Hemp News

Wire stories on hemp and drug policy issues,
compiled from late 1992 through 1995 by Paul Stanford,
a chief petitioner for the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act
and president of the (now-defunct) Tree Free EcoPaper.

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Hemp News No. 1                    59,000

Nov. 10, 1992, through Feb. 18, 1993 Judge to Decide on Probation
Termination; Dutch Premier Slams French Minister for Drugs; Designer
Cannabis Gives Dutch Officials a Headache; Corrections Investigating Drug
Overdose; Federal Agents Arrest Wrong Person; Dutch Police Swoop on Drug-
Peddling Coffee Shops; Pinckney Man Sent to Prison for 7 Years for Growing;
Tugboat Union Head, Daughter Charged with Selling Pot; Anti-Oregano; Man
Indicted on Drug Charges; Chesterton Man Arrested on Marijuana Charges;
Marijuana-Birds; For Ex-Defendant, The Nightmare Continues; As Rasta Culture
Spreads, Faith May Be Waning; Parish Apologizes for Marijuana Charges; Drug
Forfeiture; Australian Farmers Given A Legal Taste Of Cannabis; British
Farmers To Grow Cannabis - Legally; Valentine Day Massacre; Vancouver Called
Hothouse for Gourmet Marijuana; City Official Arrested; Court Upholds Ban on
Marijuana Medicinal Use. Text file

Hemp News No. 2                     2,880

Feb. 20 and Feb. 21, 1993 Clinton Urges U.S.-Central American Unity in
Drug War; Police Question American Professor Over Marijuana. Text file

Hemp News No. 3                    64,700

Feb. 28 through March 30, 1993 Truce in Needle Park - Time to End the Drug
War; Drugs in the EC; Ganja Wars; Eleven Killed in Stampede on Festival of
Color; Police Officer's Home Scene of Drug Bust; Erie Man Sentenced for
Drugs, Money Laundering; Cop Shot on Lower East Side; Dutch Conference to
Argue for Soft Policy on Drugs; Former FSU Football Star Arrested on Bribery
Charges; Liberal Dutch Policy May be the Best Way to Combat Abuse; Club
Owner Charged in Huge Marijuana Growing Operation; Goshen Man Indicted in
Drug Conspiracy; Justices to Review Government Drug Seizure Authority; Three
Talents; untitled [Two prisoners charged ...]; State Lawmaker Proclaims
Innocence in Valley Drug Case; Canadian Leadership Candidate Says She Smoked
Pot; Man Gets Seven Years for Pot Farm; D.A. Says Drug Raid Lacked Legal
Justification; 'Benign Neglect' Means Danger; untitled [Prosecutor Asks
Dismissal of Marijuana Charges Against Epileptic]. Text file

Hemp News No. 4                    34,200

March 31 through April 6, 1993 Jury Convicts Three in Drug Distribution,
Money Laundering Scheme; Drug Testing in 85 Per Cent of All U.S. Companies -
Survey; Russian Connection; Authorities Seize Drug-stuffed Bunny; Court
Reinstates Wrongful Termination Suit Against PG&E; Authorities Mull Asset
Forfeiture Laws in Wake of Killing; Australians Test Paper Made From
Marijuana; Tasmania Mills Test Hemp Fibre in Papermaking; Indiana
Authorities Continue Marijuana Eradication; DPS Officer Fatally Shoots Man
in Struggle; UNICOR's Use Of Prison Labor For Private Buisiness Has Wide
Ranging Rights and Social Implications; untitled [article from
Diatribe]. Text file

Hemp News No. 5                    24,200

April 8 through April 19, 1993 Daughter Charges Wrongful Death in
Millionaire's Shooting; Judge Rules Drug Tax 'Double Jeopardy'; Philippine
Police Burn Marijuana Crop; Alleged Drug Traffickers Kill Six in Mexico;
Five Indicted on Drug Charges; Grenada Drops Drug Charges Against Pakistani
Cricket Players; Teens and Drugs-Glance; Brothers Who Grew Pot for
"Religious Reasons" Sentenced to Probation; Hundreds Gather to Mark LSD's 
50th Anniversary; Next Train at Platform One The Disco Express; Drug Money;
Scotus-Reservation Crimes. Text file

Hemp News No. 6                     14,000

April 23 through May 1, 1993 Pot Activists Push Agriculture, Medical Uses
of Plant; Customs Seizes Marijuana, Mothership; Lawyers Oppose Drug Tax in
Rare Hearing; Masel says Weedstock Will Go On; Prosecutor's Grant of
Immunity Gone to Pot; Wife of Former Indianapolis 500 Racer Randy Lanier
Sentenced to Nine Years; Syria Steps Up Fight Against Drugs; Juror's Key.
Text file

Hemp News No. 7                     32,300

May 2 through May 11, 1993 Judge to Ask Clinton to Legalize Drugs; Bill
Restricting Forfeiture Before Senate Committee; Dethrone the Drug Czar;
Controversy over U.S. Drug-Sentencing Rules Reaches New High; Rancher-Drug
Operation; Commonwealth of Independent States - New Colombia; Drug
Trafficking on the Increase in Russia; untitled [bulletin on mandatory
minimums and what to do about them from the Cannabis Reform Coalition at the
University of Massachusetts at Amherst]. Text file

