statement from the Director
Statement from the Director of Portland (Pdx) NORML

Here in Oregon, we have committed ourselves to changing the laws against marijuana. We are still gloating over the defeat of the re-crim as we looking forward to the continuing implementation of medical use here in Oregon. (see Report Deems Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient Directory Successful)

One thing is certain. Our government is no longer going to be able to pass laws, elevate penalties and build jails without opposition.

Similar to the Vietnam War in its myopic intent, The War On Some Drugs should never have been started, has no clear mission, is riddled with corruption, graft and greed, causes casualties detrimental to future generations, and, as an unfunded mandate, continually escalates without any positive results.

One very important fact completes the similarity. As more and more people came to realize that winning in Vietnam was not attainable, support for the war eroded. Today, people are realizing that winning the War On Some Drugs is also not attainable. A flood of people are coming over to the side seeking reform of our drug laws.

Not one is going the other way.

Please help in any way you can. Time, money, and expertise are all needed in numerous ways. Oregon has and will change, with our efforts and your help. Repealing the total prohibition on the responsible use of cannabis by adults will dramatically reduce prison costs, restore the environment, and allow medicine for those who need it.

It all starts with you.

Register to vote.
Support candidates and bills for positive change in marijuana laws.

Be a part of history.

Perry Stripling
Director, Pdx NORML
(503) 777-9088

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