a  thread  called PROMIS (Prosecutor's Management
Information Systems) software.

The intent of  this  report  is  to  present  evidence and leads,
without pre-conceived notions or hidden agendas, which should  be
objectively  investigated and reported by unbiased journalists in
order to  honestly  verify  or  refute  the  information of James
Norman and others.  This document doesn't presume to be the final
word, but it is an attempt  to  lay  out  possible  evidence  and
people within the Clinton administration, Park Police, Department
of Justice, [which] Kenneth Starr's investigations and the Senate
and House Whitewater/Foster hearings should be investigating.

One  of the most invisible and invincible central figures in this
cast is Jackson Stephens.   He  has  been  a major contributor to
Bush, loaned the Clinton Election Committee a critical $2 million
from  his  family's  Worthen  Bank  (Stephens  recently  had   it
purchased by the larger Boatsman Bank of St. Louis, thus ending a
Federal  Reserve  investigation),  and is now, of all things, the
Finance Chairman for Bob  Dole.   Stephens  is  an investor in or
owner of numerous companies such as Beverly Enterprises (a  major
national  nursing  home  chain  and  one of Earl Brian's numerous
companies; Earl Brian, another central figure, will be  described
later), and two Arkansas newspapers, the Northwest Arkansas Times
and  the  Morning  News  of  Northwest Arkansas.  He was also the
original front man for BCCI  in  the  late 1970s when he tried to
get them (M. Potts, N. Kochan &  R.  Whittington,  "Dirty  Money:
The  Inside  Story  of BCCI" and John Beaty "Outlaw Bank:  BCCI")
into the U.S. through the purchase of First American (Wall Street
Journal  article,  8/7/95,  "Who  is  Dan  Lasater,"  Wall Street
Journal 2-page profile article, ?/?/93, and Monetary  &  Economic
Review  6/92  article,  "Clinton Selected to be Next President"),
prior to Clark Clifford and Roger Altman getting involved through
First American Bank.

Despite Mike  Wallace's  "60  Minutes"  10/18  shoddy and slanted
hatch-job  report  on  journalist  Christopher  Ruddy  and   Lisa
Foster's  New Yorker 9/11/95 "conspiracy rebuttal" article, a big
mystery still remains as to whether  or  not all or some of these
elements and inter-related people  came  together  to  cause  the
death of Vince Foster.  As Chicago investigative reporter Sherman
Skolnick   states,  Lisa  Foster's  "cover-up"  story  should  be
seriously questioned.  In his  9/11/95 "The Money Trail" release,
Skolnick reports that Lisa Foster received $285,000 just  4  days
prior  to  Vince  Foster's  death  from  bank heir Richard Mellon
Scaife,  who  passed  it  through  Sheila  Foster  Anthony (Vince
Foster's sister and former  Congressman  Beryl  Anthony's  wife).
Furthermore,  it just so happens that Sheila Foster Anthony is in
a very important Department of  Justice section which is involved
in appointments of  Federal  Judges,  U.S.  Attorneys,  and  U.S.
Marshalls.   Also,  Richard  Mellon  Scaife  is  facing  possible
prosecution  on  alleged  federal  banking regulations violations
(Sarah McClendon's Washington Report, 9/5/95).

Additionally, when  Lisa  Foster  was  questioned  by  the FBI on
5/1/94, she raised doubts about Vince Foster's so-called "suicide
note."  She stated that Vince Foster had written it on  or  about
7/11/93  and they were his talking points for a scheduled meeting
on 7/22/93  with  the  President  and  an  upcoming Congressional
hearing, neither of which Vince Foster kept since he was  already
conveniently  dead  on  7/20.   Additionally  that so-called last
"relaxation weekend" at  major  Clinton and Democratic fundraiser
Nathan Landau's shore estate with Webster Hubbell and others  was
a  "damage control" session, bugged by the CIA, for the impending
scandal  described  below  in   which   Vince  Foster  was  under
investigation for espionage.

Besides all the forensic and crime scene  discrepancies  and  the
apparent  "cover-up" by the White House personnel's inappropriate
actions after Foster's death, there was a significant discrepancy
with the gun Vince  Foster  supposedly  shot himself with and the
"silver colored gun" which Lisa Foster also  told  the  FBI  that
Vince  had brought with him from Arkansas.  (Mike Blair's "Foster
Gun, Note Questions"  Spotlight  8/21/95).   If  Vince Foster was
shot with the "silver colored gun" which was found  in  the  park
near  his body, why did Lisa Foster find another gun in its place
on the very night after  his  death?  And finally, in addition to
all the other mysterious evidence found on or  around  his  body,
why  did  ballistics and forensics experts find that Vince Foster
was shot by a turn-of-the-century Colt .38 caliber Army revolver?

James Norman completed his Vince Foster story for Forbes in April
of 1995 and it was ready  for publication in the May issue, after
being thoroughly checked and edited, but [it]  was  pulled  after
receiving   an  April  25  letter  from  the  White  House  Press
Secretary, Michael McCurry.  Norman  was then given permission to
have his article published  by  another  magazine  (Media  Bypass
Magazine,   8/95,   "Fostergate")   if  he  withheld  his  Forbes
affiliation.  He  has  just  come  out  with  a followup article,
"Fostergate II" in the 10/95 [Media Bypass] issue.  Norman claims
he was fired for  continuing  to  investigate  the  Vince  Foster
story,  which  led  back  to Forbes' Chairman Emeritus and former
Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger.  Forbes' media relations
person, Ray Healy, claimed  that  "James Norman resigned and that
he was a good journalist and they would miss him," but because of
their editorial policy he would not comment on  anything  written
outside of Forbes.

In  the  process  of investigating the Vince Foster story, Norman
came into  contact  with  Charles  "Chuck"  Hayes,  purportedly a
former CIA  agent  with  S1  clearance  (highest  level)  with  a
codename  of  "Running Fox."  In my interview with him, he claims
to have been involved in the CIA's Cuba covert ops to run weapons
into Castro to overthrow  Pres.   Batista.   Hayes stated that he
knew George Bush as the CIA's paymaster as far back as 1958,  all
of  which  he  [Bush]  denies  (see [J. Edgar] Hoover 1963 letter
which refers to Bush of CIA).  On one occasion, he [Hayes] claims
to have put a gun into  Bush's  mouth  in order to get him to pay
up.  [CN:  Bush reportedly leaked in his pants  at  that  point.]
While  serving  in  Vietnam in covert ops, Hayes disobeyed orders
and flew his jet fighter  into  Hanoi  and took out a SAM missile
storage depot.  On a Mena, Arkansas arms flight to  the  Contras,
he discovered coke [cocaine] stored in the belly of his plane and
dumped  it  on  the  awaiting  covert  team  at the airport while
avoiding being shot down by them.

		  [...to be continued...]

       Views expressed do not necessarily  reflect  those
       of Conspiracy Nation, nor of its Editor in Chief.
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Thanks to all paid subscribers, without whose
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	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 96
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


		 By "Mr. Mercedes" (Pseudonym)


Recently, he [Chuck  Hayes]  settled  a  suit with the Government
over buying used government  computers  with  sensitive  software
(maybe  even  PROMIS), wherein they paid him around $200,000 just
to keep  him  quiet.   Supposedly,  Chuck  Hayes  was  one of the
founders of the CIA's Division D which  developed  and  used  new
spying  techniques  of  electronic bugging for the last 15 years.
He is also supposed to be  part  of this group of contractors for
the CIA called the Fifth Column.  Back in August '95, Hayes  also
assisted  the Meadows family by investigating their claim against
the Mellon bank and coming  up with internal bank documents which
were presented in a Pittsburgh court.  Several Internet J.  Orlin
Grabbe  reports  over the last few months appear to have a lot of
input from Chuck Hayes,  especially  Part  28  ["NSA,  Banks  and
Foster," see http://www.shout.net/~bigred/cn.html for details] on
our  missile  defense network and the latest one from 10/15, Part
29, which describes much  of  the money laundering activities and
covert ops of the 1980s.  I'm  sure  the  Intelligence  Agencies,
Pentagon,  Congress  and  the  Clinton Administration are eagerly
awaiting -- not!  -- the next amazing revelations in Part 30, 31,
32, etc., that is if Chuck Hayes isn't "taken out" first for just
one too many revelations.

Other  sources  for  James  Norman's  story  and/or  this  report
include:    Jimmy   Rothstein   (the   subject  of  former  Daily
News/Village Voice reporter Bill  Sherman's book, "Times Square,"
recounting his years as a former NYPD Vice cop who was forced  to
retire  because  he  got  too  close  to  the  "big boys" and has
assisted with  the  U.S.  Customs'  Inslaw  investigation), Cheri
Seymour (author and investigative  journalist;  Spotlight  4-part
series  3/3/95),  and  Michael  Riconosciuto  (recruited into CIA
after graduating from Stanford  University  at  the age of 17 and
involved in numerous CIA ops, including arms  dealing  operations
with  Iran  and  a  meth  amphetamine  lab  on the Cabazon Indian
Reservation in Yuma, Arizona,  and  now  serving 32 years in Fed.
Prison on a "set up" drug bust.)

Many government officials  and  journalists  have  attempted  and
mostly  succeeded  in  their  campaign  to  wrongfully  discredit
Riconosciuto  as  they  have  done  with  so many other important
witnesses, either  for  ulterior  motives  or  because they never
bothered to check him out personally and  just  relied  on  other
people's  rumors  and  written  dis-  or  misinformation.   Jimmy
Rothstein  and  Cheri  Seymour  are the only people to personally
investigate and  confirm  Riconosciuto's  involvement in numerous
CIA covert ops at Yuma Proving Grounds, in Lebanon and  elsewhere
around  the  world.   Rothstein  discovered that Riconosciuto and
associates  were  arrested  near  Yuma by a highway patrolman for
having a Stinger  missile  in  their  car for which then-Attorney
General Edward Meese had to personally call to get them  released
and  arrest  record destroyed.  (James Rothstein letter to Brooks
Committee which never brought out  this information in the Inslaw

Additional  sources  also   include:    John   Belton   (Canadian
businessman  whose  company  he worked for was ripped off for $50
million  by  Earl  Brian  (author  of  5-page  report  in  Elliot
Richardson's addendum rebuttal to Bua's report), Miguel Rodriguez
(former Kenneth Starr investigator who resigned under protest and
claimed there was a  cover-up), Ari Ben-Menashe (Israeli involved
in  October  Surprise),  Richard  Babayan  (Iranian  involved  in
October Surprise), Bob Bickel (undercover Customs investigator in
the  1980s),  Gene  Wheaton  (former  investigator  with  Special
Prosecutor Walsh on Iran-Contra,  investigator  for  families  on
Gander plane crash), Juval Aviv (former Mossad agent, head of his
own Private Investigating firm, Interfor, consultant on terrorism
to  "60  Minutes"  and  ABC  News  who  has  been hit with a U.S.
government "harassment" criminal perjury action on his claim that
rogue CIA agents caused the Pan  Am Flight 103 crash), as well as
a number of unnamed sources within the  government,  intelligence
community, computer experts, and other investigative journalists,
such as Sherman Skolnick (newsletters "Secret Report Links Foster
to  Pollard" and "The Money Trail"), Virginia McCullough (sued by
Chief of Cabazon  Indians  for  libel  over  her statements about
CIA's covert ops on Reservation, but was paid off to "shut  up"),
and  Danny  Casolaro  (died  under mysterious circumstances while
working on his book "The  Octopus"  about Inslaw and former Dept.
of Justice Attorney Mike Abbel, but whose extensive  notes  speak
to us from beyond the grave).

Purportedly,  under  this  CIA/NSA  group  of  "Division  D," the
government  has  been  illegally  mass  producing  software  from
various companies like Microsoft.   The government antitrust suit
against Microsoft is a pressure tactic against  Microsoft  in  an
attempt  to  counteract claims for non-payment on massive amounts
of  bugged  and   bootlegged   software.   When  Martin  Marrieta
purchased GE Aerospace, the CIA operation was  moved  to  another
one   of   their  facilities.   It  has  been  reported  that  $8
billion/year in pirated software is  sold around the world out of
a total $17 billion/year (New York Times 8/24/95, Financial Times
of London 8/19/95, and the New York Post 8/22/95).

This computer operation is in addition  to  the  CIA's  purported
ongoing  and  extensive operations of smuggling and selling drugs
and arms, which  help  to  fund  other  covert  ops through these
illegal  activities.   Some  of  these  CIA  ops  include:    Air
America's  Viet  Nam  smuggling  (Jonathan  Kwitney's  "Crimes of
Patriots" and Bo Gritz's  "Nation  Betrayed" video and book about
Golden Triangle war lord Khun Sa and Richard Armitage), Columbian
Cartel/Iran-Contras/Mena airport smuggling,  and  Lebanon's  Baca
Valley  heroin smuggling, which may have been the real reason for
the  Pan  Am  103  crash  (Joel  Bainerman's,  "The  Crimes  of a
President:   Conspiracy  and  Cover-up   in   Bush   and   Reagan
Administration," Lester Coleman's, "On the Trail of the Octopus,"
and BBC-aired documentary, "The Maltese Double Cross"), also Iraq
(Alan  Friedman's "Spider's Web"), Iran, Afghanistan, El Salvador
and Nicaraguan, etc., secret  arms  sales ops are more dangerous,
not to mention the enormous human suffering and deaths they  have

Keep   in  mind  that  there  have  been  numerous  movies  ("Air
America"), books (T. Ross and D. Wise's 1964 book, "The Invisible
Government" and John  Prados  "Presidents  Secret  Wars:  CIA and
Pentagon Covert Ops") and articles (Wall Street  Journal,  Covert
Action  Quarterly,  Penthouse,  and Spotlight) by or about former
CIA agents and military involved in these illegal Agency-approved
operations.  Some of  these  include  the  Nugan Hand Bank (Penny
Lernoux's Penthouse article  and  book,  "Blood  Money,")  Oliver
North, former-Director of Central Intelligence Bill Casey, former
CIA  agent  Ted  Shackley  ("Blonde  Ghost"  by David Korn), Gary
Sick's "October Surprise,"  Bob  Parry's  "Trick or Treason," Ari
Ben-Menashe's  "Profits  of  War,"  Rodney  Stich's   "Defrauding
America,"  and  former  Houston Post reporter Pete Brewton's "The
Mafia,  the  CIA,  and  George  Bush,"  Peter  Dale  Scott's "War
Conspiracy" and "Cocaine Politics," Linda Hunt's "Secret Agenda,"
and former DEA agents  Celerino  Castillo's  "Powder  Burns"  and
Michael  Levine's  "The Big White Lie," CIA agent and arms dealer
to  Libya  Edwin  P.  Wilson  (Joseph  C.  Goulden's  "The  Death
Merchant,") DEA informant and  drug  and arms smuggler Barry Seal
(HBO movie, Roger Morris and Sally Denton 7/95 Penthouse  "Crimes
of   Mena,"   Terry  Reed's  and  John  Cummings's  "Compromised:
Clinton, Bush and the CIA"), etc.