Hemp News No. 8                    27,200

May 12 through May 24, 1993 Police Arrest Three for Hauling Marijuana with
Patient in Ambulance; Raid Nets 96 Marijuana Plants; Barney Blasts
Authorities; untitled [Long Beach Press-Telegram editorial]; $5 Million in
Drug-tainted Cash Seized; Ancient Marijuana; Weekend Rally to Raise Money
for Weedstock Defense; Financial Officer Charged with Cultivation Takes
Early Retirement; Deputy Charged With Supplying Drugs to Inmates; Another
Day in Court for Forfeiture Case; Consumer Protection for Marijuana Users
Has Sharp Teeth; Medicine - Use of Marijuana in Childbirth; untitled [David
Lee Roth Off the Hook]. Text file

Hemp News No. 9                    34,400

May 26 through June 9, 1993 Texas Man Arrested with Marijuana; Opium Is
Colombia's Number One Illicit Crop - U.N.; Man Sentenced for Marijuana
Farm; L.A. Man Arrested with $30,000 Worth of Marijuana; Five Defendants to
be Sentenced for Marijuana Trafficking; untitled [Amsterdam Coffee Shops
Feel the Heat]; Judge Rescinds Weedstock Ban; 103 arrests reported at
'Weedstock'; Weedstock; Colombian Central Banker Caught With Marijuana in
Luggage; untitled [Report on Weedstock]; Drug Dog Killing; Border Tunnel;
Inviting Arrest; Crew Ditches 7,217 Pounds of Marijauna; Pot Smokers Run
Risk of Illness, Injury, Study Shows; Fast-living Drug Buyer Nabbed at Fed-
Ex Counter; Computer Groups Mark National Computer Virus Awareness Day; Man
Arrested After Advertising Marijuana Trade; Psychemedics Cocaine Tests of
Employees' Hair. Text file

Hemp News No. 10                   46,100

June 10 through June 30, 1993 Anti-drug Programs Needed in High Schools,
Researchers Say; Pot Smokers Run Risk of Illness, Injury, Study Shows;
Traffickers Take On Salinas in Court; Smuggler Appointed; Drug Agents Find
Two Tons of Marijuana in Cargo of Frozen Spinach; Drug Seizures; Lebanon-
Narcotics; Hyde Proposes Changes in Property Seizure Law; untitled
[Schwarzenegger Inhaled]; Ginsburg-Writings; Seven Arrested in Pot Bust;
Madera County Rewarded for Big Pot Bust; Agents Net 1,935 Pot Plants,
$37,300 in Cash; Thirty Arrested in Alleged Drug Ring; National Briefs
[Brett Kimberlin]; Troops Destroy Cannabis Fields in Eastern Lebanon; Drug
Use; Court Rules DPS Roadblock Unconstitutional; Lawyer Says Parole Board
Broke Its Own Rules; EC to Aid Lebanon in Drugs Crackdown; Mixed Reaction to
Evidence Ruling; Drug Dogs Don't Violate Fourth Amendment; Ex-Miss World
Arrested for Drugs Possession; Amsterdam Hash Cafes Asked to Stop Sales.
Text file

Hemp News No. 11                   22,800

July 1 through July 18, 1993 Caught With Marijuana, Bank Director Quits;
untitled [forfeiture editorial]; Drug War Locks Up Prisons - Tough U.S.
Penalties Crowd Florida Complex; Vegetable Bust; Ireland-Drugs; Court Rules
in Tax Assessment Case; Man Convicted of Marijuana Charge; Drop in Student
Drug Use Halts - Study; Former Sheriff Convicted of Drug Conspiracy; Mayor's
Mouth. Text file

Hemp News No. 12                   53,900

July 20 through August 2, 1993 AIDS Patient Who Was Allowed to Smoke Pot
Dies; Netherlands-Drugs; Rocker Mellencamp's Brother Arrested; Puerto Rico-
Drug Raids; U.S. to Carry Out  Anti-Drugs Sweep in Paraguay; Drug Sweep
Results in 23 Arrests; State Legislator Acquitted on Drug Charge; Man
Sentenced for Marijuana Farm; Britain, Colombia Sign Accord on Drug Assets;
California Man Faces Drug Charges; Former Policeman Acquitted in Slaying; 6
Prison Workers Quit in Probe; Even Rats Get 'High' in Philippines; Survey
Says Fewer Teens Using Drugs; untitled [Aykroyd posts bail for cultivator];
Mendocino DA Not to Prosecute Certain Misdemeanors; Committee Refuses to
Reinstate Former Judge's License; Mexico-Drugs; Judge Will Reconsider Drug
Dealer's Life Sentence; Pam Davis; German Woman Held in China on Drug
Charges; untitled fragment [Appeals Court Rules Police Can't Use Child]; IU
Survey Shows Decrease in Drug Use Except for Marijuana. Text file

Hemp News No. 13                    41,000

August 5 through August 10, 1993 Topeka Shooting; Two Dead, Five Injured
in Courthouse Shootings, Explosions; Former Officer Pleads Guilty to Drug
Charge; Topeka Shooting; Court System Was Target of Topeka Gunman, FBI Says;
Guatemala-U.S. Operation Destroys Marijuana Fields; State Officials Seek to
Derail Religious Rights Measure; Bad Money and the Bar - Can Defense Lawyers
Keep Drug Dealers' Dirty Cash? Famed Attorney Charged in Laundering Case;
Ohio Pot Bust Nets New York City Man; New Cocaine Road; Pot Field Shooting.
Text file

