By David P Beiter

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Local is Ritner, Wayne County, Kentucky, USA, unless otherwise
specified.  The bigger the action the farther away it can be and
still be local.

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810000, Marion County, KY, Al Cross, reporter for The
Courier-Journal, personal communication.  Officials in the
Kentucky state government became suspicious of cash excesses in
banks in Marion County, KY.  An investigation led to the purchase
of the Bank [of Lebanon?  (Marion County Seat)] by a cabinet
official [The Kentucky State Secretary of Commerce?] Needless to
say, no evidence of marijuana cultivation or other illicit
activities was uncovered.

820000?, Hart County, Kentucky, Bowling Green, KY, Newspaper
clipping, Hart Co?  Jane Paquin, neighbor to a growing location,
personal communication.  "Thirteen arraigned in marijuana case"
in Bowling Green, KY, after raids on Hart County, KY, marijuana
fields on 26 July.  Donnie Nunn, former Hart County, KY, Sheriff,
Joe Dunagan, and Tm Chaney, all of Horse Cave; Hulen Russell,
Charles Richardson, Jr, and Gary Coffee, all of Hardyville; James
Stanon [Stanton?], of Munfordville; James Benningfield of
Magnolia; Freeman Swartz of Summerville; and Randall Skaggs, Neal
Lnu, James K. Mattingly, and James N. Mattingly, of Lebanon.
Also Nunn, Stanton, and Russell were indicted on charges of
attempting to bribe two state police, Ron West and Robert
Sheldon, and Hart County Sheriff Daymond Humphrey.  22,500
marijuana plants in five locations in Hart Co confiscated on 26
July and 8,000 on 29 July at another Hart Co site.  This was the
biggest marijuana raid in Kentucky history, valued at over $12
million.  Incidentally, Sheriff Nunn is the nephew of former
Governor Louis B Nunn.

850912, Knoxville, TN, multiple news reports.  Andrew Thorton
III, retired Lexington, Kentucky, Police Department Narcotics
Officer, crash landed via parachute in suburban Knoxville TN with
79 pounds of cocaine.  Several other duffle bags of cocaine were
found in the Chattahoochee National Forest, totalling
approximately 400 pounds.  See 870112, 871123, 890225, 900820,
930409, Sally Denton, The Bluegrass Conspiracy, Doubleday, 1990.

860220, Wayne Co, KY, multiple rumors.  Rumors abound that the
FBI had caught Joe Conn, former Wayne County, KY, Sheriff; Ralph
Miniard, Monticello, KY, Chief of Police; and Don Richardson,
local gas station operator.  They are alleged to have been caught
loading marijuana into an airplane owned by Nick Cooley, a local
coal tycoon.  This rumor sounded fresh, but there is also a rumor
of letting Joe Conn serve out his term as Sheriff, which would
put it as last year.  Present Sheriff Jim Hill would neither
confirm nor deny, but eventually admitted that he had heard the
rumor.  He was not happy about my questioning.  My impression was
that he was covering for his compatriots, and didn't like it.

860306, Whitley City, KY, multiple reports.  In Whitley City, KY,
in the biggest methamphetamine [speed] bust in DEA history, Butch
Spencer was arrested for the manufacture of illegal drugs.

860319, Monticello, KY, personal communication with Wayne county
Outlook.  Brenda Sexton at The Wayne County Outlook says that
they tried three times to check out the Joe Conn rumor at Federal
Court in London, KY, but all were negative.  She did not know the
source of the rumors.  [It may have been the local radio
station.] Jim Hill, present Wayne County Sheriff, seemed very
agitated when I questioned him, did not want to talk and ran out
of his office.  On 860809 Donald Jones says that Conn, Miniard,
and Richardson were caught off-loading in northern Kentucky.
Carl Jones says that were caught on-loading at Somerset airport.
Other sources have said that Joe Conn was caught transporting
marijuana three times, locally (McCreary County), northern
Kentucky, and in Georgia.

860324, Morgan Co, KY, multiple reports.  Marion "Butch"
Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, is arrested for
extorting a one million dollar bribe from a cocaine smuggler
(also an FBI agent).  This was for airport landing rights in
Morgan Co, KY.  Several other officials were arrested for
assorted corruption: former Morgan County, Kentucky,
Judge-Executive Gene Allen; Allen's son Steve; Morgan County,
Kentucky, Sheriff Roger Benton; Coal Baron Titus Frederick; former
Kentucky District Judge James H Noble; former State Senator and
former State Trooper Lester Burns, Jr; and physician, Dr Bill
Davis.  ref: "Operation Leviticus" of the FBI.  They weren't even
looking for drug trafficking!  The FBI thought they were looking
at coal money!!

860330, Whitley Co, KY, multiple reports.  The Whitley County
Kentucky Sheriff, one other KY & 3 TN Sheriffs are arrested for
drug trafficking.

860619, Marion Co, KY, WLEX, CNN.  Kentucky State Police
Detective, 19 year veteran of The Force, Joseph Greenwall
(Greenwald), age 41, of Loretto, Marion Co KY is arrested for
extorting $5000 to protect marijuana growers, after a two month
investigation.  Arraignment is set for 27 June.

860704, Marion Co, KY, multiple newscasts.  13,000 marijuana
plants on 7 acres, and 46,000 marijuana plants on 30 acres, are
found in corn fields in Marion County, KY, by DEA chopper.
Presumably these were the growers protected by Joseph Greenwald,
Kentucky State Police, retired.

860704, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW.  Also 270 marijuana plants are
found in Clinton County, averaging 4 feet tall, and valued at
$600 each by Kentucky State Police at Columbia.

860716, Burnside, KY.  In a squabble amongst Leviticus arrestees,
Williams (of Detroit?) sues Lester Burns, Jr & Dr Davis alleging
that he was bilked out of an annuity.

860800, TN, Sinsemilla Tips, v6#2.  East Tennessee Sheriffs'
report.  Scott County, Tennessee, Sheriff Marion Carson & deputy
Wayne Caldwell are charged by a Federal Grand jury with
conspiracy & selling methaqualone, marijuana, cocaine &
diazapam.  Claiborne County, Tennessee, Sheriff Billy Wayne
Smith & Juvenile Court Referee R. Jackson Rose pleaded guilty to
conspiring to take payoffs to protect gambling operations.  Since
82, The Sheriff of Cocke Co, TN, Bobby Stinson; The Sheriff of
Roane Co, TN, Gillis Narramore; The Sheriff of Union Co, TN, Paul
Hill; and The Sheriff of Anderson Co, TN, Dennis O Trotter also
have been arrested for drug trafficking.

860804, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 7 Aug 86, p14.
At Green Ford, 225 marijuana plants were found.  At Griffin, 82
plants were found.  It looks like they grew in the shade.

860806, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 14 Aug 86, p1.
At Tuggle Hollow, Wayne Co, KY, 400 marijuana plants were found,
making a total of 760.

860812, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 14 Aug 86, p1.
Near Mt Pisgah, Wayne Co, KY, a Tennessee State Police helicopter
found a field of 98 marijuana plants.  They look pretty good in
the picture.  See 860821.  There has been a total so far this
year of 11 marijuana arrests by the Wayne County Sheriff this
growing season.  The State has set the value at $800 per plant
this year, down from $1200 last year.

860819, near Bowling Green, Warren Co, KY, The Courier Journal,
21 Aug 86, pB4 Thomas Neal Cox, 36, & Walter Hale, 76, both of
Bowling Green, were arrested with 18 marijuana plants & two booby

860820, Delta, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 28 Aug 86,
p2.  110 marijuana plants were found near Delta, KY.  In Dry
Valley, 20 marijuana plants were found on the property of David
Kramer.  Two pounds of processed marijuana were found in the home
of Charles Odquist.  At the home of Paul Odquist, the sheriff
found 8 oz of processed marijuana & 1 plant.  At the home of Joe
Reheis, the sheriff found 1 pound, 8 ounces of processed
marijuana & 159 marijuana plants in nearby open field.

860821?, Wayne Co, KY.  Jackie Slagel was arrested when 106
marijuana plants were found at Mt Pisgah.

860821, Huntington, WV & Morgan Co, KY, The Courier Journal, 21
Aug 86, p1.  Bobby Litteral, cocaine kingpin, & son Danny
Litteral of West Liberty, Morgan Co, KY pleaded guilty to cocaine
trafficking by the kilo.  He also pleaded guilty to marijuana
trafficking (110 lbs).

860828, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 4 Sep 86, p2.  At
Sumpter, Wayne Co, KY, 1316 marijuana plants were confiscated by
the sheriff.  They look pretty spindly in the picture.  Also 416
plants were found in Parnell & Susie on 29 Aug.

860904, Preacherville, Lincoln Co, KY, multiple newscasts.  In
Lincoln Co, KY on the Homer Days farm, at Preacherville, 4 mi E
of Stanford [otherwise given as SE section of county].  260,000
marijuana plants were found in 15 to 20 acres of corn.  2
campsites were also found.  The haul was valued at $250,000,000.
Another 50 to 100 thousand plants were found on the same farm.
Plus a third field?  The final total was 384,000 plants.  Note
that by 920806, the haul had dwindled to only 347,000 according
to a KNN story.

860910 Campbellsville, Taylor Co, KY, KET\WLEX.  In Taylor Co,
KY, 7 mi East of Campbellsville, 300,000 marijuana plants were
found in one patch plus a campsite.

860911, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 11 Sep 86, p2.
In Wayne Co, KY, the weekly marijuana harvest is 579 plants in a
wooded area of Chestnut Grove, found on 5 Sep.  Lindsey McGinnis,
30, of Powersburg was arrested with a search warrant.  Two grass
sacks full and a grocery bag full of marijuana, plus three bread
bags full of seed, plus 50 unstripped plants were found on 5
Sep.  A total of 164 marijuana plants in two patches in Susie &
Greenbrier were found on 7 Sep.  105 marijuana plants four to
five feet tall were found in Dry Hollow on 9 Sep.

860918, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, p2.  On 15 Sep,
at Gap Creek, Kathy Randolph was arrested with a search warrant.
An unspecified quantity of marijuana was confiscated.  On 16 Sep,
in the Gap Creek-Poplar Mountain area, 108 marijuana plants were

860919, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW, The Wayne County Outlook, 25 Sep 86,
p2.  184 marijuana plants were found in the Dry Hollow- Slickford

860922, New Albany, IN, KET\WLKY.  James Evans, 36, reputed
marijuana & cocaine wholesaler was returned from Mexico &
California.  His property was bulldozed trying to find drugs, to
no avail.

860925, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, p1.  In Wayne
County, KY, 17 persons have been arrested on marijuana charges
this growing season.  "'I'd venture to say that we have seized 25
to 30 patches and up towards 10000 plants', said [Sheriff] Hill."
How interesting that no exact accounting is kept!  The biggest
find was in Sumpter, with 1316 plants.

860914, Albany, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 25 Sep 86, from
Clinton County News.  The Clinton County Court Clerk Lloyd
Stockton, & James Stonecipher of Albany (landowner of site) are
charged with marijuana production.  The weed was grown in a
tobacco patch in far eastern Cumberland County.  634 marijuana
plants (2 pickup loads) and 350 to 400 stumps were found.  The
field was guarded by two men in a pickup.  Two pickup trucks were

860919?, near Albany, Clinton Co, KY, The Clinton County News/The
Wayne County Outlook p2.  289 well cultivated marijuana plants
were found when a thief was apprehended by and shot a guard.

860928, KY, WBKY.  Kentucky is 4th in national marijuana
production, with the 85 crop valued at 850 megabux.  NORML, The
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

860928, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook p2.  Wayne County
crime magnate Joe Bill Prince was cut on the left arm at Twyford
Point Rd.  He was quickly found by his brother.  Presumably a
drug deal gone sour.

861000, Whitley City McCreary Co, KY, WSEK.  No trial date yet
set for Butch Spencer, whose methamphetamine lab was busted about
March 86.  Police are still searching for Roy Blakeney of

861007, Pikeville, KY, The Courier-Journal, p1.  Not a drug
story, probably.  Pike County, Kentucky, Sheriff Charles "Fuzzy"
Keesee "misplaced" $300,000 in tax collections during his
previous administration.

861007, Louisville, KY, The Courier-Journal, pB4.  The Jefferson
County, Commissioner, Carl Brown, is charged with distribution of
marijuana and cocaine.

861011?, Whitley County, KY, The Wayne County Outlook p22, from
The Whitley Republican.  Larry R Patrick of Williamsburg is
convicted on conspiracy to import cocaine.  He was found guilty
of scheming with former Scott Co, TN, Sheriff Marion Carson &
Deputy Wayne Caldwell.

861018, KY, The Courier-Journal, pB1.  Kentucky State Police
Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell & Kentucky State
Trooper Gerald Griggs were arrested for cocaine trafficking.

861021, Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, KY.  Near Elizabethtown &
Grayson Co, KY, 3500 marijuana plants and 200 pounds of processed
weed were found by police.  Two people from Loretto, Marion Co
were arrested, (one a Jones?).  Some of Joseph Greenwald's
friends?  (This may be the same as 4 acres in Hardin Co "worth"
7M$ found by "deer hunters", grown by folks from Loretto.  32

861025, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM, The Wayne County Outlook, 30 Oct 86,
p2.  Near Parmleysville, Wayne Co, KY, 13 marijuana plants were
found by the sheriff.

861030, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Near Mt Pisgah, Wayne Co, KY, 45
marijuana plants were confiscated from a corn field by sheriff's
deputies Davis, Koontz, & Monticello police chief Miniard.

861030, Albany, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, p18, from The
Clinton County News.  Clinton County Court Clerk Lloyd Stockton,
39, and James Stonecipher, 39, pleaded not guilty to charges of
cultivating marijuana.  See 860914.

861031, Lee County, KY, WBKY.  H. Bowling from Owsley County and
two Ohio motorcycle gang members were kidnapped & robbed by
Stanley Terry & two others during an abortive marijuana buy.
WBKY, 11:30PM

861107, near Versailles, Woodford County, KY, KNN, 12N; KET
(Lexington).  Ten men, one from Louisville, and nine from Marion
County were arrested near Versailles, Woodford County, KY.
Others escaped.  This was on the Jimmy Jack Lewis farm, a major
marijuana processing facility.  It required 6 dumptrucks to
remove the marijuana, approximately 4000 pounds.  Marion County

861103, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 6 Nov 86, p2.
Near Gap of the Ridge, Wayne Co, KY, 177 marijuana plants were
confiscated on Jim Morrow Ridge.  No arrests were made.

861109, KY, WBKY.  In Kentucky 725 (1000?) plots of marijuana
totalling 3 Tons, have been found by police this year in the
Daniel Boone National Forest.  11PM, WBKY

861113, London, KY, Lexington Herald-Leader, Nov 13, 86, pA1,
A16.  "Corruption probe: Half of cases resolved" by Assistant US
Attorney James E Arehart.  Gene Allen, 3 time Judge-Executive of
Morgan County, Kentucky, was convicted of conspiracy to murder.
Gerald Griggs, Kentucky State Police Trooper, was convicted in
the same murder for hire scheme.  Both were represented by Kevin
Charters of Lexington, KY.  William Titus Frederick, coal
operator and businessman, of West Liberty, KY, pleaded guilty to
manufacturing marijuana.  Benny Neely, London, KY, pleaded guilty
to transporting stolen heavy equipment across state lines.
Norman B Williams III, of Detroit, MI, pleaded guilty to
transporting a stolen car across state lines.  Dr Billy Davis,
Urgent Care Center of Burnside, KY, pleaded guilty to conspiracy
to defraud two insurance companies of $1.1 million for a phony
traffic accident.  Lester H Burns, Jr, former Kentucky State
Senator[, former Kentucky State Trooper] & attorney, Somerset,
KY, pleaded guilty to insurance fraud and pleaded guilty to
conspiracy to transport stolen money ($1.9 million stolen from
the Dr R J Acker robbery & murder) across state lines.  James H
Noble, former Kentucky District Judge, convicted of obstruction
of justice and yet to be tried in the insurance fraud
conspiracy.  Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State
Police Commissioner, to be tried on Jan 5, 87, for extortion for
allegedly taking money for protecting drug-trafficking
activities.  Roger Benton, Morgan County, Kentucky, Sheriff,
accused of conspiracy of drug-trafficking.

861113, Knoxville, TN, Knoxville TV.  9 cops arrested in the
Charles Walker cocaine trafficking ring.

861117, Louisville, KY, WBKY.  In Louisville KY, 54 warrants were
issued by the DEA.

861118, WBKY, 4AM.  Noble in the news again.  Guilty plea??

861119, New Brighton, Minnesota, WSFC, 11:05 AM.  David E Meyer
(28), a witness for the prosecution in the Butch Spencer
methamphetamine manufacturing case, was shot and killed.  The
Butch Spencer trial was set for 15 Dec.

861119, Lexington, KY, KET, Lexington.  Ten men from Marion and
Jefferson counties had a hearing for the manufacture of over 1000
pounds of marijuana.  See 861107.

861126, Somerset, KY, personal communication, Dallas Hammond.
The younger brother of David Dick, Kentucky State Police Trooper,
was arrested last month for cultivating 78 marijuana plants.  The
police missed a quarter acre plot.  James Dick, older brother,
was recently arrested on drug charges.  Trooper Dick was finally
apprehended 901104, see 901108.

861100, Whitley City, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 861126, p 18;
from The Commonwealth Journal.  William C "Buddy" Wolk, 56, of
Naples, FL, died of a barbiturate overdose in an accidental spill
at Herbert W "Butch" Spencer's drug lab.  Formerly it was
believed that he had died of a heart attack.  Rumors have it that
he was dragged behind a pickup truck (Dallas Hammond, personal
communication) altho Alberta Spencer reportedly contacted the
coroner.  The DEA raid of 860306 was the largest in its history.
In Minneapolis, MN, indictments in a major drug and bookmaking
ring were opened in August 86: William C "Buddy" Wolk, unindicted
co-conspirator; Mary Louise Wolk, former wife; John Joseph
Mussehl, St Paul, MN; Gary Evans Lundgren, Naples, FL; Allan
Richard Blake[ney], Naples, FL; Charles Lee Miller, Omaha, NB;
James Thomas Mussehl, St Paul, MN; Raymond Edward Gaier, FL & MN,
unindicted co-conspirator, deceased of drug overdose in 84.

861216, Whitley City, KY, KET.  The Butch Spencer drug lab is
said to have had $1 million in drugs and $40 million in chemicals
at the time of the bust.

861200, London, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 861224, p19.  From
The Sentinel-Echo.  Sherry Lorraine Hodge pleaded guilt to
conspiracy to transport stolen money across state lines in
$1,900,000 (that's 1.9 megabux) Acker robbery & murder.  Hodge
says that she gave $300,000 to C Gene Foust, 49, Detective
Sergeant and Head Narcotics Officer and 21-year veteran of the
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Police Department.  The Head Narcotics
Officer was to invest it "to make more money for me." Mrs Hodge's
attorney is Robert Wilmott of Lexington, KY.  Formerly her
attorney was Lester Burns, Jr, former Kentucky State Senator,
former Kentucky State Police, of Somerset, KY, who pleaded guilty
to receiving stolen money and is now disbarred.  The Judge is
Eugene Siler, Jr.  Co-transporters of stolen money are Anna
Louise Farley (mother of Donald Terry Bartley), Sharon Joyce
Wilson, & Barry Wilson, with whom she transported $1,200,000 from
Florida to Knoxville, TN, after the arrest of her husband, Benny
Lee Hodge.  Donald Terry Bartley, Roger Dale Epperson, and Benny
Lee Hodge are to be tried May 1987 for robbery & murder of a
Jackson County, KY, couple, and also face unspecified charges in
other unspecified states.  The FBI searched the home of Head
Narcotics Officer and Investment Advisor to the stars, C Gene
Foust on 861202.

861212, London, KY, KET, WLEX.  Gene Allen, Judge-Executive of
Morgan County, Kentucky is sentenced to 5 years for conspiracy to
murder.  Gerald Griggs, Kentucky State Police, had his sentencing
delayed.  Titus Frederick, coal baron, was let off in return for
testifying against Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky
State Police Commissioner, in his trial for conspiracy to
distribute illegal drugs.

861224, Louisville, KY, KET.  Two Californians were arrested
after selling 8 pounds of cocaine to undercover cops for $250,000
in 100's.  This was purported to be worth $500,000 on the
street.  That's $138/gm.

861229.  London, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 870108, p14; from
The McCreary County Record.  The Government rested its case
against Herbert "Butch" Spencer, represented by Julius Echeles of
Chicago and Warren Scoville of London, KY.  The Judge is Eugene
Siler, Jr.  Jane Graham, Assistant US Attorney, is prosecutor.
Spencer claimed that he had leased a walled off section of his
garage to Roy Creighton Blakeney and William Charles "Buddy"
Wolk, but there was no agreement to manufacture methamphetamine.
A small amount of methamphetamine and a walkie-talkie tuned to a
unit in the lab were found in Spencer's house.  Unfortunately,
they were found in an area not covered by the search warrant.
Even more unfortunately, this was before The Supreme Court had
declared that a search warrant is unnecessary for police acting
in "good faith".

861230?, London, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, Jan 15, 1987, p18;
from The Commonwealth- Journal.  Herbert "Butch" Spencer was
found guilty after 57 minutes of deliberation.  Another federal
drug trial for Spencer is scheduled for 27 Jan as well as two
civil proceedings.  On 861219 Spencer was propositioned to
intimidate a juror for $20,000 (5K$ down & 15K$ later) by Billy
Rollin Phillips (46), of Clay County.  Spencer met with Judge
Siler, prosecutor Jane Graham, and DEA agent James Malone.
Phillips was arrested 30 Dec.

861231, Somerset, KY.  Lester Burns, Jr is ordered to return
$175,000 to Dr Roscoe Acker.  This was his attorney's fee for the
defense of the murderers/robbers.

870105, London, KY.  In the Butch Spencer trial, Government
witnesses claim that Spencer bought 50 pounds of cocaine in 1980
and hundreds of pounds of marijuana from 80 to 83.  And then they
waited for 3 years to bust him for crank?!

870108, London, KY.  Butch Spencer is convicted in
methamphetamine production case.  The methamphetamine confiscated
was valued at 1 megabuck and there was another 40 megabux worth
of chemicals.  Spencer is to be sentenced on 9 Feb.  Max
sentence = (15 years + 125 kilobux)*4.  The Judge is Eugene
Siler, Jr.  Spencer's claim of leasing his garage for a plastics
operation was not believed.

870109, Louisville, KY, KET\WLKY.  Walker, a Jamaican, was
sentenced to 20 years for wholesale importation of marijuana; 18
plane loads.  One lot which came into Louisville was valued at
200 kilobux, and was transshipped to New York, where it was
valued at 1.2 megabux.  An associate was sentenced to 5 years.

870112, Lexington, KY, KET\WLEX.  Captain Marion "Butch"
Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, and Roger Benton,
Morgan County, Kentucky, Sheriff, are on trial.  Houston McNeal,
two years a undercover FBI agent, testified that he had made
payments of $5000 a month to Campbell, Benton, and Titus
Frederick for landing rights at the West Liberty, KY, airport.
(It is unclear if this was each or total.)

870113, Lexington, KY, WBKY (Lexington, KY).  In the Captain
Marion "Butch" Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner
trial, Campbell is represented by William Johnson.  The Trial
apparently started 9 Jan 87.  Houston McNeal, two years an
undercover FBI agent from Virginia, testified that he had made
installment payments to Roger Benton, Morgan County Kentucky
Sheriff; Gene Allen, Morgan County Kentucky Judge-Executive; and
Marion Campbell, Kentucky State Police Commissioner, for
assistance in drug trafficking.  McNeal said that he met Campbell
on a dark backroad, where Campbell thanked him for the money.  A
tape recording of Campbell taking payoffs from McNeal was played.

870114, Lexington, KY, WBKY, KET, WLKY(?).  In the Kentucky State
Police Commissioner Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Titus
Frederick, coal baron and marijuana manufacturer testified that
in a meeting at Frederick's house in 1984, three-time Morgan
County Kentucky Judge-Executive Gene Allen and Marion Campbell
had asked him for contacts in the marijuana and cocaine
business.  Lester Burns, Jr, former Kentucky State Senator,
former Kentucky State Police Trooper, former attorney (now
disbarred) bankrolled the operation, and Marion Campbell was in
charge of security at the Morgan County airport.  Their business
grossed about 3/4 of a million dollars a week in cocaine.
Houston McNeal, undercover Virginia FBI investigator, testified
that Campbell said that he was receiving payments from undercover
agents.  It is unclear whether Campbell thought that they were
FBI agents or drug dealers.  Or both.