		  [...to be continued...]

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       of Conspiracy Nation, nor of its Editor in Chief.
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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 97

Thanks to all paid subscribers, without whose
support this effort would not be possible.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 97
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


		 By "Mr. Mercedes" (Pseudonym)


By the way, the Washington Post supposedly paid many thousands of
dollars to Roger Morris and Sally Denton for their story on Mena,
but after 11 weeks  of  delays  they  pulled it because they felt
they were getting jacked around and got Bob Guccione  to  publish
it  in Penthouse 7/95.  Also, Terry Reed has a book coming out on
Barry Seal/Mena, Arkansas.  Another  book project now underway is
the story of the CIA's drug op in New  York  with  NYPD  cop  and
"made man" "Big Al" Carone, former Colonel in Army Intel.  Carone
was the "bagman" for NYPD, friend of DCI Bill Casey, and "banker"
for the CIA's drugs op from 1946-80 (died of  "CIA  flu"),  along
with other "bagmen" associates, Russell Herman (also died of "CIA
flu")  and  "fixer/briber"  Al  Hobert  and NYPD "dirty" cop Gene
Howard who were all "on the take."

Two more CIA drug  smuggling  ops  reports  were broadcast on TV.
One program was done  by  Mike  Wallace  of  "60  Minutes"  which
re-broadcast  his  2-year-old report on 9/3/95 about a Venezuelan
Cartel/CIA   supposed   cocaine    smuggling   sting   operation.
Unfortunately, this CIA op allowed many millions  of  dollars  of
powder  to  hit  the  streets  of  America,  without ever busting
anyone.  The other one was  a  British  TV Ch. 4 broadcast of the
suppressed "The Maltese Doublecross" documentary on Pan Am  103's
heroin smuggling operation which presented witnesses and evidence
which  showed  that  this may very well have been the real reason
for the bomb explosion which killed all passengers on board.

As for the CIA/NSA computer operation, it would appear that it is
relatively new and  extremely  lucrative.   Estimates of just how
profitable this operation is range into the hundreds of  millions
of  dollars, which goes to funding "off the books" Black Ops, now
that Congress, with only  a  slightly  higher degree of scrutiny,
has cut back on their funding.

James Norman, Bill Hamilton and many others  state  that  in  the
early  1980s  the  government expropriated Inslaw's revolutionary
and proprietary PROMIS software  after  Bill Hamilton had created
an advanced version of  PROMIS  which  was  originally  developed
while he was at the NSA.  It was based on computer aided software
engineering technologies which used software to create and modify
software,  thus  enabling PROMIS to be modified to a multitude of
applications   because   of    its   inherent   versatility   and
adaptability.  The government realized its numerous  applications
such  as  applying  it  to  the  secret  purpose of tracking down
terrorist money in international banking.

The CIA, with operatives such  as  Oliver North and Ted Shackley,
purportedly used this very "adaptable" PROMIS  to  create  secret
bank  accounts  through  "computerized  money laundering" for the
purpose of financing  CIA  covert  ops,  such  as Iran-Contra and
Iraqgate.  This led to another application, wherein  the  NSA/CIA
used  it  to  create a compromised universal banking system which
could be secretly accessed by  their bugged software, sold by NSA
"front companies"  to  unsuspecting  banks,  which  allowed  them
[NSA/CIA] to access secret accounts anywhere around the world.

Additionally,  specially  designed  NSA chips have been placed in
computers, along with Inslaw's stolen PROMIS Plus, which are then
sold through these  NSA  "front  companies," such as Systematics,
Boston Systematics, Hadron and Israeli  Systematics  and  agents,
such  as  Robert  Maxwell, to strategic and highly sensitive ally
and enemy customers  alike.   (Related  articles  and info:  Time
8/19/95 "Onward Cyber Soldier," New  York  Times  8/19  "Citibank
Fraud  Case Raises Computer Questions," Wall Street Journal's and
Wang  Laboratories'  John  A.  Dean  3/3/95  letter  to  DCI John

Purportedly, these bugged computers are set up to transmit  their
sensitive  information within by data bursts up to low-flying NSA
satellites.   Inslaw  and  their   Atlanta  law  firm,  with  the
assistance of attorney Eliott Richardson (Pres.   Nixon's  former
Attorney  General  who  resigned  in protest over Watergate), are
preparing to go back into the Court of Federal Claims in December
'95 after a  more  than  10-year  battle  to seek a multi-hundred
million dollar judgement for non-payment of royalties.  A  number
of  knowledgeable people state that if PROMIS's advanced software
was  stolen  and  used   since   the  early  1980s  for  numerous
applications such as in our  nuclear  subs  and  nuclear  missile
defense system, Inslaw should be owed in excess of half a billion

Some politicians  and  journalists  privately,  with  only  a few
publicly, have supported Inslaw's position  that  the  government
stole  their  PROMIS software, but almost all have been unwilling
to really investigate and go public with the real facts.  Seymour
Hersh, one of a few to attempt to get the whole Inslaw story out,
recently researched and  proposed  an  article  for  the New York
Times  Magazine,  Vanity  Fair,   and   Atlantic   Monthly,   but
unfortunately they all passed.

Even  a House investigation and retired Federal Judge Nicholas J.
Bua's grand jury 1993 investigation  in Chicago didn't get to the
bottom of  this  government  scandal,  possibly  because  of  the
magnitude  of the situation.  Attorney General Barr appointed Bua
as a Special Counsel,  but  he  was really a "dependent counsel."
Even though Chuck Hayes, who secured many of the witnesses  (such
as  Ari Ben-Menashe) did testify, Michael Riconosciuto along with
many [other] witnesses didn't in person or at all.  The Judge was
sued  for  not  conducting  a  proper  investigation  by  Chicago
investigative   journalist    Sherman    Skolnick   and   Michael
Riconosciuto.  Bua submitted a "whitewashed" report  to  Attorney
General  Reno,  who  turned  it  over  to the White House who did
nothing... except send Inslaw information in a secure envelope to
Vince Foster shortly before his death.

Debra  Gorham,  former  secretary  to  Vince  Foster  and William
Kennedy,  her  prior  boss,  secretly  testified  before   Senate
Whitewater Committee on 6/23/95.  In addition to Webster Hubbell,
William Kennedy was another Rose Law Firm partner who resigned at
the  White  House  under a scandal and, also as Jackson Stephen's
attorney  in  1984,  he  filed  incomplete  information  with the
Federal Reserve about Stephens's family holding in  Worthen  Bank
(New  York  Times  5/9/95  "Fed  Ends  Inquiry  Into  an Arkansas

In her confidential testimony, Debra Gorham disclosed a key point
wherein she stated  that  Vince  Foster  gave  her two NSA 1-inch
ringed binders (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's London Sunday Telegraph
8/6   article   and   Debra   Gorham's   excerpted   confidential
transcripts) which she put in  Bernard  Nussbaum's  safe.   Debra
Gorham  described  one  binder as blue; it may well have been our
nuclear  missile  launch  codes  which  control  the  entire U.S.
missile defense system -- the ultimate power.  These codes access
any missile and can launch it wherever programmed.

Also, at a later public  Whitewater  Senate  hearing  on  8/1/95,
Senator   Faircloth's   aide  confirmed  that  Debra  Gorham  was
instructed by her counsel  to  say,  "I  do  not recall," when he
passed a hurriedly written note before  her  to  respond  to  the
Senator's  question,  "Did  Foster  ever  get  any  documents  on
Systematics  or  Inslaw?"   In  direct contradiction to her sworn
testimony,  through  a   confidential   friend,  Gorham  admitted
receiving and even reading some of a secure letter on Inslaw from
Webster Hubbell.  Although it might be hard to prove,  since  she
only  admitted  through  her  friend  that  she was familiar with
Inslaw from  the  previous  Washington,  D.C.  law firm employer,
there can be no doubt that Gorham  lied  to  Congress  about  not
receiving a letter on Inslaw.

Chuck  Hayes  and  other  highly placed confidential sources have
stated that Vince Foster,  as  a  NSA  secret operative since the
late '70s and a partner at Rose Law Firm, worked  on  secret  and
clandestine  matters  at Systematics (owned by Jackson Stephens).
Larry Nichols, a former Arkansas  friend of Clinton's, has stated
that a Systematics  employee,  who  is  afraid  of  being  fired,
confirmed  to  him  that Foster came in shortly before his death,
flashing NSA credentials,  and  demanded  that  this person run a
secret program for him, which he did.  After Foster's death, this
same Systematics employee asked Larry Nichols if anything he  did
for  Vince  Foster  could have been a reason for his death.  In a
significant development, Rep.  Leach,  Chairman of the Whitewater
hearings, may be prepared to subpoena this person  and  therefore
force him to testify when the hearings commence around the end of
September, but don't count on him being called or showing up.

		  [...to be continued...]

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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 98

Thanks to all paid subscribers, without whose
support this effort would not be possible.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9  Num. 98
		    ("Quid coniuratio est?")


		 By "Mr. Mercedes" (Pseudonym)


[CN:  The rest of this essay,  as  typed by CN, omits portions of
the original which seemed redundant.  Also, the  claims  made  by
"Mr. Mercedes" are his own; much of what he says is beyond my own
knowledge.   Be  assured,  however,  that I have spoken with "Mr.
Mercedes" many times and  that  he  is  not a dilettante in these

In addition to acting as an NSA agent, James Norman  stated  that
Vince  Foster  was  also  selling  NSA  and other high-level U.S.
government and  military  secrets  to  Israel's  Mossad  with the
assistance of another  former  Rose  Law  Firm  partner,  Hillary
Clinton  (she  was  the  attorney  of  record for none other than
Systematics once in 1978 and later in (1981 or 82?))

James Norman stated that Dee  Dee Myers, former White House Press
Secretary, reportedly set up Foster by getting  him  out  of  the
White  House  where  he was killed in a not very professional and
hurriedly arranged mafia-style hit, made  to look like a suicide.
Her recent drunk driving arrest was a cover for  an  intense  CIA
interrogation about her involvement in Foster's death.

In  a  completely  different,   but   interrelated  vein  of  the
Inslaw/PROMIS  situation,  CNN  broadcast   an   excerpt   of   a
one-and-a-half  hour  taped  interview  on 12/12/91 with Canadian
John Belton who  described  how  former  California Gov. Reagan's
Secretary of Health, Financial News Network founder/former  owner
and secret intelligence operative, Earl W. Brian, was involved in
funding October Surprise.  Additionally, Belton told CNN just how
Earl  Brian  defrauded  Nesbitt Thompson, the Canadian investment
company  where  Belton  worked,  of  $50  million  through  stock
manipulation   of   Brian's   public   companies.    Despite  the
significance of Belton's CNN interview, which aired worldwide and
even with front page coverage  in  Canadian  newspapers,  there's
been no coverage in the U.S.

James  Norman  stated  that  Caspar  Weinberger, Forbes' Chairman
Emeritus, has also been implicated  [by Chuck Hayes checking] out
encrypted code number found by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  in  Barry
Seal's  car  trunk after he was murdered by Colombian hitmen when
DOJ/DEA hung him  out  to  dry.   Evans-Pritchard gave Norman the
number, who in turn had Hayes run it and  see  who  and  what  he
could come up with.  Hayes found that the number turned out to be
a  secret  Swiss bank account for Caspar Weinberger through which
he pulled out several million dollars.

Some  sources  even  believe  it  was  possible  that  the  whole
NSA/Foster operation was a  policy  decision under Reagan/Bush to
pay back Israel for their help with Iraq by providing  them  with
our  nuclear  missile  defense  system.   It is unknown if Caspar
Weinberger had applied  any  pressure  to  kill Norman's story at
Forbes, but he certainly feels that his continuing  investigation
into  Weinberger's  involvement in the "Fostergate" story was the
real reason for his being fired.

Other journalists who  were  fired  for  writing or attempting to
write stories on Vince Foster/Inslaw  include  Christopher  Ruddy
formerly  at  New York Post (1/27/94 article, "Doubts Raised Over
Foster's Suicide,"  and  2/10/94  article,  "Fumbling Feds Change
Story  on  Foster's  'Suicide'"  and  Pittsburgh   Tribune-Review
9/20/95  "Police Failed to Find Keys to Foster's Car at Park" and
9/26/95 "Clinton  Security  Chief's  Murder  Still Unsolved") and
Tony Kimery (Media Bypass  9/95,  "Penetration:   Fostergate  II"
follow-up  to  Norman's 8/95 article and upcoming 10/2/95 Insight
Magazine  article  on   the   NSA's   Fin-CEN,  Financial  Crimes
Enforcement Network) at a Washington, D.C. wire service.

Since Presidential hopeful Bob Dole is reported to  have  Jackson
Stephens  as  his  Campaign  Finance Chairman, even if he doesn't
have a secret Swiss bank  account  like many of his Congressional
colleagues, the damage to his campaign could be terminal  if  and
when this scandal breaks and he is linked with one of the central
figures with [Stephens'] Systematics company.