Hemp News No. 14                   21,300

Aug. 12 through 26, 1993 Drug Raid Nets Over 1,000 Marijuana Plants;
Teacher-Marijuana; Smoking Pot Increases Risk of Pneumonia for HIV-Infected;
Turkish Police Seize Hashish, Marijuana Plants; Search for Missing Man Turns
Up Pot Farm in Mass; Drug Swallowing Smuggler Bagged in Japan; Noriega to
Serve 40 Years at Miami Prison; Cannabis Research Opens a New Window on the
Brain; Court Pot; Police Hack Down $1.5M worth of marijuana in Mass.; Body
Found in Marijuana Field; Dead-Drugs; High Tech Pot Farm Designed After
Disney; Police Seize Drug Donkeys High in the Hills; Strip Searches; Violent
Morning in Willits; 60-Year-Old Woman Charged With Growing Marijuana.
Text file

Hemp News No. 15                    52,300

Aug. 27 through Sept. 16, 1993 NORML Busts DEA Hydro-Tech Sting;
Netherlands-Netherweed; Elderly Grower; Grandfather Grower; Colombia Ex-
Central Banker Jailed on Drug Charge; Asset Forfeiture Money Goes to
Sheriffs; Marijuana-Indictment; Man Sentenced for Smuggling Marijuana to
Jail; Police Raid Home Pot Farm in Mass.; Publishing Company Accepts
Resignation of Movie Mogul; Violence Increases in Marijuana Fields; untitled
[Medical Marijuana News Conference]; Drug Conviction Reversed; Pot Plants
Tossed at Dump; Jail Drug Ring Broken Up in Butte County; Three Arrested,
5,000 Pounds of Marijuana Seized; Quayle-Prisoner; Reno Says FBI and DEA
Duplicate Efforts; Drug Use; Builder Sentenced in Drug Case; Drug Agents
Arrest 4, Seize 7,000 Pounds of Marijuana; Police Uncover Marijuana Garden;
Drug Use; Pentagon Re-thinking its Drug War Priorities; Drug Strategy;
Toledo Drug Ring Exposed; U.S. Considers Shift in Drug War; Military
Interdiction Called a Failure. Text file

Hemp News No. 16                   65,700

Sept. 18 through Oct. 6, 1993 Pot Customs; Cuba, U.S. Cooperate in Drug
Case; Marijuana Crop Discovered in Forest; War Over the Drug War; More
Marijuana Plants Found in Lassen Forest; Schmoke Won't Run for Md.
Governor - Baltimore Mayor, Despite Strong Support, Will Seek 3rd Term
Instead; Movie Campaign; AP Arts - Film Review-Dazed and Confused; Bumper
Marijuana Crop Increases Violence; Series of Marijuana Raids Leads to Two
Arrests; Driver of Ambulance Carrying Marijuana Sentenced to Prison; Pot
Protest Planned for Madison; Survey - 42 Percent Believe War on Drugs 'Lost';
Justice Merger; Supreme Court to Decide Legality of Taxes on Illegal Drugs;
Reno Readies DEA-FBI Merger Proposal Recommendation; Marijuana Harvest Keeps
Cops Busy; Justice Department Considers Its Own Antidrug Overseer; Tehama
County's Makes Huge Drug Bust; Sheriff-Drugs; Drug Squad Swoops on Cannabis
Cookies; It's Time to Get Real About Guns and Drugs [Mayor Schmoke]; Drug
Search Upheld; Property Seizure; Drug Proceeds; Agent, 9 Others Arrested in
Drug Smuggling Sweep; Road Crew Bags $6,000 of Pot; Daybook-6 [Victoria
Sellers Busted]; Court Asked to Require Notice In Anti-Drug Property
Seizures - Justices to Hear Arguments Today in Hawaii Case. Text file

Hemp News No. 17                   70,700

Oct. 9 through 23, 1993 Couple Draws Life Sentence for Possession of Gift-
Wrapped Drugs; Drug Bust-Disney Trip; Quayle Prisoner; Medicinal Pot Defense
Launched; Troopers Seize Marijuana; Marijuana Lost; Drug Fugitive Arrested
in Guatemala; "The Big White Lie," by Michael Levine; Washington State Cop
Charged With Drug Smuggling; Drugs-Congress; EP Committee Debates
Legalisation of Drugs, Press Freedom; Jury Gives Go Ahead for AIDS Sufferer
to Use Marijuana; HIV Pot User Cleared With Medicinal Defense; Marijuana
Makes a Comeback - Arrests Here Are Up by 19% for Drug That Was on the Wane;
Four Swedes Held on Federal Drug Charges; Foiled Escape; Dutch May Ban Sale
of Marijuana to Foreigners; Drug Plan; Reno, in Speech, Says She Opposes DEA-
FBI Merger; Federal Agents Seize 10 Tons of Marijuana; untitled  [Victoria
Sellers Pleads No Contest]; FBI-DEA; Reno Proposes Coordinator for Law
Enforcement, DEA Survives; U.S. Attorney General Rejects FBI-Drug Agency
Merger; Dutch Say No More Marijuana for Foreigners; Netherlands-Drugs; Reno
Appoints Freeh Peacemaker at Justice; Drugs and Music; U.S. Drug Czar Plans
Attack on Domestic Use; The Guard Isn't the City's Answer. Text file