870115, Lexington, KY, WEKU, KET\WLEX In the Kentucky State
Police Commissioner Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Steve
Allen, son of the Morgan County Judge-Executive, testified that
he saw a $90,000 cocaine sale in November 85 at the house of his
father, Morgan County, Kentucky, Judge-Executive Gene Allen.  In
this transaction, Gene Allen was paid his share plus a share to
pass along to Marion Campbell.  Gene Allen, Morgan County,
Kentucky, Judge-Executive and convicted murder conspirator,
testified that he has known Marion Campbell for 25 years and
Morgan County Sheriff Roger Benton all of his life.  He met
several times in late 1983 with Marion Campbell, Titus Frederick,
and Lester Burns, Jr to import cocaine from Okalachee, FL.
Campbell was said to want the money for his retirement fund.
Titus Frederick testified that Gene Allen and Marion Campbell had
pushed him to find a cocaine connection.

870116, Lexington, KY, KET\WLKY, 10:07PM.  In the Kentucky State
Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Gene
Allen, former Morgan County, Kentucky Judge-Executive who has
been convicted of conspiracy to murder, was cross examined.  He
has changed his story because he got religion in jail.  In his
trial in September 86 he claimed that he and Campbell were
running their own investigation of drug corruption, without
telling anyone else and keeping no records of what they had
discovered.  He passed money to Campbell once by laying an
envelope full of money on the dash of Campbell's truck, and once
on the truck seat, but never actually in Campbell's hand.

870123, Lexington, KY, WBKY.  In the Kentucky State Police
Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell trial, Jack Evans,
Kentucky State Police, testified that he had talked with Campbell
thrice about the trial, and got the idea (but was never told
openly) that Campbell wanted him to perjure.

870126, Lexington, KY, KET\WTVQ.  In the Kentucky State Police
Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell & Sheriff Roger
Benton trial, Louie di Falais, US Attorney & apparently part of
the "Operation Leviticus" investigation, testified that in two
years of investigation of Marion Campbell, Campbell gave no
indications of ever conducting his own investigation.  The Chief
of Police of West Liberty, the Morgan County Seat, said that he
knew nothing of the two years of drug traffic thru the West
Liberty airport.  Roger Benton, Sheriff of Morgan County,
Kentucky, has a previous conviction for bootlegging.

870127, Lexington, KY, WBKY.  In the Kentucky State Police
Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch Campbell & Morgan County
Kentucky Sheriff Roger Benton trial, Roger Benton testified that
he went along with the drug trafficking in hopes to make some
arrests and stop the drug operations.

870204, Lexington, KY, KET\WKYT.  Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff
Roger Benton says that he will appeal his conviction on drug
trafficking charges on grounds that his trial should have had
nothing to do with the trial of Marion "Butch" Campbell.  He
obviously thinks that Campbell will be found guilty.  This came
after one verdict was reached but not announced.

870205, Lexington, KY, WLAP (Lexington, KY), 2PM.  Roger Benton,
Sheriff of Morgan County, KY, is found guilty on all counts,
three counts of extortion and two of drug trafficking
conspiracy.  He faces a maximum sentence of 80 years.

870206, Lexington, KY, WLAP.  Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell,
Kentucky State Police Commissioner, is acquitted on four counts
of extortion and given a mistrial on one count of conspiracy to
traffic in marijuana and cocaine.

870206, KY, Comment on Kentucky, KET.  Three reasons are given
for Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch"
Campbell's acquittal on charges of extortion and drug
trafficking.  1) Gene Allen, Morgan County Judge-Executive
changed his story from his trial where he was convicted of
conspiracy to murder.  Formerly, he had said under oath that
Campbell was conducting his own investigation.  The new story is
that they were indeed trafficking in cocaine.  2) Allen said that
on four occasions that he gave payoff money to Campbell, but
never directly.  Allen was the only solid witness against
Campbell on this, but he is a self-confessed perjurer.  3) In a
taped meeting with an FBI informant, Campbell thanked him for
"information".  The prosecution said that this was code word for
protection money; the defense said that this was just normal
information.  The FBI never actually got Campbell on tape
accepting payoff money.  The jury was leaning towards acquittal
on the drug trafficking conspiracy charges, with at least two
holdouts.  Prosecutor Arehart wants a retrial.  I'm sure that
none of the jurors would have been in the least bit concerned
about their personal safety after finding the State Police
Commissioner guilty of drug trafficking!

870200, KY.  There are various news reports of a retrial for
Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch"
Campbell on charges of trafficking in cocaine and marijuana, but
no date was given.

870313, Lexington, KY, Various radio reports.  Kentucky State
Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell is scheduled
for retrial on 11 May 87 for conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and
marijuana.  But 11 May 87 will come and go with absolutely no
mention on any newscast that a Butch Campbell had ever existed.
Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff Roger Benton is denied a retrial
on his conviction for extortion and conspiracy to distribute

870318, Whitley City, KY, McCreary County Record, p1.  Butch
Spencer is tried again on drug charges.  Garrett, a drug dealer
turned DEA informant, says that he bought one kilo of cocaine
from Spencer for $45,000.

870322, Richmond?, KY, WBKY, 11PM.  Kentucky State Police crime
lab director Glen Morgan Baxter is accused of falsifying hundreds
of tests, including his own qualifications.

870326, Lexington, KY, KET.  Morgan County, Kentucky, Sheriff
Roger Benton is sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of
$10,000 on three counts of extortion and two counts of conspiracy
to traffic in illegal drugs.

870331, Louisville, KY, KET.  Jeffrey Miles of 2401 Coolridge
Ave, Okalona, age 24 or 25, is shot and killed by Louisville cop,
John Rucker (Rutger) in a raid on Miles' home.  Miles' crime was
to be living in an apartment inhabited two years ago by a
suspected drug dealer.  (The correct address was available in the
phone directory.) The murderer was sentenced to paid leave and
consultation with the chaplain.

870402, Breathitt Co, KY.  James H Noble, Kentucky District
Judge, Breathitt County, Kentucky, previously convicted of
obstruction of justice for offering to lie in the witness stand
for Lester Burns, Jr in a mail fraud trial, is temporarily
disbarred.  Judge Noble was sentenced to two years on the
obstruction of justice conviction.

870400, Wayne Co, KY, rumors only.  More unconfirmable rumors
that Joe Conn, former Sheriff of Wayne County, Kentucky, is in
prison for drug trafficking.  Dallas Hammond says that Joe Conn
was jailed about five months ago.  Reportedly the FBI caught him
near Wayne/McCreary line with 18 wheeler full of marijuana headed
for the airport in Pine Knot, KY.  Harold Tucker says that he was
told by Roosevelt Jones that Joe Conn was in prison on drug
charges, but could not confirm the details of the reputed
arrest.  These are unconfirmed rumors only.  Nobody has any hard
news.  See 860220.

870429, Jeffersontown (Louisville), KY, WHAS.  Policeman John
Rutger is indicted for second degree manslaughter and suspended
from the police department.  This is for "accidentally" shooting
Jeffrey Miles for the crime of living in an apartment inhabited
two years ago by a suspected drug dealer.  See 870331.

870504, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, May 7, 1987, p2.
Kenneth Roberts of Gap Creek was arrested after 233 marijuana
plants were found near his home.

870505, WSFC, Noon News.  ________ Heins, brother-in-law of
Pulaski County Sheriff Sam Catron, was appointed Chief of Police
of Eubank.  Persistent rumors have it that a brother-in-law of
Sheriff Catron is marketing the drugs confiscated by the Sheriff,
but it is unknown if this is the same individual.

870515, Somerset, KY, WBKY.  Lester Burns, Jr., former Kentucky
State Senator, former Kentucky State Police, former attorney, is
sentenced to 8 years in prison; 4 each for receiving stolen money
from Epperson's Acker robbery/murder, and conspiracy to defraud
insurer.  Burns will be eligible for parole in 2 years.  See
860324, 860716, 861113, 861200, 861231, 870114.

870604, KET, Lincoln Co, KY.  Homer & Jerry Day are arrested for
growing $300,000,000 of marijuana in 1986.

870611, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 11 Jun 87, p12.
1) Bobby Prince was arrested for cultivating 107 marijuana plants
in Dry Valley.  2) Gary Dennis was arrested for cultivating 21
marijuana plants in Slat.  These are busts 4 & 5 this year in
Wayne Co.

870611, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, 18 Jun 87, p2.
At Mt Pisgah, Wayne Co, KY, 223 pot plants were harvested by the
Sheriff, but no arrests were made.  In a picture the plants look
5' tall & spindly.

870624, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, July 2, 1987,
p12.  In Duncan Valley, 638 marijuana plants were found.

870625, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, Jun 25, 1987,
p3.  In Wayne County, KY, 375 marijuana plants were found at
Coopersville Ridge Tuesday and 638 marijuana plants at Duncan
Valley were harvested by the sheriff.  Duncan Coffey arrested on
marijuana cultivation charges in another incident.  WKYM.  Or was
it Scott Fairchild of Coffey Mountain?

870626, Monticello, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, July 2, 1987,
p2.  Marijuana grand jury indictments are: Kenneth Roberts, 117
marijuana plants; Bobby Prinz, 107 marijuana plants; Kenny Rains,
25 marijuana plants.

870630, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Tommy Morris is arrested with 100
marijuana plants.

870702, WKYM, Slat, Wayne Co, KY.  Earl Meyers is arrested with
marijuana in his garden.  There have been eight marijuana
cultivation arrests in Wayne County so far this year.

870707, Parnell, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Billy Brumley is arrested
with 67 marijuana plants.  That's Billy B Brumley, 36 of Parnell,
charged with cultivating 24 plants on Friday, July 3, 1987.  A
total of 67 plants were recovered in the raid, but they decided
to only make it a misdemeanor.  The Wayne County Outlook, July 9,
1987, p12.  On 9 Dec 88, I (David P Beiter) talked to Billy
Brumley about neighboring land.  He volunteered that he had been
caught with (I thought he said 78) marijuana plants, but that the
number was reduced to 24, for which he paid a $137 fine.
Coincidentally, his sister is married to Jim Hill, Wayne County

870715, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Floyd Neeley is the fourteenth
arrested this year in Wayne County for marijuana cultivation.

870714, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Joe Adams of Slat (Lynchford) is
arrested with 148 marijuana plants in his garden, Raymond Troxell
of Elk Ridge is arrested with 70 marijuana plants, and 92
marijuana plants were found in Parnell with no arrests.

870725, Cumberland and Clinton Cos, KY, The Wayne County Outlook,
Aug 6, 87 from the Clinton County News.  Lloyd Stockton, Clinton
County Clerk, and James Stonecipher hang the jury on marijuana
cultivation charges.  Found on Sep 14, 1986 were 3 patches with
300 estimated plants already harvested, and 634 plants in a
tobacco field.  See 860914.

870727, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook July 30, p10.  405
marijuana plants were confiscated in Meadow Creek, Wayne Co, KY.
No arrests were made.  WKYM.  This was a single patch in wooded

870728, Owsley Co, KY, KET.  In Owsley County, KY, a Kentucky
State Police helicopter found nearly 1000 marijuana plants in one

870729, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM, County Outlook July 30 p10.  49
marijuana plants were confiscated near KY 761, Piney Woods,
Cumberland Point, by State police & sheriff.  Clifford Meadows
(25) and Tracey Meadows (28) were arrested.  3 plots were found.

870730, KY, KET.  Kentucky State Police got 110 marijuana plots
in the past 3 weeks, mostly in Marion & Washington Counties,
using a $600,000 helicopter.  1.3 million plants were found last

870801, KY, WBKY.  Two people were given two years suspended
sentence for marijuana processing?  Bad reception.

870806, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  In Pulaski Co., KY, 4000 marijuana
plants were found in assorted locations by the Kentucky State
Police chopper.

870814, Wayne Co, KY, WSFC.  Tony Blevins (23) of Parnell was
arrested for marijuana cultivation.

870817, KY, WBKY, KET.  In "Operation Green/Gray Sweep 87", 90
Kentucky State Police and National Guardsmen and 8 helicopters
searched out marijuana fields.  The take varies, according to who
you listen to, but apparently Nelson, Trimble (200 plants),
Shelby (200 plants), Marion (1000 or 2000 plants), LaRue, Taylor
(150,000 plants) and Cumberland counties were raided.

870818, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Operation Green/Gray Sweep #2 nets
922 plants in 10 plots in Wayne County.  Also one greenhouse
belonging to Forrest Southwood of Parnell.

870822, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Leland Flynn of Barrier was arrested
for marijuana cultivation.  "Over 20 arrests in Wayne County this
year for marijuana cultivation." Over 20?!  Perhaps they just
have to estimate when they run out of fingers & toes.

870826, Wayne Co, KY, WSFC.  15 marijuana plants were found
behind the Alpha Post Office, and Mack Smith of Alpha was

870826, KY, WAVE.  Kentucky State Police and National Guard get
1952 marijuana plants in 33 plots in 9 counties, including
Owsley.  The total so far this year is 380,000.

870827, Monticello, KY, The Wayne County Outlook p8.  Jackie
Slagel of Coopersville was found not guilty on 19 Aug of
marijuana cultivation in Mt Pisgah.

870827, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, p1.  In Wayne
Co., KY, the number of marijuana cultivation arrests this year
is "over 20.".  Last year there were 81 arrests.  Pulaski Co has
6 arrests for marijuana cultivation.  An estimated $7,000,000 of
marijuana was grown in Wayne Co, @ $800 per plant.  "30 to 35
plots" have been found, the largest was 634 plants in Duncan
Valley; last year's biggest was 1,300 in Sumpter.  Last week
State Police, with Sheriff Hill as guide, got 922 plants in 10
plots, including a greenhouse operation in the basement of a
house in Frazer with over 400 plants.  Forrest Southwood of
Parnell was arrested with 281 plants.

870902, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  In Parnell, 300 marijuana plants
were found in or on Russell Woods.  The Wayne County Outlook, Sep
3, p10 says 300 marijuana plants were found in the Russell Ridge
area of Parnell on Aug 31.  In a photo they look like they were
growing in the woods.

870902, KY, WSFC.  Green-Gray Sweep #2 has found 18,500+
marijuana plants in 166 plots and made 3 arrests, since when.
The total for the year is 392,626 plants in 1687 plots with 151
arrests.  WBKY.  Since Monday the take has been 6000+ plants,
including 535 plants in 11 plots in Pulaski Co; 950 plants in 7
plots in Rockcastle Co; 788 plants in 5 plots in Laurel Co; and
3916 plants in 61 plots in Clay Co with 2 arrests.

870903, KY, WFLW.  The toll is 42,162 plants in 118 plots and 6
arrests.  Or is it 18,508 plants, "worth" $14.8 megabux, in 12
counties?  4100 plants in 34 plots were found in Leslie Co, 3900
plants in 61 plots were found in Clay Co.

870903, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  18 plants in 2 plots and 7 plants
in 1 plot were found near East Highway 70.

870904, Wayne Co, KY, WSFC.  173 marijuana plants were found at
Slickford & Edwards Mountain.  23 plants were found by state
police on Frisby Road on Wednesday.

870907, Leslie Co, KY, WBKY.  4 or 5 men shot at raiding state
police, then escaped into the brush.

870912, Owensboro, KY, 11:01 PM, WBKY.  A drug bust in Owensboro,
KY, in June 1986 lead to conviction of a staff officer and 6
other officers of the Philadelphia, PA, Police Department for
drug manufacturing.

870913, Clay Co, KY, 3:20PM, WBKY.  Cooms?  of Clay Co, KY,
busted for marijuana production two weeks ago, says that the
police should be spending their time chasing criminals, not pot
patches.  Kentucky State Police Commissioner Elkins replies that
there is nothing under the law to make them do so.  This may be
the same as J.  C.  Lawson, see Sinsemilla Tips, Fall 87, p24.

870921, Okalona, Jefferson Co, KY, KET.  Frank Morgan Jr & Louis
Henry, Jr are arrested with great media coverage for cultivating
52 marijuana plants, worth $42,000.  That's for the whole patch,
not each.

870922, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook Oct 1, 87, p14.
305 marijuana plants were found by police off the Sarah Rogers
Road in Parnell.  No arrest.

870923, Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY, KNN.  119 arrest warrants were
issued for assorted illegal drug activities; LSD, PCP, cocaine,
marijuana.  This is the result of information received from June
86 busts.

870925, Monticello, KY, The Wayne County Outlook 1 Oct 87, p 14.
Recent Grand Jury indictments are: Forrest Southwood, 281
marijuana plants; Joe Ed Shelton, 33 marijuana plants; Tracey
Meadows & Clifford Meadows, 49 marijuana plants.

870926, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook 1 Oct 87, p14.
40 marijuana plants from Pueblo are confiscated by the Sheriff.
Wayne Co holds the record for the largest number of marijuana
cultivation arrests for Kentucky.

871019, Louisville, KY, KET, 32.  Tringle, a Louisville Kentucky
narcotics officer wrecks his undercover cruiser at high speed
while off duty.  A cooler full of liquor was found in the vehicle
and officer Tringle was found to have a blood alcohol level of
2.5 (said to be too drunk to stand up).  [That's gotta be 0.25
blood alcohol!]

871109, WBKY.  40 tons of marijuana worth 40M$ are captured and
17 are arrested.  The investigation started first of the year.

871111, Bowling Green, KY.  KET, WAVE.  John Rucker is found not
guilty in the murder of Jeffrey Miles.

871114, Lexington, KY, KET.  Three Columbian nationals none of
whom spoke English [Rogue Momomera is first] are arrested in the
McDonald's parking lot on Winchester Road, in the biggest cocaine
bust in Kentucky.  28.5 pounds of cocaine were found in a tractor
trailer from Miami, after a sale to an undercover agent.  DEA has
a new [5 months old] office in Lexington.  This operation has
been responsible for 43 pounds of coke since May.

871118, KY & IN.  17 are arrested from Loretto, Marion County, KY
for growing 20M$ of marijuana in southern Indiana.

871123, KY.  Congressman Carroll Hubbard asks FBI to investigate
the involvement of Henry Vance (Lexington bigwig recently
convicted of supplying the gun used to kill the prosecutor in a
drug case in Florida) in wholesale cocaine and marijuana trade in
western Kentucky.  Hubbard states that major drug smugglers are
using local airports, including Bowling Green, KY.  On 930416,
Comment on Kentucky, Bonnie Kelly (the shooter) is the wife of
Mike Kelly, Lexington cop.

880112, KY, WBKY.  NORML [The National Organization for the
Reform of Marijuana Laws] sets the 1987 marijuana production in
Kentucky at $1.1 billion, making it fourth in the nation.  $0.85
billion in marijuana was produced in 1986.  Kentucky State Police
claim 1.2 million plants in 1529 plots in 1987, number one in the
nation.  408,000 in 86.  [???  30 July 87, 1.3 million plants
given for the 86 take.  On 4 Sep 86, 384,000 plants were found in
3 plots on one farm in Lincoln Co.  10 Sep 86, 300,000 plants
were found in one plot in Taylor Co.  9 Nov 86, year take of 3
tons in 725 plots in Daniel Boone National Forest in 86]

880205, Cincinnati, OH, KET.  Kentucky State Police Commissioner
Marion "Butch" Campbell is appealing in Federal Court the
government plans for a retrial on drug trafficking conspiracy
charges.  Morgan County Kentucky Sheriff Benton, convicted on
conspiracy to murder witnesses to drug trafficking, is still not
in prison.

880210, Booneville, KY.  3300 marijuana plants were found by
State Police growing in rooms in a hardware store.  Reputedly
this was worth $3/4 million, or $227 each.  Neighbors noticed
after hours traffic.

880316, Bowling Green, KY.  There is a big roundup of drug
dealers, with 15 head & 82 indictments.

880321, WSEK, Somerset, KY.  A plane was searched at the Somerset
airport and was found to have been used for marijuana smuggling.
Thomas Allen Douglas of Bristol VA was arrested.  Aeromag was the
registered owner.

880322, Lexington, KY, KET.  Karl Bartholomew, 34, of Mesa AZ was
caught at Bluegrass Airport with two suitcases containing 57
pounds of marijuana valued at 26K$ [456$/lb].  A baggage handler
at Covington smelled it.

880406, Lexington, KY, KET.  Abdul Kakar, 59, of Afghanistan was
arrested in Lexington, KY as part of recent heroin ring.

880513, Eastern KY, WSFC.  Mitch McConnell, Senator from
Louisville, KY, states that the 1987 marijuana confiscated from
the Daniel Boone National Forest was 70,000 plants.

880604, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  107 marijuana plants were found by
police in Dry Valley, Wayne County KY and Bobby Prince arrested.
There have been four pot raids in Wayne County so far this year.

880616, Wayne Co, KY.  110 marijuana plants are confiscated from
the Parnell area in the first pot raid of the season.  Wayne
County Outlook, 16 Jun 88, p10.  If this conflicts with the four
pot raids as of 4 Jun, you must be hallucinating.

880628, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  146 marijuana plants were found by
the sheriff at Ritner, Wayne County, KY on 28 June 88.
Apparently near the Bidwell line on Zorie Jones, above driveway,
in thicket.  I was surveying there, and never saw them.

880629, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  21 marijuana plants were confiscated
by the sheriff in Betsey, Meadow Creek, Wayne County, KY on 29
Jun 88.

880630, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  152 marijuana plants were found by
the sheriff at Frazer & Conley Bottom, Wayne County, KY, on 30
Jun 88.

880705, Leslie Co, KY.  700 marijuana plants in 5 plots were
found in Leslie County, KY.  Or was that 500 plants in 5 plots?

880711, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW, 12 noon.  123 marijuana plants were
confiscated and Eugene Russell was arrested in Parnell, Wayne
County, KY.  100 plants were confiscated in Meadow Creek.

880712, Wayne Co, KY, Wayne County Outlook, Jul 21, 88.  532
marijuana plants were harvested on Tuesday, July 12, 1988 on J M
Huber land near the Daniel Boone National Forest in Mt Pisgah,
Wayne County, KY.

880726, Clay Co, KY, radio.  One million dollars in marijuana was
confiscated in Clay County, KY on or about 26 July 88.

880726, Franklin Co, KY, radio.  200 marijuana plants were
confiscated in Franklin County, KY on or about 26 July 88.

880729, Wayne Co, KY, radio.  105 marijuana plants were
confiscated in Strawberry, Wayne County, KY on 29 July 88.

880808, Wayne Co, KY, Wayne County Outlook, Aug 11, 1988, p2.
328 marijuana plants were confiscated in the Daniel Boone
National Forest near Mt Pisgah, Wayne County, KY this past

880808, Wayne Co, KY, Wayne County Outlook, Aug 11, 1988, p2.
With picture.  Clyde Neal was arrested after 121 marijuana plants
were discovered on his property in Denney Hollow, Powersburg,
Wayne County, KY on or about 8 Aug 88.

880815, KY.  8,000 marijuana plants were found by Green Gray
Sweep, mostly in Floyd County, KY on 15 Aug 88.  Some reports say
only 7,600 plants, but "worth" $6 Million.

880818, Wayne Co, KY, Wayne County Outlook, Aug 25, 1988.  1425
marijuana plants worth $1,140,000 were found by helicopter in Dry
Hollow, Wayne County, KY on Thursday, 18 Aug 88.  State Police
were looking for a specific crop.  They started their air search
in Clinton County, but the crop was on a mountaintop in Wayne

880818, Harlan, KY, radio.  109 people were arrested in Harlan
County, KY on cocaine and marijuana charges.

