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Sponsors & supporters: A quick list
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Accent Flooring |  Alexias Auto |  Ash St. Saloon |  Brave New World |  Coverall Maint |  Dragon Herb |  Flashback Tee's |  Forest Ray Art |  the GreenHouse |  Its a Beaut Pizza |  Jambo |  Overall Tech |  Pied Cow |  Purdy Real Estate |  Raven Ink |  Reverb |  Seahorse |  Silver Spoon |  Smokeys |  Third Eye |  the VaPro |  White Stones | 

The BIZ - cannabis friendly, business Associates; these are Cannabis related BIZ, and BIZnesses that supported the cause of ending cannabis prohibition.  Also Biz that simply don't mind being seen with us in public.
the BIZ
Basic Info, motto
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Started in 2003 this site has been built as to be leader in the art e-business market.  Artwork in different styles and media.  Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.
Internet Technology Architecture and Development LLC (InterTAD) formed in Delaware.

Advertising Partnership
Fax Number: 1(413)803-1190
or visit:

Art, Online gallery
Art Gallery Worldwide
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Floor Covering Specialists. Carpet, Vinyl & Hardwood Installation & Repair.
CCB# 134125 * 27 years experience
Frank Pickell * (503) 581-9421
Wendy Thompson * (503) 851-1964
Construction, Flooring
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Music, Food & Brew.
(503) 226-0430 * 225 SW Ash, Portland * For booking info call (503) 203-7514 * or Visit their website>
Food, <genl>, venue (music)
Ash Street Saloon
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Window tinting, Pinstriping.
(503) 671-9615 * (360) 693-4037
Beaverton, OR
"The people you auto know!"
Over 20 years experience
Auto Service, detailing
Alexias Auto Appearance
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Hemp clothing and lifestyle accessories
call: (360) 993-2278 * fax: (360) 993-2316 * email: * or visit: 1703 Broadway St., Vancouver, WA 98663
Hemp, and accessories misc.
Brave New World
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Herbs, Spices, Extracts, Tea, Perfumes, Oils, Pipes, Waterpipes, Crystals, Incense, T-Shirts, Jewelry * Hours: Mon-Fri, 11-7; Sun-Sat, 12-7
4638 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Portland, OR  97221 * call: (503) 244-7049 or Visit their website>
Hemp, Med (OMMA delivery devices & herbs) & misc.
the Dragon Herbarium
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Specializing in Custom / Tye-Dye, Sterling Silver, Body Jewelry, Tobacco Pipes, and more!
510 Newark Ave.
Coos Bay, OR. 97420
Hours - Mon. thru Sat. 10 - 6, Sun. 10 - 5
Phone: 541.888-3938 -or- EMail: FLASHBAKTEE.FLASHTEE@VERIZON.NET
Retail; T-shirts & Misc.
Flashback Tee's
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100% Cannabis Artwork!  Unique, all natural art originals and lithos
call: (360) 514-0154 for more info.
Art, Artist (cannabis subject & material)
Forest Ray Art
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Smoking Accessories and Hemp Connection
120 SW Ankeny St., Portland * (503) 22-GREEN
Hemp, Med (OMMA delivery devices) & misc.
the GreenHouse
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"Gourmet Pizza by the Slice!"
3341 SE Belmont, Portland * (503) 233-5444
Food, pizza, SE Ptl
It's a Beautiful Pizza
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World Crafts - Beads, Hemp, Silver, Tie Dyes, Clothing.
in Portland call: (866) tye-dyed or visit: 3862 SE Hawthorne * in Newport call: (877) tye-dyed or visit: 458 SW Bay Blvd.  Or eMail:
Hemp, & misc (clothes, etc.).
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A new small business geared towards the medical cannabis patient.

eMail: or visit:

"We sell a phytoestrogen based Seed Feminizing Solution and Hermie Preventor."

"We also have an expanding line of How-To videos. The two titles that we have now are:

Cloning: A Step By Step Guide, and Cooking With Cannabis: The basics of butter, oil, water and hash oil.

These are available in both DVD and VHS format. These are geared for the newbie. The steps are clear and easy to follow for people who often have cognitive impairment due to prescribed medications, their condition, and/or a combination of both. These are also priced with the average medical patient's income in mind, as well."

Horticulture, Cannabis (medical)
Miss MaryJane's
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Consulting for your computer systems.
(503)257-4727 * (503)644-7580 (fax)
PO Box 98, Beaverton, OR 97075-0098
for Computer Aided Human Relations and Computer Aided Inspections
for Curmudgeon's Conundrums - Port Of Call
Computer, Consulting; Systems
Overall Technology Inc.
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"Feed the Pastures of your mind"
3244 SE Belmont, Portland * (503) 230-4866
Food, <genl> coffeehouse
the Pied Cow Coffeehouse
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Custom Tattooing by Josepi
5754 SE 82ND Ave., Portland * (503) 777-4665
Art, Tattoo
Raven Ink
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a Record & Music store
3623 SE Hawthorne, Portland * (503) 736-9110
Art, Records & Music
Reverb Records
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a Furniture store
1695 Fairgrounds Rd., Salem, 97303 * (503) 363-4588
Retail, Furniture
R. House Furnishings
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Live Sound * PA - Rental * 24 Track Mobile - DA-88's *
16 Track PRO-Tools in-home * Seattle - Portland - Eugene *
and all points in-between
PLEASE contact us for further information regarding studio time, PA rental, prices, available dates, festival information and any other questions.
PEACE THROUGH MUSIC * Tel: 503-640-4737
Post: 100 NE Shannon ST. Hillsboro, OR 97124
Email: or visit:
Music (Productions & Equip).
Seahorse Sound & Studio
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Adult Novelties, Gag Gifts, Tobacco & Accessories, Jewelry, T-Shirts, Incense, Movies & Magazines

- Great Glass Selection - Open 6 days a week (M-S)

8521 SW Barbur Blvd., Portland, OR  97219 * (503) 245-0489
Hemp, Med (OMMA delivery devices) & misc.
the Silver Spoon
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Smokeys Novelties and Tobacco Accessories
Hand Blown and Sculpted Glass,
Raw Glass Supplies, Incence & Holders,
Books & Videos, Nutritional Supplements,
Knives & Self Defense Items
1181 Lancaster Dr.
Located Behind "All That Glitters"
Hours: Mon. - Thu. 11 - 8
Fri. 11 - 9, Sat. 12 - 9, Sun. 12 - 5
(503) 540-8183

10% off for OMMA Clients!

Tobacco (and Smoking accessories) & misc.
Smokeys Novelties
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Tie-dyed Clothing, Hemp goods, Crystals & jewelry, Oils and Incense, Beads, Posters and More!
3950 SE Hawthorne, Portland * (503) 232-3EYE
Hemp, Med (OMMA delivery devices) & misc.
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The VaProizer - For herbal and aromatic therapy. Professional vaporizing equipment, hospice approved.
call:  (360) 694-9353  for more info.
Medical, appl, tech
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"Enriching Lives Through Quality Construction"
Specializing in: General Contracting, Drywall, Framework, Cement Work, Remodels, New Construction
CCB# 81864 * (503) 364-6817 work * (503) 559-6624 mobile * (503) 589-9878 fax
Construction, general contractor
White Stones Construction Co.
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