Hemp News No. 18                   62,100

Oct. 26 through Nov. 29, 1993 Police Ponder Case Against Alleged "Robin
Hood" Drug Dealer;  Pro-Pot Group Overcomes Objections and Adopts Road;
untitled [Albuquerque Journal Editorial]; Mexican Police Seize 11 Tons of
Marijuana; Call on Love, Not Guards, To Help D.C.; Measure Backs
Legalization of Marijuana; Four Arrested in Drug Bust; U.S. Military Changes
Role In War On Drugs; White House-Virus; DEA Chief Steps Down; White House
Shows "Absence of Leadership" on Nation's Drug Problems; Departing DEA Chief
Has Harsh Words for Clinton Anti-Drug Policy; untitled [Justice Department
Appeals Judge's Decision]; Jail Raid; Driveways Off Limits Without Warrant;
Judge to Decide on Probation Termination; Drug Dealing Suspected in Shooting
Deaths of Two Women; Berekely Man Indicted in Pot Forest; Helicopter Crash;
Lite-Drug-Sniffing Pig; Danish Hippie Colony Thrives as "Paradise For
Losers"; Proposal to Merge Firearms Bureau Into FBI Is Scrapped; Netherlands-
Pot Purity; Colombia Should Legalize Drugs - Top Official; Drug-Alcohol
Intervention. Text file

Hemp News No. 19                   93,900

Feb. 16 through April 15, 1994 Bloomington Sees Record Pot Bust, Makes
Marijuana a Ticketable Offense; Medical Marijuana; untitled  [Allen Ginsberg
Retrospective]; San Diego Favors Lifting Ban on Medical Marijuana Use; Strip
Searches; Grandparents Caught With 100 Pounds of Pot; Eight Indicted on Drug
Charges; Chiropractor Who Grew Pot For Patient Convicted; War On Drugs A
Failure, Says Colombian Law Official; untitled [Dr. Hook Pot Bust]; U.N.
Agency Rejects Any Legalization Of Abuse Drugs; Colombia To Shoot Down Drug
Planes - Minister; Chicago Alderman Proposes Decriminalizing Pot; New Age
Hippies Follow Old Drug, Sex Trail To Goa; Gubernatorial Candidates Wary of
Inmate Early Release Programs; Ranch Raid; One Of "15 Most Wanted" Fugitives
Nabbed In Oregon; Canadian Government Wants To Allow Hemp Farming Again;
Canadian Government Wants to Allow Hemp Farming Again; Two Spartans
Arraigned For Selling Dope; Housekeeping-Drugs; Enforcement Sought At 'Hash-
Bash'; Drug Sales Tax; 69 Arrested At Michigan's Hash Bash; Views On
Marijuana Clash in Lansing; Little Debbie Makers Fuming At Little Doobie
Shirts; Drug Sentence Of Former DA Upheld; Little Debbie; Ambassador's Sons
Charged With Marijuana Smuggling; Dutch Leader Cuts Short Jakarta Visit;
untitled [Wesley Snipes Incident]; Dutch Official Admits Drug Probe Errors;
California Cash; Mitchell, Cabranes Said to Top High Court List; Senate
Majority Leader, Hispanic Judge Offer Clinton Choices on Opposite Ends of
Spectrum; Drug Ads; Danish Illegal Hash Traders End Drugs Law Protest;
Survey Finds Teens See Little Risk in Occasional Drug Use; Marijuana - A
Cambodian Surprise For Tourists; Puerto Rico-Drugs; Moroccan Police Seize
1.6 Tonnes of Cannabis; Elderly-Drugs; Schoolchildren Claim Right To Carry
Knives. Text file

Hemp News No. 20                   87,700

April 16 through May 9, 1994 untitled [College Students in Survey Favor
Legalization]; Irish Farmers Seek Permission To Grow Cannabis; Crime Bill;
untitled [Three Strikes]; untitled [Alice in Chains Member Sentenced for
Pot, Theft]; Firefighters Discover Marijuana; Clinton Talks to Teenagers
About Guns and Music; Smelly Deposit; Around the Statehouse; Cocaine-Double
Agent; German, Swiss Could Face Death Penalty; S. Africa's Soccer Party
Pledges Sex and Drugs; untitled [Memory Lapse?]; Darmstadt Verbietet
Geplantes "Haschisch-Wochenende"; PharmChem Reports Improved First Quarter
Results; European Drug Agency Launched; Sheriff Sentenced; AP Arts - High
Times 20th; German Supreme Court Loosens Anti-Hashish Laws; Karlsruhe -
Haschisch-Erwerb in Geringen Mengen Straffrei; Karlsruhe lockert Haschisch-
Verbot; Student Drug Use and Abuse Grows; Switzerland-Money Laundering;
German Officials, Police Split Over Hashish Ruling; German Conservatives Say
"No" To Pro-Hashish Ruling; Unionspolitiker kritisieren Haschisch-Urteil -
Kriminalbeamte - Nach Haschisch Auch Einbruch Freigeben? - Warnung vor
Drogen im Verkehr; Unionspolitiker kritisieren Haschisch-Urteil; Aids-Hilfe
Begruesst Haschisch-Urteil - Strafrechtler fuer Freigabe; Tyler Seeks
Extradition of Louisiana Man for Possessing Hemp Seed; Karlsruher
Haschisch-Urteil Weiter Umstritten; untitled [49 Lbs. of Pot Found in Grupo
Mazz Truck]; U.S. Seeks Freezing of Thai Politician's Assets; Court Nixes
Drug Tests for Prep Athletes; Keine Einigung Der Laender-Justizminister
Ueber Umgang Mit Karlsruher Haschischurteil - Seehofer Rechnet Mit Loesung
"In Einiger Zeit"; German Government Denies Court Legalized Drugs; Seehofer
Versucht Erwartungen Nach Haschisch-Urteil Zu Daempfen - "Kein Recht Auf
Rausch" - Laender Muessen Richtschnur Festlegen; Interpol To Help East
Europe Police Fight Crime; Thai MP Denies Drug Charges; Colombia-Drugs;
Barney Trial; Colombian President Rejects Drug Ruling; untitled [Ken Kesey
Addresses Springfield High School Students]; Colombia-Drugs; Marijuana Pipe;
Colombia-Drugs. Text file