880824, KY, WSFC.  Green Gray Sweep #3 at the London Kentucky
State Police Post has gotten nearly 10,000 marijuana plants in 51
plots.  3,200 of these were in Bell County, KY on Monday, 22 Aug

880826, Clinton & Cumberland Cos, KY, The Wayne County Outlook,
Sep 8, 88, p4, from The Cumberland County News.  Marijuana worth
nearly $4 million was confiscated in 2 sweeps thru Cumberland &
Clinton Counties, KY and Clay County, TN.  1,563 plants in 22
plots in Clinton Co were confiscated on 29 Aug.  106 plants in 3
plots were confiscated on Hayes Rd & Ronnie Gene Thurman, Rt 2,
Albany was arrested.  On 30 Aug 176 plants were confiscated in
one plot in Jackson Hollow near Burkesville.  3,039 plants in 22
plots were confiscated on 26 Aug in the Ashlock area near
Cumberland County, KY, & Clay County, TN.

880829, Wayne Co, KY, The Wayne County Outlook, SEP 8, 1988,
p14.  With picture.  134 marijuana plants were confiscated in the
Coopersville & Griffin area, Wayne County, KY on 29 Aug 88.

880906, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  81 marijuana plants were confiscated
in Bryant Hollow, Cedar Sinking, Frazer, Wayne County, KY on 6
Sep 88.

880908, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  228 marijuana plants were
confiscated in Slickford, Wayne County, KY and Jason Hancock, age
36 was arrested.

880908, KY, KNN.  So far 375,000 marijuana plants have been found
by Kentucky State Police.  At this time in 1987, 410,000 plants
had been found, including one field with 200,000 plants.

880913, Knox & Clay Cos, KY, WYMT, KET.  840 marijuana plants and
50 pounds of processed weed were confiscated in Horn Branch, near
the Knox Clay County line, KY and 4 arrests were made on 13 Sep

880919, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  104 marijuana plants were
confiscated in Powersburg, Mt Pisgah, and Murl, Wayne County, KY
on or about 19 Sep 88.

880920, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  114 marijuana plants, two tripwire
explosive boobytraps, and two sets of former boobytraps were
found in the Walnut Grove area of Pulaski County, KY.

881020, Wayne Co, KY, Wayne County Outlook, Oct 20, 1988.  David
"Beaver" Taylor, age 30, was arrested when police found six
marijuana plants growing near his house.

881129, Lexington, KY, KET.  Marvin Washington, Lexington Fayette
County Kentucky police officer for the past eleven years, is
arrested for armed robbery and possession of illegal drugs.
Officer Washington accosted at gunpoint two restaurant employees
attempting to make a night bank deposit.  He was also found to be
in possession of cocaine.

881214, Irvine, KY, KET/WKYT.  Delmus "Bunt" Gross, Oldsmobile
dealer of Irvine, KY; William Patrick of Florence, KY; and Joseph
and Kathy Moish of Norcross, GA, are arrested on 39 counts of
cocaine and marijuana trafficking and money laundering.  Union
Bank and Trust of Irvine, KY was used as the laundry, but was not
indicted.  Gross's lawyer is Charles Coy, of Richmond, KY.  This
follows a 2.5 [or 4, depending on which story you chose to
believe] year investigation by the FBI and IRS.

881219, Pulaski Co, KY, 11:03AM, WSEK.  Brian Pleeman of Mesa AZ
wrecked on the Cumberland Parkway with 300 pounds of marijuana in
his car.  He was arrested for drunken driving as well as
marijuana trafficking.

881221, Miami, FL, 9:58AM, ABC News, WKYM.  6700 pounds of
cocaine on two freighters was seized at Miami FL.

890100, Clay County, KY, KET.  J.C. Lawson is arrested.  A
vendetta is specifically denied by the cops.  This is the fellow
who had the nerve to suggest that the police spend their time
chasing murderers and thieves, rather than pot patches.  Ain't no
money in murders and thieves.

890210, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Reginald Pennington, age 66, and his
son were arraigned on charges of boobytrapping a marijuana field
on Oct 19 1988.  Two explosive traps and two former sets were
found by police.

890210, Lexington, KY, KET.  At Day's Inn, a shootout between 3
purported Columbian hit men and over 20 FBI agents kills one hit
man and wounds two others.  The score on the FBI is unclear.  The
FBI claims that an unspecified Lexington resident refused to pay
for 15 kilograms of cocaine priced at $300,000 and that the three
thugs were sent from Texas to kill him.  It is unstated how the
FBI got into the game.  That is $20/gm wholesale.  David Walker
says that New York City street prices for cocaine are $50 per
half gram and for marijuana are $150 to $200 per ounce.

890220, KY, KET.  On a Crime in Kentucky program, it was
mentioned that 90% of prison inmates in Kentucky are imprisoned
for either drug or alcohol charges.

890225, Lexington, KY, WSEK.  Fayette County, Kentucky, Sheriff
Lonas Taulbee and five others are indicted on cocaine trafficking

890308, WBKY, 11:05PM.  Darrell Gibson, 32, arrested by FBI for
distribution of cocaine was the target of a hit squad.

890231, Lexington, KY, WBKY, KNN.  Fayette County Sheriff Lonas
Taulbee resigns effective 14 April.  He was convicted and
sentenced to 5 years for theft and malfeasance.  He is yet to be
tried for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

890411, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Fayette County Sheriff Lonas
Taulbee, convicted for stealing $15,000 from the Sheriffs
Department, will resign and rerun for election.

890421, Monticello, KY, Wayne County Outlook, May 4, 1989, p2.
Dennis Doss of Homestead Housing Project is arrested with 170
marijuana plants in pots in a bedroom.

890505, Lexington, KY, WBKY, 3:15PM.  Fayette County, KY, Sheriff
Taulbee and 5 others including Arnold Freeman and Bobby Issacs
have trial for conspiracy to plant cocaine in the vehicle of
chief deputy Joe Albauh, postponed.

890518, Monticello, KY, WKYM, 10AM.  On 18 May 89, 72 marijuana
plants worth $56,000 were found by the Sheriff and State Police
on Town Creek behind Eastview Subdivision.

890613, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM, 7:30AM.  80 marijuana plants found on
Spann Hill Saturday afternoon.

890615, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM, 7:30AM.  200 marijuana plants
attributed to Scott Hurt.  125 marijuana plants found near Fall
Creek Road, 14 June.

890616, Loretto, Marion Co, KY, WHAS, 11:20AM.  The Feds are
investigating "The Cornbread Mafia", who have been credited with
operations in 8 states, with 182 tons of marijuana produced at 29
sites on 25 farms and involving 68 people.  The headquarters are
in Marion County, KY.

890616, Loretto, KY, KET, 18 News rebroadcast.  In an
investigation started in 87, 182 tons of marijuana were produced
by "The Cornbread Mafia".  This is supposed to be 90 joints per
head in Kentucky worth 364 million dollars.  The leaders are
Shewmaker, Boone, and James H Elder.  Also in Marion County, Paul
Elder of the prison staff moved 100 kilograms of marijuana.

890622, Whitley City, McCreary Co, KY, The McCreary County
Record, 27 Jun 89, p1.  3 arrested in $2.28 million marijuana
bust.  That's $2000 each for 1,140 plants between 5 & 8 feet
tall.  Well cultivated 2 acre plot about a mile out Flat Rock
Road.  Arrested after a stake-out of several days were Pearlie
Lewis Ritchie, 48, (from Leslie County) and her husband Barry
Dean Ritchie, 33, (from Hazard) both now of Whitley City and
Howard Shannon Middleton, 46, of Bledsoe in Harlan County.

890709, Lexington, KY, WBKY, 11PM.  David White & $500,000 were
arrested in Lexington KY for marijuana distribution on a warrant
from Southern Illinois.

890712, Monticello, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Last Friday 214
marijuana plants worth $160,000 were found and attributed to
David Wilson of 617 Virginia Avenue.  Also Geo Gippy?  of Zula
arrested for marijuana.  Unsure if same or different incidents.

890717, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  227 marijuana plants in 2 plots in
Parnell and Slickford in Wayne County raided.

890719, KY, WBKY, 4PM.  Kentucky State Police gets $250,000 grant
for marijuana eradication from the Federal Bureau of Justice
Assistance.  /WSFC reports surveillance teams are targeting
significant growers, and hope to catch eight in the state.

890721, Clinton County, KY, WBKY.  Kentucky gets a new Federal
judge to replace the local judge in marijuana trials.  Said local
judge, Eddie Lovelace, sues the local radio station for telling
the peons of this secret.

890724, Irvine, KY.  Supposed start of Bunt Gross trial for drug
money laundering.

890727, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  1211 marijuana plants worth a
million dollars found by sheriff in Slagel Hollow.

890727, Henderson Co, KY.  400 marijuana plants and processing
facilities found in Henderson County, KY.

890802, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Michael Kidd found with several
marijuana plants in Griffin, Wayne County, KY.

890807, Liberty, Casey Co, KY, WKYM.  On Sunday, 6 Aug, 3986
marijuana plants in 14 plots on 800 acres, and worth 3.2 million
dollars were raided 24 miles north of Liberty, Casey County,
KY.  / The DEA ranks Kentucky as the #3 marijuana producing state
in 1988.  KSP harvested 500,000 plants and made 177 arrests in

890808, Pike County, Henry Co, KY.  The Sheriff is charged with
corruption by two deputies, who were then fired.  Also 4000
marijuana plants were found in Henry County, Kentucky.

890810, Whitley Co, KY, WSFC.  1276 marijuana plants found on 21
plots in Whitley County on 9 Aug.

890810, Pulaski Co, KY, WSFC.  1700 marijuana plants worth 2.13
million dollars were found in a part of the Daniel Boone National
Forest near the McCreary County line in Pulaski County so remote
that four wheel drive was needed to harvest it.  42,000 plants so
far this year, but unclear of area.  DB National Forest?

890810, Russell Co, KY, WKYM.  Judge Eddie Lovelace files suit
against a Russell County KY radio station for reporting on 24
July 89 that he was suspended for 6 months for interference with
the Clinton County marijuana cultivation case against Clinton
County Court Clerk Lloyd Stockton.  Believe it or not, it is
illegal to mention that a lawyer has been reprimanded!

890814, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  On 14 Aug in an operation lasting
from midday until dark, a large marijuana bust was executed in
Alpha, Wayne County, KY and some in Clinton County.  Scores of
State Police, 5 National Guard helicopters, and a National Guard
tanker harvest several truckloads of marijuana.  No arrests are

890814, KY, KET.  This year Kentucky State Police have harvested
149,000 marijuana plants worth 150 million dollars.  This
includes one plot of 20,000 in Clay County, 21,000 in Leslie
County, and 19,000 in Owsley County.  Judge di Falais says that
only ten corruption cases are under investigation in Kentucky.

890818, Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY, WSFC.  Somerset and Kentucky
State Police make drug bust on south highway 27 between Somerset
and Burnsides, Pulaski County, KY.  Arrested were Lisa Par...,
John Glover, Linda Davidson, of Burnsides, and Richard Miller of
Somerset.  LSD and marijuana.  In a separate incident, Gordon
David Greg was arrested with 7 marijuana plants.

890818, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM, 12:02PM.  In southwestern Wayne
County Kentucky and adjoining Clinton County, many truckloads of
nearly ripe marijuana were hauled out on 17 Aug.

890819, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Several hundred marijuana plants
were found near Alpha, Wayne County, KY by Columbia State Police
on 18 Aug in the third day of operations.  There has been no
official report on the operation, but the State Police admit that
there is an operation and promise a report on Monday.

890822, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  479 marijuana plants found in
Parnell, Wayne County, Kentucky.  John Sloane and Russell Smith
of Frazer and Donald Dickens of Parnell charged with marijuana
cultivation in a separate incident.

890824, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM, 10AM.  It is not Monday, but the
State Police report is finally released.  The take in three days
of action in Wayne and Clinton Counties, Kentucky was 8420
marijuana plants worth 8.5 million dollars.  Notable things about
this operation are its secrecy, that the Columbia State Police
post did the raiding in London territory, and that this is the
territory of former Wayne County Sheriff Joe Conn.  Despite five
National Guard helicopters, scores of State Police troopers, and
marijuana being hauled out by the truckloads, nobody bragged to
the news about it.  The bust which was not supposed to be, became
the bust that nobody heard.

890825, Irvine, KY, WBKY.  Bunt Gross found guilty on 18 counts
of money laundering between 83 & 87.  Someone else for cocaine
marijuana trafficking.

890829, Scott Co, KY, KET\WTVQ.  6200 marijuana plants
accidentally found in Scott County, KY alongside of I-75.
Commuting cops saw a vehicle stopped on roadside and 4 persons
ran & were caught.

890830, KY, KNN.  Captain Marion "Butch" Campbell wins!  On a
final appeal, Judge Carl Forrester rules that evidence is
inadmissible for a retrial.  Kentucky State Police Commissioner
makes a good front for cocaine smuggling.

890831, KY, KET, WTVQ.  Bunt Gross, Bill Patrick, Charles
Johnson, and Joe Moish are among 17 arrested in drug money
laundering scheme.

890906, KET, Breathitt Co, KY, WYMT.  Sheriff reports a total of
20 to 25 thousand marijuana plants found his year in county, 7 or
8 thousand this week.  Dynamite booby traps also found.

890907, Owsley Co, KY, WTVQ.  Jackie, son of [Bill Robert ?],
Owsley Co, KY, Judge-Executive arrested on CBS TV by FBI for
marijuana cultivation.

890908, Whitley City, McCreary Co, KY, WFLW.  Blakeney and James
Boch are indicted in Butch Spencer's speed lab.

890926, Clinton & Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  For the 5th day National
Guard & State Police harvest a large number of ripe marijuana

890914, Monticello, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  James Edgar Whilhite of
Kendrick Ave, Monticello, arrested with over 8 oz marijuana in 2
bags.  215 marijuana plants were accidentally found by Paul Bates
on Cherry Street while mowing around rocks in a vacant lot.  46
plants found at Flat Springs.  134 plants found at Barrier.
Jimmy McGee and Betsy Foster of Wray Hill arrested for possession
and cultivation of marijuana.

890920, KY, KET.  The fourth annual Green-Gray Sweep has scored
151,352 marijuana plants in 785 plots, and 22 have been arrested.

890920, Hopkins Co, KY, KNN.  A decomposed body is found in a
marijuana field long after a gun battle.

890921, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  35 marijuana plants found between
Flat Springs and Bethesda on 20 Sep by Delmer Corder.

890922, KY.  Last year the Green-Gray Sweep found 91,748
marijuana plants in 436 plots, and made 4 arrests.  This past
week London State Police found 394 plants in 19 plots were found
in Rockcastle, Laurel and Whitley Co, KY.  The pace is slowing

890928, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW.  Judge Eddie Lovelace has his
suspension for protecting the local marijuana barons reduced from
6 months to 45 days.

891000, KY, Acres USA, p28.  Kentucky is now third largest
marijuana producing area in the country.  In Clay County, 40% of
the county's 24,100 citizens grow marijuana.

891106", Marion Co, KY, USN&WR, p 28.  "Cornbread Mafia" grew
marijuana on 25 farms in 9 states and distributed as far as
Maine.  75 have been prosecuted and 182 tons of sinsemilla
seized.  Marijuana industry sales estimated at $16 billion per
year.  Domestic production is estimated at 4350 to 4850 tons, 25%
of supply.

891122, Lexington, KY.  Gatewood Galbraith runs for Governor of
Kentucky on a marijuana platform.  A tax of $1000 per pound is
proposed.  Kentucky consumption is estimated at 700,000 pounds
per year.

891122, Louisville, KY, KET\WAVE.  $200,000 in marijuana in 4
suitcases is found by sniffer dogs and seized and 2 arrested at
Louisville airport.

900118, Hopkinsville, KY, WHAS, KNN.  Christian County, KY,
Sheriff William Dillard & chief deputy & others arrested 17 Jan
90 on Federal indictment for cocaine distribution & accepting
bribes to protect cocaine distribution after a one year FBI

900300, Pulaski Co, KY.  Hubbard of 202 S Horseshoe Drive
arrested for cocaine dealing.

900305, Barren Co, KY.  3 killed in probable drug ripoff.

900306, KY.  3 convicted in Cornbread Mafia trials.

900314, Jefferson Co, KY.  72 indicted in 7 month drug sting.

900320, Wayne Co, KY, personal communication, EMG.  Much of Billy
Brumley's crop was in Russell Co.  Much weekend traffic to
Brumley's now.

900329, Harrodsburg, KY, KET.  Ron Simpson, 35, and Keith Scott
Brun(?), 29, found guilty of distributing 33 and 80 pounds of
cocaine.  There have been 12 or 13 new arrests.

900403, Warren Co, KY, WDCL.  Bowling Green, Warren Co, KY,
Jailor Bunch & 7 deputies indicted on many charges including drug
dealing at the jail.

900414, Bowling Green, KY WHAS.  John Roger McDonald, age 22,
dispatcher at Bowling Green, KY, State Police is accused of
stealing an undisclosed amount of cocaine from evidence.

900416, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Kathleen Rednour & Jennifer
Armstrong, of Ohio, are arrested in Bethesda for cultivation of
marijuana in the attic under grow lights on 13 April 90.  This is
the second grow light bust in Wayne County.

900418, Louisville, KY, WHAS.  31 people arrested in 2 year probe
of cocaine dealing in Louisville.  Imports were about 20 Kg per 2
to 4 weeks from Florida, about 250 Kg per year.

900400, Whitley City, KY.  Blakeney & Cunniak of Butch Spencer's
speed lab in McCreary Co, 1982-1986, are sentenced to 30 years in

900516, Wayne Co, KY.  221 marijuana plants found on Julie Road,
Rocky Branch, and 30 plants found on Elk Ridge.  Total arrests
are 6 this year.

900607, Clinton & Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Columbia State Police got
696 marijuana plants on Poplar Mountain of 5 May, and 616 plants
in Simpson Hollow & Edwards Mountain.

900608, Clinton Co, KY.  2246 marijuana plants found 6 June.
Total for 5 & 6 June is 2936 in Clinton Co.

900608, Jackson Co, KY, KET.  In the county's biggest drug bust,
700 marijuana plants valued at $1/2 million were found from the
air.  Tony Hayes arrested.

900615, Lexington, KY, WEKU.  Lexington, Fayette Co, KY Sheriff
Taulbee loses appeal on theft & malfeasance and is sentenced to 5

900615, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Lucille Lair of Elk Ridge is 6th
arrest in Wayne Co this year for marijuana cultivation.

900616, Nicholasville, KY, KNN.  Danny Allen Murphy is charged
with suffocating his wife in 85.  Also on trial next month on
Federal drug charges.  His occupation is given as
Lexington-Fayette County Police Officer.

900623, Hopkinsville, KY, WKYU.  William Dillard, Christian Co,
KY, Sheriff is convicted of cocaine trafficking and taking a
$5000 bribe from the Feds.  Found not guilty on some other

900623, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  360 marijuana plants found in
Parnell and Duncan Valley.

900628, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  317 marijuana plants found in
Wayne(?) Hollow, Cabel.

900706, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  456 marijuana plants found on 5 July
in Burfield.  Kenny Miller of Eadsville is arrested in a
different bust.

900709, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  183 marijuana plants found 6 July in

900717, Vine Grove, Hardin Co, KY, KNN.  Police Chief Abshire
pleads guilty to cocaine possession.

900718, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  670 marijuana plants found in
Parnell & Murl on 16 Jul.  Bud Greer of Susie was caught with 183
plants and is the 9th marijuana growing arrest this season in
Wayne Co.

900718, Whitley Co, KY.  Former Whitley County Judge-Executive
Archie Powers is charged with cultivating 849 marijuana plants in
2 plots in the National Forest in Whitley County.

900725, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  570 marijuana plants found 23 Jul on
Kelley Lane.

900726, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  770 marijuana plants found 25 Jul in
Mt Pisgah & Slagel Hollow.

900726, Perry Co, KY, KET\WYMT.  8000 marijuana plants found.  Or
was it 5000 plants in 4 plots worth $5million as claimed on KNN
for the first bust of Duh Guvner's new marijuana cops.

900727, Whitley Co, KY, WSEK.  Former Whitley County, KY,
Judge-Executive Archie Powers and Clifford Silers plead not
guilty to cultivating 849 marijuana plants in 2 plots in the
National Forest in Whitley County.

900727, Orlando, FL, WSEK.  William Sam Renner, age 58, and his
wife Virgie of Shopville, Pulaski Co, KY, are sentenced for
cocaine trafficking.  On Feb 9, they bought 15.4 pounds of
cocaine from police at Disney World.

900802, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  345 marijuana plants were found
Sunday (or was it Tuesday?) at Spann Hill.  1042 marijuana plants
found at Mt Pisgah Tuesday & Wednesday.

900802, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW.  The National Guard set up shop at
Erwin School in Beech Bottom and harvested an undisclosed
quantity of marijuana.  In a conversation with Gene Tuggle at the
Wayne County Airport on 901229, Tuggle said that the National
Guard was flying to a report of 30 plants when they accidentally
overflew 6,000 plants and a tractor at Piney Woods, Clinton

900804, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  100 (300?) marijuana plants were
found 3 Aug in Rocky Branch.  Also a raid Friday night of Steven
Hutchinson of Frazer got 5 pounds of processed marijuana.

900808, Lexington, KY.  Murphy wants change of venue.

900809, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  537 marijuana plants were found in
Mt Pisgah and Slickford on 6 & 7 Aug.

900811, KY, KNN.  The marijuana harvest in Kentucky last year by
Kentucky, Federal, and local cops was 600,000 plants.  This years
crop is 4 to 5 feet tall.

900814, Louisville, KY, KET.  400 marijuana plants in pails were
found in the possession of Rawls, 27, the maintenance man at an
apartment building.

900815, KY, KNN.  206,000 marijuana plants have been discovered
and 94 have been arrested made in the past two weeks in Duh
Guvner's pot harvest.  Last year the total was 439,000 for
Operation Green Grey Sweep.

900816, Eastern Kentucky, WSEK, WKYU.  In "Operation Walking
Short", the FBI produces a 42 count indictment of Kentucky law
officers for conspiracy to extort and protect illegal drug
traffickers.  Arrested were: John Mann, Sheriff of Lee County,
allegedly the master-mind, who took $38,500 in bribes from FBI
agents; Lester Dickerson, Sheriff of Wolfe County; Billy
MacIntosh, Sheriff of Owsley County; Dean Spencer, Sheriff of
Breathitt County; Wilson Stone, Deputy Sheriff of Wolfe County;
and Omer Noe, Police Chief of Beattyville.  Two FBI agents
masqueraded as big Chicago "businessmen", in the business of
importing marijuana and cocaine.  They got a business license to
air-drop and outship their products from backwoods airstrips.
This is supposedly the biggest [bigger than catching the Kentucky
State Police Commissioner doing 3/4 million dollars per week in
cocaine trafficking??] bust in Kentucky.  Several newscasts
emphasized that this is no reason for good citizens to question
the integrity of their police; other radio stations issued an
appeal for their good citizens to report such activities to the
FBI hotline.  800/752-6000

900820, WFLW, KY.  The take for the Kentucky marijuana harvest is
reported at 138,421 plants in 1082 plots with 87 arrests.  The
best day was August 7th, when 28,932 were harvested.  The best
county was Clinton with 13,183 plants.  McCreary had 606 and
Wayne 38.  This is Kentucky only, not counting the take for the
Sheriffs.  Note that this is down from that on 15 Aug.

900820, KY, WEKU.  The Kentucky marijuana harvest reports 118,504
plants from Leslie County.  The increase in cost of the campaign
over last year is $4.1 million.

900820, Lexington, KY, KET.  Lexington Police Officer Dan Murphy
is on trial for distribution of marijuana, and weapons charges.
Judge Forrester will decide if the jury should see Murphy's
Jessamine County fortress/plantation/home.  The charges are worth
30 years.

900820, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  1153 marijuana plants were found
by Sheriff Jim Hill in Johnsons Fork at Coopersville.  The total
for the year is approximately 14000.

900822, Lexington, KY, KET.  Danny Allan Murphy, former Lexington
Kentucky Police Officer is convicted on marijuana distribution
and machine gun charges.  He is yet to stand trial for murder in
Jessamine County.

900825, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Local police do not get to share the
booty in the March 88 seizure of an aeroplane registered to Earl
Mc[Cutchen] of Aero-Mag in California, captured at the Somerset
airport.  It was alleged to have been used for drug trafficking,
and Thomas Allan Douglas was charged with possession of less than
8oz of marijuana.