Quite  possibly,  since  many  are  involved  in both parties and
independent counsel Ken Starr  appears  to  have been involved in
some way, early on in the  Inslaw  matter,  recusing  himself  as
Solicitor  General,  nothing  about this Vince Foster scandal may
ever come out in either  the  House or Senate Whitewater hearings
or Starr's investigation and final report if they  all  can  help
keep  it  buried  with  Vince  Foster,  especially if there is no
serious media scrutiny and reporting.

If  nothing  is  done  we  can  almost  certainly  expect  a huge
"blowback" as described by Robert Friedman (New  Yorker  Magazine
3/17/95, "The CIA's Jihad"), a term which describes how the CIA's
covert  ops  many  times wind up causing more problems than their
ops are worth.  One of  these CIA "blowbacks" presumably resulted
in the bombing of the World Trade Center after the  CIA  trained,
armed,  and  financed  Arab terrorists and Afghan rebels to fight
our former enemy, the Russian occupying army.

Hopefully though, sooner or later serious journalists will decide
to truly investigate this story;  only then will "Fostergate" and
Inslaw be prime time news, despite all the efforts of  government
officials,  business leaders, and major media, to avoid, suppress
and/or write dis-  or  misinformation  on this blockbuster story.
Who knows, maybe Safire had a point  when  he  wrote,  "Sometimes
conspiracy  theories  uncover conspiracy."  But poet Robert Frost
really said it best:  "...But I  have PROMISes to keep, and miles
to go before I sleep."

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Are Myers and Hayes "Tweedledum" and "Tweedledee?"

Writes Lawrence W. Myers  in  the  September  1996 issue of Media
Bypass Magazine:

  [Charles] Hayes and a small cell of experienced retired CIA
  computer hackers, commonly known  as  "the  Fifth  Column,"
  have  effectively  disrupted  the  international  financial
  markets,  derailed a number of promising corporate careers,
  and  in   many   ways,   altered   the  American  political
  landscape... it was Hayes who provided  James  Norman  with
  the  details  of  money  laundering  and  secret Swiss bank
  accounts tied to key government officials...

Later, Hayes reportedly  went  so  far  as  to  somehow screw up
payment of FBI Director Louis Freeh's  paycheck.   Was  that  the
last straw? Did Freeh vow revenge?

The  FBI  is  connected  with the current case of Charles "Chuck"
Hayes, which case is now performing strange gyrations in the area
of  London,  Kentucky.    According   to   Gail   Gibson  of  the
"South-Central Kentucky Bureau" ("Bureau" of what?), "Prosecutors
charge that Hayes, 61, arranged to pay an  undercover  FBI  agent
$5,000  to  kill his son...  The two men are involved in a bitter
legal fight over the estate  of Chuck Hayes' mother."  But wasn't
it $100, and not $5,000, that was supposedly paid?

J.  Orlin  Grabbe   (http://www.aci.net/kalliste/),   in   "Judge
Jennifer  B.  Coffman's  Kangaroo  Court,"  notes  that Hayes had
"begun to name names under  oath."  But was Hayes cross-examined?
Sherman Skolnick suggests that  by  Hayes  speaking  under  oath,
whatever  he  has said can now be publicized as "true."  Skolnick
told this editor in a phone  conversation (1/17/97) that he has a
pipeline into the developing  legal  situation  in  Kentucky  and
suspects a "tremendous deception" by Hayes and Myers.

Yet,  as  noted in CN 9.94, Grabbe in the past has hinted to this
editor that Skolnick is somehow  connected to Mossad.  But wait a
minute:  "Mr. Boderby" (CN 9.59; ftp.shout.net  in  sub-directory
pub/users/bigred/vol9)  hinted  that  Lawrence  W. Myers was with
Mossad.  Are Myers and  Skolnick  *both* with Mossad, and working
against Hayes?

Yet Myers is  revealed  in  the  Gail  Gibson  article  from  the
"South-Central  Kentucky  Bureau"  as having been "the free-lance
writer who told the FBI that Hayes wanted Hayes' son killed."  It
appears that Myers is  a  rat.   If  Myers and Skolnick were both
connected with Mossad, why would Skolnick have repeatedly  warned
about Myers?  As far back as June of 1996 (CN 8.18), Skolnick was
saying, "On the day of the Oklahoma bombings...  Thomas [of Media
Bypass  Magazine] hired a person using the name Lawrence W. Myers
(is that person really  linked  to  that name?  Is his background
what he says it is?)"

This raises an interesting question: Is "Myers" really Myers?

In CN 8.50 (circa 7/17/96), Skolnick further warned that, "As far
as Chuck Hayes:  he alleges that he retired from  the  CIA.   But
since  he  has  condemned  me  as  a 'nut,' when my stories about
Foster and Whitewater were broader and more comprehensive, I have
to assume that Hayes is still with CIA.  And since I believe that
Lawrence   W.   Myers   reportedly    still   is   a   government
counter-intelligence agent, and now has joined forces with Hayes,
I have to assume that the story instigated by Hayes -- the 'Angel
of Death' thing -- is a melodramatic, watered-down version of  my
original story."

Regarding Hayes having called  Skolnick  a  "nut,"  here  is  the
relevant  excerpt from Myers' interview of Hayes published in the
August 1996 Media Bypass Magazine:

  HAYES:  This group,  Accuracy  in  Media  [AIM],  has  been
  attacking  the  Fostergate story for more than a year.  You
  know, it's a funny  thing  about  these  folks over at AIM.
  Everyone in the intelligence community knows  these  people
  are  mouthpieces  for the Mossad.  When people as ludicrous
  as Scott Wheeler get hired  to  write hit pieces on people,
  no one takes them seriously.

  He is nothing.  It's not even worth my time to even discuss
  this individual.  I do not take time to respond  to  claims
  by  Scott  Wheeler,  Sherman  Skolnick and a bunch of other
  nuts   trying   to   make    a   living   with   half-baked

A key statement by Skolnick, as noted above, from  CN  8.50,  and
published in July of 1996, is "I believe Lawrence W. Myers... has
joined  forces  with  Hayes."   According  to Skolnick, Myers had
spoken with him and promised  that  if he were to "behave," Myers
would have pulled strings to get Skolnick  his  own  radio  show.
Skolnick  suspects  that Myers somehow strong-armed The Spotlight
newspaper into not publishing  a  story by Skolnick when Skolnick
refused  to  go  along  with  Myers'  alleged  deal.   Currently,
Skolnick "strongly suspects a game," with Myers and Hayes doing a
Tweedledee/Tweedledum routine for some  purpose.   As  to  Hayes'
circus of a trial, Skolnick believes "the whole thing is a sham."

Not so, according to "Mr. Mercedes" (pseudonym), with whom I also
spoke this evening.  Myers, according to "Mr. Mercedes," is *not*
affiliated with Hayes.  Close  to  those  inside  the  developing
Hayes  case,  "Mercedes" is of the opinion that Hayes was setting
up the FBI for a  sting  and  used  Myers for that purpose.  Says
this east coast source, "Chuck was  testing  Myers,  almost  like
Judas and Jesus Christ," (but adds that this is only an allegory,
that  Hayes is definitely no angel.)  "Without Judas, where would
Christ have  been?   Without  Myers,  Hayes  could  not  work the
sting."  Hayes presumably hoped to benefit from the  maneuver  by
thereby  having access to legal discovery procedures.  But things
didn't turn out as  Hayes  had planned, observes "Mercedes," with
the  undercover  agent  arrested  for  solicitation  of   murder.
Instead, Hayes himself wound up in the slammer.

Or,  along a different line, "Mercedes" theorizes the whole Hayes
in jail fiasco may have been arranged by Clinton et al. to remove
heat from Hayes and his "Fifth Column" until after  the  November
election.   In one thing both "Mercedes" and Skolnick agree:  the
prosecutor,  in  the  trenches  and  actually  bringing  the case
forward, does not have a clue as to higher subtleties involved in
the case.   Increasingly,  the  whole  case  is  turning  into  a
Keystone Cops episode and, if Judge Wapner of "The Peoples Court"
were  presiding,  it would have long since been thrown out.  "The
longer the Department of Justice continues, the worse it will get
for them," predicts "Mr. Mercedes."

Of interest in the Myers/Hayes, Tweedledum/Tweedledee theory is a
reported  statement  made  by  Myers:  "I know who is running the
court.  Hayes sits there like a  cheshire cat, with a big grin on
his face."

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Did Lawrence Myers Play a Role in Hoppy Heidelberg's Dismissal?

In CN 10.05 ("Strange Hayes  Case Gets Stranger") I wondered just
what the "South-Central Kentucky Bureau" was.  A reader was  nice
enough  to inform me that it is the South-Central Kentucky Bureau
of the Lexington Herald-Leader.  You'll recall that I wrote that,
"According to Gail Gibson  of  the South-Central Kentucky Bureau,
'Prosecutors charge that Hayes, 61, arranged to pay an undercover
FBI agent $5,000 to kill his son...  The two men are involved  in
a  bitter legal fight over the estate of Chuck Hayes' mother.'" I
was  informed that Gail Gibson has written at least 3 articles on
the  Hayes  trial,  temporarily  available  at  no  cost  at  the
Herald-Leader's web site:

I was in  time  and  pulled  up  those  other articles written by
Gibson (with help from colleagues), from  the  Herald-Leader  web
site.   They  provide a good summary of the Hayes case, useful to
any  readers  unacquainted   with   the   details.   For  further
background, read articles written by J. Orlin Grabbe,  especially
the series  "Allegations  Regarding  Vince  Foster,  the NSA, and
Banking Transactions," available at  http://www.aci.net/kalliste/
and at http://www.shout.net/~bigred/cn.html

The gist of the story (which may astound any new readers) is that
Charles  "Chuck"  Hayes,  a  former CIA agent fed up with rampant
government corruption, began a  personal  crusade to clean things
up.  He, with the help of knowledgeable friends,  used  a  secret
computer  "back  door"  to  enable  them to "hack" their way into
secret computer accounts.  Many of the computers allegedly hacked
into belonged to Swiss  banks.   From the secret information they
obtained, Hayes and his "Fifth Column" of  like-minded  crusaders
gained  leverage  to  use  against  corrupt government officials.
"Leave office by sundown, or else  we'll blab what we know," this
Fifth Column  presumably  warned  Congress-persons,  bureaucrats,
and   others.    Besides  their  inside  evidence  of  individual
corruption, Hayes and friends, via their back-door access to bank
accounts, reportedly were able to withdraw the bribe money stored
there by politicians and other powerful persons.

Did Hayes' actions cause a  counter-attack by forces aligned with
the U.S. government?  I spoke with a source who prefers to remain
anonymous, a man with  years  of  investigative  experience,  who
believes  that that *is* what the Hayes case is about.  According
to this source, the Hayes case  is a more or less straightforward
example of government retaliation against people who have somehow
annoyed them.   Reportedly,  vicious  elements  within  the  U.S.
government  prefer  if possible to discredit their enemies rather
than simply murder them.  Elimination  of witnesses by murder can
have messy complications, so these elements prefer to set  people
up  on  false  charges so as to discredit them and/or remove them
from the picture.   This  editor  is  familiar  with such tactics
apparently  being  routinely  used,  such as in the case of Terry
Reed, where Reed had false  charges  brought against him so as to
impugn his testimony.

Further key information on the Hayes case  is  provided  by  Gail
Gibson,   in   her   series   of   articles  from  the  Lexington
Herald-Leader.  An affidavit  by  FBI  agent  David Keller claims
that Hayes had agreed to pay $5,000 to have his son murdered, but
had only actually paid $100.  This Agent Keller, according to  J.
Orlin  Grabbe,  may  have  been  a  former  member of The Outlaws
motorcycle gang who has both  used  and  sold heroin while at the
same time informing on other gang members.  Dr. Grabbe bases this
claim on information obtained by investigators working on  behalf
of the defendant.

Gibson  also  reports  that  there  are  supposed  to exist taped
conversations between Hayes and Keller which will help shed light
on what happened.  Allegedly,  Hayes  can  be heard to ask Keller
what his FBI number is, according to Gatewood Galbraith, attorney
for  Hayes.  If it can be shown that Hayes was perfectly aware of
Keller's being an FBI  agent,  this  raises the question:  Why on
earth would Hayes have contracted his son's murder with  a  known
FBI  agent?  I am told that, by order of presiding Judge Jennifer
B. Coffman, these  tapes  have  *not*  been  allowed to be played

In Dr. Grabbe's article, "Judge Jennifer  B.  Coffman's  Kangaroo
Court,"   the  iconoclastic  ex-Wharton  professor  charges  that
prosecution witness Lawrence  Myers,  a  former  writer for Media
Bypass Magazine, is a convicted felon.  Myers reportedly was once
convicted on an extortion charge and  was  later  confined  to  a
mental  institution.   If true, this makes one wonder:  What sort
of "witness" *is* Myers?  Sherman Skolnick in the past has voiced
suspicions that Myers is  not,  as  would  seem, merely an honest
reporter trying to do his job, but a deep-cover government  agent
who  uses  a  "reporter"  disguise to facilitate the gathering of
information on subversive types.

The anonymous  source  mentioned  above,  with  whom  I  spoke by
telephone today, connects Lawrence  Myers  to  the  dismissal  of
Hoppy  Heidelberg  from  a grand jury investigating the April 19,
1995  Oklahoma  City  bombing  or  bombings.   According  to this
reputable source, Hoppy Heidelberg retained attorney John  DeCamp
while   Heidelberg   was   on   the  abovementioned  grand  jury.
Heidelberg himself, when I spoke with him by telephone, described
how he chose DeCamp.   Heidelberg  was  familiar with the Liberty
Lobby organization, and sought their advice  on  finding  a  good
attorney.    They   recommended   DeCamp.    At  the  time,  says
Heidelberg, he was unaware that DeCamp served as legal consultant
for Media Bypass Magazine.