Hemp News No. 21                   37,000

May 10 through May 18, 1994 Singer Willie Nelson Arrested on Marijuana
Charge; Drug Use in U.S. On Rise, Government Says; Helpful Jurors; Thai
Politician in Drug Scandal Faces Expulsion; U.S. Offers To Assist Thai
Politician's Travel; Morocco Seizes More Than a Tonne of Hashish; Thai Pot
Smuggled To Poland Ends Up Back In Bangkok; Rodham Qualifies; Senior Citizen
Jailed For Pot Growing; untitled [Singapore Hangs 6 for Drugs]; Singapore
Hangs Six Malaysian Drug Traffickers; Stronger British Drug Law Faces Many
Critics; Festnahmen Bei Verbotenem Haschisch-Happening - Einer Hatte 436
Gramm Dabei - "Das Geht Ja Wohl Ueber Den Eigengebrauch Deutlich Hinaus";
Koalition Beschaeftigt Sich Mit Karlsruher "Haschisch-Urteil" - Lintner - NRW
- Beschluss Unverantwortlich; Capriati Arrested; Germany Rejects Drug
Decriminalization; Romania Police Claim Inroads Into Drug Smuggling; More
Thai Politicians Face U.S. Drug Suspicion; Germany-Drugs. Text file

Hemp News No. 22                   92,200

May 20 through June 10, 1994 Counterculture "Beats" Celebrate 50th
Anniversary; 600 Pot Plants in Hastings House; Yacht Found in Channel With
Cannabis And No Crew; Criminalizing Jennifer Capriati; Dutchmen, Spaniard
Convicted in British Drug Case; U.N. Unveils Anti-drug Plan for Kazakhstan;
Stubborn (and Wrong) on Sentences; Weedstock; Australian Doctors Urge
Cannabis Decriminalisation; Feud Hurts Bid to Stop Drug Flow; State, Defense
Battle Cuts Peru, Colombia From Radar Access; Australia Stirs Political Pot
On Marijuana; Porno-watching Bishop Resigns In Seychelles; Loose Borders
Within Ex-USSR Help Drug Drug Smugglers; Colombia-Drugs; Dutch Preacher
Opens Church To Drug Dealers; U.S. Drug Allegations Upset Thais - 3
Legislators Accused In Trafficking Cases; U.S. Prison Population Sets Record
In 1993; Prisons Hold A Record 948,881 - Since '80, Inmate Total Has Nearly
Tripled; Prisons; Belgian Police Seize 13.5 Tonnes Of Marijuana In Antwerp;
Supreme Court Strikes Down Tax On Marijuana; Drug Tax; Almost a Million;
Court Voids Tax On Illegal Drugs, Casting Doubt on a Popular Levy; UB40 To
Complete N. Zealand Tour Despite Drug Find; Britain Rejects Police Call To
Decriminalize Drugs; Interpol Chief Urges Decriminalization Of Drugs;
Albania Begins Anti-drug Campaign; Ibero-American Summit To Tackle Drug
Problem; Man Sentenced For Transporting Marijuana; Boot Camp Suspended; U.N.
Mission Says No Drugs Cultivation In Lebanon; Singapore To Hang Nigerian
Drug-trafficker. Text file

Hemp News No. 23                       38,900

June 30 through July 19, 1994 Police In A Pickle Over Plastic Pot Plant;
Plastic Pot Plant Puzzles Police; U.K. To Promote Non-food Crops For
Industrial Use; Drugs-Drivers' Licenses; Two Europeans Could Face Death
Penalty; Psychemedics (PCMCO) Hair Drug Test Gets Patent; Thai MP Threatens
U.S. Over Drug Charge; China Says English Prisoner "Content"; Raids Net
2,070 Marijuana Plants; untitled [Sickle Cell Patient Arraignment];
Singapore To Hang Malaysian For Drugs - Newspaper; Irish Police Seize $15
Million Cannabis Cargo; Indonesia Uncovers Marijuana Field; Anti-drug
Campaign Working, Lebanon Minister Says; Leader Of Drug Ring Sentenced To 40
Years; Democratic Party Leader Arrested; Bob Dylan Meets Havel, Dazzles
Czech Audience; untitled [Sunday Telegraph Reports Bill Clinton Inhaled];
Let's Get Soft On Criminals!; Put the Nonviolent to Work; Burmese Burn
Mountain Of Drugs; Nearly Two Tonnes Of Drugs Torched In Burma; Marijuana
Ban; untitled [Mexico Seizes 4 Tons of Pot]. Text file

Hemp News No. 24                       33,500

July 20 through July 28, 1994 Tx-Jail; Drug Use; Police Seize Drugs Worth
$100,000; Minister Rejects Legalising Cannabis; Report - Poland Major Drug
Producer; Police Grab Drugs From Pakistan Worth $23 Million; Singapore
Charges Burmese Man After Heroin Haul; Business On Canabis Charges;
Canadians High On Hemp's Market Potential; Two  Charged Over Police
'Corruption' Claims; Readers Polled Want Marijuana Legalized; Australian
Film Crew Caught With Drugs; Man Accused Of Being Mafia Chief Committed For
Trial; Limo Riders Go Into Court; Thai FM Says Politician Gained $400 Mln
From Drugs; Key Compromises - A Democratic Proposal For A Compromise Crime
Bill Includes The Following Key Provisions, Which Would Cost $30.2 Billion
And Would Terminate After Six Years. Text file

