Welcome to The Old Portland NORML Website and Online Library! Welcome to The Old Portland NORML Website and Online Library!
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Welcome to The Old Portland NORML Website and Online Library! Welcome to The Old Portland NORML Website and Online Library!

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Welcome to The Old Portland NORML Website and Online Library!

Welcome to the LIBRARY INDEX page.   

This is the Library home page. A list of directorys and information. An index to the inventory of the web site.

Just some of the info available >  Interesting Articles |  Info; D.A.R.E. the truth |  Quotes |  Wormscan Files |  All Politics is Local |  Oregon Services Plundered |  1999 News |  Some history | 

  About this page ...
This is  the storage and retrieval facility for all related information. Links to all our articles, information, research papers and just plain data should be found here. We have sorted and listed them by a variety of categories.  If you don't see your category, if you can't find what you're looking for - please let us know.  See below for contact info and how to use our search engine.

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  Site Map 

Site Map and Index.  Providing whatever service we can for the Northwest Pacific and beyond.  Contact us for more information.

the Library index pages the Library. "What happened?" Archive of stuff built by Portland NORML volunteers and other remains of the old site. News and other items of historical interest. Unique articles about the movement in Oregon and the world at the time.

News and information News and info. "What's happening?" Informing and Educating yourself and then others about why we do this. See also ALERTS! and Events.

  - Need Help?

    > involving medical aspects of cannabis? Medical Cannabis Organizations and information Medical Cannabis Orgs & info; How to become a cannabis-legal patient, if possible, and other relevent resource info.

    > due to politics or the same, old, basic hassle?  Legal info Laws and legal resources org'd by State and Federal.

Action items and tools Action! "What you can do about it!" Ideas and Resources.

  - Outreach; "Want to help?" Tools for Communicating and Engaging. Places to leave your mark, ways to send your message. Letter writing tools.

  - your Legislation station Legislation and other long term change.   Key votes, Tips, Alerts and such.

  - ORGANIZATIONs and other Resources  ORGANIZATIONs and other Resources.  Such as ...

    The Monthly NORML Newsletter The Monthly NORML Newsletter. For printed news and such, for your Cannabis Law Reform Information and Outreach. This unit works in conjunction with others to provide a hardcopy medium of communication for the cause.

da Biz - Bizness Associations  Bizness Associations; cannabis friendly Sources for products; potential donors, sponsors and supporters of events or ideas; and, someday, cannabis friendly employment guide (at least tell you who/how to avoid!) This will include Bizness DisAssociation, where we boycott those who support the war or any of it's tentacles.

- Hemp for Victory  Hemp for Victory; Not only should we buy hemp and unilaterally support the biz, but work to get a seed planted in the US of A! > Action; Legis

* cannabis friendly media and communications  Media. It's up to us to get the word out. It's up to us to choose cannabis friendly media and communications.

* A&E. cannabis friendly Art, Music, Theatre, Literature and all the mediums.

The Librarians maintain this site as a matter of compassion, because ...

* Cannabis is Medicine.
- Grow guide index  Grow Tipz. Grow guide index.
- Frequently Asked Questions about medical cannabis  Medical FAQs.

... and for the sake of industry & environment ...

* Hemp Networking. Hemp Clubs of America - student based, political action. Hemp Car Clubs and Cookoffs. Hemp fashion shows and expositions. Combine education with bizness with voter registration and engagement!

... and because it's a matter of basic, equal rights!

* Need help? Legal info  Legal info and Liberty resources index. For simple possession or even small grows. Also hassles; ie- opening a hemp store, or patient and doctor rights, even crossing the border with literature!

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Comments, questions and suggestions? E-mail the Librarian To communicate ideas, changes or requests for further information about these pages -or- for compliments, complaints or to report broken links with the web site in general, you can eMail the Librarian. Also, feel free to visit the Library Guestbook and leave a note.  

This site hosted by ...
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... Our undying gratitude to them and their fine staff.

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