My anonymous source tells  me  that, protected by attorney/client
privilege, Heidelberg discussed developments in the investigation
with DeCamp.  Heidelberg says that is almost  correct,  but  that
DeCamp,  being  busy  at  the  time,  hired  Ted  Gunderson as an
investigator and sent him  to  Oklahoma  to talk with Heidelberg.
Ted Gunderson, having been hired by DeCamp, was  also  under  the
cloak of attorney/client privilege, according to Heidelberg.

Heidelberg  is  not  100  percent  certain  as to the timeline of
exactly *when* he hired DeCamp  as  his attorney.  He believes it
was  shortly  before  he  was  thrown  off  the  grand  jury  for
supposedly leaking information.  When Gunderson came to interview
Heidelberg,  he  brought  along  a  videographer  to   tape   the
interview.   Not  known  by  Heidelberg  at  the  time  was  that
Gunderson  feared  that something might happen to the grand juror
and  wanted  to  have  taped  evidence  of  what  was  said.  But
Heidelberg refused to allow the  videotaping.   Nonetheless,  the
videographer,  a  Mr.  Cook  (or  Cooke),  was  allowed to remain
present during the interview.  Cook, says Heidelberg, having been
hired by Gunderson, was *not* bound by attorney/client privilege.
Awhile later, Cook reportedly spoke  with Troy Underhill of Media
Bypass Magazine, who relayed what Cook had  to  say  to  Lawrence
Myers  of  that  same  magazine.  Heidelberg says that Myers then
spoke by phone with  Cook  more  than  once, and eventually taped
what Cook had to say.  Myers then reportedly  phoned  Heidelberg,
who  listened  to the tape-recording of Cook.  Heidelberg insists
that he only listened, and  did *not* give Myers any information.
Yet Myers, in an  article  in  the  November  1995  Media  Bypass
Magazine  ("OKC  Grand Jurors Claim 'Cover-Up'"), claimed to have
had "an exclusive interview" with "a grand juror."

Regarding Sherman  Skolnick's  "Tweedledee/Tweedledum" viewpoint,
that the Hayes case is a subtle scheme whereby  Myers  plays  the
bad  guy  so  as  to  make  Hayes  appear  to be the good guy, my
anonymous source  expressed  skepticism.   Regarding Media Bypass
Magazine itself, my source is not certain whether they  may  have
been  innocent  dupes  or  if  the  fringe magazine is not, as it
seems, a  reform-minded  publication.   Is  Media Bypass Magazine
some sort of tricky operation, whose strings are pulled by hidden
manipulators?  I phoned them today  but  was unable to speak with
anyone who could give an authoritative answer.   One  CN  reader,
who  has  had articles published in the magazine, assures me that
they are basically aboveboard..   He  claims that "an orchestrated
effort to shut down the magazine has [thus far] failed."  He adds
that "Rich Azar, the news editor, is on the Hayes story  and  has
yet another edition of it in the February Media Bypass."

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Command: GET "12_1996&1645753"
Subject:  Angel of Death VS the FEDS
From: landlord@telerama.lm.com (Mayor Loz)
Date:  Mon, 09 Dec 1996 22:30:55 GMT
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Organization:  Telerama Public Access Internet, Pittsburgh, PA
Newsgroups:  alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater

      Chuck Hayes is a crooked government's worst nightmare.
	Which is probably why he's in jail without bond.

By James Norman

    Sooner or later, Chuck Hayes and the FBI were destined for  a
show-down.   Either  he'd get them, or they'd get him.  They both
hate each other, with good reason.   For  many  months  they  had
played  cat  and mouse, warily circling each other looking for an
opening.  Finally, Chuck Hayes got a Pearl Harbor sneak attack.

    It was a little after 5  p.m.  on  Tuesday,  Oct.  22,  1996.
Sitting   in the office of the 8-unit Beckett Motel in the little
town of Nancy  in  hilly  southeastern  Kentucky,  overlooking  a
scenic arm of Lake Cumberland called Fishing Creek, Hayes watched
as three men in suits drove up and walked in.  "You rent rooms by
the week  or by the month?" asked one.   "By the week, but not by
the month," replied the white-haired motel proprietor and retired
CIA  contractor.  Cordial but cautious, Hayes could smell a G-man
miles away.  "Doesn't really matter," replied FBI  Special  Agent
David R. Keller:  "You're under arrest."

    More than a month  later,   the  61-year-old  Hayes,  remains
behind  bars  in  the  nearby Laurel County Detention Facility in
London, Ky., held without bond.  He is  charged  with  supposedly
hiring  an  undercover  FBI agent for a paltry $5,000 to kill his
son, John Anthony Hayes, a Louisville real  estate  salesman  who
Hayes  has  all  but  disowned over alleged drug use.   The "hit"
allegedly meant crossing a state line  and  using  the  mail  and
telephone,   so  that made it a federal case.   The FBI claims to
have damning evidence:  taped phone  conversations  ordering  the
supposed  murder-for-hire and disposal of the body.  Trial is set
for mid-January.  Hayes could get 10 years in prison.

    On the surface, things look grim for Hayes.  On  October  25,
U.S.  Magistrate  Judge  J. B. Johnson Jr., citing Hayes Internet
nickname "Angel of Death," declared him a threat to society and a
flight  risk.   So  he denied Hayes the right to post bail. Three
times Hayes thought he had hired a lawyer, but each   backed  out
for  odd  reasons  amid speculation of government pressure.  At a
pre-trial hearing November 26, Hayes had to represent himself  to
get  his rushed trial pushed back from December 2.  Hayes has yet
to get a receipt for the $2,600 of cash or the credit cards taken
from  him  at  the jail.   And to add insult to injury, the motel
itself and the house Hayes lived in have been turned over to  his
son, the would-be assassination target, as part of a long-running
inheritance dispute.

    So is Hayes bummed out?  Hardly.  He sounds elated.   Calling
collect  from  the jailhouse, Hayes declares with a laugh that he
will not only prove the FBI's case is a frame-up, but that it  is
fraught  with perjury and ethics violations.  "We've notified the
court we intend to prosecute FBI agent Keller on  several  counts
of  perjury,"  says  Hayes.    In  addition,  the  Assistant U.S.
Attorney, Martin Hatfield "failed to carry out a court order"  to
turn  over  evidence,  claims  Hayes.    "That  can  mean his law
license, and I intend to have it."   In other words, he's got 'em
right where they want him.

    It gets better:  "Charles Hayes is in jail because he tweaked
the  government's  nose," says his new lawyer, government gadfly,
legalized hemp advocate and twice-defeated Kentucky gubernatorial
candidate Gatewood Galbraith of Lexington.  "They tried to induce
Charles into a crime.   He, knowing it was the government, strung
them  along until they got frustrated and arrested him.  In fact,
a crime never  occurred."    Hayes  claims  the  10  phone  tapes
belatedly  turned  over  to  him  for  inspection  by  Asst. U.S.
Attorney Hatfield, will show  Hayes asking the  undercover  agent
for  his  FBI  phone  number,  joking  about stripping him of his
"wire," and proposing to meet for  the  payoff  at  a  government
office.  "The evidence will show he (Hayes) was aware of who they
were," says Galbraith: "It was a game to see  how  far  he  could
take  the  ruse."    Adds  Hayes:  "At no time was my son ever at

    Game?    More  like  a  war.   This  is  a   deadly   serious
confrontation  between  a single-minded and unorthodox former CIA
computer spook bent on cleaning up government and  a  desperately
corrupt law enforcement juggernaut.   Murder for hire plots?  The
real question is who in Arkansas or  the  White  House  has  been
putting  out  contracts on the life of Chuck Hayes, who claims he
has had to fend off or preempt at least three  would-be  attempts
on his own life by hired killers in the past two years.

    Why  Hayes?  Because in recent  years  this  wily,  irascible
former  intelligence  operative has been a continual thorn in the
government's paw by catching   the  bureaucracy  in  one  crooked
escapade  after  another.   He has given testimony supporting the
$300  million claim by  Inslaw  Inc.  that  its  PROMIS  tracking
software was swiped by the Justice Dept. and used in a variety of
other  government  applications.    He  bought  a  load  of  used
computers  from  the  U.S. Attorney's office in Lexington in 1990
and  found  the  disk  drives  still  had   recoverable   witness
protection  files,  along  with  unlicensed  Microsoft  and Lotus
programs.  When the feds sued to shut him up, he won  an  $80,000
settlement.   Plus, he has a $1 million claim against the Customs
Dept. for a 25% reward  or  "mordi"  on  delivering  a  huge  gem
seizure  in  1985,  for which he's never been paid.  Hayes claims
the deadbeat government is sitting on billions of  dollars  worth
of  similar   mordi  claims,  waiting for the claimants to die or
give up.

    But those are mere annoyances.  What has been giving the  FBI
and Justice Dept. fits is Hayes' computer hacking.   Nobody seems
to be able to prove it, but this retired CIA computer  spook  and
four  fellow  intelligence veterans, calling themselves the Fifth
Column, have armed themselves with  one  or  more  powerful  Cray
supercomputers.   For  at  least the past 5 years, they have been
hacking their way into bank, corporate and government data  bases
all  over  the world, tracking the flow of dirty money from drug,
arms and other nefarious businesses into the offshore pockets  of
the world's power elite.

    First they find the money.  Then  they  steal  it.   Or  more
correctly,  someone using the authorization codes found for those
"numbered" offshore accounts  has  been  wire-transferring  dirty
money  back into escrow at the U.S.  Treasury.    The tax-dodging
bribe-takers are dared to come and claim it.  All the proceeds go
to  specified  government  agencies -- if they clean up their own
acts.  At last count, the Fifth  Column's  take  was  pushing  $4
billion,  from almost 1,000 offshore accounts.  It hasn't stopped
there.  Starting in  mid-1995  in  earnest,  Hayes'  group  began
quietly   delivering   plain   brown  envelopes  to  high-ranking
government officials caught in this net,  confronting  them  with
hundreds  of  pages  of  incontrovertible  bank records and other
documents.   The choices offered were either to  retire  or  face
exposure,  prosecution,  and  loss  of  federal pension benefits.
The  result  has  been  an  unprecedented  deluge  of  unexpected
departures  from  Congress  and  government  agencies in the past
year, many for the patently phony excuse of  spending  more  time
with  family.   Both  Democrats and Republicans have been nailed.
Greed knows no party lines.

    On top of that, Hayes  is  believed  to  be  responsible  for
funneling  information  on funny-money bank activities to foreign
governments like Mexico, Korea, Japan and Canada  to  help  those
countries go after political corruption.   That led the Federales
to nearly half a billion dollars in Salinas  family  accounts  at
Citibank  in  Switzerland,  leading  to a possible criminal money
laundering investigation  of  the  U.S.'s  biggest  bank.   Fifth
Column  information has also been going to Whitewater Independent
Counsel Kenneth Starr, who is believed to have  made  use  of  it
under  national  security  secrecy  rules  to  help nail down the
conviction of Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker.  Indeed, Fifth Column
fingerprints  have  been  all  over  a spate of recent scandalous
revelations,  from  finding  thousands  of  FBI  files  illegally
uploaded  to the White House Office Data Base to tipping off  The
Star tabloid and even supplying the pictures  for  its  scoop  on
toe-sucking, philandering Clinton political advisor Dick Morris.

    Fifth Column snooping into unusually rich  spending  patterns
by employees at the IRS region headquarters in Covington, Ky., is
said to have led to the arrest of five workers there for  selling
crack  cocaine  on the job and a grand jury is said to be looking
at possible sales of IRS files to outsiders for $500 apiece.

    Circumstantial evidence that a massive, secretive upheaval is
going  on  in  the  government  is  plentiful,   from  the record
congressional  departures to wholesale post-election resignations
in  the  Clinton  Administration,  and anticipated indictments of
First Lady Hillary Clinton.  But there is  precious  little  hard
proof  that the Fifth Column even exists.  About all there is are
the sparse details Hayes, its lone spokesman, chooses to  reveal.
There  is  corroboration on some key points by other intelligence
sources  --  too  scared  to  be  named  in  print.     But   the
implications  of   all  this  are  so  staggering that even clean
government officials in-the-know are loath to even whisper what's
going   on.    The  bad  guys  certainly  aren't  talking.    The
mainstream press has turned a blind eye, or pooh-poohed the story
as  fanciful  conspiracy  theory,  as  if  whistling past its own
graveyard.  And the few journalists who have gotten  a  whiff  of
what's  happening  can't get stories into print because there are
no hard documents available.   Yet.  That may  soon  change  with
Hayes  in jail. "The column is MAD," declares Hayes.  "Things are
about to start popping."

    Perhaps the clearest endorsement for Hayes' claims may be the
sheer  fact  he's  been  jailed  on  such  a clearly manufactured
charge.  He must be getting under SOMEbody's skin for doing  more
than   spreading  baseless  rumors.   Indeed,  FBI  agent  Keller
apparently was part of a 16-agent task force  dispatched  to  try
and  track  down  the  Fifth Column's computer, believed to be an
air-cooled Cray model packed in a nondescript semi-trailer  truck
with  its  own  generator and satellite link. As a prank, someone
probably a friend of Hayes, put a captured bobcat in one  of  the
team's  empty  government vehicles one evening, tearing the car's
interior to  shreds.    "Maybe  FBI  stands  for  Federal  Bobcat
Investigator," chortles Hayes.

    Another of  his  epithets  for  the  FBI:  "Federal  Bulls***
Investigators."   Hayes  is  openly  contemptuous  of  the FBI, a
perennial intramural rival of the CIA, which Hayes also  says  is
rife  with  corruption.   Low paid, overgrown and prone to graft,
Hayes  says the FBI has been easy prey for  organized  crime  and
drug  cartel  infiltration.   Technically, he points out, the FBI
is not legally chartered and  its employees are not eligible  for
federal pensions, can't carry guns, and can't legally send people
to prison for lying  to  them.    That's  because   the  FBI  has
outgrown  its  chartered parent, the DoJ.  So Hayes likes to crow
that some unknown hacker last summer  busted  into  a  government
computer  in  Oklahoma and digitally severed FBI head Louis Freeh
from his paycheck and government pension, at least temporarily.