Hemp News No. 25                       51,000

July 31 through August 28, 1994 Hong Kong Judges Want Cannabis Legalised;
Drug Traffickers Buy Up Colombia's Farmland; Tas Greens Legislation To
Liberalise Marijuana Laws; US-Lollapalooza; Slovaks Turn To FBI To Curb
Tonnes Of Smuggled Drugs, Arms; Drugs War Will Never Be Won - Customs;
Mexico-Marijuana; Students To Be Disciplined For Alleged Pot-smoking;
Apartment Renters Tested For Drugs; Policeman Arrested In Huge Australia
Cannabis Haul; Workplace Drugs; SA Democrats Call For End To Marijuana
Prohibition; Northwest-Marijuana; State Legislators Rethink '3 Strikes' Laws
As Costs Begin To Hit Home; Netherlands-Drug Tourism; Man Accused Of
Cannabis Plot Allowed Bail On Gold Coast; Man Due To Start Radiation
Treatment Refused Bail; Indonesia Claims Rebel Group Funded By Drug Trade;
Man Convicted Of Smuggling Marijuana; Malawian Man Says Drugs Were Cure For
Evil Spirits; Three In Court After Outback Drug Crop Raid; Police Trainee In
Court Over Cannabis; Crime Bill-Provisions; Dutch Drugs Policy Curbed In
Borderless Europe; Medical Marijuana Bill Goes To California Governor;
Cannabis Greenhouse Raid - Man Charged; Marijuana Plants Found At Hewlett-
Packard Facility; Thai Full-Moon Frolics Must Cease, Police Say; Dutch Clamp
Down On Soft Drug "Coffee Shops"; DEA Plane Destroyed In Peruvian Jungle.
Text file

Hemp News No. 26                       60,300

Sept. 9 through Oct. 12, 1994 Seized 'Cocaine' Is Really Marijuana; Early
Harvest For Marijuana Farm; 15 Years for a 17-Year-Old's First Drug Sale;
Cannabis Pollen Clue To Smiles Of Italian Town; Drug Survey Finds Use Up;
Customs Detector Dogs Celebrate 25 Years Of Service; Roadside Weed Drug Of
Choice For Some U.S. Teens; Court Rules For Drug Tax Defendant; Jailed
Police To Stay On Force Pending Appeal; Pro-pot Rally Wins Boston Permit;
Bid To Legalise Pot Renews Old Campaign; Ashdown Jolted As Lib Dems Back
Cannabis; Britain's Third Party Votes To Decriminalise Cannabis; Six
Tourists Arrested For Drugs On Thai Island; Middle-aged Hippies Burst Into
Danish Parliament; Bulls Media Director Arrested; Marijuana Festival This
Weekend; Drug Policy; Paraguayan Anti-drug Chief Slain; Foreign Teachers
Protest Drug Test Plans; Interpol Calls For Decriminalization Of Drug Abuse;
Interpol Boss Clashes With France Over Drugs; Decriminalisation Doesn't
Increase Cannabis Use - Study; Customs Concerned At Fall In Drug Busts.
Text file

Hemp News No. 27                       75,400

Oct. 13 through Nov. 30, 1994 Britain Bars American Marijuana Smoker; Now
Virgin Looks At Financial Services...And Dope; Marijuana Used As Medicine
'Banned'; Singapore Premier Says West Coddles Citizens; untitled [Boat Wreck
Yields 77 Pot Bales]; State Pot Busts Net 82,700 Plants; Capital Notebook -
Getting Plowed - A Token Crop Meets the Task Force; MP Calls For Hemp
Industry In NSW; State Pot Busts Net 82,700 Plants; German Court Finds
Hashish Safer Than Alcohol; Conservatives, Police Blast German Hashish
Ruling; Clinton Warns Students Against Drug Use; Clinton To American Youth -
Don't Inhale; Drug Survey; Many Flout Marijuana Laws In National Rally;
Cannabis Seeds Expensive Bait For Scots Anglers; German Minister - Sell
Hashish In Cafes; Cops Smell Something Fishy About Pot-seed Bait; Colombia-
Legalized Drugs; Patch Cops Catch Political Pothead; Scientists Advocate
Marijuana For The Ill; Pot Use Rises Among Mich. Youths; U.S. Scientists
Advocate Medical Marijuana Use; White House-Marijuana; Netherlands-Hash
Taxi; Briton Arrested For Possible Record Drug Swallow; Gesundheitsminister
- Weiche Drogen Neu Bewerten - Modelle Pruefen; Thai Police Net Drug
Pushers, Tourist From Full Moon Party; Dutch MPs Like A Drink, One In Four
Has Tried Pot; One In Three Australians Say Legalise Marijuana; Highway
Patrolman Arrested For Drug Smuggling; Hemp As A Kentucky Crop Under Study;
High Times At Amsterdam Dope "Harvest Festival"; Speaker Gingrich; High
Court To Decide School Drug Tests Of Athletes; Court To Review Ark. Door
Knockdown; Dope Smoking OK For Medicinal Purposes Only; Drug Scandal Rocks
Lebanon; Australia-Marijuana. Text file

