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The following groups are friends of dare.org in that they have linked to our DARE page.

It all started when I did a search on altavista.digital.org for the string "www.dare.org" and came up with a bunch of pages linking to this site. It amazed me how many people link to this site without even reading a word of it... Let me tell you with complete honesty, these links really brighten our day at dare.org.

United States Representative Mike Forbes of New York

United States Representative Ron Packard of California

WCAU TV - NBC Affiliate from Philadelphia

Evansville Elementary School, Evansville WY

Ashford School, Ashford CT

North Aiken Elementary School, Aiken SC

Loyola University, Chicago - Psychology 375 Links

Thurston County (Washington) Youth Football

California Dept. of Education - Safe Schools & Violence Prevention Programs & Resources

Innovative Care Management, an Oregon-based health care management company

Lions Club International

National Families in Action Recently unlinked our page from theirs.. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquincy Prevention, US Dept. of Justice Evidence of more top quality fact checking at the federal level. Checks and Balances work!

27th Security Forces Squadron, U.S. Airforce. Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Bo's K-9 and Drug Education Links - "Bo is one Net-savvy canine." says the page. Thanks for the link Bo! [UPDATE] Bo removed his link to us on 8/18/97

ACE Kids

Troy's Cool Web Page - One of our bright young up-and-coming drug free youths. Perhaps he needs a bit of work on reading comprehension though.

The DARE Challenge - win $1500 cash if you can provide proof that anyone has died directly from the active ingredient in marijuana (THC-9) in the past 100 years.

[Note from Portland NORML: Inasmuch as actions by D.A.R.E. America Inc. led to WWW.DARE.ORG losing its domain in late 1997 and moving to this site in mid-1998, no additions will be made to this page unless and until the DARE.ORE domain is returned to its rightful owners. While one assumes most or all of the sites above that still exist have probably updated their links by now, no deletions will be made, either. This particular page is truly an archive, commemorating WWW.DARE.ORG.]

Please feel free to link to this page, or to redistribute this information (as long as you are not making a profit).

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