    Hayes speaks with equal disgust of  the  DoJ's  penchant  for
covering   up   official  wrong-doing  while  crushing  small-fry
lawbreakers  and  political  enemies  using  intimidation,  lies,
coercion  and the unlimited resources of the federal bureaucracy.
He laughs when he tells how,  a  few  years  back  one  April  27
(Hayes'  birthday),  somebody  hacked  into  the DoJ computer and
scheduled all the Washington headquarters guards for a night off.
Then  a  green  pickup pulled up to the loading dock and made off
with a truckload of sensitive computer disks.    True  or  false,
it's  a  great  story.   But he sheds real tears when he talks of
Danny Casolaro, a free-lance journalist  found  "suicided"  in  a
West  Virginia  motel  room  in  1991 while working with Hayes on
exposing offshore bank accounts of high level government figures.
There  is  considerable  evidence rogue operatives connected with
DoJ's Office of Special Investigations (the vaunted Nazi-hunters)
may  have  been  involved  in Casolaro's death.  "There's so many
crooks in the government," snarls Hayes, "It's like shootin' fish
in a barrel."

    Hayes should know.  He has spent most of his life working for
the government -- much of it cleaning up internal corruption.  It
started out with him flying F86 Sabrejets at the tail end of  the
Korean War, being shot down later over Vietnam, rising to Colonel
in the Air Force, and moving into the Central Intelligence Agency
as  a contract operative. In the early 1980s, Hayes was posted to
Brazil, where he ran a motor home manufacturing business  --  and
was   instrumental   in   heading-off   a   simmering   Communist

    At various points in his career Hayes came face-to-face  with
the  black  reality  that  elements  of  the U.S. government were
neck-deep in drug and arms running, software piracy and a raft of
other  abuses.    It was personal profiteering under the guise of
national policy.   Like thousands of  other  straight  government
workers  who  stumbled  onto  this  dirty trail, Hayes had little
power to stop it.  But he vowed one day he would deliver  justice
to  the  well-dressed  scum  that were turning his beloved United
States into just another  narco-republic.    "Vengance  is  mine,
sayeth the Lord," Hayes quips, "But gettin' even is Chuck's."  Or
as the motto  says  on  his  flag-bedecked  Charles  Hayes  Group
letterhead:   "If  it  is  to be, it is up to me."  The secret to
"gettin' even" came within Hayes' reach when he was assigned to a
little  known  team  inside the CIA called Division D, or  "Squad
D."  According to Bob Woodward's  CIA book   "Veil,"  Division  D
was  "an elite group...[which] did some of the risky breaking and
entering in foreign-government  offices  to  plant  eavesdropping
equipment."  Some of that was done electronically by hacking into
foreign computer systems.   To do that, Hayes cryptically   seems
to confirm, he was trained to maintain and customize hardware and
software for powerful, code-busting  Cray  supercomputers.    All
he  will  officially  admit,  usually  grinning through a haze of
cigarette smoke: "Mah gummint trained me wellll."

    Indeed, a matchup of Charles Hayes vs. The FBI may not be  as
uneven  a fight as you might think.   The smart money is probably
on Hayes, who  has  a  reputation  inside  the  spook  world  for
unorthodox, sometimes illegal, but usually very effective tactics
against great odds.   Example:  Legend has it he  once  shot  his
way out of  the Israeli Mossad's "Brick on the hill" headquarters
with a high-ranking wounded female defector.   True  story?   Who

    Though he comes across intentionally on the phone as a  good-
ol'-boy  junk  dealer,  swilling  Maker's  Mark  bourbon at  that
sleepy little motel in the boondocks, Hayes is far from a country
rube  and  drinks  very  little.    He  was raised in a prominent
family near Ashland,  Ky.,  with  interests  in  trucking,  heavy
equipment  and service stations.  He learned to fly as a teenager
and attended the Greenbrier military academy.   That's how he got
into  Korean  air  combat  at  age 19.  He attended law school in
Chicago, under one of many aliases, and has practiced law in  The
Hague,  but  has  never  taken  a U.S. bar exam.    His political
acquaintances allegedly run  to  high  levels  in  both  parties,
nationally  and in Kentucky.  He claims to speak Mandarin, Farsi,
German, Portuguese and a few other languages.     What's  certain
is  he's  fluent  in Hillbilly.  Socially, he has hob-nobbed with
big names in the country & western music world, as  well  as  the
Kennedy clan.

    Of course, if you ask the CIA, the Pentagon,  or  anybody  in
official Washington if they've ever heard of Chuck Hayes, all you
get are denials.  Or eerie silence.  His skeptics  brand   him  a
blowhard  and  a kook.  If he IS for real, he could hardly have a
better  cover,  surrounded  by  trusted   fellow   military   and
intelligence  veterans  in  a  rural  hamlet  where strangers are
conspicuous, and very  unwelcome  if  they  still  work  for  the
government.   Moreover,   even  Hayes' most outlandish assertions
and predictions have a way of  eventually proving true.

    For instance, after returning  from  Brazil  in  1985,  Hayes
became  a  dealer  in  government  surplus  equipment,  which has
allowed him to acquire (for mere pennies on the dollar) at  least
one  used  Cray,  from  the Subic Bay naval base, and the circuit
boards and other hardware to build at least a couple  more  Cray-
equivalents.   Add  to  that batteries of disk drives, generators
and sophisticated signal gear.  This can be  confirmed  by   page
after  page  of purchase documents, court evidence and eyewitness
inspection by at  least  two  other  journalists  who  have  seen
roomsful of Cray components and other powerful computer hardware.

    One of these writers is  J. Orlin  Grabbe  (pronounced  GRAY-
bee), a former Wharton School finance professor and author of the
current standard college text on international financial markets.
Grabbe is also an expert in the arcane pricing of  "derivatives:"
put and call options and other financial instruments  for   risk-
hedging.   He  helped  launch a software company (now called FNX)
that is a leader in such programs.   There  is  no  BS-ing  Orlin
Grabbe on bank computing, money laundering  or financial markets.
And when Grabbe and Hayes connected  in  mid-1995,  they  quickly
developed  a  keen  mutual  respect.     Whatever the truth about
Hayes' other adventures, the man knew  wire  transfers  and  bank
computer  security.   Better  make  that "in"-security.  Grabbe's
involvement in all  this  started  when  government  intelligence
types approached the predecessor of  FNX to use that company as a
front for covertly spying  on  the  financial  industry.    As  a
libertarian  with  a healthy skepticism about government meddling
in people's bedrooms and  bank  accounts,  Grabbe  was  incensed.
Especially when he came to realize the feds were using any number
of similar fronts as Trojan horses into the banking world.    One
of  them,  he  heard, was Systematics Inc., a curious Little Rock
bank data processing and  software  firm.    Now  renamed  Alltel
Information  Services  and wholly-owned by Alltel Corp. (formerly
Allied Telephone) there, Systematics  had  for  many  years  been
controlled  by  Arkansas' Stephens family.  What made Systematics
so peculiar to Grabbe was that this small  company  in  Arkansas,
with  little proprietary software of its own, had managed to land
extremely sensitive back-office bank data jobs in  such  unlikely
places  as  Moscow, Macao , Singapore, Malasia and Pakistan, just
about the time Bill Clinton was elected in 1992.   Grabbe  posted
a  bibliography  of Systematics' press releases about these deals
on the Internet, hoping it would pique someone's interest.

    It certainly got mine.  For several  months in early 1995, as
a  senior  editor  at  Forbes  magazine,  I had been working on a
complex story involving Inslaw and its PROMIS software.   One  of
the  companies suspected of  illegally reselling that program, as
part of a National Security Agency effort to spy on  world  money
flows,   or  possibly  to  actually  launder  covert  funds,  was
Systematics.  Moreover,  Deputy White House  Counsel  Vincent  W.
Foster,   while an attorney at the Rose Law firm,  is believed to
have been a key go-between or  handler for Systematics' relations
with  the  super-secret  National  Security  Agency.  Systematics
adamantly denied to Forbes that it had any ties to Foster or  the
NSA.    But  Washington  Weekly,  under  a  year-old  Freedom  of
Information Act Request, has  recently  obtained  documents  that
clearly  tie  Foster to highly sensitive NSA matters in the White
House, and  show  sensitive  NSA  contracts  with  a  Systematics

    The  most  explosive  aspect  of  that  story,  later  dubbed
"Fostergate,"  was  that at the time of his supposed "suicide" in
July 1993, I had confirmed from multiple sources that Foster  was
under  counter-intelligence  surveillance  himself.   He had been
suspected of selling high-level national security codes and other
secrets  to  the  State of Israel.   How was he first discovered?
The Fifth Column had found a coded Foster account  at   a  former
unit  of   the Bank Ambrosiano, the Banca della Svizzera Italiana
in Chiaso, Switz., with nearly $3  million  in  it  from  Israeli
banks.    Worse,  his  former  Rose  partner  Hillary Clinton was
suspected of sharing in the proceeds of  that  account,  with  or
without  knowing  how the cash was generated.  Forbes declined to
run the story, but gave me permission to  publish  it  elsewhere.
"We can't say that about Systematics (an advertizer) and we can't
say that about Israel" I was told.    Having  confirmed  much  of
the  story  from  his  own  sources,   Grabbe posted the story on
several Internet newsgroups.  It then ran in alternative  monthly
called  Media  Bypass,  despite  efforts  by Systematics (and the
government) to squelch it with libel threats.

    That began a  long  series  of   follow-up  postings  on  the
Internet   by   Grabbe   elaborating   on   the  murky  world  of
intelligence, finance, drug-money laundering and  computers.   It
has gone far to explain the depth of corruption that lies beneath
the seemingly penny-ante  "Whitewater"  scandal  and  is  now  an
amazing    library    of    articles   on   his   web   site   at
http://www.aci.net/kalliste/.    In  the  flurry   of   newsgroup
chatter  that  followed  about  Swiss  accounts and congressional
retirements, I posted a message to  explain  the  Fifth  Column's
role in delivering resignation ultimatums as akin to the Biblical
Angel of Death at Passover.    The phrase  stuck  and  Hayes  was
soon  being referred to as AOD.   Of course it has never referred
to anything other than  career  death  for  crooked  politicians.
But  Judge  Johnson  seemed to think it was threatening enough to
keep an innocent man locked up without bail.

    Indeed, FBI agent Keller,  in  sworn  testimony,  claimed  in
court that Grabbe was merely a pen-name for Hayes, who was really
the author of Grabbe's taunting Sept. 18  post  presaging  Hayes'
arrest,  titled  "The Dickheads are getting desperate."  In that,
Grabbe  poked fun at the FBI, but deftly expressed growing public
concern  over  the encroachment of government authority.   Keller
cited that as a threat of armed reaction and blamed  Hayes.   The
U.S. government is determined to keep Charles locked up.  Just as
in 1941, Chuck Hayes has suffered  a Pearl Harbor.   And  he  may
suffer  another  year  of  setbacks,  like  the  U.S.  did in the
Pacific.  But ultimately those World War II losses were more than
reversed  and a totalitarian state was eventually crushed.   What
the Justice Department must be wondering: Does Hayes have  an  A-
bomb ticking?

  Published in the  Dec. 9, 1996 Issue of The Washington Weekly
Copyright (c) 1996 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)

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	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 14
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$50 million:  From Illinois,  to  Arkansas, to the Cayman Islands
-- Joseph Andreuccetti, an Illinois caulking contractor, gets put
into  involuntary   bankruptcy.    Supposedly   he  has  borrowed
$900,000, but really he never saw one  dime  of  the  money.   So
where  did the money go?  Allegedly it, included in a $50 million
Resolution  Trust  Corporation  contingency  fund,  got  sent  to
Arkansas to  cover  up  an  embezzlement  from  Madison  Guaranty
Savings and Loan.  I have spoke and met with Andreuccetti several
times  and  believe that he was indeed robbed and that the courts
are giving him the runaround in several cases he has subsequently
brought forward.
   Next, Congressman Dan Burton (R., Ind.) goes on-record about a
$50 million transfer of Arkansas  Development  Finance  Authority
(ADFA) money to the Cayman Islands.  Burton wonders aloud, Why on
earth  did  ADFA money, meant to benefit Arkansas small business,
get sent to the Cayman Islands? Says Burton on May 29, 1996:

  ADFA [Arkansas Development  Finance  Authority] was created
  by Governor Clinton in 1985 to provide economic development
  loans in Arkansas.  In December of 1988, ADFA deposited $50
  million in a Japanese bank in the Cayman Islands.  I have a
  copy of the contract that I will enter into the record.   I
  have  also  delivered  a  copy  of  this  document  to  the
  Independent   Counsel's  office.   Why  would  an  economic
  development agency in  Arkansas  deposit  $50  million in a
  bank in the Cayman  Islands?   The  Cayman  Islands  are  a
  well-known center of money  laundering  for  drug  dealers.
  The  State  Department's  international  narcotics  control
  report  described  the  Caymans   as  "a  haven  for  money

  One of the questions that I think is very,  very  important
  is why did the  Arkansas  Development  Financial  Authority
  send $50 million of Arkansas money to the Cayman Islands to
  deposit in a bank in  the  Cayman Islands, which is a major
  drug transit point acknowledged  by  almost every DEA agent
  in   the  world?   I  have  the  electronic  bank  transfer
  statements in my office.   I  am  going  to put them in the
  Congressional Record.   There  is  no  doubt  the money was
  wired  to  the  Cayman  Islands.   The question needs to be
  asked, why  was  it  wired?   Why  would  the  Governor  of
  Arkansas  allow  that?    (Congressional  Record,  5/29/96,

Later in 1996, Sherman Skolnick and Joseph Andreuccetti file suit
against,  among  others,  First   Lady  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton,
charging that plaintiffs obstructed disclosure

  of the secret  details  of  the  unlawful  transfer of a 50
  million dollar portion of 58.4 million dollars of funds  of
  the Federal Home Loan Bank, parked and held in custody, and
  supposed  to  be  so,  with  Household  Bank  and Household
  International in the Chicago area,  and supposed to be held
  to make good the claims of plaintiff Andreuccetti.

