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Welcome to the Home page ...

We are the Clarion.  

This is our home page and index to our website.

  About this page ...

This is your Cannabis Law Reform Information and Outreach Newsletter. It is to be used for ending prohibition and stopping the war, and all the harm and waste.

Please  review and comment, either anonymously thru our GuestBook or Contact us with an email, call or letter.

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Cannabis prohibition is a harmful waste. This newsletter is intended to communicate that and further inform the reader what they can do about it.

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Welcome to our WebSite Map and Index.  Please be advised our site is still under development.  It is a living, growing thing and, we hope, it will constantly update itself with your input and feedback.  The good news is, you can be a part of it.  Contact us and let us know what you need or would like to see, and/or Sign the GuestBook and leave a note.

Our objective with this tool is to inform, educate and empower the community.

*   About Us. "Who are we? How did we get here?" About the organization and the people that make it up.

* Cannabis is Medicine.
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Comments, questions and suggestions? E-mail the Librarian To communicate ideas, changes or requests for further information about these pages -or- for compliments, complaints or to report broken links with the web site in general, you can eMail the Librarian. Also, feel free to visit the Guestbook and leave a note.  

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