Hemp News No. 28                       44,900

Dec. 1, 1994, through Jan. 24, 1995 New ACT Cannabis Laws Welcomed By
Perth User; NSW MP Calls For Matching Cannabis Legislation; Marijuana
Festival; Australia-Marijuana; Lawn; Reno - No Evidence On Drug Allegations;
Japanese Man Seeks New Trial In Philippines; Chernobyl Zone Yields Drugs;
Man Charged In Officers' Deaths; Teen Survey - Marijuana, Cocaine Use Up;
Cannabis - The Facts; Dutch Govt To Lodge Protest Over U.S. Drug Report;
Parental Oversight Lowers Drug Risk; Study Finds Parental Monitoring Affects
Kid's Early; Marijuana Defendant Commits Suicide; Drug Comeback - One Sad
Trend Lost In Shuffle; Canadian Province To Study Decriminalizing Drugs;
Tattletale Son; Dutch Minister Proposes Regulating Soft Drugs; High Court To
Hear Case Of Ex-Prisoner Who Accused Quayle; Marijuana Target Of New Ad
Campaign; Clinical Use Of Cannabis Derivative Sanctioned - Report.
Text file

Hemp News No. 29                       17,800

Jan. 27 through Feb. 9, 1995 When the Feds Come Crashing In; We're Sorry,
Say Police In Drugs Raid Blunder; Clinton-Drugs; Sheriff-Drugs; French Panel
Disagrees On Legalising Soft Drugs; Nimbin Hemp Embassy To Present Keating
With Hemp Show; Mercedes Benz - From Making Cars To Growing Cars; Minister
Hits At Drug-Taking 'Champagne Socialists'; AIDS Cannabis 2 Sydney.
Text file

Hemp News No. 30                       125,000

Feb. 10 through April 4, 1995 Administration Says Drug Use Growing;
Republicans Blame Clinton For Drug Policy Failure; Study Shows Government
Snitches Controlling Agents; Crime-Informants; Honduran Police Make Record
Pot Bust; US-Crime-Senate; China Province Has Executed 500 For Drugs; Drug
War; Australian Farmers Given A Legal Taste Of Cannabis; Hero Award;
Woodchip Protests Attract 8,000; untitled [Willie Nelson Testifies]; Willie
Nelson Fights Charge; Inmates, Guards Charged With Drug Smuggling; Computer
Goof; "Fake" Pot Helps Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers; Novel Solution To
Aboriginal Alcoholism - Let Them Smoke; Dutch Police Make Record Marijuana
Haul; Nancy Reagan Laments Lack Of Leadership; Israel-Cannabis; Cambodia
Cracks Down On Marijuana Use; FBI Abroad; NSW - Cannabis Day Tomorrow;
Prison Psychologist On Drugs Charges; Pot-South America; Pot-Ayahuasca Tea;
Brazil and Pot; Federal Execution; Pro Marijuana Activist Fails To Convert
Appeal Court; Cannabis Club; People-Nelson; Marijuana Evidence Thrown Out In
Nelson Case; Pizza Man Arrested For Delivering Marijuana; Pot Charge Against
Nelson Dropped; France Seizes Drugs To Show Borders Still Policed; Clinton-
Drugs; Drug Cases Vs. Privacy Comes to High Court This Week; No Sunny
Forecast For World Climate Talks; Court Hears School Drug Testing Case;
Jamaica-Ambassador's Son; FBI Chief - U.S. Not Winning Drug War; Major
Pledges To Pursue War On Drugs; $1.1 Million Cash Found In Storage Locker In
New Jersey; Bolivia-US-Extradition; Netherlands-Soft Drugs; Singapore
Arrests 32 Over Drugs At Disco; MI-Hashbash; Pakistan-US Drugs; Police
'Sorry' For Drugs Raid At Pensioner's Home; Drug Lords' Influence Pervading
Mexico; Neighbor, Last Line of Defense for U.S., Now Likened to Colombia.
Text file

Hemp News No. 31                       36,900

April 4 through April 28, 1995 Marijuana Charges Against Singer Dropped;
DEA Lawsuit; Ambassador's Sons Charged With Marijuana Smuggling; Reefer
Reel; Drug Prevention Works; Lawyers Group Says Carr Has Taken Step Towards
Legalising; Bill To Equalize Cocaine Penalties Faces Tough Fight; Justice -
Keep Stiff Crack Penalties; Hemp Is Hip; UAE Death Sentence For All Drug
Dealers; Legal Cannabis Would End Crime Problems - Hearing; Britain's Youth
Going To Pot; Health Notes; Anti-Drug Conference; Marijuana 2 Adelaide; U.S.
Space Scientists Send Spiders Into A Spin; NSW - Carr Doesn't Want Kids
"Sucking On A Drug"; Cigarette Paper Made From Hemp Won't Create Joint Effect.
Text file

Hemp News No. 32                       11,500

May 22 to June 18, 1995 Court - 'Knock And Announce' Basic Right; Loaded
Loaves; Hempstead Hemp Field Plowed; NSW - Nats Approve Trial Of Hemp
Production As A Resource; SA - Industrial Hemp Newsletter Released; Lawyer
Targeted By Raid Asserts His Innocence. Text file