  ...the  use  of said 50 million dollar unlawful transfer by
  defendant Hillary Rodham Clinton was to cover up 47 million
  dollars  that  was  misappropriated  and  embezzled, and/or
  otherwise unlawfully encumbered, used, or removed  from  an
  Arkansas  savings  and  loan,  Madison Guaranty Savings and
  Loan, as to which defendant  Hillary Rodham Clinton and her
  husband, William Jefferson Clinton, committed or caused  to
  be  committed,  and  allowed,  permitted, and condoned, and
  acquiesced in, acts and  doings punishable under provisions
  of the federal criminal code.

Responding   to  Skolnick  and  Andreuccetti's  lawsuit,  lawyers
representing Hillary Rodham Clinton stated that

  Plaintiff's complaint fails  to  meet the minimum standards
  of intelligibility and brevity...  The  complaint  is  both
  frivolous  and  abusive  and  is  yet  another  example  of
  plaintiffs'  misuse  of the judicial process.  Accordingly,
  the complaint against Mrs. Clinton should be dismissed with

  [The plaintiffs'  complaint  is]  a  convoluted and lengthy
  collection of allegations that are either unintelligible or
  irrelevant.  To take but one example, in paragraph 30 (part
  of a four-and-a-half page narration of a purported  meeting
  with  an  IRS  agent),  plaintiffs  appear to allege that a
  United  States  bankruptcy  trustee  is  corrupt,  that the
  "nephew/godson" of a bishop embezzled $900,000, that one of
  the plaintiffs has been put into involuntary bankruptcy  as
  a  result of fraud, that a bank involved in that bankruptcy
  was  run  by  someone  who  used  to  be  the  head  of the
  "mafia-dominated Vatican Bank," and that the United  States
  Attorney's   Office  in  Chicago  is  yet  another  corrupt
  institution.  Even  after  partially  untangling this dense
  web of accusations, the relationship of the allegations  to
  any  cause  of  action  that  might  reasonably  be brought
  against the  defendant  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton  remains a
  complete mystery.

Representing  Hillary  Rodham  Clinton  and  authors of the above
excerpts from "Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of
Defendant Hillary Rodham Clinton's  Motion  to Dismiss" are David
E. Kendall, Nicole K. Seligman, Max Stier, and  also  Michael  R.
Feagley and Walter M. Rogers of the firm Mayer, Brown & Platt.

Confused?  Or  perhaps  cherubic  Lady  Clinton's  face makes you
think, "Naw, not Hillary.  She wouldn't  be  connected  with  any
embezzlement."   Then  consider  the  following statement by Lisa
Schiffren, as  reported  in  the  February  1997  issue of George

  A  better  financial  journalist  than  me  would  be  well
  employed finding out where the Clintons have stashed  their
  money  offshore.   I  would  imagine  there are hundreds of
  thousands of  dollars  sitting  in  the  Cayman Islands.  I
  really believe this.  If I had a lot of  time  and  someone
  was  willing to pay me a lot of money, I'd go find it.  The
  $100,000 [which Hillary Rodham  Clinton  made in the cattle
  futures market], courtesy of Tyson Foods, is the tip of the
  iceberg.  I'm giving them credit for having been bought for
  more than a measly hundred grand.

Charles  "Chuck"  Hayes  Convicted -- Ex-CIA agent Chuck Hayes is
fed  up  with  corrupt  government.   He  gets  a  powerful  Cray
computer, loads it into a semi-trailer, then he and his Merry Men
roam the nation,  hacking  into  secret  Swiss  bank accounts and
putting the fear of God into American politicians.   The  corrupt
politicos and their bureaucratic minions strike back.  Presumably
they   have  questionable  quantity  Lawrence  Myers,  journalist
*extraordinaire*, lie to the  FBI  that  Hayes  is shopping for a
"wet boy" (hit man).  FBI has one of their agents,  reportedly  a
former member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang, phone Hayes.  Hayes
apparently  knows  full  well  he  is  talking to an FBI man, but
decides to play along.  The FBI man  says he can do the "job" for
$5,000, and supposedly Hayes contracts with  him  to  murder  his
son.  Gotcha!  FBI arrests Hayes, and Hayes stands trial.  A jury
convicts Hayes and he now faces as much as 10 years in prison.
   Present  during  the  Hayes  trial was "Limpiar Phebi Dojocia"
(pseudonym).  I spoke  with  "Limpiar"  on  the  phone today, and
here's what I got:
   ** The jury was 8 to 4, with  four  of  its  members  favoring
acquittal.   That  got  narrowed  down to one, then none, and the
jury returned a guilty verdict.
   ** The prosecution did a  last minute, dramatic unveiling of a
Federal Express  envelope,  giving  the  impression  it  was "hot
stuff, just  in."   The  envelope,  from  the  CIA,  contained  a
response  to  inquiries.   Says CIA:  "Chuck Hayes?  Chuck Hayes?
Nope, never heard of him."   But, says "Limpiar," the envelope in
fact must have arrived on or about January 15, making the January
29th  "dramatic  unveiling"  misleading.   An  added  prosecution
benefit of this "last minute" routine is that  defense  discovery
guidelines  get  bypassed;  how  can  prosecution have shared the
letter with defense when they themselves "just now got it."
   ** Why didn't  defense  attorney  Gatewood Galbraith call Bill
Hamilton, of Inslaw, as a witness?  Hamilton could have  verified
that  Hayes was indeed a former CIA employee.  "Limpiar" tells me
that Hamilton was willing to testify.  Much of the case hinged on
whether or not Hayes really  was  a former CIA agent.  Apparently
the only one called by Galbraith to  corroborate  the  claim  was
James Norman, former senior editor with Forbes magazine.

Re-arranging Deck Chairs on  the  Titanic -- Commenting on recent
revelations regarding FBI crime lab bungling and  worse,  Stephen
Jones,  attorney  for  accused  OKC bombing(s) mastermind Timothy
McVeigh, stated that it was "like re-arranging deck chairs on the
Titanic."   Jones  thinks  that  the  government's  case  against
McVeigh is  hopeless,  and,  seemingly,  the  recent  revelations
amount  to  nothing  toward  altering   the   futility   of   the
government's case.
   So what is going on? Why the revelations?
   Recall how, not  long  after  the  April  19, 1995 bombing(s),
Colonel (Retired) James "Bo" Gritz and others were  referring  to
McVeigh  as  "Lee  Harvey  McVeigh."  This was an allusion to Lee
Harvey  Oswald,  accused  lone  assassin  of  President  John  F.
Kennedy.  Paraded into the  angry Oklahoma sunshine shortly after
the bombing of the Murrah Building, clad in a bright orange  "see
me"  jumpsuit,  it  appeared  as  if  *someone*  might  save  the
prosecution  some work by murdering McVeigh, a la Jack Ruby doing
the same to Oswald.  Were the government and/or its agents hoping
that might happen, that  McVeigh  would magically be removed from
the equation?
   Unfortunately for those desiring the removal  of  McVeigh  and
consequent  absence  of  a  trial  in the matter, McVeigh was not
assassinated and  the  trial  is  at  last  imminent.   McVeigh's
attorney  Stephen  Jones  seems  to be no slouch, and with closed
circuit television to be made available to interested  survivors,
family  members,  and  apparently  to an alert underground press,
Jones *will*  be  heard.   And  he  will  be  heard *without* the
"helpful" little interpolations of corporate "news" media.   This
spells  trouble  for  any working to cover up the truth about the
Oklahoma City bombing(s).   By  now  they  must  be wishing, more
fervently than ever, that McVeigh could somehow just disappear.
   With that as background, consider how convenient it  would  be
for  the  case  against  McVeigh to be thrown out, due to tainted
evidence.  Recent revelations about  FBI crime lab misdoings come
at an opportune time for any who are wishing  that  the  upcoming
trial  would just go away.  And, FBI could just sit back and say,
"Well, we *know*  that  McVeigh  did  it.   It's  just that picky
legalities thwarted justice."

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Subject:  Chuck Hayes to be on radio tonight

I am told that Chuck Hayes  will  be the guest this evening (Jan.
31) on the George Douglas "Common Sense" radio show, 6 pm EASTERN
time, shortwave 5.085 MHz. Tune in also at Galaxy 1,  Transponder
17,  Aud.  8.1Y. With Hayes will be author Dick Russell ("The Man
Who  Knew  Too  Much";  about  the  JFK  assassination).  Russell
reportedly has written an article on Hayes, set to appear in  the
April 1997 issue of "High Times" magazine.  Presumably, the April
issue will be available in early March.

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Subject:  Re: Chuck Hayes to be on radio tonight

I caught the broadcast last night. They talked about the
Hayes case, but Hayes himself did not get on; apparently
a goof-up or worse at the jail he's in. On the broadcast,
Russell said the *June 97* issue of High Times would have
the article. Also on the broadcast last night was the publisher
of The Free American newspaper, who says their next issue
will cover the Hayes case. Phone The Free American at
505-423-3250 or fax to 505-423-3258 or e-mail to freeamerican@etsc.net
for more info. As to availability of "High Times" magazine,
check a good bookstore, for example Barnes & Noble or Borders
seem to have a large assortment of magazines.

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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10 Num. 18

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	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 18
		     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


	    Did an ex-CIA agent  attempt to contract for
	    the death of his son over an inheritance, or
	    are powerful forces retaliating against  the
	    raiding of secret, overseas bank accounts?

(The Spotlight, 2/10/97)
Article by The Spotlight Staff
A  Nancy,  Kentucky  man  accused  of  being  the  buyer   in   a
murder-for-hire  scheme  remains  in  federal  custody  after his
latest  request  for  bond  was  denied  by  U.S.  District Judge
Jennifer Coffman.

Lexington, Kentucky  attorney  Gatewood  Galbraith  had  filed  a
motion  for a bond hearing for his client, Charles "Chuck" Hayes,
who has remained in the Laurel County Detention Center in London,
Kentucky since his October 22  arrest for allegedly conspiring to
have his son killed.

So far, nothing sounds particularly out of the ordinary.  Persons
charged with felonies  are  often  denied  bail  for a variety of
reasons.  But a peek behind  the  mainstream  media's  minimalist
reports reveals disturbing details.

Remember the story of U.S. government functionaries, many of them
members of  Congress,  having  secret  bank  accounts  in foreign
countries, mostly Switzerland?  [CN:  See Orlin  Grabbe  articles
at     http://www.shout.net/~bigred/cn.html    for    background]
Supposedly,  the  CIA  found   out   about  it  through  computer
"hacking," then drained the accounts, using the money for its own
purposes.   {2}  The  people  whose  secret accounts were drained
couldn't, of  course,  complain  because  they  couldn't admit to
having a secret, overseas account.

The accused, Chuck Hayes, is alleged to be the CIA  "hacker"  who
got into the overseas accounts and helped his employer drain them
[sic,  see  note  #2  below].   He  was  part  of  an alleged CIA
operation [sic] code-named the Fifth Column.

After Hayes went public  he  was  arrested,  accused of trying to
hire a "hit man" to kill his son.  There's a sequence  of  events
that is more than coincidence, according to his friends.

In  his motion for a bond hearing, Galbraith cited misfeasance on
the part of FBI Agent David Keller.  He says Keller's October 25,
1996 testimony was tainted.   According to Galbraith, as reported
on the Internet:  "In essence, the vast majority of alleged proof
presented by the government at the detention hearing  of  [Hayes]
was  unsubstantiated,  even  though  it  could  have  easily been
checked  out  for  its  truthfulness  if  the  government  had so
desired, and it  is  this  disdain  and  disregard  for  possible
exculpatory  evidence  that  so  taints the testimony of the lead
prosecution witness at the detention hearing, Special Agent David

Hayes was arraigned on  November  27,  1996 on the "conspiracy to
murder" charge, based primarily on testimony from the FBI.

Galbraith reportedly told reporter Sherry Price  of  the  Pulaski
(County)  Weekly  News, "If I were a good citizen of the state of
Kentucky, I would strap on my  weapons and go looking for federal
agents... because they do happen to be murderous bastards, and  I
might   need   to   protect   myself  in  legal  and  justifiable
self-defense by blowing someone's head off." {3}.

All motions before the court on behalf of Hayes have been denied.
The latest, filed on December 19, 1996, was denied on December 30
by Magistrate J.B.  Johnson,  which  included a motion requesting
that the "Findings  of  Facts"  on  November  26  by  Johnson  be

According to published reports, Galbraith stated in a motion that
"the  original  court  was grievously misled by the alleged proof
presented at the detention  hearing  on behalf of the government,
much of which is impeachable  by  the  most  cursory  independent

			 Who's Grabbe?

One  of the reasons given by the government to deny bond to Hayes
were Internet postings by  one  "J.  Orlin Grabbe," which the FBI
alleges is really a pen name for Hayes.

However, Grabbe is an internationally known financial  specialist
who  lives  in  Nevada  and is the author of college textbooks on
finance  and  economics,  who  had  become  friendly  with Hayes,
according to Galbraith.

One Grabbe posting on the Internet said that everything about the
Fifth Column was a lie to make "Jim  Norman  struggle  to  create
stories from the concept."  {4}.  That concept included President
Bill Clinton's CIA connection  and  the  "suicide" of White House
insider Vince Foster.  Apparently the  FBI  failed  to  find  any
humor in the piece.

The  article  downloaded  from  the Internet and forwarded to The
Spotlight said  Grabbe,  Hayes  and  White  House  spokesman Mike
McCurry discussed strategies to keep the ruse alive.

The allegations of murder-for-hire stem from a dispute Hayes  has
with  his  son  over  the estate of Haye's mother, Madge Beckett.
She left the majority  of  her  $920,000  estate to her grandson,
John, leaving defendant Hayes $1,000.  John's brother was  willed
$500.   The  estate has been contested since Mrs. Beckett's death
on December 26, 1994.

Says Galbraith, the nickname "Angel  of Death" given to Hayes was
from his activities in exposing illegal  monetary  activities  by
government officials, causing many to retire; i.e., causing their
political death.

