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Welcome to the Directory page ...
Grow Tipz, your Medical Cannabis Grow Information center.

A grassroots, homegrown, not-for-profit web site of, by and for the people.

  About this page ...
This is the Directory Index to the Information stored in these pages. 

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In these pages we will explore questions submitted regarding grow problems.  We will share our data and the vast resources available to us, please share with your tips and experience with us.  Lets make this truly a site of, by and for the people.

  “Dirt vs. Hydro”? Wrong.  Dirt or hydro?  Better.  In the experience available to us, we could argue either way, there are good things about both. 

Hydro.  Or not to Hydro, that is the question.  More CONs & PROs.   Hydro:  lightweight growing medium, always watered-no guessing if it’s too wet or too dry, fewer potential for bugs and bug habitat, lots of new products to try. 

Dirt.  PROs & CONs; It's a dirty job, but some like it.  more stable medium  … temperature, ph, etc., less “how-to” knowledge to start off, organic benefits of the earth (depending on where you get it) easier access to growing materials, i.e., Fred Meyer, etc., more readily available information on “how to do it in the dirt”. 

Feed.  Nutrition and other Fertilizer FAQs.  Including formulas.

Pests.  (aside from the Big Blue Mean Ones)  The Not-so-mighty mite, among others …


Getting Started (Breaking down the set up) step-by-step; from Cheap to Keep.  For the apartment dweller (classic closet grows!) and those who can barely afford sunshine (or to wait for it, rather) as well as those with long term systems.  FAQs by System Component or Area, like …

High Tech (pun intended), including …

Totally Auto Grows; automatically watered, remote camera observed and PC controlled systems.  Also, grows shared on-line.  Which would lead to …

On-line Pictures and Video clips;  both on the set up of various types of systems as well as the sprouting and maintenance of the plants themselves.  Such as …

'spreading' - pinching or clipping the 'grow end' (growing tip).

'sexing' - separating the female/male plants (and acting accordingly). 

<glossary for the vocabulary of the newbie>

 How to use a looking glass (microscope or other lens) - what to look for.

The grow cycle; how much hours & when?

Ventilation and …

Odor Control …

 Sources!  And Networks … how about the Classifieds?  Caveat Emptor!  Some tips about used equipment.  Also, Gro-lite stores, Nurserys and other OMMA friendly biz.  And beyond!  Seeds, Sprouts & other sources …

 the 'Clone Ranger'; what is a 'mature' plant, what is a seedling -v- a clone -v- 'immature'?  How do you get them and, of course, what is the law on this matter?

 Just to name a few!  We may even have time for a chuckle or two along the way.  Email us your topic today!!


  Get Ready Section 1 - Getting ready; HYDRO GARDEN LIGHTS, CONTAINERS & SUPPLIES.
  Supplies Item by Item list of SUPPLIES NEEDED for this setup.
     Vent CIRCULATION AND VENTILATION.  Every room needs something, fan/s for circulation, exhaust, etc.
    Food, Mixing MIXING THE PLANT FOOD.  The ingredients for the vegitation cycle and the bud cycle and more.
    Lights LIGHTS, THREE TYPES discussed.
    FLO Flouresent.   Two (2) 4ft. doubles suggested for this hydro setup.
    HAL Metal halide, they come in various sizes.
    SOD Sodium vapor, it also comes in various sizes.
Start Section 2 - Lets get started; some TECHNIQUES ...
  Harvest IT'S HARVEST TIME.  Removing the leaves while the plant is still standing, and other neat tricks.
  Cuttings How to do CUTTINGS.  Fill two inch pots up with rockwool, wet thouroughly with water, etc.
    Mites How to do MITES in.  Bobby B's answer to these pesky little pests.&
  Watering WATERING.  You must be aware of your watering. 

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