900828, Lee Co, KY, WSEK.  James Richardson of Lee County alerted
FBI to the local police scene when his uncle was kidnapped and
held for ransom and collateral in a drug debt in Chicago.  This
was the impetus for "Operation Walking Short".  The FBI
businessmen used the names David Keller and Ron Pool.

900828, London, KY, KET\WYMT.  Drug Czar William Bennett visits
London, KY, to witness the destruction of 12,000 marijuana plants
valued at $30 million!  It is stated that the Daniel Boone
National Forest is the top marijuana producing national forest,
accounting for 1/3 of the marijuana produced on public lands.

900829, Lexington, KY.  Police are rounding up 85 suspected drug

900831, KY, Comment on Kentucky, KET.  Last year state marijuana
harvest was 450,000 plants, so far this year is 300,000.  The New
Guvner's Marijuana Task Farce is an attempt to smooth the
conflicts between the National Guard and the State Police.

900831, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Police Chief Ralph Miniard reports
finding eight large marijuana plants between three and a half and
five feet tall on South First Street.

900903, KY, WFLW.  As of 27 Aug 90, the state take in Duh
Guvner's marijuana harvest is 302229 plants in 1898 plots and 109
arrests.  County breakdowns are: Casey, 428; Clinton, 13288,
Cumberland, 1882; McCreary, 417; Pulaski, 506; Wayne, 39.  The
Sheriff's haul in Wayne Co is approx 14000.

900904, Louisville, KY, KET\WAVE.  Two are arrested with 500
grams of cocaine, valued at $75,000.  That's $150/gram.

900910, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  William Bailey and James Worley were
arrested last Friday (7 Sep) for marijuana trafficking on
separate warrants.

900911, Knox Co, KY, KET.  5 were arrested for marijuana
cultivation on a tip from a confidential informant.  4 names were
given, the fifth is a state secret.  Some officer stated that the
bust was delayed because of the Governor's Dope Force, and others
are pending.  833 plants were either confiscated, or else the
count was 833 up until this bust, in what jurisdiction.  No
mention anywhere else.

900914, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  77 marijuana plants harvested in
Griffin yesterday.

900915, Wayne Co, KY, Dale Jones, personal communication.  Dale
sez that last summer someone drove into his place and lurked in
the woods for a day and night.  The 107 marijuana plants were
harvested.  He questions that it was the sheriff.  He said that
this year his house was searched by someone he did not know, but
was wearing a gun and a uniform.

900917, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Freddie Gregory of Griffin was
arrested with 25 pounds of marijuana and charged with

900917, Clay Co, KY, KET.  3 Whites arrested 10 mi NW of
Manchester for marijuana in a greenhouse.  The street price is
reported to be $80-$200 per ounce!

900920, KY, WFLW.  The Guvner's Marywanna Task Farce has
harvested 421,389 plants and made 147 arrests.  Clinton Co had
13,786 plants with 2 arrests, Russell Co 119, Pulaski Co 506, and
Wayne Co 39.

900924, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Harold Rigney and Jim Worley of
Susie are arrested for possession of three pounds of processed
marijuana valued at $1500 per pound.

900924, Estill Co, KY, WSEK.  Gary Joe Binsten[?], of Frederick
Maryland, age 25, a Secret Service Agent, is found dead of one
gunshot on the Mountain Spring Cemetery Road, 14 miles east of
Ravenna.  Birtsten?

900927, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  175 marijuana plants seized by
Sheriff Jim Hill in the Susie and Delta communities.

901004, McCreary Co, KY, WSEK.  1019 marijuana plants were found
in the Daniel Boone National Forest, last Saturday.  One man from
Somerset and one from Lancaster were arrested, and made $50,000
bond today in Covington.

901011, Christian Co, KY, KNN.  Christian County Kentucky Sheriff
Dillard is sentenced to 9 years in prison for selling cocaine &
stealing $12,000 from the government.

901013, KY, WSEK.  Kentucky State Police gets $250,000 federal
justice dept grant to investigate marijuana cultivation.

901016, Springfield, Washington Co, KY, KNN.  A few weeks ago a
marijuana factory was busted north of Springfield.  400 pounds of
processed marijuana and $11,000 were confiscated.

901018, Hart & Barren Cos, KY, KNN.  After a three month
undercover operation, fifteen drug dealers are rounded up in Hart
and Barren Counties, Kentucky.

901018, Perry Co, KY, KET\WYMT.  In Perry County, Kentucky, 40
state and 14 federal indictments were handed down for assorted
drug dealing in a joint FBI & KSP case.  40+ have been arrested,
including former county attorney Kenneth Baker who is charged
with taking gratuities for influencing drug cases in court.  This
is thought to be independent dealers rather than a conspiracy.

901022, Frankfort, KY, WEKU.  90 of 115 people are arrested with
163 charges of street level drug dealing after an eight month
investigation by Kentucky State Police and Frankfort Police in
Franklin, Shelby, & Scott Counties, Kentucky.

901022, London, KY.  Lee County KY Sheriff Jonathan Mann is being
held without bond in the Laurel County jail.  He is charged with
19 counts of drug trafficking and extortion, and taking $85,000
in payoffs from drug traffickers posing as FBI agents.  He is
running the Sheriff's Office from jail, having appointed his wife
as administrator.

901024, USA, WUKY.  In Operation Southern Star, the feds arrest
3700 drug suspects in 32 states & several foreign countries,
including Bermuda and New Zealand.  $7Million in drugs & weapons,
and $5Million in cash were seized.  The investigation lasted for
for 10 weeks.

901024, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Ed Reynolds was arrested by the
Wayne County Sheriff last Friday with 24 pounds of processed
marijuana.  Rumors are that Reynolds was a Wayne County Special
Sheriff's Deputy for Drug Operations.

901108, Somerset, KY, WFLW & WSEK.  Ten year veteran Kentucky
State Police Trooper David Dick was issued a criminal summons
(not arrested) as the result of his superiors finding marijuana
less than two ounces in the trunk of his cruiser Sunday.  He
claimed that this was leftover from an arrest and that he had
forgotten about it.  On Monday he resigned, according to Pulaski
County attorney Fred Neikirk.  On Thursday he pleaded guilty, was
fined $25, and immediately had his conviction voided.  His
attorney was Larry Whittaker.  Trooper Dick has been rumored to
be involved in marijuana production and marketing for several
years.  See 861126.

901110, Wayne Co, KY, personal communication, MG.  Ed Reynolds, a
member of the auxiliary police ( or Monticello Police?), who
lives at Gap of the Ridge near Fred West, had a pre-trial
hearing (Thursday, 8 Nov ?) for possession of 25 pounds of
processed marijuana.  A trial is set for May.  A buyer from Ohio
is looking for 50 pounds at $2200 per pound.

901200, Louisville, KY, KET.  This is not news yet, but the new
Police Chief of Louisville, KY is from Loretto, of Cornbread
Mafia fame.

901205, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Freddie Wayne Gregory is sentenced
to five years plus one year for marijuana cultivation and sale
after a two day trial.

901207, Lexington, KY.  Former Fayette County Kentucky Sheriff
Lonas Taulbee loses an appeal on conspiracy to traffic in
cocaine.  His grounds were that since he got caught before he was
actually able to have the cocaine planted in the car of his Chief
Deputy, he obviously was not distributing cocaine.  Appeals on
the charges of theft, misfeasance, and malfeasance for stealing
from his office also failed.

901208, Wayne Co, KY, Donald Jones, personal communication.  Sez
that Dale Jones told him today that a buyer is in McCreary Co
offering 1400 to 1600 $ per pound.  He has $50,000 in a long type

901211, LaGrange, KY, KNN.  51 persons are indicted with 98
indictments for drug dealing in Jefferson thru Gallatin counties,
KY.  State Police spent $24,000 and one year setting this up.

901212, Lexington, KY, KET.  75 persons were arrested yesterday
in Lexington on drug possession charges.  Two of these are
repeats from the August drug sweep of 85 criminals.  A new
expedited processing procedure will reduce the time between
arrest and conviction to less than 30 days.

901231, Parnell, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Tony Blevins of Parnell was
arrested in a raid Monday afternoon and charged with bootlegging
and marijuana trafficking by Sheriff Hill & deputies.

910102, I-65, KY.  Gerardo Salizar was found with five pounds of
Mexican marijuana in a stalled car on I-65 by State Police.
Another 47 pounds was found in the trunk.

910108~, St Regis, suburb of Louisville, KY, KET?  St Regis
policeman Bersot (Bursoe?) is accused of planting drugs & guns on
David Trigley(sp?).  Trigley's crime was to date the cop's
ex-wife.  Captain Eppeley deplored the accusation.  See 920826 &
930320.  [David Trigley may have been one of the cops.  A David
Tingley was involved with another drug planting case on Ricky Lee

910207, Hazard, KY, KET, WKYT.  Three men from Breathitt County,
KY, are arrested with 48 pounds of marijuana and money at the
Super 8 Motel.

910214, Lexington, KY, KET.  Paul J Adams, 40 and Gregory A
Frankel, 33 are arrested for buying 3oz of cocaine from the
police department.

910222, Hopkinsville, KY, KNN.  Whalen, LaRue judge, arrested in
Hopkinsville for cocaine trafficking yesterday?

910226, Pike Co, KY, WYMT, KET.  A greenhouse and 200 marijuana
plants are seized.  Morgan & Mortan are arrested?

910306, IN, KET.  Barbara Grier (or is it in Grier, IN?) is
listed in serious condition after the cops invaded her house to
arrest her boyfriend.  The shot was meant for the dog, but
missed, hitting her in the stomach.

910307, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Danny Jones of Rocky Branch is
arrested for 12 oz of marijuana Monday.

910307, Rockcastle Co, KY, WSFC.  25 pounds of marijuana is
seized at Orlando, near Mt Vernon.  See 920418 for probable

910314, Lee Co, KY, WKYT.  Lee Co Sheriff Jonathan Mann is served
several grand jury indictments for theft.  He is alleged to have
used $7K of Sheriff's Department funds for his house payments.
How careless.

910314, McCreary Co, KY, Dale Jones.  500 marijuana plants busted
on Wayne Ridge last week.  I take it to be grown to harvest under
light, but it is hard to get a straight story from Dale.  This is
the same person reported by Dale to have been buying last year
with the trucker's wallet with $50,000.

910318, London, KY, WSFC.  The trial of two men accused of having
1019 marijuana plants in the Daniel Boone National Forest of
McCreary Co, KY, is postponed.

910321, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  On Saturday, Scott Hurt of
Powersburg was arrested in a marijuana raid.

910330, London, KY, WSEK.  96 warrants issued for 72 persons for
LSD, cocaine and marijuana trafficking in a year long narcotics
investigation.  2 from Wayne Co.  13 more warrants on 12
persons.  85 Laurel, 9 Pulaski, 4 Clay, 8 Whitley, 2 Wayne, & 1

910402, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  53 marijuana plants were found in a
plant bed by a fisherman at Conley Bottom on Sunday.

910514, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  830 marijuana plants harvested by
the sheriff Tuesday on Strawberry Road.

910531, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The sheriff harvests 40 marijuana
plants in Mt Pisgah.

910611, Wayne Co, WFLW.  135 marijuana plants were harvested by
the sheriff in Susie.

910615, KY, KNN.  24 street dealers are busted in Oldham,
Carroll, Gallatin & Trimble Counties.

910615, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  80 marijuana plants found in Denney

910616, McCracken Co, KY, KNN, WFLW.  86 indictments are handed
down on 31 persons in a drug bust after a year investigation.

910617, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  1089 marijuana plants were harvested
Friday in location(s) unknown by the sheriff.

910619, Frankfort, KY, KET.  5 marijuana plants were found
growing in an apartment owned by Gary Faulkner, KY Drug Czar and
Commander of The Governor's Marijuana Strike Farce.  This time
they believed the landlord when he said that he did not know of
this activity and furthermore, he had no way of knowing.  60 more
plants were found in another Frankfort indoor harvest.

910620, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  151 marijuana plants harvested in Mt
Pisgah Wednesday by the sheriff.

910620, KY, KNN.  6 drug arrests in Hopkins Co and 20 in Garrard

910625, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  400 marijuana plants harvested by
the sheriff from Russell Ridge, Parnell.

910702, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  69 marijuana plants were found by
the sheriff behind the house of Robert Long on the Cumberland
Point Road.  Long was arrested.

910702, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  44 marijuana plants were found in
Sunnybrook, and Paul Hanby, Scott Flynn, and another were

910702, Wayne Co, KY, personal communication, Billy Brusewitz.
Much marijuana harvested by helicopter in Dry Hollow.  About 50
men in ground crew.

910708, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  853 marijuana plants were harvested
Friday from Russell Ridge, Parnell.

910709, Campbellsville, Estill Co, Lee Co, KY, KNN.  Big drug
sweeps over the weekend.

910709, Eastern KY, KNN.  The Governor's Marijuana Strike Force
harvests a total of 7200 marijuana plants in several eastern
Kentucky counties.  The biggest take was 800+ in 2 plots in
Leslie Co.  In Bell Co, Tennessee resident Becker is caught in a
marijuana patch.

910712, London, KY, KNN.  In the trial of Jonathan Mann etc,
evidence showed that informant David Richardson was paid $77,000
by the FBI for salary & expenses.  His previous career was a
marijuana dealer.

910712, Eastern KY, KNN.  In 10 eastern Kentucky counties, 6200
marijuana plants in 26 fields were harvested Tuesday by The
Governor's Marijuana Strike Force.  The biggest finds were in
Clay, Owsley, Laurel, and Breathitt Counties.

910712, KY, KNN.  The Governor's Marijuana Strike Force has
harvested a total of 126,000 plants and made 61 arrests so far
this year.  Almost half of the take came from Clay, Owsley, &
Knott Counties.

910712, London, KY, KNN.  A car broken down on the side of I-75
was determined to fit the undisclosable criteria of probable
cause, and was detained for sniffing by a police dog.  $400,000
in small bills was found in a fake gas tank.  Miguel Angel Garcia
of Glen Ellen, IL, was arrested.  Later rumors are that the
probable cause was that the criminal asked for a tow truck to
haul his car to Florida, and the haul bill would be more than the
value of the car.

910712, Bowling Green, KY, KNN.  7 persons arrested in drug

910713, Montgomery & Bath Co, KY, KNN.  23 residents caught in
drug roundup.

910715, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Bill Wood of Griffin arrested for
marijuana cultivation.  Lonzo Phillips of Delta arrested for
bootlegging and marijuana cultivation.

910716, KY, KNN.  9600 marijuana plants in 48 plots harvested
yesterday in 10 counties including Bell, Clay, Floyd, Bourbon, &
Breathitt, but not McCreary.  The National Guard helicopters were
personally observed in McCreary Co on 910715 & 16.

910716, London, KY, WSFC.  John Quinn (or maybe Flynn?) of
Lebanon, OH is Jonathan Mann's attorney.  Mann has had a
jailhouse conversion, and now has found God, who should forgive
all his sins.  Mann gave an interview to a Lexington newspaper,
but this was declared insufficient to grant a mistrial.

910717, KY, KNN.  As of 910710, since the first of the year, the
13 agencies of The Governor's Marijuana Strike Farce have
harvested 125,781 plants statewide and made 61 arrests.  40,000
plants have been harvested in the past two weeks.

910718, Lake Cumberland area, WKYM.  The Governor's Marijuana
Strike Force has harvested 8,694 plants and made 11 arrests in
the 10 county Lake Cumberland Area Development District.  This
excludes actions by sheriffs and local police.

910718, London, KY, WKYM.  In the Mann et al trial, David
Richardson is alleged to have killed fellow agents Doug & Brenda
(Davidson?).  But he passed a FBI lie detector test, and that's
that.  These allegations are adjudged to be irrelevant and not
admissible as evidence.

910719, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  1003 marijuana plants were harvested
yesterday from Sarah Rogers Ridge, Parnell.  No arrests.

910719, Nicholasville, KY, KNN.  Former Lexington cop Murphy
pleaded guilty to suffocating his wife and was given 20 years.

910722, Bourbon & Harrison Co, KY, KNN.  18 arrested in drug
roundup for cocaine & marijuana dealing, some within 1000 feet of
a school (a heinous crime).

910724, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Sheriff Jim Hill harvests 220
marijuana plants from Dean Ridge, Parnell, yesterday.

910725, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Sheriff Jim Hill harvests 308
marijuana plants from Slickford on Wednesday.

910726, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Sheriff Jim Hill harvests 441
marijuana plants from Slickford Thursday, for a total of 749.

910731, London, KY, WSEK.  Jonathan Mann etc trial prosecution
finished.  James [not David] Richardson of Owsley Co given as the
marijuana dealer who cooperated with the FBI.  The judge is

910801, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Sheriff Jim Hill harvests 112
marijuana plants in Mt Pisgah on Tuesday.

910801, Kentucky, WSFC.  The Governor's Marijuana Strike Farce
has harvested 350,000 plants so far this year.  Last year the
take was 536,262.  I assume that was for the entire season.

910802, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Wayne Co Sheriff Jim Hill, his
deputies, Kentucky State Police, and a helicopter from Frankfort
found 2663 marijuana plants in 12 patches in the Tom Upchurch
Hollow at Slickford yesterday.  Hill says that this operation
would have taken two weeks without the chopper.

910803, Jefferson Co, KY, KNN.  In what is billed as a big
marijuana bust, 100 plants are found growing outdoors in
Jefferson Co (Louisville) KY yesterday.  The haul was estimated
to have a value between $100,000 and $150,000.

910806, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Sheriff Jim Hill & deputies,
Kentucky State Police, & helicopters from Fort Campbell harvest
2813 marijuana plants from the Eadsville & Parnell areas

910807, Ashland, KY, KNN.  In the past two days the Governor's
Marijuana Strike Farce has found 1100 marijuana plants in 20
plots in the Ashland area.  The biggest find was in western
Carter County where 750 plants were found.  A boobytrap was
encountered near Lawton.  The crop was evaluated at over

910808, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The Sheriff, his deputies, Kentucky
State Police, and the 101st Airborne from Fort Campbell harvested
1160 marijuana plants from the Cedar Hill area of Delta and from
Oil Valley yesterday.

910809, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The Sheriff, his deputies, Kentucky
State Police, and the 101 Airborne from Fort Campbell harvested
913 marijuana plants from the Parnell and Mt Pisgah areas
yesterday.  This is the fourth day of operations.

910809, Jefferson Co, KY, KNN.  James Greenwood sentenced to 12.5
years for cocaine distribution.

910810, Carter Co, KY, WSEK.  The Governor's Marijuana Strike
Farce finds 1100 marijuana plants in 2 fields near Lawton, worth
over a million dollars.  The fields were "boobytrapped" with

910812, KY, WFLW.  There are seven teams in the Governor's
Marijuana Strike Force.  The latest (as of 09 Aug?) totals are
almost 0.5 million plants eradicated, 144 criminals arrested, and
104 (of 120) counties attacked.  In the LCADD 29,883 plants have
been eradicated and 27 criminals arrested.

910813, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Two are arrested for growing
marijuana in the Daniel Boone National Forest, (Danny?) Sizemore
and another Sizemore.  So far the take in the DBNF is 177,000
plants and 12 other arrests.

910814, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The home of Bill Taylor, age 38, of
Alpha was raided Tuesday afternoon and 1933 marijuana plants were
harvested by the Sheriff.  And in a daring 3 AM raid Wednesday
morning, Chris Stinson, age 31, of Parmleysville, was arrested
with 743 marijuana plants.

910814, Hart & Barren Co, KY, KNN.  The Governor's Marijuana
Strike Force harvested 67 marijuana plants in Hart County and
made one arrest.  They also harvested 48 marijuana plants in
Barren County.

910815, Edmonson Co, KY, KNN.  Kentucky State Police from Bowling
Green raided six plots and harvested almost 650 marijuana plants,
most near Brownsville, yesterday.

910816, Clinton Co, KY, KNN.  The Governor's Marijuana Strike
Farce harvested 850 marijuana plants from 12 plots, mostly on
Koger Mtn in the eastern portion of Clinton County, yesterday.
No arrests were performed.

910816, London, KY, KNN.  Late today a verdict was delivered in
the drug conspiracy trial of Lee County Sheriff Jonathan Mann and
Associates.  I think that 5 of 6 were convicted on one count of
conspiracy to distribute cocaine, but reports are very unclear.
Sheriff Dean Spencer of Breathitt Co was the odd man.  Five were
convicted of conspiracy of extortion, and three were convicted of
conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

910819, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  1365 marijuana plants were harvested
Friday in the John T Hollow of Parmleysville by the Sheriff,
Kentucky State Police, and the Kentucky National Guard.

910820, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW.  On Monday, 1200+ marijuana plants
were harvested by The Governor's Marijuana Strike Farce near KY
696, east of Albany.

910821, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Paul Eugene "Gene" Upchurch, age 44,
is found shot dead by his pickup truck on the Millsap Mountain

910822, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Yesterday, 868 marijuana plants were
harvested by the Sheriff, Kentucky State Police, and the Kentucky
National Guard in Parmleysville,

910823, Bell & Knox Co, KY, KNN.  The Governor's Marijuana Strike
Farce harvests 5300 marijuana plants in Knox Co & makes three
arrests: Herbert Sinkon, Franklin Whit, & another.

910824, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  4 grand jury indictments for
marijuana cultivation.  Bill D Taylor, 1933 plants; Lowell Jones,
7 plants; Robert Long, 69 plants; Chris Stinson, 743 plants.

910826, KY, WSFC.  As of 23 Aug, a total of 565,590 marijuana
plants had been harvested and 176 criminals arrested by The
Governor's Marijuana Strike Force.  A toll-free tattle line has
been set up: 800/367-3847

910826, Laurel Co, KY, WSEK.  The Robert Foley, age 56[?], of
Harlan, alleged to have recently killed two brothers (& Harry
Lynn Vaughn) and dumped their bodies into Sinking Creek is a FBI
informant, according to an Ohio lawyer.  A Federal judge issues a
gag order on the subject.  Foley's father and wife are arrested
and alleged to have intimidated witnesses.

910826, Marshall Co, KY, KNN.  Bruce E Buchanan, deputy jailor of
Marshall Co, KY, is charged with marijuana trafficking in the
county jail, and trafficking within 1000 feet of a school, since
the school is only a block from the jailhouse.

910828, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Sheriff Jim Hill harvested 573
marijuana plants in the Dry Hollow & Slickford area yesterday.

910828, Harlan & Knox Cos, KY, KNN.  The Governor's Marijuana
Strike Force harvested 3800 marijuana plants yesterday, including
3500 at Kayjay, Knox Co.

910829, Harlan, Bell, & Knox Cos, KY, KNN.  5000 marijuana plants
were harvested yesterday by the Governor's Marijuana Strike

910903, Bell Co, KY, WSEK.  Federal Judge Louis di Falais
announces that George Patrick of Arjay was sentenced to 80 months
in prison upon conviction of marijuana possession with intent to
distribute (as determined by psychic divination).  This criminal
was found to be in possession of several ounces of marijuana,
$165,000, and 3 weapons at the time of his arrest at his home on
28 Nov 90.

910904, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The Sheriff & his deputies find 640
marijuana plants in Denney Hollow, Powersburg.  A special
response demolition expert is called in from London to disarm a
dynamite boobytrap.

910904, Knox & Harlan Cos, KY, KNN.  2700 marijuana plans are
seized in Knox county and 140 in Harlan Co, yesterday.

910907, Letcher Co, KY, KNN, WSEK.  The Letcher County Sheriff
raids four major marijuana plots and makes two arrests,
yesterday.  Included were a raid a 11:45 PM on a trailer in Blair
Branch where processed marijuana and 300 plants still growing, as
well as guns and money were seized.  A million dollars of
marijuana was claimed to have been grabbed.

910908, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The 101st Airborne et al defeated
2203 marijuana plants in the Patton Creek & Martin Hollow area of
Mt Pisgah & Parmleysville yesterday.

910909, KY, WFLW.  This year, from 1 Jan 91 thru 6 Sep 91, The
Governor's Marijuana Strike Farce has collected 667,864 plants
and 236 criminals in Kentucky.  In the ten county LCADD, the take
is 46,839 plants & 52 criminals.  In Wayne Co, it is 17,637
plants and 0 criminals.  The entire take last year in Kentucky
was 536,262.

