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What's this Bizness stuff?  
  About this page ...

Welcome to the Biz page for Grow Tipz.   

These pages dedicated to our Bizness supporters.

Other Cannabis-related Bizness directories ...

The Cannabiz Network (pdxnorml.org/biz)

Contact Us and tell us about your related Biz today!

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The BIZ - Grow Tipz & cannabis friendly, business Associates; these are Grow related BIZ, and BIZnesses that support cannabis as medicine and/or simply ending cannabis prohibition altogether. 
the BIZ
Basic Info, motto
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Alternatives works (and plays) with the ideals and activism of our emerging culture and provides a forum to express and/or locate the holistic ideas, goods and services that support a life well lived.

Alternatives . . . subverting the dominant paradigm one relationship at a time.

PO Box 1086 Salem, OR 97308-1086
1.888.308.6207 (toll free)
503.315.8277 (Salem area)
503.315.8260 (fax)
email: info@alternativesmagazine.com
or visit: www.alternativesmagazine.com

ALTERNATIVES is published quarterly, March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. It is distributed free of charge everywhere you'd expect it to be as well as on the world wide web.

Media Print, magazine.
Alternatives Magazine
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A new small business geared towards the medical cannabis patient.

eMail: csquared@computerconnect.net or visit: missmaryjane.bravepages.com

"We sell a phytoestrogen based Seed Feminizing Solution and Hermie Preventor."

"We also have an expanding line of How-To videos. The two titles that we have now are:

Cloning: A Step By Step Guide, and Cooking With Cannabis: The basics of butter, oil, water and hash oil.

These are available in both DVD and VHS format. These are geared for the newbie. The steps are clear and easy to follow for people who often have cognitive impairment due to prescribed medications, their condition, and/or a combination of both. These are also priced with the average medical patient's income in mind, as well."

Horticulture, Cannabis (medical)
Miss MaryJane's
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Live Sound * PA - Rental * 24 Track Mobile - DA-88's * 16 Track PRO-Tools in-home * Seattle - Portland - Eugene - and all points in-between
PLEASE contact us for further information regarding studio time, PA rental, prices, available dates, festival information and any other questions.   PEACE THROUGH MUSIC * Tel: 503-640-4737 * Post: 100 NE Shannon ST. Hillsboro, OR 97124 * Email: markeo@seahorsesoundandstudio.com or visit: http://www.seahorsesoundandstudio.com/
Music (Productions & Equip).
Seahorse Sound & Studio

For more cannabis friendly businesses, visit the OpdxNwoL Biz page at: pdxnorml.org/biz

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