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     By Craige A. McMillan

		    The idea of a race war in their country horrifies
     ordinary Americans. This is so because most Americans -- of all races
     -- are decent, hardworking people. While they often fail to live up to
     their values, they will tell pollsters that they broadly support their
     inherited Judeo-Christian values in their family life. They do not
     want their daughters to become promiscuous and have abortions. They
     want their sons to grow up and get married, and to love their
     children. In the main, large numbers of these Americans attend
     churches where they hear sermons that advocate the value of love and
     tolerance for one's neighbor, and support for governmental authority.

		    How, then, can America be so deeply divided by the
     outcome of a tragic pair of murders in Los Angeles and the glitzy
     celebrity trial that followed? Media reports tell us that even before
     the OJ Simpson verdict three-quarters of Black Americans believed the
     former football great innocent, while three-quarters of white
     Americans were convinced of his guilt. Millions of television images,
     produced by egos and wallets the size of California, publicized an
     essentially private proceeding: Twelve individuals doing their best
     under difficult circumstances to determine the guilt or innocence of
     one man. Having endured this voyeurism for over a year, is America now
     to be rewarded with Blacks and whites killing one another in the
     streets because of their skin color?

		    Possibly. For while the idea of a race war horrifies
     ordinary Americans, it does not horrify all Americans.

		    The OJ Simpson trial has not divided Americans along
     the faultline of race. It has divided them by experience. Month after
     month, this newspaper has chronicled the payoffs, arrests, and
     prosecutions of local police, prosecutors, and US Justice Department
     attorneys. The bulk of these cases involve crimes against drug
     dealers: when police are involved, they frequently beat, rob, and
     sometimes kill the dealers who don't cooperate with them. Entire
     precincts in New York and other major cities are under investigation
     for such corruption. On 27 May 1994 this newspaper reported:

	  "Perhaps ten of New York City's 75 police precincts will see
	  massive arrests for corruption, according to William Bratton,
	  police commissioner. A quarter of the 30th precinct's 190 police
	  officers are expected to be arrested for robbing drug dealers,
	  stealing and selling cocaine, and murder and assault. The Mollen
	  Report identified 140 senior corruption cases either 'lost' or

		    In Chicago, Assistant US Attorney William R. Hogan
     achieved prosecutorial fame in the early 1990s by obtaining
     convictions against 53 El Rukn gang members. But, "By 1993 it emerged
     that informants and witnesses were on drugs and allowed to have sex in
     prosecutors' offices, a fact Mr. Hogan failed to mention to defense
     lawyers." The Justice Department has recommended that he be fired for
     "indiscretions." [CC 11 September 1995]

		    It is a sad fact that large numbers of young Black men
     are involved in drug crimes, and therefore fall victim to such
     corruption when it enters a police or prosecutor's office. Corrupt
     officials target the powerless.

		    This rising tide of corruption has taken its toll on
     Black jurors. Given their experience with the criminal justice system,
     should we really be surprised that large numbers of Blacks believed
     the defense claim that OJ Simpson was framed by corrupt cops?

		    But if the OJ Simpson verdict doesn't reflect a racial
     divide in America, why portray it as if it did?

		    Here are three possible answers. Network television
     viewership figures are in freefall, and executives are beginning to
     question who packed their parachutes. "The most recent ratings book
     shows NBC in first place with a 9.7 average. Ten years ago and NBC had
     a 17.5 average." [CC 3 July 1995] A former advertising executive
     recently told us, "Television ratings are a joke. Nobody inside the
     [advertising] industry believes them."

		    Television news, however, excels at reporting live
     action. Millions of viewers were glued to the screen during the Gulf
     War and the Rodney King inspired Los Angeles riots. Millions followed
     the OJ Simpson trial. Now those viewers are gone. When viewers leave,
     so do advertisers. A race war would provide just the kind of
     senseless, yet graphic violence that television excels at reporting.
     Advertising revenues would skyrocket -- along with executive bonuses.
     New opportunities would open up within the reporting ranks.

		    Walter Williams is fond of the phrase "poverty pimps,"
     which he uses to describe white liberals and Black opportunists who
     have made a comfortable living for themselves by heading up
     organizations dedicated to telling Black Americans how bad they have
     it, and what an awful racist society America is. The Reverend Jesse
     Jackson, longtime self-appointed spokesman for the Black community,
     recently failed even to sway the limp-minded California Regents, who
     voted to end admission quotas at California colleges. Even the
     venerable NAACP is broke and in disarray over mismanagement. Surely a
     race war would have its silver lining, if it showed ordinary Black
     Americans where their allegiance should reside?

		    But although television and self-appointed "leaders"
     have an interest in stirring the pot of racial discontent, it pales in
     comparison to the self-interest of politicians inhabiting our nation's
     capital. Vast sums of money are now plundered from taxpayers and fed
     to bureaucrats heading discredited social programs, who serve in an
     army of loyal, big-government voters. Hundreds of millions of dollars
     are extracted from industry in political contributions to "control
     regulations" and "provide access" to the process. Consumers foot the
     bill. These ill-gotten gains are then shoveled into the media coffers
     leading up to election time. The profits enrich executive bonuses and
     media personalities' pockets.

		    The media-social-federal establishment has been shaken
     to its core by the 1994 shift in voter favor away from national power
     and toward state and local governance. Those who have adapted to a
     life of crime all share one characteristic: They come to depend upon
     its benefits. This is true for dirty cops, and it's true for dirty
     politicians. The realization that there is no safe haven, no reserved
     parking space at a comfortable lobbying or law firm while the
     electorate rearranges the deck chairs on the Titanic, may be the
     justification our ruling elite need to foment a race war in America.
     For too many powerful people, the loss of that power is a prospect
     beyond their comprehension.

		    We as Americans must face facts: many in our nation's
     capital have peddled their influence for so long, and lived so
     lavishly off its sale, that they cannot be trusted to prevent a race
     war -- because it is in their benefit to preside over one. The glories
     of federal power could be restored. Emergency powers legislation could
     dispose of dissidents. And the lifeline of money and power would be
     restored. For many, the alternative -- a modest twenty or thirty
     thousand dollar per year job -- is unthinkable.

		    The contempt of the ruling class for those they
     represent -- us and our way of life -- is worn as a badge of pride by
     the ruling elite. The response of Washington State Congressman Norm
     Dicks to this editor about the necessity of a $30,000 midnight pay
     raise during the Bush administration says it all. Upon pointing out to
     Congressman Dicks that his pay increase was more than many of his
     constituents salaries, he snapped, "I don't have to live like them to
     represent them." Surely the end justifies the means?
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