910911, Clay Co, KY, KNN.  In a KSP/FBI joint venture, a pickup
truck driven by James Hubbard, 34, of Manchester, was stopped on
the Daniel Boone Parkway and found to have 45 pounds of marijuana
in a toolbox.  This lead to 20 more pounds and 8 more people,
including Rudolph Hill, 45, and Michael Perkins, 29, in a barn at
Caudill Gap on Little Goose Creek.  Total take was 65 pounds pf
marijuana and 10 criminals.

910913, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The 101st Airborne killed 625 Enemy
in a search and destroy mission on Patton Creek yesterday.

910913, Henderson, KY, KNN.  Eight criminals are arrested on drug
charges in Henderson & Union Cos, KY, after an eight month
undercover investigation.

910916, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  A yearlong undercover narcotics
investigation by Rod Schwartz, a city police detective
masquerading as a Somerset cab driver nets 43 criminals with
another approximately 20 more to be arrested.  A total of 108
charges are filed and 9 vehicles seized.  Most charges are for
for low level dealing of marijuana, lured to within 1000 yards
(didn't it used to be only 1000 feet?) of a school, with some LSD
and alcohol.  The biggest buy was a five pound marijuana deal,
which ended the scam.  See 920507 for conviction of LeRoy Hunter
of Frazer.  Was this SomerSweep The Original?

910922, Wayne Co, KY, WSFC.  123 marijuana plants were harvested
by the Sheriff's deputies in Frazer, along with a tent.  Another
62 marijuana plants were discovered in Coopersville.

910924, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Gregory Drake Wahl, a Fayette County
Sheriff's Deputy, was arrested Monday for selling 1/4 pound of
marijuana within 1000 feet of a school.

910928, McCreary Co, KY, personal communication of Dale Jones.
The helicopter raid of 16 July got at least 4 patches in Jones
Hollow, tho it's a bit hard to decipher Dale's stories.  1) in
river.  I saw a chopper descend to the river a bit upstream from
the big spring.  A ground search after Dale's story (a month & a
half stale) could find no evidence of any pot patch in the area.
2) Roberts boy.  I presume that is the house they hovered over
for half an hour.  The highway patrol stated that the resident
was the  who grew the stuff, amongst other threats.  3)
James, 2 houses up from David Jones, a chopper almost landed on
house.  Dale also said that a chopper investigated his car with
an open trunk at a range of about 50', and left with a "whump".
A helicopter was shot, but not disabled, on Parker Mtn.  The area
was blockaded and every house searched, but the culprit was not

911002, Clinton Co, KY, WMKZ, WKYM.  Following a two year
undercover investigation, the FBI arrested David M Stonecipher,
47; John Henry Cravens, 45; Anthony "Tony" Seratto, 39; and was
attempting to find Paul A Brown; on charges of conspiracy to
distribute marijuana.  The break came with a $14K sale by
Stonecipher the previous Tuesday & Wednesday to a KSP agent.
This Duvall Valley operation was a marijuana clearinghouse,
exporting to GA, OH, IL.  The FBI does not usually investigate
mid-level drug dealers, but this was an exception.  Capt Gary
Lusher of the Bowling Green SP and Terry O'Connor of the FBI
publicized the bust.  Seratto is an 14 year veteran of the Albany
police, and was charged with use of a firearm in a drug offense,
an well as conspiracy.

911004, Anderson Co, KY, KNN.  Kevin & Marilyn Smith of Diamond
Point Road arrested for LSD.

911005, Brandenburg, Meade Co, KY, KNN.  Roy Lee Knott is busted
with 100 pounds of marijuana in a sophisticated indoor growing

911015, Frankfort, KY, KNN.  102 street level drug dealers are
indicted in Franklin, Anderson, Shelby, & Spencer counties after
a 9 month investigation.  Charges are marijuana, cocaine & LSD.

911019, Clinton Co, KY.  Benny & ?  Davis and Jacky & Lily
Rednour are arrested Thursday 17 Oct in a continuation of the
Duvall Valley bust.

911025, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The take this year in The Governor's
Marijuana Strike Force is 819,531 plants & 364 arrests.  The take
for the Wayne County Sheriff's Office is 24,854 plants (7th place
in 120 counties) & 19 arrests (3rd place).  In the Great Pulaski
County Marijuana Roundup, LeRoy Hunter of Frazer was supposed to
have supplied 500 pounds at $450 per pound, but the crop was
harvested prematurely by the Governor's Marijuana Task Force.

911029, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Jimmy Coomer of Eadsville is
arrested with three pounds of marijuana by Sheriff Jim Hill.

911029, Laurel Co, KY, KNN.  Robert Foley, 39, is arrested &
pleads not guilty for the murder of four people found entombed in
an abandoned septic tank since 1989.  This was on a farm at Bald
Rock, Laurel Co, owned by his father, and formerly owned by
___________, also alleged to have been murdered by Foley.
Victims include Kimberley Bowersods (?) 20, of Ohio; and Calvin
Reynolds, 22, of Laurel Co, KY.  See also 910826 for rumor that
Foley is a FBI protected informant.  Note that Foley had aged -17
years during this unfortunate incident.  See 940404.

911030, Breathitt Co, KY, KNN.  After a two month investigation,
Mike Goff of the Kentucky National Guard working in The
Governor's Marijuana Task Force, is among 31 arrested for
marijuana trafficking.  According to Mike Powell, the Governor's
mouthpiece, participants are carefully screened for drug use,
criminal tendencies, and correct thinking before being allowed to
participate in The Governor's Marijuana Task Force.

911101, Laurel Co, KY, WSEK.  Ron Pool, FBI handler for Operation
Walking Short, the Jonathan Mann case, attempted to influence
Judge Watson to release Robert Foley on murder charges.

911105, Clinton Co, KY.  Eddie Lovelace wins election for Circuit
Judge.  During the campaign, no mention is made of his
disbarment.  However, new connections to the marijuana industry
are alleged when Lovelace accepts a $500 contribution from an
arrestee (Cravens?) in the 911002 FBI marijuana raids.

911113, Kentucky, WMKZ.  The total take in the 1991 season for
The Governor's Marijuana Task Force is 823,088 plants and 428
arrests.  This is an increase over last year of 284,426 plants
and 131 arrests.  Thus the statistics for 1990 should be 538,662
and 297.

911121, Charleston, TN, KNN.  Four of four police officers of
Charleston, TN, are arrested for conspiring to have a town
councilman arrested last year.  Said harassee was investigating
corruption in the police department.

911210, Loretto & Raywick, Marion Co, KY, WDCL.  Seven Marion
County residents are arrested in a continuation of the case of
The Cornbread Mafia marijuana barons.  Marijuana farms were
located in Michigan & Missouri, as well as Kentucky.

911210, Monticello, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Lindsay Tinker Lowe, age
32, of the Frisby Road, was arrested in a 2 AM raid by Sheriff
Jim Hill with 13 pounds of processed marijuana.  Bond was $20,000

911211, Monticello, KY, WMKZ.  Gene East, Lindsay Lowe, & Jerry
Coomer arrested for marijuana distribution.

911211, Monticello, KY, WMKZ.  Alan Sexton is sentenced to 2
years probation and Chris Stinson to 3 years probation for
marijuana cultivation.

920120, Marion Co, KY, KNN.  Francis Mattingly of Marion County
kills his brother John Steven Mattingly in a family argument.
Note that two James Mattinglys of Lebanon were a part of the
Donnie Nunn operation in Hart Co in 82.

920120, Garrison, Lewis Co, KY, KNN.  A private bridge four miles
west of Garrison, built at a cost of $23,000 and belonging to
Dottie Tackett, was destroyed by explosives.  This is claimed to
be in retaliation for denial of access by marijuana growers.  The
dynamite was claimed by the State Police to have been stolen from
a construction site in Carter County.

920120, Monticello, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Gary Carroll, age 38, of
Monticello is arrested for selling marijuana to an undercover
State Police narc.  The sale apparently was over eight ounces,
and a total of 2.5 pounds was eventually recovered.  Grand Jury
indictment returned 920220.

920124, Monticello, KY, WKYM.  In a coordinated raid, the
Monticello Police Department and the Wayne County Sheriff's
Department raid the apartment of Timmy Hellman in downtown
Monticello.  The charge was marijuana possession.

920130, Laurel Co, KY, WSEK.  Robert Foley was being handled by
FBI agent "Ron Poole" at the marijuana arrest of Larry Vaughn,
who Foley later murdered.

920204, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Robert Shelton, 43, of Alpha is
arrested with one and a half pounds of marijuana by the Sheriff.

920205, Casey Co, KY, WSEK, WMKZ.  James Kenneth Watson of
Hustonville, Jeffrey Daniels, Bruce Rogers, 44, and Gerald Thomas
Sneed, are arrested with twelve pounds of marijuana, $1600, a 22
pistol, and three vehicles.

920207, Henderson Co, KY, KNN.  State Police, BATF, & IRS make a
drug sweep in Henderson County Kentucky after a three month
investigation.  So far 21 of 31 criminals have been arrested.

920212, Hazard, KY, WFLW.  Somerset Attorney Larry Whittaker, age
41, of Burnside, is arrested for felony possession of cocaine by
the Kentucky State Police in a Hazard Super 8 Motel room.  The
setup was made by two Officers of the Kentucky State Police, with
the assistance of the DEA Special Investigations Unit.  Taken
along in the haul were a 85 Porsche, 2 handguns, and $941 in

920221, Powell Co, KY, WSEK.  The question of who shot whom first
still rages.  Blaise says that as he walked towards the Officers,
he was shot in the leg, dropped to the ground, crawled behind a
stump, and returned fire.  This was an attempt to serve four
warrants from Toledo, OH.

920310, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Jennings Gilbert, 31, is sentenced
to 6.5 years and his father Charles Gilbert, 64, to 5 years for
growing 105 marijuana plants in Eastern Kentucky.

920313, WKYM, KY.  State Police roundup 28 criminals on 38
warrants in Adair, Clinton, Russell, Taylor & Washington counties
KY on charges of cocaine & marijuana.  In a separate operation,
30 criminals are arrested on 35 drug warrants in Rowan, Bath &
Flemming counties, for marijuana, valium & LSD.

920324, Knox Co, KY, WSEK.  Sheriff Bingham & Judge-Executive
Hampton wrote letters of recommendation of lenient sentences for
growers of 300 pounds of marijuana in the Stinking Creek area.
Also "Ron Poole" of the FBI is accused by Kathy Putnam, wife of
his ex-partner, of buying drugs for cash and buying drugs without
accompaniment.  Pardner Putnam is presently serving 16 years for
the murder of an informant rather than take responsibility for
her pregnancy.  Talk about screwing a confidential informant!

920404, Parnell, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Tommy Mac Alley is arrested
for bootlegging, marijuana cultivation, and marijuana possession.

920407, Adair Co, KY, WSEK.  Perry H Denton of Adair Co is
arrested with 30 marijuana seedlings.

920410, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Linda Marie Porter, 27, of Raceway
St is arrested for possession of 150 marijuana seeds.

920418, Somerset & Rockcastle Co, KY, WSEK.  $31K in drug money,
taken from Jack Douglas & Betty Hinsley in a Mt Vernon marijuana
raid on March 6, 1991 is split up among the cops.  Somerset got
$22K, $1.5K was given to the Rockcastle Sheriff and $8K kept by
the FBI for administration costs.  A 1990 Chevy was donated to
the London State Police.  Also 40 pounds of marijuana and 15
firearms were taken, destination unknown.  The Hinsleys have not
been convicted of anything, conviction being unnecessary.  The
case started with investigation of street dealers by Somerset
cops Larry Bowling & ?  Dinsmore, and went from there to the
State Police and then to the FBI.

920420, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Ronnie Dobbs & Ellen Crabtree of
Barrier were arrested for 195 (193?) marijuana plants on
Saturday, 18 Apr.

920421, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  LeRoy Hall & Angela Sexton of Morris
Hill were arrested for marijuana cultivation.

920421, Bullitt Co, KY, KNN.  19 marijuana plants worth $1000
each were found on a Bullitt Co farm.

920422, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Indictments for Christy Lyons, as
well as Dobbs, Crabtree, Hall & Sexton for marijuana.

920427, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Betty Dishman of Short Street
Trailer Park was arrested for marijuana cultivation by the Wayne
Co Sheriff.

920428, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Mark David Kaiser, 18, arrested at
3AM for marijuana cultivation on information from a confidential

920429, Eadsville, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Michael Holds(?) trailer
in Eadsville raided Tuesday for marijuana cultivation.

920430, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Clyde Foust arrested for
bootlegging.  The cops got $37,411 and a 84 car.  Rumors have it
that beer wasn't the only merchandise.  Also Robert Parker of
Missouri Valley arrested for marijuana cultivation.

920506, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Linda Gail ?  of Piney Woods
arrested in a warrant from a confidential informant for 39
seedlings 2 to 3 inches high, plus the new contraband of dixie
cups and potting soil.  Also another seeding bust, name unknown.

920507, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Murl Young, 63, and Barbara Anne
Menfry, 43, arrested by sheriff with 825 seedlings.  Also, in
Pulaski court, James LeRoy Hunter of Frazer is found guilty of
LSD distribution as a result of the undercover operation last
September.  Two counts of marijuana trafficking within 1000 yards
of a school wouldn't stick.  See 910916.  Hunter's conviction was
later voided on grounds that his previous drug trafficking
convictions were mentioned in court.  Interestingly, he was being
tried as a persistent drug dealer, so it was hard not to mention
his previous deeds.

920508, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  107 marijuana plants from 6 to 10
inches high were found in four plots in a remote area behind
Somerset Village Apartments.

920509, Union Co, KY, KNN.  Henderson State Police harvested
nearly 700 marijuana plants in four adjacent plots in Union
County near the Webster Co line.

920513, Susie, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  136 marijuana plants were
seized on 12 May by Sheriff Jim Hill & his deputies in Simpson
Hollow, Susie.

920513, Anvil, Jackson Co, KY, WMKZ.  David Johnson was arrested
with 204 marijuana plants, several gallons of moonshine and some
stolen property in Anvil, Jackson.

920513, Harlan Co, KY, WMKZ.  LeRoy Helton and Don Helton file a
$12 million lawsuit against Sheriff Bill Redwine & 2 deputies for
unlawful arrest in a 1988 drug raid.

920514, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Nelson Wayne Meyan of Texas was
arrested in Lexington or Versailles by DEA, Lexington police &
Woodford Co Sheriff with 5 pounds of marijuana & $5K.  Supposedly
he was making pot runs from Texas to New York.

920521, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  A total of 959 marijuana plants were
seized in two raids by The Sheriff & his Deputies.  One was in
Chriswell Hollow in Rocky Branch, the other in Raleigh Hollow,

920522, Russell Co, KY, WSEK.  Chester Voles of Voles Road was
arrested and two cars and $2500 taken as booty.  The 15 pounds of
marijuana reputed to be worth $30,000 was found.

920527, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  220 marijuana plants were harvested
yesterday by the Sheriff and his deputies on Kelly Lane.

920528, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Raymond Troxell, 39, of Elk Ridge
was arrested yesterday on charges of marijuana cultivation.  This
makes the total so far in Wayne County this year 11 arrests and
2500 plants.

920529, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Rodney Gene Whittaker, 32, was
arrested for proximity to 78 marijuana plants.

920529, Eastern Kentucky, KNN.  25 people (6 from Kentucky &
others from OH, TN, NM, TX) are indicted in Lexington after a two
year investigation by State Police & FBI.  Allegedly tons of
marijuana valued at $1400 to $2000 per pound were imported from
Mexico to eastern Kentucky & Tennessee.  This is reputed to be
the biggest multi-state marijuana operation ever uncovered in
Kentucky.  Kentucky operations were centered in Breathitt and
Laurel counties.  The initial break came with the discovery of
7000 marijuana plants in Breathitt County in 1989.  This cut
supply & produce was then imported from Mexico.  Distribution was
to Fayette, Scott, Pulaski, Breathitt, Perry, Laurel Counties.

920604, Wayne co, KY, WFLW.  333 marijuana plants were harvested
yesterday in the Griffin and Delta areas.

920610, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Barry Lynn Bodkin, 37, of
Ferguson, was arrested with 16 marijuana plants.

920612, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Leonard Stinson, 63, and his
grandson Brian Abbott, 18, of Clinton County, are arrested for
marijuana cultivation in western Pulaski County.  They are
credited with 483 plants in 9 plots on the North Tater Road.
This brings the score for Pulaski County so far this year to 1600
plants, 19 plots, and 12 arrests.

920616, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff's deputies found 198
marijuana plants in Windy and Mill springs over the weekend.  Two
arrests are pending.

920617, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Grand Jury indictments include Lenny
Dobbs for marijuana cultivation & persistent felon, and Ricky
Patrick & Cindy Brinstead [?] for marijuana cultivation.

920617, Logan Co, KY, WMKZ.  During the course of an arrest for
"custodial interference", 300 marijuana plants & grow lights were

920617, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Doug Stevens of Breezy Hills is
arrested in connection with the Stinson marijuana plantation on
North Tarter Road.  But now the size has been reduced to 214
plants in 7 plots.  The fate of the other 269 plants is unknown.

920619, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Yesterday (18 Jun) 486 marijuana
plants were harvested in Powersburg, Parnell, & Frazer.

920622, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  On Friday, 2647 marijuana plants
were harvested in the Parnell, Russell Ridge, & Griffin areas by
KSP choppers.

920623, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  On Monday, 6100 six to seven foot
tall marijuana plants were harvested in Parnell by KSP, Army Air
helicopters & the National Guard.  Larry Morrow was the spotter
and Bruce Hatfield the ground coordinator.  The total take by the
Wayne County Sheriff (exclusive of the KSP harvests) is now 5000
plants and 14 arrests.

920624, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  On Tuesday, 5500 marijuana plants
were harvested in the Dean Ridge area of Parnell by KSP, Army Air
helicopters & the National Guard.

920624, Kentucky, WKYU.  The total marijuana harvest for the
State Task Force so far is 23,000.

920625, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Yesterday, approximately 1800 to
1900 (later revised to 2000) marijuana plants were reported taken
by Kentucky State Police, the National Guard, and Army Air
helicopters in the Bugwood and Slickford areas.

920625, Science Hill, KY, WSEK.  Stanley Gene Jasper was arrested
for contempt of court at his home, and thus the marijuana growing
in his back yard was noticed.

920625, Florence, KY, KNN.  Two or ten people were charged with
marijuana distribution after a bust at a Florence hotel.  Records
were seized which indicated 1000 or 1100 pounds and $600K.

920626, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The total take so far this week by
the KSP air raids (presumably 22 to 25 June, which total 15,200
in previous reports) has been 15,000 plants.  Yesterday 1600 were
harvested in Slickford.

920701, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The Wayne County sheriff reports
that the State Police Task Farce harvested >100 plots of
marijuana containing >16,000 plants during the week of 22 June.
Included were 3000 plants in 25 plots, 5 miles from town in Dean
Ridge; 620 plants in one plot on Russell Road; 6000 plants in 16
plots in Parnell; 2300 plants in seven plots, north of
Monticello; and some in Powersburg, and north & south of

920701, Henryville, IN, KET\WAVE.  Charles Sweeney (31) is
accused of murdering Danny Guthrie, age 30.  Sweeney just pleaded
guilty to bombing a narc's car last February and was sentenced to
30 years.  He lead police to the burial site of Guthrie's body,
claiming that he found Guthrie shot in their marijuana field.
Police claim that Sweeney must have shot Guthrie before he found

920703, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff seized 207 marijuana
plants in 2 plots, in addition to that found by the Kentucky Task

920703, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Roger (36) and Carolyn K Bryant
and Darrell Napier (38) of Bernstadt were arrested with 1186
marijuana plants in Short Creek.  The value is reputed to be

920704, Garrard Co, KY, WKYU, KNN.  The second largest indoor
marijuana growing operation seized (in eastern Kentucky?) was
found in a Lancaster basement.  Over 1600 plants worth $1000 each
were harvested.  Arrested were James Hope (21), Thomas Mitchell
(20) and Theresa _____.

920706, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  On last Friday, 225 marijuana plants
were seized in Kelly Lane and 55 in Parmleysville.

920706, Wayne Co, KY.  Dennis Spradlin arrested in Griffin with
69 marijuana plants.

920708, Christian Co, KY, KNN.  The Kentucky State Police
Madisonville post harvested 366 marijuana plants NE of Crofton in
Christian County on a confidential tip.

920709, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Yesterday, the Sheriff harvested
1483 (1487?) marijuana plants in the Duncan Valley-Cooper area.
This makes >15,000 plants for the Sheriff alone this year.

920709, Louisville, KY, WMKZ.  Two duffle bags with 35 pounds of
marijuana and 100 weapons were discovered and Marx (39) and
Belinda (38) Walker arrested.

950715, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff made unsuccessful
marijuana flights on 13 & 14 July.  The total is between 15000 &
16000 this year.

920716, Clinton Co, KY, Clinton County paper.  2500 marijuana
plants were harvested by the National Guard near the Irwin School
on 13 July.

920717, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The sheriff harvested 186 marijuana
plants at Happy Top in Wed the 15th.

920717, Owsley Co, KY, WFLW.  Charges have been dropped against
Cotton Little, Blake, & Johnson for possession of 107 pounds of

920723, London, KY, WMKZ, WSEK.  James A (34) & Virginia (33)
Kennedy attempted to rob an undercover drug dealer on the Willie
Green Road, (8 mi E of London?).

970723, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  In a continuation of a raid on
0713 upon Phyllis R Coleman, Ricky Dean Kirby (33) was charged
with 181 marijuana plants on the Peach Orchard Road & 148 on the
Don Elrod Road.

920724, KY, WFLW.  Cops in Berea, Lexington, KSP & Feds divide
$121K taken from the Columbian Detrick Rojas on 0411.  $62,298 to
Berea, $24,919 each to Lexington & KSP, and balance to Feds.
Also Pulaski County was given $8000 of the $10000 for selling
Ralph David Perkins's car.

920730, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Hill & Guinn harvested 122 marijuana
plants in Eadsville yesterday, and arrested Jimmy Morris of 129
Stokes Ave for cultivation of marijuana.

920730, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Danny Earl Fox & Edna Marie
Hardwick (25) of Burton Rd, Nancy, are arrested on various
marijuana charges.

920801, Laurel Co, KY, WFLW.  Police are searching for yet
another victim of Confidential Informant Robert Foley.

920804, Kentucky, WKYU.  Operation Roundup.  In what is billed
as "The Biggest Drug Sweep in State History", a roundup of 841
suspected drug dealers is underway.  State Police have arrested
six in Bowling Green as of 8AM.

920804, London, KY, WSEK, KET.  In The Drug Sweep, charges range
from possession of marijuana to trafficking in cocaine.  Most
charges are in rural Kentucky, since similar operations have been
run in cities such as Lexington and Louisville.  In April each of
the 16 State Police post was given $5,000 for drug buys.  Later
reports give the Federal Grant for this scheme at $250,000 and a
total of $1million to the State for drug buys.  The London post
has captured 50 criminals as of noon, of a total of 63 criminals
and 93 warrants.  Most are in Laurel County, none in Pulaski
County, and the Lincoln County Sheriff reports nine arrests in
connection with the Operation.

920804, Burnside, KY, WSEK.  Dewayne Troxell (34) and Marsha
Collier (27) of 740 Jaxboro Road are arrested for cultivation of
marijuana >=5 plants, possession > oz, and possession of

920806, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW, WMKZ.  The Sheriff harvested 404
marijuana plants on the old Denney farm in Griffin yesterday.
This makes his total score about 25,000 plants and 19 criminals.

920806, Kentucky, WMKZ.  "Operation Walking Short" continues.
Former Lee County Sheriff Jonathan Mann is accused of taking
$40,000 in payoffs from phony drug dealers.  The Feds are
confiscating $132,000 in property as drug profits.  Meanwhile,
Sheriff Mann is serving 24 years 4 months in prison.  Wolfe
County Deputy Sheriff Wilson Stone was sentenced to 10 years 1

920806, Clark Co, KY, WMKZ.  5000 marijuana plants are found in
Clark County near McClivett.

