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Making Contact.
Welcome to the Contacts page for the News sub-system. 
  About this page ...

News and general media section.  

Click here to find out more about us.   Click here to go to the Index/Home page. Accuracy and Verifiability  are the keyss. We have sorted and listed them by a variety of categories.  If you don't see your category, if you can't find what you're looking for - please let us know.  See below for contact info and how to use our search engine.

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To contact us, eMail the Webster at: librarian@pdxnorml.org.  If you wish to have your event posted, please provide as much information as possible.  Do the editing! Have it ready to go, We post as-is.

We make every effort to be accomidating.  This is meant to be a systematic service, automatically communicating info by & for the people and we HATE to censor, BUT, we must reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for no reason at all, SO, try to keep it clean and on topic.

The News pages are maintained by volunteers who believe in ending cannabis prohibition. 

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Comments, questions and suggestions? E-mail the Librarian To communicate ideas, changes or requests for further information about these pages -or- for compliments, complaints or to report broken links with the web site in general, you can eMail the Librarian. Also, feel free to visit the Guestbook and leave a note.  

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