The  trial  is  expected to be underway by the time this issue of
The Spotlight reaches  its  subscribers.   [CN:   Hayes was found
guilty and is awaiting sentencing.]

 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

(From  a  related  story,  "RFA  Examines  Links   In   Scandals,"
Spotlight, 2/10/97.)

  [Excerpts]  Chicago's  Sherman  Skolnick  returned to Radio
  Free America (RFA)  January  26...  Skolnick also commented
  upon the ongoing trial of CIA  operative  Charles  Hayes...
  Hayes  is  believed  to be the man behind the stories about
  Vince Foster and the computer hackers told by former Forbes
  magazine editor  Jim  Norman...   The  government's primary
  witness against Hayes, who is charged with plotting to kill
  his son, turned out to be Lawrence W. Myers,  formerly  the
  top  reporter  for  Media Bypass magazine...  Skolnick said
  that he suspected Myers  was undercover from the beginning,
  and now he suspects that both Myers and Hayes  are  somehow
  involved  in  a  disinformation  campaign  centered  around
  statements that will come from this trial...

---------------------------<< NOTES>>---------------------------
{1}  "Arrest  of Hacker Casts Dispersion..."  Casts *Dispersion*?
Am I missing some nuance,  or  should it have read something like
"Casts Doubt"?

{2} "Supposedly, the CIA found  out  about  it  through  computer
'hacking,' then drained the accounts, using the money for its own
purposes."   Not quite right.  Allegedly, a rogue group of ex-CIA
hackers drained the accounts.  Allegedly, they were not operating
on behalf of CIA.  The  Spotlight article is also misleading when
it states the money was "used for its own purposes."   Allegedly,
the money was held in some sort of U.S. Treasury account, pending
cleanup of government corruption.  At that point, presumably, the
money was to have been released, by the rogue hackers, to CIA.

{3} Regarding Gatewood Galbraith's  supposed  advice to "strap on
weapons" and "go looking for federal agents," *if* Galbraith made
such a statement, that is appalling.  Just because FBI  is  going
around  murdering  people  doesn't  make it okay for others to do

{4}  "One  Grabbe  posting  on  the Internet said that everything
about the Fifth Column  was  a  lie..."  Apparently refers to Dr.
Grabbe's satirical essay, "An Apology and Good-Bye."  This editor
was amazed when several readers could not seem to understand  the
satirical  nature of the essay and took it literally.  Apparently
the Spotlight staff is similarly unable to detect satire.

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       of Conspiracy Nation, nor of its Editor in Chief.
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Subject:  Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10 Num. 29

Thanks to all paid subscribers, without whose
support this effort would not be possible.

	      Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 29
		     ("Quid coniuratio est?")



I  received  the  following,  with   title  "Use  At  Own  Risk,"
anonymously.  I caution the  reader  that  I  have  no  idea  how
accurate  or correct the information given is.  NOTE THAT THIS IS

 +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +  +

The  following  are  primarily   operatives  of  the  ultra-right
so-called  "Christian"  movement.   They  have  been   diligently
tracked;  in  some  cases  for ten or more years.  With hardly an
exception, they are dedicated to various acts and doings to delay
the downfall of Bill Clinton while they engage in attacks on Vice
President Al Gore.  They perceive  him as a "socialist" or closet
"communist" and believe in some of the assertions  in  Edward  J.
Epstein's  recent book about the late Armand Hammer in respect to
the Gore family.  They believe that before Clinton is forced out,
they have to destroy, by various  means, Al Gore so that he could
not, upon the downfall of Clinton, become the President.  Whether
they do or do not prefer Jay Rockefeller to replace Al Gore is an
unanswered question.
   Some of them over the years may have  --  for  appearances  --
criticized  one  another  but nevertheless, have acted as a team.
They  are  most  every  one  of  them  viciously  anti-Israel for
religious  and  other  reasons,  and   generally   oppose   Jews,
particularly in the financial markets.

RONALD  F.  MEEKER:   For  some  years  purportedly  "worked" for
Alexander Proudfoot, international business consultants,  Chicago
and  elsewhere.  Traveled worldwide.  Overseas he interfaced with
the American CIA.  Domestically, he had working relationship with
the FBI.   His  ex-wife  (2nd  wife),  Rebecca  Meeker, claims he
wanted to move from Florida to Hong Kong area which she  was  not
in  favor of.  She alleges he got burned out on dope.  He, on the
other hand, claims she  has  been  "mule"  -- courier -- for dope
shipments through various Florida and other  offices  purportedly
financial intermediaries, such as loan companies, S&Ls, and such.
>From  all the details, they appear to have been espionage couple.
>From some time prior to  1995  to  on or about November, 1996, he
lived on sizeable farm  with  his  parents,  Covington,  Indiana,
across from Danville, Illinois.  Now dresses like Nevada gangster
to fit in with those he is part of in Cordova, Tennessee.  Meeker
helped  install  Lawrence  W.  Myers  (also  known  as  Myers  W.
Lawrence,   and  various  other  names)  as  chief  investigative
reporter at Media Bypass  Magazine.   The magazine got going just
before or about the time of  the  Oklahoma  City  bombings.   The
publisher, Jim Thomas, claims he had at one time topmost security
clearance  and he says "worked on the atomic bomb."  The magazine
publishes  numerous  anti-Clinton  pieces  and  is  dedicated  to
controlling what the Christian  ultra-right knows or thinks about
Clinton.  Meeker has been business consultant for Jeremiah Films,
propaganda  instrument  for  the   Christian   ultra-right.    It
purportedly is operated by Mr. Pat Matrisciana who earlier in his
career  was purportedly undercover operative for FBI to penetrate
West Coast dissident  movements.   His  consultant  on day to day
matters uses the fake name "John  Bennett,"  has  extremely  good
access to FBI records and Kenneth Starr's inner sanctum.
   At one time, Jeremiah Films, with full-page rear cover ads for
Media Bypass, was  major  source  of  funds  per  month  for  the
magazine.  Exposure of Myers as some type of government operative
caused Jeremiah Films to withdraw their support.
   Meeker co-ordinates the acts and doings of most of the rest of
those herein mentioned in their activities in respect to Gore and
Clinton,  including  "Bennett."  Although not publicly identified
with Kenneth Starr,  Meeker  is  one  of his principal non-lawyer
   Good  reason  to  believe  Meeker  is  co-ordinating  oriental
scandals against Gore.

JOHN  BROWN:   With  Karen  Brown,  purports  to  be  manager  of
brokerage  firm,  "Vining  -  Sparks, Investment Brokers," Little
Rock, Arkansas.  John Brown once Arkansas state detective, claims
he got in trouble  working  on  the  case,  about 1988, where two
young boys were found dead on railroad  track:   apparently  they
were  murdered  because  they took too much interest in planes at
night  dropping   satchels   apparently   of   dope.   Brown  ran
unsuccessfully for sheriff in 1996 in county  near  Little  Rock.
Brown  travels  around  the  country  spreading disinformation or
premature information, to  sabotage  and  delay  downfall of Bill
Clinton while Brown, Meeker, and others of their  team  crank  up
scandal against Gore.  Brown apparently the source supplying data
for  exclusive  story, 2/15/97, in Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock,
that Starr's office conducted "mock"  trials, two in Little Rock,
two in  Washington,  D.C.,  with  Bill  and  Hillary  Clinton  as
purported  defendants  or  prospective defendants.  Brown and his
associates then apparently torpedoed  the  story,  so that one of
the officials of that newspaper had to say the "source" now  says
the  story  is  not "correct" -- the correspondent working on the
exclusive story contends the  story  was  and is correct, despite
the backtracking of the "source," apparently John Brown.
   The  purpose  was  to  give  Starr, the team, and others, more
time, delaying the downfall of  Bill  Clinton while they go about
wrecking and scandalizing Gore who  they  perceive  as  a  closet
"communist," unfit to replace Clinton as President.
   Efforts  by  this team to delay downfall of Clinton while they
destroy Gore are aided by  certain  Detroit mobsters tied to John
Brown, Ron Meeker, and others of  the  team.   Namely,  "Detroit"
Copeland,  sometimes  called  "Detroit"  Kaplan,  and "Horse Face
Pete."  Their  actual  names  and  addresses  in  Detroit  so far
difficult to uncover.
   Through her brokerage  connections  and  Detroit  links,  John
Brown's wife, Karen, is actually in control of his efforts on the
team  as  to Clinton and Gore.  John Brown, together with Meeker,
and others of  their  team,  co-ordinate  a  group  of ex-GIs who
served in Viet Nam and are now "murder for  hire"  hit  men,  who
pose  an  extreme  danger  to Gore and his circle.  The "hit men"
include  and  are   supervised   by   Gary  Collins  who  travels
extensively in a camper with John Brown checking out details  how
to  go  about murdering witnesses so as to slow down the downfall
of Clinton while they  plot  to  destroy  Gore.  Collins, with an
extreme pathological personality, is  the  type  who  could  kill
someone  and then go and eat his lunch.  He has recently moved to
Jefferson City, Missouri.
   To slow  down  the  demise  of  Clinton,  John  Brown and Gary
Collins apparently arranged the murder of John  Tarullo,  Berwyn,
Illinois  (a  Chicago  suburb  near the Mafia enclave of Cicero).
Tarullo, a retired member  of  the  London  Gold Pool, had inside
knowledge of Vincent W. Foster, Jr's., money  laundering  efforts
on  behalf  of  Bill  Clinton  that  could have put the President
quickly in prison.  Tarullo was murdered August 28, 1996, shortly
after John Brown  and  Gary  Collins  drove  back from Detroit to
visit Tarullo on a pretext.

FRANCIS K. FONG:   Defrocked  professor  originally  with  Purdue
University,  Lafayette,  Indiana.  Believed to be chief of the Te
Wu, the Red Chinese secret  police, operating in the U.S. Retired
intelligence sources have complained to CIA  and  others,  to  no
avail,  that the Te Wu was operating in the U.S. since the end of
the Korean War, to  punish  the  U.S.  for taking action in North
Korea that forced Red China to  enter  the  war  as  U.S.  troops
approached  the China boundary at the Yalu River.  Not restrained
by the CIA (because the CIA  was  too busy tracking Te Wu, and so
didn't  restrain  them),  the  Red  Chinese  Secret  Police  have
committed assassinations, bombings, and mayhem within  the  U.S.,
and  have  gone unpublicized and unpunished, according to retired
intelligence operatives working in  small teams to investigate Te
Wu's U.S. activities.
   Fong patented a form  of  heavy  water  process  for  creating
energy.   He  comes from prominent ultra-rich family in Shanghai,
linked to the Hong Kong  &  Shanghai Bank (Hong-Shang Bank), long
tied to financing the dope trade going all the way  back  to  the
Opium Wars of the 19th Century.
   Up to about 1989,  Fong  was  in  the  energy-patent  form  of
business   and   his   business  partners  included  Bishop  Paul
Marcinkus, head of the Vatican Bank, and Walter J. Cummings, Jr.,
Chief  Judge  of  the   U.S.   Court  of  Appeals,  7th  Circuit,
headquartered in Chicago.  Cummings and  his  family  have  been,
according to the financial disclosures required of members of the
judiciary,  major  owners  of  the Continental Bank of Chicago, a
major  depository  for  the  Vatican  as  well  as  the commodity
exchanges and markets in Chicago.  Fong has been in a position to
have inside information as to the soybean deals, in the  billions
of   dollars,   used   to   disguise  dope  funds  from  Arkansas
incriminating Bill and  Hillary  Clinton.   Fong  has had a close
link with Stein, Roe & Farnham, at one time the brokerage for the
   Fong  reportedly kept track of the top U.S. military official,
from West  Lafayette,  Indiana,  who  headed  up  a  coup attempt
against  Commander-in-Chief  Clinton  and  who  perished   in   a
sabotaged  plane crash, killing an entire group of coup-plotters,
April 17, 1995, near Alexander City, Alabama (near a secret Delta
Force base).  Some contend snuffing out the coup had some link to
the Oklahoma City bombings, two  days  later, April 19, 1995, and
that weekend, April 22,  1995,  Independent  Counsel  Kenneth  W.
Starr  made  apparently his first entrance into the Clinton White
House to take the deposition of the President and the First Lady.
   Although Fong  is  part  of  the  team  herein mentioned, with
Meeker, John Brown, Gary Collins, and others, from time  to  time
they  appear  or pretend to be on the outs with one another.  For
example, Fong claims Gary  Collins  called  Fong on the phone and
threatened to murder him; apparently some kind  of  shakedown  by
John Brown and Gary Collins.  Fong, for some acquaintances, plays
a purported audio tape recording that appears to be, in fact, the
voice of Gary Collins.
   Fong has a form of laboratory  in  his basement where he is an
expert at creating fake documents..  He is in a position to create
so-called "documents" for or against Bill Clinton or Al Gore, for
use by the team members.  As the apparent head, in the  U.S.,  of
Te  Wu,  Fong is in a position to get purported inside data to be
used to supposedly incriminate  Al  Gore on alleged oriental-type
scandals.  And to combine that with fabricated documents to  make
it all appear to be a genuine scandal against Gore.
   Fong's expertise in claiming to have "genuine" tapes, records,
and  documents, are set forth in an extremely lengthy decision by
a federal  district  judge,  published  in  a  law  court report,
available  in  law  libraries:   Francis  K.  Fong  vs.    Purdue
University,  692  Federal  Supplement  930  (U.S. District Court,
Northern District of Indiana, Hammond at Lafayette Division, Aug.
10, 1988).  The printed  decision  goes  on  to  page 968 in that
   Fong's wife works as a purported volunteer  for  a  foundation
reportedly linked to the American CIA, the Wildlife Foundation.
   Fong's brother heads up an Oriental Museum linked to Princeton
University.   Fong  keeps track of the money laundering through a
riverboat gambling casino in Joliet,  Illinois (a south suburb of
Chicago), of "China White," high-purity heroin  from  South  West
China,  flooding  into  the  United States through small airports
surrounding Chicago, including the  Joliet Municipal Airport; the
Lansing,  Illinois  Airport   (another   suburb);   and   through
Pal-Waukee  Airport,  near  Prospect  Heights,  Illinois (a north
suburb of Chicago).
   Fong's business partner, Bishop  Paul Marcinkus, while head of
the Vatican Bank, also  was  the  dominant  force  running  First
National Bank of Cicero (Cicero being a long-known Mafia enclave,
adjacent  to  Chicago).  The Cicero bank, together with Household
International and Household Bank, were the ones that arranged the
secret transfer  of  50  million  dollars  of  federal funds from
Chicago to Little Rock, and thence to a known dope money  laundry
in  the  Caribbean  and  thence  to Swiss accounts.  All, for the
purpose  of  attempting  to  cover  up  the  47  million  dollars
embezzled from Madison Guaranty  Savings  &  Loan, for which Bill
and Hillary are  subject  to  federal  criminal  prosecution  and