920806, Mercer Co, KY, WMKZ, KET.  20,000 marijuana plants are
accidentally found by a State Police chopper en route to another
search area.  Later reports give two plots of two acres and six
acres on the Zane Leeds (local School Bored member) farm near
Burgin, containing about 100,000 plants.  30,000 plants were
destroyed yesterday, many 12 to 14 feet tall and ready for
harvest.  A small part had already been harvested.  By 920806,
80,000 had been burned, with an estimated total of 150,000.  Some
estimates go to 200,000 plants, but at the end of the harvest
150,000 appears to be the total.  The official count as of 920808
is 250,000 plants and $250 million.  (KNN).  This is billed as
the largest bust since the Homer Day, Preacherville, Lincoln
County bust of 86.  Incidentally, that harvest is now given as
347,000.  The figure then was 384,000.  Apparently, 37,000
marijuana plants have been disappeared.  More impressive is the
300,000 plants found in Taylor County on 860910 which have been

920807, Gilbertsville, Trigg Co, KY, KNN.  Joel Lee Simmons (38)
pleads guilty (?) to cocaine distribution.  Two kilograms of
cocaine was found in the body panels of his vehicle.

920807, Nashville, TN, WKYU.  Circuit Court Judge Thomas Brothers
is indicted at Nashville, TN, for his part in laundering
$1.3million in cocaine profits into several corporations.  Also
indicted are Russell Brothers, nephew of The Judge, and G Thomas
Newell, their attorney.

920808, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  James Dalles Hilton (39) of
eastern Pulaski County is arrested for having seven marijuana
plants in his vicinity.

920809, Lyon Co, KY, WSEK.  Several plots containing 7500
marijuana plants were spotted from a State Police helicopter in
Lyon county Kentucky.  They were 1/2 mile east of the Cumberland
River & 1/4 mile south of I-24.

920809, Clay Co, KNN.  Marijuana claims another young victim.
Melissa K Cotton (20) of Patterson, New Jersey, a Ft Campbell
soldier, was killed in Clay Co, KY, as part of The Governor's
Marijuana Task Force (GMTF).  She was a passenger in a fuel
tanker truck which ran off the road.  The shoulder collapsed, and
the truck rolled down a hill and into a tree.  The truck was in
the area supporting helicopters searching for marijuana.  The
claim was made on several newscasts that "The Army is not heavily
involved in marijuana eradication".  The GMTF score so far this
year is about a half million plants.

920810, McCreary Co, KY.  The Sheriff stops a car and finds a
pound a marijuana in it on the Hogue Creek Road.  This was a

920812, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW.  State Police yesterday arrested 14
criminals in Clinton and surrounding counties on drug trafficking
charges in a continuation of a three year investigation into the
Marijuana Clearinghouse.  See 911002.  The only Wayne County
arrestees are Jackie Roberts of Windy on two charges of cocaine
trafficking and James L Bookout of Windy on one charge of
marijuana trafficking.  Most are from Albany.

920813, Louisville, KY, KET\WHAS.  A cocaine operation grossing
$4.5 million per week for the past three years is busted.
Arrested were Chauncey Turner (25) and associates.  The drug
route was from Los Angeles, CA, to Birmingham, AL, to Louisville,

920821, Rockcastle & Jackson Counties, KY, WKXO.  The Rockcastle
County Sheriff harvested 200 large marijuana plants near Mullens
Station.  In Jackson County, 22 plants were found on rental
property of Donald Turner, 122 in Forest Service land, and 58
near Southern Pine.

920824, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Thomas Farmer was arrested for
marijuana cultivation in a raid on his home at West Bridge (?) by
The Sheriff Friday.  Booby Coomer was arrested for marijuana
cultivation in a raid by the sheriff on his home at Eadsville

920825, Floyd Co, KY, KNN.  Floyd County Kentucky Deputy Sheriff
Larry Newsome (45) plea bargains guilty to one of five counts of
drug trafficking.  He was charged with selling pills to an
undercover agent.  This must have happened a while ago, since a
trial was scheduled for tomorrow.

920826, Louisville, KY, many including KNN, KET, WLKY, WAVE,
WHAS.  Four law officers are arrested on charges of violating the
civil rights of Ricky Lee Pardu by planting cocaine and a
silenced pistol in his car.  Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Ron
Pike was the mastermind of the operation.  Saint Regis Police
Captain Gary Epperly was the operations chief, and Saint Regis
Policeman James Goodman his assistant.  They were hired by
Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff George Tingley, who supplied the
cocaine.  Pardu was arrested by Epperly and Goodman on 1 Nov 90.
David Tingley, Charles Bookout, and John Bursoe were also
involved.  Epperly and Goodman were also questioned in the murder
of State Policeman Johnny Eddrington with his own gun in Laurel
County, but have not been charged.  Pardu was believed because he
was an informant passing information on activities of Special
Security Services, an operation of the officers located on the
Rest Haven Cemetery property.  See 930225, 930723

920829, Clinton Co, KY, KNN.  Anthony Seratto is sentenced to 70
months for marijuana trafficking.  Not mentioned was his
occupation (Albany city cop) or the disposition of charges of use
of a firearm in the commission of conspiracy to traffic in
illegal drugs.

920831, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  On Wednesday 1410 marijuana plants
were discovered by Sheriff's deputies in Kidder and Sunnybrook.
On Thursday, 1180 plants were discovered in Eadsville.  The total
this season is 30,000.

920902, Nancy, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Tracey Lee Meadows (33) is
arrested with 4.4 oz marijuana and paraphernalia on advice of a
confidential informant.

920902, Mercer Co, KY, WSEK.  The count is now given as 80,000
plants ranging in height from 4 to 15 feet, and another 98,000
plants of unknown dimensions found on the Zane & Carolyn Leeds
farm.  The government is taking the farm, worth $400,000 but no
charges have been filed nor is there any evidence that Leeds knew
of the crop.  However, this is unnecessary.

920902, Sunnybrook, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  On Tuesday, 200 more
marijuana plants were discovered at Sunnybrook.

920905, Breathitt Co, KY, KNN.  The Breathitt County, KY, Sheriff
seized 700 pounds of marijuana, plus the money, guns & cars.

920911, Clay County, KY.  Vicki ____ wins $70K lawsuit against
Clay County jail for a BCS.  While six months pregnant, her anus
and vagina were searched with the same unlubricated glove.  No
contraband, but a nice infection anyway.

920911, Wayne Co, KY, WSFC.  Dwight McGuinnes is arrested for
marijuana cultivation in a home raid by the Sheriff.

920911, Russell & Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Frank "P D" Coe (45) was
arrested after giving less than eight ounces of marijuana to an
undercover agent.  James Russell West (57) of Eula Branch Road
was arrested after marijuana over five plants was spotted by air
near his house.

920911, KY, KNN.  As of last week, the GMTF score was 670K.

920914, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  08, KSP-GMTF 11 plots, 1000 plants,
Dry Hollow; 1 plot, 13 plants, in Monticello at the junction if
Warsham Lane & The Bypass.  09, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  KSP-GMTF 4
plots, 180 plants, Rt 200 four miles from TN; 11 plots, 1404
plants, Dry Hollow.  10, 9 plots, 287 plants, Rt 287.  11, 16
plots, 1600 plants, Dry Hollow.  14, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.
KSP-GMTF 1 plot, 62 plants, undisclosed location.

920916, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Grand Jury indictments for Jack
Lewis Roberts for cocaine trafficking & about 8 for assorted
marijuana charges.

920918, Leslie Co, KY, KNN.  In a exciting helicopter assault on
a strip mine, the KMTF swoops in to arrest three criminals in a
marijuana patch.  WSEK on 19 gave them as Randall Tackett (60),
Randy Tackett (36) [relationship undisclosed], both of Kemper
[Leslie Co?]; and Johnny Lee Hull (42) of Mt Gay, WV were
arrested and charged with conspiracy to produce marijuana
plants.  Also 146 plants were found near the dam at Fishtrap Lake
in Pike Co.  Also James Hope of Lancaster was arrested with 1500
plants growing indoors at his home.

920919, KY, KET.  The total this year for indoor busts by GMTF is

920930, KY, WMKZ.  Drug profits of $377,000 are distributed to
Kentucky lawmen.  The biggest haul is $243,000 to Clay County for
harvesting $400,000 and two bags of pot in a traffic stop.  Also
$9,000 to Lexington.

920930, Marion Co, KY, KNN.  Five of seven members of the
Cornbread Mafia plead guilty, including Joe O'Daniel (34) and his
brother Dennis O'Daniel (38) both of Bowling Green; Andrew
Bradey (37) of Raywick; Terry Ford of Lebanon; and another from

920930, Henry Co, KY, KET, KNN.  A harvest of one thousand plants
in Henry County causes GMTF to break the record, tho it is
unclear just what record is being broken.  It may be for the most
marijuana harvested in a state, or it may be the old Kentucky
record.  The amount harvested to date is variously given as 840K,
nearly one million, and 900K.

921002, Shelby Co, KY, KNN.  Another 450 marijuana plants are
discovered by GMTF in Shelby County, Kentucky.  This farm was
leased by Tim Roberts.  He had also leased the farm in Henry
County on which 1000 marijuana plants were harvested yesterday.
Three men and a boy were arrested in this raid.

921014, Ohio, WMKZ.  The DEA recently disclosed that Zane Leeds
built a house in Ohio valued at $425,000.  Paid in cash.  On one
occasion the contractor was paid with $30,000 in a paper bag
after Mr Leeds made a trip to Kentucky.  Perhaps the 178,000
marijuana plants found on his farm were not an accident.

921019, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Danny Braden of Indianapolis, IN
was arrested for marijuana trafficking on Saturday.

921019, Russell Springs, KY, KNN.  90 pounds of processed
marijuana was confiscated near Russell Springs, Kentucky, and six
men were arrested.  Four were Mexicans, one a Cuban, and one Good
Ol Boy.

921020, Hardin Co, KY, KNN 300 marijuana plants were found in
Hardin Co, KY, on a confidential tip.  Another 5,000 plants were
found hanging in a barn and attributed to Glenn Moore (48) of
Corbin.  Moore claims to use the land only for occasional
hunting, and knows nothing of any marijuana.

921020, Lexington, KY, KNN.  City worker Gary Wayne Brown was
arrested with four pounds of cocaine.

921021, Glasgow, Barren Co, KY, WKYU.  In the second drug roundup
this year Glasgow arrested 20 assorted cocaine & marijuana

921022, Jackson Co, KY, KNN.  In a case of a thousand marijuana
plants grown in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kevin & ?  &
Earl Gene Rose plead guilty?

921030, Jessamine Co, KY, WSEK.  Former Jessamine County Sheriff
Steven Roy Walker, is given a one year diversion in lieu of a
retrial on 35 counts in 1989 of illegally obtaining pain
killers.  This means that if Sheriff Walker stays clean for a
whole year that his record will be wiped clean.  Carl Forster,

921131, Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Apparently there was a
big coordinated drug bust in Somerset with 97 criminals.  Later
information dubbed this as Operation SomerSweep II.  This
operation netted 196 felony drug trafficking warrants for 34
criminals.  The original SomerSweep had yielded 68 criminals.

921104, Louisville, KY, KET-WHAS.  A half million dollars worth
of marijuana was found in Louisville, and four criminals were
arrested.  220 pounds of processed and bricked marijuana at $2000
per pound were reputed to be imported, probably from Mexico.
Aggressive action has raised the cost of an ounce bag of pot
from $100 to $300 in recent years.

921105, Louisville, KY, KET.  An elaborate marijuana growing
operation was found behind a false wall in the basement of a Cane
Run home in south Louisville.  Danny & Sheila Thompson were
arrested and 140 marijuana plants valued at $200,000 were
seized.  The four criminals accosted yesterday were arraigned
today.  Police found 85 one pound packs of marijuana in one home.

921106, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Danny Pazzoli of Eadsville was
raided by the Sheriff.  A 9mm pistol, $1400, drug paraphernalia,
and two pounds of marijuana were seized.

921110, Slate Branch Road, Pulaski Co, KY, WMKZ.  Phillip D
Eller (55) of Bertram Ave, Monticello, Lena Carol Yanders (33)
and David Wayne Yanders (32) locals were arrested for cocaine
trafficking etc.

921110, Louisville, KY, KET.  David Tingley turns state witness
against his brother Deputy Sheriff George Tingley in their
conspiracy to plant cocaine on an informant.

921110, Kentucky, WKYU.  In 1992 the 17 agencies of the Kentucky
GMTF scored 900,000 plants, 9,000 plots, 401 criminals, evaluated
at $1.3 billion.

921112, Kentucky, KNN.  The Governor's Marijuana Task Force score
is 905,000 plants.  The biggest take was 180,000 in Mercer
county.  The harvest was worth $1,300,000,000.  The cost was
between $10,000,000 and $12,000,000, most of which was supplied
by the Federal government.

921113, Erlanger, KY, KNN & WSEK.  Inspector David Woods (42) of
the Erlanger, KY (suburb of Cincinnati, OH) police was arrested
for selling confiscated drugs.  The East Kentucky Task Force of
DEA, FBI, KSP, ETC, charged Inspector Woods with drug trafficking
and theft of government property after a five to six month

921116, Martin Co, KY, WSEK.  James McCoy (44) of Ohio and Norma
Blackburn (55) of Beauty, KY, were arrested for drug trafficking
by Kentucky State Police.  Over five pounds of marijuana plus
several other schedule whatzits were seized.

921116, Monticello, KY.  Norman Upchurch (49) was arrested by the
Monticello Police Department with 18.5 pounds of marijuana valued
at $37,000.

921123, Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY, WKYU, KNN.  Circuit Court
Judge Larry Collins was arrested on five bribery charges for
taking $7,000 and some marijuana in return for protection of a
marijuana dealer.  This came after a one year Grand Jury
investigation.  When Judge Collins took over his office in
January 92, he immediately dismissed a Grand Jury which was
investigating corruption.

921212, Louisville, KY, KNN.  A drug sweep in Louisville, KY,
catches 24 drug dealers, including a Jefferson County Deputy
Sheriff.  Deputy Gerald LaMotte Gray was charged with two counts
of marijuana trafficking.  Also paraquat has just been declared
safe and efficacious for use on homegrown marijuana.

921214, Bardstown, Nelson Co, KY, KNN, KET(32).  A local
marijuana ring was destroyed by BATF agents with the arrest of 16
criminals, mostly in Bardstown.  Included were William Nalley
(25) and Wilmsett of Nalley & Wilmsett truck sales.  A total of
about 500 pounds of marijuana was moved from production in Nelson
County to a sales outlet at The Old Louisville Dog Salon.  The
break came in 91 with discovery of the outlet.  Police also got
to keep two cars, $35,000 in cash, and some assorted weapons,
including a machine gun found in the possession of Criminal

921214, WFLW.  According to a DEA report, Wayne County ranks as
the 9th county in terms of the amount of cultivated marijuana
harvested by the Governor's Marijuana Task Force in the past four
years.  The four year total for the Federally Funded GMTF is
84,810 plants killed.  High ranking counties were Leslie, Owsley,
Clay, Monroe.  The rank of states in the 87 to 91 period was HI,
MO, KY, TN, KS, OK, CA, AR, NB, GA.  Kentucky marijuana is
reputed to be some of the most potent in the country.  In 91 and
92, Kentucky was the leading state in the country for the number
of cultivated marijuana plants destroyed by DEA forces.

921218, Comment on Kentucky, KET.  Bill Estep of Lexington
Herald-Leader says that the value of the marijuana crop has been
forced below the value of the tobacco crop in Kentucky this year,
which is 900M$.  [But on 921112, the harvest was claimed to be
worth $1,300,000,000.] During the 80's, marijuana was usually of
more value than tobacco, 1B$ in some years.  Most is produced in
southeastern Kentucky, Clay, Leslie, Laurel, Harlan, Whitley,
McCreary, Wayne, Clinton counties.  Prices this year are $1200
to $2600 per pound.  Judge Collins has been suspended with pay
after continuing to hold court after his arrest on bribery
charges.  Al Smith speculates as how the drug trade has caused a
lot of corruption.

921221, Pike Co, KY, WSEK.  In another Federally funded drug
sweep, 89 criminals are indicted in the Pikeville, KY, area.
Crimes are possession and low level dealing of marijuana & LSD.
In another separate action, three criminals were arrested in
Magoffin Co on marijuana trafficking charges.

921226, Russell Co, KY, WSEK.  Matthew Gene Roy, Russell Co, KY,
Magistrate is arrested in Lake Charles, LA, for marijuana
trafficking in a "routine traffic stop".

921230, Eastern KY, KNN.  The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld
the "Operation Walking Short" convictions of five Eastern
Kentucky cops on assorted drug trafficking conspiracy charges.
It does admit that maybe the punishment of Omer Noe was too

921231, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Lexington City worker Gary Wayne
Brown and ?  Barry were convicted of cocaine trafficking.

9212??, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  Mike Cowan & others were convicted
of drug trafficking.  LeRoy Hunter was sentenced to five years
for marijuana and LSD trafficking.

930112, South Africa, Paul Harvey.  Police have confiscated 583
million tons of marijuana in South Africa, or 16 tons per head.
Presumably in 1992.  That exceeds even the production of

930118, Marion Co, KY, KNN.  James Gregory Benningfield of Marion
County was killed in what police claim to be a domestic argument.

930120, St Regis, KY, WKYU.  St Regis Police Captain Epperly
pleads guilty to planting drugs to facilitate the arrest of an
inconvenient criminal.  It is unclear whether this concerns the
case of David Trigley or that of Ricky Pardu.  See 920826 &

930126, Perry Co, KY, KNN.  State Police have bought 800 hits of
LSD over a period of 6 months from an unnamed criminal.  Also I
think that there was a another big drug criminal roundup in
Lexington recently.

930128, Lexington, KY, KET.  Former Lexington Police Officer
Danny Murphy has his charges of use of a machine gun while drug
trafficking overturned in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in
Cincinnati, OH.  He still is in prison for murdering his wife.
In a personal conversation with DPB at Rainbow 93, an individual
volunteered that his brother-in-law was one of the fronts for
Murphy, holding title to Murphy's estate in alternate years.
Murphy beat the machine gun rap because the gun was in the attic
and the pot was in a freezer in the basement, this being a
sufficient distance that he could not be using his machine gun in
perpetration of a drug crime.

930209, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, WMKZ.  Beattyville Chief of
Police Omer Noe of Lee County, KY, is resentenced to 12 years 7
months in prison for his part in in the "Operation Walking Short"
drug smuggling.  The Appeals judge was Eugene Siler, who had
originally tried Noe.  Not that Noe doesn't deserve another 12
consecutive life sentences for hypocrisy, but has a judge ever
overturned himself on appeal?

930212, Richmond, KY, WMKZ.  In the biggest cocaine bust in the
state [??], Wendell Dale Roberts was arrested at his home 16
miles south of Richmond, KY.  Two pounds of cocaine valued at
$29,700; 8 to 10 pounds of marijuana valued at $20,000; $3000 in
cash; scales; firearms; and vehicles were seized.

930217, Mt Sterling, KY, KNN.  Seven drug criminals were arrested
in Mt Sterling, KY, and another nine are being sought after an
eight month undercover investigation.

930217, Kentucky, WSEK.  The Mt Sterling bust apparently was in
addition to Operation CUPID (Corralling Undesirable Persons
Involved in Drugs) which has netted warrants statewide for 661
criminals who sold drugs to undercover state police.  The State
Police Commissioner (not Butch Campbell) states that this is the
second major street level drug bust in less than a year, proving
how serious the State Police are about drugs.  142 of the
warrants are for criminals lured to within 1000 yards (or is it
feet?  it changes even within the same newscast.) of a school.

930218, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  According to State Trooper Larry
Morrow, three criminals were arrested in Monticello, Wayne
County, KY, in Operation CUPID.  They are: Pam Poore of 306 Davis
St; Sheila Hardwick of Bell Subdivision; and Roger G Crabtree of
Fair Street; all charged with marijuana.  The Operation netted
881 charges for 661 criminals, of which 359 were misdemeanors and
522 were felonies, which included 142 for criminals lured to
within 1000 yards (it's yards now) of a school.  A total of
$98,502 was spent by the state police on drugs, which is $112 per

930225, Louisville, KY, KNN.  Jefferson County policeman Ron Pike
is convicted of possession of two automatic weapons.  No mention
of any connection with his planting drugs and weapons on Ricky
Lee Pardu who was informing on their security service.  See
920826, 930723.  WSEK says that the trial for drug planting is
scheduled for April 6.

930226, Lebanon, KY, KNN.  Three State Troopers bound and robbed
Garry Mattingly and family near Lebanon, Marion County, KY.  The
authorities say that the armed robbers were actually phoney state
police.  There may be no connection, but the name Mattingly is
famous in marijuana production.  See 820000 & 920120.

930313, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Timmy & Marty Harriman were
arrested in their home for cultivating marijuana, possession of
marijuana, and bootlegging by The Sheriff yesterday.

930318, Lexington, KY, KET.  Former Lexington, KY, police officer
Danny Murphy is convicted of possession of a pistol while
marijuana trafficking and sentenced to five years in prison.  He
was formerly acquitted of possession of a machine gun while
engaged in his moonlight business.  See 930128 & 910719 &
900822 & 900820 & 900816 & 900608.

930409, Lexington, KY, KET.  Former (fired in 1979 for
insubordination after 8 years of service) Lexington Police
Officer Bill Canan is arrested by Federal Marshals on charges of
drug trafficking and intimidation of a witness.  Officer Canan
allegedly bought 24 oz of cocaine and then threatened to kill
Robert Scott, his supplier turned Federal Witness, if he
squealed.  This is part of an investigation ongoing for 1.5
years.  Police Chief Walsh vows that he is "finally gonna clean
up the Good Ole Boy Network" [his words].  See 850912, 930716.

930410, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  In yet another Somerset drug sweep,
45 criminals and 5 cars are arrested on 39 felony and 6
misdemeanor counts of drug trafficking.  Of these, 24 are for
marijuana, 9 for cocaine, 1 for crack, 2 for LSD, and 9 for
prescription drugs.

930416, Covington, KY, WSEK.  Undercover Narcotics Officer Randy
Sebastian is charged with perjury for lying to obtain a search
warrant on Dr Patricia Canfield.  Officer Sebastian resigned when

930416, Lexington, KY, WSEK.  Ella Flynn, mother of Melanie Flynn
who was disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1977,
claims police ineptitude & indifference.  Mrs Flynn claims that
she gave police many details of names, places, times, etc, which
were ignored.  She also claims that part of the case file was
disappeared.  Chief Walsh denies all these false allegations.
This re-surfaced upon the arrest of Bill Canan former Lexington
Police Officer on cocaine trafficking charges.  Rumors at the
time of Melanie Flynn's disappearance were that she knew too much
about the Lexington Police drug trafficking.  See 850912, 870112,
871123, 890225, 900820, 930409, Sally Denton, The Bluegrass
Conspiracy, Doubleday, 1990.

930421, Lexington, KY, KET.  Former Lexington Kentucky Police
Officer Bill Canan is indicted on 14 counts.  Charges include
drug possession and distribution in '88, possession of a fake DEA
ID, and possession of a pen gun and machine gun.  His lawyer is
Fred Peters.  One of the character witnesses at the bail hearing
was the same as for Danny Murphy.  (See 900608, 900816, 900820,
900822, 910719, 930128, 930318).  The Judge had enuf sense not to
pay any attention to him this time.  Officer Canan is ajudged to
be a danger to the community and an escape risk.

930527, Russell County, KY, KNN.  After a lengthy Federal
investigation, 26 pounds of Mexican marijuana, records, and
$12,300 were captured at the Cardo (Carl Doe) Wilson auto

930528, Duvall Valley, Clinton County, KY, WMKZ.  4071 marijuana
plants were destroyed.

930528, Christian County, KY, WKYU.  Sheriff William Dillard has
his conviction overturned on appeal.  Thus he really did not
partake in cocaine trafficking or take bribes for protection of
the drug industry in his dominion.  See 900118, 900823, 901011.

930528, Lexington, KY, KET, 36.  Four people are arrested for
importation of cocaine from Chicago in kilogram quantities.

930529, Albany, KY, KNN.  Jerry Mason (44) was arrested in a
marijuana patch of 3700 plants located nine miles north of
Albany, KY.

930529, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  1157 marijuana plants approximately
two feet tall were found at Denneys Gap, just off from the
Brammer Hill Road.

