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Their former owners might consider them stolen but DARE considers them to be summarily confiscated.

Just to give you a sense of how much money which ought to be spent on the education and welfare of our country's youth is wasted on silly displays of pride - check out these vehicles. These pictures were all found proudly displayed on the web as trophies, some even included the story of who they confiscated/forfeited them from and under what circumstances.

I don't know what they intended to show the kids other than that cops are cooler and have faster cars (and therefore are more masculine/worthy of admiration) than drug dealers. Why do these so called educators continue to help strengthen the cultural pressures that drive these kids to desire flashy personalized cars and planes?

Why aren't these cars, planes, etc., auctioned off and the money put to something that will directly benefit the children these programs are supposedly being held for?

Don't these people know there are addicts being turned away at rehabs because of year-long waiting lists to get treatment? Is it really worth it to our society to have these expensive toys of the drug dealers become the expensive toys of the police, rather than being auctioned off for the public good? Just imagine what could be accomplished if these people were to decide to do something useful with their time energy and money instead of confiscating and then fixing cars!

"On May 12, 1995 the Bryan Police Department D.A.R.E. car was unveiled for the first time at the Bryan Independent School District's fifth grade D.A.R.E. graduation, complete with music, lights and smoke effects."

"Star Force is a 1990 Pontiac Firebird which has been transformed into one of the most 'high tech' crime fighting tools in the Southeast. Originally purchased by the Department to be used as an undercover car, its sleek appearance made it the perfect candidate to be transformed into a completely computerized educational tool. The 'heart' of this vehicle is a pair of IBM computers and their uniquely designed software package. IBM donated the computers and worked long hours to design the software to make this an educational tool which genuinely keeps the attention of children and adults alike, and judging from the feedback received by the Department, is very successful in getting the message of the hazards of drug abuse across to the public."

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