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What's this about?  

Welcome to the ABOUT page for the Orgs Section of the OpdxNwoL. A part of the CLaRInet system.  

  About this page ...

This page tells About the ORGs Index Site

This page is intended to tell About this site and the people behind it and the issues involved.

These web pages are a databank of organizational info and links. We will also have info on how to form and organization, as we can get to it.

We are here to (1) promote cannabis-related medical actions & activities oriented towards patient & doctor rights, (2) promote hemp and what it means to industry and agriculture, (3) end the hypocritical and corrupt drug policy and even take on the powers behind it, and much, much more!

Click here to find out more about us.   Click here to get in touch.

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"We" are the Librarians of the OpdxNwol and whatever volunteer help that can be recruited thru means such as CLaRINet.

We are simply a group of volunteer activists dedicated to preserving this resource.  This site is an internationally utilized and just generally valuable thing, folks -   IOHO  (In Our Humble Opinions) and, so, we keep it going. >> Some comments about this site, Statement from the librarian/spokesperson. << 

We are united in the common belief in the right to responsible adult cultivation & use of cannabis.  We believe that the people in your community who grow for their own use (for a recognized medical purpose or otherwise!) are not harmful.  That many are, in fact, making irreplaceable contributions to your neighborhood & society in general.

We are here because we believe cannabis prohibition is a harmful waste and excuse for abuse.  The war on SOME of the "pot-heads" costs us all not only in monetary and in irrecoverable human terms but in the loss of industrial & medical benefits as well.

We volunteer and labor, through this site, to end this war on the common people.  We want to redirect our government away from pork-barreled boondoggles and toward pursuing & protecting against real, true criminal threats to society.

To find out just how we plan to go about all this - Read on.  You should be able to find out about all kinds of stuff - including goals, objectives & strategies.  Thanx for browsing this far.  Get active!  Together, we shall outgrow this prohibition!

Click here to see more about this site, including >> NOTEs about all the Plans (TaskList) & Resources (ToolShed!) we know about (tell us about yours!), some Actions YOU can take (How to HELP, with groups or by yourself {the Jeff & Tracy clubs!}), ORGs, EVENTs (CALendar), and more! >> see our Site Map. << Other sites, other issues! Connecting people in the NorthWest area (and beyond!) >> network with NORML (and like minded) Organizations (hemp clubs!) around the world! >> Community! >> ALL activist groups & individuals may apply! >> other Environmental (besides Hempsters), other Medical (your right to the truth), and other Liberty-oriented people, like >> CopWatch! << (just what ARE your rights?!) We want to pool resources on finding Legal Help and Guidance on Legislation!


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ORGs Index Mission Statement

the ORGs Index, your tool for Global Liberty Networking is dedicated to the activist community.

It is about fostering responsible organizing and getting people effectively involved.   It's purpose is to direct and connect people and groups.

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the Organization Index web site is a section of and hosted by The Old pdxNORML Website and Online Library.

It is maintained as a unit of knowledge, a system unto itself - and tool for action along with, and as part of, the CLaRINet system.  

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