930531, Louisville, KY, WMKZ.  Marijuana abuse claims another
life.  Thomas Mudd, Jr, (34) choked to death on a bag of
marijuana after his arrest by Louisville, KY, police.

930531, Kentucky, WKYU.  So far this year in Kentucky, The
Guvner's Marywanna Strike Farce has captured over 10,000 plants
in 75 plots, 200 pounds of processed marijuana, and 80 criminals.

930600??, Monticello, KY.  Lonnie Prince charged with 1238
marijuana plants and Bobby Prince with 34 plants.  Grand Jury?

930601, KY, KNN.  The 1992 GMTF score was almost one million
plants and almost 600 criminals.

930601, Ossier, Floyd Co, KY, KNN.  Marijuana claims another
young life!  Shawn Fader (19) was shot and killed by three
marijuana thieves (Martin & Blackburn) while chasing them out of
his pot patch.

930611, Monticello, KY, WSFC.  KSP choppers found 27 marijuana
plants growing in 8 plots on Beech Street.  Randall Matthews
(34), Nancy Matthews (48) and Larry Klingman (24) were the
presumed guilty residents.

930612, Louisville, KY, KNN.  Carl Campbell was arrested with an
elaborate indoor marijuana growing operation.  It was located in
part of a auto body shop, accessed by turning a secret clothes
rod in the closet.

930616, Eubank, KY, WSEK.  Pamela Marie Fox (36) and ?  (24) were
arrested in Eubank KY for less than five marijuana plants growing
near their home.

930618, Somerset, KY, WKYU but not WSEK.  Somerset city police
are turned down for a state grant of $500,000 for drug
enforcement.  The reason given was that they were not cooperating
with surrounding agencies.  Somerset has a population of 10,649
which is $47 per person (not all of which are drug offenders).

930619, Lexington, KY, WMKZ.  In a big Lexington cocaine bust, 12
are indicted for running a several kilogram per month cocaine
business.  In addition to the drugs and money, police also
appropriated 10 cars, one boat, three houses, a 350 acre farm,
and one Bearded Seal Restaurant.  Arrests were also made in
Chicago and Los Angeles.  The sources were Chicago, LA, and
Florida.  The cocaine was distributed from Lexington to
Louisville, Cincinnati, and Somerset.

930620, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Mr & Mrs Fletcher are arrested for
felony cultivation of marijuana.

930623, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  KSP choppers found 5,000 plants in
20 plots on Highway 200 of Wednesday, 2281 plants in 19 plots
eight miles west of Monticello and 2906 plants in 8 plots along
Highway 90 on Thursday.  The GMTF take thru Monday in Wayne
County is 10,873.

930624, Paducah, KY, WKYU.  Captain William Gorden of the Narco
Squad is fired for recording and reporting corruption in the drug
unit by city manager Pennington.  A whistle blower lawsuit is

930626, Catletsburg, KY, WMKZ.  Timothy Woods (39), a Kentucky
Department of Forestry Ranger, is arrested for cultivation of
marijuana, tending a patch on a hillside, while on duty in

930628, Lexington, KY, KET(WTVQ).  The legal take of the
Lexington Police from drug dealers is almost a half million
dollars.  91, $200,000; 92, $191,000; 93, ?

930629, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The score for the London State
Police District is 262 plots and 26,137 plants captured.  Of
these, 18,916 were in Wayne County.

930629, Parnell, Wayne Co, KY, personal observation DPB and
conversation with Earl McGuire.  Major marijuana harvest of 30+
plots.  After weeks of helicopter searches, today the helicopters
went directly to the plots, hovered for a few minutes while
ground crews in humvees crashed around in the community.  22
plots were observed from the yard of Earl McGuire.  A downed Army
helicopter was being loaded onto a truck near the Piney Woods
Mission, but the soldiers were uncommunicative.

930629, Mt Victory, Pulaski Co, KY, personal observation by DPB &
conversation with Rainbow leaders.  In a demonstration of Federal
Power, GMTF finds six marijuana plants growing in the vicinity of
the Rainbow Family national gathering, and invades with
helicopters and humvees.

930630, KY, KNN.  The GMTF score is 100,000+ plants and 200+

930702, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Terry Sexton & Rick Sexton were
arrested with 232 plants on the Frisbee Road.  Also 272 plants
were captured in Mt Pisgah & Murl.

930713, Southern Indiana, KET.  In six counties in Southern
Indiana near Louisville, KY, the score is 8,000 plants worth $8
million [the ones shown were worth about three joints each] and
40 criminals arrested.

930716, Lexington, KY, KET.  Former Lexington Police Officer and
accused cocaine trafficker Bill Canan has his 13 counts (didn't
it used to be 14 counts?) dropped to 6 counts.  Apparently he is
still charged with threatening to kill a confidential informant.
See 850912, 930409

930718, Wayne Co, KY, personal conversation with Billy
Brusewitz.  The GMTF has harvested 20,000 marijuana plants in the
Chestnut Grove area.  This is supposedly more than the rest of
the state.  [This contradicts 930630].  Local growers are
supposedly replanting as fast as The Army pulls it out.

930721, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Larry Klingerman, Nancy Matthews,
and Randall Matthews are indicted on marijuana cultivation
charges.  Terry Sexton and Ricky Sexton are also indicted for
marijuana cultivation.

930721, Jackson Co, IN, KET.  A big cocaine bust in the Jackson
County, Indiana, area nets Ted Melencamp on two counts of cocaine

930722, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Doil Humble is arrested on his Mt
Pisgah farm with a search warrant for marijuana by the Sheriff.

930722, Paducah, KY, WSEK.  The Western Kentucky Narcotics Unit
"needs to restore credibility", and be moved out of Paducah city
hall.  The corruption ridden operation was funded by $220K in
state money and $73K in local taxpayer extortions.

930723, Louisville, KY, WHAS-KET.  Louisville, KY, police
officers Ron Pike and James Goodman are convicted of planting
cocaine on a Federal informant, George [wasn't it Ricky Lee?]
Pardu.  George Tingley was found not guilty.  See 920826, 930225

930725, KY, WSEK.  This year is running well ahead of previous
years for the Governor's Marijuana Task Farce.  The score so far
is 125,000 plants for the state of Kentucky.  For 92, the final
score was 911,000 and for 91 the score was 824,088.  So far this
year 225 criminals have been arrested, compared with 558 for all
of 92.  Kentucky was the leading state in marijuana cultivation
for 86, 91, and 92.

930726, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The count in Wayne County last week
was 885 plants in 12 plots located 8 miles south of 1288 and 9056
plants in 57 plots in the Post Eleven (I think that this means
London State Police) area.

930802, Danville, KY, WSEK.  In what is claimed to be the biggest
cocaine bust in Eastern Kentucky, several thousand dollars worth
of cocaine was seized at Danville, KY.  Arrested were Jerry
Wilburn (34) of Junction City, George Buddy Menick (42) of
Danville and James Scott (30) of Danville.

930802, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Sheriff Jim Hill harvested 449
marijuana plants at Slickford and Wright Hollow on Friday.

930802, Laurel Co, KY, KNN.  Robert Foley, confidential informant
for the FBI, was convicted of the murder of Rodney and Harry Lynn
Vaughn.  The jury did not believe his claim of self defense.

930803, Danville, KY, WTVQ-KET.  Buddy Menick [Merrick?]is
arrested again and two kilograms of cocaine are found in his
house.  He is purported to be The Kingpin of Kentucky cocaine.
[Doubtful, but possibly the biggest operator outside of the
Lexington Police Force]

930803, Ritner, KY, personal observation, DPB.  GMTF helicopters
sporadically searched within earshot thruout the day.  Hunting
behavior below 100 feet elevation was seen on the north side of
Jones Hollow about a half mile upstream from the mouth, and over
Dean Phillips' house.  There was much more helicopter traffic
(~20 overflights) than normal (~2 overflights).  There appeared
to be some activity on both sides of the county line, as
contrasted with previous years.

930804, Ritner, KY, personal observation, DPB.  GMTF activity
moved downstream to the Freedom area, much out of hearing.  The
Findley fields were overflown several times.

930804, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Last week's take by GMTF was 2600
plants in 29 plots, found 15 miles west of Monticello, along road
1008, and along route 200.  The total in the London State Police
Post (presumably the "Post Eleven Area") was 12,000 plants.

930806, Harlan Co, KY, WMKZ.  Howard Taylor, Harlan County
Kentucky Jailor, is accused of stealing two pounds of marijuana
from the Sheriff's evidence room.

930806, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The Sheriff found 506 marijuana
plants in the Steele Hollow area of Griffin and at Slickford.

930806, Shelbyville, KY, KET-WTVQ.  Lloyd Jacob Ort of California
is arrested on a confidential tip.  Fifty pounds of processed
marijuana was found in his pickup truck by Shelbyville police.
Does the tipster get his pot back?

930809, Mt Vernon (later given as Brodhead), Rockcastle Co, KY,
KNN.  Gary Shepherd (45) was shot several times in the head and
chest and killed in his yard.  GMTF helicopters landed in his
back yard, where Shepherd held them off for seven hours with an
"assault type weapon" before they decided to kill him.  Der
Gestapo ist defunct; long live the DEA.  I wonder if this is the
same Gary Shepherd who used to be my neighbor in Dry Valley?

930811, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff harvested 264 pot plants
at Elk Ridge and Cooper yesterday.

930812, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  GMTF score for the week ending 09
Aug are 41 plots with 3761 plants in Wayne County and 111 plots
with 6605 plants in the London district.  The breakdown included
2 plots with 287 plants on Route 200, 13 plots with 443 plants
and 5 plots with 1128 plants.

930813, Monticello, KY, WMKZ.  Glen Cole was arrested for having
some undisclosed number of marijuana plants present in his
backyard on Columbia Ave, Monticello.

930818, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Gorden T Cowan, Glen Cole (Coil?)
and Doil Humble are indicted by the grand jury for "planting and
cultivating marijuana for the purpose of sale".  Psychic cops.

930819, Laurel Co, KY, WMKZ.  FBI Confidential Informant Robert
Foley is to go on trial for the murder of Rodney (Robert) Vaughn
and Harry Lynn Vaughn after being released from other murder
charges upon request by FBI Handler "Ron Poole".

930819, Louisville, KY, WKYU.  The sentence of David Tingley was
ruled too lenient, even tho he testified for The State.  David
Tingley had turned State Witness against his brother Deputy
Sheriff George Tingley in his trial for planting drugs on another

930820, Hardin Co, KY, WSEK.  On a confidential tip, police have
discovered approximately 50,000 cultivated marijuana plants and
250,000 to 500,000 wild marijuana plants in an overgrown twenty
acre pasture 16 miles southwest of Elizabethtown, Hardin County,
KY.  No one was present when to police arrived.  Prior to this
discovery, the GMTF take was almost 400 criminals and over
400,000 plants for the year.

930820, Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY, WSEK.  Circuit Court Judge
Larry Collins decides to plead guilty to bribery for taking
marijuana to protect drug dealers, among other indiscretions.

930823, Griffin, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff and KSP found
321 marijuana plants at Griffin last Friday.

930824, Mt Pisgah, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff and KSP
harvested 640 marijuana plants in the Mt Pisgah area.  The total
this year for the county is 60,000.  It is unknown whether this
includes the GMTF take.

930824, Whitley City, KY, WFLW.  Allen James M'Haffy (38) of
Pason AZ was arrested when he appeared to take delivery of 800
pounds of cheap furrin marijuana.  The stash was concealed in a
1950 Chevrolet tanker truck being hauled on a tractor trailer
from California.  This Mexican pot sells for $300 per pound in
Texas and Arizona, and is imported to blend with the higher
priced Kentucky product.

930824, Frankfort, KY, KNN.  Frankfort State Police arrested nine
criminals who were accused of importing crack from New York
City.  The operation was run from an apartment complex next to
the State Police Headquarters.  This gang supposedly supplied
most of the crack in Lexington.

930824, KY, WKYU.  An outfit called "Kentuckians for Freedom,
Inc" has been formed to combat increased militarization of The
War on Marijuana.  The head is given as Mike Dean, a London, KY,
lawyer.  Approximately 100 members are claimed in seven eastern
Kentucky counties.  Also, Gary Shepherd, victim of The War, was
given an address of Brodhead, not Mt Vernon.  Gatewood Galbraith
presented some petition against the war to The Guv'ner about
930918.  Sounds like the same bunch.

930824, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Glen Ray Roark of Somerset was
arrested for cultivation of marijuana by the Pulaski County
Sheriff and ABC.

930824, Whitesburg, KY, KNN.  Letcher County Circuit Court Judge
Larry Collins pleads guilty to bribery for extorting drugs and
money from James Braddock.  Several other charges are dropped.

930825, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Police Chief David Gilbert finally
gets his Multi-County Drug Task Force.  Whitley City has agreed
to chip in with $1200 and Pulaski County $35,000.  This will
garner $200,000 in Federal money.

930831, Paoli, IN, WAVE-KET.  Robert Boxler was killed and James
Lett is still missing after an attempted rip-off of a marijuana
patch in Paoli, IN.  Four men from Beckell, IN, including Boxler
and Lett, were surprised in the marijuana field.  Three shots
were fired from a shotgun by an as yet unapprehended guard, but
no pellets were found in Boxler's corpse.  Police claim that the
four hundred marijuana plants are worth a half million dollars.

930831, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY, WAVE-KET.  George Bishop of
southwestern Jefferson County was killed by marijuana thieves.
Several men from Bullitt County were charged.

930905, Paducah, KY, WKYU.  The Western Kentucky Drug Task Force
has been found to have been the subject of "loose management by
the Paducah Police".  Some Kentucky Cabinet Committee has

930907, Louisville, KY, WSEK.  This year 60 people have been
arrested for marijuana growing indoors in the Louisville area.
The GMTF has arrested 550 criminals and harvested 923,000 illegal
weeds this year, presumably for all of Kentucky..

930907, personal communication, WEM.  Billy Brumley and
associates were relieved last night of $150,000 in standing
marijuana.  The helicopters overflew the patch thrice, but never
saw it.  The guard left at about 11PM and the theft was noticed
the next day.  The patch has been guarded for two months.  There
have been two GMTF invasions of the area; one in late June &
early July, and another in late Aug & early Sep.

930908, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The GMTF take in Wayne County for
the week ending 06 Sep was 3608 plants in 23 plots.  Booty was
captured at North Russell Road, East Hwy 92, and North Hwy 789.

930909, Danville, KY, KET\WTVQ.  Buddy Merrick [Menick?] is on
trial for possession of four pounds of cocaine.  This was
purported to be the biggest cocaine bust in Eastern Kentucky
Legislative Zone.

930910, Lexington, KY, KET\WTVQ.  The Bearded Seal trial in in
its third day.  Reda Ghazallah (27 or 37) and Abu ShaNab are
accused of cocaine trafficking.  Ghazallah was the RingLeader.
ShaNab was the Louisiana connection, and claims to have thought
that he was working for the FBI.  There was no mention of a
Louisiana connection at the time of the arrests.  Nine have
pleaded guilty.  The accused are Palestinians, one from Jordan,
the other Israel.  A twelfth person escaped, to (Jordan?).

930914, Adair Co, KY, WFLW.  Anthony D Belcher (33) and Alex D
Wethington (34) were arrested by State Police after ten pounds
of [processed?] marijuana was found in their basement late

930914, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The score for the GMTF in the week
ending 13 Sep was: Tuesday, 9 plots with 869 plants; Wed, 16
plots with 369 plants; Thurs, 1 plot with 2710 plants found 12
miles south of Monticello.

930915, Climax, Rockcastle Co, KY, WSEK.  Hunters tripped a
boobytrap and reported anonymously to the Sheriff.  Three plots
with 87 plants were found.  The boobytrap was described as a
battery and blasting cap (no dynamite).  A house across the road
from the contraband was raided and James F Dewey (39) was
arrested and 195 more marijuana plants were found in a greenhouse
under lights.

930916, Letcher Co, KY, WFLW.  Howard Ratliff, Jr (49 or 59) of
Kings Creek, Letcher Co, KY, was arrested while cutting more than
400 marijuana plants in a field behind his house.  Officer
Ratliff is a fifteen year veteran Forest Ranger.  His uniform is
being subjected to forensic analysis to determine if he wore it
in his marijuana patch (apparently a greater crime).

930917, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY, many.  Jim Greene, former
High Sheriff of Jefferson County, Kentucky, goes for a six month
vacation at Maxwell AFB (AL?) for tax evasion.  Also $128,000
fine.  He seemed bitter about it, complaining that he had made a
deal for no prison time.  He declared that, "My debt to society
will be completely paid after this six months." This contradicts
the three year probation.  All they could make stick to Al Capone
was tax evasion, too.

930920, Lexington, KY, KEY-18.  In the Bearded Seal trial, Reda
Ghazallah (27 or 37) was found guilty of cocaine trafficking.
Abu ShaNab was found innocent of same.

930920, Kansas, KET-18.  Kansas has suffered a 80% drop in
marijuana production due to the summer's flooding.

930922, Monticello, KY, WMKZ.  Grady Pauls indicted by grand jury
for 443 marijuana plants.

930923, Kentucky, WMKZ.  There is some sort of scandal in the
GMTF.  I only got part of the story, and it was never repeated.
It apparently relates to falsification of expenses, not diversion
of confiscated property.  Since GMTF is a federally funded
operation, this is a major crime.  This may be the story reported
on 931104 of expense account padding.

931019, Kentucky, WSEK.  In Operation Fall Harvest, Kentucky
State Police net 880 criminals on a total of 1331 assorted drug
charges.  Of these, 882 charges are felonies, including 214 for
the crime of dealing the wrong kind of drugs to the wrong kind of
informant within a thousand yards (or is it feet?) of a school.
Two from Wayne County were apprehended; Jerry Bell Poore and Tim

931019, Perry Co, KY, WSEK.  In a FBI-KSP joint operation, 150
pounds of inferior grade Mexican pot was prevented from being
admixed with the superior Kentucky product.  Operations were in
Perry, Leslie, and Letcher counties, KY.  The cops were
especially impressed by their haul of weapons.

931019, London, KY, WSEK.  Former Lexington, KY, Police Officer
Bill Canan's trial started on 12 Oct.  Today he took the witness
stand and swore that he had never engaged in the trafficking of
cocaine!!  More to come, I expect.  See 850912, 930409, 930716.
He was eventually convicted on the cocaine trafficking and
witness intimidation charges & not guilty on the weapons charge.

931021, Kentucky, KNN.  The State (GMTF) marijuana harvest as of
the end of September (why does it take three weeks to add up the
numbers??) is 633,000 plants (down some from last year) and 628
criminals (up a bunch).  The value of the harvest was set at 2.7
billion dollars (Two thousand seven hundred million dollars).
That's $4000 per plant!  Top counties were Wayne and Leslie.
Also 841 pounds of processed marijuana were confiscated and 63
indoor growing operations discovered.  The incidence of booby
traps and heavy weaponry is up.

931101, Monticello, KY, WMKZ.  Donald Lee Hollars of Race Street
was arrested for marijuana trafficking, possession of a schedule
two substance (whatever that means), and possession of a firearm
by a felon.

931104, Kentucky, KET-WAVE.  Joseph Shawn Kelley and three other
National Guard members of GMTF plead guilty to padding their
expense accounts in last summer's War on Drugs.

931108, Evansville, IN, WKYU.  A trial starts today at
Vanderburgh Circuit Court for Richard Witlow (38), an Evansville,
IN, narcotics agent.  Witlow is charged with attempted bribery,
attempted theft, and theft.  Witlow solicited $100,000 to
disappear evidence from Harris Roach, father of Tocio Roach, who
was convicted of cocaine trafficking along with his wife.  The
FBI was present at the cash pickup.  Witlow is also accused of
stealing $6500, a semiautomatic pistol, and a gold bracelet while
searching the home of Edward Cooper.

931110, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Somerset police arrested Darrell
Haggard (38) for marijuana and cocaine possession at a routine
traffic stop.

931110, Garrard Co, KY, WSEK.  Kenton Caudill (34) and Hazel
Padget (35) were arrested for selling 5 oz of cocaine for $8500
to an undercover narc.  That's $61 per gram.

931112, Miami, FL, WMKZ-USA radio.  A stash of cocaine was found
in a Miami, FL, warehouse hidden in religious books.  Four tons
of coke was valued at 400M$; $100 per gram.

931113, Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY, WKYU.  Circuit Court Judge
Larry Collins is sentenced to five years for taking a bribe to
protect drug dealers.  Also some other official has been
implicated.  See 921123, 921218, 930820, 930824.

931113, McCreary Co, KY, personal communication from Earl
McGuire.  Dick Young was arrested for loaded gun in car, 2 oz
marijuana, and a pipe, on Rattlesnake Ridge, McCreary Co.  He was
hauled to Cookeville, TN.

931114, LA, & Corbin & Pineville, KY, WSEK.  A van containing 146
pounds of Mexican marijuana was stopped in Louisiana.  It took so
long to turn the occupants that the van, confidential informants,
marijuana, and a herd of Federal Agents was loaded aboard an Army
C-130 and flown to Corbin, KY, to make the pickup connection.
Three more criminals from Pineville were arrested at Corbin.

931114, Mt Vernon, KY, WSEK.  A Grand Jury recommendation for an
investigation into the murder of Gary Shepherd was rejected
because the State Police are still investigating themselves.
Shepherd's plantation was about 50 plants.  He was shot in self
defense by the SWAT team after less than one hour of
negotiations.  See 930809.

931124, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Brenda Jean Smith (26) of Dixie Bend
and James Lee Stevens (37) of Mt Zion Road were arrested for
possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, etc.

931201, Lexington, KY, KET.  Six are sentenced in the Bearded
Seal cocaine operation to from 17 months to 6 years.

931210, Louisville, KY, KET.  In what is described as a major LSD
raid, six are arrested in Louisville.  LSD, marijuana,
paraphernalia, and $10,000 is cash were taken.

931213, Morehead, KY, KNN, WSEK etc.  Twelve students charged
with assorted drug trafficking at Morehead State Univ.  This was
the result of a State Police Undercover Operation running since
spring semester.

931216, Lexington, KY, WSEK.  Lexington Police Officer Bill Canan
has his convictions on cocaine trafficking, intimidation of
witnesses, and carrying a false DEA badge upheld.

931217, Lexington, KY, KET.  "Randy" Ghazallah, kingpin of the
Bearded Seal cocaine ring, is sentenced to 30 years.  Ten have
been previously sentenced, and more indictments are promised for
next year.

931217, Hardin Co, KY, KET.  $293,000 in captured drug money is
given to an assortment of agencies.  The loot was the result of
a "routine traffic stop" in Hardin County, KY.

931231, Nigeria, Paul Harvey.  Heroin valued at over one billion
dollars was seized in Nigeria.  The source was Thailand.  If it's
over a billion dollars, Nigeria is "local".

940104, Lexington, KY, KET.  Horrace Inman, 15 year veteran of
the Lexington Police Force, is charged with felony possession of
cocaine.  The Police Department has no further comment.

940106, Lexington, KY, KET.  Four men from Dayton, OH, were
accosted with 2 oz crack cocaine, $2000 in cash, and a 38 pistol
at a routine traffic stop on the interstate.

940128, Knox Co, KY, KNN.  A marijuana greenhouse and three
criminals were apprehended in Knox County, KY, yesterday.  Jack
Edward Sears, John Sears, & John(?) Smith were arrested.

940128, Static, Clinton Co, KY, WFLW, WSEK.  A major amphetamine
lab was found in the basement of a rural house along US127 one
mile north of the Tennessee line.  The Sheriff noticed a car in
the yard of a supposedly abandoned house, and thought that
perhaps he could catch a burglar.  Two men claimed to be
repairing floors and plumbing, but the floors did not look
refurbished.  Permission was extorted to search the premises, and
laboratory equipment was found in the basement.  Production was
stated to be one pound per day at $1800 per ounce.  A great show
was made of how dangerous the chemicals are.  An Ohio hazardous
waste outfit will be paid an estimated $10,000 to remove these
chemicals.  Arrested were Karl W Powell (51) and Jerry Beatty
(55) of Jamestown, TN.  The property was owned by Mrs J H Cross
of Albany, and leased to Charles Gross.