JAMES R.  VASSILOS:   Divorced  from  his  wife  who  is  part of
Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) and AMRO  Bank,  8th  largest  bank
chain  in  Europe,  now  actively gobbling up banks in most major
cities in the U.S. Vassilos is a money laundry expert through his
ex-brother-in-law, Theo Bark,  a  director of ABN-AMRO.  Vassilos
was disbarred in Illinois in May, 1993, for, among other  things,
cheating  his  clients  in  personal injury cases.  Despite that,
Vassilos travels around  the  nation,  purporting  to be the *pro
bono* (for free) attorney for CIA pilots who get in trouble,  CIA
covert  operators  who  get  in  trouble,  and  such.  He was the
purported legal advisor for Charles  Hayes, another member of the
"destroy Gore" team.   Hayes,  from  the  small  town  of  Nancy,
Kentucky,  was  found guilty about February, 1997, of arranging a
murder contract against his  estranged  son in a probate dispute.
The key witness against Hayes  was  Lawrence  W.  Myers,  an  FBI
undercover operative.
   Vassilos  is viciously "anti-Socialist," and "anti-Communist."
He regularly travels the  route  around  the  nation to the other
team members, staying  at  their  residence:   Francis  K.  Fong,
Charles  Hayes,  John  Brown,  and  others.   With  the  help  of
Vassilos,  the  team  hopes to slow down the downfall of Clinton,
while they go about destroying the  one they perceive as a closet
"Communist," Al Gore, unfit in their view to become the President
upon the wreckage of Clinton.  Vassilos  mouths  off  most  every
word "Jesus Christ."  For the purpose  of  running  an  espionage
front,  for  many  years  Vassilos,  with the help of team member
Michael Tario, ran the  Chicagoland  version of the "National Day
of Prayer."
   Vassilos' live-in girl friend is Shirley Sitrick, once married
to a member of the Sitrick family.  Her  brother-in-law,  Michael
Sitrick,  is  into  crisis  management, Los Angeles, Chicago, New
York, and apparently has a  link  to Fred Goldman, an advertising
executive, father of Ron Goldman, slain along with  Nicole  Brown
Simpson.    In   her   divorce   case,   she   contended  another
brother-in-law in the  Sitrick  family  was  a  member of Israeli
   Vassilos apparently makes the financial arrangements  to  keep
the  "destroy  Gore"  team  going.   He reportedly has vast sums,
skimmed off various scams by  him  and others, parked with small,
downstate Indiana banks.  Vassilos  goes  directly  to  the  bank
president's  home  of  such  banks  and  transacts  right  there.
Primarily  with  banks that do not keep microfilm records of past
   Vassilos is a close associate of Dan Walker, Sr., who was sent
to jail in the  downfall  of  a  Savings  &  Loan, in Oakbrook, a
Chicago suburb.  The S&L was wrecked by bond  schemes  from  Bill
Clinton's  dope  crony,  Dan  Lasater.  Hillary Clinton and Vince
Foster, as  lawyers,  were  brought  in  by  the Resolution Trust
Corp., the S&L bailout agency, to  handle  the  affairs  of  this
defunct  S&L. According to published accounts, Hillary and Foster
falsely settled the matter  for  a  mere pittance, defrauding the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.  The major  outside  counsel  for
RTC  has  been Hopkins & Sutter, of which Tario's brother-in-law,
Dan Hartnett, is a partner.
   Vassilos is an expert  on  how  to  speed  up or slow down the
Clinton scandal, so as to give the team more time to set about to
destroy Al Gore.

MICHAEL J. TARIO:  He and his associates in the late  1970s  were
the  brokers,  fixers,  and  scam  experts for the Pope's banker,
Michele  Sindona,  a  leading  so-called  "anti-communist."  They
transacted on the American Stock Exchange and elsewhere.
   Background reading:  "St. Peter's Banker:  Michele Sindona" by
Luigi DiFonzo (Franklin Watts, 1983, New York,  London,  Toronto,
   Together  with  Mark  Sato  (later  detailed),  they  fingered
several  Jews  who were big in supporting Israel:  Michael Milken
and  Ivan  Boesky.   Tario  and  Sato,  both  part  of  the  team
mentioned,  are  viciously   anti-Israel   and  oppose  Gore  who
apparently favors Israel.
   As an IBM systems analyst and engineer, Mark Sato set  up  the
computer  that  took  the  Midwest Stock Exchange (now called the
Chicago Stock Exchange)  from  paper  records  to computer record
keeping, 1978.  Built into the  system  was  a  way  for  certain
exchange officials to skim off hundreds of millions of dollars by
phantom  records  (from 1987 to date, the subject of a lawsuit in
the Chancery Division, of Cook  County Circuit Court, against the
Midwest Stock Exchange).
   Tario has inside connections to cabinet members in  Tokyo  and
Rome.  This enables Tario to be a  highly  "successful"  currency
and  other  instrument  trader.  From 1988 to 1992, Tario was the
president of Lashco, Inc. and LCO Trading Company, trading on the
major exchanges.  The  Chief  Executive  Officer  of these firms,
Lance W. Shields, locked  Tario  out  of  the  company  in  1992,
contending  Tario  was  skimming  off funds through the computer;
Tario, in  turn,  accused  Shields  of  secretly  setting  up the
computer for  "front  running"  the  firm's  clients,  apparently
cheating the clients of vast sums of money.

MARK SATO:  After fingering and setting  up  Michael  Milken  and
Ivan   Boesky,  Sato  apparently  became  an  FBI  informant  and
provocateur.  He poses  as  a  purported "illegal tax protester."
He specializes in  supposedly  setting  up  Bahamian  trusts  for
runaway money.  Does the money somehow fall into the hands of the
   As  a  computer  analyst and engineer, Sato set up most of the
computers for commodity brokers on LaSalle Street in Chicago.  He
apparently aided  the  Japanese  in  efforts  by  them  to get an
armlock  on  the  Chicago  markets  in  the   early   1980s.    A
knowledgeable  intelligence  operative contended that Sato worked
off and on for the Japanese secret police in the U.S. Since there
are apparent efforts by the  team  to  scandalize Al Gore on some
"oriental" matter, Sato is the perfect one  to  assist  Vassilos,
Meeker,  Fong,  and others to slow down the Clinton scandal while
they set about to wreck or try to wreck Al Gore.
   Viciously anti-Israel and anti-Jew,  Sato  is a natural member
of the "get Gore" team.  Sato has a good handle  on  the  soybean
dealings used to disguise dope money.  He once publicly ridiculed
a  commodity  expert  on  the  dope  question,  by  way  of  Sato
preserving his "cover."

Most   of   the   foregoing   team  members  are  intermediaries,
investigators, and compilers of  data for the Independent Counsel
Kenneth W. Starr.  They spread disinformation to  slow  down  the
Clinton  scandals  while they set about to wreck Al Gore who they
perceive as being unpatriotic  and  unfit to replace Clinton.  In
their  work,  the  team  members  engage  in  extreme  extortion,
shake-downs, and blackmail.  Tens of thousands of pages have been
compiled on their dirty work which  is  allowed,  permitted,  and
condoned  by Starr and his cronies.  This team is not the visible
group of lawyers as  assistant  prosecutors  written about in the
press from time to time  {1}.   Charles  Hayes,  once  of  Nancy,
Kentucky,   apparently  arranged  or  was  about  to  arrange  to
fabricate records with the use  of  computers  to try to frame Al
Gore.  Hayes relied heavily on  team  member  Fong  for  document
faking.   Hayes,  among  the team members, refers to Fong as "the

Putting the  finger,  publicly,  on  this  team  of blackmailers,
extortionists, and gangster business  arrangers,  would  tend  to
force Starr to proceed full speed ahead against Clinton and wreck
the schemes of the "get Gore" team.

This  report  is  backed  up  by  a  virtual  warehouse of tapes,
records, and reports which are here just summarized.

---------------------------<< NOTES>>---------------------------
{1} Besides his team of lawyers, Starr's team (not to be confused
with  the  alleged  team mentioned above) reportedly includes 150

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Subject:  Government Used False CIA Affidavits Against Charles Hayes
From: "J. Orlin Grabbe" 
Date:  Sat, 22 Feb 1997 21:07:50 -0800
Message-ID:  <330FD0A6.2E9A@ACI.NET>
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 Government Used False CIA Affidavits
  Against Charles Hayes, Defense Says

	  by J. Orlin Grabbe

     As I have previously reported, the
U.S.  Attorney's office for the Eastern
District of Kentucky--which had charged
Charles   Hayes  in  a  murder-for-hire
scheme--displayed as its chief  witness
a  convicted  felon and  former  mental
patient  named  Lawrence Myers  (a.k.a.
Meyers), who is also a one-time  writer
for Media Bypass magazine.

     Myers--an author of books on bomb-
making,  and one of the few journalists
the  government  allowed  to  interview
accused  Oklahoma City  bomber  Timothy
McVeigh--tried to extort $5,000 from  a
former  roommate  who  was  homosexual,
according to California police  reports
from  1985.  These reports also say  he
called  up  police,  admitted  to   the
extortion, and said he would  kill  the
person  anyway, even if the  individual
paid the $5,000, because--Myers claimed
to  police--the  man deserved  to  die.
Myers  told police he needed the  money
to   finance   his   campaign   against
homosexuals  and drug  dealers  in  the

      The  U.S. Attorney's office  also
offered as witness against Hayes an FBI
Agent  named David Keller, who  claimed
that  J. Orlin Grabbe and Charles Hayes
were  probably  the same  person.  This
false identification was used  by  U.S.
Magistrate Judge J. B. Johnson Jr. as a
basis  for  denying bail to Hayes.  FBI
Agent   Keller  is  said   by   defense
investigators to be a former member  of
a  gang  called  "The  Outlaws,"  among
whom,  gang  members say, he  used  and
sold heroin while informing on them for
the FBI.

      During the trial Hayes cited  his
CIA  background  and testified  to  his
recent activities in conjunction with a
group  of  computer hackers called  the
Fifth   Column  in  probing  government
corruption, including corruption of the
FBI and the Department of Justice.

      But the Prosecution claimed Hayes
was "living in a fantasy world" and had
no    credibility,   by   contrast   to
government witnesses Lawrence Myers and
David  Keller.   To  prove  this,   the
Prosecution introduced two letters from
the  CIA which seemed to indicate Hayes
had never worked for them.

      Now  the  Hayes' defense  charges
these affidavits were false.  Moreover,
the defense charges, government witness
Lawrence   Myers  had  been  previously
rejected  as  an FBI informant,  noting
that  "This  rejection is  significant,
considering  that  the  FBI   regularly
accepts drug dealers, con men and worse
as informants."

      The  following  report  from  the
Associated Press is dated February  22,

      Hayes seeks new murder-for-
	      hire trial

     Says government used fake CIA

	    LONDON,   Ky.--A   man
     convicted of trying  to  have
     his son killed says he should
     get  a new trial because  the
     government  used   fake   CIA
     affidavits against him.

	   Chuck  Hayes of Pulaski
     County filed his motion for a
     new  trial yesterday in  U.S.
     District Court.  He also said
     he  should  get a  new  trial
     because  prosecutors withheld
     evidence   that  would   have
     discredited  Lawrence  Myers,
     one of their key witnesses.

	   Hayes  claims he  is  a
     former   CIA  operative   who
     enjoyed  playing  mind  games
     with  the  FBI.  He tried  to
     use  that  defense against  a
     charge he hired a hit man  to
     kill  his son, with  whom  he
     was engaged in an inheritance

	   But federal prosecutors
     introduced   affidavits    at
     trial in which the CIA denied
     any  association with  Hayes.
     The  motion for a  new  trial
     said   the  affidavits   were
     false,       were       never
     authenticated and should  not
     have   been   admitted   into

	   "On  the second day  of
     trial,     one     of     the
     government's  own   witnesses
     talking   about  Mr.   Hayes'
     connection  with the  CIA,  a
     fact crucial to his defense,"
     the motion said.

	    "The  affidavits   are
     wrong,  and  the defense  was
     denied  the  opportunity   to
     prove they were false and did
     not  meet  the authentication
     and     hearsay     admission
     requirements of  the  Federal
     Rules  of  Evidence."   Hayes
     also  claims the  FBI  didn't
     use   his   fingerprints   or
     undercover name to  find  out
     if  he really worked for  the

	  As for Myers, a reporter
     for  an alternative magazine,
     from  Evansville, Ind., Hayes
     said  the  jury  should  have
     been  allowed to  hear  about
     how Myers was discharged from
     the  military  for  a  mental
     condition  and  how  the  FBI
     refused to take him on  as  a
     paid informant.

	  "Whatever they had, they
     would  not  accept  him   and
     their  decision that  he  was
     not  reliable  is  additional
     exculpatory   evidence    not
     provided fully or in time for
     use  in preparing the defense
     case  for trial," the  motion
     said.   "This  rejection   is
     significant, considering that
     the   FBI  regularly  accepts
     drug  dealers,  con  men  and
     worse as informants."

	    Hayes  is  being  held
     without   bond  pending   his
     sentencing on May 2.

February 22, 1997
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