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Amsterdam coffeeshop guide - plus check out this text version with links.
Amsterdam coffeeshops directory, another cool guide.
Anti-Prohibition League of Manitoba.
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party (New Zealand).
Association for Cannabis as Medicine (Germany).
B.C. Magic, dedicated to discussion of the use of the Recall and Initiative Act of British Columbia to force the Provincial Government to recognize the laws and rights desired by the people, and to pressure all levels of government for them.
Berlin Hemp Museum.
Compassion Club, a cannabis buyers' club in Vancouver, British Columbia.
DrugText, the latest international information and research on drugs and drug policy, including official documents and policy statements from the United Nations, the Netherlands and elsewhere.
Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform in Australia.
Friendly Stranger, a Toronto "cannabis culture shop" dedicated to restoring "cannabis to its rightful place in society: a substance that is recognized as far less harmful and definitely more socially acceptable than alcohol or tobacco."
Help End Marijuana Prohibition - South Australia (HEMP SA).
Hemp Quebec.
Hyperreal's Dutch Drug Policy files and articles.
Finnish Cannabis Society, the English-language page.
Hemp BC
Netherlands Institute for Alcohol and Drugs (NIAD), Holland's official drug-policy statements and more.
New Zealand Drug Policy Foundation, an independent organisation whose objective is minimizing drug related harm.
NORML New Zealand
Swiss Hemp Trading Company, a source of medicine for patients with prescriptions who agree that the hemp they acquire "will not serve to extract narcotics." Caveat emptor: Portland NORML is aware of at least a half-dozen SHTC packages that have been intercepted in the Northwestern United States in early 1997. Several of these episodes have led to arrests. Some of the arrests have involved innocent people. Portland NORML is reluctant to censor this link so long as it's still functioning, but potential buyers should be aware that ordering medicine via SHTC is likely to result in more than an innocuous package arriving at their door. Better results might be had by ordering packages for your favorite drug warriors - at their addresses.
Toon's Garden of Dutch Cannabis.
University of Amsterdam and its Centre for Drug Research have posted a large number of very interesting articles in English, and maintain an extensive list of international links. The most recent statistics on current drug use in Amsterdam and the Netherlands are linked to the home page.
Valchanvre hemp products, in Switzerland.
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