940129, Pulaski Co, KY, WKYM.  Danny Paul Poore & Jerry[??] Poore
were arrested yesterday in Pulaski Co for drug trafficking.

940204, Louisville, KY, KET.  Valley High School Coach George
Hudson and 16 others (mostly juveniles) were arrested at a crack
house.  7K$ of cash and 2K$ to 4K$ in drugs were seized.

940216, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Scott Hurt, marijuana possession &

940217, Albany, KY, KET.  In what is called the biggest
underground marijuana growing operation in Kentucky history, a
growing operation was busted in Clinton county, 4 miles west of
Albany.  Two workers were caught in the raid.  The land owner was
Paul Avery.  A criminal conspiracy is evident, because of the
size of the operation.  The TV shots showed a house with a walkin
cellar of about 20 x 30 feet.  Maybe 200 plants two inches tall
in pots, and maybe 10 lights on growing plants.  One plant in the
foreground looked three feet tall with mature buds about two
inches in diameter.

940218, Albany, KY, KNN & WFLW.  The arrestees are Ricky Lee
Daniels (31) & David Gene Tapley (30).  The volume was one
thousand plants and 30 pounds of processed product, a
"multi-million dollar operation".  The operation was conducted in
two underground greenhouses, entered thru a 60 foot tunnel from
an unobtrusive toolshed on a 150 acre farm with two lavish
houses.  Power was a generator "the size of a car".  Police have
been investigating for two or three years.  Later info stated
that the growing room was constructed from an olympic size
swimming pool with a wall down the middle and covered over.  The
police were alerted by complaints from the neighbors of late
night helicopter landings.  The entrances were spotted by IR

940218, Lee County, KY, KNN.  Lee County, KY, Sheriff Brandenburg
passes a lie detector test, proving that he was not responsible
for the disappearance of 1650 marijuana plants worth $100,000
[must be real little plants] from evidence.  This merited
attention because his predecessor was Sheriff Mann, presently
serving time for extortion and cocaine trafficking.

940221, Murl, Wayne Co, KY, WSFC.  Joey Frost was arrested at his
home with 6 pounds of marijuana Friday.

940222, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, WKYU, WSEK.  Lee County Sheriff
Douglas Brandenburg was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury last
Friday on charges of conspiracy to distribute hundreds of pounds
of Mexican and domestic marijuana.  Their market was southeastern
and eastern United States.  25 others were also arrested, tho no
names were given.  As of 22 Feb, Sheriff Brandenburg was being
held without bond.  The Federal investigation has been ongoing
since Sheriff Mann was caught.  See 940404, 960608.

940223, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, WSEK.  Sheriff Brandenburg is
released on $25,000 bail on drug conspiracy charges.  Strangely,
the charges are now cocaine trafficking.

940225, Nicholasville, KY, KNN.  A mass arrest of drug buyers
from the police in Jessamine County netted 40 criminals, of which
10 were juveniles.

940312, Tateville, KY, WSEK.  Berl Martin Smith and Emma ?  (both
26) were arrested in a marijuana raid in Tateville, Pulaski
County, KY.  The normal charges of possession, cultivation,

940312, Hazard, KY, WSEK.  Kentucky State Police Narcotic Officer
Mark Lopez is indicted on five charges of forgery.  What he
forged was another officer's signature on reports on how he used
money which was supposed to be used for undercover drug buys.  He
was also reprimanded for taking home ("I didn't steal it!
Honest!!") vehicles seized in drug raids.

940315, Kentucky, WSEK.  The USDEA reports that in 93 Kentucky
lead the nation in the number of marijuana growing arrests with
over 1900.  Kentucky was second in number of plants seized with
645,232.  Hawaii had 779,000.  The Kentucky harvest was 923,000
in 92, including the monster plantation in Mercer County.  Wayne
County lead the state with 71,800.  Leslie, Clay, Perry, and
Clinton followed.

940317, Wayne County, KY, WFLW.  Danny Paul Poore is indicted on
a mixed bag of about 8 marijuana and drug trafficking charges,
plus arson.  Also Roger Ramsey, Dishman, and Gerald Singer for
drug trafficking.

940318, Middlesboro, KY, KNN, WKYU, WSEK.  Two Middlesboro, KY,
city police and another former policeman are among eight charged
with drug trafficking.  This is the result of a FBI sting called
"Operation Broken Shield".  The investigation started October
92.  Steeley Arlis Barnett and Garrett Russell are the greedy
cops.  Their business included OH, PA, and TN as well as
Kentucky.  940401, WSEK.  The FBI had wiretapped the home phone
of Officer Barnett.

940330, Lexington, KY, WSEK.  Five persons were convicted of
crack cocaine dealing in Lexington.  Serita Brookes was the
leader of the "First Family".  This was a mid level importing
operation, from [New York?].

940331, Lexington, KY, KET.  Seven are arrested in Lexington, KY,
for marijuana trafficking.  This was the result of a two to
several month operation by DEA and Lexington police.  Imports were
from Phoenix in 100 pound lots, every 6 to 10 days.  The TV shot
looked like pound sausage rolls.  The criminals were from
Lexington, Arizona, & Texas.  Besides the 100 pounds of
marijuana, police took guns, $25,000 in cash and two vehicles.
First is Charles Chaney (30).

940402, Knox Co, KY, WSEK.  Yesterday, The Judge ruled: The
greenhouse equipment used by the Sears gang to grow marijuana has
been donated to a school for educational purposes.  The criminals
were identified as Jack Sears, Keith Sears, and ?.

940404, Madison Co, KY, KET.  Twice convicted murderer and
sometimes FBI Confidential Informant Robert Foley (37) [still
37?] is on trial (moved to Madison Co) for the murder of four
more persons in 89.  [So that's before the Vaughn murders, &
while he was working for the FBI?] Three bodies from Van Wert,
Ohio, Kimberley Bowersocks (20), Lillian Cantini (26), and Jerry
McMillan (36) and one from Laurel Co, KY, Calvin Reynolds (22)
were found in the septic tank on a burnt-out farm near Baldrock
in western Laurel County, KY.  On September of 93, Foley was
convicted of murder for disposing of two other persons who had
become inconvenient to his operations.  He was also earlier
convicted in a single murder.  See 911029

940404, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, KET.  Irvine Shouse (32), a
prospective witness to the theft of pot from the Lee Co jail has
unexpectedly become dead.  No other reason for his demise was
apparent.  Sheriff Brandenburg is out on bond on charges of
conspiracy to traffic in drugs.  See 940222.

940408, Madison Co, KY, KET.  FBI Confidential Informant Robert
Foley refuses to take to the witness stand in his own defense.
He is convicted on all counts of murder after 2.5 hours

940411, Mt Vernon, KY, KNN.  It has been determined by a county
jury that Gary Shepherd forced the confrontation with GMTF,
justifying his execution.  But see a letter from his family's
attorney in WORMSCAN.& Date: Thu Dec 01, 1994 9:07 am CST

940415, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Terry York (29) was found with 60
marijuana plants growing in his basement as a result of a
confidential tip.

940425, Owensboro, KY, WKYU.  After a five month investigation,
Bee's Classic Motorcycle Shop on Highway 60 E, Owensboro, KY, was
raided by 10 assorted cops last Saturday.  $3million (5 to 6
pounds) in methamphetamine, $12,000 is cash, 17 guns, thousands
of rounds of ammunition, a police scanner, and drug paraphernalia
were seized.  Arrested were Bert Bloomer (42) of Macio, Harold
Feldman (64) of Owensboro, and Theresa Lawrence (25) of
Owensboro.  The source of this dangerous drug was thought to be
out of state.

940425, Morganfield, Union Co, KY, KNN.  Two men from Washington
and Taylor counties, KY, were arrested at the Morganfield airport
Friday with a load of marijuana.  James Bell Rich (40) of
Springfield and ?  were arrested after selling more than thirty
pounds of processed marijuana to an undercover cop at the
airport.  Rich is the pilot who had to be rescued after he
ditched in the Gulf near St Petersburg, FL, last year after
passing out in Kentucky and flying on autopilot until he ran out
of gas.

940429, Barbourville, Knox Co, KY, KNN.  Senator Tom O'Dell
Smith's conviction is upheld for solicitation of a $10,000 bribe
for his efforts to reduce the sentence of a drug dealer.  Senator
Smith offered his services to the wife of the unfortunate

940504, Simpson Co, KY, KNN.  Yet another drug sweep of 17

940504, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, KNN.  Beattyville, KY, Chief of
Police Townsend is suspended following the strange death of drug
dealer in Lexington who had implied involvement with the
disappearance of marijuana from evidence.

940504, Louisville, KY, KNN.  There is an investigation of police
drug tactics as a result of the attack on a black police officer
mistaken for a drug dealer a couple weeks ago.

940505, Lexington, KY, KET.  Big drug raid with National Guard
helicopters on Hollow Creek Road nets six crack dealers.

940505, Leslie Co, KY, KET.  Deputy Sheriff Lyn Doyle Parr and
Roger Wells were sentenced for protecting marijuana dealers.

940506, Middlesboro, KY, KET.  Middlesboro Policeman Garrett Lee
Russell was given a postponement of his trial for running a
multi-state marijuana trafficking ring.

940521, Laurel Co, KY, KNN.  Gilbert & Juanita Cauldwell (39)
were arrested yesterday with 20 bags of marijuana & some alcohol.

940524, Atlanta, GA, Paul Harvey.  A Nigerian gang has been
importing heroin into Atlanta GA.  $33 million.  # arrested.

940601, Middlesboro, KY, KNN.  Middlesboro Police Officer James
Patterson pleads guilty to cocaine trafficking.  Sentencing is
scheduled for August.  Note that as of 941104 he was still
running loose and still doing coke.

940603, Lexington, KY, KET.  Seven people, including James Lee
Sanford and Robert Sanford, were arrested on cocaine and
marijuana charges.  Included in the booty was $40,000 and two

940604, Louisville, KY, KNN.  FBI Agent Withers is accused of
heroin trafficking.  He reputedly stole 100 pounds of heroin from
the evidence room and sold it to dealers who were under FBI
surveillance.  Solicitations were by telephone and mail, and
payment was to various Post Office boxes.  Much of the evidence
was found in a relative's home in Louisville, KY.

940603, Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  A criminal was arrested
8 miles south of Somerset by the Pulaski County Sheriff on a home
search warrant.  Assorted drug charges against James?  Woolsley.
Prescription drug not in original container, paraphernalia, drug
trafficking, marijuana.

940610, Beattyville, Lee County, KY, KET?  Sheriff Brandenburg is
real careful when he busts 123 marijuana plants.  He is under
indictment for trafficking in marijuana confiscated last year.

940613, Sunnybrook, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  175 marijuana plants
were discovered by Deputy Sheriff Hale last Saturday in
Sunnybrook.  No arrests.

940614, Hazard, KY, WKYU, KNN.  A internal investigation hearing
in Frankfort was indefinitely postponed for another of Kentucky's
Finest yesterday.  Hazard Post Kentucky State Police Officer Mark
Lopez (28) is accused of stealing $2000 [not clear if of or in
addition to] marijuana from evidence and threatening to kill an
informant.  WSEK says that an informant got $450, but Officer
Lopez claimed $2475 in his report.  No mention of how much
marijuana he scored.

940614, Nicholas County, KY, WMKZ.  A drug sweep in Nicholas
County, KY, collects eight drug dealers, including two females.

940614, Somerset, KY, WSEK.  Somerset Police get $5850 in booty
from the sale of the property of drug criminal Robert M Little.

940621, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The GMTF take in Wayne County last
week was 8 plots with 4382 plants.

940621, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  Wayne County now leads the United
States in number of marijuana plants per area!  The London
Kentucky State Police in the week ending 20 Jun harvested over
3000 plants in 43 plots.  The biggest haul was 1000 in Burnett
Hollow.  Other locations were in Monticello, along Rts 90, 92,
674.  Half the harvest was reported to be males.

940621, Louisville, KY, KET\WHAS.  Louisville Police Officer
George Bell is busted for cocaine possession.

940623, Danville, KY, KET\36.  Tami (sp?) convicted for the
second time for killing two men in his marijuana patch.

940628, Somerset, Pulaski Co, KY, WSEK.  After an investigation
of one month by Sheriff, Ferguson police, and probation & parole,
Michael E South (27) of Lakeview Drive was arrested for felony
marijuana cultivation.

940628, Beattyville, KY, Kentucky Tonight, KET.  Beattyville
Police Chief Townsend is finally fired after being on suspension
with pay since May.  The fate of the 16,000 marijuana plants
which were disappeared under his care is still unknown.

940629, Wayne Co, KY, Earl McGuire repeating radio news.
Marijuana take is 4996 plants in 4 plots and 2600 plants in 2
plots.  He reported lots of helicopter activity further down old
Rt 92.  Three helicopters with spotters dangling on cables this
morning.  Two nets of marijuana captured.

940701, Pulaski Co, WSEK.  $195,000 has been given for another
year of the local Drug Task Farce.  75% federal money, 25% from
local taxpayers.  This pays for a director, a secretary, and two
undercover narcs.

940705, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  In the week ending 04 July, Kentucky
State Police harvested 12851 marijuana plants in 89 plots in the
Beaver Creek, Powersburg & Sunnybrook areas of Wayne County.

940707, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY, WKYU.  A NCIC All
Points Bulletin is out for Special Deputy Badges issued by
Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Green.  Sheriff Green is presently
serving time for tax evasion (he didn't report the money he
extorted from his deputies).

940709, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The Sheriff reported harvesting 125
marijuana plants in the Sunnybrook & Powersburg area yesterday.

940712, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The week's State Police marijuana
take was 13327 plants in 124 plots.  On Thursday alone, 9433 were
harvested in southern and southwestern parts of Wayne County.

940712, Eastern Kentucky, WKYU, WMKZ.  An unnamed Eastern
Kentucky man (25) pleaded guilty to selling marijuana within 1000
yards of a school in the Mexican dilution connection.  He was
sentenced to 8 months in jail.  The real target is Lee County
Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg.

940715, Berea, KY, WKYM.  In what is called the biggest marijuana
crop (in what area?), 262 plants were found in 2 plots near
I-75.  The plants were about three feet tall and were valued at
$314,400.  I presume that is for the whole haul, not each plant.
If so, that's still $1200 per plant!

940715, Frankfort, KY, KNN.  Another roundup of 60 drug criminals
on 109 charges in Frankfort, KY.  Mostly crack and marijuana

940715, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The State Police marijuana harvest
for Wayne County this year is 50197, and the state total 107902.
The Wayne County harvest is valued at $100,081,500.  This is
about $1994 per plant.  The news announcer had trouble with these
big numbers and it doesn't come out even, so there is probably an

940720, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM, WMKZ.  The State Police Govner's
Marywanna Task Farce got 5177 plants in 39 plots in the week
ending 18 July.  Most came from the southern part of the county,
around Rt 200.  The total for the London Post was 20233 plants in
363 plots.  And today, the Sheriff's Department got 202 plants;
156 in Oil Valley and 46 in Shaw Valley.

940727, Lexington & Beattyville, KY, WSEK.  Deceased drug dealer
Irvine Shouse (32) died 03 Apr 94 of acute cocaine and diamulid
(sp?) (a strong cancer painkiller) poisoning.  No fowl [sick]
play is suspected!  Shouse claimed that Beattyville Police Chief
Townsend tried to sell him part of the 1600 marijuana plants
which were disappeared from evidence and mysteriously reappeared
in his car trunk, but didn't live long enough to tell that to a

940727, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  Zeke Jones of Slavens was arrested
yesterday for marijuana cultivation, marijuana possession, and
paraphernalia possession by the Wayne Co Sheriff.

940800?, Irvine, Estill County, KY, KNN.  4600 marijuana plants
were spotted by chopper west of Irvine in Estill County.

940800?, Wayne County, KY,.  Dewayne Hicks indicted by Grand Jury
for marijuana cultivation.

940800?, Wells, Pulaski County, KY,.  Ellis Davis of Wells,
western Pulaski County, KY, arrested for marijuana cultivation,
etc, etc, after a month's investigation.

940802, Daniel Boone National Forest, KY, WKYU.  The take for
three weeks of harvest activity by the Governor's Marijuana Task
Farce is 92,000 plants in 1500 plots.  It was noted that the
plots are becoming smaller.

940804, Middlesboro, KY, KNN.  Former Middlesboro Police Chief
Steeley Barnett and sidekick Gerald Pratt, superintendent of the
streets department now want to plead guilty to federal drug
trafficking charges.

940805, Jefferson Co, Louisville, KY, KNN.  The Grand Jury is
ready to indict 50 jailors and employees of the Jefferson KY
County jail on charges of drug smuggling within the jail.

940806, Covington, KY, KNN.  State Police have arrested another
30 drug dealers in Covington.  Mostly crack cocaine.

940822, Albany, KY, WFLW.  Federal Grand Jury indictments have
been handed down for six criminals the case of the olympic
swimming pool pot factory.  The raid last February got 1276
plants and 70 pounds of processed marijuana (up from the 1000
plants and 30 pounds gathered then).  The operation was detected
by infrared.  Criminals are: John Avery (55) charged with eight
counts of assorted conspiracy and laundry of $62,000; Michelle
Avery Daniels (32) his daughter; Ricky Lee Daniels (31) her
husband; Sherry Avery Daniels (33) another daughter; and David
Stonecipher, a good ole boy.

940823, Wayne Co, KY, WFLW.  The Sheriff's Dept harvested 204
marijuana plants in Mt Pisgah and Jabez last Friday.

940825, Lexington, KY, KET.  Police made a raid on what was
described as a big drug ring on Oxford Circle, Lexington.  Only a
minor amount of drugs were found, but it had to be a big drug
ring because they got $30,000 in cash for their efforts.

940826, Casey Co, KY, WSEK.  A state police drug sweep got 13
criminals in Casey County and one in Russell County on mostly
cocaine and within 1000 yards of a school charges.

940826, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff harvested 18 marijuana
plants near Flats Springs yesterday.

940827, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The Sheriff harvested 331 marijuana
plants yesterday in Slickford and Slat.

940903, Breathitt Co, KY, WKYU, KNN, WSEK.  Three men were killed
by explosive device boobytraps in a marijuana patch on remote
coal company land near Evanston in eastern Breathitt County,
Kentucky.  There were 55 plants in 4 plots.  The victims were
Luke & Lloyd Miller of Waldo, Magoffin County, and Luther van der
Pool, of Martin in Floyd County.

940906, Pikeville, KY, WKYU.  The trial of Lee County, KY,
Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg is scheduled to start today in
Pikeville.  Sheriff Brandenburg is accused of importing cheap
Mexican marijuana to adulterate his higher quality domestic

940906, Pikeville, KY, KET.  George Nobel, Jr, of Breathitt
County pleas guilty in the Mexican adulteration operation.  He is
the fourth of seven to plea guilty.  He got seven years.  Sheriff
Brandenburg still maintains his innocence.

940907, Pikeville, KY, KNN.  Lee County Sheriff Douglas
Brandenburg is said to have taken payments of "thousand of
dollars per month" to protect the drug operations in his county,
starting shortly after he was elected and ending in June 94 as
his operation was taken down by federal action.

940908, Eastern Kentucky, KNN.  Yet another drug sweep nets 32
"A-level dealers" in Knox, Whitley, and Laurel counties.  An
"A-Level dealer" is defined as on who supplies a street-level
dealer.  KET.  This is a continuation of an investigation which
in February got $21,000 in cash along with the criminals.

940909, Pikeville, KY, WKYU.  Three more codefendants plead
guilty in the Lee County Sheriff Douglas Brandenburg marijuana
adulteration trial.

940909, Breathitt Co, KY, KNN.  The marijuana booby traps each
contained ammonium nitrate equivalent to 2 to 4 sticks of
dynamite.  Ignition was by a battery & spark.  Police still claim
not to know why the victims were in the marijuana patches!
Anybody wanna make a guess?

940909, Pikeville, KY, KNN.  Lee County Sheriff Douglas
Brandenburg is given a mistrial.  The reason given is that his
co-conspirators have all plead guilty, and it looks bad for him.

940912, London, KY, KNN, WSEK.  The drug trial of Middlesboro
Officer Garrett Lee Russell starts today.  He is accused of three
counts of dealing in cocaine, marijuana, and pain killers, 1
count of possession, 2 of use of a firearm in the commission of
drug dealing.  He was arrested in March in "Operation Broken
Shield", after a 20 month investigation.  He is accused of also
being a USER, using, dealing and letting his customers use in his
cruiser.  All of his co-conspirators have pleaded guilty , but
this apparently is not sufficient for a mere city cop to be given
a mistrial.

940912, Bardstown, Nelson Co, KY, KET\WHAS.  State Police seized
250 pounds of Mexican marijuana in a vacant house in Bardstown,
Kentucky.  It was in five bales which looked a bit over a foot
cubed.  This inferior furrin pot was valued at $1/2 million, or
$2000 per pound.

940912, Louisville, KY, KET(WHAS).  The Jefferson County Grand
Jury is investigating drug smuggling in the Jefferson County
Jail.  Thirty indictments are expected.  Five jailer officers
have already resigned.

940914, London, KY, WKYU.  Middlesboro City Police Orificer
Garrett Lee Russell claims on the witness stand that the FBI
Special Informant who busted him is the same [ ] who addicted him
to cocaine.

940914, Wayne Co, KY, WKYM.  Bob Sharp of Shaw Valley was
arrested by the Sheriff on marijuana trafficking charges in a
raid on Tuesday.

940916, London, KY, WSEK.  Middlesboro City Police Officer
Garrett Lee Russell claims that FBI Informant Benny Meyers gave
him free cocaine, and then demanded that Orificer Russell supply
him with other drugs.  He carried a firearm during these drug
transactions because it was part of his uniform.

940916, London, KY, WKYM.  Middlesboro Kentucky City Police
Officer Garrett Lee Russell is convicted of drug dealing charges,
but not of the use of a firearm in the commission of a drug crime

940922, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  The take for Wayne County, Kentucky,
by the Governor's Marijuana Task Farce so far in 1994 is 68,489

940922, Louisville, KY, KNN.  16 persons have been indicted for
drug smuggling (including cigarettes) at the Jefferson County
jail.  8 of these are staff, the rest, inmates.

940923, Perry Co, KY, WSEK.  State Trooper Tony Watts was
snakebit in Perry County while cutting down marijuana.  In
addition to the copperhead, 89 plants, a 4-wheeler and two
criminals were taken.

940927, Wayne Co, KY, WMKZ.  One hundred pounds of processed
marijuana was found by the Sheriff in an abandoned house in
Sumpter.  320 plants were seized in Cooper and Griffin.

940930, Cave-In-Rock, IL, WSEK (ABC?).  Kentucky & Illinois
authorities have found $ 1/4 million in marijuana on an island in
the middle of the Ohio River at Cave-In-Rock, IL.  That's Tolu,
Crittenden Co, KY.

940930, New Haven, LaRue Co, KY, KET\WAVE.  A fortified barn on
the property of J E Fisher near New Haven, KY, contained three
elaborate marijuana grow rooms.  Over 100 plants worth $150,000
to $175,000 were found by an assortment of cops.  They were very
coy about how they were informed of this indoor plantation.

941004, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, KNN.  Beattyville, KY, Police
Chief Townsend is suing someone for $700,000 over the accusation
of his involvement in the disappearance of marijuana from a Lee
County, KY, jail cell.

941007, Lexington, KY, KET.  Big drug raid with 50 cops on crack
house at 408 E Second St nets 12 criminals.  This resulted from a
tip from an anonymous informant.

941014, Shively, Jefferson Co, KY, KNN.  In what is claimed to be
the biggest (indoor?) marijuana operation in Jefferson County
(Louisville) KY, in five years, a 500 (900?) plant operation was
found in Roscoe Driskell's cold and dry storage.  This was a
sophisticated operation with timer controlled lights and water,
and the 500 plants in various stages of growth.  These 500 plants
were purported to be worth one million dollars.  The site was
reported by an anonymous informant, and was under observation for
three months.

941014, Louisville, KY, KNN.  At the Standiford Field airport,
Louisville, 17 pounds of methamphetamine were seized from David
McKennon and Shannon Kelley of Fresno, CA.  This is touted as a
big bust.

941019, Monticello, KY, WFLW.  Grand Jury indictments are: Bob
Sharp, marijuana cultivation 0.5 


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