Hemp News No. 33                       33,300

June 20 to July 4, 1995 Reserchers Urge Medicinal Marijuana Legalization;
Spotting Pot; NSW: Govt Supports Trial Of Fibre Hemp Crop; NSW: Nimbin Rally
As Tension Rises Over Police Operation; Asset Seizures; A Penalty Without a
Crime; Sheriff Pleads; Australia Looks To Hemp Growth For Industry;
Marijuana Initiative Proposed In California; British Children Experiment
More With Drugs; Militia Campout; Salinas-Drugs; Plombon; Bonn Horrified At
Cannabis-From-Chemist Proposal. Text file

Hemp News No. 34                       44,800

July 7 through July 28, 1995 Drug Agency Slayings; Clinton Threat-Arrest;
Federal Financial Analysis of Legalization;  Minister Refuses Plea To
Legalise 'Medicinal' Cannabis; Brazil Cows Die From Marijuana Overdoses;
Gingrich Calls For National Drug Referendum; Prison Drug Smuggling Alleged;
Australian State Approves Hemp Trials; Farmers To Take Part In Hemp Growing
Trials; Clinton Drug Chief Targets Marijuana; Marijuana; U.S. Officials
Combat Marijuana "Myth"; Law Officers Face Drug Charges; NSW Cotton Growers
Support Fibre Hemp; NSW Cotton Growers Support Fibre Hemp Legalisation;
California Mulls Legalizing Medical Marijuana; Mohawks Destroy 1 Million Pot
Plants; Canada-Mohawk Drugbusters; Canadian Indians Burn Marijuana Crops;
Senate Committee Votes To Abolish Drug Office - Bill Differs From House on
Economic Advisers. Text file

Hemp News No. 35                       48,300

July 29 through Aug. 21, 1995 Pat Buchanan Supports Medicinal Marijuana;
Why Some Anti-drug Programs Work; Smokin'; Hemp Store; Police Scandal After
Officers Arrested In Drug Scam; Mexico-Marijuana; Judge Arrested; Workplace
Drugs; Policeman Arrested In Huge Australia Cannabis Haul; SA Democrats Call
For End To Marijuana Prohibition; If You Grow It, They Will Come; Lawyer
Probe;  NSW - Drugs Here To Stay, Reform Needed - Baume; Man Grew Cannabis
Next To Motorway; Ohio Pot Growers Use Cornfields; Marijuana Compassion
Clubs; Judge In Trouble Before Arrest; Students Call For Marijuana
Legalisation; untitled [Senate Candidate Wants Ban on HIV+ Foreigners]; Man
Jailed On Drug "Mercy" Trip; Broad River Correctional Institution Principal
Arrested. Text file

Hemp News No. 36                       32,300

Aug. 22 through Aug. 29, 1995 Drug Suspect Wants To Smoke Pot In Jail;
untitled [Brian Wilson Regrets Inspiration For 'Pet Sounds']; untitled [NYC
Medicinal Marijuana Activist Arrested]; Three Hawk Stand Defendants
Acquitted For Hemp Protest; Combs Acknowledges Using Pot - Former High Court
Judge  Says It Helps Him Sleep; Southeast Asians To Coordinate Action In
Drug War; Illinois Truck Mishap Nets Drugs; untitled [Madera County Verdict
Frees Three Hemp Planters]; Gingrich-Drugs; Two Die In Oklahoma Helicopter
Crash; Pannella Arrest Divides Italy's Centre-Right; Pakistani With DEA
Killed In Karachi; Combs Son's Allegations Lead To Judge's Withdrawal From
Case. Text file

Hemp News No. 37                       77,000

Sept. 1 through Oct. 16, 1995 Grandmother's Marijuana; Government Blocks
Marijuana Study; Hemp Hecklers Greet Official Opening Of Parliament; Senate
Backs Medical Marijuana; Dutch To Review Their Controversial Drug Policy;
Secret Service Threatens Couple For Stamping One Dollar Bills; California
Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Bill; Legalize Marijuana, Prominent Jurist
Says; Distinguished Chicago Judge Advocates Marijuana Legalization; Dutch
Signal Tougher Line On Hard Drugs; Domestic Growing of Cannabis No Longer
Prosecuted; Dutch Chided For Bowing To France On Drug Policy; NSW: Hemp On
Trial in NSW; NSW - Legal Centre Advocates NSW, The Happy State; Judge
Whipping; Pot Proponent Busted On Campaign Trail; Colombian Police Arrest
Phone Workers For Spying; Cops Bust N. Calif. Pot Field; Dutch Make Record
23.5 Ton Marijuana Seizure; Sheriff Indicted; Interpol Says Police
Floundering In Drugs War; Hemp Trader Accused Of Drug Trafficking; Court
Restricts Police Searches With Heat Detectors; Court Requires Warrant For
Thermal Scan; AP Arts - Rock Beat-Hempilation; Mexico's Zedillo Denies
Charges That Campaign Took Drug Money; Woman Finds Pot In Laundry Detergent;
Busted - World's Coolest Marijuana Crop; Teacher-Marijuana; Prison Guard
Guilty Of Drug Smuggling; Marijuana Sentences; Wilson Vetoes Marijuana Bill;
Wash. Deputy Killed In Drug Raid. Text file

For a source of similar information subsequent to the early editions of Hemp News, try Portland NORML's library of 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 news releases, featuring the weekly news from NORML with lots of other local, national and international stories written or pulled from the wire by Portland NORML. In addition, NORML's news-release archive goes as far back as June 30, 1994. For other current news, try NORML's page of links to current news releases, which also features an archive of NORML special reports. Gaps in Portland NORML's archives can also probably be filled in at the Media Awareness Project Drug News library.


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